TBSIABC :: Volume #4 翻云覆雨

#549: Changes Royal Palace

Brushes...... 刷刷…… The one after another form fled, encircled Lin Chuan and the others, this is not guard Royal City, but is Viscount Mundt, and guard of peer aristocrats. 一道道身影窜了过来,将林川等人团团围住,这并不是王城护卫,而是曼特子爵,以及同行贵族们的护卫。 As for the Royal Palace guards, was blocked by these aristocrat guards outside...... 至于王宫的护卫们,则是被这些贵族护卫们拦在了外面…… Two accompany to help up Viscount Mundt, the latter is staring at Lin Chuan ruthlessly, exclaimed lowly: Attacks the Northern Land aristocrat in Royal Palace, but also in the presence of everyone molest Mysterious Star Empire garrison official, this is the grave offense! The boys, do not think that you are White Dwarf Kingdom, the Mechanical Honeycomb representative, can here recklessly the unseemly behavior......” 两名随从扶起曼特子爵,后者狠狠盯着林川,低吼道:“在王宫袭击北地贵族,还当众WEI亵星奥帝国警备官员,这是重罪!小子,别以为你是白矮人王国,机械蜂巢的代表,就能在这里肆意妄为……” Takes to me!” “给我拿下!” One group of guards just went forward, was actually blocked by Six Arms in the front, latter aura releases slightly, just like the flame is the same, resembles to burn. 一群护卫刚上前,却被六手拦在前方,后者身上的气息微微释放,犹如火焰一样,似是要燃烧起来。 Such imposing manner, causes these guards fifth boundary is trembles, knows front this person of strength to be very fearful...... 这样的气势,使得这些五境护卫们皆是一阵战栗,知晓面前这人的实力无比可怕…… Sees that Viscount Mundt sneers, said: Boy, you, if resists arrest, is the crime adds first-grade!” 见状,曼特子爵则是冷笑,道:“小子,你若是拒捕,则是罪加一等!” Lin Chuan smiles, the complexion has to tease, is hugging the arm of Su Duanpo waist one tightly, lowers the head saying: I created obstacles like this, shouldn't you as the litigant, maintain two?” 林川笑了笑,面色有着戏谑,搂着苏断珀蛮腰的手臂一紧,低头道:“我这样被刁难,你身为当事人,就不该维护两句么?” hearing this, Viscount Mundt all stares, feels some not right...... 闻言,曼特子爵皆是一愣,都是感到有些不对劲…… Su Duanpo horizontal Lin Chuan, actually coordinates, to take advantage of opportunity by very much on him, cold say/way: Mister Chuan is my tonight's dance partner, your Northern Land aristocrat treats the guest, is this? To a fabricated charge, is this your Royal City hospitality?” 苏断珀横了林川一眼,却是很配合,顺势靠在他身上,冷然道:“川先生是我今晚的舞伴,你们北地的贵族对待来客,就是这样的?给一个莫须有的罪名,这就是你们王城的待客之道?” Viscount Mundt stares the big eye, looks the beautiful woman who stubbornly this belt/bring punctures, is reprimanding oneself at the same time ruthlessly, incomparably amenable snuggling in the Lin Chuan bosom, this scene probably slap in the face ruthlessly, the fan he somewhat is ignorant. 曼特子爵瞪大眼睛,死死看着这带刺的美丽女人,一边狠狠斥责着自己,却又无比顺从的依偎在林川怀里,这情景就好像一记狠狠的耳光,扇得他有些懵。 Viscount Mundt, this matter cannot make in a big way, that side......” 曼特子爵,这事不能闹大,那边……” Accompanies to approach, after referring to the forest and Su two people in secret, female guard member that adjutant dresses up, forehand this scene...... 一名随从靠近,暗中指了指林、苏两人身后,那个副官打扮的女警备员,正拍着这一幕呢…… Viscount Mundt clenches teeth in secret, his forehead explodes, actually does not want to consider as finished, since is smelly, that is noisy the matter, how this tone he can swallow. 曼特子爵暗中咬牙,他脑门一炸,却是不想就这么算了,既然已经出糗了,那就将事情闹大,这口气他如何咽得下去。 