SR :: Volume #23

#2231: Rest

Plays the morals worthily, only this opens the mouth, makes one have the favorable impression, the morals plays the deep place, where has the old-fashioned conservative person? Inevitably is the person highest quality people, expert who ponders over the will of the people, controlling the field is the basic quality. 不愧是玩道德的,只这一开口,就让人心生好感,道德玩到深处,又哪有古板守旧之人?必然都是人尖子,琢磨人心的老手,控场就是基本素质。 Therefore is impolite, „ has three points, Jia does Elder have a look awkwardly? 于是也不客气,“有三点,贾长老看看是否为难? First, I must enter the moral tablet to have a look, this poor Daoist is specious to his morals, does not know that in any level, happen to tries dao concept taking this opportunity. 首先,我要进道德碑看看,贫道对自身道德似是而非,不知是在一个什么层次,正好借此机会一试道境 Next, takes for 200 years as to limit, if in 200 years have not had the danger that you said that I then calculate to honor an agreement to complete, whether later continues again, looked at that time the situation again. 其次,以二百年为限,若二百年内还没出现你们说的危难,我便算履约完成,之后是否再续,再看彼时情况。 Finally, if the fight ended, is walks remains, Jia Guo cannot feel embarrassed. 最后,若战斗结束,是走是留,贾国不能为难。 These three that if the elders think can also accept, we can decide probably. ” 长老若觉的这三条还可以接受,咱们大概就可以定下来了。” ...... Does not have any troubles, Li Ji becomes Jia Guo elder now, what he has not thought that world that changes job to become common practice he has not experienced many practices in previous generation that coming this Cultivation World actually to start he continued unceasing changing job. ……没有什么周折,李绩现在又成了贾国的长老,他没想到的是,在前世那个跳槽成风的世界他没有经历过多少次实践,来了这个修真世界却要开始他一段持续的不断的跳槽。 Jumping Jia Guo is only his first step, then must find the way to jump toward on other innate countries, this time was the matter as luck would have it, had such a opportunity, but lucky was like this impossible to follow him, must think a naturalness, the changing job way naturally was good. 跳来贾国只是他的第一步,接下来还得想办法往其他先天上国跳,这一次是事情赶巧了,有这么一个机会,但这样的幸运不可能一直跟随他,总得想个理所当然,自然而然的跳槽方式才好。 His condition is not harsh, first his request were not many, secondly after little involved something meddlesome also fast departure, the request were too many does not need completely. 他的条件并不苛刻,一来他这个人的要求本来就不多,二来少牵扯些东西也好事了后的快速离开,要求太多就完全没必要。 Enters the request of entering the Dao virtue tablet not accidentally/surprisingly also complied, but must wait slightly again, because considering that possibly also has joining of other Half Immortal, might put forward the similar condition, then everyone together many that comes to facilitate, after all, ten Half Immortal get together opens the channel somewhat to be troublesome, some moral tablet also limits, are not infinite opening. 入道德碑的要求也毫无意外的被答应,但还要稍微再等等,因为考虑到可能还有其他半仙的加入,很可能会提同样的条件,那么大家一起来就要方便的多,毕竟,十名半仙齐聚打开通道还是有些麻烦,道德碑本身也有一些限制,并不是无限开启。 After as Jia Guo elder, the news that he obtains may compared with many many that heron that old fox gives, basically can determine, invades one's territory will be a Buddhism department, but will constitute specifically is not clear, 身为贾国长老后,他得到的消息可就要比苍鹭子那个老狐狸給的多的多,基本可以确定,来犯的将是佛门一系,只不过具体构成还不清晰, Is primarily original Elder Council compared to the cultivation strength of Jia country's, several external cultivator, heard in addition the intruding on strength of Buddhism preparation is almost puts all sorts of things together completely. 相对于贾国的修真力量就是以原长老团为主,又加上几个外来的修士,听说佛门准备的进犯力量就几乎全部都是东拼西凑而来。 Puts all sorts of things together means scattered in disorder, without cohesive force, but also means that the Buddhism can look for the strength enough powerful monk as far as possible, without the weak one will be selected, therefore, the prospect is very fuzzy. 