WG :: Volume #5 God Slayer of the World of Magic (魔法界的屠神者)

#1035: Affluent

Gods is speechless, who can think, this tyrannical crazy Red Dragon unexpectedly is the big chatterbox of hidden. 众神无语,谁能想到,这个暴虐疯狂的红龙竟然是个隐藏的大话痨。 Waits for the dark green Red Mountain lineage/vein to talk incessantly, Suye has the patient said/tunnel: Looking at it like this, do you regard to promote the only hope of Main God the place of World Creation?” 等苍红山脉唠唠叨叨完,苏业非常有耐心地道:“这样看来,你是把创世之地当成晋升主神的唯一希望?” Right! This is I highest hope! Now various God are saying that what Zeus must extinguish the world, said that infinite Dusk will soon arrive, inadequate Main God, must die without doubt! The place of World Creation is my only hope!” Dark green Red Mountain stringer. “对!这是我最大的希望!现在诸神都在说什么宙斯要灭世,说无限黄昏即将到来,不成主神,必死无疑!创世之地是我唯一的希望!”苍红山脉道。 This, it seems like, so long as we work as one, passed every time for 100 years in the place of World Creation, you promote the Main God possibility, is big a point.” Suye said. “这样啊,看来,只要我们齐心协力,在创世之地每度过100年,您晋升主神的可能性,就大一分。”苏业道。 Yes, this is also the reason that I and you form an alliance. Although you are very small and weak, but you are very intelligent! Like I such insightful dragon god, are not many.” Dark green Red Mountain stringer. “是的,这也是我与你结盟的原因。你虽然很弱小,但你很聪明!像我这么有眼光的龙神,不多了。”苍红山脉道。 The Suye smile said: I believe your vision, but, you felt, what you can promote Building Main God fall?” 苏业微笑道:“我相信你的眼光,不过,你觉得,你能为晋升主神掉一些什么?” The dark green Red Mountain lineage/vein look at Suye to say vigilantly: Cannot! My anything does not abandon! A grain of gem is not good!” 红山脉警惕地望着苏业道:“不能!我什么都不舍!一粒宝石都不行!” Another three God shake the head the forced smile, worthily is Dragon Race. 另外三个神灵摇头苦笑,不愧是龙族 Really what doesn't abandon?” Suye asked. “真的什么都不舍?”苏业问。 Really!” The dark green Red Mountain lineage/vein narrow the eyes to focus, rays of light of both eyes twinkle danger. “真的!”苍红山脉眯着眼,双目闪烁危险的光芒 „The words that you do not abandon, can only make your letter/believes people discard something, trades you to promote Main God.” Suye said. “你不舍的话,就只能让你的信民舍弃一些东西,来换你晋升主神。”苏业道。 „Can this be good?” The dark green Red Mountain lineage/vein stare the big eye, looks the happy expression. “这能行?”苍红山脉瞪大眼睛,面露喜色。 So long as you are willing to make the allied armies military officers order your Red Dragon, they may be painstakingly tired, but can make your place stay in the World Creation very long absolutely.” “只要你愿意让联军将领命令你手下的红龙,他们或许会苦一点累一点,但绝对能让你在创世之地停留很久。” Let alone! I agreed! You could rest assured that I give UN command oracle, if which dragon does not dare obedient, skins directly sheds the scale to throw to mage manufactures magic tool! The trivial letter/believes people, how can hinder the road of my Main God!” A dark green Red Mountain lineage/vein incomparably generous appearance. “别说了!我同意!你放心,我给联军统帅一份神谕,哪条龙要是敢不听话,直接扒皮褪鳞扔给法师制作魔法器!区区信民,怎么能妨碍我的主神之路!”苍红山脉一副无比慷慨的模样。 Since this, I for allied armies thank you, respect dark green Red Mountain lineage/vein. Has the Red Dragon to lead a cheer, what danger regardless of we later encounter, can the quick solution, the Giant Dragon meritorious military service, your body.” Suye said. “既然这样,那我就替联军谢谢你,尊敬的苍红山脉。