TBSIABC :: Volume #4 翻云覆雨

#552: Royal Palace fierce combat

Thump thump thump...... 咚咚咚…… The Royal Palace center, the one after another vine wall was punctured, the one after another team flushed, besides Shi Family and Gong Family, Zhong Family, comes many influence experts that offers birthday congratulations...... 王宫中央,一面面藤墙被打穿,一支支队伍冲了出来,除了施家弓家,钟家,还有前来祝寿的许多势力强者们…… The Northern Royal City birthday feast, the invited guest may not be common, can come here guest, no background is not deep, all holds the astonishing strength. 北方王城的寿宴,宴请的宾客可都不一般,能来这里的客人,没有一个背景不深厚的,皆是握有惊人的力量。 But now, just rushed to Royal Palace central major influence, is outstanding person, each team endures compared with a side regiment. 而现在,刚冲到王宫中央的各大势力,更是其中的佼佼者,每一支队伍都堪比一方军团。 „The Northern King birthday feast, where the scoundrel dares to come dissolutely......” 北方王寿宴,何方歹徒敢来放肆……” Bang...... 轰得一声…… The wild fist howls, mighty current fist strength rumbles together, the ground that leafed vine interweaves, the plow has together the deep gully. 狂暴的拳啸中,一道洪流般的拳劲轰出,将叶藤交织的地面,犁出一道深深的沟壑。 The might of this fist, making numerous expert on the scene reveal astonishedly, this is seventh boundary peak unparalleled expert. 这一拳的威力,让在场众强者露出惊异,这是七境巅峰的盖世强者 „......” “呵……” That Treeman chuckle, leafed vine from underground runs out together, the vigorous thorn forwards, collides with fist strength together. 树人轻笑一声,一道叶藤从地下冲出,疾刺向前,与拳劲碰撞在一起。 A depressed collision, that said that leafed vine fluctuates is a vine dragon, swallowed fist strength, hits all of a sudden on attacker. 一声沉闷的碰撞,那道叶藤变幻为一条藤龙,吞掉了拳劲,一下子撞在来袭者身上。 Bang bang bang...... 砰砰砰…… A series of collisions, that form flies upside down, split-cycle control figure in midair, falls on the ground, is actually a blood spurts. 一连串的碰撞,那道身影倒飞出去,在半空中迅速调整身形,堪堪落在地上,却是一口鲜血喷出来。 This is a figure extraordinary man, the corners of the mouth overflowing blood, the color of shock, is staring at this Treeman wear a look of stubbornly. 这是一个身形奇伟的男子,嘴角溢血,面带震惊之色,死死盯着这树人 ninth boundary expert......” this male low and deep opens the mouth, in the tone has to dread with panic-strickenly. 九境强者……”这男子低沉开口,语气中有着忌惮和惊骇。 Suddenly, the people complexion on the scene changes suddenly, origin that many people recognize this extraordinary man, this is Northern Land second Regiment Commander. 一时间,在场众人脸色骤变,许多人认出这奇伟男子的来历,这是北地第二军团长 The Northern Land second regiment, actually is also the Northern Land Royal Clan regiment, is the Human Race first regiment. 北地第二军团,其实也是北地王族的军团,也是人族的第一军团。 Above the second regiment, is Northern Land legendary regiment Centaur Regiment...... 在第二军团之上,自是北地的传奇军团人马军团…… This second Regiment Commander prestige, has hearing beside Northern Land, cannot think that was repelled by leafed vine unexpectedly. 这第二军团长的威名,在北地之外也是有耳闻的,想不到竟然被一条叶藤击退。 From the second Regiment Commander mouth, said ninth boundary two characters, this Treeman true strength, has not needed to suspect. 从第二军团长口中,说出“九境”二字,这树人的真正实力,已是不需要怀疑。 All around the Treeman glance, here team has more than ten, he actually does not put down in the eye. 树人扫视四周,这里的队伍已经有十多支,他却丝毫不放下眼中。 Northern King, my time comes is very sincere, if you agreed, please commit suicide. I can guarantee, inherits the Northern King position, is still in your descendants one......” 北方王,我这次来是很有诚意的,如果你同意,就请自尽。