TMC :: Volume #7

#601: Qin Zhou discussed in private, the wind and cloud began!

Said goodbye to Old Turtle, when Xing Hong came back, Su Yu quick returned to Star Glory Ancient City with Xing Hong. 告别老龟,等到星宏回来,苏宇很快和星宏回到了星宏古城 These rushes about, does not do not studiously, but establishes foundation how then should walk for Su Yu. 这一番奔波,不是做无用功,而是为苏宇奠定了接下来该如何走的基础 In Ancient City, Wan Tiansheng continues to start his small classroom. 古城中,万天圣继续开始他的小课堂。 Discussed the rule, discussed the principle. 谈规则,谈法则。 Engaging in introspection to be able the bright road, knowing the core is anything, listens to Wan Tiansheng to mention these again, can clearly become aware something on the whole, is very why strong including Wan Tiansheng Law’s Strength, some explanation, because this God Writing are many, moreover is very certainly strong! 明心才能明路,知道核心是什么,再听万天圣说起这些,就能大体上明悟一些东西了,包括为何万天圣规则之力很强,也有了解释,因为这位的神文不少,而且一定也很强! God Writing is not only the rule! 神文既是规则! ...... …… But Su Yu, has not been idling. 苏宇,也没闲着。 Attends a lecture, while digests the beforehand war obtained. 一边听课,一边消化之前大战所得。 Before struck to kill Wise King, including striking to kill several Invincible, he had massive Heaven and Earth Reward, has not absorbed the digestion, was used Civilization's Will to take away by him. 之前击杀智王,包括击杀几位无敌,他都有大量的天地奖励,没有去吸收消化,都被他用文明志收走了。 But now, knows that these are Law’s Strength, but God Writing cultivation was cultivation Law’s Strength, Su Yu were also many several points of thoughts. 而现在,知道这些是规则之力,而神文修炼也是修炼规则之力,苏宇便多了几分心思。 Over the following several days, Su Yu mainly studies these Law’s Strength. 接下来的几天,苏宇主要是研究这些规则之力 ...... …… Meanwhile. 与此同时。 outside world. 外界 About some Su Yu’s matters, spread in the upper circle, for example his evil weapon, needs to absorb innumerable essence blood and Tethering Objects strengthens. 关于苏宇的一些事,也在上层圈子中传开了,比如他的邪兵,需要吸收无数精血承载物来强化。 Su Yu even wants to start All-Heavens and Myriad Worlds war again a time! 苏宇甚至想再次掀起一次诸天万界的大战! Strikes to kill many Invincible to satisfy his desire! 击杀更多的无敌去满足他的愿望! All these, deterred some people, made many people even more strengthen struck to kill the Su Yu’s thoughts, this person did not die, definitely will cause the dreadful big trouble! 这一切,震慑了一些人,也让不少人愈加坚定了击杀苏宇的心思,此人不死,必然会引起滔天大患! ...... …… Star Glory Ancient City. 星宏古城 Wan Tiansheng prepared to walk. 万天圣准备走了。 This is Nine Heavens that he keeps. 这是他留下来的第九天 City Lord Mansion. 城主府 Wan Tiansheng, looks nothing more to be said to Su Yu, said with a smile: I then departed! In this Ancient City, each and every move was monitored, does not feel better, All-Heavens and Myriad Worlds vision in this.” 万天圣也没什么好说的,看向苏宇,笑道:“那我便离去了!在这古城中,一举一动都受人监视,不太好受,诸天万界的目光都在这。” Su Yu nods, Head is careful, words that you go out, perhaps some people think that you are I camouflage, must have probes, even some people sneak attack you!” 苏宇点头,“府长小心,你出去的话,也许有人会以为你是我伪装的,少不得试探一番,甚至有人偷袭你!” Might as well, has the danger to shout you again, they do not dare to sneak attack me rashly......” “无妨,有危险了再喊你,他们也不敢贸然偷袭我……” Su Yu had not said that also did not urge. 苏宇没多说,也不劝。 expert, has not lived under the exist(ence) others' wing, Su Yu does not have the means now, was compelled by All-Heavens cannot go out. 强者,是不会一直生存在别人的羽翼之下的,苏宇现在是没办法,被诸天逼的不能外出。 Wan Tiansheng Asking Way: Now outside world you needs massive essence blood to strengthen evil weapon in the hearsay, do you prepare to sell that now?” 万天圣问道:“现在外界都在传闻你需要大量精血强化邪兵,你现在准备出售那个?” Su Yu said with a smile: No, does not sell, sells this!” 苏宇笑道:“不,不出售,出售这个!” He took out record character fragment, Wan Tiansheng was startled slightly. 他取出了“录”字碎片,万天圣微微一怔。 Su Yu said with a smile: Sold to Many-Treasures! Where comes, where goes, the incorrect words, selling to Heavenly Abyss Half-Sovereign were also good.” 苏宇笑道:“卖给多宝!哪里来,哪里去,不行的话,卖给天渊半皇也行。” Wan Tiansheng visits him, long time is speechless. 万天圣看着他,半晌无言。 Su Yu also said with a smile: Most wants should be Heaven Supervising Marquis, he must buy, Ok!” 苏宇又笑道:“最想要的应该是监天侯,他要买,也可以!” That...... Hunting Heavens Pavilion these Human Clan......” “那……猎天阁的那些人族……” Su Yu said with a smile: Does not rescue, I, cold blood! Compared with these Human Clan, was inferior that my strength is increased more important!” 苏宇笑道:“不救了,我这人,冷血!比起那些人族,不如我的实力提升更重要!” Wan Tiansheng visits him meaningfully, really can sell?” 万天圣意味深长地看着他,“真要卖?” Su Yu grins to smile, said again!” 苏宇咧嘴笑着,“再说吧!” Does not sell Smiling Lotus now in any case, otherwise, a relation, a contrast, was too obvious. 反正现在不卖笑口莲,不然,前后一联系,一对比,太明显了。 Even if Smiling Lotus must sell, still unknowingly, helpless sells! 笑口莲就算要卖,也是不经意间地无奈卖出去! Wan Tiansheng were not many says anything, Su Yu had the position, Su Yu may have young, he who slightly the experience society beat mercilessly killed All-Heavens from Human Realm, killed Death Spirit Domain from All-Heavens, killed again, killed an insight back and forth! 万天圣不多说什么,苏宇自有主张,苏宇可不是没经历社会毒打的小年轻,他从人境杀到诸天,从诸天杀到死灵界域,再杀回来,来来回回杀了个通透! Present Su Yu, compared with experience, not compared with any old fox difference. 如今的苏宇,比起经验,不比任何老油条差。 Your oneself is careful!” “那你自己小心!” Wan Tiansheng no longer said anything, quick, floats departs spatially, vanishes rapidly on the spot. 万天圣不再说什么,很快,浮空离去,迅速消失在原地。 But Su Yu, floats looks spatially, when Wan Tiansheng walks, Su Yu felt, all around some fluctuations followed to vanish, disappearance at the same time, other fluctuation exist(ence). 苏宇,也浮空看着,当万天圣一走,苏宇就感受到了,四周的一些波动跟着消失,消失的同时,还有其他波动存在 But at this moment, Su Yu goes out of town suddenly, instantaneous fist bang to void! 而这一刻,苏宇陡然出城,瞬间一拳轰向虚空! Bang! 