TEIBF :: Volume #13

#1285: Does not revenge overnight

Lu Xuan waves, on him these emperor soldiers also tore the crack, flew back to Heaven, flew back to Lu Family. 陆轩一挥手,他身上的那些帝兵也都纷纷撕裂开了裂缝,飞回了天界,飞回到了陆家之中。 These leave in the family/home to work as the town/subdues clan most precious object!” The Lu Xuan sound passed to the ear of Lu Family people. “这些就留给家里当镇族至宝吧!”陆轩的声音传到了陆家众人的耳中。 Elder Brother, do you want to go?” “哥哥,你要去哪儿?” Lu Shanshan opens the mouth to ask. 陆姗姗开口问道。 Kills people!” “去杀人!” Lu Xuan facial expression indifferent saying. 陆轩神情淡然的说道。 A Emperor also heard these words, is in abundance terrified, because they also guessed correctly actually some Lu Xuan are plans to kill anyone, two big Heavenly Venerable that without a doubt, acted a moment ago. 一众帝君也都听到了这一句话,纷纷悚然,因为他们也猜到了一些陆轩究竟是打算杀谁,毫无疑问,就是刚才出手的两大天尊 If must kill the Emperor, by the Lu Xuan present strength, has no necessity to leave. 如果要杀帝君的话,以陆轩现在的实力,根本没有任何必要离开。 His thought gets up, these emperors died. 他一个念头起,那些帝君就死定了。 Has a thought that world destruction! 一念起,世界覆灭! The Heavenly Venerable war, will get up, immediately many emperors left, because they know, battlefield there, absolutely not in this piece of universe. 天尊大战,将起,顿时许多帝君动身了,因为他们知道,战场会在那里,绝对不是在这一片宇宙之中。 That is the place that a Emperor can go, common person radically don’t know. 那是一个只有帝君才能够到达的地方,寻常人根本不知道 The next flash, the Lu Xuan form disappeared in same place, when he appeared again, presented in a mainland. 下一瞬间,陆轩的身影就消失在了原地,当他再度出现的时候,出现了了一片大陆之中。 This mainland is great, at least several thousand light years sizes. 这一片大陆广阔无垠,起码有数千光年的大小。 In the center of mainland, is terrifying big trees that reaches as high as over ten thousand light years. 在大陆的中央,是一颗高达上万光年的恐怖大树。 This big tree blocks the sky, like enters in the chaos general. 这大树遮天蔽日,如同直入混沌之中一般。 But on the leaf of this big tree is hanging is not the leaf, but is stars, world. 而在这一颗大树的树叶上挂着的都不是什么树叶,而是一颗颗星球,一个个世界。 World tree!” “世界树!” Lu Xuan put out these three characters slowly, he goes to the place that previous life once had been to again. 陆轩缓缓吐出了这三个字,他再度来到了前世曾经到过的地方。 This is the entire universe center, is the origins of innumerable All Heavens and Myriad Realms, on the world tree is hanging world, once is mature, will fall into the universe automatically. 这是整个宇宙的中心,也是无数诸天万界的来源,世界树上一个个挂着的世界,一旦成熟,就会自动落入宇宙之中。 If makes the All Heavens and Myriad Realms person know, perhaps three views must crash, because the world is not the nature formation, but is produced by the world tree. 如果让诸天万界的人知道,恐怕三观都要崩塌了,因为世界不是自然形成的,而是由世界树产生的。 But this is also these years, the emperors and Heavenly Venerable final destination. 而这也是这些年,帝君们和天尊们最后的去处。 On the world tree, each trace is Grand Dao obviously, here cultivation, without a doubt, far far surpass outside world. 世界树上,每一道纹路都是一种大道的显化,在这里修行,毫无疑问,远远超过了外界。 Even they also seek the final chance here. 甚至他们还在这里寻求最终的机缘。 Came an rookie, a little meaning, this rookie seems like, extraordinary!” “又来了一个新人,有点意思,这个新人看起来,了不得啊!” An ancient sound conveys, having several points to tease. 一个古老的声音传来,带着几分戏谑。 