有红龙助阵,我们以后无论遇到什么样的危险,都能快速解决,巨龙的战功,都记到你身上。”苏业道。 The dark green Red Mountain lineage/vein nod happily. 红山脉愉快点头。 Suye looks to the Shintoism of oak tree: Now we agree with act together.” 苏业望向橡树之神道:“现在我们都同意联手。” Since this, we can make the plan, displays the strong point, mutual cooperation. Since we had previous time coped with the undead God's experience, this time, can take the Demon Beast God operation, but this time was unsuitable to kill, was more suitable to draw his alliance. Had Demon Beast God, we can massive draught animal powers, can provide the powerful Demon Beast mount to high rank magician, is important to the future development.” “既然这样,那我们就可以制定计划,发挥自身长处,相互合作。我们既然有了上一次对付亡灵神灵的经验,这一次,可以拿魔兽神灵开刀,不过这次不便杀死,更适合拉他联盟。有了魔兽神灵,我们可以多出大量的畜力,也可以给高阶魔法师配备强大魔兽坐骑,对未来的发展至关重要。” Good, we make the revision slightly, presses Demon Beast country on the army, if he surrenders, all said that if did not surrender, when trained!” Suye said. “好,我们稍作修正,就全军压上魔兽国度,他如果投降,一切好说,如果不投降,就当练兵!”苏业道。 Afterward, detailed items of five God discussion cooperation. 随后,五位神灵商议合作的详细事项。 Ten days later, outside Demon Beast forest, five races army attacking army has reached the city. 十天后,魔兽森林外,五族大军兵临城下。 Has not waited to make war, the five races allied armies then launch the deterrent attack. 还未等开战,五族联军便发起威慑性攻击。 The dragon inflammations of eight Red Dragon just like the day hot waterfall passing over gently and swiftly forest, over a thousand fireballs thundered fly randomly, the dense and numerous fairy arrows were in the thick of battle to fall. 八头红龙的龙炎宛如天火瀑布掠过森林,上千火球轰鸣乱飞,密密麻麻的精灵箭矢如雨下落。 Demon Beast in forest trembles. 森林中的魔兽瑟瑟发抖。 Afterward, Druid acts to exchange. 随后,德鲁伊出面交流。 Finally, the master of Demon Beast forest, god of Yarm demon bear expressed willingness to submit, and joins the allied armies. The resources light ball in his hand has not exhausted, built a split statue, escorts to Kong city. 最终,魔兽森林的主人,魔熊之神库亚姆表示愿意臣服,并加入联军。他手中的资源光球没有耗尽,打造了一座分体雕像,送往孔城。 From now on, six God form the reliable alliance, displays the own specialty respectively. 自此,六尊神灵建立起牢固的联盟,各自发挥自己的专长。 The beast person clan cultivates lots of hard labors, is responsible for most very most tired living. 兽人族培育大量的苦工,负责最酷最累的活。 fairy and Druid are responsible for the raising livestock cultivation and agricultural output. 精灵与德鲁伊负责畜牧养殖与农业增产。 The Demon Beast forest delivers massively docile , and strength greatly infinite black iron demon cow, acts as the draught animal power. 魔兽森林产出大量温顺且力大无穷的黑铁魔牛,充当畜力。 The Dragon Race Red Dragon became the high rank magician collaborator bewilderedly, the actual status is the mount and goon. 龙族的红龙们莫名其妙成了高阶魔法师的合作者,实际身份是坐骑兼打手。 All human turned into the student completely, every day except for studying magic learns the knowledge. 所有人类全部变成了学生,每天除了学习魔法就是学习知识。 Regional magic resources escort to the person clan continuously, Demon Beast, Dragon Race and devil under once for a while propaganda, conducts voluntary blood donation voluntarily, is magic medicine and magic equipment contributes a strength. 各地的魔法资源源源不断送往人族,魔兽龙族和恶魔在时不时的宣传下,自愿进行义务献血,为魔法药剂魔法装备贡献一份力量。 Benefits in Suye memory rich the magic knowledge, the magic artisans manufactures primary magic tool to be smooth. 