TBSIABC :: Volume #4 翻云覆雨

#554: Third ninth boundary

Bang! 嘭! Sky over Royal Palace, with Man Hua of Treeman fierce combat, the retreat, then rumbles suddenly like lightning a fist. 王宫上空,与树人激战的蛮华,霍然后退,而后闪电般轰出一拳。 This fist does not have the omen, and speed will draw near pinnacle, in the sky will see a huge number fist to pound, same pounded just like a mountain. 这一拳毫无预兆,且速度快到了极致,天空中就见一个巨大号的拳头砸出,宛如一座山一样砸了下来。 In the Royal Palace central square, numerous expert only think that the ear bank blasts out together the stuffy thunder, shaking them leans this way and that. 王宫中央的广场上,众多强者只觉耳畔炸开一道闷雷,震得他们东倒西歪。 shit......, isn't the confrontation of ninth boundary expert, really the person treats the place?!” 玛德……,九境强者的交锋,真不是人待得地方?!” This vine wall is so how thick, cannot puncture......” “这藤墙怎么这么厚,根本打不穿……” Numerous expert is fearful and apprehensive, cursed angrily in secret, if possible, they wish one could to run away from here immediately , the life did not come to this fearful place by far. 强者心惊肉跳,暗中怒骂不已,如果可能的话,他们恨不得立刻从这里逃走,离得远远的,此生再不来这个可怕的地方。 Before, when this Centaur Race old man appeared, knows that its status Shi Hulie and the others in the heart scared did not say, other experts also almost scream. 之前,当这位人马族老者出现的时候,知道其身份的施湖烈等人心中恐慌就不说了,其他强者们也是差点尖叫出来。 These people recognize the Man Hua identity actually not, but recognizes its ninth boundary expert strength, all said the important matter not wonderfully...... 这些人倒不是认出蛮华的身份,而是认出其九境强者的实力,皆道大事不妙…… Fighting of two ninth boundary expert, that is the scene of disaster level, since the ancient times, fight of this grade of expert, must isolate a battlefield of city, otherwise, will really go to the volume a city. 两位九境强者的争锋,那可是灾难级的场面,自古以来,这等强者的交手,都要隔绝出一个城市的战场,否则,真的会将一座城市给卷进去。 Now, two big ninth boundary expert this, started sky over Royal Palace, such aspect, even if eighth boundary expert must shout 'motherfucker'. 现在,两大九境强者就这样,在王宫上空开打了,这样的局面,哪怕是八境强者也要骂娘。 eighth boundary, ninth boundary, big of phase difference, are it can be said that many first boundary to the eighth boundary sum total. 八境,九境,相差之大,可以说是一境八境的总和还要多。 At this moment, a fist that Man Hua rumbles suddenly, clearly acts full power, how not fearful and apprehensive this makes experts on the scene, if this were rubbed, eighth boundary expert does not die is remnant. 此刻,蛮华突然轰出的一拳,分明是全力出手,这让在场强者们如何不心惊肉跳,这要是被蹭到一点,八境强者也是不死即残。 Bang...... 轰隆…… The Treeman wailing, is moving forward to meet somebody directly, two huge qi energy collide in together, the sky as if cracked all of a sudden, bursts out the earth-shaking loud sound. 树人尖啸着,径直迎了上去,两股庞大的气劲碰撞在一起,天空似乎一下子崩裂了,迸发出惊天动地的巨响。 In the palace, Northern King holds royal sword, protects palace that partly destroys, the complexion is dignified. 宫殿中,北方王持着王剑,护住半毁的宫殿,脸色凝重。 This ninth boundary Centaur Race old man, in Man Hua Regiment Commander with the legend somewhat is how similar......” “这九境人马族老者,怎么和传说中蛮华军团长有些相似……” Northern King muttered, he was very familiar with the Northern Land history, has glanced through millennium ago many secret, has naturally seen the Man Hua appearance. 