WDDE :: Volume #8

#799: Laboratory third boss!

Venerable Huo Mo is not willing to believe that in any event Fire Demon Mountain had been destroyed. 火魔尊者无论如何都不肯相信火魔山已经被摧毁了。 Is this possible? 这怎么可能? Not to mention in Fire Demon Mountain has dozens Demon Venerable, over a thousand Demon Ancestor. Guards the entrance is his blood brother, is the Demon Venerable peak. 且不说火魔山里面有几十名魔尊,上千名魔宗。镇守山门的便是他的亲弟弟,已经是魔尊巅峰了。 What is most essential, Fire Demon Mountain is Energy Array so formidable? Takes the energy core by the Fire Demon Mountain endless rock magma directly. 最最关键的是,火魔山能量阵是何等之强大?是直接以火魔山无尽岩浆作为能量核心的。 In order to construct this Energy Array, the Venerable Huo Mo ancestor has paid the big price? How many people died? 为了建设这个能量阵,火魔尊者的祖上付出了多大的代价?死了多少人? Had Fire Demon Mountain Energy Array, was the true security. 有了火魔山能量阵,才算是真正的安全了。 Even if facing Top Level Demon Saint, Fire Demon Mountain Energy Array can also resist. 哪怕是面对顶级魔圣,火魔山能量阵也能够抵御住。 Trivial does Lan Ling possibly have the skill to destroy completely Fire Demon Mountain? 区区兰陵怎么可能有本事灭掉火魔山 Venerable Huo Mo told itself unceasingly, then believes in the heart that all these were the rumors. 火魔尊者不断地告诉自己,然后在心中坚信,这一切都是谣言。 However one day later, they have flown the Fire Demon Mountain sky. 但是一天之后,他们飞到了火魔山的上空。 All obvious, broke Venerable Huo Mo all fantasies. 一切昭然若揭,打破了火魔尊者所有的幻想。 The rock magma has extinguished, coagulated close! 岩浆已经熄灭,接近凝固了! Fire Demon Mountain was not destroyed, but is...... Was cancelled from this world really thoroughly. 火魔山不是被毁灭了,而是……真的彻底被从这个世界抹去了。 Not is only Fire Demon Mountain, mountain ranges within more than 20,000 square kilometers, as if were torn, all were covered by the rock magma. 不仅仅是火魔山,20000多平方公里内的山脉,仿佛都被撕裂了,一切都被岩浆覆盖了。 At this time, could not see the trace that Fire Demon Mountain has really really completely. 此时,已经真的真的完全看不到火魔山存在的痕迹了。 Lan Ling has achieved unexpectedly, cancels from the world Fire Demon Mountain really thoroughly. 兰陵竟然真的做到了,真的把火魔山彻底从世界上抹去。 Moreover at this time sky over the Fire Demon Mountain ruins, at least several thousand people are surrounding. 而且此时火魔山遗址上空,起码有几千人在围观。 They come from each demon flag, from several Great Demon Clan , from Tian Sha Clan, from the Rakshasa King city wait / etc.. 他们来自各个魔旗,来自几大魔族,来自天剎族,来自罗刹王城等等。 All people dumbfoundedly are looking at all these. 所有人都瞠目结舌地望着这一切。 Lan Ling real...... Real his mother flamboyant, said that must cancel from the world you, really cancels. 兰陵真……真他娘的牛逼啊,说要将你从世界上抹去,就真的抹去啊。 Also thinks that Lan Ling did boast? Has not thought that is serious unexpectedly. 还以为兰陵只是吹牛呢?没有想到,竟然是玩真的啊。 His Flame Demon Empire, unexpectedly so such great strength? Such terror? 他的炎魔帝国,竟然如此如此之强大?如此之恐怖吗? Just, he said doesn't destroy completely ten three Chong Luo? What destroys completely is Fire Demon Mountain? 只不过,他说的不是灭掉十三重楼吗?怎么灭掉的是火魔山啊? In this group of bystanders, most conspicuous without a doubt was Tian Sha Clan Princess Di Ning. 