我可以保证,继承北方王位置的,依然是你的子孙中一员……” Treeman opens the mouth slowly, its around the body leafed vine are getting more and more, interweaves the one after another vine dragon, interconnects in all around, is sending out the fearful oppression. 树人缓缓开口,其身周叶藤越来越多,交织成一条条藤龙,盘亘在四周,散发着可怕的压迫。 Shi Hulie, Gong Bieqian and the others exchanged the look, each other somewhat is anxious, actually does not dare to act rashly. 施湖烈弓别乾等人交换眼神,彼此都有些焦急,却是不敢轻举妄动。 Oppression strength that front Treeman brings, somewhat is really fearful, even if eighth boundary expert, still incomparably dreaded. 面前这树人带来的压迫力,着实有些可怕,哪怕身为八境强者,依然是无比忌惮。 In addition, this is in the trap of Treeman careful arrangement, at this time who first acted, is that person who takes the lead, will be exploded the head by a spear/gun. 再加上,这可是在树人精心布置的陷阱中,这种时候谁先出手,就是那个出头鸟,会被一枪爆头的。 In palace, then transmits sneering of Northern King, I want to know actually, which descendants you decide my, takes over the Northern King position?” 宫殿中,则是传来北方王的冷笑,“我倒是想知道,你属意我的哪个子孙,来接任北方王的位置?” Treeman smiles gently, although the bark facial features do not have the expression, but, has inexplicable moving. 树人轻轻笑起来,树皮的面容虽是没有表情,但是,却有着莫名的动人。 This point, when the Northern King time, later every year the descendants hold a memorial service for you, naturally can tell you......” Treeman to open the mouth slowly. “这一点,等北方王时候,以后每年你的子孙祭奠你时,自然会告诉你的……”树人缓缓开口。 In the palace, Northern King hearing this, smiling of maintaining composure, he opens the mouth suddenly, outside everyone , if strikes to kill this evil person, I the Northern Land 1/3 areas, share with it.” 宫殿中,北方王闻言,不动声色的笑了笑,他忽然开口,“外面的诸位,谁若击杀这恶徒,我将北地三分之一的疆域,与之共享。” Who, if severely wounded evil person, is the Northern Land big hero, afterward seals is Duke, his descendants may the inherit title, and may choose Northern Land any place to take the fiefdom......” “谁若重伤这恶徒,则是北地的大功臣,事后封为公爵,其子孙可继承爵位,并可选择北地任何一地作为封地……” Who, if injures this evil person......” “谁若打伤这恶徒……” ...... …… In the palace, the Northern King sound resounds unceasingly, its commitment the richness of reward, hearing in many hearts to jump crazily. 宫殿中,北方王的声音不断响起,其承诺的报酬之丰厚,听得许多人心中狂跳。 North 1/3 areas...... 北境三分之一的疆域…… Northern Land Duke, the fiefdom in any region...... 北地公爵,任一地域的封地…… ...... …… Such commitment, but since Northern Royal Clan has completed, has never had promise. 这样的承诺,可是北方王族建成以来,从未有过的许诺。 Especially, in major influence on the scene, many are Northern Land huge influence, is thinking goes a step further, then at this moment is the best opportunity. 尤其,在场的各大势力中,不乏是北地的庞大势力,都想着更进一步,此刻则是最好的机会。 Thump thump thump...... 咚咚咚…… The one after another form illness/quick flees, simultaneously shouted loudly is putting to death the rebel, flushed to go toward Treeman crazily. 一道道身影疾窜而出,齐齐高喊着诛杀叛逆,朝着树人狂冲而去。 Powerful aura clash, has to hold Mountain Dwarf of great axe, has the Northern Land uncivilized nationalities that wields the sledgehammer, are controlling Mechanics of machinery...... 一股股强大的气息冲起,有持着巨斧的山地矮人,有挥动大锤的北地蛮族,还有操控着机械的机械师们…… In the air curls up the one after another fluctuation of energy, twists torn to pieces leafed vine in square, holds Mountain Dwarf of great axe particularly, the day rawhide coarse meat is thick, in addition is dressing Heart-Origin Equipment of similar armor, does not fear the attack of leafed vine. 空气中卷起一道道能量波动,将广场上的叶藤绞得支离破碎,尤其是持着巨斧的山地矮人,天生皮糙肉厚,再加上穿戴着类似铠甲的心元武装,根本不惧叶藤的攻击。 