UPOH :: Volume #3

#422: Heavenly King love history 【On】 【Is Alliance Lord hundred looks to become a ghost!】

Because in the cave, each dozen minutes, will have had to send out food of intense fragrance to fly, these not only have the nutrition, but also wants delicious many dozens times of over a hundred times compared with the similar corpse, the wolf numerous have given birth to the heart of hating to leave the stable obviously, is unwilling to go...... 因为山洞中,每过十几分钟,就会有一些散发着强烈香味的食物飞出来,那些不仅有营养,而且比同类的尸体要好吃的多几十倍上百倍,狼众显然已经生出恋栈之心,不甘就去…… Obviously, that is that two female throws. 很显然,那是那两个女子扔出来的。 They are raising the wolf, does not make the pack of wolves walk, is informed and experienced with the aid of the pack of wolves. 她们在养狼,不让狼群走,借助狼群历练。 However although You Dongtian appreciates, had actually also known the fate of this two female. 但是游东天虽然赞赏,却也已经知道了这两个女子的下场。 Continuously for a long time hence, cannot consume the pack of wolves absolutely. 长此以往,是绝对耗不过狼群的。 Within a half hour, the two female to/clashes again, with pack of wolves postscript war. 半小时之后,两个女子再次冲出来,与狼群再启大战。 On two females the scar completely had all restored, the high rank martial artist physical body restored the speed to be extremely quick, the wound of let alone intentionally receiving, natural recovery strange Su. 两女身上伤痕已经尽皆恢复了,高阶武者的肉体本就恢复速度极快,更何况还是故意受的伤,自然恢复奇速。 Two female this time is still worried several by the pack of wolves that came up to be caught off guard probably, the blood spattered in all directions flows out, smell of blood all of a sudden dissipation...... 两女这一次依然是一上来就好像是措手不及的被狼群撕咬了几下,鲜血迸溅流出,血腥味一下子散逸了出去…… Immediately inspired more wolf numerous to throw. 登时引动更多的狼众扑了过来。 Two females started round to engage in fierce battle newly...... 两女又开始了新一轮的鏖战…… Obviously, they by the blood of oneself, create the misconception to the pack of wolves, thinks, so long as tries harder to take again...... 显而易见,她们是以自己的鲜血,给狼群造成错觉,以为只要再加把劲就可以拿下…… But they use this grade of life and death round of environment atmosphere, continually informed and experienced promotes the oneself martial skill adeptly, every little bit whets strives. 而她们则是利用这等生死一发的环境氛围,不断地历练娴熟提升自己的武技,一点一滴的磨砺精进。 But such way, the ruthless vigor, was You Dongtian looked like this, must be flabbergasted...... 而这样的方式,这样的狠劲儿,便是游东天看了,都要为之咂舌…… Even if in the army that group of bravos comes informed and experienced, rarely has to play such ruthlessly ; Let alone two female. 纵使是军队里那帮亡命徒过来历练,也很少有玩得这么狠的;更何况还是两个女子。 Melts the attack of soul wolf to be sharp exceptionally, the speed is faster, the pack of wolves more gathered more, accumulates over thousand gradually, was almost in all directions is the wolf numerous, attacked...... 化魂狼的攻击犀利异常,速度更快,狼群越聚越多,渐次积累到了千头以上,几乎就是四面八方都是狼众,都是攻击…… Under the atmosphere, the situation of two female unavoidably is so getting more and more difficult. 如此氛围之下,两个女子的处境不免越来越艰难。 So trapped/sleepy war several quarters, in a piece of blood flies horizontally, two females retrocede again, turns toward the direction of cave to retreat again ; But around this time mountain cave entrance has several wolves to occupy, forms converging attack the potential of package clip. 如此困战数刻,在一片鲜血横飞中,两女再次后退,又再次向着山洞的方向退去;但这时候的山洞口已经有几头狼占据,形成前后夹击的包夹之势。 Melting soul Wolf King is Profundity Return boundary cultivation base, has the considerable wisdom, was planned by the place advantage one time is the limit, how four wraps, meanwhile will prepare the hand on the arrange/cloth under over and over again early, if two females are damaged seriously if serious, is absolutely impossible to break through this time encircles hold/container clip, is more impossible to re-enter the cave, the recaption benefits. 化魂狼王已经是归玄修为,亦有相当的智慧,被地利算计一次已经是极限,岂会再三再四的中套,此际早早就布下备手,若是两女当真受创严重的话,绝无可能突破此次合围包夹,更不可能重回山洞,取回地利。 