北方王喃喃自语,他对于北地的历史无比熟悉,翻阅过千年前的许多秘辛,自然见过蛮华的样子。 This Centaur Race old man is no doubt senile, but, from its strength of displaying, the style, some aspects, Northern King had such guess. 人马族老者固然老态龙钟,但是,从其施展的力量,招式,还有一些方面,北方王产生了这样的揣测。 Father, must evade saying that...... Royal Daughter somewhat worries about temporarily. “父亲,要不要暂避……”王女有些担忧的说道。 Gives way to traffic? This is my Royal Palace, where do I want to fall back on go?” “避让?这是我的王宫,我要退到哪里去?” Northern King sinking sound said, „, even if one crowd of ninth boundary attacks, I as Northern King, must at risk of life a war!” 北方王沉声道,“哪怕是一群九境来袭,我身为北方王,也要拼死一战!” During the spoken languages, his body has a sharp air/Qi, is ready to make trouble, resembles to from within the body jump to shoot. 言语之间,他身上有着一种锋锐之气,蠢蠢欲动,似是要从体内迸射出来。 Nearby, Royal Daughter discovered father's unusual form, is somewhat astonished, has not said a word finally. 一旁,王女发现了父亲的异状,有些惊愕,终是没有言语。 Rumble...... 轰隆隆…… In the midair, the both arms of Treeman blast out, change into the powder to dissipate. 半空中,树人的双臂炸开,化为粉末消散。 The might of Man Hua this fist, is really earth-shaking, if not ninth boundary expert, conversion is numerous expert in square, even if one crowd of expert collaborates, wants the casualty most. 蛮华这一拳的威力,着实是石破天惊,如果不是九境强者,换成是广场上的众强者,哪怕是一群强者联手,也要死伤大半。 Makes way......” “让开……” A Treeman wailing, the both arms quickly restore, it resembles does not want to pester with Man Hua, wants to leave here a bit faster. 树人一声尖啸,双臂迅速恢复,它似是不想与蛮华纠缠,想要快点离开这里。 This action, brought to the attention of Man Hua, the Centaur Race old man is not clear, why Treeman will have such response, but, actually can also guess correctly, should have other accidents to appear. 这一举动,自是引起了蛮华的注意,人马族老者不明白,为何树人会有这样的反应,不过,却也能猜到,应是有其他的变故出现。 This situation, making in the Man Hua heart the odds of success increase, the confrontation of ninth boundary expert, the both sides qi energy is very long, even if has Nine Stars Level equipment to practicing moderation, is a protracted war. 这一情况,让蛮华心中胜算大增,九境强者的交锋,双方气劲无比悠长,哪怕是给自持有九星级武装,也是一场持久战。 If a side mentality has the problem, actually excellent opportunity...... 若是一方心态出现问题,倒是极好的机会…… In one vigorous effort! The bang will kill......” “一鼓作气!将之轰杀……” Man Hua revolution strength, one group of people hidden in hidden place, to not have victory fall into one's lap, but how observes effective killing this Treeman. 蛮华运转力量,己方一群人隐在暗处,可不是为了坐收渔人之利,而是观察如何有效的杀伤这树人 Tai Gu gave a method, Treeman radical crushing, is unable to eliminate it even, should still significantly temper its strength. 苔骨给出了一个方法,就是将树人彻底击碎,就算无法将之消灭,也会大大削弱其力量。 Regarding this, Man Hua deep is so, this is not complete Life Tree, thorough routing, definitely will cause the suitable damage. 对此,蛮华深以为然,这并不是完整的生命树,将之彻底击溃,必然会对其造成相当的创伤。 The confrontation of ninth boundary expert, wants to achieve this point to be very difficult...... 只是,九境强者的交锋,想要做到这一点很难…… Now, is a golden opportunity! 