WDDE :: Volume #9

#862: Ji Xiuning is pregnant! To Sub-King Level!

Yun Ee Clan, at this time is the place of without owner. 云厄族,此时已经是无主之地。 Princess Di Nie goes north, Princess Naxue goes south, marches, seizes! 帝涅公主北上,娜血公主南下,一路行军,占领! Especially Princess Naxue, in the Rakshasa Clan domain, she started to receive to blow all Demon Warrior level above martial artist, then transforms into Vampire Demon Clan completely. 尤其是娜血公主,在罗刹族领域,她就已经开始收刮一切魔武士级以上的武者,然后全部转化成为吸血魔族 Just landed Southern Wild time, she had the Ten Million army. 刚刚登陆南部蛮荒的时候,她只有千万大军。 When goes to battle with Yun Ee Clan time, her military force broke through two Ten Million. Not only so, she officially offered a sacrifice to kill to incur, that was Vampire Demon Clan gets online with the winding signs harsh Spiritual Contact. Especially higher Vampire Demon Clan, but must pour into the fearful energy contract. 等到出征云厄族的时候,她的军力已经突破两千万。不只如此,她正式祭出了杀招,那就是吸血魔族上线和下线之间签订苛刻的精神契约。尤其是高等吸血魔族,还要注入可怕的能量契约。 Then, Vampire Demon Clan gets online can decide the life and death of winding. Although cannot control the will, can actually decide the life and death. 如此一来,吸血魔族上线可以决定下线之生死。虽然不能控制意志,却可以决定生死。 Naturally, in Northern Wild, Motuo Great Emperor already did this. 当然,在北部蛮荒,魔陀大帝早就这样做了。 Di Ming just entered Southern Wild time, to gather enough many Demon Saint level Venerable, therefore slackened this request, gives the body of Vampire Demon Clan Undying merely, has not actually joined Spiritual Contact and energy contract. 帝瞑刚刚进入南部蛮荒的时候,为了招揽足够多的魔圣级尊者,所以放松了这一要求,仅仅给予吸血魔族不死之躯,却没有加入精神契约和能量契约。 Finally, attacks a Flame Demon City war, the Di Ming drop blood Demon Clan army is in an extremely difficult situation, was just shot down two Demon Saint level Venerable, the remaining all Vampire Demon Clan armies make a getaway, causing the rout of Di Ming to be captured. 结果,攻打炎魔城一战,帝瞑的滴血魔族大军狼狈不堪,刚刚被击落了两名魔圣级尊者,剩下的所有吸血魔族大军就逃之夭夭,导致帝瞑的大败被俘。 Therefore Naxue and Di Ming received all mercy and tolerances, has joined Spiritual Contact and energy contract. Makes Vampire Demon Clan get online can decide that the life and death of winding, the Vampire Demon Clan army does not dare to sneak away at a critical juncture as the matter stands! 所以娜血帝瞑收起了所有的慈悲和宽容,加入了精神契约和能量契约。使得吸血魔族上线可以决定下线之生死,这样一来吸血魔族大军就再也不敢临阵脱逃了! Di Nie and Naxue, are the domineering people, is the discrete person. 帝涅娜血,都是跋扈之人,也都是谨慎之人。 Two armies enter Yun Ee Clan time, threatens completely, gets there first. 两支军队进入云厄族的时候,完全是气势汹汹,兵贵神速。 However, after entering Yun Ee Clan, the speeds of two armies immediately slow. 但是,进入了云厄族之后,两支军队的速度立刻就慢了下来。 Princess Naxue, plunders all Demon Warrior above powerhouses at every place of visit, makes new Bloodsucker Demon Race Legion crazily. But after Princess Di Nie enters Yun Ee Clan, then establishes unceasingly has defense line together. 娜血公主,每到一处就搜刮所有的魔武士以上强者,疯狂地制造新的吸血魔族军团。而帝涅公主进入云厄族之后,则不断地建立一道有一道的防线。 Two armies, a daily 200 li (0.5km) speed advances. 两支大军,一每日200里的速度进行推进。 