SR :: Volume #23

#2232: First

The channel opening short moment of moral tablet, is also as expected finally, four Half Immortal of new promote were one has not gone, was not they do not want to go, but is completely rejected. 道德碑的通道开启也不过短短一刻,结果也是不出所料,新晋的四名半仙是一个也没进去,不是他们不想进去,而是完全被拒绝。 Also in expected, everyone dismisses with a smile, originally hopeless, discussed disappointedly what? 也在意料之中,大家都付之一笑,本来就没指望,又谈何失望? Jiazhuang prepared a reception meeting for the new promote elder, simple plain, is mainly makes everyone be familiar mutually ; If comes one newly, does not have this necessity, like joining of Huan Guo Li Ji ; But if ten comes in individual Elder Council to join four newly, that is necessary. 贾庄为新晋长老准备了一个接风会,简单质朴,主要就是让大家都互相熟悉一下;如果只是新来一个,就没这必要,就像李绩之加入桓国;但如果是十来个人的长老团中新加入四个,那就很有必要。 In the future time, they will have will greatly possibly fight side-by-side very much, to each other character, the fight custom, the dao lineage deviation should have an approximate understanding. 在未来的时间里,他们将有很大可能会并肩作战,对彼此的性格,战斗习惯,道统偏向都应该有一个大致的了解。 The familiar process is very simple, everyone drinks wine together, each Half Immortal demonstrates one in court own cultivation art boundary, is everyone, looks understands, the too thorough thing is unlikely, but the simple understanding is actually clear. 熟悉的过程很简单,大家一起饮酒,每个半仙当庭演示一番自己的功法境界,都是大家,一看就懂,太深入的东西不太可能,但简单的了解却是一目了然。 Arrived this level, was basically broad-minded, or installs also to ship out comes naturally, no one will resist, extremely hides contraband, this is the disrespect to others, to own irresponsibleness. 到了这个层次,基本上都是心胸开阔的,或者说装也要装出大方来,没人会抗拒,太过藏私,这是对别人的不尊重,也是对自己的不负责任。 Tossing about the big half day was loose, Li Ji looked for a mountain peak to have a rest in the , long expiration , the tour of this time Jia Guo, the harvest simply was too big, to him simply has not imagined. 折腾了大半日才散,李绩在附近找了座山峰歇脚,长长的吐了口气,这次的贾国之行,收获简直是太大了,大到了他就根本没有想象到。 You wear out iron shoes in hunting round, must come is not all time-consuming! 踏破铁鞋无觅处,得来全不费工夫! The tablet of morals, he can go in unexpectedly! 道德之碑,他竟然可以进去! This explained, this most ancient, most mystical, most passes the will of the people, most hypocritical innate Great Dao unexpectedly also no one fuse with the Dao? 这就说明,这个最古老,最神秘,最直透人心,最假惺惺的先天大道竟然还没人合道 How possibly? But is also true! 怎么可能?但却又真实可信! In the Li Ji thought that moral such thing, should not be probably first by person fuse with the Dao? Finally the nature say/way of like five phases Yin-Yang was gathered all, like slaughtering the destruction innate ended Great Dao also to be gathered, innate five transported is the destiny of head is also gathered, how was the morals in innate five virtue instead no one to gather on the contrary? 李绩的思想中,像是道德这样的东西,不应该是最先被人合道的么?结果像五行阴阳这样的自然之道都尽数被人合了,像杀戮毁灭这样的先天终结大道也被人合了,先天五运中为首的命运也被合了,怎么反倒是先天五德中的道德反而没人合? The nature is easy, will of the people difficult lane? 自然易得,人心难弄? After cancelling the line exterminates an argument, he has no psychological burden approached the moral tablet, does the place that is doomed unable to go in what have to be good to be swayed by personal gains and losses? 在和勾行戬一番口舌后,他没有任何心理负担的靠近了道德碑,注定进不去的地方有什么好患得患失的? Thank God, even if the psychology relaxes very much, the discrete habit of but since several thousand years of cultivate Dao having formed what makes him first stretch out is the hand, rather than the head hits! 