TEIBF :: Volume #13

#1289: The big enmity must report, cuts three Heavenly Venerable continually

Three big Heavenly Venerable stations, formed the three-echelon formations battle formation, almost comes to a consensus immediately. 三大天尊站了出来,形成了三才阵的阵势,几乎是立刻形成了默契。 Lu Xuan looks at this these previous life foes, is counted the lord of Five Elements, was these four big Heavenly Venerable previous life sneak attacked him, falling from the sky that he hit, then grasped from the body his primitive thunder Dao Law. 陆轩看这这些前世的仇敌,算上五行之主,就是这四大天尊前世偷袭了他,生生将他打的陨落,然后将他他的原始雷道法则从身体之中抓了出来。 The recollections of these pain also come clearly into view! 这些痛苦的回忆还历历在目! Thinks of here, Lu Xuan moved! 想到这里,陆轩就动了! In an instant, three big Heavenly Venerable acted, innumerable was cut void, was crushed. 刹那间,三大天尊出手了,无数的虚空被切割,被粉碎。 Is the fluctuation between primitive principles. 是原始法则之间的波动。 Lu Xuan first arrived all of a sudden kept off in the forefront beast sovereign, a fist rumbled. 陆轩一下子就先来到了挡在最前面的兽皇,一拳轰出。 The time, the space, the thunder, fuses together, the shock-wave that changes into the terrifying sweeps away. 时间,空间,雷霆,融为一体,化为恐怖的冲击波横扫。 But the beast reveres loudly roared, in his behind, melted the endless phenomenon obviously, scene of innumerable ominous beast, hiding the sky and covering the earth, the big murderer even was similar to stars general huge. 而兽尊大吼一声,在他的身后,显化出了无尽的异象,无数的凶兽的景象化出,铺天盖地,大的凶手甚至如同星辰一般的庞大。 Lets the fearful attack that any Emperor falls from the sky instantaneously sufficiently, however in Lu Xuan the front of the fist, does not have any use. 足以让任何帝君瞬间陨落的可怕攻击,但是在陆轩的这一拳的面前,根本没有任何用处。 The beast sovereign is not the character of commonplace, can under the suppressions of ancestors of ten thousand monster, moreover went out of one saying that successfully split the beast clan from the monster clan. 兽皇也非等闲的人物,能够在万妖之祖的压制之下,另外走出了一条道,成功从妖族之中分裂出了兽族。 Naturally is also one generation of ruthless, but was only a pity, he bumped into Lu Xuan, Lu Xuan at this time nine primitive principles in the body, may be called peerless invincible. 自然也是一代狠人,不过只可惜,他碰到了陆轩,陆轩此时身上九道原始法则在身,堪称绝世无敌。 The time principle, the space principle in the body, changes into the strength of space and time, crushes all. 时间法则,空间法则在身,化为时空之力,粉碎一切。 Reveres the appearance of ominous beast melts behind obviously in the beast innumerably, the vanishing into thin air direct evaporation, the fist of Lu Xuan rumbles above the body that directly the beast revered. 无数在兽尊身后显化出来的凶兽的模样,统统都化为乌有直接蒸发,紧接着陆轩的这一拳就直接轰到了兽尊的身体之上。 The beast reveres in the world avalanche, the entire mortal body also blasts open, is almost suddenly, the entire mortal body changed into everywhere blood rain. 兽尊的内天地崩塌,整个肉身也炸裂开来,几乎是一刹那间,整个肉身就化为了漫天的血雨。 Three Great Formation was broken instantaneously. 三才大阵瞬间就被破了。 Mortal body this humble one one second that the beast reveres reorganized, but has not waited for the beast to revere to reorganize the mortal body completely, actually sees a big hand to cut the expansive sky, appears in body that in the beast revered, that was centered on the primitive beast Dao Law reorganization mortal body to have a pure white palm. 兽尊的肉身在下一秒重组了,但是还不等兽尊完全重组出肉身,却见一只大手划破长空,出现在了兽尊的身体之中,那以原始兽道法则为核心重组的肉身之中多出了一只素白的手掌。 The people only see the beast to revere the pitiful yell again and again, just like the lord of beforehand Five Elements, Lu Xuan inch by inch the body that revered from the beast grasped primitive beast Dao Law. 