TEIBF :: Volume #13

#1287: Becoming the public enemy? I do not care!

The steamroll, what is the steamroll? 碾压,什么叫碾压? This is the steamroll! 这就是碾压! From beginning to end entire fights, even the quarter of an hour does not have, lord of established Heavenly Venerable Five Elements, has died in the hand of Lu Xuan. 从头到尾整个战斗,连一刻钟都没有,五行之主这个老牌的天尊,就已经死在了陆轩的手上。 Everyone this time remembered the Lu Xuan words, the great strength of Heavenly Venerable, really and does the time have the direct relations? 所有人此时都想起了陆轩的话,天尊的强大,难道真的和时间有直接的关系么? Perhaps has, but the time in the Lu Xuan front, is not meaningful, because the Heavenly Venerable life span is inexhaustible, because the concept is eternal immortal. 或许有吧,但是时间在陆轩的面前,根本没有任何意义,因为天尊的寿命无穷无尽,因为概念是永恒不朽的。 Therefore he can easily twist the time, lets one second, oneself are for 100 million years, is such flamboyant. 所以他可以轻易的扭曲时间,让外界一秒,自己达到一亿年,就是这么牛逼。 Although Lu Xuan just Emperor to become, the time that but Lu Xuan in fact spent, has been able to match many established Heavenly Venerable. 虽然陆轩才刚刚成帝,但是陆轩实际上渡过的时间,已经可以匹配很多老牌天尊了。 Opens with the primitive time principle hangs, is such flamboyant. 用原始时间法则开挂,就是这么牛逼。 But at this time, these Heavenly Venerable also passed this war, has thoroughly understood what Lu Xuan cultivates was which three principles. 而此时,那些天尊们也都通过了这一战,已经彻底明白了陆轩所修炼的是哪三个法则了。 Time, space, thunder! 时间,空间,雷霆! And thunder principle, although may also be called powerful, but actually also within the people understand the great strength, but the time and space principle have actually surpassed the people to understand beside the great strength. 其中雷霆法则虽然也堪称强大,但是却还在众人理解之内的强大,但是时间和空间法则却是已经超出了众人理解之外的强大。 throughout the ages, including one has obtained the primitive time principle and primitive space principle does not have, therefore they are unable to imagine, the lord of advocating peace of space time, can unexpectedly powerful to this share. 古往今来,连一个得到过原始时间法则和原始空间法则的都没有,所以他们也无法想象,时间之主和空间之主,居然可以强大到这个份上。 So long as they have not been able to be aloof the time and space concept, entirely during the control of Lu Xuan. 只要他们还无法超脱时间和空间的概念,都统统在陆轩的掌控之中。 At this time, in numerous Heavenly Venerable, the ghost reveres looks deathly pale instantaneously, that is a man of azure robe student appearance, at this time immediately only thought the back sends coolly, is nervous and uneasy. 此时,在一众天尊之中,鬼尊瞬间脸色惨白,那是一个青袍书生模样的男子,此时顿时只觉得后背发凉,如芒在背。 „It is not good, cannot stay here!” “不好,不能留在这里了!” The ghosts revere the instantaneous decision to leave here, Lu Xuan was extremely simply flagitious, throughout the ages has not seen such existence. 鬼尊瞬间决定要离开这里,陆轩简直太过凶残了点,古往今来都没见过这样的存在。 After the decision, the ghost revered disappears in instantaneously same place, was only during the next breath, appeared near the universe in the desolate. 决定之后,鬼尊瞬间就消失在了原地,只是下一个呼吸之中,就出现在了宇宙边荒之中。 However has not waited for him to relax, actually sees at present a flower, he returned unexpectedly same place. 但是还不等他松一口气,却见眼前一花,他竟然又回到了原地。 Ghost reveres, do you plan?” Lu Xuan appeared in his front, almost made his ghost brave instantaneously greatly. “鬼尊,你打算去哪儿?”陆轩出现在了他的面前,几乎瞬间让他亡魂大冒。 