轰! A loud sound spreads, Sun and Moon by being split up of fist bang, books was reappeared, covers Heaven and Earth, absorbs this Sun and Moon instantaneously. 一声巨响传出,一尊日月被一拳轰的四分五裂,一本书册浮现,覆盖天地,瞬间将这日月吸收。 But the books have not stopped, continue to enlarge. 而书册没有停止,继续放大。 Page after page book page launches, some probably people are flipping through the book, void, space by Tear, phantom was reappeared a everywhere, enters instantaneously, a blink, 67 Sun and Moon were swallowed by innumerable phantom. 一页页书页展开,好像有人在翻书,虚空中,一处处空间被撕裂,一尊尊虚影浮现,瞬间杀入其中,一眨眼,六七位日月被无数虚影吞噬。 But the books, continue to fall, suddenly, hiding the sky and covering the earth, gave to cover up entire Ancient City, continued to go toward the whereabouts, falls into the sea, in Stars Sea, Monster Clan outside some cities, water clan, no matter the strong and weak, were killed! 而书册,继续下落,眨眼间,遮天蔽日,将整个古城都给遮掩了起来,继续朝下落去,落入海洋之中,星辰海中,一些城外的妖族,水族,不管强弱,纷纷被杀! This moment Su Yu, like demon. 这一刻的苏宇,如同邪魔。 Sacred path demon! 圣道邪魔! Sky over Ancient City, the Su Yu complexion is tranquil, crossed both hands behind ones back , clothes whiter than snow. 古城上空,苏宇面色平静,背负双手,白衣胜雪 Looks at Civilization's Will to swallow the innumerable lives helplessly, the Su Yu sound is tranquil, actually shakes the four directions. 眼睁睁地看着文明志吞噬无数生命,苏宇声音平静,却是震荡四方。 Xing Hong Sacred City is , the surrounding area hundred li (0.5 km), do not allow to present any life! To look for me, the notification, do not approach at will, All-Heavens Myriad Clans, any race, is no exception!” 星宏圣城所在,方圆百里,不允许出现任何生命!想找我,通报,不要随意靠近,诸天万族,任何种族,都不例外!” The distant place, void has expert to get angry: Su Yu, you did not say a word, then slaughtered wantonly, really did not fear that Myriad Clans did kill?” 远处,虚空中有强者怒道:“苏宇,你一言不发,便大肆屠戮,真不怕万族共杀?” A Su Yu face is faint, how many times did Myriad Clans kill my? Added the words that these laughed aloud did really! Can kill me, has killed! You think that Tian Gu and Ji Wu (nothingness) they don't want to kill me? Laughable! Rolls the distant point, does not roll, later my Sacred City arrives, kills you to offer a sacrifice to the flag! Opens War of All-Heavens again!” 苏宇一脸淡漠,“万族都共杀我多少次了?还说这些笑掉大牙的话作甚!能杀了我,早就杀了!你以为天古寂无他们都不想杀我?可笑!滚远点,再不滚,待会我圣城降临,杀你祭旗!再开诸天之战!” The distant place, that expert is angry, actually does not dare to say again, escapes to empty to go. 远处,那尊强者愤怒无比,却是没敢再说,遁空而去。 All around, some expert of ambush, leave was farther. 四周,一些潜伏的强者,也离开的更远了点。 These people, are staring at Su Yu’s, is staring at his each and every move, is staring at him, looked that he can go out of town, can go. 这些人,都是盯着苏宇的,盯着他的一举一动,盯着他,看他会不会出城,会不会去哪。 Su Yu at this moment, Myriad Worlds is looking. 此刻的苏宇,万界都在看着。 He slaughters hundred li (0.5 km) surrounding area Living Spirit instantaneously, was known by various clans quickly, saw his civil weapon hiding the sky and covering the earth, evil incomparable, swallows Living Spirit ! 他瞬间屠杀百里方圆的生灵,也很快被各族所知,也看到了他的文兵遮天蔽日,邪恶无比,吞噬生灵 Suddenly, the Su Yu evil reputation, Myriad Worlds all knows! 一时间,苏宇恶名,万界皆知! This really person slaughter! 这才是真的人屠! Compared with Su Yu, Xia Longwu and Qin Zhen these people, were the conscience people, Su Yu this fellow, really the person slaughter, slaughtered boundlessly, could not have done to him, powerful scary! 比起苏宇,夏龙武秦镇这些人,都算是良心人了,苏宇这家伙,才是真的人屠,杀戮无边,偏偏还奈何不得他,强大的吓人! ...... …… Eastern Rift Valley. 东裂谷 Now, some Eastern Rift Valley almost massive Invincible have assumed personal command, the war has broken out, War of All-Heavens arrives. 如今,东裂谷几乎一直都有大量无敌坐镇了,大战已经爆发,诸天之战到来。 With the beforehand peace, was different. 和之前的太平,不一样了。 Eastern Rift Valley, Vanguard Camp has become all Invincible convergent points. 东裂谷这边,先锋营已经成了所有无敌的汇聚点。 Su Yu just slaughtered shortly, in the main hall, has the officers incoming telegram rapidly, everyone your majesty, Head Wan has gone out of town reply, City Lord seized the chance to sweep clear all around scout, struck to kill Sun and Moon seven, under Sun and Moon innumerable, Star Glory Ancient City nearby surrounding area hundred li (0.5 km), can not have any Living Spirit to approach, the offender must kill!” 苏宇刚杀戮没多久,大殿中,迅速有将士来报,“回禀诸位陛下,万府长已经出城,城主趁机清扫了四周探子,击杀日月七位,日月之下无数,星宏古城附近方圆百里,不得有任何生灵靠近,违者必杀!” Any Head Wan!” “什么万府长!” Some people snort/hum said: Wan Tiansheng is not Head, his oneself revolted Human Clan, said its on the line!” 有人哼道:“万天圣已经不是什么府长,他自己叛出了人族,直呼其名就行!” report/give report the officers had not said. 那禀报的将士也没多说。 Has not refuted, but has not changed a statement. 没反驳,但是也没改口。 Just comfortable will of the people! 公道自在人心! Wan Tiansheng preys on rebel Invincible, strikes to kill to invade one's territory Invincible, rescues Xia Longwu, participates in beforehand War of All-Heavens, strikes to kill many Invincible expert...... 万天圣搏杀叛徒无敌,击杀来犯无敌,救援夏龙武,参与之前的诸天之战,击杀多位无敌强者…… Such exist(ence), was hostile to by Human Clan Invincible, the key was to smash two big Sacred Land, struck to kill lots of Invincible descendants. 这样的存在,被人族无敌敌视,关键在于捣毁了两大圣地,击杀了大量无敌后裔。 However,...... Wan Tiansheng to the ordinary officers is the Saint. 然而,对普通将士而言……万天圣是圣。 The demon, they have a judgment. 是不是魔,他们自有一番判断。 Snort!” “哼!” Sees that officers not to speak, as Invincible, how could not to know his thoughts, Invincible light snort/hum, discontented say/way: Goes out!” 见那将士不语,作为无敌,岂能不知他的心思,一尊无敌轻哼一声,不满道:“出去吧!” “Affirmative!” “诺!” The officers were not many said, set out rapidly, turns around to depart. 那将士也不多说,迅速起身,转身离去。 In the crowd, some people said with a smile lightly: Ok, with a frontline officers vitality/angry, you really do not look at Wan Tiansheng to be uncomfortable, oneself asks him to do accounts! Did not kill your son, two grandsons......” 