Gives me to take......” “给我都拿下……” Viscount Mundt roared, brought in attention of all around many guest. 曼特子爵咆哮起来,引来四周众多客人的瞩目。 Bang! 砰! An invisible qi energy bang, across the human wall, the bang on his forehead, flies layer upon layer its direct bang, in the mouth the broken tooth brings the blood to spurt crazily. 一道无形气劲轰至,穿过层层人墙,轰在其脑门上,将其直接轰飞出去,口中碎牙带着血狂喷出来。 Viscount Mundt, this is Northern Land Royal Palace, is your dissolute place?” 曼特子爵,这是北地王宫,是你放肆的地方?” lowly, Gong Bieqian, Shi Hulie, as well as Third Royal Son Monte walked, after the Viscount Mundt side, in the Monte eye passed over gently and swiftly together the cold light, lifts the foot to kick Viscount Mundt. 一声低喝,弓别乾,施湖烈,以及三王子门特走了过来,经过曼特子爵身边时,门特眼中掠过一道冷光,抬脚将曼特子爵又踢飞出去。 This accident, making the youth aristocrats on the scene be shocked, made way in abundance a road, does not dare to have neglects slightly. 这一变故,让在场的青年贵族们惊呆了,纷纷让开一条路,不敢有丝毫怠慢。 These youth aristocrats are an officials close to the throne of big Royal Son side, no doubt does not need to give too many faces regarding Third Royal Son Monte, but, Gong Bieqian, Shi Hulie is different, the strength, is the status, is Northern Land powerful big shot. 这些青年贵族是大王子一方的近臣,对于三王子门特固然不需要给太多面子,但是,弓别乾,施湖烈不同,不论是实力,还是身份,都是北地位高权重的大人物 Rolls......” “滚……” The Shi Hulie vision sweeps, berates one, these youth aristocrats scatter in a panic, as for Viscount Mundt of injured stupor, were accompanied to hug, departure of being too busy. 施湖烈目光一扫,喝斥一声,这些青年贵族们顿做鸟兽散,至于受伤昏迷的曼特子爵,则被随从们抱起,忙不迭的离开了。 Mister Chuan. Sorry, making you look that laughed at......” Third Royal Son Monte to go forward, sincere apology. 川先生。抱歉,让你看笑话了……”三王子门特上前,诚挚道歉。 Shi Hulie and Gong Bieqian are also repeatedly the apologies, expressed that later at birthday feast, certainly will report bright Northern King, punishes Viscount Mundt this group of people. 施湖烈弓别乾也是连声歉意,表示待会在寿宴上,一定会禀明北方王,严惩曼特子爵这群人。 Looks at the Shi Hulie three people, Lin Chuan is nodding in secret, the oneself true intention looks like has not exposed, executes and bends/bow two to win over Mechanical Honeycomb Mechanic organization, is very polite. 瞧着施湖烈三人,林川暗中点头,自己的真正意图看来没有暴露,施、弓两家为了拉拢机械蜂巢机械师组织,还是很客气。 Just as well, otherwise Su Duanpo stared suddenly, that situation may on the danger. 也幸亏如此,不然苏断珀突然被盯上,那处境可就危险了。 Is deliberately considering, Lin Chuan expressed gratitude with a smile, is hugging Su Duanpo single-handedly, while indicated apologetically, here also a little matter, at the birthday feast, had a friendly chat over a cup of wine with three people again. 一边寻思着,林川笑着道谢,一手搂着苏断珀,一边歉然表示,这边还有点事,等到寿宴上,再和三人把酒言欢。 All right. All right, Mister Chuan, had the matter to go to......” Third Royal Son Monte to smile although busily, showed the understanding facial expression. “没事。没事,川先生,有事尽管去忙……”三王子门特笑了起来,露出会意的神情。 Shi Hulie and Gong Bieqian also smile, two people exchange the look, thinks that Lin Chuan and Su Duanpo just knew, by Viscount Mundt such a noisy, this beautiful woman garrisons the official happen to while this opportunity, makes contact with this talent Mechanic. 