TBSIABC :: Volume #4 翻云覆雨

#550: The calamity of god tree

Bang! 砰! A Lin Chuan palm of the hand claps on the Kitty Lan forehead, spreads the metal collision sound, the forehead of this little fellow now is not general hard, can hit to put on the Six Stars Level alloying plate. 林川一巴掌拍在蓝小喵脑门上,传出金属碰撞般的响声,这小家伙的脑门如今不是一般的硬,能够撞穿六星级的合金板了。 Do not boast......, Harpoon?” “别咋咋呼呼……,鱼叉呢?” Observes the situation, Lin Chuan discovered that did not have the Harpoon trace, this makes him be worried very much, the little white bull strength is not good, if this goes out, that is more unfortunate than fortunate. 环视一圈,林川发现没了鱼叉的踪影,这让他很担心,小白牛的实力不行,这要是出去,那可是凶多吉少。 Meow......” “喵……” The Kitty Lan two claw are gesticulating, informed little white bull Harpoon and Man Hua they converged, because heard the Lin Chuan woman to come...... 蓝小喵两只爪子比划着,告知小白牛鱼叉蛮华他们汇合了,因为听到林川的女人来了…… Lin Chuan: „......” 林川:“……” ...... 滋滋…… communicator spreads a confused sound, then did not have the sound, the signal to shut off. 通讯器传出一阵错乱的声音,而后没了声音,信号已经被切断了。 However, Lin Chuan and Tai Gu can relate freely, does not need to be worried about the communications problem. 不过,林川苔骨能够自由联系,倒不用担心通讯问题。 That side how?” Lin Chuan asked. “那边怎么样?”林川问道。 Entire Royal Palace falls into huge Life Tree covering, in the fellow with that secret place will be unrelated......” the Tai Gu response. “整个王宫都陷入巨大生命树枝的笼罩,不会和那秘地中的家伙有关吧……”苔骨回应。 Locates in secret place about that the matter of continent adjudicator, Tai Gu naturally is knows, now had/left this matter, naturally associates to that fellow. 关于那处秘地中,大陆裁定者的事情,苔骨自然是知晓的,现在出了这档子事,自然联想到那个家伙。 Some Lin Chuan also similar guesses, but, did not see the enemy before again, was unable to conclude. 林川也有同样的猜测,不过,再没有看到敌人之前,还不能这么断定。 Bang bang bang...... 砰砰砰…… Outside the distinguished guest hall, hears the fierce impact noise, resembles has tens of thousands of enemies to hit the gateway, the brilliance that because actually on Kitty Lan sends out, is unable to rush unexpectedly. 贵宾大厅外,传来剧烈的撞击声,似是有成千上万的敌人在撞击门户,却因为蓝小喵身上散发的光辉,竟是无法闯进来。 In Induction Goggles, Lin Chuan clear seeing, outside there has what living person, is changes into the human form the branch, is hitting the windows and doors crazily. 感应护目镜中,林川清晰的看到,外面那里有什么活人,都是化为人形的枝条,疯狂撞击着门窗。 Accident that you said that will be Life Tree will cause the confusion?” “你说的变故,就是生命树会造成混乱么?” Su Duanpo asked in a low voice, she feels very ignorant about the present situation, but, actually also very calm receive information, made the judgment. 苏断珀低声问道,她对眼前的情况感到很懵,但是,却也很冷静的接收信息,做出判断。 In the thing about Life Tree this type of legend, will suddenly appear unexpectedly, but also creates such disastrous scene, she somewhat is really unbelievable. 只是,关于生命树这种传说中的东西,竟会突然出现,还造成这样灾难性的场面,她实在有些难以置信。 Did not say......, we have not expected, will present such accident......” Lin Chuan to say in a soft voice. “不好说……,我们也没料到,会出现这样的变故……”林川轻声道。 You......” “你们……” Su Duanpo looked at Six Arms, she is actually very curious, Lin Chuan this guard may not be common, judged based on her occupation experience, at least is peerless expert above sixth boundary. 苏断珀看了看六手,她其实早就很好奇,林川这个护卫可太不一般了,凭她的职业经验判断,至少是六境之上的绝世强者 sixth boundary expert guard? 六境强者的护卫? This is what concept, must know that she and Lin Chuan distinguishes, more than half a year. 这是什么概念,要知道她与林川分别,才不过大半年而已。 