TDG :: Volume #4

#11: Jupiter head breaking ground

Enters the jungle deep place, across the long and narrow track, the front field of vision suddenly sees the light. 『 Sounds of nature novel WwW. 2. 3 TXT. COM 进入密林深处,穿过狭长的小道,前方的视野豁然开朗。『天籁小说Ww『W.⒉3TXT.COM This is a piece of be continuous mountain range, the distant place trees stands in great numbers, sees only in the forest, several thousand Dao of Dragon Realm Aura shot up to the sky, has formed terrifying Large Formation. 这是一片绵延的山脉,远处树木林立,只见林木之中,数万道龙道境气息冲天而起,形成了一个恐怖的大阵 Incomparably broad Aura heads on. 无比恢宏的气息扑面而来。 Stands in front of this Large Formation, looks like a formidable Tsunami heads on, as if momentarily can embezzle general them. 站在这大阵前面,就像是一股强大的海啸扑面而来,仿佛随时都可以把他们吞没一般。 Even if the powerhouse of Martial Ancestor level, enters this terrifying Large Formation, will be strangled to death instantaneously. 就算是武宗级的强者,进入这个恐怖的大阵,也会被瞬间绞杀。 Rising Cloud Sect how many people look shocking toward front, particularly Ling Kong, he is simply dumbfounded, this outcome what's the matter? Why some Divine Feather Sect unexpectedly these many Dao of Dragon Realm powerhouses? 凌云宗的几个人震惊地朝着前面看去,尤其是凌空,他简直目瞪口呆,这究竟是怎么回事?为什么羽神宗居然有这么多龙道境的强者? Generally, small Sect like Rising Cloud Sect, can have several 20 Dao of Dragon Realm powerhouses to be good, big Sect like Divine Feather Sect, generally also only then several hundred Dao of Dragon Realm powerhouses, but Divine Feather Sect, has enough several thousand Dao of Dragon Realm powerhouses unexpectedly! 一般情况下,像凌云宗这样的小宗门,能够有十几20个龙道境的强者就已经非常不错了,像羽神宗这样的大宗门,一般也就只有几百个龙道境的强者而已,而羽神宗,居然有足足数万龙道境强者! In the middle of that several thousand Dao of Dragon Realm Aura, Aura of 13 Martial Ancestor levels. 在那数万龙道境气息当中,还有13道武宗级的气息 Before Divine Feather Sect, altogether also on the powerhouses of five Martial Ancestor levels, how to compare were many before the powerhouses of eight Martial Ancestor levels. 羽神宗之前总共也就五个武宗级的强者而已,怎么比以前还多了八个武宗级的强者。 Before coming Divine Feather Sect, Ling Kong to the Divine Feather Sect strength, has had the guess at heart, he thinks that Divine Feather Sect had Expert to pass away, shut tightly the front door. He thinks that the Divine Feather Sect strength was already inferior formerly, until now, he present, originally Divine Feather Sect strength, not only had not been weakened, but also was more formidable than the several fold to continue before. 在来羽神宗之前,凌空的心里对羽神宗的实力,一直都是心存猜测的,他以为羽神宗高手去世,才紧闭大门。他以为羽神宗的实力早就不如从前了,直到现在,他才现,原来羽神宗的实力,不但没有被削弱,而且比以前强大了数倍不止。 Shock of this innermost feelings, is beyond description. 这种内心的震撼,难以形容。 Until this moment, Ling Kong is clear, Divine Feather Sect that Nie Li said that must make war with Demon God Sect, did not chat! 直到这一刻,凌空才明白,聂离所说的羽神宗要跟妖神宗开战,并不是说笑! Present Divine Feather Sect, really had to the capital that Demon God Sect battles against! 如今的羽神宗,确实有了向妖神宗开战的资本! Nie Li feels that [say / way] formidable Aura, shows a faint smile, Divine Feather Sect also on five Martial Ancestor, under the stimulation of his wondrous medicines, the powerhouses of many Dao of Dragon Realm peak, started to attack to step into Martial Ancestor Realm. 聂离感受到那道道强大的气息,不禁微微一笑,原本羽神宗也就五个武宗而已,在他圣药的刺激之下,有很多龙道境巅峰的强者,已经开始冲击踏入武宗境了。 With the lapse of time, more and more Dao of Dragon Realm powerhouses, will step into Martial Ancestor Realm, when the time comes Divine Feather Sect will tread surely to another peak. 