在这群围观者中,最最显眼的毫无疑问是天剎族帝凝公主了。 First she is most beautiful, the second her most crazy, 第一她最美丽,第二她最疯癫, „It was good, was too cool, too graceful......” “太牛了,太酷了,太帅了……” Lan Ling is quite great, is quite fierce!” 兰陵好了不起啊,好厉害啊!” Bastard Lan Ling, inexpensive dog Lan Ling, you must destroy Fire Demon Mountain, why does not inform me, will harm me to miss this eternity marvelous sight.” “混蛋兰陵,贱狗兰陵,你要摧毁火魔山,为何不通知我,害得我错过了这个千古奇观。” When extinguishes ten three Chong Luo, I surround immediately.” “什么时候灭十三重楼啊,我立刻去围观。” Words that comes out from the Di Ning small mouth, makes five Great Venerable faces twitch simply unceasingly. 帝凝小嘴里出来的话,简直让五大尊者面孔不断地抽搐。 Although she is the Tian Sha King youngest daughter, but here is the Demon Clan Alliance domain, but nobody wants to arrest to detain her. Because this is the Demon Clan Territory civil war, may be very frigid in the battlefield, however outside the battlefield, is very dignified. 尽管她是天刹王的小女儿,而这里是魔族联盟的地盘,但是没有人想要将她抓捕扣押。因为这是魔族领域的内战,在战场上或许会很惨烈,但是在战场之外,还是非常体面的。 ...... …… Venerable Huo Mo is looking at already Fire Demon Mountain that vanishes thoroughly, is looking at everywhere thick smoke, is looking under limitlessly already the dry rock magma. 火魔尊者望着已经彻底消失的火魔山,望着漫天的浓烟,望着下面无边无际已经干涸的岩浆。 Fire Demon Mountain is his family all Lineage, to arrive at today, how many his ancestor has paid diligently, how many casualties? 火魔山是他家族所有的基业,为了走到今天,他的祖先付出了多少努力,多少伤亡? True several hundred years of Lineage, inherits in his hand from generation to generation, after many years development, finally formidable to acme, became the Rakshasa domain first martial arts influence, made him obtain and Rakshasa King almost shoulder to shoulder status. 真正的几百年基业啊,一代一代传承到他的手中,经过许多年的发展,终于强大到了极致,成为了罗刹领域的第一武道势力,也让他得到了和罗刹王几乎并肩的地位。 But now, all were buried. 而现在,一切都被埋葬了。 Several hundred years of Lineage of fire demon family, unravelled thoroughly. 火魔家族的几百年基业,彻底灰飞烟灭了。 Venerable Huo Mo feels in the chest an intermittent severe pain, becomes Vampire Demon Clan, but immortal Undying brings vanishes joyfully without a trace. 火魔尊者感觉到胸口之内一阵阵剧痛,成为吸血魔族而长生不死带来的喜悦消失得无影无踪。 A formidable energy, batters in within the body, as if uses the knife crazily puncture his five main internal organs (entrails). 一股强大的能量,在体内横冲直撞,仿佛用刀子疯狂地穿刺着他的五脏六腑。 The limitless pain sweeps across the whole body. 无边无际的痛苦席卷全身。 „........................” “啊……啊……啊……啊……” Venerable Huo Mo hissing long roar...... 火魔尊者嘶声长吼…… Because became Vampire Demon Clan, had Indestructible Body, therefore he could not spit the blood. 因为成为了吸血魔族,拥有了不灭之躯,所以他连鲜血都吐不出来了。 But his wife, screamed that miserably long shouted. 而他的妻子,更加凄凉地尖叫长呼。 Regarding Venerable Huo Mo, destroyed merely is only hundred years of Lineage, but regarding her, her daughter, the son, all family members was buried completely, died completely. 对于火魔尊者来说,被摧毁的仅仅只是百年基业,而对于她来说,她的女儿,儿子,所有家人全部都被埋葬了,全部都死了。 Entire Fire Demon Mountain, besides Venerable Huo Mo, wife, Huo Yunmo, died cleanly. 