现在,则是一个绝佳的机会! At this moment, in the palace resounds Northern King suddenly drinks high: Senior, acts together, routing!” 此刻,宫殿中忽然响起北方王的高喝:“前辈,一起出手,将之击溃!” In palace that partly destroys, suddenly projects a sword light, the sharpness of this sword potential, went far beyond a moment ago. 半毁的宫殿中,忽然射出一道剑光,这一剑势之锋利,远远超过刚才。 Shi Hulie, Gong Bieqian and the others saw this sword light, is an eye thorn hurts, coming out that they detect certainly, this sword contained ninth boundary embryonic form sword intent unexpectedly. 施湖烈弓别乾等人看到这一剑光,皆是眼睛一阵刺疼,他们当然察觉的出来,这一剑竟蕴含了九境的雏形剑意 Can Northern King break through?! 北方王要突破了?! This thought flashes through, Shi Hulie and the others whole body ice-cold...... 这一念头闪过,施湖烈等人浑身冰冷…… Buzz! 嗡! sword light flashes through, left arm that Treeman just restored, as well as a left leg cuts off, its margin like mirror surface, and has ninth boundary embryonic form sword intent to remain...... 剑光闪过,将树人刚恢复的左臂,以及一条左腿斩断,其切口如同镜面,且有着九境雏形剑意残留…… Opposite, Man Hua also acts immediately, the double fist rumbles continuously, each fist solid bang on Treeman, the body will destroy unceasingly. 对面,蛮华也当即出手,双拳连续轰出,每一拳都结结实实的轰在树人身上,将之身体不断打碎。 Wild fist strength wreaks havoc, thunders along with one, this Treeman body collapsed, leafed vine of disruption from in the air scatters, the body is split up, a section of small arm thick long deep green tree net profit. 狂暴拳劲肆虐,伴随着一阵轰鸣,这树人身体崩溃了,碎裂的叶藤从空中散落,身体四分五裂,一截小臂粗长的深绿色树干落了下来。 That is polluted Life Tree's Trunk......” the Man Hua complexion sinks. “那是被污染的生命树干……”蛮华脸色微沉。 At this time, around the square, numerous expert also saw this section of tree trunk, reveals the greedy color, this is the unquantifiable treasure! 此时,广场四周,众强者也看到了这截树干,都是露出贪婪之色,这可是难以估量的宝物! In some expert hearts is ready to make trouble, actually under helpless constraining greedy, robs this treasure in front of ninth boundary expert, then with courting death not different. 一些强者心中蠢蠢欲动,却又无奈的压抑下贪婪,在九境强者面前抢夺这宝物,那与找死没什么两样。 Suddenly, south the square side vine wall splits, the form runs out together, swoops to this section of Life Tree's Trunk. 突然,广场南边的一面藤墙裂开,一道身影从中冲出,飞扑向这截生命树干 You dare......” “你敢……” What speech is not Man Hua, is not Northern King, sound that but spreads from the underground vine leaf, that is the Treeman angry low roar. 说话的并不是蛮华,也不是北方王,而是从地下的藤叶中传出的声音,那是树人愤怒的低吼。 Roar...... 吼…… That form angrily roars, terrifying Sound Wave spreads, shakes Man Hua also to retrocede. 那身影一声怒吼,恐怖的音波蔓延开来,震得蛮华也不由后退。 Around square experts not to mention, one by one leaned this way and that above expert except for seventh boundary, was shaken the mouth to spurt the blood, received the heavy wound, cultivation base is lower than fifth boundary, was roared dead directly...... 广场四周的强者们就更不用说了,一个个东倒西歪,除了七境之上的强者,都被震得口喷鲜血,受了不轻的伤,修为低于五境的,直接就被吼死…… experts on the scene died all of a sudden a piece, makes others call out in alarm makes noise, another ninth boundary expert?! 在场的强者们一下子死了一片,也让其他人惊呼出声,又一名九境强者?! That form speed drew near the extreme, dashed to that section of Life Tree's Trunk...... 