得益于苏业记忆中丰沛的魔法知识,魔法工匠们制作初级魔法器非常顺利。 The resources are centralized, the industry is centralized, the cooperation concentrates, growth Rapid Speed growth of magic alliance and magician. 资源集中,产业集中,协作集中,魔法联盟和魔法师的成长急速成长。 A year later, all magician everyone at least six black iron magic tool, equipment to tooth. 一年后,所有魔法师每人至少六件黑铁魔法器,武装到牙齿。 The change of trim region is too big, investigates the information the god of Earth Element God dust unable to bear again, dispatches Earth Element to arrive at Kong city on own initiative, forms an alliance officially. 整片区域的变化太大,以至于探查到情报的地元素神灵灰土之神再也忍不住,主动派遣地元素来到孔城,正式结盟。 Had joining of Earth Element, the alliance mining efficiency considerably increased. 有了地元素的加入,联盟采矿效率大大增加。 From now on, except for the Eastern sea unknown, the Suye north, the West and West were all surrounded by the ally. 自此,除了东方的海洋未知,苏业北方、西方和西方皆被盟友包围。 Went through the most difficult initial period, the magic alliance formally establishes. 度过最艰难的初期,魔法联盟正式建立。 The fourth year, small Thales promotes Golden Rank finally. 第四年,小泰勒斯终于晋升黄金位阶 Also in this year, other ethnic groups also successively presents Golden Rank, from now on, will train the powerful race God to demonstrate own special skill, their trump card ethnic group hand/subordinate will enter the overspeed rise period, will arrive in Saint Domain even Legendary fast. 也就在这一年,其他各族群也陆续出现黄金位阶,从现在开始,培养强大种族的神灵各显其能,他们手下的王牌族群会进入超速增长期,快速抵达圣域甚至传奇 human will fall into the long growth period, range from ten years, to for 20 years. 人类则会陷入漫长的成长期,少则十年,多则二十年。 The good news is, the human magic apprentice total was over 4000 people, people's magician no longer vainly hoped. 好消息是,人类魔法学徒总数超过了四千人,全民魔法师不再是梦想。 human starts to build magic tool for other clans, returns nurturing to parents, the strength of entire magic alliance further inflates. 人类开始为其他各族打造魔法器,进行反哺,整个魔法联盟的实力进一步膨胀。 The magic alliance surrounding area several thousand li (0.5 km) Earth rich resources, making the black iron rank magic tool start the slowly popularization in various races. 魔法联盟方圆数千里的大地资源丰富,让黑铁级别的魔法器开始在各种族之间慢慢普及。 Refines magic tool to need the long-term technical accumulation, but is instructed by Suye personally, the theory is reliable, the experience is rich, is technically mature, all have, making this low rank magic tool to conduct half assembly line manufacture, the output velocity is extremely fast. 炼制魔法器本来需要长时间的技术积累,但由苏业亲自指导,理论牢固,经验丰富,技术成熟,一切都具备,让这种低阶魔法器以进行半流水线制作,生产速度极快。 As Suye continuously studies, finally creates new magic tool, named magic waist link. 随着苏业不断研究,终于创造出一种新型魔法器,名为魔法腰环。 Wearing of human magic ring has the upper limit, the casting number of times of each magic ring is limited, using up the transformation is not convenient. 人类魔法戒指的佩戴是有上限的,每枚魔法戒指的施法次数有限,用完转换非常不方便。 The magic waist link specifically is used to be hanging magic tool of magic ring, and can replace in the hand rapidly already the magic ring that releases, the speed is faster than Ring of Space, the cost is lower. 魔法腰环则是专门用来悬挂魔法戒指的魔法器,并且可以迅速替换手中已经释放完毕的魔法戒指,速度比空间之戒都快,成本更低。 Some people had a nickname to this magic waist link, called affluent. 一些人给这个魔法腰环起了个外号,叫腰缠万贯。 