整个火魔山,除了火魔尊者,妻子,火云摩之外,已经死得干干净净了。 This is the retribution, the retribution......” suddenly Huo Yunmo shivers to talk to oneself: When we do not attend to younger sister life, when father when Chong Luo that lunatic eats uncooked the younger sister Huo Feng meat, Fire Demon Mountain should destroy.” “这是报应,报应……”忽然火云摩颤抖自语道:“当我们不顾妹妹死活的时候,当父亲任由重楼那个疯子生吃妹妹火凤的肉时,火魔山就应该毁灭了。” Venerable Huo Mo exclaimed crazily: Disobedient son, you shuts up to me!” 火魔尊者狂吼道:“逆子,你给我闭嘴!” I must say that......” son of first wife Huo Yunmo said: We do obeisance in the Di Ming subordinates become Vampire Demon Clan, this is unimportant. We and Lan Ling are the enemies, this is also normal. We disregarded the younger sister once to come to request reinforcements! However Huo Feng is your biological daughter, when the Chong Luo lunatic shears her meat is roasting eating, you do not say a word, even added must slice, exterminated the human relations, crazed, at that time Fire Demon Mountain does not need in this world. Such place of evil, was buried also well.” “我要说……”嫡子火云摩道:“我们拜在帝瞑麾下成为吸血魔族,这不要紧。我们和兰陵为敌,这也正常。我们无视妹妹曾经前来求援,也可以!但是火凤是您的亲生女儿,当重楼疯子割她的肉烤着吃的时候,你一言不发,甚至还说要分一杯羹的时候,就已经灭绝人伦,丧心病狂,在那个时候火魔山就没有必要存在这个世界上了。这么一个罪恶之地,被埋葬了也好。” The words have not said that a Venerable Huo Mo ear and area around it fan comes fiercely, flies directly the son of first wife Huo Yunmo fan. 话还没有说完,火魔尊者猛地一个耳光扇过来,直接把嫡子火云摩扇飞出去。 This son of first wife is very stodgy, before Flame Demon flag and Heavenly Demon Banner for enemy time, Huo Feng comes Fire Demon Mountain to request reinforcements personally. Huo Yunmo has spoken out from a sense of justice, finally put in disfavor by Venerable Huo Mo. 这位嫡子很迂腐,之前炎魔旗和天魔旗为敌的时候,火凤亲自来火魔山求援。火云摩就仗义执言过,结果被火魔尊者打入冷宫。 Once for sometime, Venerable Huo Mo has sent the eldest son to come out to handle the business, Fire Demon Mountain must trade the feeling of successor to the person. 曾经有一段时间,火魔尊者都一直派长子出来打理事务,给人一种火魔山要换继承人的感觉。 But perhaps is because saw the Rakshasa King pitiful condition, or is the Huo Yunmo as before most loved son, therefore several days ago, Venerable Huo Mo went to ten three Chong Luo to take Huo Yunmo as before. 但或许是因为见到了罗刹王的惨状,又或者是火云摩依旧是最受疼爱的儿子,所以几天之前,火魔尊者前往十三重楼依旧带上了火云摩 Has not thought that this time innermost feelings as before such extremeness. 没有想到,他此时的内心依旧如此之偏激。 Facing a Venerable Huo Mo pitiful condition, other four Great Venerable are really the heart has intimate it. 面对火魔尊者一家的惨状,其余四大尊者真是心有戚戚之。 Although in the heart somewhat takes pleasure in others'misfortunes, moreover to Venerable Huo Mo has the disaffection from early in the morning. But at this time all people were really like grieve for like, today can be one's turn Venerable Huo Mo, tomorrow can be one's turn other people. 尽管心中有些幸灾乐祸,而且对火魔尊者的自大早有不满。但此时所有人真的是兔死狐悲了,今天能够轮到火魔尊者,明日就能够轮到其他人。 But Venerable Chong Lou that before has clamored, thorough peaceful. 而之前一直叫嚣的重楼尊者,也彻底安静了下来。 Suddenly, his does not send wants the round trip to fly. 