人群中,有人轻笑道:“好了,别和一位前线将士生气,你真看万天圣不爽,自己去找他算账!不就杀了你一个儿子,两个孙子嘛……” This saying, aggravated the situation, Invincible that before was angry, got angry: Old man, in the front goes on an expedition for many years, how many two ancestors even if really raised, how can also? His Wan Tiansheng said that did not say one, came up to give to cut, why? My how many two ancestors, even greedy for life, afraid of death, what matter is also obstructing his Wan Tiansheng? Many years of hasn't contribution, been able to make my descendants enjoy happiness?” 这话一出,火上浇油了,之前生气的无敌,怒道:“老夫在前方征战多年,就算真养了几个二世祖,又能如何?他万天圣说都不说一声,上去就给砍了,凭什么?我那几个二世祖,就算贪生怕死,又碍着他万天圣什么事了?多年功劳,还不能让我子孙享享福?” This saying said that one crowd of Invincible, poured has not said. 这话说出来,一群无敌,倒也没多说了。 The coarse principle is not exactly coarse! 活糙理不糙! Invincible goes on an expedition All-Heavens, naturally also has to let the thoughts that the posterity enjoys happiness. 无敌征战诸天,自然也有让子孙后代享福的心思。 Front, Great Qin King said lightly: Ok! The Wan Tiansheng murder, that is because of the Sun and Moon not garrison troops command, at that time during the military control, killed is not the generation of enjoyment, but refuses to accept the generation of military order! Do not mislead the public!” 前方,大秦王淡淡道:“好了!万天圣杀人,那是因为日月不守军令,那时候处于军管期间,杀的不是享受之辈,而是不服军令之辈!不要混淆视听!” Snort!” “哼!” That Invincible has not said anything again, Wan Tiansheng grabs this, on the grounds of refusing to accept military order slaughtered them. 无敌也没再说什么,万天圣就是抓着这点,以不服军令为由屠杀了他们。 Otherwise, currently has Invincible to look for Wan Tiansheng to do accounts inevitably. 否则,现在必然有无敌会去找万天圣算账。 Great Qin King does not want to pester at the Wan Tiansheng matter, solemnly said: Now discusses is not Wan Tiansheng, but is the Su Yu’s matter!” 大秦王也不想在万天圣的事上多纠缠,沉声道:“现在谈的不是万天圣,而是苏宇的事!” Previous war, although finished, however, finished does not represent really did not have, but that is only a start!” “上一次大战虽然结束了,然而,结束不代表就真没了,而那只是一个开始!” All-Heavens Myriad Clans, the Immortal Clan background, everyone saw particularly, sets out many Ninth Stage Eternal, High Stage expert to have numerous number with ease! Eternal Realm fears over hundred people!” 诸天万族,尤其是仙族的底蕴,大家看到了,轻松出动多位永恒九段,高段强者多不胜数!永恒境恐超百人!” Solely one Immortal Clan, then can the steamroll my Human Clan! Let alone the major races, are expert are innumerable!” “单单一个仙族,便能碾压我人族!何况还有各大种族,都是强者无数!” Human Clan these accidents, the strength has not damaged, instead promoted, new promote Eternal were also many several......, but, is insufficiently, by far insufficiently! Without Way Fusion expert, is unable to shock the four directions!” 人族这几次变故,实力未损,反而提升了一些,新晋永恒也多了几位……但是,还是不够,远远不够!没有合道强者,无法震慑四方!” „......” “……” Great Qin King is saying one word at a time, speaking of finally, solemnly said: Now, Myriad Clans has not stared at Human Clan to hit, is not Human Clan strong, but is Myriad Clans intends split up Human Clan, is divided into a Human Clan and Human Clan liangs influence Human Clan!” 大秦王一字一顿地说着,说到最后,沉声道:“如今,万族没盯着人族打,不是人族有多强,而是万族有意拆分人族,将人族分为人族个势力!” without the lips, the teeth feel the cold, Su Yu dies, Human Clan definitely will be besieged by Myriad Clans!” 唇亡齿寒,苏宇一死,人族必然会被万族围攻!” „Before Myriad Clans, has not achieved consistently, God and Demon is worried to encircle kills my Human Clan, was profited by Immortal Clan, at the present Immortal Clan loses seriously, actually also strengthened and my Human Clan for enemy's heart! Then, the major strong clans, then reached an agreement!” 万族之前还没达成一致,神魔担心围杀我人族,被仙族占了便宜,而今仙族损失惨重,却也坚定了和我人族为敌之心!如此一来,各大强族,便都达成了一致!” Now, their goals are Su Yu, Su Yu by Death Spirit Domain and Star Space Mansion shock and awe four directions, however...... the strong clan will not lose heart, definitely will find the opportunity to kill him......” “现在,他们的目标是苏宇,苏宇死灵界域星宇府邸震慑四方,然而……强族不会死心,必然会找机会杀他……” Great Qin King said that said finally: Therefore, Su Yu cannot die, he dies, the Human Clan front wind shelter wall then broken! everyone is clear, this time, over Su Yu, a large part of reasons, for me, for Human Clan several Eternal......” 大秦王说了一阵,最后道:“所以,苏宇不能死,他一死,人族前面的挡风墙便破了!诸位要明白,这一次,苏宇出头,很大一部分原因,是为了我,为了人族几位永恒……” Then, Great Qin King looks all around, some people are low and deep: „Is Old Qin your meaning?” 说完,大秦王环顾一圈,有人低沉道:“老秦你的意思是?” „The standby, the rescue, goes to battle momentarily momentarily momentarily!” “随时待命,随时救援,随时出战!” Great Qin King is saying, solemnly said: That side Su Yu, as long as there is a crisis, Human Realm, the standby goes to battle momentarily! Standing-by 10 Eternal, are staring at Ancient City that side sound specially, provides against contingencies!” 大秦王说着,沉声道:“苏宇那边,但凡有危机,人境这边,随时待命出战!常备十位永恒,专门盯着古城那边的动静,以防万一!” Human Realm Eternal were not many, now can also reassign the strength to protect Su Yu?” 人境永恒本就不多,现在还要抽调力量去保护苏宇?” „It is not the protection, is the cooperation!” “不是保护,是合作!” Great Qin King knits the brows: Got it? I think that you understand! Lived so many years, must understand that my meaning, without the lips, the teeth feel the cold, doesn't understand this truth?” 大秦王皱眉道:“明白了吗?我想你们是明白的!都活了这么多年,不可能不明白我的意思,唇亡齿寒,不懂这个道理吗?” He has the Ancient City Guardian help, but also needs us to help?” “他有古城镇守帮忙,还需要我们帮忙的?” Great Qin King knits the brows again, Ancient City Guardian after all is not Human Clan, crucial moment, is not necessarily able to rescue Su Yu wholeheartedly.” 