SWOSS :: Volume #4

#391: Holds the show!

In blood demon dwelling place of Buddhist immortals. 血魔洞天内。 Sends the silk to twine middle that group of golden sand ball innumerably, the entire place void by dim that the domain strengths of two sides confuse. 无数发丝缠绕着当中那团金色沙球,整处虚空都被两方的领域力量搅乱的一片昏暗。 Bang!!!” “轰!!!” The blood red blade glow jumps to shoot from the sand ball, each blood-color blade light contains the terrifying murderous intention, lets here as if incarnation for Asura battlefield. 血红色的刀芒从沙球中迸射出来,每一道血色刀光都蕴含着恐怖杀机,让此处仿佛化身为修罗战场。 The implication battlefield slaughters true God, by Xia Zhi names as ‚the broken army destruction regiment weapon, erupted its true might at this time. 蕴含战阵杀戮道的真神器,被夏至命名为‘破军’的毁灭军团武器,在这时爆发它真正的威力。 Entered me to send day Luo also to struggle.” “进入了我的‘发界天罗’还想挣扎。” Does not care on razor clam cloud Protector of four heavy Heaven god levels to rule mysterious comprehending, he cannot see mystery in these blade light, controls is sending the silk winding to raiding behind innumerably blade light, the terrifying strength makes him quite self-confident. 对规则奥妙的参悟也就四重天界神层次的蛏云护法根本不在乎,他也看不出这些刀光中的玄妙,操控着身后无数发丝缠绕向袭来的刀光,恐怖的力量让他极为自信。 You, if resists wholeheartedly, my also that you do not have the means that may want to struggle, that has a dream.” Razor clam cloud Hufa sneers is looking, oneself these round of silk burst out the slit that the blade light reveals to drill toward in following the sand ball on, wanting to control the Xia Zhi fetter. “你要是一心抵御,我还那你没办法,可想要挣扎,那就是做梦。”蛏云护法冷笑着看着,自己那些发丝顺着沙球上迸发刀光露出的缝隙往里钻,欲要将其中的夏至束缚控制住。 Rips ~ ~ ~ winding first contacts with it to the sending silk of blade light, tenacious and incomparably the strength enormous sending silk cut off by the blade light unexpectedly forcefully , to continue to oneself plunders. “撕拉~~~”缠绕向刀光的发丝最先与之接触,坚韧无比且力量极大的发丝竟被刀光强行斩断,更是继续向自己掠来。 But these follow the slit to sneak in sand ball the sending silk also to make a futile effort, as the superficial wind-drift sand surges, is unable to penetrate. 而那些顺着缝隙钻进沙球的发丝也徒劳无功,随着表面的流沙涌动,根本无法深入其中。 How can?” Razor clam cloud Hufa has a big shock, sends the tenacious degree of silk he to be self-confident regarding oneself, does not believe that is only the blade light that Xia Zhi sends out can shut off it. “怎么会?”蛏云护法大惊失色,对于自己发丝的坚韧程度他非常自信,根本不相信只是夏至发出的刀光都能将其切断。 By his boundary, cannot see its blade light deep place, the distortion shatter world that indistinctly presents is anything, that opens boundary revering level the strength of space and time being shattered, and true God say/way of battlefield slaughtering. 以他的境界,根本看不出其刀光深处,那隐约呈现的扭曲破碎的世界到底是什么,那是开辟境尊者级的时空破灭之力,以及真神器本身的战阵杀戮之道。 Under two unify, each blade light cuts to kill ordinary big those who are able sufficiently, not to mention merely was his round of silk. 两相结合之下,每道刀光都足以斩杀普通大能者,更不必说仅仅是他那些发丝了。 ~ ~ ~ “蓬~~~” It seems like that was served the sand ball that the silk winding surrounds one to explode fiercely, the golden sand dust of blotting out the sky with the aid of the strength of this eruption, compels the sending silk in void, and instead covers razor clam cloud Protector. 一直看似被发丝缠绕困住的沙球猛地一下爆开,铺天盖地的金色沙尘借助这爆发之力,把虚空中的发丝逼开,并反而将蛏云护法笼罩在内。 