The time passes day-by-day, Princess Naxue and Princess Di Nie, each Heaven Capital is seizing the Yun Ee Clan land, each Heaven Capital is advancing, every day two armies both are approaching. 时间一天一天地流逝,娜血公主帝涅公主,每一天都在占领云厄族的土地,每一天都在推进,每一天两支军队都在靠近。 Ten days, 20 days, 27 days! 十天,20天,27天! 27 days of time passed by! 27天时间过去了! Princess Naxue seized the Yun Ee Clan north territory, Princess Di Nie has seized the Yun Ee Clan south territory. Both sides both advanced more than 5000 li (0.5km), now finally must bump into. 娜血公主占领了云厄族的北边领土,帝涅公主占领了云厄族的南边领土。双方都推进了5000多里,如今终于要迎面撞上了。 At this time, Princess Naxue is away from the Yun E Imperial City 300 li (0.5km), Princess Di Nie is away from the Yun E Imperial City 200 li (0.5km)! 此时,娜血公主距离云厄王城300里,帝涅公主距离云厄王城200里! The gap of both sides, merely 500 li (0.5km)! 双方的间隔,仅仅500里! Yun E Imperial City, is the both sides final goal. 云厄王城,就是双方最后的目标。 Who has seized Yun E Imperial City, who won the initiative. 谁占领了云厄王城,谁就获得了主动权。 The decisive battle of both sides, is doomed to break out in Yun E Imperial City. 双方的大决战,注定在云厄王城爆发。 ...... …… Cultivation of Lan Ling in Demon Prison mystical place, already entire 380 days, conversion city realistic time, almost 38 days. 兰陵魔狱秘境中的修炼,已经整整380天了,换算城现实时间,也差不多38天了。 His time cultivation to what kind rank? 他此时的修为到了何等级别? Eight Star level Demon Saint! 八星魔圣 Right, he broke through Eight Star level Demon Saint! 没错,他已经突破了八星魔圣了! More than one year of practice in the Demon Prison mystical place, could not with being surrounded by perils to describe, should describe with a narrow escape. 魔狱秘境内一年多的修炼,已经不能用险象环生来形容了,真的应该用九死一生来形容。 First, is ten thousand times of gravity world. 第一层,是万倍的重力世界。 Second, is the fearful severely cold world. 第二层,是可怕的严寒世界。 Third, is the charming prairie world. 第三层,是迷人的草原世界。 Fourth, is the boundless rock magma world. 第四层,是无边的岩浆世界。 Fifth, is the shameless sea world. 第五层,是无忌的海洋世界。 Sixth, is the fearful Underworld edge. 第六层,是可怕的冥界边缘。 Seventh, is the radiant charming light world. 第七层,是璀璨迷人的光世界。 exceed to the following world, is the bad risk. But Lan Ling had just made a connection with the seventh mystical place, broke through Eight Star level Demon Saint. 越到后面的世界,越是凶险。而兰陵刚刚打通了第七层秘境,突破了八星魔圣 Has many plane, many world, have surpassed radically the Lan Ling imagination. 有很多位面,很多世界,根本就超过了兰陵的想象力。 It can be said that if not Crying Crow Sword , Lan Ling died over 100 times. 可以说,如果不是乌啼剑,兰陵已经死了100次以上了。 Naturally, if did not have Crying Crow Sword , the Lan Ling first mystical place not to cross continually. 当然,如果没有乌啼剑,兰陵连第一层秘境都过不了。 This Crying Crow Sword , shows is not astonishing, but is fearful! 这支乌啼剑,展现出来的不是惊人,而是可怕! From the beginning, insertion ground can make invincible energy shield, making Lan Ling astonished. However on third, this point has almost killed Lan Ling. 一开始,插入地面能够制造出无敌的能量罩,让兰陵大为惊愕。但是在第三层,这一点差点就害死了兰陵 When because the energy monster beast to he launches the attack, he is similar to first mystical place such, the Crying Crow Sword insertion ground, prepares to make invincible energy shield. However anything does not have, simply does not have energy shield. 