Also can become enlightened under such environment, this rookie absolutely is not the ordinary person!” “在那样的环境之下也能成道,这个新人绝对不是什么等闲之辈!” Hehe, then the lord of Five Elements, but also reveres to fear that fishily must have a headache, they intended to prevent this rookie to become enlightened!” “嘿嘿,这下五行之主,还有鬼尊怕是要头疼了,他们都曾经出手阻挡过这个新人成道!” The arrival of Lu Xuan, brings to the attention of many ancient having obviously, if carefully looks, can see, these ancient existences, are placed the side of entire mainland, each occupies a world of side. 陆轩的到来,显然引起了很多古老存在的注意,如果仔细看的话,就可以看到,这些古老的存在,分列整个大陆的一方,每一个都占据着一方的天地。 The Lu Xuan vision was cold, swept these ancient existences, there are many previous life foes, had a grudge does not report, was not the Lu Xuan style. 陆轩目光冷冽,扫了一眼这些古老的存在,有不少都还是前世的仇敌,有仇不报,可不是陆轩的风格。 He who this, Recultivation comes back, before is not, existence that can place on a par. 这一世,重修回来的他,可不是以前就能够相提并论的存在了。 The Lu Xuan figure flashed, vanishes in same place, death that after he presented again, has appeared in a Five Elements world. 陆轩身形一闪,消失在了原地,当他再度出现的死后,已经出现在了一个五行的世界之中。 Lu Xuan is releasing own aura unscrupulously, in the Five Elements world, is living many Five Elements lives, however under the aura of this terrifying, vanishes into thin air in abundance directly, changed into the strength of Five Elements directly. 陆轩肆无忌惮的释放着自己的气息,在五行世界之中,生活着许多五行生灵,但是在这恐怖的气息之下,纷纷直接化为乌有,直接化为了五行之力。 Even anger of survival also startled and in several emperors. 甚至生存在其中的几尊帝君也都又惊又怒。 Lu Xuan, do you want to do?” 陆轩,你想干什么?” In the Five Elements world, the sound that is inwardly angry together transmits. 五行世界之中,一道愠怒的声音传来。 The Lu Xuan vision is cold, sees the present that together form, said: „The lord of Five Elements, your don’t know I why?” 陆轩目光冷冽,看着眼前的那一道身影,道:“五行之主,你难道不知道我所来为何么?” Although I once blocked you to become enlightened, since you had become enlightened, you should know, becomes enlightened the beforehand these gratitude and grudges, is nothing significance, so long as you are willing to uncover, has your advantage inevitably!” “虽然我曾经阻你成道,不过既然你已经成道了,那你就应该知道,成道之前的那些恩怨,是没有任何意义的,只要你愿意揭过,必然有你的好处!” Advocation of coldly said Five Elements, he has not thought that Lu Xuan so bears a grudge unexpectedly, just became enlightened to kill. 五行之主冷冷的说道,他没有想到陆轩居然如此记仇,刚刚成道就已经杀了过来。 Almost has not given him any reaction time, but he, although does not fear Lu Xuan, but is actually not willing to become the foot soldier attendants of others, has what advantage with Lu Xuan war life and death. 几乎没有给他任何的反应时间,只是他虽然不怕陆轩,但是却也不愿意成为了其他人的马前卒,与陆轩大战个你死我活有什么好处。 If I don't hope?” “如果我不愿呢?” Lu Xuan cold saying. 陆轩冷冽的说道。 „Don't you want? What's wrong? Did you also plan to kill me?” The lord of Five Elements loudly shouted. “你不愿意?怎么?你还打算杀了我?”五行之主大喝道。 Good, I am plan to kill you!” “不错,我就是打算杀你!” Lu Xuan coldly said, the lord of previous life Five Elements encircles has killed him, this time, blocks him to become enlightened, it may be said that is hatred/enemy Jiajiu hates newly, gathered one. 陆轩冷冷的说道,前世五行之主就围杀过他,这一次,又阻他成道,可谓是新仇加旧恨,都聚集到了一起了。 