那身影速度快到了极点,直扑向那截生命树干…… Meanwhile. 与此同时。 In the front palace, shines the one after another light beam suddenly, was several hundred Energy Crystal heavy artillery salvos, the bang approached that form unexpectedly. 前方宫殿中,忽然亮起一道道光柱,竟是数百门能量结晶重炮齐射,轰向了那道身影。 Thump thump thump...... 咚咚咚…… one after another light beam bang in that form, like hitting on an incomparably firm object, the latter returns safe and sound unexpectedly, is only the speed cannot help but slow, appears the true colors. 一道道光柱轰在那身影上,如同打在一个无比坚固的物体上,后者竟是毫发无损,只是速度不由自主的慢了下来,显出真面目。 experts on the scene then sees clearly, this form is also Treeman, compared with it that Treeman, the build wanted sturdy many a moment ago, the figure exceeds five meters, the bark presents a corrupt color, is lending a boundless strange decayed aura. 在场强者们这才看清,这身影也是一个树人,比之刚才那树人,体型要粗壮的多,身形超过五米,树皮呈现一种腐败的颜色,散发着一种无边诡异的腐朽气息。 So long as a little person of eyesight, can distinguish slightly, this Treeman, with that Treeman, has the significant difference a moment ago. 只要稍微有点眼力的人,都能分辨出来,这树人,与刚才那树人,有着明显的区别。 Is section of Life Tree's Trunk......” the Man Hua vision moves slightly, frowns. “又是一截生命树干么……”蛮华目光微动,皱起眉头。 Two Treeman, represent two sections of Life Tree's Trunk, simultaneously appears in Royal Palace, this matter permeable too many fishy...... 两个树人,代表两截生命树干,同时出现在王宫,这事情可透着太多的蹊跷了…… Bang bang bang...... 嘭嘭嘭…… In the front palace, the one after another form flushed, immediately all around fills unequalled fighting intent, one by one Centaur/troops soldier complete equipment, rushes over toward sturdy Treeman that afterward presented. 前方的宫殿中,一道道身影冲了出来,顿时四周弥漫起无与伦比的战意,一个个人马战士全副武装,朝着后来出现的粗壮树人冲了过去。 Centaur Regiment?!” 人马军团?!” Shi Family, Gong Family, Zhong Family and the others the complexion disastrous incident, to them, in Northern Land most dreaded that is not Northern King, but is Centaur Regiment. 施家弓家钟家等人脸色惨变,对于他们来说,在北地最为忌惮的,并不是北方王,而是人马军团 Before the trip, these big influence have understood, Centaur Regiment in the Northern Land west side, is encircling Black Dwarf influence that flees in all directions. 此行之前,这几大势力都了解过,人马军团北地的西边,正在围剿流窜的黑矮人势力 Has not actually thought, Centaur Regiment has ambushed in the Northern King palace, appeared by this time...... 却是没想到,人马军团一直埋伏在北方王的宫殿中,到这个时候才出现…… „Has Northern King planned at this moment?” 北方王早就算计这一刻么?” The Shi Hulie back somewhat feels cold, without presenting so many accidents, four big influence rebel in Royal Palace jointly, facing Centaur Regiment elite , how many odds of success? 施湖烈背脊有些发冷,如果没有出现这么多变故,四大势力联手在王宫叛乱,面对人马军团的精锐,又有多少胜算? Thump thump thump...... 咚咚咚…… The one by one Centaur/troops soldier initiates the charge, their Heart-Origin Equipment past the ray, covers unexpectedly in the same place, formed a whole, bursts out the incomparably powerful strength. 一个个人马战士发起冲锋,他们身上的心元武装流转出光芒,竟是覆盖在一起,形成了一个整体,迸发出无比强大的力量。 This thousand people of army, like a whole, this is also in the hearsay, Centaur Regiment fearful place...... 