WG :: Volume #2 斯巴达的角斗士

#634: War control

Giant is interwoven by pure white rays of light, the left hand shield, right hand Battle Spear, the figure is slim, no one can see the facial features of this person, but, everyone instinct knows, this is Goddess of Wisdom Athena is showing miracle. 巨人由纯白的光芒交织而成,左手盾牌,右手战矛,身材修长苗条,没有人能看到这个人的面容,但是,每个人本能地知道,这是智慧女神雅典娜在展现神迹 miracle is dignified, omnipresent. 神迹威严浩瀚,无所不在。 At this moment, in flood Greece, north Thrace, is south Crete, the west Sicily, is east Miletus, Sun in all person eyes vanished. 此时此刻,泛希腊境内,无论是北面的色雷斯,还是南面的克里特岛,无论是西面的西西里岛,还是东面的米利都,所有人眼中的太阳都消失了。 Displaces, is enormous Athena Idol that rays of light composes. 取而代之的,是光芒组成的巨型雅典娜神像 Even, even if in other country most areas, so long as raised the head, can see the rays of light Athena back. 甚至于,哪怕在其他国度的大部分地区,只要一抬头,也能看到光芒雅典娜的背影。 All Priest and Aristocrat stay stupidly look at grand magnificent one. 所有的祭司贵族都呆傻地看着宏伟壮观的一幕。 This is miracle of most high-grade level, the brilliance shines. 这是最高等级的神迹,光辉普照。 Is born just like God. 宛若神灵降世。 Once God's brilliant ray appears, then the entire country everyone, will obtain the blessings, will be healthier, the disease will reduce, the mentality will be healthier, even the life span will lengthen. 一旦神灵的光辉照耀出现,那么整个国度的所有人,都会得到赐福,身体会更健壮,疾病会减轻,心态会更健康,甚至寿命都会延长。 Above the white clouds, rays of light Athena stands upright, although the facial features are fuzzy, but impressive and dignified manner like mountain, imposing manner like starry sky. 白云之上,光芒雅典娜直直挺立,虽然面容模糊,但威仪如山岳,气势如星空。 Generally speaking, the normal war ceremony, is lowered god's bestowal by God of War Ares. 一般来说,正常的战争典礼,都是由战神阿瑞斯降下神赐 Until this time, many talents awakened suddenly. 直到这时候,许多人才突然醒悟。 Everyone custom called Athena is Goddess of Wisdom, but in fact, her theonym full title was Goddess of Wisdom and War Athena. 大家都习惯称呼雅典娜智慧女神,但实际上,她的神名全称是智慧与战争女神雅典娜 Athena grasps Divine Right of War incessantly, God of Battle Ares, similarly grasps Divine Right of War, even Godking Zeus also grasps Divine Right of War. 不止雅典娜掌握战争神权,战斗之神阿瑞斯,同样掌握战争神权,甚至连神王宙斯也掌握战争神权 Huge brilliance Athena lifts the right hand slowly, but brilliance Battle Spear in right hand contracts suddenly, condensation is a light ball. 巨大的光辉雅典娜缓缓抬起右手,而右手中的光辉战矛急剧收缩,凝聚为一个光球。 Glorious Athena turns the head slowly. 光辉雅典娜徐徐转头。 No one can be clear her facial features, but everyone felt, great Goddess is gazing at oneself. 没有人能清她的面容,但所有人都感觉,伟大的女神在注视自己 Almost all person humbly low heads. 几乎所有人都谦卑地低下头颅。 Only then Suye is staring earnestly, wants to have a look at Athena to be long what appearance. 只有苏业认真盯着,想要看看雅典娜到底长什么样子。 Glorious Athena seemed selected under one gently, later, the light ball of palm flew from the horizon, has drawn an arc, getting smaller, whiz sneaked in the body of Suye finally. 光辉雅典娜好似轻轻点了一下头,随后,掌心的光球从天际飞来,划过一道弧线,越来越小,最后嗖地钻进苏业的身体。 Meanwhile, everyone hears the endless slogan and weapon crash sound and horse's hoof to tread the earthquake sounds, the mail-armor and helmet fricative and flame combustion sound...... 