WG :: Volume #2 斯巴达的角斗士

#635: god's bestowal too many pains you do not understand

Sparta God of War square. 斯巴达战神广场。 The day fires descend just like the meteor, some Sparta warrior were surrounded by the flame. 一道道天火宛如流星降落,部分斯巴达战士被火焰包围。 God of War is supreme!” 战神至上!” Thank Suye!” “感谢苏业!” Sparta!” 斯巴达!” Had not been lit Sparta warrior that envies by the fire of God of War is looking at combustion the person, envies looks in the light screen to wear Suye of Red Dragon armor. 没有被战神之火点燃的斯巴达战士羡慕地望着燃烧着的人,羡慕地望着光幕中身着红龙铠甲的苏业 The Delphi above red flame dissipates slowly. 得尔斐上空的红色火焰缓缓消散。 Crash-bang...... 哗啦啦…… Sky over the dense and numerous peace dove groups as if fly from another plane, composes a giant ring, the diameter several hundred li (0.5 km), cover the entire Delphi holy city. 密密麻麻的和平鸽群仿佛从另一个位面飞到上空,组成一个巨大的圆环,直径数百里,笼罩整座得尔斐圣城。 The peace dove group like the mobile enormous ring-like cloud cluster, is restless in sky galloping. 和平鸽群如同流动的巨型环状云团,在天空奔腾不息。 The bright pure white light feather, scatters in all directions to fall. 灿烂洁白的光羽,四散而落。 Each by the person who the light feather touches, the innermost feelings especially are tranquilly peaceful, the vision is especially limpid. 每一个被光羽碰触的人,内心都格外安宁平静,目光格外清澈。 In each individual heart, filled the gratitude to Suye, to peaceful hope. 每个人心中,都充满了对苏业的感激,对和平的渴望。 Is Suye, was Greece brought the greatest peace. 苏业,为希腊带来了莫大的和平。 God's Temple Priest fill looks at this extremely few miracle grateful. 神殿祭司们充满感激地看着这种极少的神迹 Peace envoy. 和平使者。 The people look to Suye, peace dove that on two shoulders of Suye, various stations cluck is calling. 众人望向苏业,苏业的两肩上,各站着一只咕咕直叫的和平鸽。 Was too happy, too enviable......” Euclid looks that Suye shines eyeful, auspicious Goddess in happy of this kind of time to Suye, were as good as two God of War. “太幸福了,太让人羡慕了……”欧几里德看着苏业满眼放光,祥和女神们在这种时候对苏业喜悦,绝不亚于两位战神 The merit of Suye to Greece even world peace, surpassed all previous any military officer. 苏业希腊甚至世界和平的功绩,超过了历代任何将领。 This war, makes the Persia vitality damage severely sufficiently, dozens years do not dare to attack Greece. 这一战,足以让波斯元气大伤,几十年不敢进攻希腊 But other country will also shock, definitely will cause the war intensity to reduce greatly. 而其他国度也会震慑,必然会导致战争烈度大减。 This is auspicious Goddess most likes seeing. 这是祥和女神们最喜欢看到的。 In vision that the people anticipate, all pigeons blast open Saint light white feather suddenly, everywhere whereabouts. 在众人期待的目光中,所有的鸽子突然炸裂成圣光白羽,漫天下落。 Most crowded Saint light white feather like the white ribbon, drops from the clouds, covers Suye, as if a big cocoon its surrounding. 最密集的圣光白羽如同白色的丝带,从天而降,笼罩苏业,仿佛一个大茧将其包围。 Priest mutual looked, envies and helpless. 祭司们相互了看了看,又羡慕又无奈。 It is no doubt that this Suye obtained inevitably was also the ability of Divine Right rank. 不用说,这次苏业得到的必然也是神权级别的能力。 Many warrior prayed silently: Hopes maybe and miracle and peace envoy ability of the same name, hope maybe peace envoy...... 