大秦王再次皱眉,“古城镇守毕竟不是人族,关键时刻,未必会一心救苏宇。” His Su Yu does not recognize Human Clan......” “他苏宇也不认人族……” Great Qin King aspirates, cold sound said: That defers to the meaning of everyone, no matter did not ask, this best?” 大秦王吐气,冷声道:“那按照诸位的意思,不管不问,这样最好?” „It is not this meaning...... my meaning is, now Su Yu oneself can support, that makes him first support, Human Clan should taking advantage of this rare tranquil time, let person proving the Way at this time! Now Myriad Clans also is very difficult the centralized second batch of large-scale strengths to stop our Human Clan proving the Way again! This is the best time! Some of our Human Clan also so many Eternal, can Myriad Clans reassign 50-60 Eternal to stop now?” “也不是这意思……我的意思是,现在苏宇自己能撑住,那让他先撑着,人族这时候应该借着这难得的平静期,多让人证道!现在万族也很难再集中第二批大规模的力量来阻拦我们人族证道了!这是最好的时机!我们人族还有这么多永恒,万族现在能抽调50-60永恒来阻拦吗?” Should better not to meddle Su Yu here matter again, making Myriad Clans realize, the Human Clan threat has not arrived at the peak, the Su Yu’s threat is first......” “最好不要再插手苏宇这边的事,让万族意识到,人族威胁还没到巅峰,苏宇的威胁才是第一……” Great Qin King said icily: Idea is good! Indeed, this is the good opportunity of expanding Human Clan! I offer an opinion, does not know how everyone did consider?” 大秦王冷冷道:“想法不错!的确,这是个壮大人族的好机会!那我提个意见,不知诸位如何考虑?” Great Qin King said that is.” 大秦王说便是。” Great Qin King looks to all around, for a long time, said lightly: Human Realm two big Sacred Land were destroyed, now is unable to reconstruct, recently some people somewhat neglected, no longer the study research, I think, asking Liu City that several to return to Human Realm, opened Sacred Land again! One such as the past Xia Chen period, opened Seeking Realm! Liu Wenyan wields new Sacred Land, is assumed personal command by Nan Wujiang and Yun Chen several people, inviting Su Yu to hold the post of the head of new Sacred Land, strengthens Human Realm and Ancient City relation, is taken the intermediate by Su Yu, lets Human Realm and Ancient City achieves the alliance......” 大秦王看向四周,许久,淡淡道:“人境两大圣地被毁,如今也无法重建,最近一些人有些怠慢了,不再钻研研究,我想了想,请柳城那几位回人境,再开圣地!一如当年夏辰时期,开求索境柳文彦执掌新的圣地,由南无疆云尘几人坐镇,聘请苏宇担任新圣地之首,加强人境古城联系,由苏宇作为中间人,让人境古城达成联盟……” He just spoke of this, some people did not say quickly: Great Qin King, you mean, making Su Yu come back to hold the post of the lord of Human Realm only Sacred Land?” 他刚说到这,有人不快道:“大秦王,你的意思是,让苏宇回来担任人境唯一圣地之主?” Good!” “不错!” May not!” Some quick people opposed, Su Yu is unruly, slaughters boundlessly, killed solely is not Myriad Clans, Human Clan also kills a lot! He does not have sage's heart, is not strong to Human Clan ownership, how can take on this greatly duty?” “不可!”很快有人反对,“苏宇桀骜无比,杀戮无边,杀的不单单是万族,人族也没少杀!他无圣人之心,对人族归属性不强,如何能担此大任?” In some Invincible hearts vibrates very much. 一些无敌心中都很震动。 This Great Qin King comes back from Star Space Mansion, unexpectedly wants to elect Su Yu to hold the post of the lord of Human Realm Sacred Land, is only Sacred Land! 这一次大秦王星宇府邸回来,居然想推选苏宇担任人境圣地之主,还是唯一圣地 ...... This signal was too strong in this moment! 在这关头……这个信号太强烈了! Not justifiable! 名不正则言不顺! Once Su Yu really became the lord of Human Realm only Sacred Land, that following? 一旦苏宇真的成了人境唯一圣地之主,那接下来呢? Once Great Qin King these people have an accident, or draws back, who works as the head of this Human Realm? 大秦王这些人一旦出事,或者退下去,谁来当这个人境之首? Some people refuted: Perhaps Great Qin King, this is only your wishful thinking, Su Yu he not necessarily is also glad! Let alone, Su Yu is strong, however, he is strong, is only under Eternal! The age is too young, the Great Qin King preparation lets a 20-year-old youth, wields Sacred Land?” 有人反驳道:“大秦王,这恐怕也只是你的一厢情愿,苏宇他本人都未必乐意!何况,苏宇是强,然而,他再强,也只是永恒之下!年纪太轻,难道大秦王准备让一位20岁的青年,执掌圣地?” Why can't?” “为何不可?” Great Qin King tranquil say/way: If looks at the age, Tian Gu they actually live long, might as well ask them to come, when the lord of Sacred Land!” 大秦王平静道:“若是都看年岁,天古他们倒是活的长,不如请他们来当圣地之主!” Great Qin King......” 大秦王……” Great Qin King hits to block the way: Opens Sacred Land again, is my idea! Su Yu not necessarily wants, no matter he does want, I expressed my meaning, is willing is also good, did not want, enrolled! He does not want, to let his Teacher or the father enrolls!” 大秦王打断道:“再开圣地,是我的想法!苏宇未必愿意,不管他愿意不愿意,我将我的意思表达到了,愿意也好,不愿意也罢,都只是挂个名!他不愿意,让他老师或者父亲挂名!” Great Qin King faint say/way: As for opening Sacred Land...... you, since the opinion is inconsistent, that voting decision! This is my idea, I do not demand anyone, but, I am comply!” 大秦王淡漠道:“至于开不开圣地……你们既然意见不一致,那就投票决定吧!这是我的想法,我不强求谁,但是,我是答应的!” Now, Human Clan Invincible, on adds on Yun Chen outwardly, 50, in fact several three embodiments were just cut, recently was also restoring. 如今,人族无敌,明面上加上云尘,刚好50位,实际上还有几位三身被斩,最近也在恢复中。 50 Invincible, Great Qin King choice voting decision! 50位无敌,大秦王选择投票决定! He felt, should the issue not be big. 他觉得,应该问题不大。 The idea of Great Qin King is simple, now, under their generations, Xia Longwu several people of aptitude are good, the strength is also strong, is unable to command Human Realm to fight All-Heavens again, deals with this Tenth Tide of Change. 大秦王的想法简单,如今,他们这代之下,夏龙武几人资质是好,实力也强,也无法统领人境再战诸天,应对这第十次潮汐之变 But oneself, three embodiments was cut, the road ahead is unclear. 自己,三身被斩,前路不明。 As for Old Zhou their several, Way Fusion is hopeless, now, Human Clan needs expert, talent, the Way Fusion hopeful fellow commands Human Clan, unifies Human Clan! 至于老周他们几位,合道无望,现在,人族需要一位强者,天才,合道有望的家伙来统领人族,统一人族 Su Yu...... he feels appropriate! 苏宇……他觉得合适! Naturally, the relations of Su Yu and Human Clan are not harmonious, but this Great Qin King felt, in the Su Yu bone has the strong race consciousness, this was enough! 