I have not left!” “我不是已经离开了!” The ghosts revere startle immediately greatly, then he responded instantaneously, he knows where finally the issue left. 鬼尊顿时大骇,然后他就瞬间反应了过来,他终于知道问题出在哪儿了。 Is the time principle! 是时间法则! He was recalled here by the time principle, recalled in the condition. 他被时间法则回溯到了这里,回溯到了刚才的状态之中。 This feeling, makes him feel such as the falling ice cave simply. 这种感觉,简直让他觉得如坠冰窟。 Other numerous Heavenly Venerable see this, only feels in abundance incomparably with amazement. 其他一众天尊看到这一幕,也都纷纷只觉得无比骇然。 The ghosts revere have left obviously, but was actually recalled the time of this space by Lu Xuan. 鬼尊明明已经离开,但是竟然被陆轩把这一片空间的时间回溯了。 They are Heavenly Venerable, the concept of common time, has not had an effect on them. 要知道,他们可是天尊啊,寻常时间的概念,已经对他们不起作用了。 They are the independence in the time, the independence in the space, the great existence of independence beside universe. 他们是独立于时间,独立于空间,独立于宇宙之外的伟大存在。 However now the strength of time really can also have an effect on their bodies unexpectedly. 但是现在时间之力居然真的还可以在他们的身上起作用。 The primitive time principle seriously is the terrifying! 原始时间法则当真是恐怖至极! In the Lu Xuan pupil, is glittering the golden ray, under the function of primitive time principle, the time that he sees, is different from the world that the common person sees, beast that existence as if that the ghost reveres proliferates the entire universe. 陆轩瞳孔之中,闪烁着金色的光芒,在原始时间法则的作用之下,他看到的时间,和寻常人看到的世界都不同,鬼尊的存在仿佛一条遍布全宇宙的大虫。 Because in the eye of Lu Xuan can see he at any time any position, the innumerable time, connect every seconds, looked that look like an incomparably long great insect to be the same. 因为陆轩的眼睛之中可以看到他在任何时间点的任何位置,无数的时间,每一秒都连接起来,看过去就像是一条无比漫长的巨虫一样。 Because can easily see the time path that the ghost reveres, therefore Lu Xuan can dial the time that returns to any Lu Xuan to want his time. 正因为可以轻易的看到鬼尊的时间轨迹,所以陆轩可以将他的时间重新拨回到任何陆轩想要的时间。 Therefore will make the ghost revere the flash to discover, oneself returned to Lu Xuan front matter. 所以才会让鬼尊一瞬间发现,自己又回到了陆轩的面前的事情。 In his front, runs away? 在他的面前,逃走? That is impossible to run away! 那是不可能逃走的! A moment ago the lord of destruction Five Elements time, Lu Xuan showed the anomaly of space principle, then now, Lu Xuan shows the anomaly of time principle. 刚才覆灭五行之主的时候,陆轩展现了空间法则的变态,那么现在,陆轩就是展现了时间法则的变态。 Grasps any type, can unmatched in the world, now grasp so two types, it can be imagined Lu Xuan at this time powerful to what degree. 掌握其中任何一种,都可以天下无敌,现在掌握如此两种,可想而知陆轩此时强大到了什么程度。 Degree that because the time many to can spend freely at will, therefore comprehends any principle regarding Lu Xuan, is not anything, can reach the peak in the flash. 因为时间多到了可以随意挥霍的程度,所以领悟任何一种法则对于陆轩来说,都不算什么,都可以在一瞬间达到巅峰。 You... You cannot kill me, otherwise, you will become the public enemy!” “你。。。你不能杀我,否则的话,你会成为公敌的!” The ghosts revered loudly roared, in the spoken language also had the mood of fear finally, he never had to be afraid. 鬼尊大吼一声,言语之中终于也出现了害怕的情绪,他从来没有这么害怕过。 Since the achievement the ghost revered, he became existence of ghost concept, so long as in the world has ghost existence, he will not have died. 自从成就了鬼尊之后,他就成了鬼这个概念的存在,只要天地间还有鬼的存在,他就不会死。 