谢天谢地,哪怕心理很放松,但数千年修道以来养成的谨慎习惯还是让他首先伸出的是手,而不是脑袋撞! In angle that others cannot see, his middle finger unexpectedly obstacle-free put in the moral tablet barrier, luckily his reaction is resourceful, shrank the hand promptly, otherwise feared that will be discovered by other cultivator, actually even discovered still indifferently, but he wants to be lower-key, because there are lots, he has not wanted to be clear for a while. 在旁人看不到的角度,他的中指竟然毫无障碍的伸进了道德碑的屏障,幸亏他反应机敏,及时缩了手,否则怕就会被其他修士发现,其实就算是发现了也无所谓,但他还是希望低调一些,因为有很多东西,他一时还没想清楚。 This possibly some do not respect, first time and contact of moral tablet, gesticulated a middle finger to go in...... hopes Heavenly Dao not to understand this hand signal some meaning! 这可能有些不尊重,头一次和道德碑的接触,就是比划了一只中指进去……但愿天道不懂这个手势的某种含意! The later head hits the shoulder anti- to act in a play again, is he further contacts the attempt of barrier, finally the conclusion is, his truly can go , are this morals, have not advocated unexpectedly? 再之后的头撞肩抗就是做戏,也是他进一步接触屏障的尝试,最后结论就是,他确确实实的能够进去,这个道德嘛,竟然是个没主的? He naturally not on livid treats as the say/way of own fuse with the Dao moral Great Dao, but is a pleasant surprise, proved in 36 Great Dao really did not have by person fuse with the Dao, actually not necessarily is his say/way. 他当然不会就急赤白脸的把道德大道当作自己的合道之道,不过是一个惊喜,证明了三十六种大道中确实还有未曾被人合道的,却不一定就是他的道。 From beginning to end he is very sober, about what say/way? First wants fitting own conscience soul, next is whether is innate Great Dao! 自始至终他都很清醒,合什么道?首先一定是要贴合自己的本心性灵,其次才是是否是先天大道 If puts at front has two choices, does not suit the intention innate Great Dao, very appropriate day after tomorrow Great Dao, then he will certainly choose the latter, naturally, when really to treading finally that also does not know that the God can also give him to choose the day after tomorrow the Great Dao opportunity. 如果摆在面前的有两个选择,不合心意的先天大道,非常合适的后天大道,那么他一定会选择后者,当然,真到踏出最后那一步时,也不知道老天爷还会不会給他选择后天大道的机会。 He must seeking for the plan of vacancy innate Great Dao works, perhaps, has one appropriately after all own? 他仍然必须把寻找空缺先天大道的计划进行下去,也许,就有一个毕竟合适自己的呢? The moral tablet suspends here, no one can steal away unable to snatch! Moral Great Dao exists in Heaven and Earth, did not say that you want unable to gather about others, eventually, what compared with is a chance. 道德碑就摆在这里,谁也偷不走抢不去!道德大道就存在于天地间,也不是说你想合别人就不能合了,终究,比的是个机缘。 Selects the mainland since the day, after knowing the fuse with the Dao rule, although never displays, but is in fact influential to him ; Crawled upward 4,000 years, one day was informed the above seat to be kept at full strength, you can only choose under the (one/first) layer passage ticket, always makes people feel that somewhat loses. 进入天择大陆,在知道合道的规则后,虽然从未表现出来,但实际上对他还是有影响的;往上爬了四千年,忽然有一天被告知上面的座位已经满员,你只能选择更下一层的船票,总是让人感觉有些失落。 This feeling has followed him, indistinct, dim, now is a dynasty clear, originally, above has the position, but possibly has more people to compete, privileged, has the backstage, has root, the reincarnation, he does not care, so long as there is an opportunity, everyone is fair. 这种感觉一直伴随着他,隐隐约约,朦朦胧胧,现在则是一朝得清,原来,上面还是有位置的,只不过可能有更多的人在竞争,有特权的,有后台的,有根脚的,转世的,他对此不太在乎,只要有机会,大家就是公平的。 