WG :: Volume #5 God Slayer of the World of Magic (魔法界的屠神者)

#1163: Lokey!

Suye takes back the vision from the Nordic Countries Pantheon direction, the calm face asked: Lokey?” 苏业北欧神系的方向收回目光,沉着脸问:“洛基呢?” „?” “啊?” I have suspected Lokey is planning anything, now is more definite.” Suye said. “我一直怀疑洛基在谋划什么,现在更加确定。”苏业道。 „, What had?” Hundred Titan look around everywhere. “啊,发生什么了?”百手泰坦四处张望。 „The war of Dusk does not come early late, at this time started officially, don't you feel too the coincidence?” Suye asked. 黄昏之战早不来晚不来,这个时候正式开打,你不觉得太巧合吗?”苏业问。 Went bad......” hundred Titan facial colors changed, his won't oneself bring the World Tree wreckage to run?” “坏了……”百手泰坦面色一变,“他不会自己带着世界树残骸跑了吧?” You underestimated Lokey, World Tree did the wreckage is not worth him doing that.” “你小看了洛基,世界树干残骸不值得他这么做。” Suye is saying, the figure flashes, hundred Titan transmit to ten binary stars biggest God Star above, stands does the wreckage sky over in World Tree the tree mountain, overlooks the entire star. 苏业说着,身形一闪,连带百手泰坦传送到十二连星的最大神星之上,站立于世界树干残骸的树山上空,俯视全星。 Lokey, comes out......” “洛基,出来吧……” „......” “啊……” A sad and shrill pitiful yell from a hills continuous place eruption, later, the blood light shoots up to the sky together. 一声凄厉的惨叫自一处群山连绵之地爆发,随后,一道血光冲天而起。 Above the upper air, ten thousand tree empty shadow withered and yellow, innumerable lives cry aloud. 高空之上,万树虚影枯黄,无数生灵啼哭。 Suye is cloudy the face, looks to the empty shadow of upper air. 苏业阴着脸,望向高空的虚影。 Hundred Titan said with amazement: That grasps forest Divine Right the phenomenon of God death, exactly had anything......” 百手泰坦骇然道:“那是掌握森林神权神灵死亡的异象,到底发生了什么……” Lokey!” “洛基!” The violent anger sound spans the innumerable starry skies and plane, as if transmits from the universe highest summit. 暴怒的声音跨越无数星空与位面,仿佛从宇宙的最高巅传来。 Ten thousand li (0.5 km) long terrifying thunder punctures from starry sky depths, the bang broken, penetrates Sun, directly soars ten binary stars. 万里之长的恐怖雷霆自星空深处刺出,轰破虚空,穿透太阳,直奔十二连星。 That ten thousand li (0.5 km) thunder bright photo world, Sun is gloomy, the world submits. 那万里雷霆煌煌照世,太阳为之暗淡,天地为之臣服。 Disaster light tree god despair angrily roars. 灾光树神绝望怒吼。 That is extinguishes the world and Judgement Day strength. 那是灭世与末日的力量。 This sound Suye is very familiar. 这个声音苏业很熟悉。 Nordic Countries Godking, Odin. 北欧神王,奥丁 Suye guesses correctly the truth faintly, cursed at heart Lokey, bringing hundred Titan to transfer the distant place instantaneously. 苏业隐隐猜到真相,心里大骂洛基一声,带着百手泰坦瞬间挪移到远处。 In divine rays that Sun blasts open, ten thousand li (0.5 km) god thunder arrives in sky over ten binary stars. 在太阳炸裂的神光之中,万里神雷抵达十二连星上空。 Ten binary stars shake fiercely, the connection tree roots to split open between stars, the strong winds sweep across stars Earth, the myriad things lodging, tree blowdown. 十二连星剧烈震荡,星辰之间的连接树根开裂,狂风席卷星辰大地,万物倒伏,树木摧折。 A person's shadow transmits sky, the right palm spreads out, resists to thunder ten thousand li (0.5 km) thunder incessantly. 一个人影传送到天空,右掌摊开,抵住轰鸣不止的万里雷霆。 