WG :: Volume #5 God Slayer of the World of Magic (魔法界的屠神者)

#1170: In abundance promotion

Gods hears this sound, is resigned-looking, the Red Dragon that real didn't expect, this most likes causing trouble promotes Main God unexpectedly, his enemy may probably have bad luck. 众神听到这个声音,一脸无奈,真没想到,这个最喜欢惹是生非的红龙竟然晋升主神,他的敌人可要倒霉了。 Gods is just thinking how to avoid staring by the lord of dark green Red Mountain lineage/vein, suddenly, each one looks change, looks to another starry sky. 众神正想着怎么避免被苍红山脉之主盯上,突然,个个神色微变,望向另一处星空。 The ocean waves like the mountain, lift up high to hold up the day. 海浪如山,高举擎天。 The deep blue light, shines various boundary/world. 湛蓝之光,照耀诸界。 Gods dully is looking in god throne the old man of that plane belt/bring smile. 众神呆呆地望着神座上那位面带微笑的老者。 The old men smile, anything had not said, the ocean waves reflex winding, vanishes does not see. 老者只是笑了笑,什么都没有说,海浪回卷,消失不见。 Primary Sea God Peng Tuosi, once Godking, the strength dropped for hundreds of thousands of years, returned to the position of Main God. 原初海神彭托斯,曾经的神王,力量跌落数十万年,重归主神之位。 Gods look at each other in blank dismay, Peng Tuosi god position return, the significance is much more than any high-rank god to promote Main God. 众神面面相觑,彭托斯的神位回归,意义远远大于任何上位神晋升主神 In the past, Pontot Silag measured to weaken, Zeus and Poseidon act together initiated War of the Gods to old sea Pantheon, finally, the old sea Pantheon rout retreated, far away from Greece. 当年,彭托斯力量衰减,宙斯波塞冬联手对旧海神系发起神战,最终,旧海神系大败撤退,远离希腊 Peng does Tuosi return to the position of Main God, how Greece Sea God Poseidon thinks? How does Zeus think? How Greece does Pantheon think? 彭托斯重归主神之位,希腊海神波塞冬怎么想?宙斯怎么想?希腊神系怎么想? Afterward, divine rays shoot up to the sky, Gods finds it hard to cope with. 随后,一道道神光冲天而起,众神应接不暇。 The phenomenon of god position promotion comes. 神位晋升的异象接连而至。 Jet black infinite plane, in the eye of Gods, sparkled like the daytime. 原本漆黑的无限位面,在众神的眼中,闪耀如昼。 Infinite plane, the fireworks flutter about. 无限位面,礼花纷飞。 Within one day, Main God new 14. 一天之内,主神新增十四位。 High-rank god new 724. 上位神新增七百二十四位。 in position god new 24,800. 中位神新增两万四千八百位。 All insisted that this year false god , to promote the New God even low-rank god completely! 所有坚持到这一年的伪神,全部晋升新神甚至下位神! Lord the divine power quantity to increase individually, achieves near Godking level faintly. 个别主神力量大增,隐隐达到近神王层次 Strength that a day increases large-scale Pantheon! 一天增加一个大型神系的力量! Unprecedented. 前所未有。 Many God also in the strength that the absorption presents, by the beforehand proportion computation, God that slowly will break through over the next ten years, the quantity at least is today two times. 很多神灵还在吸收馈赠的力量,按照之前的比例计算,未来十年慢慢突破的神灵,数量至少是今天的两倍。 Presents one time, is born three large-scale Pantheon! 一次馈赠,诞生三个大型神系 Gods are supine the neck to look at the unlimited plane big fireworks, occasionally also oneself lights a fireworks. 众神们仰着脖子看无限位面大烟花,偶尔也自己放个烟花。 Until the next day, the fireworks clears, Gods slowly returning to normal mood. 直到第二天,烟花散尽,众神慢慢平复情绪。 Afterward, Dusk Legion and Zeus Pantheon obtains a bad news. 随后,黄昏军团宙斯神系得到一个糟糕的消息。 Although Nordic Countries Pantheon does not have new Main God, but the high-rank god increases more than 34, the in god increases more than 200, New God and high-rank god increases over 5000. 北欧神系虽然没有新增主神,但上位神增加三十四多位,中位神增加两百多,新神与上位神增加超过五千。 If waits again for dozens years, moreover Nordic Countries God can support the ninth plane will to present, that Nordic Countries Pantheon at least can increase near Godking and two Main God, the war of complete reversal Dusk, even the destiny of Odin prediction will be changed. 如果再等几十年,而且北欧神灵能撑过第九次位面意志馈赠,那,北欧神系至少能增加一位近神王和两位主神,黄昏之战彻底逆转,甚至连奥丁预言的命运都会被更改。 