施湖烈弓别乾也是微笑,两人交换眼神,都以为林川苏断珀是刚认识的,被曼特子爵这么一闹,这位美女警备官员正好趁此机会,搭上这位天才机械师 However, never expected that Lin Chuan likes such type beautiful woman, two people bear in mind, greet, left with a smile. 不过,没想到林川喜欢这样类型的美女,两人记在心里,打了声招呼,笑着离开了。 Lin Chuan has not stayed, is hugging Su Duanpo, goes toward the Royal Palace following garden...... 林川则没有停留,搂着苏断珀,朝着王宫后面的花园而去…… Little darling......, arrives at Northern Land Royal Palace, comes across such exciting matter, these really comes right! This is White Dwarf Kingdom Mechanic? wa......” “乖乖……,一到北地王宫,就遇到这么刺激的事情,这一趟果然是来对的!这位是白矮人王国机械师么?……” The adjutant is following close on behind, face excited flood red, this is she before, has fantasized matter. 副官紧跟着后面,脸庞兴奋的泛红,这是她在来之前,就幻想过的事情。 Runs into an aristocrat in foreign land, comes wonderful meeting with, naturally, young, background astonishing Mechanic, this is also very good. 遇到一位异国的贵族,来一场美妙的邂逅,当然,一位年轻,又背景惊人的机械师,这也很不错。 Whatever Su Duanpo Lin Chuan is hugging, amenable by this young man bosom, did not say a word, she and this man has the tacit understanding, knows that he appeared suddenly, not only broke through for it, other reasons. 苏断珀任由林川搂着,顺从的靠在这年轻男人怀中,一言不发,她与这男人有着默契,知道他忽然出现,不仅是为其解围,还有其他的缘由。 Solely deals with Viscount Mundt these Northern Land aristocrats, depending on the status of her trip, does not fear, this young Mechanic conduct is meticulous, should be clear about this point very much. 单单应付曼特子爵那些北地贵族,凭她此行的身份,根本不惧,这年轻机械师行事缜密,应该很清楚这一点。 The group go to the Royal Palace back garden, comes to a reception room, Adjutant, Six Arms stayed outside, Lin Chuan hugs Su Duanpo to go. 一行人来到王宫的后花园,来到一间会客室,将副官,六手留在外面,林川搂着苏断珀就进去了。 wa......, blushes on...... adjutant complexion quickly, secretly thought speed was also too fast, changes mind thinks, immediately was the birthday feast, this quickly was not good! ……,这么快就……”副官脸色羞红,暗道这速度也太快了,转念一想,马上就是寿宴了,这不快也不行啊! This mister, are you bodyguard of this Mr. Mechanic? „ “这位先生,你是这位机械师先生的保镖么?“ The adjutant looks to Six Arms, this man grand figure, also lets some of her both eyes illumination, such man in the Nanluo Province that side is very rare. 副官看向六手,这男子雄伟的身形,也让她两眼有些发光,这样款的男人在南罗行省那边可是很少见的。 Six Arms is not the cold not pale response, he may have no interest in the woman...... 六手则是不冷不淡的回应着,他对女人可没什么兴趣…… In reception room —— 会客室内—— Lin Chuan lets loose the hand, Su Duanpo is staring this youngster, rebukes saying: What's wrong? You and I such long have not met, draw are arriving at the reception room, your......? Initially you are not such......” 林川放开手,苏断珀则是瞪着这年轻人,嗔怪道:“怎么?你和我这么久没见面,拉着到会客室,你就这样……?当初你可不是这样的……” This woman...... 这女人…… Lin Chuan is speechless, if this proper Royal City birthday feast, meets Su Duanpo, he wants to solve matter of the men and women actually. 林川不禁无语,这要是正经的王城寿宴,遇到苏断珀的话,他倒是想解决一下男女之事。 But, the situation may be different now, first did not say that in Royal City crisis-ridden, this reception room also has Man Hua they to monitor, making them watch the good play free? 可是,现在情况可不同,先不说王城中危机四伏,这会客室还有蛮华他们监控着呢,让他们免费看好戏么? „Did you arrive at Royal City to come suddenly? The Northern King birthday feast, should not be you comes......” Lin Chuan not to say anything, asked directly. “你怎么突然到王城来了?