许多战士默默祈祷:希望别是和神迹同名和和平使者能力,希望别是和平使者…… Finally, wraps the Suye light cocoon to restrain rapidly, finally condensation becomes a pure white halo, hangs with the Suye top of the head. 最终,包裹苏业的光茧迅速收敛,最后凝聚成一个洁白的光环,高悬与苏业头顶。 Numerous warrior were exploding the swearing at heart. 众多战士在心里爆了粗口。 Really peace envoy. 果然还是和平使者。 Peace Divine Right strongest ability. 和平神权的最强能力。 This ability has an alternate name, called the invincible envoy. 这个能力有个别称,叫无敌使者。 Generally a time is God's Temple Priest mediates the dispute of strong presence to obtain ability. 一般是神殿祭司调解强大势力的纠纷才会获得一次能力。 A peace envoy day also can only use one time. 和平使者一天也只能使用一次。 However, after the use, can in a short time, the immunity all same rank strengths. 但是,使用后,能在短时间内,免疫一切同位阶的力量。 Meanwhile, can an attack of immunity high level, no matter in this attack fused many other strengths, even if integrates divine might also to fall by the immunity. 同时,也能免疫一次高一个位阶的攻击,不管这种攻击中融合了多少其他的力量,哪怕是融入神威也会被免疫掉。 This ability most special place is, others' attack is invalid, but the peace envoy can attack normally. 这个能力最特别的地方是,别人的攻击无效,但和平使者可以正常攻击。 Looks the halo that Suye head slowly dissipates, many people look up the day again. 看着苏业头上慢慢消散的光环,许多人再次抬头望天。 Auspicious Goddess plays such in a big way, disagreement/not with don't Goddess follow with? 祥和女神玩这么大,不和女神们跟不跟? The Suye one breath killed 200 ten thousand Persia soldiers, said from another angle, laid down forever the irreconcilable cause of disaster for both countries, this is the giant dispute. 苏业一口气杀了两百多万波斯士兵,从另一个角度说,为两国埋下了永远不可调和的祸根,这可是巨大的纷争。 Rumble...... 轰隆隆…… The sky dark cloud fills the air, before scattering instantaneously, auspicious atmosphere. 天空乌云弥漫,瞬间驱散了之前祥和的气氛。 The dark cloud duplicate pressure hundred li (0.5 km), the entire city falls into Dusk. 乌云覆压百里,整座城市陷入黄昏 The dense and numerous blood-color thunder in the sky surges, then, blood-color thunder chop suddenly. 密密麻麻的血色雷霆在天空翻腾,接着,一道道血色雷霆骤然劈下。 Each was divided by the blood-color thunder the military officer, the whole body is numb, the complexion is wild with joy. 每一个被血色雷霆劈中的将领,全身酥麻,面色狂喜。 On warrior face that has not entered the war overcast sky. 没参战的战士们脸上阴云密布。 Miltiades was divided three, the wrinkle on face stretched, blooms like the big chrysanthemum. 米泰亚德足足被劈了三道,脸上的皱纹舒展,如同大菊花绽放。 Themistocles is rubbing the chest wool comfortably. 地米斯舒舒服服地揉搓着胸毛。 Blood thunder baptism. 血雷洗礼。 Each thunder, can make the body of warrior obtain powerful quenching, absorbs the divine might strength, the possibility that in the meantime, lets the promotion next level increases 10%! 每一道雷霆,都能让战士们的身体得到强大的淬炼,吸纳神威的力量,同时,让晋升下一位阶的可能性增加10%! Sees this, hidden beats the breast and stamps the feet in Legendary and Hero of hidden place. 看到这一幕,隐藏在暗处的传奇英雄捶胸顿足。 If we had known this, oneself should request a combat assignment! 早知道这样,自己就应该请战啊! Even if by a Gilgamesh sword deducting severe wound, is rubbed together blood thunder baptism also value! 哪怕被吉尔伽美什一剑劈成重伤,来蹭一道血雷洗礼也值了! Suye is really a treasure! 