当然,苏宇人族的关系没那么融洽,可这一次大秦王觉得,苏宇骨子里还是有强烈的种族意识的,这就足够了! Otherwise, he in Star Space Mansion, does not need to take risk. 否则,他在星宇府邸,没必要冒险。 Afterward, does not need to wage a war, at the present, the Su Yu card in hand exposes completely, compared with beforehand dangerous many. 事后,也没必要大动干戈,而今,苏宇底牌全部暴露,比之前危险的多。 Some person of solemnly said: „Did voting decide? Great Qin King, finally the voting decision, passed even opened the Sacred Land resolution again, that Great Qin King did not fear, as before, appearance of Sacred Land, was not only useless, instead made the struggle of various Prefecture intensify?” 有人沉声道:“投票决定?大秦王,就算最终投票决定,通过了再开圣地的决议,那大秦王就不怕,和以前一样,圣地的出现,不但没用,反而让各府之争加剧吗?” Sacred Land, has! 圣地,又不是没开过! Finally how? 结果如何? The previous time is they, the present is Su Yu, who is next Wan Tiansheng? 上次是他们,现在是苏宇,那谁是下一个万天圣 Great Qin King solemnly said: At least in a short time will not have these matters again, this was enough! Now War of All-Heavens, imminent! The unnecessary words, I do not want to say again, first Su Yu’s heart, pulls back Human Clan! Opens new Sacred Land, is its one! Second, new Sacred Land, is headed by Liu City lineage, various Prefecture donates money, in addition needs the person!” 大秦王沉声道:“起码短时间内不会再有那些事,这就足够了!如今诸天之战,迫在眉睫!多余的话,我不想再说,先把苏宇的心,拉回人族!开新圣地,便是其一!其二,新的圣地,以柳城一脉为首,各府出钱出力,另外还需要出人!” Invincible, look difference. 一位位无敌,眼神异样。 Great Qin King this was iron core! 大秦王这是铁了心了! Has humanity: That must ask the Su Yu’s opinion at least, as well as that side Liu City? A our heat, Sacred Land did well, finally no one comes, Su Yu does not comply, didn't Liu City return...... became the joke?” 有人道:“那起码也要问问苏宇的意见,以及柳城那边吧?我们一头热,圣地弄好了,结果没人来,苏宇不答应,柳城不回归……岂不是成了笑话?” Right, now establishes new Sacred Land, finally actually makes the joke, to Great Qin King you, was the attack that a dignity swept the floor, I looked or wait say again!” “对啊,现在成立新圣地,结果却是闹成了笑话,对大秦王你而言,也是一次威严扫地的打击,我看还是等等再说吧!” Great Qin King looks to several people, had not said again, that I will seek information Su Yu their opinion, hopes when the time comes, holds the matter of Sacred Land, will not be hindered!” 大秦王看向几人,没再多说,“那我会征询苏宇他们的意见,希望到时候,开圣地之事,不会被阻碍!” He sets out then to walk. 他起身便走。 Side, Great Zhou King smiles, opens the mouth saying: Everyone is patient, Old Qin was sad recently, I said several, the matter of Sacred Land, then said again!” 身边,大周王笑了笑,开口道:“大家稍安勿躁,老秦最近心情不好,我去说几句,圣地之事,回头再说!” ...... …… Quick, Great Zhou King walked. 很快,大周王走了出去。 No meeting, caught up with Great Qin King, sighed lightly: You were too anxious!” 没一会,追上了大秦王,轻叹道:“你太急了!” Anxiously?” “急?” Great Qin King turns the head, Old Zhou, did not pull back at this time, you think , can also pull back? A select error, two select errors...... not the third time! At this time, is he most difficult moment, too many people are staring at him! Once he passed this pass/test, from now, day high Ren Niaofei! If he solved the present crisis, does not need to depend upon Human Clan completely again! This time, you attack Dragon World, was drew, but insufficiently!” 大秦王转头,“老周,这时候不拉回来,你以为以后还能拉回来?一次选择错误,二次选择错误……没有第三次了!这时候,是他最难的关头,太多人盯着他!他一旦度过了这一关,从此以后,天高任鸟飞!他若是解决了眼前的危机,完全不需要再依靠人族!这一次,你突袭龙界,算是扳回了一场,但是不够!” Great Qin King visits him, light wants to harvest, how does not want possibly to pay! This moment, but also some people are thinking, Su Yu is first going against, we develop...... me to ask you silently, you thought that also how long can give us?” 大秦王看着他,“光想收获,不想付出怎么可能!这关头,还有人想着,苏宇先顶着,我们默默发展……我问你,你觉得还能给我们多久?” The Great Zhou King silent meeting, said slowly: Several years or dozens years, probably this.” 大周王沉默一会,缓缓道:“几年或者几十年,大概就这样。” Development how many years can dozens years, have how many Eternal silently? How many Way Fusion can have? Can be a worthy opponent Tian Gu they? Can solve Ji Wu (nothingness)?” “默默发展几年几十年,能出多少永恒?能出几个合道?能匹敌天古他们吗?还是能解决寂无?” Great Qin King looks to the distant place, treading to be spatial and good, steps onto the eastern crack summit, looks to the distant place, Old Zhou, did not have the time! Did not have the opportunity! I think abundant one time, stepped into Way Fusion, the result failure! I do not enter Way Fusion, even if you entered, is unable to do it alone! Many that too something, you consider, you are too discrete, you are always thinking perfect, that is how possible!” 大秦王看向远处,踏空而行,走上东裂山巅,看向远方,“老周,没时间了!也没机会了!我原本想博一次,踏入合道,结果失败了!我不入合道,纵然你入了,也是孤掌难鸣!有些事,你考虑的太多,你太谨慎,你总想着尽善尽美,那怎么可能!” Great Qin King looks to the remote place, as if saw Star Glory Ancient City, solemnly said: Therefore, in Su Yu this moment, encircles the moment that kills faced with Myriad Clans now, Human Clan stands at this moment, told him, stood, we side you! Then, can completely abandon past enmity, making him feel relaxed! Otherwise, next time?” 大秦王看向遥远的地方,仿佛看到了星宏古城,沉声道:“所以,在苏宇现在这关头,面临万族围杀的关头,人族此刻站出来,告诉他,站在一起,我们在你身边!如此一来,才能尽释前嫌,让他释然!否则,还有下一次吗?” Great Zhou King nods gently, said in a soft voice: I understand that your thoughts, actually everyone to not oppose to oppose, but is the worry......” 大周王轻轻点头,轻声道:“我明白你的心思,其实大家不是为了反对而反对,而是担心……” What is worried about?” “担心什么?” Great Qin King turns head to visit him, worry is like Ninth Tide, is Su Yu next Hundred Wars King? Was worried, Su Yu is unable to stride in Way Fusion, Human Clan invests on him are too many, finally all became the joke?” 大秦王扭头看着他,“担心和第九潮汐一样,苏宇是下一个百战王?还是担心,苏宇合道都无法跨入,人族在他身上投入太多,最终全都成了笑话?” Has.” “都有。” Great Zhou King sighed lightly: Present Human Clan, the foundation was solid without before, so many family properties, fired off would have no! Su Yu strong natural talent, clever in fighting, but also was short of a being tolerant of others heart! He rules by force, cannot be a scapegoat, cannot suffer a loss, this causes his present situation difficultly......” 