Nordic Countries Pantheon high and low scene of jubilation. 北欧神系上下一片欢腾。 The entire command hall is noisy, the numerous divinization bodies discussed excitedly. 整个指挥大厅沸反盈天,众神化身们兴奋地讨论。 Magicians somewhat envies looks at these God, compared with the God's promotion, the promotion of magician, was too difficult. 魔法师们有些羡慕地看着这些神灵,和神灵的晋升相比,魔法师的晋升,实在太难了。 Some magician perceived that the own mood fluctuates, smiling, recovery is normal. 一些魔法师觉察到自己的情绪波动,笑了笑,恢复正常。 Suye has sat the ponder, no participation discussion. 苏业一直坐着沉思,没有参与讨论。 Because, presenting of this plane will, was still like before, was purest paramount infinite Power of Plane, all can directly the transformation be the own strength, helped promote fast, and does not have any side effect. 因为,这一次位面意志的馈赠,依旧是和之前一样,是最纯正的至高的无限位面之力,全都能直接转化为自己的力量,帮助快速晋升,而且没有任何副作用。 This time presenting, were more than former all sums. 这一次的馈赠,比之前所有之和还多。 Suye, your harvest how?” Asked loudly. 苏业,你的收获怎么样?”芙蕾雅大声问。 Suye raised the head, said: Also good.” 苏业抬起头,道:“还不错。” „Should you promote Main God immediately?” “你应该马上晋升主神吧?” Suye said with a smile: Where is so quick, I just promoted the high-rank god dozens years, if promotes Main God immediately, I am the Godking type.” 苏业笑道:“哪有那么快,我刚晋升上位神才几十年,如果马上晋升主神,那我就是神王种。” The voice of command hall stops suddenly. 指挥大厅的声音戛然而止。 Why I thought that this possibility is very big?” Dirda. “为什么我觉得这种可能性很大?”提尔道。 If Su God is the Godking type, probably very very normal appearance.” “如果苏神是神王种,好像很很正常的样子。” You said, Su God is the son of some World Creation god?” “你们说,苏神是不是某位创世神的儿子?” Possibility is big! How otherwise possibly to promote is so quick.” “可能性非常大!不然怎么可能晋升这么快。” Said: „Before the eighth presenting strength is more than ten times, that will present for the ninth time will increase ten times again! When you obtain ninth plane to present, certainly can promote Main God?” 芙蕾雅道:“第八次馈赠的力量是之前的十几倍,那第九次馈赠会再增加十倍!等你获得第九次位面馈赠,一定能晋升主神吧?” You want. Looked on the current situation, can support ten years of God hardly to exist again. Do not forget the beforehand ten years of drastic changes, over the following ten years, the degree of hazard of place of World Creation, inevitably dozens over a hundred times of enhancements. Even losing concentration of Main God and Godking is defeated and dispersed unceasingly, what brace do I take?” Suye said. “你想多了。就目前的局势看,能再撑十年的神灵几乎不存在。不要忘记之前十年的剧变,接下来的十年,创世之地的危险程度,必然几十上百倍提高。连主神神王的分神都不断溃散,我拿什么撑?”苏业道。 Said: No, for these years, many God achieved consistently, that is, the place of this time World Creation, the relations with god position is not specially big. You said that Godking and Main God cannot support, but can support in present God, even before false god, many low-rank gods, god and high-rank god. Like the dark green Red Mountain lineage/vein, that fellow simply does not have the god to favor, finally now, who can think that he can promote Main God.” 芙蕾雅却道:“不,这几年,许多神灵达成一致,那就是,这次的创世之地,与神位的关系不是特别大。你说神王主神都撑不到,但能撑到现在的神灵中,甚至还有之前的伪神,还有许多下位神、中位神与上位神。就像苍红山脉,那种家伙根本没神看好,结果现在呢,谁能想到他能晋升主神。” Til nods saying: Yes, I yesterday, counted God that loses concentration as before the survival, discovered some strange places.” 提尔点头道:“是的,我在昨天的时候,统计了分神依旧存活的神灵,发现了一些奇怪的地方。” Said quickly!” The Shintoism of productivity. “快说!”丰饶之神道。 In first 30 years, in God of various influences, with Su God hostile loses concentration to be defeated and dispersed most. From that time to the present, relates averagely with Su God lost concentration to be defeated and dispersed most. But relates close God with the Su gods, loses concentration, even if defeated and dispersed in nearly ten years, is quite near the bottom. If twice is this situation one time, it can be said that the accident/surprise, in these years, from beginning to end is this situation, I have to suspect, perhaps Su God established the strong influence in, moreover is one of the strongest influences.” “在前三十年,各种势力的神灵中,和苏神敌对的分神溃散最多。