The outer space of ten binary stars, dazzling divine rays surges. 十二连星的太空,刺目的神光激荡。 Sufficiently the ten thousand li (0.5 km) thunder of destruction innumerable stars, in front of that palm, just like weak sheep. 足以毁灭无数星辰的万里雷霆,在那只手掌面前,宛如无力的绵羊。 Lokey's right palm resists the Godking thunder, is grinning, shows the gloomy smile. 洛基的右掌抵住神王雷霆,咧着嘴,露出阴森的笑容。 My dear blood sworn brothers, Odin, you forgot, pledged that keeps us forever from harming the opposite party, even if you ascend a height to get a broad view paramount, cannot injure my slightest!” “我亲爱的血盟兄弟,奥丁,你难道忘了,誓言让我们永远无法伤害对方,哪怕你登临至高,也不能伤我分毫!” Lokey right hand makes an effort to push, ten thousand li (0.5 km) thunder reverses, flies into the starry sky, the hole broken innumerable stars, vanishes does not see. 洛基右手用力一推,万里雷霆倒转,飞入星空,洞破无数星辰,消失不见。 The Suye vision, falls under Lokey's left hand. 苏业的目光,落在洛基的左手下。 Lokey to the direction of Nordic Countries God Star department, the left hand raised over the face is the head of blood, the right hand holds the face of head. 洛基面向北欧神星系的方向,左手提起满面是血的头颅,右手抓住头颅的面庞。 Stop!” “住手!” The Odin filled with grief sound resounds through sky. 奥丁悲怆的声音响彻天空 Lokey is smiling dark, said: I can kill your son, can kill two, three!” 洛基阴阴地笑着,道:“我能杀你一个儿子,就能杀两个,三个!” Lokey right hand makes an effort to grasp, head blasting open, the blue state of mind dissipation, tens of thousands of hammers depart from Lokey's hand later, swallow the state of mind. 洛基右手用力一握,头颅炸裂,蓝色的神魂散逸,随后数以万计的狼头从洛基的手中飞出,吞噬神魂。 Lokey!” The Odin sound resounds through sky. “洛基!”奥丁的声音响彻天空 Your Odin kneels down to the destiny, my Lokey, does not lower the head! Hahahaha......” Lokey laughs loudly. “你奥丁向命运下跪,我洛基,绝不低头!哈哈哈哈……”洛基放声大笑。 Suye dully looks at this. 苏业呆呆地看着这一幕。 Hundred Titan said in a low voice: That god who Lokey kills, probably Nordic Countries god of Vida forest, is the Odin son. In the legend, forest god and nature god and other Nordic Countries New God, are the Odin final plans. Odin and massive Nordic Countries God greet Dusk on own initiative, disperses some most potential God in various infinite plane places in secret, waited for Dusk to finish, Nordic Countries fell from the sky, these New God will then meet again, reconstructs Nordic Countries. According to our estimation, god of Vida forest, is in the Nordic Countries recovery plan extremely essential God, because he represents the strength of nature and life.” 百手泰坦低声道:“洛基杀的那神,好像是北欧的森林之神维达,也是奥丁的儿子。传说中,森林之神和自然之神等北欧新神,是奥丁最后的计划。奥丁与大量北欧神灵主动迎接黄昏,暗中将一些最有潜力的神灵分散在无限位面各处,等黄昏结束,北欧陨落,那些新神便会重聚,重建北欧。据我们推测,森林之神维达,是北欧复苏计划中极为关键的神灵,因为他代表自然与生命的力量。” Now, he died. Lokey, was shattered the Odin destiny.” Suye said. “现在,他死了。洛基,破灭了奥丁的命运。”苏业道。 Hundred Titan are suddenly enlighted, said: So that's how it is! Certainly is Odin, when will watch in the future, discovered that the god of forest has not died of the war of Dusk, therefore in secret training. However, what Lokey to prove Odin sees is the mistake, to subvert the Odin destiny, to retaliate Odin, is opening the flash of war of Dusk, camouflages the Godking strength, makes a move to kill the god of forest. Waits for Odin to perceive, already late.” 