However, the magic waist link manufacture is simple, but so many magic ring average people cannot use, various countries only then minority talents can use the magic waist link, moreover full load hundred magic rings. 不过,魔法腰环制作简单,可那么多魔法戒指一般人用不起,各国只有少数天才才能使用魔法腰环,而且满载百枚魔法戒指。 In order to preserve the lives of these human talents, for these future Legendary, Suye clears the family property. 为了保住这些人类天才的命,为了这些未来的传奇,苏业可谓散尽家财。 The fourth year one is average all year round not wonderfully, the words that must speak, only had three very small matters. 第四年一整年平平无奇,非要说的话,只发生了三件很小的事。 First, two God of distant place dispatch the allied armies to probe the territory of god of oak tree, when they after Oak City, discovered that the Red Dragon, magician, the beast person, devil, Earth Element and Demon Beast dense and numerous array waiting, turn around to run. 一是远方的两个神灵派遣联军试探橡树之神的领地,等他们靠近橡树城后,发现红龙、魔法师、兽人、恶魔、地元素魔兽密密麻麻列阵等待,转身就跑。 The allied armies have not pursued, because existing technical standards being insufficient makes them rule more territories, over a thousand kilometers front will frequently have various accidents/surprises. 联军没有追击,因为现有技术水平不足以让他们统治更多的领地,动辄上千公里的战线会出现各种意外。 Now various God with a sudden burst to support Suye, is hopes that Suye human promotes Saint Domain ahead of time, construction transmission. 现在各神灵卯足了劲支援苏业,就是希望苏业人类提前晋升圣域,构建传送阵。 Various God have a construction transmission technology, but the technical standards are too high, at least needs Demi-God to complete. 神灵都有建造传送阵的技术,但技术水平太高,至少需要半神才能完成。 So long as transmits a technology to complete, the allied armies can the acceleration expansion. 只要传送阵技术完成,联军就可以加速扩张。 Second, the Red Dragon is high-grade Dragon Race, fourth the birth entire two Saint Domain Red Dragon, the prestige spreads over nearby several thousand kilometers world worthily at the end of the year, the bystanders are called the Red Dragon alliance the magic alliance, does not dare to approach. 二是红龙不愧是高等龙族,第四年年末诞生整整两头圣域红龙,声威传遍附近数千公里的世界,以至于外人都把魔法联盟称为红龙联盟,不敢靠近。 Third, the quantity of mind shadow demon increases unceasingly, moreover there are many golden mind shadow demons, this means that Suye has the ability of ultra long-distance range direction combat, although will have some delays, possibly was disturbed, but is quite efficient. 三是心灵影魔的数量不断增加,而且有多个黄金心灵影魔,这意味着,苏业已经拥有超远距离指挥作战的能力,虽然会有一些延迟,可能被干扰,但已经极为高效。 Kong city. 孔城。 fourth a jet black night, before arrives at God's Temple at the end of the year, kneels on the ground, three knock on nine to do obeisance. 第四年年底一个漆黑的夜晚,一个走到神殿前,跪在地上,三叩九拜。 In the statue, Suye calmly looks in this human the most outstanding military leader, Li summer. 雕像中,苏业静静地看着这位人类中最杰出的军事领袖,李夏。 In the three countries all, Suye come clearly into view. 三国之中发生的一切,苏业历历在目。 oneself deliberately is responsible for magic, education and war, other all are processed by various countries voluntarily. 自己刻意主抓魔法、教育与战争,其余一切由各国自行处理。 Nearly five years, some places in expected, some go beyond the expectation. 近五年的时间,有些地方在意料之中,有些则超出预料。 For example this Li summer, a careerist. 比如这位李夏,一位野心家。 