WG :: Volume #5 God Slayer of the World of Magic (魔法界的屠神者)

#1164: God portrait

Old sea Pantheon New God total, not only exceeds the old period, has exceeded Sea God Poseidon Servant God comprehensively. 旧海神系新神总数,不仅超越旧时期,也已经全面超越海神波塞冬从神 By the night Pantheon New God quantity that Zeus expels, rises dramatically in these years, by quantity, even is more than Zeus Pantheon. 宙斯驱逐的夜神系新神数量,也在这几十年暴增,论数量,甚至多于宙斯神系 Some middle-grade Pantheon suddenly discovered, oneself Pantheon New God total, exceeds Zeus Pantheon comprehensively. 一些中等神系突然发现,自己神系新神总数,也全面超越宙斯神系 Although these Pantheon are well below Zeus Pantheon in the overall strength, but the quantity are many , means that with the lapse of time, these Pantheon strengths will roll the snowball, but the development of Zeus Pantheon can only routinely. 虽然这些神系在整体实力远远不如宙斯神系,但数量多,也就意味着,随着时间的推移,这些神系的实力会滚起雪球,但宙斯神系的发展只会按部就班。 Zeus Pantheon, abyss Pantheon God also flustered incessantly, abyss Main God gather together once for a while meets, the prospect of discussion abyss. 不止宙斯神系,深渊神系神灵也慌了,深渊主神们时不时聚在一起开会,讨论深渊的前景。 Because the growth of Hell new demon god may be called blasting open, according to this trend, before eighth plane presents, the Hell New God quantity will surpass ten million/countless! 因为地狱新魔神的增长堪称炸裂,照这个趋势,第八次位面馈赠前,地狱新神的数量会超过千万! Soon, Hell comprehensive steamroll abyss. 不久之后,地狱将全面碾压深渊。 Those who most make abyss Gods frightened is, the Hell strength is growing stronger, the Hell area is expanding, moreover through swallowing the abyss expands. 最让深渊众神恐惧的是,地狱的力量在增强,地狱的面积在扩大,而且是通过吞噬深渊来扩大。 The infinite plane Pantheon strength, is not so for the first time balanced. 无限位面神系力量,第一次如此不平衡。 In presents six months for the seventh time, the Gods emphasis changes quietly. 在第七次馈赠半年后,众神的关注点悄然变化。 Because, place of mutation World Creation. 因为,创世之地异变。 Since Zeus loses concentration dies, the place of World Creation every ten years only died dozens even several God, but in half year, the place of World Creation has fallen from the sky thousands of losing concentration. 自从宙斯分神死后,创世之地每十年只死亡几十个甚至几个神灵,但在这半年里,创世之地已经陨落数以千计的分神。 Gods sobers finally, the place of World Creation is not the calm and steady place, perhaps this means that God will rarely support eighth plane to present. 众神终于清醒过来,创世之地绝不是什么安稳之地,这意味着,恐怕很少神灵会撑到第八次位面馈赠。 Numerous God have been ready that loses concentration to fall from the sky. 众多神灵已经做好分神陨落的准备。 From the beginning, Gods also thinks infinite plane because New God will increase, will form the drastic change. 一开始,众神还以为无限位面会因为新神增多,形成剧变。 But in fact, except for the war of Dusk, all God stops making a move. 但实际上,除了黄昏之战,所有神灵都停止出手。 Especially various Great Pantheon gods, refusing Servant God to shoulder War on own initiative, all God must press ahead with effort. 尤其是各大神系的神主,严禁从神主动挑起战争,所有神灵必须加紧努力。 Quick, Gods all learns. 很快,众神全都看明白。 New God increases few Pantheon, does not dare to stir up trouble. 新神增加少的神系,不敢惹事。 New God increases many Pantheon, is making New God cultivation in acceleration, the quick promotion is the low-rank god. 新神增加多的神系,正在加速新神修炼,快一点晋升为下位神。 Once these New God grow, starts in the mass promotion the god even high-rank god, that infinite plane pattern will completely change. 一旦这些新神成长起来,开始大批量晋升中位神甚至上位神,那无限位面的格局将彻底改变。 The lot of high-rank gods' collapse at first blow in front of Godking, but 10,000 high-rank god even 100,000 high-rank gods? 千百上位神在神王面前不堪一击,但一万上位神甚至十万上位神呢? Pantheon that numerous New God increase, starts to conceal one's abilities and bide one's time. 众多新神增加的神系,开始韬光养晦。 Abyss Pantheon and Zeus Pantheon, scared Spread. 深渊神系宙斯神系,恐慌蔓延 The fools know, with the lapse of time, abyss Pantheon and Zeus Pantheon relative strength will be getting more and more weak. 傻子都知道,随着时间的推移,深渊神系宙斯神系的相对力量会越来越弱。 