百手泰坦恍然大悟,道:“原来如此!一定是奥丁在观看未来的时候,发现森林之神没有死于黄昏之战,所以暗中培养。但是,洛基为了证明奥丁看到的是错的,为了颠覆奥丁的命运,为了报复奥丁,在开启黄昏之战的一刹那,遮蔽神王的力量,出手杀死森林之神。等奥丁觉察,已经晚了。” The Suye vision, falls on one group of flocculence accessories of Lokey waist. 苏业的目光,落在洛基腰间的一团棉絮状佩饰上。 Dark cloud fortress, Zeus divine artifact. 乌云堡垒,宙斯神器 No wonder has not perceived battle of Lokey and forest god of the beginning. 怪不得从一开始就没有觉察洛基与森林之神的战斗 Suye appearance ice-cold, looks to Lokey. 苏业面目冰冷,望向洛基。 You explained.” “你解释一下吧。” Lokey chews, while wipes off the bloody water of corners of the mouth, is looking at Suye, is smiling gloomily: World Tree does the wreckage is your, ten binary star and disaster light tree god is also your, our transactions were closed, not? If you must explain, is very simple. God of Vida forest has wanted to exterminate a disaster light tree god clan, therefore he ambushes here, waits for the time, solves this crowd of destruction natural evil God. But I, knew this news, therefore hires you to constrain the disaster light tree god, I solve the god of forest. From beginning to end, I have not deceived you, I am only have not said all. The death of god of forest, is uninterested with you, do I also need to explain?” 洛基一边嘴嚼,一边擦掉嘴角的血水,望着苏业,阴森森地笑着:“世界树干残骸已经是你的,十二连星和灾光树神也都是你的,我们的交易完成了,不是吗?如果你非要解释,很简单。森林之神维达一直想灭绝灾光树神一族,所以他潜伏在这里,等待时机,解决这群破坏自然的邪恶神灵。而我,知道了这个消息,所以雇佣你拖住灾光树神,我去解决森林之神。自始至终,我都没有欺骗你,我只是没有说出一切而已。森林之神的死,也与你毫无关系,我还需要解释吗?” Suye took a deep breath, said: Told the true goal that I you asked me to come.” 苏业深吸一口气,道:“告诉我你找我来的真正目的。” Naturally to help me diverts the disaster light tree god, because I once saw with one's own eyes your fearless disaster light, absorption distortion space.” “当然是为了帮我牵制住灾光树神,因为我曾经亲眼看到你无惧灾光,吸收扭曲空间。” I am magician, does not look at the representation.” Suye static said/tunnel. “我是魔法师,不看表象。”苏业静静地道。 Estranges you and Odin. Odin knows you and I here, even if you have not begun to the god of forest, will suspect you, if your cooperation therefore interrupt, to me is the biggest good news, this explanation enough?” “离间你和奥丁奥丁知道你与我在这里,哪怕你没有对森林之神动手,也会怀疑你,如果你们的合作因此中断,对我来说就是最大的好消息,这个解释够了吗?” Insufficiently.” “不够。” Lokey is staring at Suye, for a long time, laughs to say loudly: I need an outstanding witness, witnesses me, the fire and god of Lokey clever trick, bury Nordic Countries personally, treads to extinguish Odin, ascends a height to get a broad view the summit of Nordic Countries! I must make the world know, what is wrong is Odin, what is wrong is the destiny, is not Lokey!” 洛基盯着苏业,许久后,放声大笑道:“我需要一个优秀的见证人,见证我,火与诡计之神洛基,亲手埋葬北欧,踏灭奥丁,登临北欧之巅!我要让世人知道,错的是奥丁,错的是命运,不是洛基!” Then, Lokey disappears does not see. 说完,洛基消失不见。 Poisonous light mighty current that Sun explodes but rolling. 太阳爆裂的毒光洪流滚滚而至。 Suye waves, myriad poisonous light were reversed by the void strength, passed over gently and swiftly from ten binary stars. 