紧接着众人只看到兽尊惨叫连连,和之前的五行之主一样,陆轩一寸一寸的将原始兽道法则从兽尊的身体之中抓了出来。 In this process, consumed at least for 1 million years, but displays outside, in the time of flash, in this process, Lu Xuan has no tiny bit exasperation, the patience of ten points is steady, bit by bit the body that revered from the beast grasped primitive beast Dao Law. 在这个过程之中,起码消耗了百万年,但是表现在外面,却是在一瞬间的功夫而已,在这个过程之中,陆轩没有任何一丝一毫的不耐烦,十分的耐心稳重,一点一点的将原始兽道法则从兽尊的身上抓了出来。 But at this time, the ancestors and the poisonous men ten thousand monster came in a hurry late, was not two people responses was too late, but was the Lu Xuan speed was too quick, carried the primitive thunder principle, the primitive space principle, he of primitive time principle, raised the pinnacle the speed. 而在这个时候,万妖之祖和毒佬才匆匆来迟,并非是两人的反应太迟了,而是陆轩的速度太快了,身负原始雷霆法则,原始空间法则,原始时间法则的他,将速度提升到了极致。 In a flash, is almost the flash, the outside world seemed like move of Lu Xuan solves the beast to revere, hits to explode his mortal body, grasped his primitive beast Dao Law. 一瞬间,几乎就是一瞬间,外界看起来就是一招陆轩就解决了兽尊,打爆了他的肉身,将他的原始兽道法则抓了出来。 Although many people know, Lu Xuan accelerated the time of whole body to flow by the time principle, however almost can only feel the flash in their sensations, all have terminated. 虽然许多人都知道,陆轩是以时间法则加速了周身的时间流动,但是在他们的感知之中几乎只能感觉到一瞬间,一切的一切就已经完结了。 This is to make them feel incomparable panic-stricken! 这还是让他们感觉到无比的惊骇! But Lu Xuan retroceded again and again dozens light years, avoided the attacks of ancestor and poisonous man ten thousand monster. 陆轩连连后退了几十光年,避开了万妖之祖和毒佬的攻击。 But erupted like this terrifyingly after striking actually cannot injure to Lu Xuan, two people look, the Lu Xuan back phenomenon were also many one type, primitive beast Dao Law that the beast revered is built up by Lu Xuan thoroughly. 而爆发了这样恐怖的一击却没能伤到陆轩之后,两人看去,陆轩背后的异象又多了一种,兽尊的原始兽道法则被陆轩彻底炼化。 Also is cultivation technique between moment, on the Lu Xuan primitive principle had broken ten types, a strength is more terrifying, moreover is almost in an instant, he these principle cultivation to the peak, fused the peak. 也就是须臾之间的功法,陆轩身上的原始法则就已经破了十种,一身实力更加恐怖,而且几乎是刹那间,他就将这些法则修行到了巅峰,融合到了巅峰。 Has the time principle in him of body, the time is abundant. 拥有时间法则在身的他,时间是充裕的很。 Next to you, poisonous man!” “下一个到你了,毒佬!” Lu Xuan loudly shouts, the poisonous man is startled, retrocedes again and again, but already without enough time, because he discovered, how regardless of oneself draw back, is unable to leave the distance between square inches. 陆轩大喝一声,毒佬吃惊,连连后退,但是已经来不及了,因为他发现,自己无论怎么退,都无法离开方寸之间的距离。 Space principle!” “空间法则!” The poisonous man secretly thought is not good, Lu Xuan controls the primitive space principle, can change the space parameter unexpectedly, her can step forward far of several hundred over a thousand light year, but including among the square inches unable to escape now unexpectedly. 毒佬暗道不好,陆轩掌控原始空间法则,竟然可以修改空间参数,她原本一步可以跨出几百上千光年之远,但是现在竟然连方寸之间都无法逃开。 This was Lu Xuan changed the space parameter by the primitive space principle. 这就是陆轩以原始空间法则修改了空间参数。 In an instant, a Lu Xuan palm overhead racket fell. 刹那间,陆轩一掌当头拍落了下来。 She draws back does not have to draw back, hides not to be possible to hide, can only cry loud and long, the innumerable toxin fill the air in the space. 她退无可退,躲无可躲,只能长啸一声,无数的毒素在空间之中弥漫。 These toxin are terrifying, even the terrifying to the common Emperor, in the contamination little will change into the nihility even directly. 这些毒素非常恐怖,甚至恐怖到了就算是寻常帝君,沾染上了一点点都会直接化为虚无。 