But two female stratagems decide, but the rear drive, still held an ample force, You Dongtian looks at the two female helplessly in the final moment, erupts the full power, risks one's life to rout the pack of wolves, is almost leaning on the last strength, finally rushes returns to the cave, escape. 但两女谋定而后动,尚保有一份余力,游东天眼睁睁看着两个女子在最后关头,爆发全力,豁命杀退狼群,几乎倚靠着最后一丝力量,才终于闯回到山洞之中,逃出生天 Then, in the cave starts to have the fragrant flesh lump to fly one after another, was only the component of each meat is very small, scatters in all directions is falling in the giant location, the rich fragrance overflowed 然后,山洞之中又开始有香喷喷的肉块陆陆续续飞出来,只是每一块肉的份量很小,四散着掉落在了巨大的场地,浓香四溢 All has wolf numerous instead times that eats the meat obviously anxious, these were also too small, let alone full belly, even the stops up gap between teeth also...... compares in their developed digesting systems reluctantly, is not worth mentioning simply, but the flavor, was really charming, too seduced, making the wolf want to stop but cannot...... 所有有份吃到肉的狼众反而倍显焦躁,这些也太小了,别说饱腹,连塞牙缝也只是勉强……相比较于它们发达的消化系统,简直不值一提,但是味道,实在是太迷人了,太诱惑了,让狼欲罢不能…… If after a while, two females clash again...... 如是又过了一会儿,两女再次冲出来…… You Dongtian walked quietly. 游东天悄悄地走了。 The two woman is here informed and experienced, is the stratagem decides, but the rear drive, these several rounds engage in fierce battle, including is injured and even moves out intentionally, explained this, had nothing to say. 两个女人在这里历练,乃是谋定而后动,这数轮鏖战,包括故意受伤乃至全身而退,说明了这点,没什么可说的。 A Spirit Controlling peak, Spirit Controlling high rank, the courage no doubt praise worthy, ruthless vigor also makes him appreciate, but was still in the final analysis mediocre, still two...... looks also calculated the attractive ants. 只是一个御神巅峰,一个御神高阶而已,勇气固然可嘉,狠劲儿也让他欣赏,但说到底仍旧不过如此而已,仍旧不过两个……长得还算好看的蝼蚁。 Un, like this. 嗯,也就这样子了。 However a charm appearance...... 但是其中一个的神韵长相…… Let the You Dongtian ten million year invariable heart lake, actually suddenly some ripples...... 游东天千万年不变的心湖,却突然间有些涟漪…… In two days, the heart is thinking that wiped once the familiar charm...... 过了两天,心头想着那一抹似曾熟悉的神韵…… You Dongtian could not bear, after this place, that side battle is still continuing again unexpectedly. 游东天没忍住,再次经过此地,那边战斗居然依然在继续。 Is that two woman informed and experienced? Hasn't rested? 两个女人还在历练?没有休息? You Dongtian passes again quietly...... 游东天再次悄悄过去…… Seeing only two females was still back to back, the whole body was bathed in blood......, but their front wolves, were getting more and more, nearby wolf corpse, was more and more...... 只见两女仍旧是背靠背,浑身浴血……而她们面前的狼群,越来越多了,附近的狼尸,也是越来越多了…… You Dongtian looked at one at will, is under the heart is actually startled slightly. 游东天随意的看了一眼,却是心下微微一惊。 Because of that white clothing female, meanwhile impressively is the Profundity Return boundary? 因为那个白衣女子,此际赫然已经是归玄境了? But that blue clothes female, has promoted to the Spirit Controlling peak, can look, now is in duplicate/restores reduced the true origin stage several times, but does not know that reduced several times...... 而那个蓝衣女子,也已晋升至御神巅峰,看得出来,现在正处于复数次压缩真元的阶段,只是不知道压缩了几次…… Although cultivation base progressed, but with increase of pack of wolves, moreover in the pack of wolves, the obviously several wolves enter the war, several Wolf King in director, fight difficulty compared with before it greatly enhances...... 虽然修为进步了,但随着狼群的增多,而且狼群之中,明显有几只头狼参战,更有几只狼王在指挥,战斗难度比之之前大大提高…… Progress also very quick...... like this, what situation can also insist? How many days can also insist? Does not consider resources bite off more than can chew......” “进步还挺快的嘛……不过这样子,又能坚持到什么地步?还能坚持几天?自不量力啊……” You Dongtian feels the chin. 游东天摸着下巴。 Normally this limit informed and experienced pattern, if can effective encouraging cultivation base, have the considerable reference value, even can consider to promote, although the Sun and Moon Pass soul wolf numerous all around are many, but supplies like this informed and experienced atmosphere one group, at most two groups are the limits, therefore this informed and experienced atmosphere, at least, is is very difficult to duplicate immediately...... 