mortal Li summer, uses up the heart to make contribution to the big shepherd, is diligent for the country, does one's best for the people, has a clear conscience for oneself. Now has the feeling internal disorder and foreign invasion, the middle school faction stands in great numbers, continuously for a long time hence, in big the shepherd will be disadvantageous, will be disadvantageous in the country, will be disadvantageous in the people. Therefore, Li summer requested earnestly the big shepherd to support below ascends the throne to proclaim oneself emperor, afterward, the generation after generations respected you for the day, but Yuzi said that a day of child, always did not change.” 凡人李夏,为大指导者竭心尽力,为国勤勤恳恳,为民鞠躬尽瘁,为己问心无愧。今有感内忧外患,国中派系林立,长此以往,于大指导者不利,于国不利,于民不利。故,李夏恳请大指导者支持在下登基称帝,事后,生生世世尊奉您为天,而愚自称天之子,永世不改。” Suye static ponder. 苏业静静沉思。 It looks like in Li summer, perhaps this is concerns the destiny the important matter, but looks like in Suye, is insignificant. 在李夏看来,这或许是关乎命运的大事,但在苏业看来,却微不足道。 The issue is, how oneself should handle this matter. 问题在于,自己应该如何处理这件事。 In the beforehand development and in time of war, the three countries work as one, but in the relatively calm and steady period, the person the thoughts moves at present. 在之前的发展和战争时期,三国齐心协力,但在目前相对安稳的时期,人心思动。 This is the normal state of life. 这就是生命的常态。 In a multi-factor multi- level open system, the absolute equilibrium condition is rare possibly does not even exist. 在一个多因素多层次的开放性系统中,绝对平衡态是稀有甚至可能不存在的。 Near equilibrium state or are far away from the equilibrium state, is the normal state. 近平衡态或远离平衡态,才是常态。 The rise and fall of individual growth or country, are so. 无论是个人的成长还是国家的兴衰,都是如此。 Looks over the history, any falls into the absolute equilibrium the country, the stagnant development, loses the vigor inevitably, was subverted by the outside or by internal enemy. 纵观历史,任何陷入绝对平衡的国家,必然停滞发展,失去活力,而后被外部或被内部敌人颠覆。 If from the broad human history angle, entire human is at the imbalance but to stabilize the progressive condition throughout. 如果从宏观的人类历史角度看,整个人类始终处于不平衡但稳定进步的状态。 The Suye ponder for a long time, said: I will not support you, will not oppose you, but, you cannot kill any magician, if must kill people to set up the prestige, can only kill non- magician, moreover can only kill one person. Moreover, you only have one month, if one month the situation cannot stabilize, rolls to study magic, forever can not meddle the man (Han) country military affairs government affairs. As for presenting me for the day, is unnecessary, the day is the ultimate principle of all things, everywhere. Common custom in me, but floating clouds.” 苏业沉思许久,道:“我不会支持你,也不会反对你,但,你不可杀害任何魔法师,如果一定要杀人立威,只能杀非魔法师,而且只能杀一人。另外,你只有一个月的时间,一个月如果局势安定不下来,就滚去研究魔法,永远不得插手汉国军务政务。至于奉我为天,毫无必要,天便是万事万物的终极原理,处处都在。世俗于我,不过浮云。” Li summer suppresses happy, busy say/way: thanks big shepherd! The officials under the emperor have arranged completely safe, so long as acts, will certainly solve all by potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt, recovery is as soon as possible stable. We found a nation by magic, from, when cannot massacre magician.” 李夏强忍喜悦,忙道:“谢大指导者陛下!臣下早已筹备万全,只要行动,必将以雷霆万钧之势解决一切,尽快恢复稳定。吾等以魔法立国,自当不能乱杀魔法师。” Suye coldly snorted, the static ponder, no longer manages Li summer. 苏业冷哼一声,静静思考,不再管李夏。
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