从那时候到现在,和苏神关系平平的分神溃散最多。而与苏神关系密切的神灵,分神哪怕在近十年溃散,也比较靠后。如果一次两次是这种情况,可以说是意外,这几十年里,从头到尾都是这种情况,那我就不得不怀疑,苏神在里面恐怕建立了强大的势力,而且是最强的势力之一。” Nods saying: It seems like, has the possibility very much. In the past Suye went was only the low-rank god, if cannot construct the huge influence, had been swallowed.” 芙蕾雅点头道:“这么看来,很有可能。当年苏业进去的时候只是下位神,如果不能自建庞大势力,早就被吞了。” Gods nods gently. 众神轻轻点头。 God of busy say/way productivity: Wait! Listens to your meanings, does Zeus lose concentration is Suye loses concentration the solution? This talked nonsense!” 丰饶之神忙道:“等等!听你们这意思,宙斯分神是苏业分神解决的?这太胡扯了!” Suye said: Actually another possibility.” 苏业却道:“其实还有另一个可能。” Gods calmly is looking at Suye. 众神静静望着苏业 „It is not I am powerful, but was I joined some big influence luck, for example the anti- Zeus alliance, in this alliance, my good friend were naturally many, then, I naturally can live. If from a different angle, relates good God with primary Sea God Peng Tuosi, is living mostly, relates good God with night Goddess, lives...... to calculate mostly, I am more like attach to their existences. Therefore, Til's speculation is untenable.” Suye said. “不是我多么强大,而是我幸运地加入了某个大势力,比如反宙斯联盟,这个联盟中,我的好友自然多,那么,我自然能活下来。如果换一个角度,和原初海神彭托斯关系好的神灵,也大都活着,和黑夜女神关系好的神灵,也大都活着……这么算下去,我更像是依附他们的存在。所以,提尔的推测不成立。”苏业道。 Curls the lip saying: Do not forget, Athena may relate not much with other God, now in all Zeus Pantheon Main God, her loses concentration also in! Definitely has the relations with you.” 芙蕾娜撇撇嘴道:“你不要忘了,雅典娜可跟其他神灵关系不怎么样,现在所有宙斯神系主神里,就她一个分神还在!绝对跟你有关系。” Your losing concentration is also living, has the relations with me?” The Suye minute/share asked. “你的分神也活着,是不是也跟我有关系?”苏业分问。 Originally is you are protecting my losing concentration, I understood.” Lavishes praise flying to Suye. “原来是你在保护我的分神,我懂了。”芙蕾雅向苏业抛飞媚眼。 Gods shakes the head with a smile. 众神笑着摇头。 Dirda: In the ten years could not have seen anything, in ten years. Whose losing concentration also remains, explained, the changes of place of these year of World Creation, are led by whom. Does not need to guess.” 提尔道:“这十年还看不出什么,再过十年。谁的分神还留着,就说明,这些年创世之地的变化,由谁主导。不需要猜了。” Gods nods in abundance. 众神纷纷点头。 Suye shrugs, said: Do not forget, to lose concentration to be defeated and dispersed from the beginning, main body will be damaged, but loses concentration to be defeated and dispersed now, so long as main body did not say, no one can perceive. My losing concentration is in any case whatever, before next plane presents, I said definitely, no one want to know that is I.” 苏业一耸肩,道:“你们不要忘了,在一开始分神溃散,本体会受损,但现在分神溃散,只要本体不说,没人能觉察。反正我的分神无论怎么样,下一次位面馈赠前,我都说死了,谁也别想知道是我。” „, Also to...... presenting of infinite plane will, only if in side, whose otherwise cannot see to fall on body.” Dirda. “呃,也对……无限位面意志的馈赠,除非在身边,否则看不到落在谁身上。”提尔道。 Smiles saying: You have the skill not to promote Main God! I believe in any case, presents anyone unable to obtain for the ninth time either, if present, will certainly fall on your body!” 芙蕾雅微笑道:“那你有本事就别晋升主神!反正我相信,第九次馈赠要么谁都得不到,如果有,一定会落在你身上!” Taking advantage of your auspicious words, I not only wants ninth presenting, I also want unique tenth presenting, I even want to let lose concentration to keep the place of World Creation forever!” Suye said. “借你吉言,我不仅要第九次馈赠,我还想要绝无仅有的第十次馈赠,我甚至想让分神能永留创世之地!”苏业道。 Til vision moves, said: „Do we drag again for ten years?” 提尔目光一动,道:“我们再拖十年?” I look at the line! Ten years later, Suye can definitely help me promote near Godking!” Said. “我看行!