按说这种极限历练模式,若是可以有效的助长修为,倒有相当的参考价值,甚至可以考虑推广,日月关周遭的化魂狼众虽然不少,但供给这样的历练氛围一组,至多两组已经是极限,所以这种历练氛围,至少就当下而言,还是很难复制的…… You Dongtian static standing is void. 游东天静静的站在虚空。 Looks below white clothing female, wields a sword, prances, cuts to kill, the conflict, the look, the stature, the charm......, at the critical moment, is biting the lip of rich and smooth, this familiar movement, that inexplicable familiarity...... 看着下方的白衣女子,挥剑,腾跃,斩杀,冲突,眼神,身材,神韵……以及,每到关键时刻,就咬着丰润的嘴唇,这熟悉的动作,那种莫名的熟悉感…… He raised the head, is staring endless void, in the heart felt suddenly is very lonely. 他抬头,凝望着无尽虚空,心中突然间感觉很孤单。 Grace and talent...... 风华啊…… My at heart why so bitter...... 为什么我的心里这么酸涩…… At the right moment, a Yun Zhonghu round of news comes, making him handle the matter, You Dongtian without demur, turned around to walk, such as his such great person, having one's interest in an old hobby revived upon seeing somebody else doing, stopping to watch is the limit, had much rarely again. 适时,云中虎发消息过来,让他处理事情,游东天二话没说,转身就走了,如他这样的大人物,见猎心喜,驻足观看已经是极限,很难得再有更多了。 Also in two days...... 又过了两天…… You Dongtian passed by again, is really not while convenient, but is curious, wants to have a look at that two women also. 游东天再次路过,真不是顺便,而是心生好奇,想要看看那俩女人还在不在。 Won't be eaten by the pack of wolves? 不会被狼群吃了吧? In You Dongtian heart disturbed, but also somewhat self-ridiculed. 游东天心中忐忑,不过也有些自嘲。 The two small girl...... the looks attractive Xiaoxiao/little ants...... can make me miss unexpectedly...... 两个小丫头……长得好看些的小小蝼蚁……居然能让我挂念…… In the past looked, this two female is still fighting unexpectedly, presently tactical situation even more is just frigid. 过去一看,这两个女子竟然还在战斗,只不过当前的战况愈发惨烈起来。 Wolf King has started to enter the war, waits for the opportunity to act unceasingly. 狼王已经开始参战,不断地伺机而动。 But with the Wolf King entering war, two female injuries are more serious, has been scarred, cut and bruised, but what similarly is obvious, two females seemingly have gone to an exhausted critical point, but this critical point, supporting is progressive! 而随着狼王的入战,两女身上的伤势更重,已经伤痕累累,遍体鳞伤,而同样明显的是,两女貌似已经去到了一个疲惫的临界点,而这种临界点,撑过去就是进步! Even if boundary cannot break through the past, at least in the physical ability with the body potential, can big makes great strides forward one step. 哪怕境界不能突破过去,至少在体能跟身体潜力上,可以大大的迈进一步。 Therefore two female half step do not draw back, instead rousing even more tenaciously. 所以两女半步不退,反而愈发的振奋顽强了起来。 As engages in fierce battle to continue, like stresses the scar with the sharp blade common wolf claw on two female bodies unceasingly, at this time naturally did not have the crevice wrap wound, can only , whatever the blood spatters in all directions with the fight unceasingly. 随着鏖战持续,不断有如同利刃一般的狼爪在两女的身上抓出伤痕,这时候自然没有空隙包扎伤口,只能任由鲜血随着战斗不断迸溅。 Finally, when erupts again, two females again run out of the tight encirclement, returns to the cave, does to rest up slightly. 终于,在再一次爆发之余,两女再度冲出重围,回返山洞,稍做养息。 But You Dongtian knows, two female this broke through a limit! 游东天知道,两女这是突破了一个极限了! But he in in the air, the heart was recalling. 但他愣在空中,心头在回想。 That white clothing female, a move definitely, that look cold severe, that chilly makings disseminate finally certainly suddenly horizontally suddenly...... 那白衣女子,最后绝决的一招,那眼神猛然一横冷厉,那清冷的气质突然弥散…… Let his heart, absent-minded. 让他的心头,恍恍惚惚。 Unexpectedly having a dream feelings...... 竟然有一种做梦的感觉…… In does this world, really have the person who looks like? 这个世上,真的有这么像的人吗? In the hole the talk sound nature is difficult to escape the ear of You Dongtian. 洞中谈话声音自然难逃游东天之耳。 How long......” “多久了……” Almost must have the one and half months.” “差不多得有一个半月了吧。” This one and half months...... are really, value.” A voice of female is very chilly, is combining gratified of Xu Duo/many. “这一个半月……真是,值了。”一个女子的声音很是清冷,混杂着许多的欣慰。 Really very difficult......” another sound. “真的挺难……”另一个声音。 