大周王轻叹道:“如今的人族,底蕴没以前深厚了,就这么多家底,打完了就没了!苏宇天赋强,善战,但也少了点容人之心!他霸道,受不得气,吃不得亏,这才导致他现在处境艰难……” You were wrong!” “你错了!” Great Qin King solemnly said: He cannot the air/Qi of bystander, probably not eat owing of bystander, he must say the shortcoming, the only shortcoming is too pure brightness! Looked passes! Non- enemy friend! It is not the friend, he makes into the enemy! This is his shortcoming, ruling by force that you said that cannot be a scapegoat and cannot suffer a loss, these in my opinion, are the merits!” 大秦王沉声道:“他受不得外人的气,吃不得外人的亏,他要说缺点,唯一的缺点就是太清明!看的太透!非敌既友!不是朋友,他就打成敌人!这才是他的缺点,你说的霸道、受不得气、吃不了亏,这些在我看来,都是优点!” Great Zhou King smiled, you...... consider as finished, actually I do not have too many opinions, but was a little also worried, previous time I have asked him, words that he spoke, you also know. He said that if he really comes back, when really this leader...... first punishes one as a warning to others, kills several Eternal to offer a sacrifice to the flag!” 大周王笑了,“你……算了,其实我没太多的意见,只是还有一点担心,上次我问过他,他说的话,你也知道。他说了,他若是真回来,真当这个领袖……先杀鸡儆猴,杀几个永恒祭旗!” The Great Qin King silent meeting, really kills several sacrifice flags, does not have/leave the big change, why not?” 大秦王沉默一会,“真杀几个祭旗,不出大变,有何不可?” Old Qin...... after all was several hundred years of old friend!” 老秦……毕竟都是几百年的老战友了!” Great Zhou King sighed: Really to that time, you thought that you can be cruel enough? Can others be cruel enough? Instead is suppressing a lot of fires.” 大周王叹道:“真到了那时候,你觉得你能忍心?其他人能忍心?反而憋着一肚子火。” Great Qin King furrowed one’s brow, suddenly look one cold, that simple, we give him to work as this blade, first some knottiness cutting! The new king high-rank, has no ideological problems weighing on the mind, naturally no one opposed!” 大秦王凝眉,忽然眼神一冷,“那简单,咱们给他当这把刀,先把一些枝节给砍了!新王上位,轻装上阵,自然没人反对了!” Great Zhou King forced smile, you......” 大周王苦笑,“你……” Great Qin King cold snort/hum, means have eventually! The murder offers a sacrifice to the flag, I have to do! Also, these wars, Human Clan has not suffered a loss, in some fellow hearts is thinking, this is very good, does not suffer a loss, the small advantage occupies...... in any case Su Yu this vanguard is when decided that wants to work as appropriately, does not want to work as also appropriately! They felt, oneself ate Su Yu! Also does not think why Su Yu will be eaten? You is a smart person, you should understand!” 大秦王冷哼一声,“办法终究还是有的!杀人祭旗,我又不是没做过!还有,这几次大战,人族没吃亏,一些家伙心中想着,这样很好,不吃亏,还有便宜占……反正苏宇这个先锋是当定了,想当得当,不想当也得当!他们觉得,自己吃定了苏宇了!也不想想,苏宇为何会被吃定了?你是聪明人,你该明白!” The Great Zhou King slight nod, I naturally understand! Su Yu...... oneself is actually willing to work as this wall, keeps off in the Human Clan front impregnable bastion! He is not willing to say......” 大周王微微点头,“我自然明白!苏宇……其实还是自己愿意当这堵墙,挡在人族前面的铜墙铁壁!只是,他不愿去说罢了……” You understand well! You understand, other clans naturally also understand!” “你明白就好!你明白,其他各族自然也明白!” Great Qin King shakes the head saying: Su Yu wants is too many, the war must the deceased person! The war of non- deceased person, is not War! War of non- deceased person, must have problems sooner or later! An arrogant army will surely meet with defeat! War of non- deceased person, will make everyone feel, Myriad Clans just so-so!” 大秦王摇头道:“苏宇想太多了,大战必死人!不死人的大战,不是战争!不死人的战争,迟早要出问题!骄兵必败!不死人的战争,会让所有人觉得,万族不过如此!” Then, his cold sound said: In the near future, finds an opportunity, starts War time! I will tell Su Yu, does not need his make a move, does not need fellow make a move outside these Human Clan, making Human Clan oneself go to fight a round! Let Human Clan have a look, what is the life-and-death fight? Does not die 35 Eternal, they do not know the pain!” 说罢,他冷声道:“近期,找个机会,发动一次战争!我会告诉苏宇,不需要他出手,不需要这些人族之外的家伙出手,让人族自己战一场!让人族看看,到底什么是生死之战?不死三五个永恒,他们不知道痛!” Great Zhou King said scruple: In the near future?” 大周王迟疑道:“近期?” „In the near future!” “就是近期!” Great Qin King solemnly said: Human Clan did not have the resources! Lacks Tethering Objects, lacks essence blood, lacks heavenly materials and earthly treasures, lacks weapon, anything lacks! Day in day out is treating in this, sits idle and eats? Waits for death? I thought that on Dragon World! Your I and Old Xia collaborate, ambush Dragon Sovereign, entered Dragon World, the slaughter Dragon World! Let everyone go all out to fight to me! Captures the resources! Be not thinking the fine deeds day in day out! In the past we got up time, who wasn't in the expedition passed?” 大秦王沉声道:“人族没资源了!缺承载物,缺精血,缺天材地宝,缺兵器,什么都缺!一天到晚在这待着,坐吃山空吗?等死?我想好了,就龙界!你我和老夏联手,狙击龙皇,杀入龙界,屠了龙界!让所有人给我拼了命地战斗!夺取资源!别一天到晚地想着美事!当年我们起来的时候,谁不是征战中度过?” Great Zhou King took a deep breath, in the heart vibrates. 大周王深吸一口气,心中震动。 He was startled! 他都被惊到了! Great Qin King, must lead the person to go to slaughter Dragon World! 大秦王,要带人去屠龙界 Dragon Clan many Eternal your I have not found out...... really kill, once draws out the Dragon World antique...... Old Qin, that was too dangerous!” 龙族多少永恒你我都没摸清楚……真杀多了,一旦引出龙界老古董……老秦,那太危险了!” Sooner or later matter!” “迟早的事!” Great Qin King tranquil say/way: Now does not come out, sooner or later also comes out, now comes out, at least also has Limitation of Laws! When once late stage came out, Human Clan didn't have the antique...... your assured Human Clan also to have the antique to live? Once no, is unable to keep in balance, now everyone draws out the proud heart, without the pressure, you felt how long we can live?” 大秦王平静道:“现在不出来,迟早也出来,现在出来,起码还有规则限制!一旦等到后期出来了,人族却是没有老古董了……你笃定人族还有老古董活着吗?