SR :: Volume #23

#2266: Deep plowing

Li Ji returned to Jia Guo again, this time, has the goal. 李绩再次回到了贾国,这一次,是有目的而来。 Jia Guo has not been changing name, does not know that because of what reason, is indifferent that the magnanimous Buddhism thinks? Thought Jia morals are very of pleasant to hear? Also lazy going manages. 贾国没有改名字,不知道是因为什么原因,是大度的佛门觉的无所谓?还是觉得贾道德很好听?也懒的去管。 Opens also more than 50 years from the next moral tablet, he does not go in eagerly, will not request to join completely Elder Council comprised of the monk, has first tried a successful person to one in the Heavenly Dao virtue, if was unable to compete through the qualifications, that is a joke. 距离下一次道德碑开启还有五十余年,他也不急于进去,更不会去要求加入完全由和尚组成的长老团,对一个已经在先天道德上试道成功的人来说,如果还不能通过资格争夺,那就是个笑话。 Happen to has this several years to digest leaving undecided in heart, is the necessary process. 正好有这数十年的时间来消化心中的一些存疑,也是必要的过程。 He stayed several quarters in first Heavenly Dao virtue stone tablet Shangkong, this time he, before him already completely different ; Before came to here for the first time, he was the bone light several two, that was the moral tablet to his limited acknowledgment ; This he discovered time impressively, on the moral tablet, his whole body weight is only left over several two, even he restrains to return to the condition of mortal the fine qi god completely, can still float in the breeze does not fall! 他在先天道德碑上空停留了数刻,此时的他,和之前的他已经完全不同;之前第一次来这里,他是骨头轻了数两,那是道德碑对他的有限承认;这一次他赫然发现,在道德碑上,他全身重量就只剩下数两,即使他把精炁神全部收敛回归凡人的状态,也能在微风中浮游不坠! This similarly is the moral tablet to his default, but among this if the amount is counted twice, was the change was also too big? 这同样是道德碑对他的默认,只不过这一进一出之间,是不是变化也太大了些? The feeling is very novel, under losing the magic power control can also drift in in the air, has to follow the wind the direction, like a piece of feather...... 感觉很新奇,在失去了法力控制下还能飘浮在空中,不得不顺着风的方向,就像一片羽毛…… Will the moral smoothy, be graceful? 道德高尚者,就会飘飘欲仙么? In his feeling, is getting deeper and deeper with worrying of this moral tablet, but has not achieved water breast- the situation of blending. 在他的感觉中,和这座道德碑的牵挂越来越深,但还远未达到水乳-交融的地步。 Possibly is his morals highly also insufficient? But more likely, the morals of Hongmao not necessarily represented the true morals! The moral outlooks of other three great wild geese! 可能是他的道德高度还不够?但更有可能的是,鸿茅的道德并不一定就代表了真正的道德!还有其他三鸿的道德观呢! This is also he always the issue that considers, does he need to select in the moral tablet of mainland to revise itself in the day, the revision changes the own Dao virtue view! 这也是他一直以来都在考虑的问题,他到底需不需要在天择大陆的道德碑中修正自己,修正改变自己的道德观! If not revise, Hongmao Great Dao can also acknowledge itself? 如果不修正,鸿茅大道还会不会承认自己? If revised, can instead play anti- main function in front of other three great wild geese? 如果修正了,会不会在其他三鸿面前反而起到了反作用 Should oneself, really take others 's moral standards as oneself criterion? 自己,真的应该以他人的道德标准为自己的准绳么? Why can't gather this Great Dao by oneself independent value moral outlook? Will be easier? Is more difficult? 为什么不能以自己独立的价值道德观来合这个大道?会更容易?还是更难? Perhaps waits for him unable to feel when the moral tablet completely own weight, met the requirements of Hongmao Great Dao truly, but this finally several two perhaps were also the most difficult processes, more importantly, oneself were not necessarily able really to pursue this finally several two alleviating burdens. 