Did not have the means...... my apprentice now the Profundity Return peak...... my talent strength that made master...... really a little lost face.” “没办法……我的徒弟现在都归玄巅峰了……我这个做师傅的才这点实力……实在有点丢人啊。” That chilly sound is smiling bitterly: How to say again, cannot lose face to the oneself apprentice.” 那清冷的声音苦笑着:“再怎么说,不能给自己的徒弟丢脸。” Even if loses face, cannot lose too excessively......” “哪怕是丢脸,也不能丢得太过分……” No wonder you so go all out. Before I come, had you treated the two moon/month in this?” “难怪你如此拼命。在我来之前,你就已经在这待了两个月了吧?” No, before slaughtered before, until front when the army has not fought, I come here.” White clothing female light saying. “没有,之前是在阵前厮杀,直到前方所在部队没有战斗的时候,我才来到这里。”白衣女子淡淡的说道。 Do not have the too tremendous pressure, haven't your four months add, slept ten days of? Happen to now breaks through a limit, you rest well, I first protect the law for night.” “也不要有太大压力,你这四个月加起来,也没有睡上十天的觉吧?正好现在突破了一个极限,你好好休息一下,我先护法一夜。” Good.” “好。” White clothing female not artificial, said that rests to go right to sleep. 白衣女子也没有矫情,说睡倒头就睡。 However 78 seconds, has heard the kitten same snoring sound...... 不过七八秒钟,就已经传来小猫一样的呼噜声…… The small sound of this snoring snoring, inexplicable very kind...... 这呼噜呼噜的小声音,莫名的很亲切…… You Dongtian has several points of feelings suddenly. 游东天蓦然生出几分感触。 Sits in the summit, thinks that past oneself passing, looked up to the sky, one share inexplicable aloneness, raised from the heart spontaneously. 坐在山顶,想起来当年自己的过往,仰望天空,一股子莫名的孤寂,油然自心底升起。 White clouds long, the cool breeze is careful, the distant place is the slightly inaudible flames of war day after day, the vicinity is white cloud and cool breeze, the safflower green grass ; day rises the moonset, the sunset moon/month rises...... afternoon time, suddenly on the past. 白云悠悠,清风细细,远方是微不可闻的战火连天,近处是白云清风,红花绿草;日升月落,日落月升……一下午的时间,眨眼就过去了。 The dim light of night is deep. 夜色深深。 Clear bright moonlight, dedicated galaxy. 昭昭明月,耿耿星河。 With the past exactly the same galaxy starry sky.” You Dongtian is looking at the starry sky lost, only felt that the heart comes in waves like the tide generally...... “与当年一模一样的星河星空。”游东天出神地望着星空,只感觉心头如同大潮一般纷沓而来…… How many people............ departed under this timeless scenery forever?” “多少人……就在这亘古不变的景色下……永远地离去了?” Recollection the years, were initial Brother Xu Duo/many the friend ally, how many people accompanying me in the past? Can I also remember several people?” “回想往昔岁月,当初的许多兄弟朋友战友,还有几人在陪我?我还能记得几人?” You Dongtian static sitting, like a statue, consideration. 游东天静静的坐着,如同一个雕像,不禁思量。 It would be better if finds the opportunity, they drinks several bars with small tiger Nan Zhengqian...... 莫如多找找机会,和小虎南正乾他们多喝几顿酒吧…… Perhaps...... 说不定…… At this time, in the mountain valley passed on the fight again the sound, a wolf resounded howlingly suddenly, earth-shaking! 这时,山谷中再次传出来战斗的响动,一声狼嚎骤然响起,惊天动地! The silver ray flashes, a body quantity has the house that big silver wolf, suddenly enters the war! 银色光芒闪动,一头身量足足有房子那么大的银狼,突然参战! pack of wolves overlord who never acts! 正是从未出手的狼群霸主! Melts the soul wolf sovereign! 化魂狼皇! Obviously, this wolf sovereign was anxious, Wolf King of various many wolves acted, moreover gave the enemy to cause quite the damage, such result, made them covet the oneself position sufficiently! 显然,这位狼皇是紧张了,不少各狼群的狼王都出手了,而且也给敌人造成了相当伤害,这样的成绩,足以让它们觊觎自己的位置! But it as the King, must set up the prestige, but sets up the prestige the best way, it would be better if strikes to kill this two woman, this is the matter that other wolf numerous have not achieved! 而它身为王者,必须要立威,而立威的最好方式,莫如击杀这两个女人,这是其他狼众始终也没有做到的事情! At least, at least must extinguish kills one person, extinguishes kills one person, was enough! 至少,至少也要灭杀一人,灭杀一人,也足够了! The silver ray glitters continually, making trim heaven and earth change to the silver wave imaginary, concentrates a body with the wolf sovereign, the power and influence is earth-shaking! 银色光芒持续闪烁,令到整片天地都幻化作银色波浪,与狼皇凝成一体,威势惊天动地! This is the potential of Flying! 这是飞天之势! This wolf sovereign impressively is Flying cultivation base! 