TEIBF :: Volume #13

#1288: previous life enmity, this life report

Lu Xuan also success integrated in primitive ghost Dao Law own principle, during the moment, the successful integration primitive ghost Dao Law, had become the true ghost to revere, the owner of All Heavens and Myriad Realms ghost concept. 陆轩也成功的将原始鬼道法则融入进了自己的法则之中,片刻之中,就已经成功融合了原始鬼道法则,成为了真正的鬼尊,诸天万界鬼这个概念的所有者。 Cuts two big Heavenly Venerable continually, such efficiency, lets other Heavenly Venerable in abundance complexion sudden changes! 连斩两大天尊,这样的效率,让其他的天尊纷纷脸色骤变! Even if at the war of antiquity, had in that war that Heavenly Venerable fell from the sky, has not had within such short time, fell from the sky one after another two Heavenly Venerable such frigid campaigns. 要知道,即便是在上古之战,有天尊陨落的那一场战争之中,也没有过在这么短的时间之内,接连陨落两个天尊这样惨烈的战役。 However now happened, Lu Xuan kills from the main universe, killed in the world tree mainland, cut two Heavenly Venerable continually. 但是现在发生了,陆轩一路从主宇宙杀过来,杀到了世界树大陆上,连斩两个天尊 Like killing two chicken young was the same, such terrifying efficiency, makes many people have a lingering fear. 就如同杀了两只小鸡仔一样,这样子恐怖的效率,也让很多人心有余悸。 All Heavenly Venerable felt the unprecedented threat, since becoming Heavenly Venerable, has never had the so dangerous situation. 所有的天尊都感觉到了前所未有的威胁,自从成为天尊之后,还从来没有过这般危险的情况。 After Lu Xuan cuts to kill the ghost revered, the vision patrolling shuttle, on the bodies of Heavenly Venerable sweeps. 陆轩斩杀了鬼尊之后,目光巡梭,在一个个的天尊的身上扫荡而过。 In these Heavenly Venerable hearts angry. 这些天尊心中恼怒。 „Does he want to do? Killing two Heavenly Venerable was insufficient?” “他想干什么?杀了两个天尊还不够?” Heavenly Venerable shouts in a low voice, said. 一个天尊低声嘶吼,道。 When the Lu Xuan vision sweeps, to him, simply is a shame, the great shame. 陆轩的目光扫过来的时候,对他来说,简直是一种羞辱,奇耻大辱。 Unexpectedly, the Lu Xuan vision stopped, stopped on ancestors' of ten thousand monster bodies. 蓦地,陆轩的目光停了下来,在万妖之祖的身上停了下来。 The ancestors of ten thousand monster only thought immediately the whole body scale must stand upside down. 万妖之祖顿时只觉得浑身的鳞片都要倒立起来。 Lu Xuan, what you must make, is it possible that can kill off all Heavenly Venerable to be inadequate?” The ancestors of ten thousand monster very natural Lu Xuan in view of directing to all Heavenly Venerable in view on. 陆轩,你要做什么,莫非要杀光所有天尊不成?”万妖之祖很自然的就将陆轩的针对引到了对所有天尊的针对上。 Even other Heavenly Venerable also doubt is staring at Lu Xuan, was his killing heart was too heavy, they have not seen so have slaughtered existence of Heavenly Venerable. 甚至其他的天尊也都狐疑的盯着陆轩,实在是他的杀心太重了,他们还从来没有见过这般杀戮天尊的存在。 Lu Xuan kills two continually also insufficiently, is it possible that after really plans they kill off, to lord over the world? 陆轩连杀两个还不够,莫非是真的打算将他们杀光之后独霸天下? Also has this possibility, after all Lu Xuan was too powerful, after powerful, had such thoughts is also fair! 也并非没有这种可能性,毕竟陆轩太强大了,实力强大之后,起了这样的心思也是合情合理的! I and he dead enmity, had nothing to do with unrelated Heavenly Venerable since birth, you excel at the technique of deduction, deduces one then to know, if others are interested in going to together with him, I deliver him to start off together!” “我与他有生死仇怨,与不相干的天尊无干,你们都擅长推演之术,推演一番即可知道,不过如果其他人有兴趣与他一同赴死,那我就送他一起上路!” Lu Xuan joins hands behind the back to stand, simply has not cared numerous Heavenly Venerable words. 陆轩背手而立,根本没有将一众天尊的话放在心上。 