忽然,他一声不发地就要往回飞。 But in this time , the messenger approaches unceasingly, said toward Rakshasa King: Your majesty, Flame Demon Empire passes on the book!” 而就在此时,又有一个使者不断地靠近,朝着罗刹王道:“陛下,炎魔帝国传书!” Rakshasa King receives. 罗刹王接了过来。 This above handwriting is the block letter, Flame Demon Empire has issued the innumerable shares very much obviously. 这上面的字迹是印刷体,很显然炎魔帝国发出了无数份。 This announced the content that is simple: Flame Demon Empire was destroyed the incident to be responsible to Fire Demon Mountain, and will hold the release conference three days later in the Rakshasa King city, formal notice this matter! 这份公告上的内容非常简单:炎魔帝国火魔山被摧毁一事负责,并且将于三天之后在罗刹王城召开发布会,正式通告此事! Here presented a brand-new glossary, the release conference. 在这里出现了一个全新的词汇,发布会。 Although everybody has not seen this word, but can also think is any meaning. 虽然大家没有见过这个词,但是也能够想得出来是什么意思。 Venerable Huo Mo rips this circular suddenly crushes, then hissing exclaimed: Lan Ling, you will encounter scourge, you will encounter the day to dispatch!” 火魔尊者忽然将这份通告撕得粉碎,然后嘶吼道:“兰陵,你会遭到天谴的,你会遭到天遣的!” ...... …… This time Lan Ling, Small Rakshasa King Tang Ren, the Misfortune Goddess Shui Hongshao former home grounds revisit, came to the Divine Dragon Temple abandoning laboratory again. 此时的兰陵,小罗刹王唐人,厄运神女水红勺再一次故地重游,来到了神龙圣殿的废弃实验室。 Under the direction of Shui Hongshao, dismantles completely here innumerable Crystal Stone and Energy Array carrier. 水红勺的指点下,将这里无数晶石能量阵载体全部拆解下来。 Misfortune Goddess Shui Hongshao talked, Lan Ling and Tang Ren, when the coolie began. Almost all Crystal Stone of second secret experiment room, all secret metals, all Energy Array parts has opened completely. 厄运神女水红勺动口,兰陵唐人当苦力动手。几乎将第二层秘密试验室的所有晶石,所有秘密金属,所有能量阵的部件全部拆了下来。 Has opened for day, various Crystal Stone that opens, the energy body has over ten thousand jin (0.5 kg). 足足拆了一天,拆下来的各种晶石,能量体足足有上万斤。 Sufficed?” Lan Ling asked. “够了吗?”兰陵问道。 Misfortune Goddess Shui Hongshao closes the eye, starts to calculate. 厄运神女水红勺闭上眼睛,开始计算。 We not only need a carrier to condense the energy attacks of more than 10,000 Death Warrior, but must construct huge Energy Array, the air under this Energy Array must become the energy medium, this can the energy attack conduction of more than 10,000 Death Warrior above the carrier.” Misfortune Goddess said. “我们不仅仅需要一个载体来凝聚10000多名死亡武士的能量攻击,还要构建一个巨大的能量阵,在这个能量阵下的空气都要成为能量介质,这样才能把10000多名死亡武士的能量攻击传导在载体之上。”厄运神女道。 Lan Ling said: Using the Demon King Jing Zi Spirit domain not?” 兰陵道:“利用镜子魔王精神领域不可以吗?” Misfortune Goddess Shui Hongshao said: Naturally, its Spiritual Force domain has not covered entire Flame Demon City, but that is Spiritual Force, but is not other energies.” 厄运神女水红勺道:“当然不可以,它的精神力领域笼罩了整个炎魔城,但那是精神力,而不是其他能量。” Lan Ling said: You told me, how many materials but also needed?” 兰陵道:“你就告诉我,还需要多少材料?” Misfortune Goddess said: „Do you want to install this Inferno Condensing Demon Great Formation to several cities?” 