苏业一挥手,万千毒光被虚空之力扭转,从十二连星两侧掠过。 Suye drops slowly, stands above 3000 kilometers high World Tree tree trunk wreckage, static thinking. 苏业徐徐下降,站在三千公里高的世界树树干残骸之上,静静思索。 Hundred Titan very carefully stand in Suye behind. 百手泰坦小心翼翼站在苏业身后。 Ten binary stars are quiet. 十二连星静悄悄。 For a long time later, Suye takes away World Tree to do, puts out a hand a move, the void to split open, a row floats an city of character emptying to depart. 许久之后,苏业收走世界树干,伸手一招,虚空开裂,一排浮空之城一字飞出。 Disaster light/only sets up the god officially to join the demon prison city, as the starry sky is the member of magic research institute, here gave you.” “灾光树神正式加入魔狱城,作为星空系魔法研究院的成员,这里就交给你们了。” Suye said, calls all disaster light tree gods, accepts the state of mind, leaves ten binary stars. 苏业说完,召集所有灾光树神,收下神魂,离开十二连星。 Hundred Titan closely follow Suye, wants to break the head, does not understand that had anything. 百手泰坦紧紧跟着苏业,想破头,也不明白发生了什么。 War of official opening Dusk. 黄昏之战正式开启。 Under the Nordic Countries gods in human world the war is more frigid, the magic cannon has fallen short of demand, every day, both sides have several hundred hundred million lives to arrive from infinite plane respectively, join crazy battle. 人类世界的北欧神下之战更加惨烈,魔法大炮已经供不应求,每一天,双方各有数百亿生灵从无限位面抵达,加入疯狂的战斗 This degree the war of Pantheon, exceeds the Suye experience any War. 这个程度的神系之战,超越苏业经历的任何战争 God Realm, Nordic Countries God Star department. 神界,北欧神星系。 Dusk Legion launches the attack from the Southwest, the innumerable monster beast gods come in swarms. 黄昏军团从西南方发起进攻,无数怪物兽神蜂拥而至。 The stars degenerate into the battlefield. 一颗又一颗星辰沦为战场。 Fills War of Demi-God and false god is exceptionally frigid, each stars often could not insist that ten days, will gradually crash. 充满半神与伪神的战争异常惨烈,每颗星辰往往坚持不了十天,就会逐渐崩塌。 Dusk Legion is treading the stars composition desolated roads of avalanche, pushes onward to Nordic Countries Pantheon central Asijiade slowly. 黄昏军团踏着一颗又一颗崩塌的星辰组成荒芜之路,徐徐向北欧神系的中心阿斯加德挺进。 Nordic Countries Pantheon, as if becomes the infinite plane Sun, captured all God's attention. 北欧神系,仿佛成为无限位面的太阳,吸引了所有神灵的目光。 Other places, quiet. 其余之地,悄无声息。 Even if the abyss and Hell eternal restless bloody battle, the scale also reduces to several thousand people. 哪怕是深渊与地狱永恒不息的血战,规模也缩小到几千人。 Three months later, innumerable fire Giant and flame Demon Beast gushes out the Nordic Countries hot township, with Dusk Legion act together. 三个月后,无数的火巨人与火焰魔兽涌出北欧的火之乡,与黄昏军团联手 Six months later, country's of dying oracle of queen Khayra's spreads over the world, inexhaustible undead Legion goes north. 六个月后,死之国的女王海拉的神谕传遍世界,无穷无尽的亡灵军团北上。 Dusk Legion with irresistible force, the Nordic Countries army collapses at the first encounter. 黄昏军团势如破竹,北欧大军一触即溃。 Some God Star outside Nordic Countries God even could not resist for day, was submerged by inexhaustible Dusk Legion. 一些神星靠外的北欧神灵甚至抵挡不了一天,就被无穷无尽的黄昏军团淹没。 In the third day that undead Legion enters the war, Nordic Countries Valkyrie Legion and Valhalla Legion send out, launches endless battle with Dusk Legion. 