因为当能量妖兽对他发动攻击的时候,他如同第一层秘境里面的那样,将乌啼剑插入地面,准备制造出无敌的能量罩。然而什么都没有,根本没有能量罩 That time, he discarded half life! 那一次,他丢掉了半条命! Crying Crow Sword makes energy shield, must look at the environment. At least in the past eight smelting trial mystical places, except for the first mystical place, Lan Ling one time has successfully not made energy shield. 乌啼剑制造能量罩,也是要看环境的。至少在过去的八层试炼秘境中,除了第一层秘境,兰陵没有一次成功制造过能量罩 Naturally, even if so Crying Crow Sword as before showed the fearful ability. 当然,就算如此乌啼剑依旧表现出了可怕的能力。 The second mystical place, Lan Ling can use Spiritual Manipulation it, represents it is a live sword, has the life sword. 第二层秘境,兰陵可以用精神控制它,代表它是一支活的剑,有生命的剑。 Then, this Crying Crow Sword constantly created the miracle, has renovated the Lan Ling cognition unceasingly. 接下来,这支乌啼剑不断地创造出了奇迹,不断刷新了兰陵的认知。 For example in the sixth Underworld edge, Lan Ling is at wit's end to these soul energies completely. 比如在第六层冥界边缘,兰陵对那些亡灵能量完全无计可施。 Because these souls had died, almost does not dread any energy, except for Lightning Energy . Moreover what is most fearful, it completely with you in different plane. Because in the Underworld edge, therefore you can see these souls, but basic on attack they, even if cannot attack with Hell Lightning , because of them in another plane. 因为这些亡灵已经死过了,几乎不畏惧任何能量,除了电系能量。而且最可怕的是,它完全和你在不同的位面。因为在冥界的边缘,所以你能看得到这些亡灵,但是根本就攻击不到它们,哪怕是用地狱闪电也攻击不到,因为它们在另外一个位面 Is this Crying Crow Sword , has torn knot of Underworld edge, making Lan Ling enter plane of soul, started to slaughter, finally has made a connection with the sixth mystical place. 就是这乌啼剑,撕裂了冥界边缘的结界,让兰陵进入了亡灵的位面,开始大开杀戒,终于打通了第六层秘境。 Again for example the third prairie world, this is Lan Ling is most alarmed, the most terrifying smelting trial. 再比如第三层的草原世界,这是兰陵最触目惊心,最最恐怖的一层试炼。 Because the third mystical place is scenery is most beautiful, was over second, the key has filled full of vitality. 因为第三层秘境是景色最美的,超过了第二层,关键是充满了生机勃勃。 Limitless prairie height fluctuates, sparse big tree, winding rivers, innumerable green grass safflowers. Such scenery, incomparable being enchanted by, only then in the movie, or in the game will appear. 无边无际的草原高低起伏,稀疏的大树,蜿蜒的河流,无数的绿草红花。这样的景色,让人无比之迷醉,真的只有在电影中,或者游戏中才会出现。 However, in this world, is the energy monster beasts, all are the fearful killers. 然而,在这个世界中,一切都是能量妖兽,一切都是可怕的杀手。 The innumerable weeds are the killers, they drill into within the body growth of Lan Ling crazily. 无数的杂草是杀手,它们疯狂钻入兰陵的体内生长。 Innumerable Man-Eater Flower , hundred meters high super big tree, changes the body becomes fierce fearful Treant. 无数的食人花,百米高的超级大树,变身成为凶猛可怕的树人 The winding rivers, fierce earth-shaking transformation body becomes the river system great demon. 蜿蜒的河流,猛地变身成为水系巨魔。 Including has blown gently wind, turned into fearful Wind Demon . 连轻轻刮过的风,都变成了可怕的风魔 The white clouds of space, became the disgusting fierce swallowing evil spirit. 天上的白云,也成为了恶心狰狞的吞噬妖魔。 