Nanluo City strongest expert, Old Family Head Qiu is also sixth boundary, and before more than half a year, performed a legendary score in Nanluo City. 南罗市最强者,秋老家主也不过是六境,且在大半年前,于南罗市上演了一场传奇战绩。 Now, a Lin Chuan guard has the strength above sixth boundary, this impact force is a little big...... 现在,林川一个护卫就有六境之上的实力,这冲击力有点大…… This is Six Arms, temporarily is my guard, other first did not say, first with our person convergence, other walks while said......” “这是六手,暂时担任我的护卫,其他的先不说了,先和我们的人汇合,其他的边走边说……” Lin Chuan is so saying, under the Mechanic long gown spreads a kacha sound, Cracked Scale Arm Finds out rapidly, changes into at the same time the Energy Crystal protecting shield, covers in which three people. 林川这般说着,机械师长袍下传出一阵咔嚓声,【裂鳞之臂】迅速探出,化为一面能量结晶的护盾,将三人笼罩其中。 Bang...... 轰…… A loud sound, the entry of distinguished guest hall opens, the one after another thick vine flies to shoot the python that but, opens the huge mouth just like one after another, from raids to all directions. 一阵巨响,贵宾大厅的门洞开,一条条粗大的枝藤飞射而至,宛如一条条张开巨口的巨蟒,从四面八方袭至。 radiance of Kitty Lan release, is unable to resist such impact force, this is changes into the human form compared with these branches and leaves, more powerful thing. 蓝小喵释放的光华,也无法抵挡这样的冲击力,这是比那些化为人形的枝叶,更加强大的东西。 Brought to the attention......” “还是引起注意了么……” Lin Chuan knits the brows, the around the body energy guard/shield leaps the innumerable Electromagnetic Energy pulses, the guard/shield also distorts rapidly, changes into three gears, rapid rotary cutting. 林川皱眉,身周的能量护罩腾起无数电磁能量脉冲,护罩也迅速变形,化为三面齿轮,飞速旋转切割起来。 These thick vines were slivered sections, and became the hard coke by the electromagnetic pulse electricity, withered flavors fill the air...... 那些粗大枝藤被切成一截截,且被电磁脉冲电成焦炭,一股股焦枯的味道弥漫开来…… Su Duanpo has put out enclosed Induction Helmet, wears in oneself, on adjutant...... 苏断珀早已拿出封闭式感应头盔,戴在自己,还有副官头上…… Lin Chuan and Six Arms do not have such worry, protects the body by Mental Energy, one is the shadow ethnic group, does not care about this smell. 林川六手则没有这样的顾虑,一个以精神能量护体,一个是阴影族群,根本不在乎这种气味。 Found you! Your this brat!” “找到你了!你这个臭小子!” The angry low roar transmits together, a four meters high form walked, the whole body has dozens vines to wave, in the center of this form, has a head, impressively is Viscount Mundt. 一道愤怒的低吼传来,一个四米高的身影走了进来,全身有着数十条枝藤舞动,在这具身影的中央,有着一个脑袋,赫然是曼特子爵 This time Viscount Mundt, on the face covered entirely the green blue vein, unceasingly beating, then to the eye is also green spooky, is sending out the strange light, does not have the pupil, without focal distance gazes at fixedly, reflects the Lin Chuan three people of forms. 此时的曼特子爵,脸上布满了绿色青筋,不断跳动着,那对眼睛也是绿幽幽的,散发着诡异的光,并没有瞳孔,没有焦距的瞪视过来,倒映出林川三人的身影。 Suddenly, the face of Viscount Mundt is fierce, hysteric roared: This woman is my, belongs to my Viscount Mundt!?” 猛然间,曼特子爵的面孔狰狞起来,歇斯底里的咆哮道:“这个女人是我的,是属于我曼特子爵的!?” Bang...... 砰…… Dozens vines sweep across, but, that strange and powerful aura, appalling. 数十根枝藤席卷而至,那诡异而强大的气息,令人毛骨悚然。 Bountiful in energy guard/shield, Su Duanpo also felt that suffocates, her clear awareness, fighting of this rank is not she can participate, only will be stains 1 points, will die without the burial ground. 饶是在能量护罩中,苏断珀也是感到一阵窒息,她清楚的知道,这种级别的战斗不是她能参与的,仅是沾上一点,都会死无葬身之地。 Buzz! 嗡! Six Arms brandishes a sword fiercely, did not welcome to these vines, but cut to the right side wall, blade light flashed through, cut the wall, had Life Tree of one after another user-friendly impressively, is preparing to throw to strike, was actually cut Cheng ( 1 st dan ) section by incomparably swift and fierce blade light. 