SR :: Volume #23

#2218: Understanding

Actually as master, no matter because of what reason, does not want his clan to do the wind to do the rain in own sphere of influence, this is the issue of sovereignty ; But if a big race, particularly the race like antique ominous beast must do the matter, that must weigh the advantages and disadvantages. 其实作为主人,不管因为什么原因,都不愿意他族在自己的势力范围内搞风搞雨,这是个主权的问题;但如果是一个大的种族,尤其是像太古凶兽这样的种族要搞事,那就必须权衡利弊。 Reason that was old for the officer said, does not want draws the beast the conflict of clan and person clan to own body, the person the clan influence selects in the mainland in the day far strong in the immemorial beast clan, but if conflicted truly, before human gathered most strengths, perhaps his Chao Guo must first but actually big mildew. 为首长老之所以这么说,就是不想把兽族和人族的争端拉到自己的身上,人族势力在天择大陆中远强于太古兽族,但若真正冲突起来,在人类集中起大部分力量前,他晁国恐怕先就要倒大霉。 Therefore, even if in the heart has resentful, is not willing to make over this rafter. 所以,哪怕心中有怨,也是不愿意做这个出头椽子的。 The meaning of kiloampere daoist represented the meanings of most elders, but similarly, most elders approve for the officer old overall perception, cannot, because is repugnant, impulses blindly. 千安道人的意思就是代表了大部分长老的意思,但同样的,大部分长老都认可为首长老的大局观,不能因为讨厌,就盲目冲动。 The people the respective sinking god reflected on, carves slightly, moved for the officer old long eyebrow, beckons to receive faith talisman, Divine Sense passes, is understands thoroughly to understand. 众人又各自沉神静思,稍刻,为首长老长眉一动,招手接过一枚信符,神识一透,已是洞彻明了。 Then told: Kiloampere, you go to a main shrine, has the guest who comes to need to receive, you look at him to have what request, if not excessive, depended on him!” 遂吩咐道:“千安,你去趟主殿,有位远来的客人需要接待,你看他有何要求,如果不过份的话,就依了他吧!” The kiloampere somewhat is strange, guest? Whose guest? No matter Great Elder, is Chao Guo, as if isn't one's turn him to receive? 千安就有些奇怪,客人?谁的客人?不管是大长老的,还是晁国的,似乎都轮不到他来接待? Also lazy thinks, directly soars the main shrine to go, this main shrine looks like Huan Guo the palace outside the capital, is following True Monarch manages the entire country center, to the mortal there is the supreme place, but to them, is deacon room of the disciples. 也懒的多想,直奔主殿而去,这主殿就像是桓国的离宫,是下面的真君们管理整个国家的中枢,对凡人来说那里就是至高无上的地方,但对他们来说,就是个弟子们的执事房。 Goes not many far, has main shrine True Monarch to welcome before, nearby young daoist, the smile stands, the Half Immortal boundary, is seemingly ordinary, but also has not the real feeling. 去不多远,有主殿真君在前相迎,旁边一个年轻道人,微笑而立,半仙境界,看起来普普通通,但又有不真实的感觉。 After receiving and instructing the True Monarch retreat, that year light daoist oar, Huan country elder Han Ya, visiting, does not know how rashly the fellow daoist did call?” 接引真君退去后,那年轻道人一楫手,“桓国长老寒鸦,冒然拜访,不知道友如何称呼?” One hear of this person of given names, in thousand An Xin/at ease have the basic assessment, before for several years, is weighing the country, some people are slaughtering the space to kill by mistreatment nine infants, probably is this person, heard that he is a phoenix came from Main World together, then the present goal is also obvious, does not only know that he will propose what requests? 一听这人的名号,千安心中已有了基本判断,数年前在衡国,有人在杀戮空间虐杀九婴,大概就是这人,听说他是和一头凤凰一起从主世界而来,那么现在的目的也就昭然若揭,只不知他会提出什么要求? This poor Daoist kiloampere, is actually first meeting, although strange tight, but is not only Huan country elder, is on good terms with my Chao Guo, then the fellow daoist has anything to request to raise by all means that so long as in my area of competence, when is liberal to strive!” “贫道千安,却是初次见面,虽然陌生的紧,但既是桓国长老,与我晁国交好,那么道友有什么要求只管提,只要在我能力范围之内,当不吝出力!” He is also discrete, knows that this is Great Elder pushes him to come out to withstand/top the vat , behind thinks to play a dirty trick, does not want to drop the handle, therefore dispatches over him. 