According to this trend develops, the possibility that two Pantheon perish is very big. 照这个趋势发展,两个神系灭亡的可能性很大。 However, if now begins, similarly does not have any odds of success. 但是,现在如果动手,同样没有任何胜算。 Zeus Pantheon God in abundance positive suggestions Zeus or inquired the Zeus intention, but has not been answered. 宙斯神系神灵纷纷建言宙斯或者询问宙斯的意图,但没有得到答复。 Year by year in the past. 一年又一年过去。 On magic God Star, sea Goddess raises and mana Goddess Hecate doppelgänger especially sits in the Suye under foot one on the left and other on the right. 魔法神星上,海洋女神特提丝与魔力女神赫卡特分身一左一右坐在苏业脚下。 Raises especially says with a smile trivially: Your majesty, I also obtains some recent news from Zeus Pantheon.” 特提丝微笑道:“陛下,我又从宙斯神系得到一些新消息。” What had?” “发生了什么?” Some God judged, being defeated and dispersed of losing concentration, falling from the sky of Hermes, various Great Pantheon New God rise suddenly in addition, disrupts the plan of Zeus thoroughly, present Zeus, is seeking for the new countermeasure.” “有神灵判断,分神的溃散,赫尔墨斯的陨落,外加各大神系新神暴涨,彻底打乱宙斯的计划,现在的宙斯,正在寻找新的对策。” What is the Zeus new countermeasure?” Suye asked. 宙斯的新对策是什么?”苏业问。 Raises the silk to shake the head to say especially: „It is not able to determine. However, I can report to give you Zeus Pantheon recent all things.” 特提丝摇头道:“无法确定。不过,我可以把宙斯神系最近发生的所有事情汇报给您。” Then, raises the silk fingertip to depart the memory light ball especially. 说完,特提丝指尖飞出记忆光球。 Suye has looked at the memory light ball, said: You each one month, will have collected the Zeus Pantheon information to give me, recently had the discovery special place.” 苏业看过记忆光球,道:“你每过一个月,都会收集宙斯神系的信息给我,最近有没有发现特别之处。” All are very normal, what did you discover?” Raises to ask especially. “一切都很正常,您发现了什么?”特提丝问。 „The concern of Zeus war over Dusk, were too much.” Suye said. 宙斯黄昏之战的关注,过多了。”苏业道。 Raises the silk to be puzzled especially, said: This is very normal, the concerns of all God war over Dusk excessively are many.” 特提丝一脸疑惑,道:“这很正常啊,所有神灵黄昏之战的关注都过多。” Suye lifts the hand, in the god palace main hall appears black magic light screen, then on the light screen presents a horizontal vertical stroke, cuts a plan coordinate department. 苏业一抬手,神宫大殿中浮现一个黑色魔法光幕,而后光幕上出现一横一竖,切割出一个平面坐标系。 Suye said: Abscissa axis is the time, the ordinate axis is the war of attention number of degree value Dusk. This attention , was mainly mentioned or the information decision of war of collection related Nordic Countries Dusk by the God initiative discussion. Attention is higher, more is interested in the information of war of Nordic Countries Dusk on behalf of God, thus makes us collect more information.” 苏业道:“横轴为时间,纵轴为黄昏之战关注度数值。这个关注度,主要由神灵主动谈论、提及或收集有关北欧黄昏之战的信息决定。关注度越高,代表神灵北欧黄昏之战的信息越感兴趣,从而让我们收集到更多的情报。” In this picture, will present three lines, represents three attention of God war to Dusk. The white line represents infinite plane all God's average attention, yellow line representative Zeus Pantheon all God average attention, but red string, representative Zeus individual attention.” “在这个画面上,会出现三条线,代表三种神灵黄昏之战的关注度。白线代表无限位面所有神灵的平均关注度,黄线代表宙斯神系的所有神灵平均关注度,而红线,代表宙斯个人的关注度。” Three lines extend from left to right slowly, rise. 三条线从左向右徐徐延伸,升高。 Suye said: At the war of Dusk from the beginning, yellow line slightly is higher than the white line, this means that Zeus Pantheon Gods pays more attention to the war of Nordic Countries Dusk compared with infinite plane most God, because both sides Pantheon is neighboring, the relations are hostile, this phenomenon is very normal. On behalf of attention of Zeus red string, before is lower, both. Because he is Godking, rarely the initiative exchange, rarely expressed the own attitude, we collected his information to be few, therefore his attention was lower than average attention.” 