In a flash, leafed vine that wreaks havoc in the square, by these experts cleanings completely, this scene had been frightened really executes, bow, bell and other expert both eyes straightens. 一瞬间,在广场上肆虐的叶藤,已经被这些强者们清扫殆尽,这一幕着实吓得施、弓,钟等强者两眼发直。 Strength that these experts show, with Shi, Gong, Zhong like this huge family, single, is unable to compare, but, these expert gather in together, is a very astonishing strength. 这些强者们展现的实力,与施、弓、钟这样的庞大家族,单个来看,自是无法比拟,但是,这些强者汇聚在一起,则是一股非常惊人的力量。 The Shi Hulie complexion continually changes, he rejoiced in secret, if one's own side collaborates, suddenly launches an attack to attempt the throne Northern King, the latter comes such a, even if Shi, Gong, Zhong and other influence collaborated, even if can win is still the hard victory. 施湖烈脸色连变,他暗中庆幸,如果己方联手,突然发难逼宫北方王,后者来这么一手,哪怕是施、弓、钟势力联手,就算能胜也是惨胜。 Sees one by one expert that the illness/quick to/clashes, Treeman is actually not flurried, said in a soft voice: Pitifully......, you are the Northern Land nuclei, today must die here......” 看到疾冲过来的一个个强者,树人却是毫不慌乱,轻声道:“可惜……,你们都是北地的中坚力量,今日就要死在这里了……” At this time, the ground of Treeman under foot, vibrates suddenly, the bang, a huge vine shape lifeform runs out of the ground, impressively is incomparably huge Dragon-Alligator. 此时,树人脚下的地面,忽然抖动起来,轰得一声,一条巨大的藤状生物冲出地面,赫然是一头无比巨大的龙鳄 This is purely by Life Tree, interweaves Dragon-Alligator that becomes, is actually sending out incomparably fearful oppression strength, opens the huge mouth, will flush to swallow in forefront dozens expert all of a sudden. 这是纯粹由生命树枝,交织而成的龙鳄,却是散发着无比可怕的压迫力,张开巨口,一下子将冲在最前面的数十名强者吞了进去。 kacha kacha...... 咔嚓咔嚓…… Vine shape Dragon-Alligator within the body, follows close on is transmitting a skeleton to crash, bloody water jump to shoot from the leafed vine slit, obviously was swallowed into these expert, perhaps died again cannot die. 藤状龙鳄体内,紧跟着传来一阵骨骼碎裂声,一股股血水从叶藤缝隙中迸射出来,显然被吞入其中的那些强者,恐怕是死得不能再死了。 this scene, is startled the experts eyelid on the scene to jump crazily, must know that these experts strengths jointly, ninth boundary expert, is still not necessarily able easily to say the victory even, unexpectedly all of a sudden buckle so many strengths. 这一幕,惊得在场强者们眼皮狂跳,要知道这些强者们联手的力量,就算是九境强者,也未必能够轻易言胜,竟然一下子折损了这么多力量。 Treeman smiles lightly, lifts the hand empty to grasp gently, strange wind moves, blows off these blood fog completely, this Treeman seems like some cleanliness/mysophobia, unhappy this type of blood stain. 树人淡淡一笑,抬手轻轻虚握,一股奇异的风吹动,将那些血雾全部吹散,这树人似乎有些洁癖,不喜这种血污。 Goal of my trip, only then Northern King, you are unqualified with me oppose.” “我此行的目的,只有北方王,你们还不够资格与我对立。” Therefore, in one side, peaceful looks, is the best choice, otherwise......” “所以,待在一旁,安静的看着,才是最好的选择,否则……” ...... …… Treeman opens the mouth slowly, many meaning of threat, have not made one be afraid. 树人缓缓开口,并没有多少威胁的意味,却让人不寒而栗。 The strength that in the short time, Treeman shows, showed that its has this energy, with the entire Royal Palace numerous expert oppositions. 短短时间内,树人展现的实力,证明其有这个底气,与整个王宫众多强者对立。 Buzz...... 嗡…… Suddenly, in that giant Dragon-Alligator, the one after another grating howl resounds, the bang, the body of Dragon-Alligator opens wide a hole. 突然,那具巨型龙鳄中,一道道刺耳的啸声响起,轰得一声,龙鳄的身体洞开一个窟窿。 With a loud sound, high capacity bombs throw, close to Treeman, one after another has not ruptured. 随着一声巨响,一颗颗高爆炸弹投掷出来,尚未靠近树人,已经一一爆裂开来。 