这支千人的部队,如同是一个整体,这也是传闻中,人马军团可怕的地方…… But, in many hearts flashes through the question, it is said Earth King Equipment Is the restore, how Centaur Regiment has been able to start this might? 可是,许多人心中闪过疑问,据说【地王武装】一直为修复,人马军团又如何能发动这种威力? In the Man Hua heart moved, looks to the palace, the vision of Centaur Race old man is not cut off, saw clearly inside situation. 蛮华心中一动,看向宫殿,人马族老者的目光不受阻隔,看清了里面的情形。 In the palace tall building, a physique graceful female, with Northern King stands, altogether holds royal sword, the sword blade spreads a strange fluctuation, had the resonance with Heart-Origin Equipment of these Centaur/troops soldiers. 宫殿高楼上,一名体态曼妙的女子,与北方王站在一起,共执王剑,剑身传出一种奇异的波动,与这些人马战士的心元武装发生了共鸣。 royal sword true inheritance......, no wonder by the making an exception life is Royal Daughter......” 王剑的真正传承者么……,难怪被破格命为王女……” Centaur Race old man secretly thought, this is secret that only then he, Northern King knows, Northern King royal sword, Earth King Equipment, Can arouse the Centaur Regiment Heart-Origin Equipment resonance. 人马族老者暗道,这是只有他,还有北方王才知晓的秘密,北方王王剑,【地王武装】,都能引起人马军团心元武装共鸣。 But royal sword, Earth King Equipment Unites in together, is the Centaur Regiment strongest shape! 王剑,【地王武装】联合在一起,才是人马军团最强形态! This, is the millenniums ago, Centaur Regiment invincible true secret! 这,才是千年前,人马军团所向无敌的真正秘密! royal sword true successor, actually compared with Centaur Race Crag compares pattern Is scarce, scarce many...... 只是,王剑的真正继承者,其实比人马族的【岩比图纹】还要稀少,稀少的多…… Rumbling...... 轰轰轰…… In the square, Centaur Regiment and sturdy Treeman fighting erupted, the strength links Centaur Regiment initiates the charge, can contend with ninth boundary expert unexpectedly. 广场上,人马军团与粗壮树人战斗爆发了,力量连接在一起的人马军团发起冲锋,竟能与一名九境强者抗衡。 Sturdy Treeman angrily roars again and again, fell into tight encirclement, whatever it how left Tuyou hits, is unable to kill from surrounding of Centaur Regiment. 粗壮树人怒吼连连,陷入了重围,任凭其如何左突右撞,始终无法从人马军团的包围中杀出来。 On the contrary, the ground projects leafed vine unceasingly, obstructs its action, making it gradually fall into leeward. 相反,地上不断射出叶藤,阻挠其行动,使其逐渐陷入了下风。 this scene, looks at numerous experts scalp tingles, in recent years, Centaur Regiment has to enter the war, but, because the opponents were easily routed, is hard to weigh now the Centaur Regiment strength. 这一幕,瞧得众强者们头皮发麻,这些年来,人马军团不是没有参战过,但是,因为对手都是轻易被击溃,也难以衡量如今人马军团的战力。 However, because of long, has the hearsay, said Centaur Regiment to be not as before, in the ranking of continent regiment, falls to about 20. 不过,因为长久以来,都有传闻,说人马军团大不如前,在大陆军团的排行榜上,也是落到二十名开外。 This also made many people produce an erroneous zone, thought that Centaur Regiment was not strong, now can also in the ranking of continent regiment, be because before , the remaining prestige that saved was the result. 这也使得许多人产生了一个误区,觉得人马军团并不强,如今还能在大陆军团的排行榜上,是因为以前积攒的余威所致。 Now, witnesses thousand Centaur/troops soldiers, surrounds ninth boundary expert unexpectedly jointly, this biography will trigger the vibration of Mysterious Star Empire immediately. 现在,亲眼目睹千名人马战士,竟然联手困住一名九境强者,这传出去立刻都会引发星奥帝国的震动。 