一旦没有,无法制衡,现在大家又起了骄傲之心,没有压力,你觉得,我们能活多久?” Thinks of danger in peace, now has not arrived at the safe time, some people forgot the crisis! Laughable!” “居安思危,现在还没到安全的时候,就有人忘了危机!可笑!” Great Qin King solemnly said: My intent has decided!” 大秦王沉声道:“我意已决!” „Did that...... tell them?” “那……告诉他们吗?” Did not say! Said by the time again!” “不说!到了时候再说!” The Great Zhou King silent meeting, that and it choose Dragon World, I thought that might as well trade one.” 大周王沉默一会,“那与其选择龙界,我觉得不如换一个。” Trades one?” “换一个?” The Great Qin King doubts said: God, Demon, Immortal is not good to cope!” 大秦王疑惑道:“神魔仙不好对付的!” Not...... Heavenly Abyss!” “不……天渊!” Great Zhou King said spookily: Dragon World is actually not easy to hit, is really abundant, that wrestles Heavenly Abyss World! First, Eternal are not many! Second, close to Death Spirit Domain, could enter Death Spirit World. Third, has a grudge with Multiple God Writing Department, Su Yu they are willing to see them by the slaughter! Fourth, Heavenly Abyss Half-Sovereign sneak attacked Su Yu before, hitting is being the name that Su Yu revenges attacks! Fifth, he has “Chart” Recording List, this is very essential! ” 大周王幽幽道:“龙界其实不好打下来,真要博,那就搏天渊界!第一,永恒不多!第二,靠近死灵界域,也许可以进入死灵界。第三,和多神文系有仇,苏宇他们更愿意看到他们被屠!第四,天渊半皇之前偷袭苏宇,打着为苏宇报仇的名义去袭击!第五,他有‘图’字目录,这很关键!” Great Zhou King said with a smile easely: Really must hit, hits this one world! The swallowing the bait destiny, below meets death spirit ...... Heavenly Abyss World really the good place, Myriad Clans not to dare to break Heavenly Abyss World rashly, was flushed by death spirit carefully! Therefore Myriad Clans attacks, first enters Heavenly Abyss World to fight again, even if we were sieged, also there is an escape route, hits Dragon World, once were sieged, hitting to explode Dragon World...... that is greatly troublesome!” 大周王悠然笑道:“真要打,打这一界!上钩天命,下接死灵……天渊界才是真的好地方,万族不敢贸然打破天渊界,小心被死灵冲了出来!所以万族来攻,先入天渊界再战,哪怕我们被围困在了其中,也有退路,打龙界,一旦被围困,打爆了龙界……那才是大麻烦!” Then, not only can share the pressure on Su Yu, he is grateful inevitably! Moreover can wield one world, regards the escape route, other border areas not good, when escape route......” “如此一来,不但能给苏宇分摊压力,他必然感激涕零!而且还能执掌一界,当成退路,其他界域不好当退路……” Strong Great World, when the escape route is inappropriate. 再强的大界,当退路都不合适。 Heavenly Abyss World, is actually very appropriate. 倒是天渊界,挺合适的。 Barrier almost and Death Spirit Domain superposition! 壁垒几乎和死灵界域重合了! Once breaks this one world, even the slightest misstep, broke Death Spirit Domain, death spirit was in flood, waits for death! 一旦打破这一界,稍有不慎,打破了死灵界域,死灵泛滥,等死吧! Great Zhou King said spookily: Also, if were really sieged, Human Clan danger, our danger! At this moment, if Su Yu really can stand, strives to turn the tide, his high-rank, no one will oppose again! Heavenly Abyss World is far from Ancient City, Su Yu does not have the past that the prompt rescue added...... Dragon World is too near, he does not rescue, to finally, even if his make a move, some people will have the complaint! Why doesn't rescue promptly?” 大周王幽幽道:“还有,若是真被围困了,人族危矣,我们危矣!此刻,苏宇若是真能站出来,力挽狂澜,他再上位,无人会反对了!天渊界距离古城远,苏宇没及时救援还说的过去……龙界太近,他不去救援,到最后,哪怕他出手了,一些人也会心生埋怨!为何不及时救援?” A Great Zhou King such saying, Great Qin King awakened instantaneously, right, Old Zhou, your flower intestines so many! Good, hitting Dragon World perhaps indeed does not have Heavenly Abyss World to be appropriate! However was too far, can you transmit in the past? Otherwise so many people act, was too easy to expose!” 大周王这么一说,大秦王瞬间醒悟,“对,老周,你花花肠子还是这么多!不错,打龙界也许的确没天渊界合适!不过太远了,你能传送过去吗?不然这么多人行动,太容易暴露了!” Heavenly Abyss World is farther than Dragon World, Human Realm in the east, opposite party in west, close to the God World region, but not in that side, but the end, was almost the All-Heavens Battlefield end. 天渊界龙界还远,人境在东部,对方在西部,靠近神界区域,但是又不在那边,而是更尽头,几乎是诸天战场的尽头了。 East side to the western end! 东边到西边的尽头! One time definitely is incorrect......” “一次肯定是不行的……” Great Zhou King shakes the head, weight three times, but also is hopeful!” 大周王摇头,“分两三次,还有希望!” You......” “那你……” You really must hit, I can support!” “你真要打,我还是能撑住的!” Great Zhou King looks to him, I want to know, you determined can hit? Your three embodiments destroys two Embodiments , Heavenly Abyss Half-Sovereign is powerful, is stronger in own world, even if your I add on Old Xia and Old Zhu collaborate together, is not necessarily able to win him! After I transmit, not necessarily many ample forces, but can also continue to fight!” 大周王看向他,“我只是想知道,你确定要去打?你三身毁灭两身,天渊半皇实力强大,在本界更强,哪怕你我加上老夏老朱一起联手,都未必能胜他!我传送之后,也未必有多少余力了,还能继续战斗!” Great Qin King sighed, hits! Does not hit good! Words that does not hit, we this situation, you feel now, how long but can also insist? Just, somewhat dreaded while all parties, Way Fusion does not dare easily to send out, this is the opportunity! Su Yu, ganged up with several Way Fusion, this is also the big good deed, now which Way Fusion dares to come out rashly alone?” 大秦王吐了口气,“打!不打不行!不打的话,我们现在这情况,你觉得,还能坚持多久?刚好,趁着各方还有些忌惮,合道不敢轻易出动,这才是机会!苏宇这边,勾搭了几位合道,这也是大好事,现在哪个合道敢贸然单独出来?” Before dared! 以前还是敢的! Otherwise Demon Sovereign will not come out! 不然魔皇就不会出来了! Finally, had/left two furball, right now, actually many Way Fusion do not dare to appear rashly alone, real was not eaten carefully, without the place reasons things out! 结果,出了两位毛球,这下子,其实很多合道都不敢贸然单独出现了,真一个不小心被吃了,没处说理去! Great Zhou King also smiled. 大周王也笑了。 Good, now indeed is an opportunity. 不错,现在的确是个机会。 However, this matter is not the minor matter, carelessly...... is easy the important matter! 