This type of high capacity bomb, is by high-purity Energy Crystal, the might of each explosion, the entire square, Royal Palace raises sufficiently flies. 这种高爆炸弹,是由高纯度的能量结晶而成,每一颗爆炸的威力,都足以将整个广场,连带王宫都掀飞。 This scene, looks at experts of distant place to have a big shock, stops the footsteps, turns the head to graze to go toward the square outside. 这一情景,瞧得远处的强者们大惊失色,纷纷停住脚步,转头朝着广场外飞掠而去。 experts many eyesight wise on the scene, naturally distinguishes all of a sudden, the might of this type of high capacity bomb astonishing, let alone is seventh boundary expert, eighth boundary expert in such near distance, was exploded the words, must be seriously injured. 在场的强者们不乏眼力高明者,自然一下子分辨出来,这种高爆炸弹的威力有多惊人,别说是七境强者,八境强者在这么近的距离,被炸个正着的话,也要身受重伤。 Treeman was also startled, immediately lifts the hand, innumerable leafed vine multiply from the ground, rapidly its package. 树人也被惊到了,立时抬手,无数叶藤从地上滋生,迅速将其包裹进去。 Hehe......, death, evil person......” “呵呵……,死吧,恶徒……” Rebel courts death!” “叛逆找死!” ...... …… From the Dragon-Alligator body, runs out of several forms, impressively is a fighting Mechanic team, these Mechanic complexion alienations, the look is extremely crazy, including people are even holding one group of high capacity bombs, flushed like this. 龙鳄身体里,冲出数道身影,赫然是一支战斗机械师的队伍,这些机械师面色狂乱,眼神极其疯狂,其中有人甚至抱着一团高爆炸弹,就这样冲了过来。 Rumbling rumbling...... 轰轰轰轰…… next moment, high capacity bombs detonated thoroughly, all around has leafed vine to interweave unceasingly the regeneration, is unable to resist this type of explosive shock wave the might, the entire square was blown off all of a sudden. 下一刻,一颗颗高爆炸弹彻底引爆了,四周不断有叶藤交织再生,也无法抵挡这种爆炸冲击波的威力,整个广场一下子被炸飞了。 Front part of palace walls of...... 连带的,还有前方一部分的宫殿墙壁…… The square became stretch of ruins, is burned black leafed vine, the crushed stone piles up everywhere in together, actually does not see that Treeman form. 广场成了一片废墟,到处是焦黑的叶藤,碎石堆积在一起,却是不见那树人的身影。 In the palace, Northern King is gazing at this scene, in the dignified vision has a deep remorse, this fighting Mechanic team is his card in hand. 宫殿上,北方王注视着这一幕,威严的目光中有着一丝沉痛,这支战斗机械师队伍是他的底牌。 This fighting Mechanic team, to aim at Gong Family and Zhong Family these influence, cannot think that sacrificed completely here. 原本这支战斗机械师队伍,是为了针对弓家钟家那些势力的,想不到全部在这里牺牲了。 Father......” “父亲……” Royal Daughter goes forward, looks at present scene, reminded in a soft voice: „The Royal Palace surrounding vine wall, has not vanished, that aura has not weakened many......” 王女上前,看着眼前的一幕,却是轻声提醒:“王宫周围的藤墙,并没有消失,那气息也没有削弱多少……” Northern King nods, sees the daughter who he most was proud, has not truly trained wrong, at this kind of time, still had such keen power of observation. 北方王点头,看了看他最引以为傲的女儿,确实没有培养错,在这种时候,依然有这样敏锐的观察力。 Bang! 轰隆! Suddenly, giant Dragon-Alligator from underground jumps out, the form fled together. 突然,一具巨型龙鳄从地下窜出,一道身影窜了出来。 Except the bark of body surface somewhat burned black, Treeman many damages, he has not made vine shape Dragon-Alligator resist major part explosion powers. 除去体表的树皮有些焦黑,树人并没有多少损伤,他让藤形龙鳄抵挡了一大部分的爆炸威力。 It seems like......, I underestimated you......” “看来……,我小看了你们……” Treeman turns the head, looks to the distant place, the one after another influence team, the body leaps one share fearful killing intent. 