他也是个谨慎的,知道这是大长老推他出来顶缸,又想背后使坏,又不想落下把柄,所以才遣他出头。 Li Ji shows a faint smile, before coming, he has made a time, an elder who also once visited Huan Guo, had known about the situation in Chao country's, otherwise comes Chao Guo to realize from experience destiny Great Dao rashly, their two are weak, he also not such rash. 李绩微微一笑,来之前,他是做过一番功夫的,也曾拜访了桓国的一位长老,对晁国的情况有所了解,否则冒然前来晁国体悟命运大道,他们两个势单力孤,他还没有这么冒失过。 Therefore, told the facts, thousand side fellow daoist, this destiny Great Dao tablet opened, does not know that the list of participant, you whether to provide one?” 所以,实话实说,“千方道友,此次命运大道碑开启,不知参与者的名单,贵方能否提供一份?” On thousand side slides, jade slip flutters, this is not the secret, is not only he, then main shrine many True Monarch are also knows that but he has not ravelled its real intention, when only to compete with quota has prepared, has other reasons? 千方手上一滑,一枚玉简飘出,这不是什么秘密,不仅是他,便主殿不少的真君也是知道的,但他还没弄明白其真实意图,是只为竞争名额时有所准备,还是另有其他原因? Li Ji guest not bothersome two lords, have nothing to restrain in this place, in any case is also the disorderly rule, does not need to consider too many aspects. 李绩一客不烦二主,在这地方也没什么好克制的,反正也是无序的规则,不需要考虑太多的方方面面。 How do thousand side fellow daoist see to the antique clan? My riding friend feared that must face some troublesome, must prepare beforehand, otherwise at the last moment, then lost the situation!” “千方道友对太古一族怎么看?我之骑友怕是要面临一些麻烦,总要事先有所准备,否则事到临头,便失了先机!” Thousand Fang Xiang think, actually two side antique beasts struggle mutually, he does not have the special preference, but this daoist strength, can cut nine infants alone, must sell a face, today gave conveniently, in the future will speak well, after all the same manner clan, does not need to be aloof beside . Moreover the factor of Huan country's in inside. 方想了想,其实两方太古兽互争,他也没有特别的偏好,但这道人实力了得,能独斩九婴,还是要卖一点面子,今日給了方便,日后才好说话,毕竟同为人族,没必要拒人千里之外,况且还有个桓国的因素在里面。 Their these have innate Great Dao tablet country, actually has the involvement, the goal is when one place is in difficulty, can obtain all parties to support, medium small country that otherwise sneaks a look are too many, virtually impossible to guard against. 他们这些拥有先天大道碑的国家,其实互相之间都是有勾连的,目的就是在一方有难时,能得到各方支援,否则窥觑的中小国家太多,防不胜防。 How I do not see importantly, how more importantly expensive/noble rides the friend to see! Dispute between their antique beasts, I and other human really do not see clearly. “我如何看不重要,重要的是贵骑友怎么看!它们太古兽之间的争执,我等人类实在是看不清楚。 This destiny tablet opens, 43 fellow daoist participate, human 31, besides Guiyou, antique beast 11, before placing, this cannot imagine simply, when will the antique ominous beast pay attention to the destiny? 