也许等他在道德碑上完全感觉不到自己的重量时,才算是真正的达到了鸿茅大道的要求,但这最后几两恐怕也是最难的过程,重要的是,自己未必会真的去追求这最后几两的减负。 Felt that some distant people are close, he returned to the cultivator condition, departs quietly. 感觉到远远的有人接近,他回到了修士状态,悄悄离去。 These issues, but also needs to track down the truth in the time river slowly. 这些问题,还需要在时间长河中慢慢追寻真相。 ...... Jia Guo, is not such as such in meaning, is country of the businessman, this is completely two concepts. ……贾国,并不是如字意上的那样,是个商贾之国,这完全是两个概念。 What just the opposite is, this country sadly, makes one constrain very much sadly, because in here clear(ly), was dark the moral rule is really many, making the instinct of human very difficult to obtain the free release. 恰恰相反的是,这个国家很沉闷,沉闷的让人压抑,因为这里的明里的,暗里的道德规范实在是太多了,让人类的天性很难得到自由的释放。 What does this mean? Possibly cultivator of each cultivate Dao virtue has itself to understand specially uniquely. 这又意味着什么?可能每个专修道德的修士都有自己独特的理解。 How to improve the own Dao virtue level? This is the complete non-solution issue! 如何提高自己的道德层次?这是个完全无解的问题! This is not the simple doing good, bestows poor person , helping the weak one, holds the grandma to cross the street! 这可不是简单的做善事,去施舍穷人,去帮助弱者,去扶老奶奶过马路! But the thing in deeper level! Letting the person is unable to ponder over, cannot feel the mind, tries nowhere, even does not clarify the direction. 而是更深层次上的东西!让人无法琢磨,摸不着头脑,无处着力,甚至也搞不清方向。 After several months careful and deep consideration, Li Ji made the bold inference! 在经过数月的深思熟虑之后,李绩做出了大胆的推断! Without direction, why can force itself to look for a direction? 既然没有方向,那么为什么要强迫自己去找个方向? Without the standard, four great wild goose criteria is unclear, why wants chooses its one? You were suitable for one in any case, certainly wicked other three! 既然没有标准,四鸿互相之间的尺度不清,那么为什么要在其中选择其一?反正你顺了一个,就一定会恶了其他三个! He can arrive today this step, probably also deliberately never has enhances the own Dao virtue? Since this, why not as always continues? Let the time prove itself? 他能走到今天这一步,好像也从来没有刻意的去提高自己的道德?既然这样,为什么不一如既往的继续下去?让时间来证明自己? The morals, at all not through the thing that the practice can enhance! It is cultivator in the thing that in the long life process forms naturally, without cultivation art, without the secret technique way, is the accumulation of experience, is the precipitation of life. 道德,就根本不是通过修练能提高的东西!它是修士在漫长人生过程中自然而然形成的东西,没有功法可言,没有秘术途径,是经历的积累,是人生的沉淀。 Thought through this festival, Li Ji abandoned the worry of morals without hesitation, sank to mind in the exploration again to destiny Great Dao, after all, this thing was he faces actually, difficult problem that needs to solve! 想通了此节,李绩毫不犹豫的抛开了道德的烦恼,再次把心神沉入对命运大道的探索中,毕竟,这个东西才是他实际面对,需要解决的难题! He in the Jia Guo Capital city virtue face upwards city richest most and populous city, opened hall of the asking ; Selects the mainland in the day, the richest most and populous back, means certainly that has deep involvement with cultivation, in this mainland, no individual rise can leave the support of cultivation strength, no matter the cultivation aristocratic family, is the dao lineage disciple. 他在贾国都城德仰城的最富庶的城区,开了一家问道之馆;在天择大陆,最富庶的背后,就一定意味着和修真有很深的牵连,在这片大陆,没有哪个人的崛起是能离开修真力量的支持的,不管是修真世家,还是道统弟子。 The family school opens is very smooth, because he revealed one unintentionally with the normal cultivator different aura, in being open for business first day, had honored celebration to be floating about like clouds, was not Nascent Soul, was not True Monarch, but was several bearing dignified old monks. 