这头狼皇赫然已经是飞天修为 Several thousand wolves see like this shocking scene, the shocking stopping attack as if by prior agreement, simultaneously face upwards the long and loud cry! 数千头狼看到这样的惊世景象,惊世不约而同的停住攻击,齐齐仰天长啸! Under this wolf sovereign acts, the two female has no possibility of returning alive! 在这狼皇出手之下,两个女子根本没有任何生还的可能! A white clothing female long and loud cry, the horizontal sword keeps off before the blue clothes female body, the sinking sound shouted: You draw back!” 白衣女子一声长啸,横剑挡在蓝衣女子身前,沉声喝道:“你退!” The sound is firm, is hard-and-fast! 声音坚决,不可违逆! Matter may not, but...... cannot die here!” “事不可为,但……不能都死在这里!” Walks!” “走!” She in the speech, a palm pats in the blue clothes female shoulder, a supple strength shoves open the blue clothes female, immediately jumps jumps, has launched the move of body and sword unite, seems drum general enormous and powerful sword light together, is similar to the nighttime sky from the day to the thunderclap of place, suddenly maps the nighttime sky! 她在说话的时候,一掌拍在蓝衣女子肩头,一股柔力将蓝衣女子推开,随即腾身跃起,已经展开身剑合一之招,一道好似滚筒一般的浩荡剑光,就如同夜空中从天到地的霹雳,蓦然映射夜空! Meanwhile, dantian of white clothing female stirs, the meridians stir, the innumerable blood, spray suddenly, even her beautiful body presents the sign of abdominal distension slightly, obviously overdrew the potential of all life souls, integrates in this sword all! 与此同时,白衣女子的丹田鼓荡,经脉鼓荡,无数鲜血,骤然喷洒,连她婀娜的身躯都微微呈现臌胀的迹象,显然是透支了所有生命灵魂的潜力,尽数融入到这一剑之中! By her strength, is absolutely impossible to contend with the wolf sovereign. 以她的实力,绝无可能抗衡狼皇。 Only has by self-detonation might that essence, qi, spirit unites, can strive for a way out for the oneself companion. 唯有以精气神合一的自爆威能,才能为自己的同伴争取一条生路。 In this key point, You Dongtian looked. 这个中关窍,游东天一眼就看了出来。 Obviously, the white clothing female also does that resolutely, one toward not returns! 很显然,白衣女子也是这么做的,毅然决然,一往无回! A You Dongtian suddenly heart suddenly heat! 游东天突然间心头陡然一热! In this moment, he remembered the oneself wife suddenly, the years grace and talent! 在这一刻,他蓦然想起了自己的妻子,年风华! The past grace and talent goddess...... died in battle similarly in this case ; Initially she protected, was the two regiment! 当年的风华神女……同样是在这种情况下战死的;当初她保护的,是两个军团! Now this white clothing female protects, is her companion! 如今这个白衣女子所保护的,乃是她的同伴! Perhaps the consequence is different, but the nature is the same! 或许后果不同,但是性质一样! Initial wife, forever is a white clothing, the grace and talent had/left the dust...... 当初的妻子,也永远都是一身白衣,风华出尘…… Initially, the years grace and talent also spoke such a few words: The matter may not , unable dead here! 当初,年风华也是说了这样一句话:事不可为,不能都死在这里! Walk! 走! This short character, is the final time of years grace and talent life, only sound that leaves behind! 这短短的一个字,是年风华生命的最后时刻,留下的唯一的声音! The You Dongtian blood boiled suddenly, flashes. 游东天突然间血液沸腾了一下,一闪而出。 One covered the white clothing female who is just about self-detonation, together pure to extreme spirit qi instantaneously the true origin blockade and scattering that she will soon explode, another hand patted with amazement! 一把扣住了正要自爆的白衣女子,一道精纯到了极点的灵气瞬间将她即将爆炸的真元封锁、驱散,另一只手更是骇然地拍了下去! Dies to me completely!” “全部都给我死!” The dull thumping sound of bang, a giant palm that surpassed ten thousand meters surrounding area falls from the day, immediately the entire region all melts the soul wolf numerous, cranked up the meat patty all, including that Flying Boundary soul wolf sovereign, is no exception. 轰的一声闷响,一只超过了万米方圆的巨大手掌从天而落,登时将整个区域的所有化魂狼众,尽数拍成了肉饼,包括那飞天境界的化魂狼皇,也不能例外。 This flash, You Dongtian body murderous aura ebullition. 这一瞬间,游东天的身上杀气沸腾。 Like...... initially for the wife revenged, a palm racket extinguished a Shaman Alliance regiment, was exactly the same. 就像……当初为妻子报仇的时候,一掌拍灭了巫盟一个军团,如出一辙。 The blue clothes female was shoved open by the white clothing female, swooping that at this moment is also laughing in the face of death: Beautiful, together!” 蓝衣女子被白衣女子推开,此刻也正舍生忘死的飞扑而来:“嫣嫣,一起吧!” A language is unfinished, is same place...... 