SR :: Volume #23

#2234: The false hits

The monk and daoist encounter, determined how both sides decide Jia Guo, the ownership of moral tablet, returns to we respectively, arranges soldier formation arrangement. 和尚和道人交锋完毕,确定了双方如何决定贾国,道德碑的归属,各回本方,排兵布阵 Is the Buddhist priest of head is serious, the method of their time selecting is the war of ancient single selecting, 15, who loses are many who leaves. 为首的僧人面色凝重,他们这次采用的方式还是古老的单挑之战,十五场,谁输的多谁走人。 Opportunity that anybody fights one time, this is to prevent the strength extremely outstanding hitting entry, the innate Great Dao tablet should be everyone's Great Dao tablet, rather than individual, will overemphasize individual strength to provode a bigger confusion, this will be overwhelming majority Half Immortal consensus. 任何人都只有一次战斗的机会,这是为了防止有实力太过出众的打通关,先天大道碑应该是大家的大道碑,而不是个人的,过于强调个人的力量会引发更大的混乱,这是绝大部分半仙的共识。 Since has decided starting, monks some strength certain the understanding of Jia Guo elders, made many pointed adjustments, but such whom selects is only not you wants to select to select whose, is in flux, 既然早就决定了开打,和尚们对贾国长老们的实力还是有一定的了解,也做了很多针对性的调整,但这样的单挑可不是你想挑谁就能挑谁的,存在变数, Performs the human affairs to listen to the destiny , is very who difficult 15 monks discover to have the complete overwhelming advantage, can only say has the advantage, is not obvious. 尽人事听天命,也很难找出能占完全压倒性优势的十五个和尚,只能说有优势,却不明显。 Another side daoist were discussing whose drivehead, who hopes that first comes a grand opening, because the first battle engagement first first has by a Jia Guo side, therefore the opposite party sends people is very targeted, only if the strength is absolutely powerful, otherwise no one dares to vouch, therefore is indecisive. 另一边的道人们则在商量谁打头一阵,谁都希望头一阵来个开门红,但因为头阵首先由贾国一方先出,所以对方派人就很有针对性,除非实力绝对强大,否则谁也不敢打包票,故此犹豫不决。 Li Ji is impatient so wordy, fights also to rub gently, is not refreshed . Moreover, he also has oneself idea, un, hopes that opposite that fellow smartly, two people when holding the official business also held the private affair while convenient! 李绩是不耐烦这般啰嗦的,打个架还磨磨蹭蹭的,一点也不爽快,而且,他也有自己的想法,嗯,希望对面的那个家伙机灵点,两人在办公事时顺便也把私事办了! Then I go!” “便我去吧!” Also does not wait for the people to comply or not, jumped without consulting anybody, his movement makes daoist breathe a sigh of relief, in the heart admires, said cultivator Lawless Disorder that the day selects the mainland, did not speak the order, but this Main World came, was more rampant than them, can kill nine infants alone, had its energy to be. 也不等众人答应与否,径自跳了出去,他这番动作让道人们都舒了一口气,心中佩服,都说天择大陆的修士无法无天,不讲秩序,可这主世界来的,却比他们更嚣张,能独杀九婴,自有其底气所在。 Li Ji jumped, did not say a word, only both eyes slightly whole, waited for the monks the person. 李绩跳了出去,也不言语,只把双目微阖,等待和尚们出人。 Here monk gate somewhat is awkward, this person, they inquired was very clear, can kill nine infants, the strength was absolutely top, the ominous beast will not cheat ; If compared with fighting the middle of process, they will even send weakest coming up, the following four-horse team to the fine horse, such simple strategy does not need the person to teach. 这边和尚门就有些为难,这个人,他们打听的很清楚,能杀九婴,实力绝对是顶尖的,凶兽可不会做假;如果是在比斗过程的中间,他们甚至会派上最弱的上去,以下驷对上驷,这么简单的策略不需人教。 However, now is first, the morale or the mood, do not allow easily to give up, even if lost, wants imposing losing, can whet the fighting spirit violently, but, whom sending to come up? 