十年后,苏业肯定能帮我晋升近神王!”芙蕾雅道。 Suye takes a fast look around Nordic Countries Gods, these God's both eyes are fiery. 苏业扫视北欧众神,这些神灵的双目火热。 Before the war of Dusk makes war, each God is ready that must die, because everyone knows that even Odin will die of this various god Dusk, this is the destiny that Godking is unable to violate. 黄昏之战开战前,每个神灵都做好必死的准备,因为人人都知道连奥丁都会死于这场诸神黄昏,这是神王都无法违背的命运。 But didn't expect, the place of World Creation opened at this time exactly. 没想到,创世之地恰好在这个时候开启。 If there is any strength to resist the destiny, that infinite plane paramount will does not pass on responsibilities. 如果说有什么力量能对抗命运,那无限位面至高意志当仁不让。 Odin and losing concentration of massive Nordic Countries Gods only needs to support the ninth time , the enormous possible reversal destiny, rewrites Dusk. 奥丁与大量北欧众神的分神只需要撑到第九次,也极大的可能逆转命运,改写黄昏 Suye thinks, said: At present it seems like, drags, is truly favorable for us. However does not come from your God's promotion, but is the change of our magician.” 苏业想了想,道:“目前看来,拖下去,对我们确实有利。不过不是源自你们神灵的晋升,而是我们魔法师的变化。” Til nods saying: Indeed. Progress of your magician in various aspects was too quick. Most God can only bit by bit accumulate routinely, but these talent magician, once obtains wisdom, once comprehends the knowledge, growth fast. I even suspected, in the future the magician God's quantity, will surpass our these ordinary God.” 提尔点头道:“的确。你们魔法师在各方面的进步太快了。我们大多数神灵只能按部就班一点一点积累,可那些天才魔法师,一旦获得智慧,一旦领悟知识,成长飞快。我甚至怀疑,将来魔法师神灵的数量,将会超出我们这些普通神灵。” This infinite plane, in waiting for next God of Magic.” Fine reputation Suye. “这个无限位面,都在等待下一个魔法之神。”芙蕾雅望着苏业 Suye sighed, said: Pitifully, the appearance of magic and philosophy was too short, short 200-300 years. If gave us again 1000, all will be different. Second God of Magic, will not appear in the near future.” 苏业叹了口气,道:“可惜,魔法与哲学的出现太短了,才短短200-300年。如果再给我们一千年的时间,一切都会不同。第二个魔法之神,近期是不会出现了。” Magicians on the scene sighed in a soft voice, these years, Archmagician passed away like the Thales and other older generation of one after another, although the World of Magic strength was getting stronger and stronger, Demi-God were getting more and more, but Divine-Level magician only had Suye one. 在场的魔法师们轻声叹气,这些年,像泰勒斯等老一辈的魔法大师陆续逝世,虽然魔法界的力量越来越强,半神越来越多,可神级魔法师只有苏业一个。 Some Demi-God magician even give up the road of magic, studies the dark red Pope, unifies magic and God conferred the title of God. 一些半神魔法师甚至放弃魔法之路,学习深红教宗,结合魔法神灵封神 „......” Suye takes a fast look around Gods slowly, the look is dignified. “不过……”苏业缓缓扫视众神,神色凝重。 The Gods body trembles, Suye such time are not many. 众神身体一颤,苏业这样的时刻并不多。 Then, main body, is ready, the God Star migration plan starts, I will report Odin.” Suye said. “接下来,诸位的本体,做好准备,神星迁移计划启动,我会上报奥丁。”苏业道。 Gods is silent. 众神沉默着。 You said right, when everyone knows, continue drag to we are powerful the time, Dusk Legion as well as back Zeus, will definitely spare nothing the storm. The wall of galaxy supported so for a long time, was enough.” Dirda. “您说的没错,当人人都知道,继续拖下去对我们有力的时候,黄昏军团以及背后的宙斯,必然会不惜一切代价强攻。星河之壁撑了如此久,足够了。”提尔道。 Dusk Legion how long will launch the general attack?” Asked. 黄昏军团多久会发起总攻?”芙蕾雅问。 Suye thinks, said: I estimated that you will guess for a year to a half year, I guess for two months, the pressure that but we bear, is far less than the opposite party. Therefore, unsurprisingly, within one month, Dusk Legion will launch the general attack, in the meantime, presents the new reinforcements inevitably. This point, everyone is well prepared.” 苏业想了想,道:“我估计你们会猜一年到半年,我猜两个月,但我们所承受的压力,远不如对方。所以,不出意外,一个月之内,黄昏军团会发起总攻,同时,必然出现新的援军。这一点,大家做好全面准备。”
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