随着时间的推移,越来越多的龙道境强者,将会踏入武宗境,到时候羽神宗必定会踏向另外一个高峰。 Divine Feather Sect is stronger, will unify the entire Dragon Ruins Realm goal to be nearer from Nie Li. 羽神宗越强,距离聂离统一整个龙墟界域的目标就会越近。 Only then unifies entire Dragon Ruins Realm, Nie Li has the qualifications to resist with Sage Emperor. 只有把整个龙墟界域统一起来,聂离才有资格跟圣帝对抗。 Besides Divine Feather Sect, knows according to Nie Li, Ziyun and Ning'er have Du Ze and the others, has exerted the influence in other correct path Sect. 除了羽神宗之外,据聂离所知,紫芸凝儿还有杜泽等人,已经在其他正道宗门施加影响力了。 Person, Nie Li indistinctly became entire Dragon Ruins Realm most has the power and influence gradually. 一步一步地,聂离隐约已经成为了整个龙墟界域最有权势的人。 Nie Li looks to Ling Kong, shows a faint smile saying: Ice Young Sect Master, heard that you are passionately devoted to Yuyin, I as Divine Feather Sect Sect Master, am not certainly willing to beat with a club the affectionate couple, or we look for Yuyin, asked her opinion, how?” 聂离看向凌空,微微一笑说道:“凌少宗主,听说你对羽音一往情深,我作为羽神宗宗主,当然是不愿意棒打鸳鸯的,要不我们把羽音找过来,询问一下她的意见,如何?” Hears the Nie Li words, Ling Kong was a little suddenly awkward, before he hugged is compelling the manner of marriage to come, now saw the Divine Feather Sect strength, he feels suddenly that his Rising Cloud Sect in front of Divine Feather Sect this colossus, is nothing to speak of simply. 听到聂离的话,凌空突然间有点尴尬了起来,之前他是抱着逼婚的态度来的,如今见到了羽神宗的实力,他忽然感觉到,自己的凌云宗羽神宗这个庞然大物面前,简直是不值一提。 Where now he also dares to raise this matter, after hearing the Nie Li words, was awkward. Only listens to nearby Liu Piao and Gu Bei and the others chats low voice. 现在他还哪敢提这件事情,听到聂离的话后,不禁尴尬极了。只听旁边的6飘顾贝等人小声地聊天。 Liu Piao said in a soft voice: Gu Bei, heard that Long Yuyin to the outside said that if Sect Master does not marry her, she is life-long does not marry.” 6飘轻声说道:“顾贝,听说龙羽音可是对外放话了,宗主若是不娶她,她就终生不嫁。” Gu Bei nodded saying: Sect Master is thin-skinned, is the ambiguous manner.” 顾贝点了点头道:“宗主脸皮薄,一直是模棱两可的态度。” Liu Piao also slowly said: This boy also really courts death, unexpectedly snatches the woman with our Sect Master.” 6飘又缓缓地说道:“这小子还真是找死,居然跟我们宗主抢女人。” In Ling Kong heart one cold, turns head to look that sees only the Nie Li faint smile to visit him. His heart has raised instantaneously, he loves to talk about somebody's most vulnerable points, proposed bewilderedly unexpectedly must discuss marriage . Moreover the object was Long Yuyin, listened to Liu Piao and Gu Bei said that this Long Yuyin mostly is Nie Li something for one's own exclusive use. 凌空心中一凛,回头看去,只见聂离似笑非笑地看着他。他的心瞬间就提了起来,他真是哪壶不开提哪壶,莫名其妙居然提出要提亲,而且对象是龙羽音,听6飘顾贝这么说,这龙羽音多半已经是聂离的禁脔了。 Ling Kong thinks the scalp hemp immediately. 凌空顿时觉得头皮麻。 If before Divine Feather Sect, that Divine Feather Sect, how he is not necessarily able to be afraid, however present Divine Feather Sect already today we are no longer as we have been, moreover Nie Li this person, looks like the appearance of smiling face Tibetan's knife. 若是羽神宗还是之前那个羽神宗,他未必会怎么害怕,但是如今的羽神宗已经今非昔比了,而且聂离这个人,看起来笑脸藏刀的样子。 Although Nie Li orally a face indifferent manner, perhaps but in the innermost feelings, lost one's temper. 聂离口头上虽然一脸无所谓的态度,但是内心里,说不定已经动怒了。 Once Divine Feather Sect these many Expert send out, entire Rising Cloud Sect, only fears instantaneous became ashes. 一旦羽神宗这么多高手出动,整个凌云宗,只怕瞬间灰飞烟灭 Present Divine Feather Sect, is a terrifying colossus. 如今的羽神宗,已经是一个恐怖的庞然大物了。 Ling Kong hurries to cup one hand in the other across the chest saying: Sect Master Nie, I do not know between the dragon miss and Sect Master Nie......” 