Numerous Heavenly Venerable heard the Lu Xuan words, in the heart, although angry, but has not actually acted rashly, immediately starts to calculate. 一众天尊听到了陆轩的话,心中虽然恼怒,但是却也没有轻举妄动,立刻开始推算了起来。 Although these Heavenly Venerable not everyone excels at the say/way of deduction very much, but cultivation to this share , had almost no weak area, on the say/way of deduction also has considerable cultivation base. 这些天尊虽然并不是所有人都很擅长推演之道,不过修行到了这个份上,几乎没什么短板,推演之道上也拥有相当的修为 Their casual calculation, almost calculates immediately, Lu Xuan truly and ancestors of ten thousand monster have a grudge, moreover since birth dying big enmity. 他们随便一推算,几乎是立刻就推算出了,陆轩确实和万妖之祖有仇,而且有生死大仇。 Even other also two Heavenly Venerable complexions change suddenly, because they also calculated that Lu Xuan and they had a grudge, moreover was the life and death big enmity. 甚至其他还有两个天尊脸色骤变,因为他们也推算出了陆轩和他们有仇,而且也是生死大仇。 This causes and effects almost always remember in the Heavenly Dao, looks like has the archive in Heavenly Dao server, person who their these have the jurisdiction can very easily from noses to this record. 这种因果几乎是铭记在天道之中的,就像是在天道这个服务器中有存档,他们这些拥有权限的人可以很轻易的从其中查探到这个记录。 Naturally, this only limits to Lu Xuan is willing to make them look, otherwise, they simply have not possibly examined. 当然,这只局限于陆轩愿意让他们看,否则的话,他们根本没有可能查看到。 They yes damn the appearance, why don’t know will calculate that this information comes, news that but this deduces in the Heavenly Dao, is impossible to counterfeit. 他们都是见了鬼的样子,不知道为什么会推算出这种信息来,但是这又是在天道之中推演出来的消息,不可能作假。 However they also can only investigate Lu Xuan and they have a grudge, but how having a grudge method, actually and don’t know. 但是他们也只能探查到陆轩和他们有仇,但是怎么个有仇的法子,却又并不知道了。 The ancestors of ten thousand monster and others yes damn, how they were more possible to have a grudge with Lu Xuan, moreover life and death big enmity. 万妖之祖等更是见了鬼了,他们怎么可能和陆轩有仇,而且还是生死大仇。 Even rose to need to always remember that in the situation of Heavenly Dao, this was also very inconceivable. 甚至上升到了需要铭记在天道的地步,这本身也很不可思议。 Lu Xuan just became enlightened, even if he wants to become enemies with Lu Xuan, still without opportunity, if Lu Xuan has not become enlightened with the enmity of life and death he has, that is more impossible. 陆轩才刚刚成道,他即便想和陆轩结仇,也没有机会啊,如果陆轩还未成道的时候与他结下的生死之仇,那就更是不可能了。 Because no one can, in has the enmity of life and death after Heavenly Venerable can also live. 因为没有人能在和天尊结下生死之仇之后还能活下来的。 Even if at that time Lu Xuan is the peak Emperor, but if the ancestors of ten thousand monster really plan to kill him, even if he hides in Heaven still useless. 哪怕当时陆轩已经是巅峰帝君,但是如果万妖之祖真的打算强杀他,他就算躲在天界之中也没用。 The counter-attack method of Heaven has, but the ancestors of ten thousand monster, so long as is willing to pay some prices, can easily kill Lu Xuan. 天界的反击手段并非没有,但是万妖之祖只要肯付出一些代价,就可以轻易杀死陆轩 This point is without a doubt! 这一点是毋庸置疑的! But other two Heavenly Venerable were also the whole face stood pale, according to Lu Xuan this meaning, that with Lu Xuan Heavenly Venerable of enmity of dying, their do not want to run similarly since birth. 而其他两个天尊也是满脸铁青的站了出来,按照陆轩这意思,那同样和陆轩有生死之仇的天尊,他们也一个都别想跑。 Therefore they stood. 所以他们都站出来了。 Lu Xuan, I and others and you do not have the enmity without the injustice, since you must kill us, that do not blame us not being impolite!” 