SR :: Volume #23

#2233: Attack

Li Ji only crossed in the leisurely and carefree day of Jia country's less than 30 years, his destiny Great Dao has not taken shape completely, was expected that the aggression started. 李绩在贾国的悠闲日子只过了不足三十年,他的命运大道还都没有完全成型,预料中的侵略开始了。 The day selects mainland the struggle of trading country, after experiencing several million years of change development, gradually improves one set of both complex and simple, both bright and dark, both difficult and easy unified procedure/program. 天择大陆的换国之争,在经历了数百万年的变迁发展后,逐步完善成一整套既复杂又简单,既光明又黑暗,既困难又容易的统一程序。 The core is to prevent the disorder of war expands, this selected establishment Early Stage of mainland the reign of terror to be once unceasing in the day for a long time, competing controlled in a country, the simple point said again, was the control among the Half Immortal elders, was a contest, rather was a challenge match. 其核心内容就是防止战事的无序扩大,这在天择大陆的创立初期曾经在很长时间内都腥风血雨不断,把争夺就控制在一国之内,再简单点说,就是控制在半仙长老之间,与其说是一场争夺战,就不如说是一场擂台赛。 The most important thing is earlier plan, sizes up the situation, as for really arrived at that moment of starting, actually who wins whose lost/carrying general general situation has also decided that is very difficult the accident/surprise to happen. 最重要的是前期的规划,审时度势,至于真到了开打的那一刻,其实谁胜谁负也大概大局已定,很难有意外发生。 This is not cultivation fight in the traditional sense, some strategic tactics do not have the opportunity under Half Immortal such level, the key is the strength, this is the top priority. 这不是传统意义上的修真战争,一些战略战术在半仙这样的层次下也没有用武之地,关键是实力,这才是硬道理。 To a country manager, these Half Immortal ancestors' disputes they are sincere cannot control, does not dare to participate, actually and they relate are not big, no matter anyone, same needed the country manager. 对一个国家的管理者来说,这些半仙祖宗们的纠纷他们是真心管不了,也不敢参与,其实和他们关系也不大,不管来了谁,都一样需要国家的管理者。 This is the habit of Taoism internal strife, and underlying bed cultivator to True Monarch, but traded a main family ; But if transformation between Taoism and Buddhism, will then change will be very big, for example this time. 这是道家内部纷争的常态,对真君及更低层的修士来说,不过是换了个主家;但是如果是道家和佛门之间的变换,那么改变就会很大,比如这一次。 ...... In the sky, one crowd of Buddhist priest buddhist images are dignified, silent the line, the Buddhist priests altogether have 15 in turn, is just like Jia Guo Elder Council to be short of three, this is also the day selects the mainland to trade the custom of country dispute, Challenger must be less than the owner, this can manifest the country more and more powerful trend, otherwise bullies by the numerous widowed, is far from the development of Cultivation World. ……天空中,一群僧人宝相庄严,沉默的依次而行,僧人们共有十五位,正好比贾国长老团少了三位,这也是天择大陆换国纷争的规矩,挑战者必须比拥有者少,这样才能体现国家越来越强大的趋势,否则以众欺寡,也就谈不上修真世界的发展。 Disorderly world, has the rule, Great Dao of Hongmao can allow their disorder to murder does not moisten many Cause-Effect, but the instinct of human is, will find own order in the disorder slowly. 无序世界,也是有规则的,鸿茅的大道可以允许他们无序杀伐不沾多少因果,但人类的天性是,在过于无序中就会慢慢找到自己的有序。 The Monk Lotus Flower mixture in the Buddhist priest group, to the action of this time planning for the country's good he does not have too many cares, arrives day to select the mainland to cross for hundred years, similar battle also has experienced much, is commonly seen. 莲花和尚夹杂在僧人群中,对这次的谋国之举他没有太多的关心,来到天择大陆已过百年,类似的争斗也经历过不少,早已经司空见惯。 In his eyes, the struggle of day selecting seizing country is somewhat weak, do not look is the disorder, but the battle process rules are too many, cannot display the fight art completely, naturally, this did not say that here person is silly, is the general trend, special phenomenon under specific environment. 