北方王寿宴,不该是你来吧……”林川没有说什么,径直问道。 Su Duanpo stares, receives the thoughts of teasing, the reason of trip, said fast, then asked in a low voice: What's wrong? In Royal City has what accident to happen......” 苏断珀一愣,收起调侃的心思,将此行的缘由,快速说了一遍,而后低声问道:“怎么了?王城中有什么变故发生么……” Does not have what accident, but many accidents will happen......” “不是有什么变故,而是有多少变故会发生……” Lin Chuan knits the brows slightly, does not know that this/should mentioned from where, tonight the Royal Palace birthday feast possible accident, will affect the entire Mysterious Star Empire situation. 林川微微皱眉,不知该从何说起,今夜王宫寿宴可能发生的变故,会影响到整个星奥帝国的局势。 Many things are extremely secret, involves too, where for a short time can talk clearly...... 只是,其中许多事情太过隐秘,也牵涉太多,一时半会哪里说得清楚…… The Su Duanpo delicate eyebrows select, she has not closely examined, Lin Chuan, will explain that tonight the accident of Royal Palace birthday feast, estimates her is more astonishing. 苏断珀秀眉微挑,她没有追问,林川会如此,说明今夜王宫寿宴的变故,远比她预想的还要惊人。 No wonder Military Department, that side the imperial family throws this assignment to Guard Department......” the Su Duanpo whisper. “难怪军部,皇室那边将这差事丢给警备部……”苏断珀嘀咕。 First leave alone these, when meets the birthday feast starts, don't leave me is too far, know?” The Lin Chuan sinking sound said. “先别管那些,等会寿宴开始时,你别离开我太远,知道么?”林川沉声说道。 Su Duanpo hearing this, stares, she then discovered, this youngster looks has not changed many, actually the whole person had the enormous change, but Lin Chuan very good to restrain, is unobservable. 苏断珀闻言,不由一愣,她这才发现,这年轻人看起来没有变化多少,其实整个人有了极大的变化,只是林川很好的收敛了,难以察觉。 Un......” Su Duanpo nods, amenable complying. “嗯……”苏断珀点了点头,顺从的答应。 Was at this time —— 正在这时—— Lin Chuan has a sleep/felt suddenly, a dangerous feeling raids fiercely, in earphone, transmits Moon Core, Man Hua and the others a series of warnings. 林川忽有所觉,一股危险的感觉猛地袭来,耳麦中,传来【月核】,蛮华等人一连串的警告。 These warnings are unproductive, this dangerous feeling is too sudden, dangerous sensation that Lin Chuan most takes advantage , was also just an induction, understands that was hard to avoid. 只是,这些警告是徒劳的,这种危险的感觉来的太突然,林川最为依仗的危险感知,也是刚一感应,就明白难以避免了。 Around the reception room, the sound vanished all of a sudden, the world as if static was the same, one share vague fearful aura spreads, but. 会客室周围,声音一下子消失了,世界仿佛静止了一样,一股子若有若无的可怕气息蔓延而至。 Su Duanpo is the tender body trembles, she stares the big pupil, felt that the body cannot move completely, is the train of thought as if is also then slow. 苏断珀则是娇躯一颤,她瞪大眸子,感到身体完全动弹不得,便是思绪似乎也迟缓起来。 This is what force field...... 这是什么力场…… Her pupil strenuous vibration, knows that fell into some fearful force field, actually struggles is also hard to achieve continually. 她的眸子剧烈震动,知道陷入了某种可怕的力场中,却是连挣扎一下也难以做到。 At this time, Lin Chuan puts out a hand, embraces into her the bosom, gentle aura covers. 此时,林川伸手,将她重新揽入怀中,一股柔和的气息笼罩过来。 next moment, the surrounding scene like the glass of disruption, the crack comes all of a sudden, the Su Duanpo sober, big mouth is panting for breath fiercely, the short flash, she like being drowned to be the same, as if must suffocate to perish. 