苏业道:“在黄昏之战的一开始,黄线的就比白线稍高,这意味着宙斯神系众神比无限位面大多数神灵更关注北欧黄昏之战,因为双方神系相邻,关系敌对,这个现象很正常。代表宙斯红线的关注度,一直低于前两者。因为他是神王,很少主动交流,很少表达自己的态度,我们收集他的情报很少,所以他的关注度低于平均关注度。” Raises and Hecate especially nods gently. 特提丝与赫卡特轻轻点头。 You looked, three lines continue to grow, although will have the slight change, but three lines in keep the similar slope on the whole, increases increases, reduction time reduces. Zeus red string attention has been lowest, the white line average attention of infinite plane Gods in the middle, Zeus Pantheon yellow line average attention has been highest.” “你们看,三条线继续成长,虽然会有细微的变化,但三条线在大体上是保持相似的斜率,增加的时候都增加,减少的时候都减少。宙斯的红线关注度一直最低,无限位面众神的白线平均关注一直在中间,宙斯神系的黄线平均关注度一直最高。” With the lapse of time, three lines bridge over the place of World Creation opens the 71 st year later, the slope suddenly had the change. 随着时间的推移,三条线跨过创世之地开启第七十一年后,斜率突然出现了变化。 Well?” Raises and Hecate simultaneously especially reveals the color of surprise. “咦?”特提丝与赫卡特齐齐露出诧异之色。 Since that year, because the losing concentration death quantity of place of World Creation increased, New God increased, but the war of Dusk did not have the big change in situation, Gods gradually to reduce pays attention to the war of Dusk. 从那一年开始,因为创世之地的分神死亡数量增加,新神增加,而黄昏之战没有大变局,众神逐渐减少关注黄昏之战。 On behalf of the white line of Gods attention, is on behalf of the Zeus Pantheon attention yellow line, has obvious reduction, drops the peak. 无论是代表众神关注度的白线,还是代表宙斯神系关注度的黄线,都有明显的降低,跌落高峰。 But what is strange, representative Zeus individual attention curve, not only has not reduced, for these years instead advanced unceasingly, even outraced the white line and yellow line! 但怪异的是,代表宙斯个人关注度的曲线,不仅没有降低,这几年反而不断增高,甚至超越了白线和黄线! Raises the silk to be suddenly enlighted to say especially: My main wisdom, is inconceivable! Looks at the beforehand information and information only, I will only discover that the concern of Zeus war over Dusk, increased the insignificant little, this looks very normal. However, if with your way, uses...... right, the big data that you said and presents the law intuitively, matter is completely different! This proof, Zeus now war the concern of over Dusk, rare!” 特提丝恍然大悟道:“吾主的智慧,难以想象!单看之前的情报和信息,我只会发现宙斯黄昏之战的关注,增加了微不足道的一点点,这看上去很正常。但是,如果用您这种方式,利用您说的……对,大数据和直观呈现法来看,事情完全不一样!这证明,宙斯现在对黄昏之战的关注,超乎寻常!” Hecate sighs with emotion: This is the magic true usage, does not need to harm anyone, does not need to attack anyone, with this seemingly simple method, can unearth the weakness of opposite party merely!” 赫卡特感慨道:“这才是魔法的真正用法,不需要伤害谁,不需要攻击谁,仅仅用这种看似简单的手段,就能挖掘对方的弱点!” Suye nods, said: Discovered through these data and icons, in this period, everyone will reduce pays attention to Nordic Countries the war of Dusk, including us. However, why will Zeus the 71 st year of place of opening World Creation later, more and more instead inquire and discuss the information of war of related Dusk?” 苏业点点头,道:“通过这些数据和图标发现,在这种时期,大家都会减少关注北欧黄昏之战,包括我们在内。但是,为什么宙斯会在创世之地开启的第七十一年后,反而越来越多地询问和讨论有关黄昏之战的信息?” Two Goddess are smiling. 两位女神微笑着。 You know certainly the answer.” Raises to say especially. “您当然知晓答案。”特提丝道。 We know, when other Pantheon large scale enhancements, he must strengthen oneself and Pantheon, this is his current major event. However, we discover his action through the information and information analysis......” “我们都知道,在其他神系大幅度增强的时候,他要增强自己神系,这才是他目前的头等大事。但是,我们通过情报和信息分析发现他的举动……” Suye wields conveniently, in the god palace appears the dense and numerous graphs and data, related to the Zeus aspects, tens of thousands. 苏业随手一挥,神宫之中浮现密密麻麻的图表与数据,涉及到宙斯的方方面面,成千上万。 Raises and Hecate especially takes a fast look around these graphs with amazement, more looked that more heart is startled. 特提丝与赫卡特骇然扫视那些图表,越看越心惊。 Raises the silk to say especially in a low voice: Your majesty, how I felt, even if Devil, can't compare you?” 