Sees only should a been stranded Xia Zhi purple gold color armor armor, on the firm and resolute face murderous aura completely, in the eye pupil is ice cold one piece. 只见原本应是被困的夏至一身紫金色甲铠,坚毅的脸上满是杀气,眼眸中更是冰寒一片。 His right hand holds long blade ‚the broken army, the innumerable golden rays fill the surrounding 10 billion kilometers scopes, the immeasurable gold sand fluctuation ripples, as if makes the entire place space fall into to the golden sea, each golden sand dust contains striking power that lets the person palpitation. 他右手持着长刀‘破军’,无数的金色光芒弥漫周围百亿公里范围,无量金沙浮动荡漾,仿佛让整处空间陷入到金色海洋中,每一道金色沙尘都蕴含着让人心悸的攻击力。 Possibly so to be how strong.” The razor clam cloud Protector complexion is ugly, even does not want to acknowledge, but is very obvious, the void fetter method that oneself are proud is less than Xia Zhi gives up study «Sand». “怎么可能这么强。”蛏云护法脸色难看,就算再不想承认,可很明显的是,自己引以为傲的虚空束缚手段不及夏至的绝学《沙界》。 Scoffs!” In the Xia Zhi hand the long blade rises suddenly suddenly, as if has stained bloodstain true God, at this time rises suddenly instantaneously as if broken day great blade, a anger chops to cut to razor clam cloud Protector. “嗤!”夏至手中长刀猛然暴涨,仿佛有着斑斑血迹的真神器,此时瞬间暴涨仿佛破天巨刃,一个怒劈斩向蛏云护法。 Keeps off sends the silk to stop the anger of that great blade to divide among two people innumerably crazily, but is slightly useless, easily accomplished vanished in a puff of smoke in the face of the strength of that endless being shattered. 挡在两人之间的无数发丝疯狂阻拦那巨刃的怒劈,可丝毫无用,在那无尽破灭之力面前摧枯拉朽般灰飞烟灭。 Desperate , the right hand of razor clam cloud Protector presented dark-gray stone Gun, he wielded the stone stick to pound directly forcefully, this pounded, front void caved in directly. 情急之下,蛏云护法的右手出现了一根深灰色石棍,他挥动石棍直接强行砸了过去,这一砸,面前的虚空都直接塌陷。 The terrifying strength pounds in dividing on great blade, may break the commander blade as if not in this space and time dimension, the powerful anger chops as before under. 恐怖的力量砸在劈来的巨刃上,可破军长刀仿佛不在这一时空维度,依旧强悍怒劈而下。 Bang!” The broken commander blade cuts directly one side of the razor clam cloud Protector nape of the neck, the point of that incomparable terrifying the incomparably tenacious skin will break out together the deep opening, later was caught by he harder bone. “轰!”破军长刀直接斩在蛏云护法脖颈一侧,那无比恐怖的锋芒将无比坚韧的皮肤劈开一道深深的口子,随后被他更为坚硬的骨头卡住。 The razor clam cloud Protector within the body fascia muscle strong creeping motion, wants to limit it, but Xia Zhi shakes slightly, then takes advantage of opportunity to delimit, leaves behind a long wound in his chest front, the green blood everywhere sputtering. 蛏云护法体内筋膜肌肉强硬蠕动,想要将其限制住,可夏至手微微一抖,便顺势划下,在他胸前留下一道长长的伤口,绿色血液漫天溅射。 This injury is not worth mentioning to me.” Razor clam cloud Protector is very self-confident about own tyrannical body, seemingly frigid wound to his resiliency, but loses some energies. “这点伤势对我而言不值一提。”蛏云护法对自己的强横身体无比自信,看似惨烈的伤口对他自身的恢复力而言,不过是损失些许能量。 What's the matter?” Razor clam cloud Hufa was startled to find suddenly, the wound of oneself neck chest front had the variation energy to wreak havoc faintly, moreover in walked randomly to his within the body deep place unceasingly, wanted to destroy more organs. “怎么回事?”蛏云护法忽然吃惊发现,自己颈部胸前的伤口隐隐有异种能量在肆虐,而且还在不断向他体内深处游走,想要破坏更多器官。 