与此同时,所有人听到无尽的呐喊声、兵器相撞声、马蹄踏地声、甲胄摩擦声、火焰燃烧声…… Everyone as if saw, the Suye surroundings change into the infinite battlefield, but Suye, stands on the hills of trillion corpse stacks, leans on the sword to stand upright. 所有人仿佛看到,苏业周围化为无限战场,而苏业,站立在亿万尸体堆积的小山上,拄剑挺立。 Only winner. 唯一胜者。 The Suye whole body appears one strange weapon, is all over the body transparent, transferred slowly regarding him, takes back in his body completely. 苏业周身浮现一把把奇异的兵器,通体透明,围绕着他缓缓转了一圈,全部收回他的身体之中。 Everyone winked normally a eye, Suye recovery. 所有人眨了一下眼,苏业恢复了正常。 Goddess of Wisdom Temple Priest are dumbfounded. 智慧女神殿祭司们目瞪口呆。 Priest are dumbfounded. 祭司们目瞪口呆。 Minority Aristocrat's high rank warrior magician are dumbfounded. 少数贵族的高阶战士魔法师目瞪口呆。 Battlefield control, the strength of domain. 战场主宰,领域之力。 Will Athena grant Suye this strength? 雅典娜怎么会赐予苏业这种力量? Thought Suye the strength of domain are not enough? 是觉得苏业的领域之力还不够多吗? The battlefield control, is one of strengths Divine Right of War gives. 战场主宰,是战争神权赋予的力量之一。 Generally speaking, only then in War of the Gods, Priest sets up the Athena Goddess statue in the battlefield, will form the battlefield to control this domain. 一般来说,只有在神战的时候,祭司们在战场上树立雅典娜女神的雕像,才会形成战场主宰这个领域。 Even if extremely high-level Dependents, is very difficult to obtain this god's bestowal. 哪怕是极为高级神眷者,也很难得到这个这种神赐 Experienced Magicians of war of Thermopylae to envy to cry. 经历过温泉关之战的魔法师们羡慕哭了。 Suye servant on, these steel Treant is abnormal, now adds on the battlefield control, was needless saying that these steel Treant each one will turn into steel Treant Berserker! 苏业仆从本来就强,那些钢铁树人更是变态,现在又加上战场主宰,不用说了,那些钢铁树人个个会变成钢铁树人狂战士 If by some chance Suye also has the metal element bloodlines, the metal soldier or the metal combat general domain, or is the metal battlefield domain, once these with the battlefield control overlay, can be everyone's nightmares. 万一苏业还有金属元素血脉,无论是金属士兵或金属战将领域,或者是金属战场领域,这些一旦和战场主宰叠加,会是所有人的噩梦。 A person like army. 一人如一军。 These high rank Priest looked mutually. 那些高阶祭司相互看了看。 Others do not know, they know, the battlefield control is the Divine Right additional strength, before Demi-God, can only be called the domain, or god's bestowal domain. 别人不知道,他们知道,战场主宰是神权附加的力量,在半神之前,只能叫做领域,或者神赐领域。 But once Suye promotes Demi-God, that battlefield control will be promoted to the true Divine Right domain directly, is called the god territory. 可一旦苏业晋升半神,那战场主宰会直接晋升为真真正正的神权领域,简称神域。 Has the exactly the same god territory with God! 神灵拥有一模一样的神域! Later Suye all with summon or the servant related magic school, will obtain the obvious enhancement additionally. 以后苏业所有跟召唤物或仆从有关的魔法流派,都会额外得到明显的增强。 Moreover, Suye as the battlefield control, in all strengths the controls to domain range will also obtain the enormous enhancement. 不仅如此,苏业身为战场主宰,对领域范围内的一切力量的掌控也会得到极大的增强。 „The present is six points, later the automatic promotion will be seven points...... Suye will calculate this god's bestowal value with the own way probably silently. “现在是六环,以后大概会自动晋升为七环……”苏业自己的方式默默计算这次神赐的价值。 