在他眼里,天择的夺国之争有些幼稚,别看是无序,但争斗过程条条框框太多,完全发挥不出来战争的艺术,当然,这不是说这里的人傻,也是大势所趋,特定环境下的特别现象。 He decides to join finally, is the grinding these monks' requests, but also is one goes all out, the plan strategy does not know entirely, he knows such contest basically is the competition of single cultivator, he only needs a completely mental effort then, as for bumping into anyone, he did not care, important? 他是最后才决定加入的,也是磨不过那些和尚们的请求,不过也就是一个卖力气的,其中计划策略是通通不知,他知道这样的较量基本上都是单个修士的比拼,他只需要尽自己一份心力即可,至于碰上谁,他不关心,重要么? In Main World Cultivation World he continuously tepid, actually Exterior Scenery Heaven has gone, Interior Scenery Heaven has also gone, his root is quite special, ordinary cultivator the life to the secret that is unable to know, his here is not anything, on first he only misses one step to step into the fairyland, this is how regardless of cannot miss. 主世界修真界他一直就不温不火的,其实外景天去过,内景天也去过,他的根脚比较特殊,一些对普通修士来说一生都无法知晓的秘密,在他这里也不算什么,上一世他就只差一步踏入仙境,这一世是无论如何也不能错过。 Step by step according to planning the good step walks, the fault of his very clear conduct, is reincarnated to come to him rashly especially like this, cultivating of taking advantage, does not use the highest principle that the ability is he handles affairs excessively, otherwise if, will be been jealous by the day. 一步一步的按照计划好的步调走,他太清楚冒然行事的坏处,尤其对他这样转世而来,占了大便宜的修者来说,不过份使用能力就是他行事的最高原则,如若不然,会遭天嫉的。 He comes, the biggest reason in that moral tablet, through the peripheral competition qualifications, he has not grasped, if this time can fight to decide, naturally has the right that entered freely as him of elder. 他之所以前来,其中最大的原因还在那个道德碑,通过外围竞争资格,他没把握,如果这次能一战而定,作为长老的他自然就有了自由进入的权利。 As for goal, Can the sparrow and swallow know the will of the great swan? 至于目的嘛,燕雀安知鸿鹄之志哉? They do not have too to hide the trail, this is not the sneak attack, is more like one time competition spoils of war that fights the nature, this is the ancient tradition, disorderly slaughtering ordering. 他们没太隐藏踪迹,这也不是偷袭,更像是一次斗将性质的争夺战利品,这是古老的传统,把无序的杀戮有序化。 Had entered Jia Guo area, the moral tablet is close, simultaneously can feel, sky over the moral tablet about 20 powerful aura, Taoism cultivator is prepared early, this is also expected. 已经进入了贾国的疆域,道德碑近在咫尺,同时能感觉到,道德碑上空近二十道强大的气息,道家修士早有准备,这同样也在意料之中。 Two groups separate Kong Xiang to look, the Buddhist priest of promising head goes forward, starts the tedious pre-war etiquette with the opposite party arch presbyter, the final way of also including both sides disputing. 两个团体隔空相望,有为首的僧人上前,和对方首席长老开始繁琐的战前礼仪,也包括双方较量的最终方式。 Monk Lotus Flower does not care about these, the opportunity that although he and person begins are not many, but does not represent the strength that he has not fought, what just the opposite is, in Buddhism lineage/vein, he is also the rare protecting Buddha Buddhist priest, skill 4,000 years came the polished aging to be incomparable, is adding on the previous generation the experience, this whole life has not basically detoured, 莲花和尚不关心这些,虽然他和人动手的机会并不算多,可并不代表他就没有战斗的实力,恰恰相反的是,在佛门一脉中,他也算是少有的护佛僧人,一身本事四千年来早已打磨的老炼无比,在加上前世的见识,这辈子就基本上没有走过弯路, A each Buddhist doctrine, each direction, carves, does not detour, such 4,000 years, withstand/top on others' over ten thousand years, this is day of a reason that selects the Buddhist priests to draw him to join a gambling game, in these Buddhist priests, but also really on no one is his opponent, but is quite low-key, before does not want the person, manifests a presence. 