That variation energy place visited, within the body as if has world to be shattered unceasingly the collapse, razor clam cloud Hufa is busy at transferring more energies in body just now to annihilate him forcefully. 那异种能量所经之处,体内仿佛有着一座座世界在不断破灭塌陷,蛏云护法忙调动身体内的更多能量方才将其强行湮灭。 Was only a blade, can make the strength of my life lose nearly 1%.” The razor clam cloud Protector complexion big change, actually this is what strength, can threaten me unexpectedly.” “只是中了一刀,就能让我生命之力损失了近乎百分之一。”蛏云护法面色大变,“这究竟是什么力量,竟然能威胁到我。” These were disillusioned the flesh of collapse to be possible really to annihilate, by his tyrannical body, if the strength of life consumes the light to fall from the sky completely truly. 那些被破灭塌陷的血肉可都是真的湮灭,以他的强横身体,若是生命之力完全耗光都会真正陨落。 Xia Zhi naturally does not know in the opponent heart, just like what is startled, in the hand the broken commander blade flutters, swallows the world main body homemade mystique «Pleasant Plan» knife skill cuts to strike wild, does not make front different universe opponent have the opportunity of respite. 夏至自然不知道对手心中正如何吃惊,手中破军长刀翻飞,吞噬世界本尊自创的秘法《如意策》刀法狂暴斩击,不让面前的异宇宙对手有喘息之机。 Fish the hole, keeping the bait was also useless.” Xia Zhi looked that the opponent just like looks at a deceased person, dies! As the invader, must have the consciousness of dying.” “鱼儿已出洞,留饵也没用了。”夏至看对手犹如看一死人,“死吧!身为侵略者,就要有身死的觉悟。” ~ ~ ~ blade shadow vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered expansive sky, even if razor clam cloud Protector angrily roars again and again, brandishes stone Gun strongly, each stick strength is vigorous, but the vast gap in boundary, making him to deal wearily. “唰唰唰~~~”刀影纵横长空,纵使蛏云护法怒吼连连,竭力挥舞石棍,每一棍都力量雄浑浩荡,可境界上的巨大差距,让他疲以应对。 Even if a few stone stick and Xia Zhi long blade bumps into, but he discovered panic-stricken, the opponent strength is not unexpectedly weak in oneself. 即使少数几次石棍与夏至的长刀相撞,可他惊恐地发现,对手力量竟丝毫不弱于自己。 In an instant, razor clam cloud Protector were many ten several wounds, even on the cheeks has together the deep bloodstain, the green blood flows, making him seem like incomparably scary. 转眼,蛏云护法身上多了十数个伤口,连脸颊上都有一道深深的血痕,绿色的血液流淌,让他看上去更是无比骇人。 „! Has to plant and me fights truly.” Razor clam cloud Hufa angrily roars to roar fiercely, body one stiffness of rickets, the entire body is glittering the green ray, and appears innumerable strange rune/symbol writing, the aura also one rises suddenly, the complexion charges into Xia Zhi fiercely good-fittingly, in the hand stone Gunhui leaves, the frigid strength is enormous and powerful, makes surrounding void cave in everywhere. “啊!有种和我真正战一场。”蛏云护法猛地一声怒吼咆哮,佝偻的身体都一下挺直,整个身体闪烁着绿色光芒,且浮现出无数诡异符文,气息也一下暴涨,面色狰狞地合身冲向夏至,手中石棍挥出,惨烈的力量浩浩荡荡,让周围虚空处处塌陷。 The Xia Zhi corners of the mouth disdain, Protector that usually the female ancestor taught most excels with the tyrannical body and terrifying speed and strength slaughters own cultivator, now the boundary is low, style stupid, but also blames others? 夏至嘴角不屑,平素母祖教的护法最擅长用自己强横的身体和恐怖的速度、力量来杀戮自己一方的修行者,现在自己境界低,招式蠢笨,还怪别人? Puts together the body, compared with the strength, you are not good is not good!” Xia Zhi laughed at one, in the hand the long blade meets the tough head-on with toughness to cut directly, under he also wanted to try, erupts this, in the female ancestor taught to protect the law the strength only to calculate the common opponent, strong. “就是拼身体,比力量,你不行就是不行!”