但是,现在才是头一场,无论是士气还是心情,都不容轻易放弃,哪怕打输了,也要轰轰烈烈的输,才能激砺斗志,可是,派谁上去呢? The lead Buddhist priest has not made up mind, early Buddhist priest vertical, mouth declares Fohao, 领头僧人还未拿定主意,早有一位僧人纵了出去,口宣佛号, Amitabha, since daoist from Main World, that should certainly have the clergy reception of Main World, this person of I met!” “阿弥陀佛,既然是来自主世界道人,那当然应该有主世界的僧侣接待,此人我接了!” Is first Buddhist priest side Yu opens mouth, swallowed ; Under sincere, he does not want to make the lotus flower go to battle, because this Monk Lotus Flower also is almost among them strength most powerful that so long as does not confront this sword cultivator, that is almost ready a proper victory, but if to this sword cultivator, that has not grasped completely, did not say. 为首僧人方欲张嘴,又咽了回来;真心下,他不想让莲花出战,因为这莲花和尚也几乎是他们中间实力最强大的那一个,只要不是对阵这个剑修,那几乎是妥妥的一场胜局,但如果对上这剑修,那就完全没有把握,不好说的很。 But the person has jumped, is not finally good to shout again, weak momentum, is unattractive to the face of lotus flower, therefore has to endure patiently. 但人已经跳出去了,终也不好再喊回来,弱了声势,对莲花的面子也不好看,于是只好忍耐。 tai! The buddhist monk, the heaven has group of you not to walk, the hell is impossible you to rush! Dislikes grandfather's sword insufficient advantage!” “呔!那秃驴,天堂有路你不走,地狱无门你闯进来!是嫌爷爷的剑不够利么!” Originally is also thinking first greeted, but this crow 4,000 years has not really changed, opened mouth on full mouth spews, making one cannot help but get angry from the heart, lived to the guts wickedly! 本来还想着是不是先打个招呼,但这乌鸦果然四千年也不曾改变,一张嘴就满口喷粪,让人不由自主的怒从心起,恶向胆生! Mixed wool Old Daoist, eats me one!” “杂毛老道,吃我一界!” On the Monk Lotus Flower mouth is impolite, simultaneously shakes the monk sleeve, the wave light flashes, huge pure Buddha intent dense barrier had wrapped up opposite daoist. 莲花和尚嘴上也不客气,同时一抖僧袖,波光一闪,一个庞大精纯佛意森森的结界已是兜住了对面的道人 Buddha State in the Palm! This move, he had used when Gold Core initially, now became Half Immortal still to use, was not the lotus flower exhausts the bag of clumsy tricks, but was this Buddha State in the Palm is one type enhanced the Buddhism great technique of enhancement along with the cultivator boundary, did not have the obsolete suspicion, 掌中佛国!这一招,他当初在金丹时就使用过,现在成了半仙仍然在使用,不是莲花黔驴技穷,而是这掌中佛国本来就是一种随修士境界提高而提高的佛门伟术,却没有过时之嫌, Initial India could not have looked at too big divine ability, but causes now, unlike the same day completely, there is big scene, big buddha intent, great power can, the person of commonplace cannot break! 当初的佛国还看不出来太大的神通,但现在使来,与当日完全不同,有大气象,大佛意,大威能,等闲之人不能破! India dignified buddhist image, domestic Buddha shadow numerous, looks that makes the will of the people get up austere supine, is unable completely to peep in the country the actual situation, all sort of buddhist images, the contact spars, looks on cultivator only except for raising a heart, is unable to observe the both sides sparring advancement, is actually only thinking, if I the bedding bag entered such India, how should do? What that is sword cultivator making? 佛国威严宝相,国内佛影重重,看着就让人心起肃仰,根本无法尽窥国中虚实,诸般宝相,往来斗法,旁观修士只除了提一颗心,都无法观察双方斗法进程,却只在想,我如果被包进了这样的佛国,该怎么做?那剑修又在做什么? They cannot think forever sword cultivator is making anything! 他们永远也想不到剑修在做什么! sword cultivator sits in a giant golden Buddha lotus flower place, compared with an understanding without needing to be told appearance, 剑修坐在一座巨大的金色佛陀莲花座上,也比起一副拈花微笑的模样, Lesser monk, you looked potential whether there is your crow elder brother achieves Buddhahood?” “小和尚,你看你鸦哥有无成佛的潜质?” The Monk Lotus Flower incarnation India mighty force, a opens the mouth, the entire India is forwarding should with, has the fresh flower to sprinkle, the having mystical powers spring spout, has the believers to cheer, but all these, cover disgusting person of that worthless person in imposing attire on the Buddha base of lotus flower! 