苏业果然是个宝啊! Later has the opportunity, must try to get close to Suye! 以后有机会,一定要跟苏业套近乎! The thunder restrains, the dark cloud gathers. 雷霆收敛,乌云聚拢。 The dark cloud reduces, color deep like dark ink, inside blood-color thunder and lightning condensation, just like thunder school of fish in surges. 乌云缩小,颜色深如浓墨,里面的血色雷电更加凝聚,宛如雷霆鱼群在翻腾。 The people look up that group to change the small blood thunder dark cloud, hangs sky over Suye just right. 众人抬头望着那团变小的血雷乌云,正正好好高悬苏业上空。 In entire city several million people of envying vision, the dark cloud dismisses loudly, then, all thunder combine into one, change into the diameter more than ten meters thick blood-color heavenly thunders, appears suddenly, aims at Suye to divide. 在全城数百万人羡慕的目光中,乌云轰然解散,接着,所有雷霆合而为一,化为直径十余米的粗大血色天雷,自天而降,对准苏业劈下。 Bang...... 轰…… The entire city shivers, Earth shakes, thunderclap billowing thousand li (500 km). 全城颤抖,大地震荡,雷声滚滚千里。 This flash, everyone has the fear of instinct, even if Legendary suffers this to divide, meets the flying ash annihilation. 这一刹那,所有人都心生本能的恐惧,哪怕是传奇遭受这一劈,也会飞灰湮灭。 The thunder falls, changes into thunder pillar, the twinkle jumped continually, crosses extinguished some little time. 雷霆落下,化为雷柱,持续闪烁跳跃,过了好一会儿才熄灭。 Reveals whole body clothing tattered Suye. 露出一个全身衣衫破烂的苏业 The Suye skin color, by the beforehand white enamel flesh, transformed to impressively wipe the olive oil same bronze 苏业的肤色,赫然由之前的白瓷肌肤,转变为抹了橄榄油一样的古铜色 Suye looked down the own body, this color, had also seen couple days ago. 苏业低头看了看自己的身体,这种颜色,前几天还看到过。 Has seen in Alcides body. 阿克德斯身上看到过。 warrior are staring at the Suye body nearly perfect skin color and line and muscle that seems the god artisan to forge, was insane. 战士们盯着苏业身上的近乎完美的肤色以及好像神匠锻造出来的线条和肌肉,要疯了。 Unexpectedly is warrior long-awaited innate skill, perfect body. 竟然是战士们梦寐以求的天赋,完美躯体。 Even King of Gladiators Commodus even Leonidas almost mouth-watering. 角斗王科莫德斯甚至列奥尼达都差点流口水。 No one's body is perfect, because each person growth environment of infancy to maturity is complex, body impossible perfect, always has many small slight defects. 没有人的身体是完美无缺的,因为每个人从小到大的成长环境都非常复杂,身体不可能完美无瑕,总是有许许多多的小瑕疵。 For example Commodus did not satisfy the proportion of skeleton, but Leonidas is the shoulder is not very broad, Miltiades is because too tall caused humpbacked, Themistocles has regretted oneself insufficient tall. 比如科莫德斯一直不满意骨骼的比例,而列奥尼达则是肩部不够宽阔,米泰亚德更是因为太高大了导致驼背,地米斯一直遗憾自己不够高大 Is powerful, the influence that the body slight difference has is bigger. 越是强大,身体细微的差别造成的影响越大。 The difference of body structure, has the slight effect on the display of battle skill, this slight influence in high rank battle, possibly is huge difference. 身体构造的不同,对战技的发挥也有细微的影响,这种细微的影响在高阶战斗中,可能就是天壤之别。 The perfect body, after has „the body of True God, one ability that can cultivation, can let warrior since that moment of acquisition, the body starts to the perfect shape growth, moreover is the most suitable own shape. 