特提丝低声道:“陛下,我怎么感觉哪怕是魔鬼,也比不上您?” Yes, even if I not the big data that is good at you saying, but read these data and graphs, some of my unexpectedly types are peeping at the feeling of Zeus, I even can forecast his following some movements.” “是啊,哪怕我并不擅长您说的大数据,但看了这些数据和图表,我竟然有种在窥视宙斯的感觉,我甚至能预测他接下来的一些动作。” This was too fearful. You do not have direct contact Zeus, the obtained massive information and information are indirect even is public, even many information and information seem like nothing to use, but compiles, as if a mysterious big pen, outlined Zeus all activity paths, even...... can estimate the Zeus psychology......” “这太可怕了。您没有直接接触宙斯,得到的大量情报与信息都是间接的甚至是公开的,甚至许多情报与信息看似没什么用,但汇总起来,却仿佛一支神奇的大笔,勾勒出宙斯的一切活动轨迹,甚至……能揣摩出宙斯的心理……” Raises and Hecate especially looks at each other, sees the shock that is hard to conceal from the eyes of opposite party, very carefully shuts up. 特提丝与赫卡特相视一眼,都从对方的眼中看到难以掩饰的震惊,小心翼翼闭上嘴。 I know that you are thinking anything.” Suye said. “我知道你们在想什么。”苏业道。 Two Goddess lower the head, keeps silent. 两位女神低下头,不言不语。 You have not thought mistakenly. I this magic ability, am called the God portrait, in big data, logic, wisdom brain, my ability wait/etc under comprehensive strengths, by massive public, and public information as well as information, uses the correct method, can analyze a God's character, to like, behavior, custom wait/etc all, then, according to these information, deduces him to make anything again now, will lead the deduction he to make anything probably in the future.” “你们没想错。我把这种魔法能力,叫做神灵画像,在大数据、逻辑、智脑、我的能力等等综合力量之下,凭借大量的公开、并公开的信息以及情报,使用正确的方法,可以分析出一个神灵的性格、喜好、行为、习惯等等一切,而后,再根据这些信息,推演出他现在做什么,甚至大概率推演出他未来会做什么。” Two Goddess shock cannot speak. 两位女神震撼得说不出话。 Suye ability, even exceeded the demon god of any control mind. 苏业的能力,甚至超越了任何控制心灵的魔神。 The result that I deduce is, Zeus has been doing everything possible to strengthen oneself and entire Pantheon strength, especially after other Pantheon rise dramatically, his relevant measure is very obvious. For example relaxes the relations with hostile Pantheon, for example increases the conferred the title of God quantity, for example the collection resources prepare for wait/etc. When the 71 st year of place of opening World Creation, he reduced some conventional actions unexpectedly, you look......” “我推演的结果是,宙斯一直在想方设法增强自己和整个神系的力量,尤其在其他神系暴增后,他的相关措施很明显。比如缓和与敌对神系的关系,比如增加封神的数量,比如收集资源备战等等。在创世之地开启的第七十一年的时候,他竟然减少了一些常规举动,你们看……” Suye waves again, some graphs were selected, these record the line of Zeus behavior, in the 71 st year of place of opening World Creation, no longer grows recovery to be gentle either, either starts to drop. 苏业再次挥手,一些图表被挑出来,那些记录宙斯行为的线条,在创世之地开启的第七十一年,要么不再增长恢复平缓,要么开始下降。 However, during the same period, the concern of Zeus war over Dusk actually grows rarely. 但是,同时期,宙斯黄昏之战的关注却超乎寻常地增长。 The Suye smile said: He must strengthen oneself and Pantheon, reduced other behaviors, actually then pays attention to the war of Dusk, we can infer, he believes, oneself can yield the enormous income from the war of Dusk? This means that he likely made anything in secret, found the breach in the war of Dusk.” 苏业微笑道:“他要增强自己神系,减少了其他行为,却转而关注黄昏之战,那我们是不是可以推断,他认为,自己能从黄昏之战中获得极大的收益?这意味着,他很可能暗中做了什么,在黄昏之战中找到突破口。” This possibility is not big, but inevitably! Your these graphs and data, had the persuasive power.” Raises to say especially. “这个可能性不是大,而是必然!您的这些图表和数据,太有说服力了。”特提丝道。 Suye said: This means that we not only need analyze him to obtain benefits through what way, but must do everything possible to shut off these ways! Had this graph, I can feel relieved that joins the war of Dusk, looks Odin.” 苏业道:“这意味着,我们不仅要分析他到底通过什么途径获益,还要想方设法切断这些途径!有了这份图表,我可以放心加入黄昏之战,去找奥丁。”
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