sky is suddenly brighter. 天空突然更加明亮。 The people look up, sees brilliance Athena to disintegrate suddenly, the dense and numerous luminous spots to fly in all directions, flies to Greece. 众人抬头一看,就见光辉雅典娜突然解体,密密麻麻的光点向四面八方飞去,飞向希腊各地。 Massive luminous spots same fall like the rain on the God's Temple big square, falls to the crowd. 大量的光点如雨一样落在神殿大广场,落向人群。 Everyone hurried loud pray, is excited. 所有人急忙大声祈祷,心情激动。 Suye low voice whisper: Entire world most beautiful Goddess, grants me the strength......” 苏业小声嘀咕:“全世界最美丽的女神,赐予我力量吧……” Nearby the dense and numerous luminous spots swamp into everyone's body. 密密麻麻的光点涌入附近所有人的身体。 Some person body are fragmentary, some people body are extremely numerous. 有的人身上只有零星一点,有的人身上极多。 But the luminous spot of Suye top of the head just like the white light waterfall, waters the whole body. 苏业头顶的光点宛如白光瀑布,浇灌全身。 Even in the Chief High Priest Benne Gera's eyes is flashing envying. 首席大祭司贝恩戈拉的眼中都闪动着羡慕。 Plato Academy mage see this, in the heart sighs secretly, brilliance god's bestowal made a Suye person occupy, Suye realm, could not suppress. 柏拉图学院法师们看到这一幕,心中暗叹,光辉神赐都让苏业一个人占了,苏业境界,又压不住了。 Athens City. 雅典城 The rich luminous spot appears suddenly, as if the great river falls in torrents under. 浓郁的光点自天而降,仿佛大江倾泻而下。 Here brilliance, is next to holy city Delphi unexpectedly. 这里的光辉,竟然仅次于圣城得尔斐 The place that especially City Square is , the rich degree of Saint light even surpassed the Delphi God's Temple square, only weak in the Suye surrounding brilliance. 尤其是市政广场所在的地方,圣光的浓郁程度甚至超过了得尔斐神殿广场,仅弱于苏业周围的光辉。 Numerous Plato students bathe in the Saint light, praised Athena loudly. 众多柏拉图的学生沐浴在圣光之中,高声赞美雅典娜 In Athens City, warrior or magician sudden when good luck comes the wits are sharpened , to promote level. 雅典城中,一个又一个战士魔法师突然福至心灵,晋升位阶。 sky outside Delphi city. 得尔斐城外的天空 A God's Temple carriage hidden mark in cloud layer. 一辆神殿马车隐迹在云层中。 On the carriage, even the big adjudicators in Goddess of Vengeance palace stand, lowers the head the pray. 马车上,连复仇女神殿的大裁决者都站起来,低头祈祷。 Including André , everyone is reverent, closes one's eyes, prepares to accept Goddess of Wisdom's god's bestowal. 包括安德列在,每个人都非常虔诚,闭着眼,准备接受智慧女神的神赐 The innumerable luminous spots passed over gently and swiftly side them. 无数光点掠过他们身边。 Soon, the luminous spot flies the distant place, the people doubts on God's Temple carriage is on the rise puzzled, opens eyes. 不多时,光点飞到远处,神殿马车上的众人疑惑不解地抬起头,睁开眼。 Heard after brilliance god's bestowal, the body of everyone as if soaks in the hot spring, why hadn't I felt?” André said the question in heart, then spread out the hand, sought for the change carefully. “听说得到光辉神赐后,每个人的身体都仿佛浸泡在温泉中,为什么我没有感觉?”安德列说出心中的疑问,然后摊开手,仔细寻找变化。 I had not felt.” “我也没有感觉。” Possibly is brilliance god's bestowal that we obtain are too few, therefore has not felt.” “可能是我们得到的光辉神赐太少,所以没感觉吧。” Has the possibility......” “有可能……” They are looking below God's Temple big square reluctantly. 他们无奈地望着下方的神殿大广场。 