一语未竟,已是愣在原地…… pack of wolves that blots out the sky, but, the total has disappeared suddenly unexpectedly! 那铺天盖地的狼群,不过眨眼光景,居然已经全数不见了! In the ground leaves behind, only remains a blood of beach beach, is dispersing in slow qiu, but also there are, is complete wolf skins...... 地面上遗留的,就只剩一滩滩的鲜血,正在缓慢的泅散开来,还有的,就是一张张完整的狼皮…… But the oneself good sisters, to be supported by the man who tall toughs it out in the bosom. 自己的好姐妹,已经被一个身材高大硬挺的男子拥在怀里。 Under the moonlight, falls gently slowly. 月光下,缓缓飘落。 The moonlight is dim, the azure clothes is holding the white skirt, handsome tall and straight, elegant peerless, long hair such as waterfall...... 月色朦胧,青衣抱着白裙,一个英俊挺拔,一个秀美绝伦,长发如瀑…… Suddenly, the blue clothes female has several points of only beautiful feeling unexpectedly. 一时间,蓝衣女子居然生出几分唯美的感慨。 But immediately is shocking. 但随即就是震惊。 Who is this? 这是谁? What earth-shaking cultivation base is this? 这是什么样的惊天动地的修为 A palm of the hand, several thousand wolves do not have a survival! 一巴掌,数千狼群无一存活! Suddenly, the blue clothes female almost thinks that oneself is having a dream. 一时间,蓝衣女子几乎以为自己在做梦。 You...... let loose me!” “你……放开我!” When life and death interrelated, was grasped by the man suddenly, as well as broke in the nostril by the intense masculine aura, the white clothing female instinct struggles. 生死交关之际,突然间被男子抱住,以及被强烈至极的男性气息冲入鼻孔,白衣女子本能的挣扎起来。 But immediately saw the corpse mountain blood sea hell scene that a front male palm of the hand creates, cannot bear suck in an cold air/Qi, then coughed. 但随即就看到了面前男子一巴掌造成的尸山血海般地狱景象,忍不住倒抽一口冷气,然后又咳嗽了起来。 Unexpectedly choked the one breath. 居然呛了一口气。 Who too fearful...... is this? 太可怕了……这是谁? Thinks anything blindly, this eminence aiming at life-saving, how can there be daydream.” “瞎想什么呢,本座意在救人,岂有遐思。” You Dongtian puts down that white clothing female without consulting anybody, but the vision touches that elegant face, chilly certainly colorful, suddenly has the absent-minded feeling unexpectedly...... 游东天径自将那白衣女子放下,但目光触及那张秀美的脸庞,清冷绝艳,一时间竟生出恍惚之感…… This female looks really seems like the oneself wife year grace and talent...... 此女长得真的好像自己的妻子年风华啊…… Even if You Dongtian cultivation base is peerless, the state of mind is calm, read the divergent to think to surge, cannot bear swallow a saliva, the tone a little dry say/way: „Do you name?” 游东天纵然修为绝世,心境沉稳,一念歧思涌动,忍不住咽了口唾沫,口气有点干涩的道:“你叫什么名字?” Mu Yanyan.” 穆嫣嫣。” The Mu Yanyan so happy reply, because of knows generally front the status of this man, sees the instance of face, she recognized, this is Right Path Heavenly King You Dongtian, the world peak mighty figure in legend. 穆嫣嫣之所以会如此痛快的回答,概因是知道了面前这位男子的身份,一看到脸的瞬间,她就认了出来,这位乃是右路天王游东天,传说中的此世顶峰大能 Therefore honest registration: Kunlun Daoism Mu Yanyan, see Heavenly King. Many thanks Heavenly King life-saving efforts.” 所以老老实实的报名:“昆仑道门穆嫣嫣,参见天王。多谢天王救命之恩。” Mu Yanyan......” You Dongtian muttered: This name is good, is really of pleasant to hear.” 穆嫣嫣……”游东天喃喃道:“这名字不错,真好听。” What? 啥? Mu Yanyan and Elder Sister Lan at the same time fell into the delay simultaneously. 穆嫣嫣与一边的蓝姐同时陷入了呆滞。 This...... is this words that Sir Right Path Heavenly King spoke? 这……这是右路天王大人说的话? This...... 这…… Thanked the Heavenly King praise.” Retreat half step that Mu Yanyan maintains composure. “谢天王夸奖。”穆嫣嫣不动声色的后退半步 You?” “你呢?” I called blue.” “我叫蓝蓝。” Also of pleasant to hear.” “也好听。” You Dongtian hehe smiles, said kindly: Do not restrict, should not be anxious, says, we are the contemporaries.” 游东天呵呵一笑,亲切道:“别拘束,别紧张,说起来,咱们都是同龄人。” Contemporaries?! 同龄人?! Mu Yanyan has not really borne show the whites of the eyes. 穆嫣嫣实在是没忍住翻了个白眼。 How you feel all right to say these words to come, I less than 200 -year-old...... are you quick this year 20,000? 您怎么好意思能说出这句话来啊,我今年还不到二百岁……您都快两万了吧? Good, the front first number, should be the same. 好吧,前面的第一个数字,应该是一样的。 Words that spoke, is the contemporaries? 这么说的话,也算是同龄人? Your 19000 -year-old, I am 190 years old? 你19000岁,我190岁? Words that the odd change removes, are we 19 years old? 