每一种佛法,每一个方向,都是精雕细琢,不走弯路,这样的四千年,顶的上别人的上万年,这才是天择僧人们一定要拉他入局的原因,在这些僧人中,还真就没人是他的对手,只不过比较低调,不愿意人前显圣罢了。 Subconscious, sweeps toward opposite party daoist in Divine Sense, is some powerful daoist, is only the relative day selects the mainland, in his eyes, these people even could not have compared Main World Interior Scenery Heaven these lunatics. 下意识的,把神识往对方道人中一扫,都是些强大的道人,也只是相对天择大陆而言,在他的眼中,这些人甚至还比不上主世界内景天的那些疯子。 However...... Monk Lotus Flower fierce look one tight, a cold current has passed from the tail chang hole to the zenith...... in the line of sight, happiness that daoist is smiling, a meeting an old friend far from home ghost appearance, 不过……莲花和尚猛的眼神一紧,一股寒流从尾阊穴一直透到天顶……视线中,一个道人正笑的开心,一副他乡遇故知的鬼模样, Did this thing, come to here? 这东西,怎么也来这里了? Thinks that the day selects the mainland to be big enough, oneself are also enough the low key, will not meet this thing, actually thinks that inadequately a negligence has a collision, this thing came, does matter have well? 原以为天择大陆足够大,自己也足够低调,怎么也不会遇到这东西,却不成想一个疏忽就撞了车,这东西来了,事情还有好么? From heard this sword cultivator to say the tablet to ram initially everywhere, the lotus flower knows what's the matter! 从当初一听到这个剑修四处道碑撞头,莲花就知道是怎么回事! Like him! 和他一样! This being haunted by the ghost thing, how what good deed can he rub to fish a mouth? Fishes fishes, big of universe, was impossible his lotus flower person to monopolize, this bearing he has, not silly- bi regards own life and death archenemy each progressing cultivator equally! The universe is so big, coming that cultivator so many, anti- person Dao road you block? Worries over for nothing radically! 这个阴魂不散的东西,怎么什么好事他都要蹭过来捞一嘴?捞就捞吧,宇宙之大,原也不可能他莲花一个人独享,这点气度他还是有的,不会傻-赑一样把每个上进的修士都当成自己的生死大敌!宇宙这么大,修士这么多,阻人道途你拦的过来么?根本就是自寻烦恼! But this thing is different! He biggest abuse is, oneself fished also to upset the table not to make others fish! 但这东西不一样!他最大的恶习是,自己捞完了还要掀桌子不让别人捞! Can this should do? The Monk Lotus Flower start mental ability, must think of a way to avoid having the worst case scenario! 这可如何是好?莲花和尚开动脑力,得想个法子避免出现最坏的情况! ...... In Monk Lotus Flower heart angry, here theater box Li Ji is actually looks at him kindly very! ……莲花和尚心中着恼,这边厢李绩却是看他非常的亲切! Really knocks to rest to deliver the pillow, Monk Lotus Flower, good person! 真是磕睡送枕头,莲花和尚,好人儿啊! Different knows nothing about the opponent from the lotus flower, Li Ji takes the official elder in Jia country's, Jia Guo Elder Council each enemy intelligence circular can deliver one to him ; And includes the general material of Buddhist priest may participate in the attack, includes an external monk, likes exchanges in the tablet space and person, is actually not willing really to enter the Great Dao tablet! 不同于莲花对对手一无所知,李绩作为贾国的正式长老,贾国长老团的每一份敌情通告都会送一份給他;其中包括了很多可能会参加进攻的僧人的大概资料,其中就包括一名外来的和尚,喜欢在道碑空间和人交流,却不愿意真的进入大道碑! He is suspects heavily, by has sent people to heaven, some small suspicions, see oneself now, what does that have unclear? 他是个疑心重的,以已度人,就有了些小猜想,现在看到本人,那还有什么不明白的? When this Gold Core old friend, with him same had certainly that the goal came, not to make a mistake! 这个金丹时的故友,就一定是和他一样怀揣目的而来,错不了! Monk Lotus Flower, is a pretty scenery line in his cultivate Dao process, without thinking after Nascent Soul True Monarch already he who fades out the line of sight, does not know where braved! 莲花和尚,也是他修道过程中的一道靓丽风景线,没想到在元婴真君后已经淡出视线的他,又不知从哪里冒了出来! This monk is not simple! It is not the present believes that when initially Gold Core first time meets has the feeling! 这和尚不简单!不是现在这么认为,而是当初金丹时头一次相见就有感觉! Also has the lead halo! 也是个有主角光环的!
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