Kills me? You also became Heavenly Venerable, should understand, concept that Heavenly Venerable had not died!” Advocation of coldly said Five Elements. “杀我?你自己也成了天尊,应该明白,天尊是没有死亡的概念的!”五行之主冷冷的说道 Heavenly Venerable is not the normal life, but is a concept, even powerful like god, so long as truly exists, can kill to you looks. 天尊不是正常的生灵,而是一种概念,就算是强大如神,只要确实存在,都可以杀给你看。 How however does the concept kill? 但是概念怎么杀? But Heavenly Venerable is the concept, said, with the Emperor at all is not existence of same class. 天尊就是概念,就是道,和帝君根本不是同一类的存在。 No, there are!” “不,还是有的!” Lu Xuan coldly said, if Heavenly Venerable does not die, how his previous life was encircled kills. 陆轩冷冷的说道,如果天尊不死,那他前世是怎么被围杀的。 After being encircled has killed one time, Lu Xuan knows, so-called Heavenly Venerable does not die, is only a joke, but Heavenly Venerable is truly difficult to be killed. 被围杀过一次之后,陆轩就知道,所谓天尊不死,只是一个笑话而已,只是天尊确实很难被杀死。 With Emperor so-called does not die, is not a concept. 和帝君所谓的不死,都不是一个概念。 Emperors does not die is, each cell can the rebirth, even if only has wisp of aura to be able the rebirth. 帝君的不死在于,每一个细胞都可以重生,哪怕只有一缕气息都可以重生。 Is the life level does not die! 属于生命层次的不死! However Heavenly Venerable is different, Heavenly Venerable is small-scale Heavenly Dao, is a concept, so long as this concept remains, then the day clan does not die, he can in the universe, any rebirth, even if the mortal body were hit to explode, Primordial Spirit was destroyed 1000 times, 10,000 times, he can depend upon the concept rebirth. 但是天尊不同,天尊就是一个个小型的天道,就是一种概念,只要这个概念还存在,那么天族就是不死的,他可以在宇宙之中,任何一处重生,就算肉身被打爆,元神被毁灭一千次,一万次,他都可以依靠概念重生。 So long as is also eulogizing his name in some All Heavens and Myriad Realms people, so long as also some people know that the concept of Five Elements, he will never die. 只要在诸天万界还有人歌颂着他的姓名,只要还有人知道五行的概念,他就是永远不会死的。 This is the reason that Heavenly Venerable do not die! 这才是天尊们不死的原因! However Lu Xuan actually knows, this is only the surface, if must kill Heavenly Venerable, there is means that before the ancient age, has Heavenly Court Heavenly Venerable to fall from the sky. 但是陆轩却知道,这只是表面而已,如果要杀死天尊,还是有办法的,在古老的年代以前,就有天庭天尊陨落。 But until now, Heavenly Court also who can remember these Heavenly Venerable are who? 而到现在为止,天庭还有谁能够记住这些天尊是谁? No one had known, the concept that because they have was erased, their disappearances, were erased from the memory of everyone, has never existed. 已经无人知晓了,因为他们存在的概念就被抹除了,他们的消失,是从每一个人的记忆之中被抹除,从来就不存在过。 Fundamentally was denied! 从根本上被否定! This writes off Heavenly Venerable only means! 这才是抹杀一个天尊唯一的办法! Falling from the sky of Lu Xuan previous life, was then erased the trace of existence, was eliminated from an entire time river. 陆轩前世的陨落,便是被抹除了存在的痕迹,从一整条时间长河中被消除掉。 Heavenly Venerable does not die, but can be erased, not?” Lu Xuan sneers. 天尊不死,但是可以被抹除,不是么?”陆轩冷笑一声。 Buzz!” “嗡!” The Lu Xuan whole body, the terrifying vitality ebullition, submerged all, the entire Five Elements world under the Lu Xuan vitality, crashed, innumerable life deaths. 陆轩周身,恐怖的气血沸腾,淹没了一切,整个五行世界在陆轩的气血之下,崩塌了,无数生灵死亡。
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