TEIBF :: Volume #13

#1284: Achievement Heavenly Venerable

The incarnation unites! 化身合一! Lu Xuan fused the incarnation of thunder principle again, killed directly to Yin-Yang Heavenly Venerable. 陆轩再度融合了雷霆法则的化身,直接杀向了阴阳天尊 The Yin-Yang fish was the incarnation of Yin-Yang principle, the terrifying, both fused, almost on chaos. 阴阳鱼是阴阳法则的化身,恐怖极了,两者融合,差一点就化出了混沌。 The chaos are also all beginnings, all end points, are ultimate. 混沌也是一切的起点,一切的终点,是终极。 Broken!” “破!” Lu Xuan loudly shouts, the terrifying sword glow has swept away near dozens light years universes together the desolate, rumbled directly the Yin-Yang Heavenly Venerable front. 陆轩大喝一声,一道恐怖的剑芒横扫过几十光年的宇宙边荒,直接轰到了阴阳天尊的面前。 Yin-Yang Heavenly Venerable front Yin-Yang fish changed into strongest Yin-Yang Barrier. 阴阳天尊面前的阴阳鱼化为了最强的阴阳结界 Bang!” “嘭!” Bang!” “嘭!” Bang!” “嘭!” Inch by inch, emperors see, Yin-Yang Heavenly Venerable front Yin-Yang fish Barrier, crashed inch by inch, disruption inch by inch, really terrifying. 一寸一寸,一众帝君们看到,阴阳天尊面前的阴阳鱼所化的结界,一寸一寸的崩塌了,一寸一寸的碎裂开来,着实恐怖极了。 Buzz!” “嗡!” The space fluctuation of terrifying shake universe shook together, the sword glow pierced the Yin-Yang Heavenly Venerable body directly. 一道恐怖的震荡宇宙的空间波动震荡了开来,剑芒直接洞穿了阴阳天尊的身躯。 Yin-Yang Heavenly Venerable is unemotional, own body was opened a large cave/hole by Lu Xuan, but he is indifferent, backhands a palm to lay out, melts a monster of Yin-Yang fish, swallowed toward Lu Xuan. 阴阳天尊面无表情,自己的身上都被陆轩开了一个大洞,但是他根本无所谓,反手一掌拍出,化出一种阴阳鱼的怪物,朝着陆轩吞了过去。 A Lu Xuan sword sweeps, the strength of time, the strength of space, the strength of implication thunder in this together sword glow, that is the ray of principle, pierced all instantaneously, that Yin-Yang fish monster was pierced by a sword, changed into destroyed, the sword glow sweeps away again, pierced on the head of Yin-Yang Heavenly Venerable directly. 陆轩一剑扫出,时间之力,空间之力,雷霆之力蕴含在这一道剑芒之中,那是法则的光芒,瞬间洞穿了一切,那一头阴阳鱼怪物被一剑洞穿,化为了乌有,剑芒再度横扫而出,直接洞穿到了阴阳天尊的脑袋上。 The head of Yin-Yang Heavenly Venerable blasted out directly, even the mark of Heavenly Dao cannot recover. 阴阳天尊的脑袋直接被炸开,连天道的印记都根本复苏不了了。 The Yin-Yang Heavenly Venerable mortal body also change light rain inch by inch scatters. 阴阳天尊的肉身也随之一寸一寸的化为光雨飘散。 Without the mark recoveries of these Heavenly Venerable ranks, in remaining lightning person armies, although still the lightning person who has the powerful Emperor rank many, however in the Lu Xuan front, was really vulnerable. 没有了这些天尊级别的印记复苏,剩下的闪电人大军之中,虽然仍然不乏有强大的帝君级别的闪电人,但是在陆轩的面前,都实在是太脆弱了。 Lu Xuan stands in the day tribulation center, the baptism of no matter what by heaven plundering, he is absorbing the energies of these thunder to quench the body. 陆轩站在天劫中央,任凭天劫的洗礼,他在吸收这些雷霆的能量淬体。 Meanwhile, in his surroundings, stone Huangjian melts everywhere the sword shadow, lightning person army who a sword then cuts broken big wave, is the lightning person Emperor cannot prevent such a sword, was killed by the easy bang. 与此同时,在他的周围,石皇剑化出漫天的剑影,一剑即可斩破一大波的闪电人大军,便是闪电人帝君也阻挡不住这样的一剑,被轻而易举的轰杀。 How long time also don’t know passed, the day tribulation of space in gradual weakening, a Emperor completely all bans the sound. 时间也不知道过去了多久,天上的天劫在逐渐的减弱,一众帝君尽皆禁声。 „In the world must be many Heavenly Venerable!” “天地间又要再多一尊天尊了!” A Emperor muttered to say. 