This is by the terrifying toxin that primitive poisonous Dao Law evolves becomes, the day intoxicates Dao Law as well as various types of toxin, the poison says Divine Ability, came from primitive poisonous Dao Law. 这是以原始毒道法则演化而成的恐怖毒素,天下毒道法则以及各种毒素,毒道神通,统统都是来自于原始毒道法则。 However Lu Xuan happy does not fear, a hand grasped to fall directly. 但是陆轩根本怡然不惧,一只手直接抓落了下来。 The poisonous man discovered panic-strickenly, Lu Xuan has nothing tiny bit was affected, his hand penetrated the past from these endless toxin directly, has not contacted these toxin, but tries another method by the space principle, seems like that from her front space penetration in the past, passes through actually radically from other space. 毒佬惊骇的发现,陆轩根本没有任何一丝一毫的被影响,他的手直接从那些无尽毒素之中穿透了过去,并没有接触到那些毒素,而是以空间法则另辟蹊径,看似从她面前的空间穿透过去,实则根本是从另外的空间穿越过去。 After the primitive space principle refining up thoroughly, many Divine Ability and imagination of ability that far surpass average man Lu Xuan has. 将原始空间法则彻底炼化之后,陆轩所拥有的诸多神通和能力远超常人的想象。 Especially this world takes the foundation by the space and time, Lu Xuan grasped the space and time, almost does not have toward is disadvantageous. 尤其是这个天地都是以时空作为基础的,陆轩掌握了时空,几乎无往而不利。 Bang!” “轰!” Lu Xuan this palm penetrated in world of poisonous man easily, the bang broke to pieces the mortal body of poisonous man at one fell swoop, entire mortal body hit avalanche, but sends out jet black toxin primitive poisonous Dao Law also to be grasped by a Lu Xuan hand at the scene, immediately grasps. 陆轩这一掌轻而易举的穿透了毒佬的内天地,一举轰碎了毒佬的肉身,整个肉身被打的崩塌开来,而其中散发着漆黑毒素的原始毒道法则也被陆轩一只手当场抓中,立刻抓了出来。 But at this time 而在这个时候 However is the suddenly time, two big Heavenly Venerable have fallen from the sky, the astonishing strength that Lu Xuan shows made numerous Heavenly Venerable thorough be silent, they want to meddle, at this time also radically without enough time. 不过是眨眼间的功夫,两大天尊就已经陨落,陆轩展现出的惊人实力让一众天尊都彻底沉默了,他们想插手,此时也根本来不及了。 Lu Xuan has killed ancestors' of ten thousand monster front, at this time the ancestors of ten thousand monster are catching up to save the poisonous man, but radically without enough time, but also hit in the hand of Lu Xuan directly. 陆轩已经杀到了万妖之祖的面前,此时万妖之祖正赶过来救毒佬,但是根本来不及,还直接撞到了陆轩的手上。 The Lu Xuan whole person is a big star hit land seems to be common, hits in ancestors' of ten thousand monster in the world, the entire in the world changes into the fragment powder, what rule, in anything the world, vanishes into thin air entirely. 陆轩整个人仿佛是一颗大星撞击大地一般,生生撞击进万妖之祖的内天地之中,整个内天地化为齑粉,什么规则,什么内天地,统统化为乌有。 !” “噗!” The ancestors of ten thousand monster were hit directly, huge cracks the powerful mortal body unable to prevent like stars world common huge Divine Comedy unexpectedly, flying high disintegration. 万妖之祖被直接撞中,巨大的如同星辰世界一般的庞大神曲竟然生生崩裂强大的肉身根本无法阻挡,凌空崩碎。 Revealed the principle of primitive monster, was caught in the hand by Lu Xuan instantaneously, attaches the ancestors of ten thousand monster try to come back to life is calling out pitifully in the principle of primitive monster in an instant under the endless flame, changed into destroyed. 露出了其中原始妖之法则,瞬间就被陆轩抓到了手上,依附在原始妖之法则上试图复生的万妖之祖刹那间就惨叫着在无尽的火焰之下,生生化为了乌有。 Was stripped principle of primitive monster the ancestors of ten thousand monster also to be difficult the escaping dead end the destiny. 被剥离了原始妖之法则的万妖之祖也难逃死路一条的命运。 Hence, the previous life big enmity must report finally! 至此,前世大仇终于得报!
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