Moreover, numerous expert also feels, fighting intent that on these Centaur/troops soldiers sends out, is equally strong like the magma, making them feel that a whole body stiffness, was shocked. 不仅如此,众强者还感受到,这些人马战士身上散发的战意,如同岩浆一样浓烈,让他们感到浑身一阵僵硬,都被震慑了。 Observed in the one side is still so, if faced truly, that feeling met ten times, hundred times of increase, ten tenths strength could not display when the time comes 70%, all of a sudden by washout...... 在一旁观战尚是如此,如果真正面对,那种感受则会十倍,百倍的增加,到时候十成力量发挥不出70%,一下子就被冲溃了…… Distant place —— 远处—— In the shadow, the Bayen vision, falls in this Centaur Regiment, rushes ahead on a forefront Centaur Race soldier, that is facial features with he somewhat similar Centaur Race man, its strength was very strong, reached the seventh boundary peak, directed the Centaur/troops soldiers to clash. 阴影中,巴尤恩的目光,落在这支人马军团中,冲杀在最前面的一名人马族战士身上,那是一个面容与他有些相似的人马族汉子,其实力无比强劲,达到了七境巅峰,指挥着人马战士们冲阵。 Big brother......” “大哥……” Bayen is very excited, takes a step to go forward, was actually blocked by Tai Gu. 巴尤恩很激动,迈步上前,却被苔骨拦了下来。 Do not go out to add to the chaos......” “别出去添乱……” Tai Gu is saying at the same time, its attention not in the fighting center, but looks to all around, depending on the scanning of Smartbrain, he induces to some are not right. 苔骨头一边说着,其注意力并不在战斗的中心,而是看向四周,凭智脑的扫描,他感应到有些不对劲。 Ka ka...... 咔咔…… The bark of sturdy Treeman is cracked unceasingly, was unable to withstand this Centaur Regiment to/clashes, and has Man Hua often in the one side, makes up a cunning sneak attack, making his body be damaged unceasingly seriously. 粗壮树人的树皮不断龟裂,已经无法承受这支人马军团的冲阵,并有蛮华不时在一旁,补上一记刁钻的偷袭,让其身体受损不断严重。 With shedding of its bark, the people actually discovered impressively, under that bark is not the body that leafed vine interweaves, is not the tree trunk, but is a human body. 随着其树皮的脱落,众人却是赫然发现,那树皮下并不是叶藤交织的身体,也不是树干,而是一具人体。 A skinny Human Race body...... 一具枯瘦的人族身体…… This scene, making numerous expert dumbfounded, has not thought can be this...... 这一情景,让众强者目瞪口呆,怎么也没想到会是这样…… Bang! 砰! The head of sturdy Treeman blasts out, reveals facial features of Human Race old man, on the face has the innumerable wrinkles, seemed like resembles to wrinkle in one. 粗壮树人的头部炸开,露出一个人族老者的面容,脸上有着无数皱纹,看起来都似皱在了一起。 Really is a person!? 真的是一个人!? Many person scalp tingles, Life Tree Treeman enough had shocked everybody, in Treeman body that afterward presented that is hiding a Human Race old man unexpectedly. 许多人头皮发麻,一个生命树树人就已经足够惊世骇俗了,后来出现的树人身体里,竟是藏着一个人族老者。 What's all this about?! 这是怎么回事?! Hehe......, cannot think that is you......” “呵呵……,想不到是你……” Man Hua smiled, he knew this Human Race old man, continent in time of war millennium ago, each other has had social dealings incessantly. 蛮华笑了起来,他可是认识这人族老者,在千年前的大陆战争时期,彼此可是不止打过一次交道。 Millenniums ago, big conflict between Centaur Regiment and Imperial Knight Regiment, does not have hundred times, there are 90 times...... 千年前,人马军团帝国骑士团之间的大冲突,没有百次,也有九十次…… Then Imperial Knight Regiment was long, is at present this old man, Continent Adjudicator, Kesinaly! 