莲花和尚化身佛国伟力,一张口,整个佛国都在承转应和,有鲜花洒落,有灵泉喷涌,有信众欢呼,但这一切,都盖不过那个在佛陀莲座上沐猴而冠的恶心人! „The potential is whether there is unimportant, more importantly you, if thinks, Buddha will not reject you!” “有无潜质不重要,重要的是你若想,佛就不会拒绝你!” Li Ji continues to put on airs, lies down toward the base of lotus flower on, does to rest the Buddha shape, „when lesser monk, I sees you for the first time is this Buddha State in the Palm, at that time or Gold Core, person Half Immortal, your begins Buddha State in the Palm now, how, was this prepares with be old?” 李绩继续装模作样,往莲座上一躺,做睡佛状,“小和尚,我第一次见你时就是这个掌中佛国,那时还是金丹,现在人都半仙了,你这一上手还是掌中佛国,怎么,这是准备用到老了?” Monk Lotus Flower not like him relaxed, he needs to control India, when makes fights fiercely all sorts of representations, needs India vibration, needs the difficult situation, must outside, even if in cannot see the situation, can feel life and death is intense! 莲花和尚可不像他那样轻松,他需要控制佛国,做出和人剧烈战斗时的种种表象,需要佛国震动,需要惊涛骇浪,要让外面的人哪怕看不到内中情况,也能感觉到其中的生死激烈! This disgusting thing, sees him to never have the good deed, fighting a law is so tired, this thing also lies down there watches the fun, spoke the sarcastic remark! 这恶心东西,见他就从来没好事,斗个法都这么累,这东西还躺在那里看热闹,说风凉话! „ A technique sufficiently approaching life! Your these scattered and disorderly, but also not necessarily and on my these millenniums are invariable! “一技足以傍一生!你那些零七八碎,还未必及得上我这千年不变呢! Spoke frankly, this ran upon, how did you treat the place? ” 直说吧,今次撞上,你待怎地?” Li Ji smiles, „ do I treat the place? Since your I bump into here, speech that here can be of one mind, can that also treat the place? 李绩就笑,“我待怎地?你我既然在这里碰上,能心有灵犀的在这里说话,那还能待怎地? The fair exchange, the God is selfless! Whose technique are many who wins, the defeated leaves, how? ” 公平交换,天公无私!谁技多谁取胜,败者离开,如何?” Monk Lotus Flower without hesitation, although also knows that contacts with this boy has not profited, but at this matter, relative importance is very clear, as for the struggle of Jia Guo morals tablet, is not a matter. 莲花和尚毫不犹豫,虽然也知道和这厮接触就从来没占过便宜,但在这件事上,轻重缓急是很清晰的,至于贾国道德碑之争,根本就不是个事。 So, your I try, makes me have a look at the full Main World character, has what unusual!” “如此,你我就来试试,也让我看看名满主世界的人物,到底有什么与众不同!” Li Ji rises with a spring, shouts: Lesser monk, eats a Old Li sword!” 李绩一跃而起,喝道:“小和尚,吃老李一剑!” In India, the mutation lives suddenly, bright, thrives suddenly, but earth fire, fire but water, water wooden, wooden to become gold/metal, Five Phases Sword Intent under transporting of Li Ji causes, develops the completely natural essence, existence to India constituted the foundational vacillation! 佛国之内,异变突生,一点明亮,骤然勃发,土而火,火而水,水而木,木成金,五行剑意李绩的运使之下,演尽自然本质,对佛国的存在构成了基础性的动摇! Although Monk Lotus Flower does not see the person, but India is he, he is India! 莲花和尚虽不见人,但佛国就是他,他就是佛国! Chaos starts, one line lives, since one line extinguishes, in the entire India, turns into two Heaven and Earth that distinguishes right from wrong, 混沌乍起,一行生,既是一行灭,整个佛国之内,变成泾渭分明的两个天地, The inner loop is the five phases change grows continually, the surrounding is Chaos Heaven and Earth starts once again ; five phases Heaven and Earth does not penetrate the blockade of Chaos true meaning, the Chaos true meaning cannot suppress the change of five phases Heaven and Earth! 内圈是五行变化生生不息,外围则是混沌天地周而复始;五行天地穿不透混沌真意的封锁,混沌真意也压制不住五行天地的变化! five phases to Chaos, refuses to compromise for a while! 五行混沌,一时僵持不下!
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