In the big square, almost all person whole bodies are warm, like the immersion in the warm hot spring, on the face appears the color of immersing. 大广场上,几乎所有人都全身暖洋洋的,如同浸泡在温暖的温泉中,脸上浮现沉醉之色。 Military officer who the especially those enter the war, even clear feels the old wound unmentionable diseasea to be cured by slowly. 尤其是那些参战的将领,甚至清晰感受到旧伤暗疾被慢慢治愈。 The skin of Suye whole body like thinking of the thin porcelain bottle of magic lamp is the same, is passing the light from inside to outside, by the extremely slow speed recovery normal skin color. 苏业全身的皮肤如同装着魔法灯的薄瓷瓶一样,从内到外透着光,以极慢的速度恢复正常肤色。 The Priest body luminous spot are more than others, but some God's Temple Priest luminous spots are quite few, secret sigh. 祭司身上的光点远比他人多,但有一些神殿祭司光点比较少,暗暗叹息。 God of War Ares Priest, envy is looking at Athena Priest. 战神阿瑞斯祭司们,羡慕地望着雅典娜祭司们。 Arrival of this highest miracle, consumption, not only a strength of Athena person, but is Greece numerous God's Strength. 这种最高神迹的降临,消耗的不只是雅典娜一个人的力量,而是希腊神的力量 The advantage let Athena and her letter/believes people mostly obtains. 好处却大都让雅典娜和她的信民得到了。 Who called Athens to have Suye, who called Sparta one unable with warrior that Suye was on par with. 谁叫雅典出了个苏业,谁叫斯巴达没一个能跟苏业比肩的战士 ...... 呜…… The bugle resounds. 号角响起。 God of War God's Temple Priest spirit rouses immediately. 战神神殿祭司们立刻精神振奋。 Ares god's bestowal came! 阿瑞斯神赐来了! sky emits the endless flames of war in all directions, flaming combustion, world crimson, but sky of Persia direction is especially bright. 天空四面八方冒出无尽战火,熊熊燃烧,天地赤红,而波斯方向的天空格外鲜艳。 Only then above sky is interweaving as before the blue color and Saint white. 只有正上方的天空依旧交织着蓝色与圣白色。 Praised God of Battle Ares!” “赞美战斗之神阿瑞斯!” The people in ground commended. 地面上的众人纷纷称赞。 Many military officers blossom happily, this is fire of miracle rare God of War, close to most high-grade, except for is constructing the nation period, has not appeared again. 许多将领乐开花,这可是少见的战神之火神迹,接近最高等,除了在建邦时期,再也没有出现过。 today can have the fire of God of War, explained that even if were snatched the crest of wave by Athena, Ares is very happy. 今天能有战神之火,说明哪怕被雅典娜抢了风头,阿瑞斯还是很高兴。 Fights God's Temple Priest to relax finally, this means that because of this war, God of War's Strength is also considerably improved. 神殿祭司们终于松了一口气,这意味着,因为这场战争,战神的力量也得到明显的提高。 Above sky, drops one after another flame, has the slight howling sound and air vibration sound, falls on different person body. 天空之上,落下一团又一团火焰,带着细微的呼啸声和空气震动声,落在不同的人身上 Afterward, the fires of massive God of War fly unexpectedly to all directions, flies to Thermopylae, flies to the Greece garrison troops of other places. 随后,大量的战神之火竟然飞向四面八方,飞向温泉关,飞向其他地方的希腊守军。 Dense and numerous, tens of thousands of! 密密麻麻,数以万计! These combatant has not regretted suddenly, this time God of War god's bestowal scale was too big! 那些未参战的人突然后悔起来,这次的战神神赐规模太大了! If we had known enters the war such big opportunity to obtain the fire of God of War, should follow Suye to pick up a bargain. 早知道参战有这么大的机会获得战神之火,就应该跟着苏业捡便宜。 Miltiades nearby military officer and warrior, almost everyone obtain the fire of God of War, the military officers compared with allied armies headquarters are many. 