完美躯体,原本是拥有“真神之体”后,才能修炼的一种能力,能够让战士在获得的那一刻起,身体开始向完美形态成长,而且是最适合自己的形态。 Obtains the age of perfect body to be smaller, the role is bigger. 得到完美躯体的年纪越小,作用越大。 If mage has the perfect body, is not big in the usual function, but once conducts to move battle, especially casting in the high-speed movement, the function of perfect body will manifest incisively. 一个法师如果拥有完美躯体,在平时的作用不大,可一旦进行移动战斗,尤其在高速移动中施法,完美躯体的作用就会体现得淋漓尽致。 After all, perfect body function in each part of body, from now, Suye throat more suitable casting, but both eyes can become more suitable mage battle, even the finger especially qualify will write, all, to the most outstanding magician growth. 毕竟,完美躯体作用于身体的每一部分,从此以后,苏业喉咙更适合施法,而双目会变得更加适合法师战斗,甚至连手指都会特别适合书写,一切的一切,都向一个最优秀的魔法师成长。 This is the unusual ability that magician should not have. 这是魔法师本不应该拥有的奇特能力。 Low-order magician has no feelings, but Saint Domain Magicians sighed in a soft voice. 低阶魔法师没有什么感触,但圣域魔法师们却轻声叹息。 If oneself has this perfect body, now perhaps has promoted Saint Domain. 如果自己拥有这种完美躯体,现在恐怕已经晋升圣域了。 The Euclid thief is staring at the body of Suye, puts out Magic Book, the three-dimensional drawing technique that uses Suye to teach is drawing in the book secretly. 欧几里德则贼兮兮盯着苏业的身体,拿出魔法书,偷偷在书上用苏业教的立体画法画着。 Four big miracle finished, sky is finally tranquil. 四大神迹结束,天空终于平静下来。 Afterward, performed in Pythia arena similar one, numerous God are Suye lowers god's bestowal. 随后,上演了在皮提亚赛场相似的一幕,众多神灵苏业降下神赐 Then, the audience was startled including Suye oneself. 然后,全场包括苏业自己都惊了。 Because, cannot stop. 因为,停不下来了。 The eagle and white Kongque, seahorse, swan, dolphin, elk, pony wait wait/etc. etc., with zoo, God's servant appears, god's bestowal falls on Suye body one after another. 老鹰、白孔雀、海马、天鹅、海豚、麋鹿、小马等等等等,就跟动物园似的,一个又一个神灵的仆从出现,一道又一道神赐落在苏业身上 In addition front four god's bestowal, finally, enough 27 god's bestowal fall on Suye body! 加上前面四种神赐,最终,足足二十七道神赐落在苏业身上 Finally god's bestowal, granted item three times, is not the god's bestowal ability. 最后三次的神赐,都是赐予了物品,并非神赐能力。 The people suspected, other Greece God have not continued god's bestowal, is feared that the god's bestowal strength supports dead Suye while still alive! 以至于众人怀疑,其他的希腊神灵之所以没有继续神赐,是怕神赐的力量活活撑死苏业 Suye didn't expect can be this result from the start. 苏业压根没想到会是这种结果。 This thinks that most also with Overall Champion King, a day accepted more than ten god's bestowal enough. 本以为最多也就跟总冠军王似的,一天接受十几个神赐就够了。 This directly to one day 20 seven god's bestowal? 这怎么直接到一天二十七神赐 Everyone also dully on the scene looks at Suye, this god's bestowal world record, could not break probably forever. 在场的所有人也呆呆地看着苏业,这个神赐世界纪录,大概永远打不破了。 This was also too terrifying. 这也太恐怖了。 However, thinks the Suye merit, understood. 不过,想想苏业的功劳,也就理解了。 In fact, now everyone knows that Greece Gods encounters surrounding of Egypt Gods and Persia Gods, true battlefield, in God Realm. 实际上,现在所有人都知道希腊众神遭到埃及众神波斯众神的围堵,真正的战场,在神界 The war of ground is not decisive, but fights the huge significance to God Realm. 