一个帝君喃喃自语说道。 At this time, everyone then responded finally, Lu Xuan crosses the tribulation to succeed at present, in this case, no one can prevent his success radically. 此时,所有人这才终于反应了过来,陆轩渡劫成功就在眼前,在这种情况下,根本没有人能够阻挡他的成功。 Fashion strongest Emperor, becomes the emperor merely 20,000 years later, goes against the flow to become enlightened, becomes Heavenly Venerable. 时尚最强帝君,在仅仅成帝两万年之后,就逆行成道,成为了天尊 But regarding many different, this without a doubt, is a huge bad news, ambitious, wants series All Heavens and Myriad Realms Heavenly Venerable, regarding other major different, simply is the total destruction. 而对于诸多异界来说,这毫无疑问,是一个天大的坏消息,一个野心勃勃,想要一统诸天万界天尊,对于其他各大异界来说,简直就是灭顶之灾。 Unexpectedly, in the meantime, a terrifying big hand dropped from the clouds, tears into shreds the tribulation saying that in a palm racket Lu Xuan, the ghost air/Qi of that terrifying camouflaged the innumerable galaxies, crushed the vacuum. 蓦地,就在此时,一只恐怖的大手从天而降,撕碎了劫云,一掌拍中了陆轩,那恐怖的鬼气遮蔽了无数星系,粉碎了真空。 Bang!” “轰!” Lu Xuan by the direct bang , the whole person was flown upside down at the scene instantaneously, departed dozens light years directly. 陆轩被当场直接轰中,整个人瞬间倒飞了出去,直接飞出了几十光年。 The mortal body blasted open at the scene! 肉身当场炸裂了! This palm was extremely fearful, everyone has not thought, in that flash that Lu Xuan will soon succeed, had existence of terrifying to act. 这一掌太过可怕了,所有人都没有想到,在陆轩即将成功的那一瞬间,有恐怖的存在出手了。 By domineering that Lu Xuan displays, can injure to Lu Xuan, without a doubt, definitely was the expert of Heavenly Venerable rank. 陆轩表现出来的强势来看,能够伤的到陆轩的,也毋庸置疑,肯定是天尊级别的高手了。 First has the lord of Five Elements, now emits a ghost hand, does not give Lu Xuan to have any opportunity of survival. 先有五行之主,现在又冒出了一只鬼手,根本不给陆轩有任何存活的机会。 The experts of innumerable Heaven see this, calls out in alarm in abundance makes noise, particularly the Lu Family people are call out in alarm make noise, however during the contest of this rank, they have no possibility of meddling. 无数天界的高手看到这一幕,纷纷惊呼出声,尤其是陆家的众人更是惊呼出声,但是在这种级别的较量之中,他们根本没有任何插手的可能性。 Facing Heavenly Venerable, even the peak Emperor is still only the ants, let alone their peak emperors are not. 面对天尊,就算是巅峰帝君也不过只是蝼蚁而已,何况他们连巅峰帝君都算不上。 Unexpectedly, in everyone felt that Lu Xuan died, don’t know had many people when is Lu Xuan was a pity, some don’t know many people were are in secret joyful. 蓦地,就在所有人都觉得,陆轩死定了,不知道有多少人在为陆轩可惜,也不知道有多少人在暗中欣喜之际。 Actually sees, in the desolate near the universe, a terrifying vitality swept across dozens light years, like vast ocean, has the dreadful potential. 却见,在宇宙边荒之中,一股恐怖的气血席卷了几十光年,如同汪洋大海,有滔天之势。 The form stood from the endless vitality sea together, his body, has the terrifying aura in the ebullition, the people looks to him, was unable to see his facial features unexpectedly, that is indescribable, may not existence of spoken language. 一道身影从无尽的气血海洋之中站了起来,他的身上,有恐怖的气息在沸腾,众人看向他,竟然已经无法看到他的面容,那是一种不可名状,不可言语的存在。 Why I could not see his facial features!” “为什么我看不到他的面容了!” The emperors of some new promote were not too understood, immediately asked. 有新晋的帝君并不是太了解,当即问道。 