Even the time the long time to his radically don’t know death is any taste, even among each Heavenly Venerable fights has to keep the hand, therefore he suffers threat is not many. 甚至时间已经久到了他根本不知道死亡是一种什么滋味了,甚至各个天尊之间交手都有留手,所以他连遭受威胁的次数都不是很多。 However now, what concept he felt the death truly is, he possibly, will really die. 但是现在,他真正感受到了死亡是一种什么样的概念,他可能,真的会死。 Public enemy? I do not care!” “公敌?我不在乎!” Lu Xuan swept numerous Heavenly Venerable, he endures humiliation so many years, to can't this time full revenging? 陆轩扫了一眼一众天尊,他忍辱负重这么多年,不就是为了今时今日可以酣畅淋漓的报仇么? previous life was encircled kills, was eliminated the primitive thunder principle, then worked as dog same killing, that he still remembers until now. 前世被围杀,被人生生剥夺走了原始雷霆法则,然后被人当狗一样的杀死,那一幕他至今都还记得。 By the present, no one can do that to him! 到了现在,再也没有人可以对他这么做! A Lu Xuan hand grasped, ghost Heavenly Venerable jumped all of a sudden, he wants to run away, but he discovered, no matter he runs away many times, no matter how he struggles, finally will belong to the home position. 陆轩一只手抓了出去,鬼天尊一下子跳了起来,他想要逃走,但是他紧接着就发现,不管他逃走多少次,不管他如何挣扎,最后都会归于原位。 Spelled, Lu Xuan, you go too far today, I must make you die!” “拼了,陆轩,今天你欺人太甚,我也要让你死!” The ghosts revere to roar, he had forgotten thoroughly, how oneself are acts to him in the Lu Xuan achievement Heavenly Venerable flash, wants to strangle his. 鬼尊咆哮着,他已经彻底忘记了,自己是如何在陆轩成就天尊的一瞬间就对他出手,想要扼杀他的。 the ghosts revere the terrifying aura unceasing bursting, the next flash, the ghost revered from exploding. 鬼尊身上恐怖的气息不断爆棚,下一瞬间,鬼尊自爆了。 Audience Heavenly Venerable some like grieve for like, the ghost reveres immediately as established Heavenly Venerable, was compelled in this share unexpectedly, was compelled to need from exploding unexpectedly degree, even if not they, but also makes them have the feeling of this like grieve for like unavoidably. 一众天尊顿时都有些兔死狐悲,鬼尊身为老牌天尊,竟然被人逼到了这个份上,竟然被逼到了需要自爆的程度,哪怕不是他们,但是也难免让他们有这种兔死狐悲的感觉。 However the next second, they actually saw let their things with amazement, because the ghost revered from exploding unexpectedly by the Lu Xuan control in palm range, the terrifying explosion was unexpectedly tiny bit not to fall in torrents, on clean of disappearance. 然而下一秒钟,他们却看到了让他们骇然的事情,因为鬼尊的自爆竟然被陆轩控制在了手掌范围之内,恐怖的爆炸竟然一丝一毫都没有倾泻出去,就消失的一干二净。 The primitive space principle of Lu Xuan was unexpectedly strong to this situation. 陆轩的原始空间法则竟然强到了这个地步。 How does he achieve? Unexpectedly powerful in this way?” “他是怎么做到的?竟然强大如斯?” Has Heavenly Venerable inconceivable saying. 天尊不可思议的说道。 Lu Xuan just became enlightened, but by the strength, is actually unmatched in the world, was the time principle and space principle is extremely really terrifying. 陆轩才刚刚成道,但是论实力,却已经是天下无敌,着实是时间法则和空间法则太过恐怖了。 Also on Lu Xuan also has the primitive Five Elements principle, the primitive thunder principle, has both one, moreover cultivation comprehended most highest realm. 同时陆轩身上还有原始五行法则,原始雷霆法则,兼具一身,而且都修行领悟到了最高境界 On the Lu Xuan palm, is only left over the ghost revered after exploding only remaining primitive ghost Dao Law, the material that this is the world inaugurates to emit, even Heavenly Venerable does not have the means to destroy. 陆轩手掌上,只剩下了鬼尊自爆之后仅剩下的原始鬼道法则,这是天地初开的时候喷吐出的物质,就算是天尊也没有办法破坏。
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