Finally the sod underground soil, condenses into the black earth evil spirit. 最后草皮地下的泥土,都凝聚成为黑土妖魔。 Although this prairie mystical place, merely on third, memory that but leaves behind to Lan Ling remembers with eternal gratitude. He definitely is unable to imagine, then happy scenery, then the full of vitality green world, turned into the dark hell to be ordinary unexpectedly. 虽然这草原秘境,仅仅只是在第三层,但给兰陵留下的记忆是刻骨铭心的。他完全无法想象,那么美好的景色,那么生机勃勃的绿色世界,竟然变成了黑暗地狱一般。 That pass, Lan Ling is unable to pass, even is unable to kill any energy monster beast. 那一关,兰陵根本就无法通过,甚至无法杀死任何能量妖兽。 Because, these weeds, these several people, these river system great demons, these black earth evil spirit, are the same lives. 因为,这些杂草,这些数人,这些水系巨魔,这些黑土妖魔,都是同命的。 Either kills them completely, so long as there is one to live, gave up any idea of that kills thoroughly. 要么将它们全部杀死,只要有一个活着,就休想彻底杀死其中一个。 In the third prairie world, Lan Ling had 0.0 from the death, 1 seconds. 在第三层草原世界,兰陵距离死亡真的只有0,1秒。 Finally, Crying Crow Sword has saved Lan Ling. 最终,还是乌啼剑拯救了兰陵 Its thorough stealth, let the Lan Ling also thorough stealth while convenient. 它彻底隐身了,顺便让兰陵也彻底隐身了。 Then, all energy monster beasts of entire prairie mystical place stopped the attack, Lan Ling like this had flown the entire prairie mystical place, arrived at the end of third mystical place, arrived at the dark platform. 然后,整个草原秘境的所有能量妖兽停止了攻击,兰陵就这样飞过了整个草原秘境,到达了第三层秘境的尽头,来到了黑暗平台。 In there, he using Crying Crow Sword Invisibility Technique , has killed BOSS of third mystical place, a beautiful unparalleled Huaxianzi, this has made a connection with the third mystical place. 在那里,他又利用乌啼剑隐身术,杀死了第三层秘境的BOSS,一名绝美无双的花仙子,这才算是打通了第三层秘境。 Following fourth, fifth, sixth, the seventh mystical place, although is more dangerous. Moreover here energy monster beast is more formidable fearfully, but was far from third coming to the impression of Lan Ling to be frightened profoundly. 接下来的第四,第五,第六,第七层秘境,虽然更加危险。而且这里的能量妖兽更加强大可怕,但是给兰陵的印象却远远没有第三层来得深刻惊悚了。 From outside time, Lan Ling enters the Demon Prison mystical place the 39 th day, opened the smelting trial of eighth mystical place. 从外面的时间而言,兰陵进入魔狱秘境的第39天,开启了第八层秘境的试炼。 ...... …… After Ji Xiuning enters Flame Demon City, started the almost secluded from the world life. 姬秀宁进入炎魔城之后,就开始了几乎与世隔绝的生活。 Besides Dina, she almost does not contact with anybody, including Yin Ji. 除了狄娜之外,她几乎不和任何人接触,包括尹姬 She every day besides looking after baby Ningren, each Heaven Capital is contemplating. 她每天除了照顾宝宝宁人之外,每天都在冥想。 When he contemplates, child gives the Dina attendance. 当他冥想的时候,孩子就交给狄娜照顾。 Perhaps is because followed Lan Ling, particularly loss of chasties in Lan Ling, making her feel the unusual feeling of guilty, therefore she appears reverent. 或许是因为跟随了兰陵,尤其是失身于兰陵,让她觉得非常的罪恶感,所以她显得更加的虔诚。 From the beginning, her daily pondering diligently, but also is more like new Divine Dragon Temple Saintess by oneself. 一开始,她每天的冥思苦想,还只是让自己更像是一个新神龙圣殿圣女 However, she contemplated gradually unexpectedly, entered the brand-new ideological level. 