不过,这事不是小事,一个不慎……容易出大事! Must find the opportunity!” “得找机会!” Great Zhou King said in a soft voice: At least looks for one, Myriad Clans does not dare to enter my Human Realm opportunity...... for example...... to invite Su Yu to return to Human Realm, assumes the First Stage date and time, Su Yu oneself does not know, he is assuming Human Realm...... to focus the Myriad Clans vision in Human Realm, focuses on Su Yu, under we hide in their eyes leave!” 大周王轻声道:“起码找一个,万族不敢杀入我人境的机会……比如……邀请苏宇人境,坐镇一段时日,连苏宇自己都不知道,他是在坐镇人境……将万族的目光聚焦在人境,聚焦在苏宇身上,我们在他们眼皮子底下离开!” Under lamp black! 灯下黑! Also is the bold idea! 也是胆大包天的想法! Invited Su Yu to return to Human Realm, letting Su Yu became the focus point, let other Human Clan Invincible, was separated from this condensation point, thus there is an opportunity to enter Heavenly Abyss World rapidly! 邀请苏宇人境,让苏宇成为聚焦点,让人族其他无敌,脱离这个聚光点,从而有机会迅速杀入天渊界 Great Qin King looked at his one eyes, smiled, „your fellow, said you to be timid, your courage is smallest! Said you to be brave, your courage is also biggest! This idea, you can think!” 大秦王看了他一眼,笑了,“你这家伙,说你胆小,你胆子最小!说你胆大,你胆子也最大!这主意,也就你敢想!” Invited Su Yu to return to Human Realm, then...... when everyone is staring, Human Clan Invincible hit Heavenly Abyss World, thinks to make people think exciting! 邀请苏宇人境,然后……就在大家都盯着的时候,人族无敌去打天渊界,想想都让人觉得刺激! If Myriad Clans does capture Human Realm...... Su Yu not to cry?” “那若是万族攻入人境……苏宇不得哭?” Great Qin King smiled, Great Zhou King also said with a smile: This is also the reason that he is unable to rescue, is fair! As for other, Su Yu is not easy dead, other place does not know, but Human Realm, if opens Death Spirit Passage, various Immortal, Demon, God clans, the big probability does not have the means to plan! Does not fear under Human Realm, is Human Clan Human King Human Sovereign death spirit ?” 大秦王笑了,大周王也笑道:“这也是他无法救援的原因,合情合理!至于别的,苏宇没那么容易死,别的地方不知道,但是人境若是开启死灵通道,仙魔神各族,大概率是没办法算计到的!就不怕人境下方,都是人族人王人皇死灵?” „It is not really good, that opens Connecting Path!” “真不行,那就开通道!” Great Qin King inspires lightly, Old Zhou is crazy as always, no, calm crazy! 大秦王轻吸一口气,老周还是一如既往的疯狂,不,冷静的疯狂! Must say the calm time, his calm scary. 要说冷静的时候,他冷静的吓人。 Must say crazily, actually few is personally crazier than him. 要说疯狂,其实没几个人比他更疯狂。 The Great Qin King silent meeting, the nod, that line, I kept the head and tail before, such being the case...... I invited him to come Human Realm to gather again! Announces to the public, discussion Ancient City and matter of Human Realm alliance, leaks out again the new Sacred Land matter! Then, will then not cause excessively guesses!” 大秦王沉默一会,点头,“那行,我之前就留了首尾,既然如此……我再邀请他来人境一聚!对外宣布,洽谈古城人境联盟之事,再把新圣地的事泄露出去!如此一来,便不会引起过多猜测了!” Great Zhou King nods, said with a smile: No, a reason, inviting Su Yu to come back, offered birthday congratulations for his father! His father, this year just 50 years old, 50, is the entire birthday!” 大周王点点头,又笑道:“不,还有个理由,邀请苏宇回来,为他父亲祝寿!他父亲,今年刚好50岁了,50,也算是整寿辰嘛!” Great Zhou King said with a smile: Other reason he can reject, but this reason, can he reject? His father crosses the birthday, doesn't he come back? That went too far!” 大周王笑道:“别的理由他可以拒绝,但是这个理由,他能拒绝吗?他父亲过寿辰,他都不回来?那就太过分了!” Great Qin King also smiled, „do 50...... also calculate the birthday?” 大秦王也笑了,“50……也算寿辰?” Good! 好吧! Calculates! 算吧! Does not know that outside world knows this reason, does want to smile, does not think probably perhaps, Su Yu his father is 50 years old, went back, but must give Su Yu the 20 th birthday! 不知道外界知道这个理由,想不想笑,大概是不想的,苏宇他爹50岁了,也许回去了,还得给苏宇过20岁生日呢! The antique that 20 years old, killed you several long live is alarmed and afraid! 20岁,杀的你们几万岁的老古董惊惧! Cannot smile probably! 大概是笑不出来的! Su Yu one, Human Realm was then blustery!” 苏宇一来,人境便是风起云涌了!” Great Qin King exhaled and then said: Wants more careful, is not really good, Old Xia remains!” 大秦王吐气道:“还是要小心一些,真不行,老夏留下来!” Said again!” “再说吧!” Two people achieved consistently, some decision, has not told the thoughts of others. 两人达成了一致,有了决定,也没告诉其他人的心思。 The idea of Great Qin King and Great Zhou King, is scary. 大秦王大周王的想法,过于骇人。 ...... …… Quick, Eastern Rift Valley, just came back soon Xia Huyou, brings the invitation and invitation, led to go to Ancient City. 很快,东裂谷这边,刚回来不久的夏虎尤,带着邀请函和请柬,带队前往古城了。 Invited Su Yu to attend his father's 50 th birthday! 邀请苏宇参加他爹的50岁寿辰! This reason, Xia Huyou did not have Eastern Rift Valley, has spread. 这个理由,夏虎尤还没出东裂谷,就已经传开了。 Suddenly, All-Heavens vision, focuses Human Realm instantaneously, focuses Su Yu, focuses Eastern Rift Valley, as well as that birthday Su Long! 一时间,诸天目光,也是瞬间聚焦人境,聚焦苏宇,聚焦东裂谷,以及那个过“大寿”的苏龙 50 years old...... joke. 50岁……笑话似的。 Regarding antiques that frequently several hundred over a thousand on even long live, what are 50 years old? 对于动辄几百上千甚至上万岁的老古董们,50岁是个啥? This also entire? 这也算整? Again how, hundred years old entire! 再怎么着,也得百岁才算整吧! However, this is the Su Yu’s father, he in the Human Realm only family member, was needless saying that Su Yu will go back most likely, even if were very dangerous, his big probability will also go back. 然而,这是苏宇的父亲,他在人境唯一的亲人,不用多说,苏宇十有八九还是会回去的,哪怕很危险,他大概率也会回去。 This point, Myriad Clans knows. 这一点,万族都知。 Suddenly, the wind and cloud begins. 一时间,风云再起。 Su Yu returns to Human Realm, what kind of disturbance will also arouse? 苏宇回归人境,又会引起怎样的风波? Human Clan this time, is thinks pure and Su Yu alliance, is how? 人族这一次,是想单纯的和苏宇联盟,还是如何? Simply and does Su Yu form a body? 或者干脆和苏宇结成一体? Suddenly, various Immortal, Demon, God, Dragon clans, gathered the birthday location the vision, Great Xia Prefecture! 一时间,仙魔神龙各族,都将目光汇聚到了大寿所在地,大夏府 Also is Great Xia Prefecture! 又是大夏府
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