东拼西凑就意味着散乱,没有凝聚力,但也意味着佛门可以尽量的寻找实力足够强大的和尚,没有弱者会被选中,所以,前景还很模糊。 This is a period of Li Ji rare leisurely and carefree time, he even also had the opportunity to go to nearby country to participate in qualifications selections of other innate Great Dao, was too easy Great Dao, 这是一段李绩少见的悠闲时光,他甚至还有机会去附近的国家参加了一次其他先天大道的资格选拔,是太易大道, Finally very helpless, even the qualifications have not obtained, to him, this type has not contacted completely the thing is not too easy Great Dao, but too difficult Great Dao! 结果很让人无奈,连资格也没取得,对他来说,这种完全没有接触过的东西不是太易大道,而是太难大道 Comes the safe/without matter idly, oneself study diligently the say/way of destiny, the skill many does not press the body, not only also for that disturbing destiny shackles, for a oneself many study craftsmanship. 闲来无事,就自己钻研命运之道,艺多不压身,也不只是为了那个捣乱的命运枷锁,也是为自己多学一门手艺。 Present he, selects the mainland since the day already about hundred years, accomplishes nothing, has not gone including a Great Dao tablet, said no one to believe that when also didn't know bumps into can find how many vacancy Great Dao? 现在的他,进入天择大陆已近百年,还是一事无成,连一个大道碑都没进去过,说出来都没人能相信,也不知道得碰到什么时候才能找到那几个空缺大道 Day leisure, is being swayed by him, but day Jia Guo was popular recently, does not know that the source gets up from where, he in this aspect is actually a layman, has a mind to be incapable. 日子休闲,也由着他晃来晃去,只不过最近些日子贾国流行时疫,也不知源从何起,他在这方面其实是门外汉,有心无力。 After several months, Jia Guo collected finally, through the recommendation introduction of all influence, including Li Ji, altogether four new promote elders, actually also he knows, is not familiar, but is slaughtering the space to have casual acquaintance- Cancels the line to exterminate, selects the mainland also to be known Half Immortal in the day. 数月之后,贾国终于把人凑齐了,通过各方势力的推荐引进,连李绩在内,一共有四名新晋长老,其中竟然还有一个他识得的,算不上熟悉,但在杀戮空间却有一面之缘--勾行戬,一个在天择大陆也算得上是小有名气的半仙 On this day, Jia Guo elder got together, how many new promote elders opens the channel to open the back door, if Jiazhuang guessed, each is willing to come had own goal, to Half Immortal, what goal but also there is the ratio enters the innate Great Dao tablet more important? 这一日,贾国长老齐聚,打开通道为几名新晋长老开后门,如贾庄猜测,每个愿意来的都有自己的目的,对半仙来说,还有什么目的是比进入先天大道碑更重要的? Naturally, not true entry, otherwise after going in cannot come out, Jia Guo trouble what to do? 当然,不是真正的进入,否则进去后出不来,贾国的麻烦怎么办? Is only the confirmation studies, or confirms the own Dao virtue level height! 就只是验证所学,或者说,验证自己的道德层次高低! Trades innate Great Dao, no one such good interest will confirm , what important won't have? But the morals are different, you cannot say don't oneself have the morals is not? To Yu Daode height, then only then adopts first a Heavenly Dao virtue stone tablet to come card depth. 换一个先天大道,没人会这么好的兴致来验证,不会就是不会,有什么打紧?但道德不同,你不能说自己没道德不是?至于道德高低,便只有通过先天道德碑来一证深浅。 Here, in first Heavenly Dao virtue tablet, is all first in the Heavenly Dao virtue tablet a strangest record is maintaining, that is, obtained the qualifications of entering the entering the Dao virtue tablet actually do not go , the probability in all first Heavenly Dao tablet is highest. 在这里,在先天道德碑,也是所有先天道德碑中最奇怪的一个记录保持着,那就是,取得了进入道德碑的资格却不进去的,在所有先天道碑中几率是最高的。 Listens to be very strange, actually has its truth. 听着很奇怪,其实自有其道理。 I can go, explained that I am virtuous, is a moral noble person ; But I do not go, because this is not my say/way, does not want to be fettered by the morals! 我能进去,说明我有道德,是一个道德高尚之人;但我不进去,因为这不是我的道,不想被道德束缚! Is such complex, contradictory, represented almost all cultivator mentalities. 