树人转头,看向远处,一支支势力的队伍,身上腾起一股子可怕的杀意 Originally does not want to manage you, now, the fellow who is in the way your solved, copes with Northern King again......” “本来不想管你们,现在,还是将你们这些碍事的家伙解决了,再对付北方王……” Treeman moved, the figure in a flash, has vanished in same place, appears again, in the Shi Hulie body side, has lifted the arm, changes into a vine blade, cut. 树人动了,身形一晃,已是消失在原地,再出现时,已是在施湖烈身侧,抬起手臂,化为一把藤刀,就是斩了下来。 Bang...... 轰…… All around space, presents a distortion, this blade of might, regarding expert under eighth boundary, only looks at its power and influence, has the impulsion of spitting blood. 四周的空间,呈现出一种扭曲,这一刀的威力之强,对于八境之下的强者来说,单是看其威势,就有吐血的冲动。 Your excellency, we not necessarily are the enemies, why must look for me......” “阁下,我们未必是敌人,为何要找我……” Shi Hulie is shouting loudly, wanted saying that sat to chat, was actually without enough time, can only revolve the whole body strength, wielded the both arms, the might of azure brassard stimulates, to move forward to meet somebody completely. 施湖烈高喊着,想要说坐下来谈谈,却是来不及了,只能运转全身力量,挥动双臂,青色臂铠的威力全部激发,迎了上去。 Bang! 嘭! That space as if exploded all of a sudden, everywhere qi energy toward swept across in all directions, forms hurricanes. 那处空间似乎一下子爆开了,漫天的气劲朝着四面八方席卷,形成一股股飓风。 In a flash, Treeman, Shi Hulie has fought dozens, the latter retrocedes again and again, wants to leave the regiment, is actually not able to achieve. 一瞬间,树人,施湖烈已经交手数十记,后者连连后退,想要脱出战团,却始终无法做到。 Just fought, Shi Hulie understands, this Treeman strength, is real ninth boundary, is not it can contend. 刚一交手,施湖烈就明白,这树人的力量,乃是货真价实的九境,根本不是其能抗衡的。 However, wants to withdraw, is actually hard to achieve, because on Treeman has one share strange suction, is pulling Shi Hulie unceasingly, slows down its speed unceasingly. 但是,想要脱身,却难以做到,因为树人身上有一股子古怪的吸力,不断拉扯着施湖烈,不断减缓其速度。 This scene, making in the Shi Hulie heart greatly anxious, he has used the strongest might of azure brassard, this method is hard to be lasting, after a while, that is defeated again the killed fate. 这一情景,让施湖烈心中大急,他已经动用了青色臂铠的最强威力,这种手段难以持久,再过一会儿,那就是落败被杀的下场。 Gong Bieqian, Noble Descendant Zhong , helping me...... Shi Hulie shout quickly greatly. 弓别乾,钟王孙,快来助我……”施湖烈大喊道。 Nearby, Gong Bieqian has not gone forward to rescue, witnesses the great strength of this Treeman, he somewhat hesitates, whether must with it be an enemy. 一旁,弓别乾则是没有上前救援,目睹这树人的强大,他有些犹豫,是否要与之为敌。 The distant place, a covert place, Man Hua, Tai Gu and the others had arrived, has hidden in the hidden place, is observing the war silently, to them, experts on the scene may not have one is a friend, necessity that has not helped one another. 远处,一个隐蔽的地方,蛮华苔骨等人早就到了,一直潜藏在暗处,默默观察着战局,对于他们来说,在场的强者们可没一个是朋友,没有相助的必要。 Ancestor, making Shi Hulie die in that fellow hand like this?” “老祖宗,让施湖烈就这样死在那家伙手中么?” Bayen asked when the one side, in Royal Palace caused trouble, he has rushed to the , quick converged with Man Hua and the others. 巴尤恩在一旁问道,在王宫生变之时,他已经赶到附近,很快就和蛮华等人汇合了。 Looks at Shi Hulie to fall into the disadvantage, being surrounded by perils, Bayen is somewhat unwilling, he does not think that the personal enemy dies in others hand...... 看着施湖烈陷入劣势,险象环生,巴尤恩有些不甘,他不想仇人死在别人手里…… Daggo is also coldly snorted, wants to intend to cope with Treeman, first solved this fellow, then does accounts with Gong Family and Zhong Family. 达角也是冷哼一声,想出手对付树人,先解决了这家伙,再与弓家钟家算账。 