亡灵军团参战的第三天,北欧女武神军团英灵殿军团出动,与黄昏军团展开无休无止的厮杀。 Without Main God enters the war, without the high-rank god acts with god, even the low-rank gods little fall from the sky extremely, but, Demi-God and false god were too many, the entire Nordic Countries God Star department, was covered by the a layer of faint yellow mist. 没有主神参战,没有上位神与中位神出手,甚至连下位神都极少陨落,但是,半神与伪神太多了,以至于整座北欧神星系,都被一层淡淡的黄色雾气笼罩。 That is the omen that the Dusk battlefield arrives. 那是黄昏战场降临的前兆。 The war of Pantheon, is battle, rather twists the meat. 神系之战,与其说是战斗,不如说是绞肉。 Crazy slaughtering, slaughters, slaughters, will never stop rests. 只有疯狂的杀戮,杀戮,杀戮,永不止歇。 In addition, anything does not have. 除此之外,什么都没有。 In the 71 st year of place of opening World Creation, Nordic Countries the war of Dusk continues, plane presents to arrive. 创世之地开启的第七十一年,北欧黄昏之战继续,位面馈赠降临。 Gods discovered startled, since war of opening Dusk, infinite plane death Gods main body, even were more than losing concentration of place of death World Creation. 众神愕然发现,自从黄昏之战开启,无限位面死亡的众神本体,甚至比创世之地死亡的分神都多。 Many God, main body predeceases, divides Queen of Gods to perish. 许多神灵,本体先死,分神后亡。 After the place of seventh World Creation presents finished, the war of Dusk as before remains at Stage 1, as before is only the battlefield of Demi-God and false god. 第七次创世之地馈赠结束后,黄昏之战依旧停留在第一阶段,依旧只是半神与伪神的战场。 But benefits from seventh presenting, infinite plane New God dramatically increases, a Dusk Legion side or a Nordic Countries Gods side, lots of false god even Demi-God promote New God. 但得益于第七次馈赠,无限位面新神大幅度增加,无论是黄昏军团一方还是北欧众神一方,大量伪神甚至半神晋升新神 In order to deal with the war of Dusk, both commanders in chief are popularizing the conferred the title of God ceremony. 为了应对黄昏之战,双方主帅都在普及封神仪式。 Several months later, except for Zeus Pantheon, abyss Pantheon as well as with Suye for Pantheon of enemy, various Great Pantheon New God is also increasing vigorously. 几个月后,除了宙斯神系、深渊神系以及与苏业为敌的神系,各大神系新神也都在蓬勃增加。 New God total that in these years, Nordic Countries, Egypt and Persia three Pantheon, each Pantheon is born already over 100,000! 这几十年里,北欧埃及波斯神系,每个神系诞生的新神的总数已经超过十万! Like Hell Pantheon, undead Pantheon wait/etc Great Pantheon, increased New God even over 1 million. 地狱神系亡灵神系等等大神系,增加的新神甚至超过百万。 Various Great Pantheon forms strong Legion for the first time. 大神系第一次组建超强的军团 True God Legion. 真神军团 Treats as the ordinary soldier to be the same with the low-rank god New God, composes unprecedented Legion. 新神下位神当作普通士兵一样,组成前所未有的军团 Infinite plane balance, quietly change. 无限位面的天秤,悄然变化。 Presenting of infinite plane will in human four Great Pantheon, Zeus Pantheon obtains are least. 人类大神系中,宙斯神系得到的无限位面意志的馈赠最少。 Except for Athena and minority Main God Servant God, losing concentration of other false gods have been defeated and dispersed. 除了雅典娜和少数主神从神,其余伪神的分神早就溃散。 Afterward, the related Zeus Pantheon bad news spreads in infinite plane one after another. 随后,一个接一个有关宙斯神系的坏消息在无限位面流传。
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