陆轩,我等和你无冤无仇,不过既然你要杀我们,那就别怪我们不客气了!” At this time, the figure capable man walked slowly. 此时,身形精壮的男子缓缓走了出来。 Beast reveres!” “兽尊!” Lu Xuan coldly put out these two characters. 陆轩冷冷的吐出了这两个字。 This is a beast supremeness, the beast reveres. 这正是兽道至尊,兽尊。 The beast reveres with the ancestors of ten thousand monster looks like very much, but is completely also different, because monster clan also contained some ominous beasts comprehensively, but ominous beast, in a monster beast clan, even if changes into the human form still not necessarily is the monster clans, what also possibly ownership is the beast clan, this is two matters. 兽尊和万妖之祖很像,不过又完全不同,因为妖族包罗万象其中也包含了一些凶兽,但是凶兽,妖兽一族之中,即便化为人形也未必都是妖族,也可能归属的是兽族,这是两回事。 However between both, always also for this matter has competed, compares, ancestors' of ten thousand monster monster concept also above beast. 不过两者之间,向来也为了此事有所争夺,相比较来说,万妖之祖的妖的概念还在兽之上。 Immediately Lu Xuan swept the body of last person the vision, this person walked slowly, void has fluctuated faintly. 随即陆轩就将目光扫到了最后一个人的身上,这人缓缓走了出来,虚空都隐隐有所波动。 Poisonous man!” “毒佬!” Lu Xuan also shouted that similarly the status of this person, unsurpassed powerhouse who commands poison, poisonous man. 陆轩也同样喊出了这个人的身份,正是统领毒界的无上强者,毒佬。 Owner of poisonous say/way concept. 毒道这个概念的拥有者 Numerous Heavenly Venerable saw Lu Xuan truly can call comes out their names, obviously is not the casual point name, Lu Xuan, since were new promote Heavenly Venerable, that should not see them, without seeing them has actually been able to call their name, obviously true since birth dying big enmity. 一众天尊见到陆轩确实能够叫的出来他们的名字,显然不是随便点的名字,陆轩既然是一个新晋天尊,那就应该是没见过他们,既然没见过他们却能叫的出他们的名字,显然确实是有生死大仇。 Should not be in the war of antiquity will die in the reincarnations of these Heavenly Venerable some unlucky ghosts hand/subordinate!” “该不会是上古之战中死在了这几个天尊手下的某个倒霉鬼的转世吧!” In some people of mind flashed through such a thought immediately, Lu Xuan with these Heavenly Venerable since birth the dying big enmity, but really could not find the reason. 有人脑海之中顿时闪过了这样一个念头,陆轩又和这几个天尊有生死大仇,但是偏偏又实在是找不到缘由。 Moreover these Heavenly Venerable don’t know many years had not acted, the reason that they have almost not acted, by Lu Xuan beforehand cultivation base, is not worth these Heavenly Venerable striking a vicious blow. 而且这些天尊不知道多少年没出手了,他们几乎没有出手的理由,以陆轩以前的修为,根本不值得这几个天尊下毒手。 How even if Lu Xuan were known as that various heaven the first Emperor, however in the eye of Heavenly Venerable, is still the ants, even, but also several Heavenly Venerable plan the sneak attack jointly, that is impossible. 即便陆轩如何号称诸天第一帝君,但是在天尊的眼里,也就是蝼蚁而已,有一个就算了,还几个天尊联手算计偷袭,那根本不可能。 Has the possibility only by the war of Heavenly Venerable was affected in the war of antiquity, then is only left over wisp of Primordial Spirit not to extinguish, is reincarnated the present, went against the flow unexpectedly by him Heavenly Venerable. 唯一有可能的就是在上古之战中被天尊之战波及到了,然后只剩下一缕元神不灭,转世到了现在,竟然还被他逆行成了天尊 This is only the reasonable reason! 这是唯一合理的理由! The ancestors of ten thousand monster and others , also has such idea, should really not be the unlucky ghost who do not sweep carefully. 就连万妖之祖等几人,也都是同样带着这样的想法,该不会真的是自己不小心扫到的倒霉鬼吧。 This unlucky ghost takes revenge now! 只是这个倒霉鬼现在来复仇了! That one war! 那就一战吧!
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