此次命运碑开启,有四十三位道友参加,其中人类三十一位,除贵友外,太古兽十一位,放在之前,这简直不可想象,什么时候太古凶兽会关注命运了? These 11 antique fellow daoist, I cannot completely know, but three actually, even if also by ominous becomes famous in the antique beast group severely, is land my Mr. land big, the corner/horn end corner/horn is respectively uneven, ba snake close to ascends the sky, they are the beasts of dying, inborn to destiny non-inductive, with expensive/noble rides the friend to be in sharp opposition, if really meets, under the beast multi- potential numerous, feared that is not very good to cope! ” 这十一位太古道友,我也不能尽识,不过这其中有三个却很是了得,哪怕在太古兽群中也是以凶厉出名,分别是陆吾陆大先生,角端角不平,巴蛇巴上天,他们都是绝命之兽,天生对命运无感,和贵骑友针锋相对,真若遇上,兽多势众之下,怕是很不好对付!” A Li Ji oar, is indebted thousand side fellow daoist to indicate, this poor Daoist is deeply grateful, my such rides the friend, place grew also calculated some sentiments, did not exercise forbearance it therefore to damage the life, you also know, the temperament of this big bird was somewhat gruff, urges unable to calm down......” 李绩一楫,“承蒙千方道友点拨,贫道感激不尽,我就这么头骑友,处的长了也算有些感情,也不忍让它因此而损命,你也知道,这大鸟的脾气有些倔,劝也劝不住……” Thousand sides nod with a smile, „ phoenix, the kings of ten thousand bird, were arrogant, but its conduct character was close in my human, accepted for my person clan easily ; 千方含笑点头,“凤凰嘛,万鸟之王,是高傲了些,不过其品行性格于我人类相近,也容易为我人族接受; I am also open about the facts you, my Chao Guo destiny Great Dao tablet, in all antique beasts, on phoenix most agreeing with destiny, human regards as the auspicious omen, spreading the tail good omen, if really has what accident here, did not say of pleasant to hear. 我也不瞒你,我晁国命运大道碑,在所有太古兽中,也就凤凰最契合命运,人类视为祥瑞,开屏见喜,真若在这里有个什么闪失,却是好说不好听。 If the fellow daoist trade other riding beasts, I will not perhaps have said these with you, the beast bites beast mouth wool, slaughters by them, what matter manages my human? 道友若换个其他的骑兽,我恐怕还不会和你说这些,兽咬兽一嘴毛,由得它们厮杀,管我人类何事? Also is this phoenix, has the Great Dao tablet to get up, has history record, has to come to realize from experience, is the old friend who has a common goal, therefore Elder Council assigns/life me to come to raise 0.12, was entire Cause-Effect! ” 也就是这个凤凰,自有大道碑起,有史记载,已经有多头前来体悟,也算是志同道合的旧友,故此长老团才命我前来提点一二,也算是全了因果!” Li Ji expressed thanks again, thousand sides sighed: 李绩再次致谢,千方叹道: „ The custom of Great Dao tablet is Hongmao decides, cannot change, therefore our Chao Guo Elder Council cannot prevent them to participate ; Actually your times, were some that came late, before causing the day selected the antique beast group attention to come my Chao Guo, did not have these disasters, 大道碑的规矩是鸿茅所定,不能更改,所以我们晁国长老团也不能阻止它们参加;其实你们这次来,是来的有些晚了,在引起天择太古兽群注意之前就来我晁国,就没这些祸事, You come not only late, and was freer, does not know how to think? ” 你们来的既晚,又招摇了些,也不知是怎么想的?” Any cultivation influence works, has the reason of its deep level, does not have hate with no reason at all, does not have love with no reason at all ; Like Half Immortal Elder Council of Chao country's, their heart is partial to the Swiss beast phoenix, but cannot defy Hongmao Great Dao, does not hope but therefore selects the indigenous antique beast to produce the dispute with the day, under such complex dilemma, makes this type with the aid of the help of bystander. 任何一个修真势力做事,都有其深层次的原因,没有无缘无故的恨,也没有无缘无故的爱;就像晁国的半仙长老团,他们心底偏向瑞兽凤凰,但又不能违抗鸿茅大道,更不希望因此而和天择土著太古兽产生纠纷,这样复杂的左右为难下,才做出这种借助外人的帮助。 What is very realistic, their help are very limited , is only restricted in the reminder, the early warning, actually cannot have the extremely actual movement, after all, phoenix here only then a head, but the antique ominous beast actually several hundred over a thousand heads, which is the lighter and which is the heavier does not need the person to teach. 很现实的是,他们的帮助很有限,也只限于提醒,预警,却不能有太过实际的动作,毕竟,凤凰在这里只有一头,而太古凶兽却有数百上千头,孰轻孰重不需人教。 In the Li Ji heart laughs in one's heart, what auspicious beast, is silly- bird! 李绩心中暗笑,什么瑞兽,就是头傻-鸟!
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