厄运神女道:“你想把这个地狱凝魔大阵安装到几个城市?” This issue, has stumped Lan Ling directly. 这个问题,直接问倒了兰陵 He only planned certainly that installed Flame Demon City Inferno Condensing Demonic Formation, but entire Flame Demon Empire had five super big cities. 他当然是只打算将地狱凝魔阵安装到炎魔城了,但是整个炎魔帝国却有五个超级大城。 But the enemy can attack Flame Demon City, can attack other big cities. 而敌人可以攻打炎魔城,也可以攻打其他大城。 According to the plan of Lan Ling, wants to preserve Flame Demon City this foundation. As for other big cities, he planned that deters with Doomsday Device, wants to reach an agreement with the enemy, in the war cannot injure the common people absolutely, otherwise Lan Ling will use again Doomsday Device. 按照兰陵的打算,是想保住炎魔城这个根基。至于其他大城,他打算用末日杀器进行威慑,想要和敌人达成一个协议,大战中绝对不许伤害平民,否则兰陵会再一次动用末日杀器 This agreement can certainly be signed, but also is very difficult to prevent the enemy to attack and occupy Lan Ling other cities. 这个协议当然是可以签订的,但是却也很难阻止敌人去攻占兰陵的其他城市。 Now, Misfortune Goddess actually said that can install several false Inferno Condensing Demon Great Formation . 现在,厄运神女竟然说可以安装几个伪地狱凝魔大阵 Naturally, 12,000 Death Warrior are very difficult to disperse to several cities deploys troops for defense. But, these Death Warrior can move freely. Five Flame Demon Empire five big cities install false Inferno Condensing Demon Great Formation , that was equal to having very big security. 当然,12000名死亡武士很难分散到几个城市布防。可是,这些死亡武士可以自由移动的。五个炎魔帝国的五大城市都安装上伪地狱凝魔大阵,那就等于有了很大的安全保障。 If can install five cities?” Lan Ling said. “如果要安装五个城市呢?”兰陵道。 Misfortune Goddess Shui Hongshao said: That needs five times of present these materials.” 厄运神女水红勺道:“那就需要五倍眼前的这些材料。” Lan Ling said: But, here had been evacuated.” 兰陵道:“但是,这里已经被搬空了。” Misfortune Goddess said: That goes to the third secret laboratory.” 厄运神女道:“那就去第三层秘密实验室。” Lan Ling said: Third?” 兰陵道:“第三层?” He has thought that the secret laboratory of this abandoning only then two do , have third? 他一直以为,这个废弃的秘密实验室只有两层的,难道还有第三层? This second Corpse Ghost Peerless, is a super great person. 这第二层的尸鬼绝世,已经是一个超级大人物了。 In order to guard him, Divine Dragon Temple even sent out Shui Hongshao such candidate Sky Chief Judge to make Heavenly Grave Priest, you such flamboyant Boss detained on second, what person that third will be detaining? 为了看守他,神龙圣殿甚至派出了水红勺这样的候补天空裁判长来做天墓祭师,你这么牛逼的Boss才关押在第二层,那第三层会关押着什么人啊? What is most essential, hasn't here seen the entrance of third secret laboratory? 最关键的是,这里没有见到第三层秘密实验室的入口啊? Lan Ling said: In your memory, can have the data of third laboratory?” 兰陵道:“你的记忆中,可还有第三层实验室的数据吗?” Misfortune Goddess Shui Hongshao shakes the head, all memory about Heavenly Grave Priest Shui Hongshao had been cleaned completely cleanly. 厄运神女水红勺摇头,所有关于天墓祭师水红勺记忆已经全部被清洗得干干净净了。 She starts to search in all directions, seeks for the entrance of third secret laboratory. 她开始四处搜索,寻找第三层秘密实验室的入口。 ...... …… At this time, second of secret laboratory had been opened cleanly, the disciple has four walls, wall by Crystal Stone body of Land of Falling energy affect. 