当时的帝国骑士团长,就是眼前这个老者,大陆裁定者,克斯纳利 How can like this!? Your these Centaur Regiment, so many years, but also comes to go bad my important matter......” “怎么会这样!?你们这些人马军团,这么多年了,还来坏我大事……” The bark disintegration of body surface, the Kesinaly facial features twist, the anger to the extreme, face upwarded to roar, the traces of its figure reappearing innumerable crack, a wild energy emerges suddenly. 身体表面的树皮崩碎,克斯纳利面容扭曲,愤怒到了极点,仰天咆哮起来,其身形忽然浮现无数龟裂的痕迹,一股狂暴的能量涌现。 This wants self-detonation?! 这是要自爆?! experts startled, nearest Centaur Regiment on the scene was not flurried, under the direction of that majestic Centaur/troops, haunched one after another light shield rapidly, kept off before the body. 在场强者们一惊,距离最近的人马军团则是并不慌乱,在那雄壮人马的指挥下,迅速撑起一面面光盾,挡在了身前。 Bang...... 轰隆…… The body of Kesinaly explodes to break to pieces, has not actually triggered the large explosion, but the section of tree trunk integrates in leafed vine, vanishes does not see. 克斯纳利的身体爆碎开来,却是没有引发大爆炸,而是有一截树干融入叶藤中,消失不见。 Makes a feint?!” “虚晃一枪?!” Numerous experts is one startled, has not responded what's the matter, suddenly underground transmits the fierce vibration. 强者们皆是一惊,尚未反应过来怎么回事,突然地下传来剧烈的震动。 Bang...... 轰隆…… The ground starts to be cracked, the entire square, including the palace by a strong tearing strength, all of a sudden the crack is two halves. 地面开始龟裂,整个广场,包括宫殿被一股强大的撕扯力,一下子裂为两半。 Sees only underground, everywhere is dense and numerous leafed vine, perhaps its thickness exceeded ten thousand meters...... 只见地下,到处是密密麻麻的叶藤,其厚度恐怕超过了万米…… In the palace, Northern King brings Royal Daughter to appear, converges with Centaur Regiment, and met with Man Hua. 宫殿中,北方王带着王女出现,与人马军团汇合,并与蛮华相见。 This Centaur Race senior......, may I ask......” “这位人马族前辈……,敢问……” Northern King, Centaur Regiment looks to Man Hua, has a series of questions, the manner of this Centaur Race old man, long looked like with that legendary Centaur Regiment, is ninth boundary expert, is very easy to have the association. 北方王,人马军团看向蛮华,都是有着一连串的疑问,这人马族老者的举止,与那位传奇人马军团长太像了,又是九境强者,很容易让人产生联想。 First let alone this......” “先别说这个……” Man Hua is the complexion sinks, beckons with the hand, in Centaur Race old man earphone, transmits the warning of Lin Chuan. 蛮华则是脸色一沉,摆了摆手,人马族老者耳麦中,传来林川的警告。 Old Master Man Hua, as if you and other that archenemy appeared......, he is swallowing other two sections of Life Tree's Trunk......” Lin Chuan so to say. 蛮华老爷子,似乎你等的那个大敌出现了……,他正在吞噬其他两截生命树干……”林川这般说道。 Your this boy quite a while does not appear, now gives my elderly man to bring such a bad news...... 你这小子半天不出现,现在给我老人家带来这么一个糟糕的消息…… Immediately, Man Hua criticizes, is actually in the heart sinks, said: Where? Has time to prevent......” 顿时,蛮华暗骂不已,却是心中一沉,道:“在哪里?赶得及去阻止么……” As if a little difficult, but......, we first converge......, it seems somewhat troubled......, comes Royal Palace to be late eventually......” in earphone, a Lin Chuan sigh. “似乎有点难,不过……,我们先汇合吧……,看来有些麻烦了……,终究还是来王宫晚了点……”耳麦中,林川一声叹息。
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