凌空赶紧拱手说道:“聂宗主,我不知道龙姑娘和聂宗主之间……” Nie Li beckoned with the hand saying: Long Yuyin is Dragonseal Family Young Miss, we closest partner, such serious matter, naturally must solicit the suggestions of dragon miss.” 聂离摆了摆手说道:“龙羽音龙印世家大小姐,我们最亲密的伙伴,这么重大的事情,当然要征求龙姑娘本人的意见。” In the recent several days Long Yuyin is looking for Nie Li everywhere, lest Nie Li evades it to be inferior, was big, had been worrying that did not have the means to deal with. 最近几天龙羽音到处都在找聂离,聂离唯恐避之不及,头都大了,正愁没办法应付呢。 Nie Li at heart, already had existences of other people, is most difficult to enjoy the beautiful woman graciousness, if continues such to be entangled daily by Long Yuyin, it is estimated when the time comes wanted to refuse to be difficult. 聂离的心里,早就有了其他人的存在,最难消受美人恩啊,要是继续天天被龙羽音这么缠着,估计到时候想要拒绝都难了。 Hears the Nie Li words, Ling Kong only thinks two legs one soft: Sect Master Nie, this marriage considers as finished, do not raise, I apologized to Sect Master Nie in here.” 听到聂离的话,凌空只觉得两腿一软:“聂宗主,这亲事还是算了,还是不要提了,我在这里聂宗主赔罪。” Nie Li hurries to beckon with the hand saying: „Can this matter consider as finished? This raising must raise, I am an enlightened person.” 聂离赶紧摆手说道:“这件事情怎么能算了呢?该提的还是要提的,我是一个开明的人。” Ling Kong that he could not find out Nie Li at heart painstakingly is any intention, he recalls had lived a matter, once Sect Sect Master, had provoked the Demon God Sect person, runs Demon God Sect to apologize, Demon God Sect Sect Master complies well, finally has separated for day, that Sect sect Shangxia was all ruthless! 凌空心里那个苦了,他根本摸不清聂离到底是什么意图,他回忆起了曾经生过的一件事情,曾经有一个宗门宗主,招惹了妖神宗的人,跑去妖神宗道歉,妖神宗宗主答应得好好的,结果隔了一天,那个宗门全宗上下被赶尽杀绝! Snatches the Nie Li woman, that not in Jupiter head breaking ground? Ling Kong frightened to cry quickly, appearance that Nie Li was not caring, Ling Kong was the fear. 聂离的女人,那可不就是在太岁头上动土吗?凌空吓得都快哭出来了,聂离越是一副不在意的样子,凌空就越是害怕。 Nie Li has patted the shoulder of Ling Kong, smiles was saying: Ice Young Sect Master.” 聂离拍了拍凌空的肩膀,微笑着说道:“凌少宗主。” Ling Kong hit one to tremble, flutters to ask: Sect Master Nie, my Rising Cloud Sect absolutely is the Divine Feather Sect firmest ally, so long as Sect Master Nie a few words, even if on under the mountain of sword sea of fire, my Rising Cloud Sect not two words.” 凌空打了一个哆嗦,颤声问道:“聂宗主,我凌云宗绝对是羽神宗最坚定的盟友,只要聂宗主一句话,就算是上刀山下火海,我凌云宗也不二话。” That Long Yuyin matter......” Nie Li also wants to continue this topic. “那龙羽音的事情……”聂离还想继续说这个话题。 A Ling Kong look cold [say / way]: I do not know that Long Yuyin is so important to Sect Master Nie, such being the case, Ling Kong does not dare to have absolutely improper ambition.” 凌空神色一凛道:“我不知道龙羽音聂宗主这么重要,既然如此,凌空断断不敢有非分之想。” But......” Nie Li has gawked. “可是……”聂离愣了一下。 My Rising Cloud Sect high and low, is willing to obey dispatching of Sect Master Nie.” “我凌云宗上下,愿意服从聂宗主的调遣。” Obeys dispatching of our Divine Feather Sect, that attacks the Demon God Sect matter...... Nie Li to look together to Ling Kong. “服从我们羽神宗的调遣,那一起攻打妖神宗的事情……”聂离看向凌空 Ling Kong complained constantly, Demon God Sect could not stir up, Divine Feather Sect could not stir up, if he present rejects, referred to uncertain Divine Feather Sect first extinguishing their Rising Cloud Sect, at this moment, where did he dare not to comply?( To be continued.) 凌空叫苦不迭,妖神宗惹不起,羽神宗更惹不起,他要是现在拒绝,指不定羽神宗先把他们凌云宗给灭了,此时此刻,他哪敢不答应?(未完待续。)
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