此时,秘密实验室的第二层已经被拆得干干净净了,徒有四壁而已,墙壁都是受陨落之地能量波及的晶石体。 Is everywhere empty, could not find the third secret laboratory entrance completely. 到处都是空空荡荡的,完全找不到第三层秘密实验室入口。 Small Rakshasa King Tang Ren walks in a corner, suddenly said: Here space, has been short of one.” 小罗刹王唐人走在一个角落,忽然道:“这里的空间,少了一块。” Lan Ling and Misfortune Goddess Shui Hongshao walks, starts to measure the second secret laboratory. 兰陵厄运神女水红勺走过去,开始丈量第二层秘密实验室。 Really, according to the survey of Spiritual Force, here space is 10,000 cubic meters. But the field of vision survey has 9993 cubic meters merely. 果然,根据精神力的探测,这里的空间是10000立方米。而视野测量却仅仅只有9993立方米。 This difference is very slight, under the normal situation is unable to perceive. 这个差别是非常非常细微的,正常情形下根本无法觉察出来。 Very obviously, here had 7 cubic meters space to be hidden, was stolen away another plane. 很显然,这里有7立方米的空间被隐藏了起来,被偷走到另外一个位面去了。 Misfortune Goddess Shui Hongshao went forward, has located this hidden space, then released the energy light beam to describe this hideaway space. 厄运神女水红勺上前,定位了这个被隐藏的空间,然后释放出能量光束将这个隐藏空间描绘出来。 Lan Ling has put out a hand, completely empty. 兰陵伸过手去,空空如也。 Since this space were hidden, the fold in another plane, here is unable to touch. 这个空间既然被隐藏起来了,就折叠在另外一个位面内,在这里是无法触及的。 This is a bad news, represents Sky Temple even to have the folding space, hides the space the ability. 这又是一个坏消息啊,代表着天空圣殿甚至有折叠空间,隐藏空间的能力。 Its great strength, has gone beyond the expectation of Lan Ling. 它的强大,又超出了兰陵的预料。 Misfortune Goddess Shui Hongshao takes out a jar, inside is Dark Energy that Starry Sky Demonic Force Meteorite refines. 厄运神女水红勺取出一个瓶子,里面是星空魔力陨石提炼出来的黑暗能量 She uses the white hands to operate Dark Energy, aims at this hideaway space the position, hits fiercely! 她用玉手操纵黑暗能量,对准这个隐藏空间的位置,猛地撞击! Dark Energy can swallow all, destroys all, including hideaway space. 黑暗能量能够吞噬一切,摧毁一切,包括隐藏的空间。 Instantaneous, this hideaway space presented one square meter gap. 瞬间,这个隐藏空间出现了个一平方米的缺口。 Really, this hideaway space the entrance to third secret laboratory, is one energy light, enters the second entrance to be similar to first. 果然,这个隐藏空间是通往第三层秘密实验室的入口,是一个能量光阵,与第一层进入第二层的入口相似。 Misfortune Goddess Shui Hongshao walked. 厄运神女水红勺走了进去。 A ray has strafed her body, fixes in her brain territory. 一道光芒扫射过她的躯体,固定在她的脑域。 About after several seconds, all return to the original condition, without any sound. 大约几秒钟后,一切恢复原状,没有任何动静。 Misfortune Goddess Shui Hongshao said: My jurisdiction is insufficient.” 厄运神女水红勺道:“我的权限不够。” Lan Ling was amazed immediately, Misfortune Goddess Shui Hongshao is equal to being on the waiting list the Sky Priest status, is Divine Dragon Temple Disguiser. Is insufficient including her jurisdiction, in that third secret experiment room detains who is? 兰陵顿时惊诧了,厄运神女水红勺可是相当于候补天空祭师的地位,可是神龙圣殿伪装者。连她的权限都不够,那第三层秘密实验室内关押的到底是谁啊? Deeply inspires, Lan Ling has walked into energy light, the entrance of third secret laboratory. 深深吸一口气,兰陵走入了能量光阵,第三层秘密实验室的入口。 A ray strafes. 一阵光芒扫射过来。 