把零头去掉的话,咱俩都是十九岁? The words that spoke, do not have the problem...... zero to have no significance actually after all right not to...... an arse! 这么说的话,倒是没毛病……毕竟零没啥意义对不对……个屁啊! You exercise martial arts very assiduously.” You Dongtian say/way with a smile: I have looked at your fight, the progressive speed is very fast.” “你俩练功很刻苦啊。”游东天笑吟吟的道:“我看过你们的战斗,进步速度挺快的。” He is saying you, but the eye actually only looks at Mu Yanyan. 他说着你俩,但是眼睛却只看着穆嫣嫣 Elder Sister Lan meanwhile does not feel twice as comfortably, says a polite speech I to tidy up the battlefield, walked without consulting anybody. 蓝姐此际倍觉不自在,撂下一句场面话我去收拾战场,径自走了。 After all You Dongtian is powerful, is the person of this world peak, really said me to your a little favorable impression, you must feel extremely flattered, with having the glory, does not receive does not know good from bad, does not know the weight...... 毕竟游东天位高权重,乃是此世顶峰之人,真说一句我对你有点好感,你得受宠若惊,与有荣焉,不接收就是不知好歹,不知轻重…… Without means that when a status of person to some level, some altitude time, is so! 没办法,当一个人的身份到了某个层次,某个高度的时候,就是如此! Mu Yanyan only felt that the eye of You Dongtian looked like the oneself whole body clothes dug up generally, discomfort that could not say, subconscious say/way: I also tidy up the battlefield.” 穆嫣嫣只感觉游东天的眼睛就像是将自己浑身衣服都扒了一般,说不出的难受,下意识的道:“我也去收拾战场。” Yeah, is not anxious.” “哎,不急。” You Dongtian puts out a hand to block, the stance somewhat seems like the playboy young master unexpectedly in the appearance that on the avenue sexually harasses the woman, says: Everyone is the rivers and lakes children, how doesn't know the solemn miss you to my impression?” 游东天一伸手拦住,架势居然有些像是纨绔公子在大街上调戏妇女的样子,口中道:“大家都是江湖儿女,不知穆姑娘你对我印象如何?” Mu Yanyan: „???” 穆嫣嫣:“???” How many meaning this are? 几个意思这是? Present wasn't Heavenly King You, what person by put on to the soul? 眼前的游天王,不是被什么人给魂穿了吧? Was this solemn Heavenly King should speak the words? 这是堂堂天王应该说得话吗? Only listens to Right Path Heavenly King big humanity: I will not pursue the girl, by pursuing female student, I bad far...... that fellow am a dregs male...... I am more inarticulate than Left Path Heavenly King Yun Zhonghu, how without being in love...... you looks at I? Also ok?” 只听右路天王大人道:“我也不会追女孩子,论追女生,我比左路天王云中虎差远了……那家伙就是个渣男……我嘴笨,没谈过恋爱……你看我这人咋样?还行?” A Mu Yanyan face compels ignorant: „??” 穆嫣嫣一脸懵逼:“??” I mean, or we first everywhere?” You Dongtian earnest say/way. Looks the face that this looks like the wife, You Dongtian could not contain directly. “我的意思是,要不咱们先处处?”游东天热切的道。看着这张酷似妻子的脸,游东天直接遏制不住了。 Especially hugged a moment ago, that soft, that type familiar...... 尤其刚才抱了一下,那种柔软,那种熟悉…… You Dongtian decided that then oneself lost face, does not put her to walk. 游东天决定,那么自己丢脸了,也不放她走。 „???” “???” You did not tacitly consent in a moment, agreement?” The You Dongtian selfish say/way, during the spoken languages disclosed several points of impatient. “你不说话就是默许了,同意了?”游东天自顾自的道,言语间透露出来几分迫不及待。 I......” “我……” Mu Yanyan wants saying that I had not agreed that but You Dongtian actually interrupted her words, said: I understand, I know among us the status is able to discriminate, I am unattainable, I am powerful, but I am amiable, no rack what...... do our contemporaries have not to say? You worried that your sect elder didn't agree? Relax, your sect that side I handle.” 穆嫣嫣想说,我没同意,但游东天却打断了她的话,道:“我明白,我知道咱们之间身份有别,我高不可攀,我位高权重,但我平易近人,没什么架子的……我们同龄人有什么不好说的?你担心你的师门长辈不同意?放心,你的师门那边我去搞定。” I......” “我……” I do not have this meaning, Mu Yanyan to stare, stutter could not speak directly. 我没这个意思,穆嫣嫣瞪着眼睛,结结巴巴的直接说不出话来。 Everyone is the rivers and lakes children, although I said am Heavenly King, in the bone is a careless person.” “大家都是江湖儿女,我虽然说是天王,骨子里就是个粗人。” You Dongtian said: Now everybody lose in war, does not know when had/left the accident/surprise, yeah, we a bit faster. This matter cannot the ink marks.” 游东天道:“如今兵凶战危,也不知道啥时候就出了意外,哎,咱们快点吧。