就是这么复杂,矛盾,代表了几乎所有修士的心态。 In the waiting, cancels the line to exterminate some originally ripe limping to Li Ji side, said with a smile: 在等待中,勾行戬有些自来熟的蹩到李绩身旁,笑道: This poor Daoist cancels the line to exterminate, has had casual acquaintance with the fellow daoist, but has not fought, regrets really! “贫道勾行戬,和道友有过一面之缘,只是未曾交手,甚憾! The fierceness of fellow daoist murdering, destroying the person is tireless, weighs the morals? ” 道友杀伐之烈,毁人不倦,也来衡量道德么?” This person spoke is not very pleasant to the ear, is in that words to have the words, the belt/bring punctures including ridiculing, but Li Ji never feared this person, by mouth, he like self-confidence to sword. 这人说话很不中听,属于那种话里有话,带刺含讥的,不过李绩从来不怕这种人,论嘴,他就像对剑一样的自信。 Positive of shape, did not ask straight of shadow, but shadow self aligning. “形之正,不求影之直,而影自直。 The morals of person, like starry sky general deeply then, but we see, is only its representation. 人的道德,就像星空一般的深遂,而我们看到的,只是它的表象。 Cancelled the fellow daoist quickly from slaughtering the space comes out? It seems like say/way of agreement fuse with the Dao friend essence slaughtering? ” 勾道友这么快就从杀戮空间出来了?看来杀戮之道更契合道友本质?” Cancelling the line exterminated saying that he destroyed the person to be tireless, when referring to killing nine infants the method was cruel, does not have the pity ; Li Ji is implied he has not seen the world, does not know the depth of starry sky, but one kills the embryo inborn. 勾行戬说他毁人不倦,指的是杀九婴时手段残忍,毫无怜悯之心;李绩则是暗指他没见过世面,不知星空之深,不过一天生杀胚而已。 The person of being malicious in speech, the tolerance often, I listens to the person to boast the look, strength, courage, wisdom, but had actually rarely heard boasts the morals, the morals of fellow daoist, should not weigh by moral stone tablet to come?” 嘴毒的人,耐受力往往就更强些,“我听人自夸过相貌的,实力的,勇气的,智慧的,但却很少听说过自夸道德的,道友的道德,不是应该由道德碑来衡量的么?” Li Ji smile, „ honest, is the biggest moral excellence! 李绩一哂,“诚实,就是最大的美德! Independence unashamed shadow, alone bedroom worthily quilt, my morals , can its thing weigh can it be that? ” 独立不惭影,独寝不愧衾,我之道德,又岂是它物能衡量的?” Cancels the line to exterminate an oar say/way: Admire, gathers the meaning of fellow daoist is being thinks oneself have the morals to have the morals......” 勾行戬一楫道:“佩服佩服,合着道友的意思就是自己认为自己有道德那么就有道德……” Two people bicker to seek pleasure here, that side theater box Jia Guo elders entering the tablet channel build complete, 两人在这里斗嘴取乐,那边厢贾国长老们已经把入碑通道搭建完成, Cancels the line to exterminate the hand directs, moral smoothy first invited!” 勾行戬把手一引,“道德高尚者先请!” Li Ji is fearless and good, he knows himself unable to go, but will not represent now weakly the imposing manner, furthermore, couldn't he go in this fellow to go in? Really has whom grasps also to run here to go through the motions? 李绩昂然而行,他知道自己进不去,但不代表现下就会弱了气势,再者说了,他进不去难道这家伙就能进去了?真有进去的把握谁还跑这里来走后门? The figure flutters, before the person has arrived at the moral tablet, the hand rubs top of the head shoulder shoulders, after one displays, disdains saying: 身形飘动,人已来到道德碑前,手摩头顶肩扛,一番施展后才不屑道: What moral tablet, can it be that false?” “什么道德碑,莫不是个假的?” That check line exterminates to have a good laugh, flutters the near, the shoulder shoulders the hand rubs top of the head, the result not the slightest difference, then should with saying: 那勾行戬仰天大笑,也飘到近前,肩扛手摩头顶,结果一般无二,回头应和道: Returns really- mother- what is a false, the real men like our man cannot go, only gives the hypocrite to open the flood gates......” “还真特-娘-的是个假的,像咱们爷们儿这样的真汉子都进不去,偏偏就只給伪君子大开方便之门……”
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