六手猛地挥刀,却不是迎向这些枝藤,而是斩向右侧的墙壁,刀光闪过,将墙壁斩开,赫然有一道道人性化的生命树枝,正准备扑击过来,却被无比凌厉的刀光斩成一段段。 Life Tree is really strange, this was controlled......” 生命树果然诡异,这是被控制了么……” Lin Chuan knits the brows in secret, his essence excels at Mental Energy, can see clearly the Viscount Mundt condition clearly, this fellow was controlled. 林川暗中皱眉,他精擅精神能量,能够清晰洞察曼特子爵的状态,这家伙是被控制了。 Or just like these strange hearsay, this is takes that fearful change after Life Tree juice...... 或者说,与那些诡异的传闻一样,这是服用生命树汁后的那种可怕变化…… Lifts the hand, the Lin Chuan palm empty grasps, immediately rumbles, three Energy Crystal gears collided in together, triggered the Electromagnetic Energy pulse large explosion immediately. 抬起手,林川手掌虚握,立时轰得一声,三面能量结晶齿轮碰撞在一起,立时引发了电磁能量脉冲的大爆炸。 next moment, the entire distinguished guest hall explodes, changed into stretch of ruins, Lin Chuan and the others did not have the trace. 下一刻,整个贵宾大厅爆裂开来,化为一片废墟,林川等人则是没了踪影。 Coward!? Knows that escapes......” Viscount Mundt to shout, turns the head fiercely, flushes away in a direction. “胆小鬼!?就知道逃么……”曼特子爵嘶吼着,猛地转头,朝着一个方向冲去。 Another side. 另一边。 The region of Royal Palace back garden, Lin Chuan hugs Su Duanpo, Six Arms is raising the adjutant, grazes the vanguard. 王宫后花园的区域,林川搂着苏断珀,六手提着副官,飞掠前行。 A brow wrinkle, Lin Chuan had discovered, Viscount Mundt is sees him to be the same, flushed toward here directly. 眉头一皱,林川已经发现,曼特子爵似是看到他一样,径直朝着这边冲了过来。 Discussed at the speed, Lin Chuan speed at this moment, in Cracked Scale Arm, Body Seventh equipment Under buff, is not inferior seventh boundary expert, collects the speed under breath. 以速度而论,林川此刻的速度,在【裂鳞之臂】,身上的【第七武装加持下,已是不逊色七境强者,且是敛息下的速度。 Viscount Mundt the condition is now strange, the strength no doubt has the nature to leap, actually is also the sixth boundary expert level. 曼特子爵现在状态奇怪,实力固然有质得飞跃,却也不过是六境强者的层次。 But, this fellow actually grasped the Lin Chuan line of march with ease, adopted the straight distance to clash. 可是,这家伙却轻松掌握了林川的行进路线,采取直线距离冲了过来。 Somewhat troubled......, region that Life Tree covers, our actions do not have to hide......” Lin Chuan to knit the brows to say. “有些麻烦了……,生命树笼罩的区域,我们的行动根本无所遁形……”林川皱眉道。 Mister Chuan the technique of concealment, has no way to flee......” 川先生的隐匿之术,也没法遁走么……” Six Arms is somewhat surprised, he is knows Lin Chuan the technique of concealment fearfully, Materialized Mental Energy The concealment, except for Man Hua such thousand old monster, eighth boundary expert is also very difficult to discover the clue. 六手有些吃惊,他是知道林川的隐匿之术有多可怕,【物化精神能量】的隐匿,除了蛮华这样的千年老怪物,八境强者也很难发现端倪。 Life Tree this type of thing, is really strange......” 生命树这种东西,真是诡异啊……” Lin Chuan shifts suddenly, the figure draws arcs in the midair, underground to/clashes sharp thorns, exactly is the place that his one by one stands. 林川忽然转向,身形在半空中划出一个又一个弧线,地下冲起一根根尖刺,恰好是他一个个站立的地方。 The distant place, the Viscount Mundt sharp laughter approaches unceasingly, in the thick green fog, visibles faintly his form in racing line/traverse, unceasing expands. 远处,曼特子爵尖厉的笑声不断靠近,浓密的绿雾中,隐约可见他的身影在奔行中,不断的壮大起来。 Rumble...... 轰隆隆…… Surroundings, tens of thousands of vines from underground, interweaves the one after another vine wall, blocked the Lin Chuan way. 周围,成千上万的枝藤从地下冲起,交织成一面面藤墙,挡住了林川的去路。 Buzz...... 