Lan Ling feels own brain territory as if vacant. 兰陵感觉到自己的脑域仿佛一片茫然。 This entrance energy light direct color deterioration, turned into the green from the red. 紧接着,这个入口能量光阵直接变色,从红色变成了绿色。 Adopted the jurisdiction unexpectedly again, Lan Ling Golden Bloodline really has also gone against heaven's will, can adopt the maximum jurisdiction of this secret laboratory unexpectedly. 竟然再一次通过了权限,兰陵黄金血脉还真是逆天啊,竟然可以通过这个秘密实验室的最高权限。 Misfortune Goddess Shui Hongshao and Tang Ren enter this entrance with the quickest speed, three people in this narrow space, a little pushed slightly. 厄运神女水红勺唐人用最快速度进入这个入口,三个人在这个狭窄的空间内,稍稍有点挤了。 Whiz......” “嗖……” Feeling of another space and time shuttle. 又一阵时空穿梭的感觉。 Just, these time non- was eternal, as if shuttled back and forth many space plane. 只不过,这一次就非常久了,仿佛穿梭了许多空间位面 In Lan Ling entire brain territory, instantaneous complete blank. 兰陵的整个脑域内,瞬间全部空白。 Has not known how long, three people regained the consciousness. 不知道过了多久,三个人恢复了知觉。 Has placed oneself in a very strange space, here was the third secret laboratory. 已经置身于一个非常陌生的空间了,这里就是第三层秘密实验室了。 Under the dark ray, this laboratory is completely empty. 幽暗的光线下,这一层实验室空空如也。 One coffin in the midpoint of laboratory table, this should be similar to the Heavenly Grave crystal coffin. 只有一具棺材在实验室桌子的正中央,这应该是类似于天墓的水晶棺材。 In the coffin, lies down a whole body to be naked...... Men. 棺材里面,躺着一个浑身赤露的……男人。 Delicate and pretty incomparable, the whole body is similar to the high integrity carves. 俊美无匹,浑身如同寒玉雕琢。 The key is, Lan Ling actually thought that he has little looking familiar, but Small Rakshasa King Tang Ren thought that he looks familiar. 关键是,兰陵竟然觉得他有一点点眼熟,而小罗刹王唐人则觉得他更加眼熟。 Immediately, two people have looked at each other one, has exchanged answer in the heart, has exchanged the shocking expression instantaneously. 顿时,两个人对视了一眼,交换了一下心中的答案,瞬间交换了一下震惊的表情。 Has not thought that this secret laboratory third detaining unexpectedly is...... He. 怎么也没有想到,这个秘密实验室第三层关押的竟然是……他。 Moreover, he and Corpse Ghost Peerless is not a person of age. 而且,他和尸鬼绝世不是一个年代的人啊。 Corpse Ghost Peerless is 390 years ago was closed, but at present this person, should be sixty years ago missing. 尸鬼绝世是390年前被关进来的,而眼前这个人,应该是六十几年前失踪的啊。 Who is this person? 这人是谁? He is the Lan Ling pioneer, for several hundred years the Demon Clan Territory first powerhouse, less than 40 years old defeats the world not to have the rival. 他算是兰陵的先驱,几百年来魔族领域第一强者,不到40岁就打败天下无敌手。 Has defeated Queen Demoness Country, has defeated the Tian Sha late king. 打败了魔女国女王,打败了天刹先王。 But he is missing, similar about 80 years old. 而他失踪的时候,差不多80岁左右。 Was conceivable, then he so is formidable? All people think that he died, has not thought that he was imprisoned unexpectedly here. 可以想象,当时的他是何等何等之强大?所有人都以为他已经死了,没有想到他竟然被囚禁在这里。 ...... …… Note: Second delivers, Bai Qiu supports, does obeisance to ask the monthly ticket, thank you! 注:第二更送上,拜求支持,拜求月票,谢谢大家!
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