米泰亚德附近的将领和战士,几乎人人都获得战神之火,远比联军总部的将领们多。 Soon, sky still combustion, but no longer has a day of fire to fall. 不多时,天空依然燃烧,但不再有天火落下。 The day fire in all directions starts to draw, finally condensation becomes one far to exceed all day of hot fireballs, appears suddenly, the vast momentum, startled day thing, falls on Suye body. 四面八方的天火开始收拢,最后凝聚成一颗远超所有天火的火球,自天而降,声势浩大,惊天东西,落在苏业身上 Bang...... 轰…… The Suye whole person was lit by the flaming flame, the flame overspreads a surrounding area more than ten meters ground, on the flame straight more than ten meters. 苏业整个人都被熊熊火焰点燃,火焰铺满方圆十几米的地面,火光直上十几米。 In the crimson color giant flame, the Suye shadow is partly visible. 赤红色的巨大火焰中,苏业的黑影若隐若现。 In Devil just like flame. 宛如火焰中的魔鬼 Really Hell king of. 真-地狱之王。 The audience envy the envy to hate again, looked that this battle formation is not ordinary. 全场再度羡慕嫉妒恨,看这阵势就不一般。 Meanwhile, many people are also full of the admiration to Ares, worthily is God of War, even if hostile Pantheon big merit, God of War has not deliberately turned on the water only gives slightly rewards. 同时,许多人也对阿瑞斯充满敬佩,不愧是战神,哪怕是敌对神系的大功劳者,战神也没有刻意放水只给小赏赐。 Burnt some little time, all flame draw, finally, attaches in Suye body, changes into the translucent red whole body armor, as if magic games armor protects Suye equally all-around. 烧了好一会儿,所有的的火焰收拢,最后,附着在苏业身上,化为半透明的红色全身铠甲,仿佛魔法铠一样全方位保护苏业 The dragon shape helmet is covering the Suye helmet, two shoulder dragon Zhaozhua grasp, in the chests and bellies dragon surface is fierce, Suye as if wears the Red Dragon armor, the contour healthy great, far ultra all warrior on the scene. 龙形头盔覆盖着苏业头盔,两肩龙爪抓握,胸腹间龙面狰狞,苏业仿佛身穿红龙铠甲,外形之健伟,远超在场的所有战士 warrior looked dull. 战士们看呆了。 Ares this time gives compared with whom with Athena? 阿瑞斯这次是跟雅典娜比谁给的好吗? Yes, this domain strength cannot be assigned away from the capital, but is actually the warrior long-awaited god's bestowal domain. 是,这种领域力量是不能外放,但却是战士们梦寐以求的神赐领域。 Guards the Divine Right ability, the faith fights the armor. 守卫神权的能力,信念战铠。 The ordinary faith fights the armor to construct by divine power, but this set of faith fights the armor obviously is the element constitution, stimulates to movement by the Suye oneself strength. 普通的信念战铠由神力构建,但这套信念战铠明显是元素构成,由苏业自己力量催动。 Moreover, the faith fights the defensive power of armor, by the faith and carrying/sustaining of everyone the faith influence of others 's. 不仅如此,信念战铠的防护力,也受每个人的信念和承载的他人的信念影响。 magician spirit power originally on most warrior, but Suye is Hero that entire Greek admires, this set of faith fights the might of armor, feared that is unquantifiable. 魔法师精神力本来就强于绝大多数战士,而苏业又是全希腊人景仰的英雄,这套信念战铠的威力,怕是难以估量。 warrior a little despair. 战士们有点绝望 Later to Suye, how this also to hit? 以后对上苏业,这还怎么打? This set of faith fights on the armor to have the strength of oneself contribution! 这套信念战铠上都有自己贡献的力量! The warrior hidden bitterness looks at Suye. 战士们幽怨地看着苏业
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