嗡…… The Six Arms both arms launch, two giant long blades grasp in the hand, the body revolves in the midair, changes into one group of blade light, cuts to vine wall. 六手双臂展开,两把巨型长刀握在手中,身体在半空中旋转起来,化为一团刀光,斩向其中一面藤墙。 This shadow ethnic group expert fighting experience is very rich, is looks, the opponent is to obstruct them, does not make one's own side converge. 这阴影族群强者战斗经验无比丰富,已经是看出来,对手是想要阻挠他们,不让己方汇合。 Indeed, by Lin Chuan and Six Arms two people strengths, in addition Kitty Lan, has dealt with any unexpected situation sufficiently. 诚然,以林川六手两人的实力,再加上蓝小喵,已经足以应付任何意外的情况。 However, situation at this moment is too strange, converges with the large unit, is the sure card. 但是,此刻的情况太诡异,还是与大部队汇合,才是万全之策。 Clang!? 铿!? Incomparably swift and fierce blade glow cuts on Saito wall, is unable to open it cutting unexpectedly, and spreads one share not different instead shakes the strength, flies the Six Arms ball. 无比凌厉的刀芒斩在藤墙上,竟是无法将之斩开,并从中传出一股子无异的反震力,将六手弹飞回来。 This vine wall, has the eighth boundary expert defensive power......” Six Arms to shout in a low voice. “这藤墙,有八境强者的防御力……”六手低声喊道。 The Lin Chuan brow combination, this is not the good news, he has to plant not the wonderful feeling faintly. 林川眉头连跳,这可不是什么好消息,他隐隐有种不妙的感觉。 ...... 滋滋…… Moon Core The sound resounds, it has analyzed rapidly, the defensive power of vine wall, needs the eighth boundary expert might, can it breaking open. 月核】的声音响起,它已经迅速分析出,藤墙的防御力,需要八境强者的威力,才能将之破开。 At this time, near the people ear resounds a sound suddenly: Obedient treating here, plays with my puppet, when I solved Man Hua that old thing, does accounts with you again......” 此时,众人耳边忽然响起一个声音:“乖乖的待在这里,与我的傀儡玩一玩吧,待我解决了蛮华那老东西,再和你们算账……” During this sound spoken languages, passing one share is swift and fierce, is actually the incomparably delightful female voice. 这个声音言语间,透着一股子凌厉,却是无比悦耳的女声。 Lin Chuan one startled, unexpectedly is not the voice of continent adjudicator...... 林川一惊,竟然不是大陆裁定者的声音…… ...... 呼…… Meanwhile, Viscount Mundt has rushed, catches up together, not only has him, the vine soldiers of several tens of thousands celebrity inheritances of forms after their production by the action of yin and yang. 与此同时,曼特子爵已经赶到,一起赶来的不仅有他,还有数万名人形化的藤兵。 Bang bang bang...... 砰砰砰…… Several tens of thousands vine soldiers lift up high the vine bow, migratory locust arrow blots out the sky to raid, but Viscount Mundt flushed, shuttles back and forth in the arrow rain. 数万名藤兵高举藤弓,飞蝗般的箭矢铺天盖地袭至,而曼特子爵则是冲了过来,在箭雨中穿梭。 The Viscount Mundt movement is actually exquisite, but is these arrow shoots on him, integrates unexpectedly immediately, then from body another flanking fire, instead made the arrow path be hard to catch. 倒不是曼特子爵的身法有多么精妙,而是这些箭矢射在他身上,竟是立时融入进去,而后又从身体另一侧射了出来,反而使得箭矢的轨迹更加难以捕捉。 „The emaciated Mechanic boy, dies to me! This woman was my......” Viscount Mundt severe howl, the sound blasted out like the thunder. “瘦弱的机械师小子,给我死吧!这女人是我的了……”曼特子爵一声厉吼,声音如雷般炸开。 Lin Chuan knits the brows, the complexion is steep one coldly, Mechanic long gown is steep to inflate, then bang, an incomparably tyrannical fluctuation emerges. 林川皱眉,脸色陡得一冷,身上的机械师长袍陡得膨胀起来,而后砰得一声,一股无比强横的波动涌现。 Immediately, is centered on its figure, a diameter hundred meters region, falls into one type all of a sudden heavily such as in the mountain force field, these vine arrows under the fearful pressure, were ground the smashing. 顿时,以其身形为中心,直径百米的区域,一下子陷入一种沉重如山的力场之中,那些藤箭在可怕的压力下,被碾成了粉碎。 