但是渐渐的,她竟然真的冥想进去了,进入了全新的思想境界。 She enters the time of contemplating to be getting more and more long every day, is getting more and more long, but her more and more buddhist image is also dignified. From the beginning because leads the child, Dina and she also has some common languages, to afterward Dina only thought that she is getting more and more remote. 她每一天进入冥想的时间越来越长,越来越长,而她也越来越宝相庄严。一开始因为带孩子,狄娜和她还有些许的共同语言,到后来狄娜只觉得她越来越遥远。 However this situation in one day was broken! 但是这种情形在有一天被打破了! Because Ji Xiuning discovered that own menstruation has not come! 因为姬秀宁发现,自己的月事没有来! Naturally, she does not have the menstruation in very long time, cut off ****. After being poured into God Demon Springs, all were activated, takes out the child later several months from the belly, she presented the menstruation. 当然,在很长的时间她都是没有月事的,是断绝了****的。被灌入了神魔源泉后,一切都被激活了,从肚子里面取出孩子之后几个月,她出现了月事。 But after Lan Ling left the Divine Dragon Temple laboratory, her menstruation again has not come. 而和兰陵离开了神龙圣殿实验室之后,她的月事再也没有来过。 Should come several days ago normally, the result has not come! 在十几天前按说就应该来了,结果没有来! Then, in she starts to regard her life, has discovered a fearful fact. 然后,她开始内视自己的生命,发现了一个可怕的事实。 She was pregnant! 她又怀孕了! Moreover, this time pregnancy almost does not have any fluctuation of energy. But in her belly small life, fast and healthily is growing. 而且,这一次的怀孕几乎没有任何能量波动。而她肚子里面的小生命,正在快速而又健康地生长着。 Ji Xiuning feels panic-strickenly, with Lan Ling in that Heavenly Grave environment crazy, love-making. However she has made the full preventive measure, basically is impossible to be pregnant, but she was pregnant. 姬秀宁感觉到惊骇,和兰陵在那个天墓的环境内疯狂,颠鸾倒凤。但是她都做了充分的预防措施的,基本上是不可能怀孕的,但她还是怀孕了。 This time, bosom may really be the Lan Ling child. 这一次,怀的可真的是兰陵的孩子。 Ji Xiuning cannot help but felt really one is at a loss intermittently! 姬秀宁真的不由得感觉到一阵阵迷惘! ...... …… The Yun Ee Clan tactical situation had the change. 云厄族的战况发生了改变。 Princess Di Nie did not pass on responsibilities, leading the army to enter Yun E Imperial City, became the defensive side. 帝涅公主当仁不让,率领大军进驻了云厄王城,成为防守方。 But Princess Naxue, then became attacker! 娜血公主,则成为了攻击方! The decisive battle of both sides, formal outbreak! 双方的决战,正式爆发! ...... …… Meanwhile! 与此同时! In the Demon Prison mystical place, Lan Ling passed through entire 140 days, finally makes a connection with the first World Monster Tower eighth mystical place. 魔狱秘境内,兰陵经过了整整140天的时间,终于打通第一座天地妖塔的第八层秘境。 cultivation, broke through Nine Star level Demon Saint officially! 修为,正式突破了九星魔圣 Then, starts to enter the hell smelting trial of ninth mystical place, is this World Monster Tower final level smelting trial. 接下来,开始进入第九层秘境的地狱试炼,也是这一座天地妖塔的最后一层试炼。 So long as has made a connection with this, Lan Ling officially breaks through Sub-King Level! 只要打通了这一层,兰陵就正式突破亚王级 ...... …… Note: First delivers, Bai Qiu supports, does obeisance to ask the monthly ticket, thank you! 注:第一更送上,拜求支持,拜求月票,谢谢大家啊!
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