Because he has succeeded to promote Heavenly Venerable, Heavenly Venerable is indescribable, inconceivable, has existence of unimaginable mighty force, is existence of concept, had been aloof the Heavenly Dao!” “因为他已经成功晋升天尊了,天尊是不可名状,不可思议,拥有不可想象伟力的存在,是一种概念的存在,已经超脱了天道!” Some established emperors explained said that but in his spoken language also similarly was inconceivable, does not dare to believe that Lu Xuan recovered unexpectedly in this case, the promotion becomes that inconceivable existence. 有老牌帝君解释说道,只是他的言语之中也同样是不可思议,不敢置信,陆轩居然在这种情况下复苏了,晋升成为了那种不可思议的存在。 The day tribulation diverges, Lu Xuan received fluctuation slowly, the whole person has evolved inconceivable existence. 天劫散去,陆轩缓缓收起了身上的波动,整个人已经进化成了一种不可思议的存在。 Returns Heavenly Venerable realm, the feeling is really good!” “重新回到天尊境界,感觉真好!” Lu Xuan looks at own both hands, said. 陆轩看着自己的双手,说道。 When was at a crucial moment a moment ago, he rebirth in pool of blood, dependence is the flying phoenix regeneration technique, although only left behind a vitality of faint trace, but is depends on this faint trace the vitality, Lu Xuan success achievement Heavenly Venerable realm. 在刚才千钧一发之际,他在血泊之中重生,依靠的就是飞凰再生术,虽然只留下了一丝丝的生命力,但是就是靠着这一丝丝的生命力,陆轩成功成就了天尊境界 Now he says it! 现在他就是道本身! Heavenly Venerable is anything exists, that is the Emperor completely different two life levels! 天尊是什么存在,那是和帝君完全不同的两种生命层次! Now only if he wants, otherwise others cannot see his existence, he is everywhere, but actually not in any place. 现在除非他愿意,否则别人根本就看不到他的存在,他无处不在,但是却又不在任何一个地方。 With Lu Xuan from words saying that is his existence, has become a concept, rather than the entity. 陆轩自的话说,那就是他的存在,已经成为了一种概念,而非是实体。 He is the time, the space, thunder three it, all cultivator on this say/way, is his disciples and followers. 他就是时间,空间,雷霆三种本身,所有在这一条道上的修行者,统统都是他的徒子徒孙。 He read can make cultivator under these three systems die in battle entirely. 他一念就可以让这三个体系之下的修行者统统阵亡。 He has been able to feel that faintly Heavenly Dao to his dreading, the Heavenly Dao is a concept, but does not arrive at the Heavenly Venerable rank, is very difficult to feel his existence regarding the Heavenly Dao, can only say that is everywhere. 他已经隐隐可以感觉到天道对他的忌惮,天道是一种概念,但是不到天尊级别,对于天道都很难感受到他的存在,只能说是道无处不在。 However to his rank, can the obvious sensation to existence of Heavenly Dao, the Heavenly Dao in this piece of universe. 但是到了他这个级别,就能够明显的感知到天道的存在,天道就在这一片宇宙之中。 He has been able to treat as an equal to the entire Heavenly Dao, starting today, he will also become a concept to exist, simultaneously his reputation will also spread over entire All Heavens and Myriad Realms. 他已经可以和整个天道平起平坐,自今日起,他也将会成为一种概念存在,同时他的名声也会传遍整个诸天万界 Lu Xuan toward void grasps, three principles appeared, is the time, the space, thunder these three Dao Law, three Dao Law condensed one, changed into a treasured sword. 陆轩朝着虚空一抓,三条法则浮现了出来,正是时间,空间,雷霆这三道法则,三道法则凝聚到了一起,化为了一口宝剑。 This treasured sword is also mysteriously and inexorably exists, is actually not the mortal can see, to Heavenly Venerable this concept, instead was of few concept emperor soldier, the mediocre thing simply does not have the means to repose their say/way. 这一口宝剑也是冥冥之中存在,却又不是凡人能够看得见的,到了天尊这个概念,反而没有太多帝兵的概念,凡俗之物根本没有办法寄托他们的道。 Only then they, are the only night/lodge bodies of say/way! 只有他们本身,才是道的唯一宿体!
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