Gravity and magnetic survey field?!” “【重磁力场】?!” Under Lin Chuan Mechanic long gown, Seventh equipment Has started, the outer covering of liquid metal board, is pasting in the body surface unceasingly, incomparably powerful fluctuation of energy just like flood same racing wells up, covered hundred meters region rapidly. 林川机械师长袍下,【第七武装】已经启动,液态金属板的外壳,在体表不断流转着,无比强大的能量波动宛如洪水一样奔涌,迅速覆盖了百米的区域。 Then, he lifts the hand, flies high to lay out a palm, toward dashing to Viscount Mundt welcomed. 而后,他抬起手,凌空拍出一掌,朝着直扑过来的曼特子爵迎了过去。 Bang! 砰! A bursting a dike mighty current strength vigor, rushes over all of a sudden, collides with Viscount Mundt together. 一股决堤洪流般的力劲,一下子冲了过去,与曼特子爵碰撞在一起。 next moment, the build ten-meter Viscount Mundt, vine branch of whole body had been ground exploded, the innumerable section of vines disrupt, jumps the shoots towards four directions, reveals the Viscount Mundt original body. 下一刻,体型已经高达十米的曼特子爵,全身的藤枝被生生碾爆了,无数截枝藤碎裂开来,迸射向四方,露出曼特子爵原本的身体。 That body, is tattered and torn, the whole body by the hole that the vine penetrates, build also compared with before the former Royal Palace gate, small enough three, seeming like been same by the suck dry. 那具身体,已经是千疮百孔,全身都是被枝藤穿透的孔洞,体型也比之前王宫门前,小了足足三圈,似乎是被吸干了一样。 Well......, this is......” “咦……,这是……” That strange sound resounds again, has with astonishment, is shocked regarding the strength that Lin Chuan shows. 那个奇异的声音再次响起,有着惊愕,对于林川展现的实力感到震惊。 Su Duanpo also stares the big pupil, that she most shocks, is really the present man, and she has had that youngster of incomparably intimate relation? 苏断珀也是瞪大眸子,她才是最为震撼的那个,眼前的这个男人,真是和她有过无比亲密关系的那个年轻人么? The age of this little man, should be about 20 years old, really has such fearful strength, this has reached the seventh boundary level...... 这小男人的年龄,应该不过二十岁多一点,竟然有这样可怕的实力,这一手已经达到七境的层次了…… Underestimated you actually......, after all is the partner of Man Hua that old fogy, no people of low ability, but, the strength of seventh boundary level, but mixes our battles unqualified......” “倒是小看了你们……,毕竟是蛮华那老家伙的伙伴,没有一个弱手,不过,七境层次的实力,可不够资格搀和我们的争斗……” That strange sound is whispering, the ground splits suddenly, vines were the same like the snake, entangle the body of Viscount Mundt, again coverage. 那个奇异声音嘀咕着,地面忽然裂开,一根根枝藤如蛇一样,缠上了曼特子爵的身体,再次将之覆盖。 Then, the face of Viscount Mundt that distortion, opened the green spooky eye once again, swoops toward here. 而后,曼特子爵那张扭曲的面庞,又一次睁开了绿幽幽的眼睛,朝着这边飞扑过来。 Really doesn't have the effect? The Life Tree restoring force may really be troublesome......” Lin Chuan is whispering. “果然没效么?生命树的再生力可真是麻烦……”林川嘀咕着。 Machine Lord, please relax. Collects a while data again, has the countermeasure.” Moon Core The sound resounds self-confidently. 机主,请放心。再搜集一会儿数据,就有对策。”【月核】的声音自信响起。 Lin Chuan nods slightly, told that Kitty Lan looks after good Su Duanpo, the figure to move, moves forward to meet somebody toward resurrecting Viscount Mundt again. 林川微微颔首,吩咐蓝小喵照顾好苏断珀,身形一动,朝着再次复活的曼特子爵迎了上去。 ...... …… At this time 此时 Palace that Northern King is, here has not encountered the place of green fog attack only, but, the situation good not to have gone to there, the vine soldier who because here gathers is most, and continually is increasing, the quantity had arrived at 100,000 numbers. 北方王所在的宫殿,这里是唯一没有遭到绿雾侵袭的地方,不过,情况并没有好到那里去,因为这里聚集的藤兵是最多的,且在不断增多,数量已经到了十万之数。 