You at this time, but also is thinking personal enemy life, thinks the oneself safety is proper......” “你们这种时候,还想着仇人死活,想想自己的安危才是正经的……” Man Hua stared these junior one eyes, shakes the head in secret, these juniors may miss compared with Lin Chuan far, the latter will definitely not have the idea of this killing with one's own hand foe, can murder with a borrowed knife, why oneself begins, perhaps before also by foe at the point of death, backlashes. 蛮华瞪了这些小辈一眼,暗中摇了摇头,这几个小辈比林川可差远了,后者绝对不会有这种手刃仇敌的想法,能借刀杀人,何必自己动手,说不定还会被仇敌临死前反噬。 At this moment 就在这时 Treeman raises head, cries loud and long, suddenly my humble home Shi Hulie, toward the place that Man Hua and the others hid, flushed directly. 树人仰头,长啸起来,突然舍下了施湖烈,朝着蛮华等人隐藏的地方,径直冲了过来。 Truly threatening, originally conceals...... Treeman smiled here, the speed such as the ghosts and demons are ordinary, suddenly arrived at the near. “真正有威胁的,原来藏在这里……”树人笑了起来,速度如鬼魅一般,眨眼间就到了近前。 Man Hua knits the brows, the Centaur Race old man is keen, had guessed correctly, Treeman should detect group of people the place of hidden. 蛮华皱了皱眉,人马族老者何等敏锐,早就猜到,树人应该察觉到了己方这群人的隐藏之地。 Man Hua somewhat is puzzled, method that he goes into hiding, if the spirit of true Life Tree, cannot detect is right. 只是,蛮华还是有些不解,他隐匿的手段,如果是真正的生命树之灵,是察觉不到的才对。 After all, regarding Life Tree, millenniums ago, Man Hua and other unusual expert, but has conducted the thorough understanding...... 毕竟,对于生命树,在千年前,蛮华等数位超凡强者,可是进行过深入的了解的…… Young Mister Chuan, did you come? A while might rely on your strength......” 川小先生,你来了么?一会儿说不定要借助你的力量……” Man Hua is so whispering, then takes a step from the shadow place, moves forward to meet somebody. 蛮华这般嘀咕着,则是从阴影处迈步而出,迎了上去。 Another side, Lin Chuan responded, he drew near, but came across some strange things, will delay slightly. 另一边,林川则是回应,他快到了,只是遇到了一些奇怪的事情,会稍微耽搁一下。 Man Hua stares, at once has not said anything, with Treeman games in one. 蛮华一愣,旋即没有说什么,与树人在了一处。 Bang...... 轰隆…… Under the numerous expert panic-stricken gazes, showdown between a ninth boundary, launched like this...... 在众多强者惊骇的注视下,一场九境之间的对决,就这样展开了…… Meanwhile. 与此同时。 Close to the Royal Palace central place, Lin Chuan stopped, stands in same place, is gazing at the front wall. 靠近王宫中央的地方,林川停了下来,站在原地,注视着前方一面墙壁。 Six Arms and Kitty Lan also stopped, has not inquired anything, looks at the Lin Chuan action silently. 六手蓝小喵也停了下来,却是并没有询问什么,默默看着林川的举动。 On the front wall, carves designs, is records the meritorious wall of Northern Royal Clan history...... 前方的墙壁上,雕刻一幅幅图案,是记载北方王族历史的功勋墙…… This is a scenic spot in Royal Palace, is symbolizing the magnificence of Northern Royal Clan, however in the Lin Chuan eye, not these brilliant achievement designs that he sees, the forehead eyeball design appears unceasingly, presents the true colors of this wall. 这是王宫中的一处景点,也象征着北方王族的辉煌,但是在林川眼中,他看到的并不是那些辉煌战绩图案,额头眼球图案不断浮现,呈现出这面墙壁的真面目。 That is the one after another strange trace interweaves, a leaf of gateway that thus forms, this is purely the gateway that is congealed by the energy...... 那是一道道奇异的纹路交织,从而形成的一扇门户,这是纯粹由能量凝成的门户…… Such gateway, Lin Chuan has never seen, but, actually listens Moon Core Has mentioned, in Gem Country has such gateway. 这样的门户,林川从未见过,但是,却听【月核】提及过,宝石之国中就有这样的门户。 Machine Lord, in this gateway has very astonishing thing......” Moon Core Said. 机主,这门户中有很惊人的东西……”【月核】道。 Lin Chuan nods slightly, revolution Mental Energy, changes into a Mental Energy big net, integrates in this leaf of gateway. 林川微微颔首,运转精神能量,化为一张精神能量的大网,融入这扇门户中。
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