地面之战不是决定性的,但对神界之战有巨大的意义。 The victory of this Greece, the effect on God Realm is unquantifiable, not only inspired Greece God, lets Egypt and Persia Gods inevitably has to dread. 这一次希腊的胜利,对神界的影响难以估量,不仅鼓舞了希腊神灵,必然也让埃及波斯众神心生忌惮。 Thinks of here, some Aristocrat and military officers are suddenly annoying extremely. 想到这里,一些贵族和将领突然懊恼万分。 No wonder Hercules is known as under the god first, his powerful, not only the Godking bloodlines, the heart of will as well as powerhouse, the appearance of this Hercules, helped Greece that big busy, is equal to helping busy of Gods, will affect Hera to his impression. 怪不得海格力斯号称神下第一,他强大的不只是神王血脉,还有意志以及一颗强者的心,这一次海格力斯的出现,帮了希腊那么大的忙,就等于帮众神的忙,甚至会影响赫拉对他的观感。 If there is Hero or Demi-God makes a move to stop Gilgamesh before Hercules, even if not beat to run away, that can also obtain god's favor, is significant to the family significance. 如果有英雄半神海格力斯之前出手阻拦吉尔伽美什,哪怕不敌逃走,那也能获得神灵的眷顾,对家族意义重大。 Thinks that this, together the military officer and Magicians simultaneously in Thermopylae meeting hall is looking at Suye. 想到这一层,一起在温泉关议事厅中的将领和魔法师们齐齐望着苏业 Even Miltiades somewhat is astonished. 甚至连米泰亚德都有些惊愕。 Before Suye , the words that spoke, listen to be reasonable, but does not have the use probably, but now, everyone understands suddenly. 苏业之前说的话,听着有道理,但好像没用处,但现在,所有人突然明白了。 If these Aristocrat considered for entire Greece on the fourth level, at first sight no benefit, cannot obtain anything, when a person stood in the fourth level, definitely will obtain the fourth level to have the income that this cannot see in three layers forever. 那些贵族如果在第四层为全希腊考虑,乍一看没什么利益,得不到什么,但是,当一个人站在了第四层,必然会得到第四层才有的收益,这是在第三层永远看不到的。 Suye, in the fourth level ponder, in the fourth level action, many military officers also stood in the fourth level muddleheaded, then, obtained the fourth level to have the income that. 苏业,在第四层思考,在第四层行动,许多将领也稀里糊涂站在了第四层,然后,都得到了第四层应该有的收益。 Gods, at least stands in the fourth level. 众神,至少都站在第四层。 The Thermopylae military officers look at Suye, vision condensation strange rays of light. 温泉关的将领们看着苏业,目光凝聚着奇异的光芒 In both eyes of Euclid, is glittering similarly strange rays of light. 欧几里德的双目中,同样闪烁着奇异的光芒 Suye has not seen the vision of people, but is thinking. 苏业没有看到众人的目光,而是在思索。 Time how many days these does need to rest? 这一次又要休息多少天? Suye stood above waited some little time, all talents came soberly, god's bestowal finished. 苏业站在上面等了好一会儿,所有人才清醒过来,神赐结束了。 Therefore, Suye returns to side Miltiades temporarily, in the military officers and magician with Thermopylae stands, waiting war ceremony next, listening to Priest to trick. 于是,苏业暂时回到米泰亚德身边,和温泉关中众将领与魔法师站在一起,等待战争典礼的下一步,听祭司们忽悠。 Various God's Temple Priest are the same like the actor, is reciting related its God's praying word and poem, gives credit to all glory to God. 神殿祭司如同演员一样,朗诵着有关其神灵的祷词与诗篇,把所有的荣耀归功于神灵
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