这种事儿不能墨迹。” You......” “你……” I know, I understand, I will go to reporting my father tomorrow, Uncle Zuo, making them take responsibility for me, relax, I am not accept the concubine, I marry the wife, three intermediary six rites, one on the courtesy, not lacks certainly.” “我知道,我明白,我明天就去禀报我爹,还有左叔,让他们为我做主,放心,我不是纳小妾,我是娶老婆,三媒六礼,一应礼数,绝无缺欠。” Say/Way that Right Heavenly King is with good intention: You feel relieved.” 右天王善解人意的道:“你放心吧。” His both eyes brilliant looks on the Mu Yanyan face, this younger sister is really attractive, not only the appearance stature, the graceful bearing makings...... are also even the same as the grace and talent. 两眼灼灼看在穆嫣嫣脸上,这妹子真好看,不仅长相身材,连风韵气质……也跟风华一样。 I am not looking for the substitute. 我不是在找替代品。 However I am want to protect her, protects her. 但是我就是想要呵护她,守护她。 The Mu Yanyan whole person felt blurry, like having a dream general, mood already complex to suitable situation. 穆嫣嫣整个人都感觉迷糊了,如同做梦一般,心情已经复杂到了相当的地步。 oneself a few words had not said, unexpectedly was decided the matter of lifetime importance? 自己一句话也没说,居然就被定了终身大事? Waits for Elder Sister Lan to tidy up the battlefield to come back, You Dongtian wanted a red package with Elder Sister Lan unexpectedly: You are first congratulate, thanks, thanked.” 蓝姐收拾完战场回来,游东天居然跟蓝姐要了个红包:“你是第一个贺喜的,谢谢谢谢,非常感谢。” Elder Sister Lan is staring: ............ 蓝姐瞪着眼睛:“…………” What's the matter congratulated? 咋回事儿就贺喜了? I said that what made what? 我说什么做什么了? How to wrap a red package to go out muddleheaded, unexpectedly became the Right Heavenly King wedding congratulatory gift? 怎地稀里糊涂包了个红包出去,居然就成了右天王的婚礼贺礼? Dares again a child's play point! 敢不敢再儿戏一点! This...... 这…… Elder Sister Lan also started blurry...... 蓝姐也开始迷糊了起来…… Therefore two females follow You Dongtian...... to cough, should be the You Dongtian control wind and cloud, led two females. 于是两女跟着游东天……咳,应该是游东天驾驭风云,将两女带了回去。 With kidnapping the nature sincerity has not missed many. 跟劫持性质真心没差多少。 I had not agreed!” Mu Yanyan reddens all over the face. “我没同意!”穆嫣嫣满脸通红。 „Did you marry?” “你结婚了?” No!” “没有!” „Do you have the one's beloved? Loved ones? Has the engagement?” “你有心上人?意中人?有婚约?” Also no! Entirely no!” Mu Yanyan short of breath, I , if there is engagement, I married early! “也没有!统统没有!”穆嫣嫣气急,我要是有婚约,我早嫁了! Since what does not have, why didn't agree?” “既然啥都没有,为啥不同意?” I do not have this idea and preparation from the start.” “我压根没这个想法和准备。” Now wants, to lack what few anything with enough time, now starts to get ready, the two person needs a process of mutual understanding, I understand, I understand.” “现在想也来得及啊,缺什么少什么,现在就开始准备,两个人需要一个相互了解的过程,我明白,我懂的。” I...... why?” “我……为什么?” What why?” You Dongtian speaks plausibly: Love, why always does not need.” “什么为什么?”游东天振振有词:“爱情,从来都不需要为什么。” But I do not have the psychology to prepare now!” “可我现在是没有心理准备好么!” Facing Right Heavenly King, the Mu Yanyan courage is big , being at all scope said words that contradicts. 面对右天王,穆嫣嫣胆子再大,也不敢当面说顶撞的话。 But You Dongtian used this point, oppressed others by the potential? So long as became my wife, later natural guitar and lute harmonious...... 游东天就利用了这一点,以势压人怎么了?只要成了我老婆,以后自然琴瑟和谐…… I said makes you start to complete now constructs at heart, I give you time!” “我说了让你现在就开始做好心里建设,我给你时间!” But I have no way to do.” “可是我没法做。” Simple, I teach you.” “多简单,我教你。” „?” “?” You follow I to read.” “你跟着我念。” Wha......?” “什……么?” Starting today, I was the You Dongtian wife...... you read one.” “今天起,我就是游东天的老婆了……你念一句。” You......” Mu Yanyan short of breath: „...... Shameless!” “你……”穆嫣嫣气急:“……无耻!” Aiyaya, I such secret special characteristics, you can see through unexpectedly, end outwardly refined and inwardly intelligent...... we are really inborn one pair.” “哎呀呀,我这么隐秘的特质,你竟然能一眼看穿了,端的秀外慧中……咱俩真是天生一对。” „......” “……” ............ ………… About Mu Yanyan, reads not carefully can go back to look at one again, this temporarily does not increase suddenly 【关于穆嫣嫣,看书不仔细的可以回去再看一遍哦,这不是突如其来临时增加哦】
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