Around the palace, the one after another sword light twinkle, Northern King holds a great sword of cross sword hilt, the sword light unceasing lasing that the sword blade releases, protects and sustains in which the entire palace, twists the vine soldier who throws broken unceasingly. 宫殿四周,一道道剑光闪烁,北方王持着一把十字剑柄的巨剑,剑身释放出的剑光不断激射而出,将整个宫殿护持其中,不断绞碎扑过来的藤兵。 Northern King holds the great sword, aura increases unceasingly, is getting more and more powerful, the power of its heart origin power, had arrived at the eighth boundary peak. 北方王持着巨剑,身上的气息不断攀升,越来越强盛,其心元力之强盛,已经到了八境的巅峰。 My birthday feast, but also is really what fellows joins in the fun, gives me such a pleasant surprise......” “我的这场寿宴,还真是什么家伙都来凑热闹,给我这么一个惊喜……” The great sword vibrates slightly, reflects the brow that Northern King wrinkles, stimulates to movement north the representative the great sword of king, to him, could not consume many strengths, continued like this for ten days and ten nights. 巨剑微微震动,倒映出北方王皱起的眉头,催动代表北王的巨剑,对他来说,耗费不了多少力量,就这样持续十天十夜也可以。 However, by the protection of sword the great sword forms, the shortcoming, is he is hard to move. 但是,以巨剑形成的剑之守护,有一个缺点,就是他难以动弹。 Father, I can do for somebody!” “父亲,我可以代劳!” Nearby, Royal Daughter said in a soft voice, her right hand conducts the back, appears a strange mark, is the great sword coordinates with each other across a great distance unexpectedly. 一旁,王女轻声道,她右手背上,浮现一个奇异的印记,竟是与巨剑遥相呼应。 You, if holds the protection of sword opening sword, happened accidentally/surprisingly is hard to withdraw, I came, waited a while to clarify the situation, did to decide...... Northern King sinking sound to say again. “你如果持剑开启剑之守护,发生意外就难以脱身了,还是我来吧,等一会儿弄清楚情况,再做定夺……”北方王沉声说道。 He said a word, many are not flustered, resembling was to the Royal Palace situation, is knows from A to Z to be the same, a relieved feeling. 他言语之间,并没有多少慌张,似是对王宫的局势,已是了如指掌一样,给人一种安心的感觉。 Royal Daughter nips the red lip, the eyeground passed over gently and swiftly to worry, she is worried about the father actually not, as the Northern King most intimate person, her very clear father's strength has many to be powerful. 王女咬了咬红唇,眼底掠过一丝担忧,她倒不是担心父亲,身为北方王最亲近的人,她很清楚父亲的实力有多少强大。 What she is worried is in Royal Palace, her teacher who comes to feast, encounters such accident suddenly, does not know that the teacher is whether well. 她担心的是王宫中,前来赴宴的她的老师,突然遭遇这样的变故,也不知老师是否安好。 If we had known......, I should indicate the status, the teacher will bring...... Royal Daughter that comes to here to sigh in secret. “早知道……,我就该表明身份,将老师带到这里来的……”王女暗中叹息。 Suddenly, Northern King shouted angrily, in the hand the great sword wielded, toward front cut fiercely. 突然,北方王一声怒喝,手中巨剑挥动,朝着前方猛地斩去。 At this moment, covers innumerable sword light around palace, gathers all of a sudden together, changes into together the giant sword blade, drops from the clouds, the square palace front cuts the smashing. 此刻,笼罩在宫殿四周的无数剑光,一下子汇聚到一起,化为一道巨型剑刃,从天而降,将宫殿前方的广场斩成粉碎。 Bang...... 轰隆…… In the crushed stone of splash, the form gradually appears together, raises unceasingly, to hundred meters altitude. 飞溅的碎石中,一道身影逐渐浮现,不断拔高,一直到百米的高度。 Worthily is the millenniums later, strongest Northern King, this royal sword in your hands, can display such might......” “不愧是千年后,最强的一任北方王,这把王剑在你手中,能够发挥这样的威力……” That form paces, the ground hears the heavy echo, the mist and dust diverges, reveals its true colors. 那身影踱步,地面传来沉重的回声,烟尘散去,显露出其真面目。
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