下一刻,周围的景象如同碎裂的玻璃,一下子龟裂开来,苏断珀猛地清醒,大口喘息着,短短的一瞬间,她如同溺水一样,似乎要窒息而亡了。 Coughs......, coughs......, what's the matter?” “咳……,咳……,怎么回事?” Su Duanpo opens the mouth in a soft voice, is hoarse asking, she turns the head to look to out of the door, adjutant she also outside......” 苏断珀轻声开口,沙哑着问道,她转头看向门外,“副官她还在外面……” All right. These, give me leave alone......” “没事。别管这些,交给我……” Lin Chuan is caressing the back of Su Duanpo, pours into heart origin power, helping him control one's breathing. 林川抚着苏断珀的背,注入一股心元力,帮其调息。 Suddenly, the one after another green shadow pushed from the door and window mullion, like not having physique, the entering reception room that brushes, flushed toward two people. 猛然间,一道道绿影从门扉、窗棂中挤了进来,如同没有形体一样,刷刷的窜进会客室,朝着两人冲了过来。 The one after another strange aura fills the air, these green shadow speeds are extremely fast, the place visited, the furniture were cut quickly, it plunders crazily, but the fresh breeze, was full of the sharp lethality. 一道道诡异的气息弥漫,这些绿影速度极快,所过之处,桌椅都被切割成快,其狂掠而起的劲风,就充满了锋锐的杀伤力。 Su Duanpo stares, at her eyesight, can judge of these green shadow strengths, above fifth boundary, and forms one type marvelously besieges a weaponry, regarding this strength not yet to fifth boundary martial artist, this is the bureau of sure-kill. 苏断珀瞪目,以她的眼力,自是能判断出,这些绿影的实力之强,都是在五境之上,且形成一种奇妙的围攻阵仗,对于她这种实力尚未至五境武者来说,这是绝杀之局。 You escape quickly......” “你快逃……” Su Duanpo opens the mouth urgently to shout, she knows that Lin Chuan is talented, is not only Mechanic Talent, is the Martial Way talent, strength above her, but, such killing bureau is hard to deal with. 苏断珀开口急呼,她知道林川实力不俗,既是机械天才,也是武道天才,实力在她之上,但是,这样的杀局是难以应付的。 Buzz! 嗡! Nearby, the form silent appearance of Six Arms, he is raising the stupor adjutant single-handedly, wields the giant long blade single-handedly. 一旁,六手的身影无声无息出现,他一手提着昏迷的副官,一手挥动巨型长刀。 a blade light average cuts, all cuts two sections these green shades...... 一道刀光平平的斩出,将这些绿影悉数斩成两截…… Bang bang bang...... 砰砰砰…… These green shades blast out in abundance, the green liquid splashes, wells up toward Lin Chuan. 这些绿影纷纷炸开,绿色液体飞溅开来,朝着林川涌去。 A Lin Chuan finger ball, goes into hiding in all around Mechanical Bee arrange/cloth becomes the Electromagnetic Energy net, covers these green liquids, the release high temperature, spreads the withered sound that incites instantaneously. 林川手指一弹,隐匿在四周的机械蜂布成电磁能量网,将这些绿色液体笼罩,释放高温,瞬间传出滋滋的焦枯声。 The ground, these green shadow wreckage one after another wither shrinks, suddenly is sections of dry burnt tree roots...... 地上,那些绿影的残骸一一萎・缩,忽然是一截截枯焦的树根…… This is......” “这是……” The Lin Chuan brow combination, thinks secret place that Fire Gnome Village Head Leeman is, that does the fusion with Life Tree strange expert. 林川眉头连跳,想到了火地精村长力门所在的秘地,那个与生命树干融合的诡异强者 The fellow came...... 那家伙来了么…… In secret pondering over, Lin Chuan has been holding Su Duanpo, jumped out the window of reception room with Six Arms together, goes toward the distinguished guest hall that Kitty Lan is. 暗中思忖着,林川已经抱起苏断珀,与六手一起窜出了会客室的窗户,朝着蓝小喵所在的贵宾大厅而去。 