门馆开的很顺利,因为他有意无意的流露出了一丝和正常修士不一样的气息,在开张的第一天,就有尊贵贺者如云,不是元婴,也不是真君,而是几名气度庄严的老僧。 virtue supine city Cultivation World knows certainly that the origins of these old monks, is in the present Jia Guo elder monk group the rising Half Immortal character, even also includes the chief Buddhist priest, then, opens the person in family school is what level, was vivid. 德仰城修真界当然知道这几个老僧的来历,都是现在贾国长老僧团中如日中天的半仙人物,甚至还包括首席僧人,那么,开门馆的人是个什么层次,也就呼之欲出了。 Li Ji is the way and in the reason country that kills in Jia Guo is clearly opposite, what walks in the reason country is the basic unit mortal route, what then here walks is the high-level cultivation route, is stages'specific, on destiny Great Dao gradually different, naturally has not been conservative. 李绩在贾国为人断命的方式和在缘国截然相反,在缘国走的是基层凡人路线,在这里则走的是高层修真路线,阶段不同,在命运大道上的浸淫不同,当然也就不会一直墨守成规。 Present he gives the mortal to tell fortunes again does not have the significance, only then cultivator, will be high boundary cultivator will be more challenging, this will be his destiny Great Dao has the entered the Gate inevitable result. 现在的他再去給凡人算命就毫无意义,只有修士,而且是高境界修士才会更具挑战性,这是他命运大道有所入门的必然结果。 Opens the trigram limit, from original infinite, to afterward one day 35 times, again to a present virtue face upwards city three days trigram! 开卦限制,也从原来的无限,到后来的一日三五次,再到现在德仰城的三日一卦! Even so, in opening the 2nd day, his appointment trigram also arranged to after several months, was True Monarch, great cultivator of Nascent Soul rank, to them, Half Immortal divining according to the diagrams was the space falls the pie, a lot of person finally its life possibly not such opportunity. 即使这样,在开馆第二日,他的预约卦相也排到了数月之后,都是真君,元婴级别的大修士,对他们来说,半仙給算卦就是天上掉馅饼,很多人终其一生可能都没有这样的机会。 He still followed the strict custom, what are more is raises multiple options on some state of mind on cultivate Dao, in addition some idle talk, will contain a half a word about the future judgment, will avoid the life and death as far as possible. 他仍然遵循严格的规矩,更多的是在修道上提些心境上的多种选择,加上些废话,在其中包含一句半句关于未来的判断,而且尽量避免生死。 This Natural Self protection is important, can let he as far as possible few involvement in the unnecessary trouble, in his opinion, the say/way of itself destiny interferes with the say/way of future, even if will be only a few words, may have the influence on sensitive cultivator, will make them change certain customs, certain approaches, therefore had the conflict with the original path, who will advocate whose time, was equivalent intensified the Heavenly Dao work load in disguised form, this was very by the day jealous behavior, was each process that studied the destiny cultivator to undergo. 这种自我保护非常重要,能让他尽可能少的牵涉进不必要的麻烦中去,在他看来,命运之道本就是干涉未来之道,哪怕只是一句话,都可能对敏感的修士产生影响,会让他们改变某些习惯,某些做法,于是就和本来的轨迹产生了冲突,谁主谁次,相当于变相的加剧了天道的工作量,这是很遭天嫉的行为,也是每一个修习命运之道的修士必须经历的过程。 Backlash, to life fate cultivator is a normal phenomenon, can say, all these on the say/way of destiny has great accomplishment on cultivator, is the control backlashes most efficient cultivator! 反噬,对命运道修士来说是一个正常现像,也可以说,所有那些在命运之道上有大成就的修士,都是控制反噬最得力的修士 When he is in this stage, starts to solve the problem of own destiny shackles. 当他进入这个阶段时,也就开始着手解决自己的命运枷锁的问题。
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