Takes out pot liquor, drinks with flies ; Moral Great Dao definitely is not only vacancy Great Dao, but vacancy Great Dao will not be many, should in five, even not over three, then, but can also be? 取出一壶酒,自斟自饮;道德大道肯定不是唯一空缺的大道,但空缺的大道也绝不会多,应该在五个之内,甚至不超过三个,那么,还有可能是哪些呢? Jia Guo bitter experience taught him do not depend upon the general knowledge to judge Heavenly Dao, this inside filled with the variable, was full of the pleasure. 贾国的遭遇教会了他不要依靠常识来判断天道,这里面充满了变数,也充满了乐趣。 Innate 36, do not depend on the height high and low, arranges like this, 先天三十六道,不依高低上下,是这样排列的, The destiny, the misfortune, blocks transportation, destiny, undertaking to transport, is too easy, Taichu, Taishi, the sulphathiazol, Grand Chaos, Grand Emptiness, the morals, the good deeds done in secret, the merit, Forder, Sacred Virtue, slaughtered, the destruction, died out, the time, the space, five phases, the Yin-Yang, the good fortune, the thunder, the life and death, the Nirvana, Chaos, Universe Origin, the nihility, the normalizing, the strength, Cause-Effect, turned hui, variable, fabricated...... 命运,厄运,截运,气运,承运,太易,太初,太始,太素,太极,太虚,道德,阴德,功德,福德,圣德,杀戮,毁灭,寂灭,时间,空间,五行,阴阳,造化,雷霆,生死,涅槃,混沌,混元,虚无,归一,力量,因果,轮廻,无常,莫须有…… Fabricated, possibly has, possibly no meaning ; 36 are the numbers of part of great bear, but innate Great Dao cannot gather together casually, contributes no work but be undetected because of others, therefore keeps a vacancy, is called fabricated. 莫须有,就是可能有,可能没有的意思;三十六是天罡之数,但先天大道又不能随便凑和,滥竽充数,所以留个空缺,称为莫须有。 In fact exists, but is 35 innate Great Dao. 实际上真实存在的,不过是三十五个先天大道 Li Ji has confirmed cannot go in unmistakably, had been gathered the say/way, has five phases, the Yin-Yang, slaughters, the destiny that the thunder, Grand Chaos, Grand Emptiness, the strength, the destruction and other, in addition the phoenix acknowledged was gathered, was nine ; dragon clan Dao of Space-Time was gathered, but he did not determine that is time Great Dao is gathered, space Great Dao was gathered, must have its one, both were possibly gathered the say/way. 李绩已经验证无误进不去的,也就是已经被合了道的,有五行,阴阳,杀戮,雷霆,太极,太虚,力量,毁灭等八个,再加上凤凰承认的命运被合,是九个;龙族的时空之道被合,但他不确定到底是时间大道被合,还是空间大道被合,其中必有其一,也可能两个都被合了道。 In other words, so far he determined 11, 24 undetermined, this process is really not the general difficulty, wanted very to assign/life! 也就是说,目前为止他确定了十一个,还有二十四个待定,这个过程真不是一般的困难,要了賊命了! Like 36 birthday present boxes, only then belongs your, what then you must make clear in each box the attire is what, about does not suit the intention, which also there are next door old king? 就像有三十六个生日礼物盒子,只有一个是属于你的,那么你总得搞清楚每个盒子里装的是什么,合不合心意,又有哪些是隔壁老王的? If some people can help him share to be good! Second, three people give a thought to one piece respectively, solving is very simple ; What a pity, this matter is doomed impossible and person shares, could not say, not, can only feel stifled in oneself. 要是有人能帮他分摊一下就好了!两,三个人各顾一片,解决起来就很简单;可惜,这种事是注定不可能和人共享的,说不出,道不尽,只能憋死在自己心里。 Cultivation World, the huge crowd is boundless, you know that which person and you do have the similar thoughts? How also to achieve the perfect communication? How also to win the trust? 修真世界,人海茫茫,你知道哪个人和你有同样的心思?又怎么做到完美沟通?又怎么取得彼此间的信任? Too difficult! 太难了!
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