Around Royal Palace, is filling the green mist everywhere, the surroundings cannot hear the voice of people, was isolated by the strange force field. 王宫四周,到处弥漫着绿色雾气,周围听不到人们的声音,被奇异的力场隔绝了。 Mister Chuan, not too easy to do......” Six Arms said in a low voice. 川先生,不太好办了……”六手低声道。 Lin Chuan nods, is not only one's own side is not easy to do, perhaps that side Shi Family, Gong Family and other influence, is not easy to do, perhaps these influence have not thought, will suddenly present such accident. 林川点了点头,不仅是己方这边不好办,恐怕施家弓家势力那边,也都不好办,那些势力恐怕都没想到,会突然出现这样的变故。 First goes to converge...... Lin Chuan to say with them. “先去和他们汇合……”林川说道。 Bang bang bang...... 砰砰砰…… In the thick green mist, the one after another thick long green shadow flies to shoot, but, is turns round to raid unexpectedly to Lin Chuan. 浓密的绿色雾气中,一道道粗长的绿影飞射而至,竟是拐着弯袭向林川这边。 Lin Chuan forehead, the eyeball design glitters continuously, the proliferation of powerful Mental Energy silk threads, just like the spider web, spreads toward all around, penetrates these green mist, the region within surrounding area kilometer, clearly presents in his mind. 林川额头,眼球图案连续闪烁,强大的精神能量丝丝缕缕的扩散,如同蛛网一样,朝着四周蔓延,穿透这些绿色雾气,将方圆千米之内的地域,清晰呈现在他的脑海中。 Mental Energy swept, Lin Chuan sighed in secret, he understood why the dangerous sensation had not detected promptly. 精神能量扫了一遍,林川暗中叹息,他明白过来,为何危险感知没有及时察觉。 Around Royal Palace, the innumerable giant branches and leaves are insanely long, most Royal Palace will have covered, this is the Life Tree branches and leaves...... 王宫四周,无数根巨大枝叶正在疯长,已经将大半个王宫笼罩其中,这是生命树的枝叶…… Sensation danger can't ability of stone ball, induce the attack of Life Tree promptly? Said, stone ball and Life Tree......” “石球的感知危险能力,不能及时感应生命树的攻击么?还是说,石球与生命树……” In the mind flashes through a series of thoughts, Lin Chuan has entered the distinguished guest hall, inside situation is to make him stare, here has not encountered the corrosion of green mist. 脑海中闪过一连串念头,林川已经窜进贵宾大厅,里面的情况则是让他一愣,这里并没有遭到绿色雾气的侵蚀。 In the distinguished guest hall, covers a light blue glow, the Life Tree green fog is not being able to invade unexpectedly...... 贵宾大厅中,笼罩着一层淡淡的蓝辉,生命树的绿雾竟然无法侵入…… Meow......” “喵……” Kitty Lan fled, throws to the Lin Chuan bosom , indicating that it is good to be afraid. 蓝小喵窜了过来,扑到林川怀里,表示它好害怕。 That blue glow, sends out from the little fellow, was ordinary just like the running water, making Kitty Lan fill with a mysterious and powerful aura. 那一层蓝辉,就是从小家伙身上散发出来的,宛如流水一般,让蓝小喵充满了一种神秘而强大的气息。 Lin Chuan is somewhat speechless, this little thing fears a ghost! 林川有些无语,这小东西怕个鬼啊! You are Kitty......” “你是小喵……” The Su Duanpo beautiful pupil opens, some cannot believe looks at Kitty Lan, this little thing remembers with her, as if no both eyes, but , the disparity was too obviously big. 苏断珀美眸睁大,有些不敢相信的看着蓝小喵,这小东西与她记忆中的,似乎没什么两眼,但是,明显又差距太大了。 Meow......” “喵……” Kitty Lan sees Su Duanpo, immediately jumps, leaps forward in the beautiful woman elder sister's bosom, arched the arch with the head , indicating that it is frightened very much...... 蓝小喵看到苏断珀,立时跳起,跃入美女姐姐的怀中,用脑袋拱了拱,表示它很惊惶……
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