夏至嗤笑一声,手中长刀直接硬碰硬斩了过去,他也想要试试,爆发之下这在母祖教护法中实力只算一般的对手,到底有多强。 Bang! 轰! The both sides weapons collide in the midair, Xia Zhi with blade pounded flies toward, soon when hits the ground stops the body. But opponent razor clam cloud Protector also in in the air draws back nearly ten thousand li (0.5 km) continually, in the eye pupil is the color of shock. 双方兵器在半空中碰撞,夏至连人带刀被砸的朝下方飞去,快要撞击到地面时才止住身体。而对手蛏云护法也在空中连退近万里,眼眸中全是震惊之色。 „Before his strength is three times, nearly in controlling the strength of level.” In the Xia Zhi vision has to acclaim, no wonder in the next three dwelling places of Buddhist immortals, after peak revering has not entered the number of times, except for the witch cricket Emperor, others comes to bring death, this grade of strength also has the tyrannical body, in addition the female ancestor teaches these strange abilities, ordinary revering also is really not an opponent.” “他力量是之前的三倍,已是近乎于主宰层次的力量了。”夏至目光中有着赞叹,“难怪在下三洞天,最顶尖的尊者没有进入次数后,除了巫蛐帝君,其他人来都是送死,这等力量还有强横的身体,再加上母祖教那些诡异的能力,普通尊者还真不是对手。” Xia Zhi can depend on the style to be exquisite, the boundary plays with the opponent high, that is say/way enough fourth that because he light/only opens, but also has absolute technique " Sand » time control domain influence, «Extinguishes Extremely purple gold Body» makes his strength and body not weak in the opposite party. 夏至自己能靠招式精妙,境界高玩弄对手,那是因为他光开辟的自身之道就足足四条,还有着绝学《沙界》时刻操控领域影响,《灭极紫金身》让他力量、身体都不弱于对方。 May stupid the female ancestor in the Xia Zhi eye teach the opponent, body, strength as big as control level super terrifying, sufficiently the oppressing boundary these that they are higher. 可在夏至眼中蠢笨的母祖教对手,身体强,力量大到主宰层次已经超级恐怖了,足以凌虐境界比他们高的那些尊者。 ~ ~ ~ razor clam cloud Protector that did not believe in evil doctrines held the stick to clash again, he did not believe including the body strength that oneself most had a high opinion is less than Xia Zhi. “呼~~~”不信邪的蛏云护法再次持棍冲了上来,他不信连自己一方最为倚重的身体力量都不及夏至 The stone stick power and influence of brandishing does not have big wave fierce, Xia Zhi to meet the tough head-on with toughness, assaults with the opponent full power, does not let. 挥舞的石棍威势凶猛无涛,夏至则以硬碰硬,全力与对手抢攻,丝毫不让。 Bang bang bang ~ ~ ~ occasionally several sticks fall on Xia Zhi, but was stopped to unload the strength by the long blade ahead of time, ten force components are most can also affect on a force component on the purple gold color armor armor, injures to Xia Zhi cannot. 砰砰砰~~~偶尔有几棍落在夏至身上,可都被长刀提前阻拦卸力,十分力最多也就一分力能作用在紫金色的甲铠上,连伤害到夏至都不能。 Cannot be victorious.” In razor clam cloud Protector surface fierce, in the heart the grief and indignation, a stick drives back to drive out Xia Zhi after again full power ten million/countless, immediately turns around to walk. “打不过。”蛏云护法面上狰狞,心中悲愤,再次全力一棍将夏至逼退轰开千万里后,当即转身就走。 Because he erupts still at the body at this moment, the flying speed is extremely fast, if waits again, erupted the effect of secret technique in the past, feared that wants to walk cannot get away. 因为他此刻尚在身体爆发中,飞行速度极快,若是再等等,爆发秘术的效果过去,怕是想走都走不了。 Founder! Xia Zhi strength compared with intelligence journal wants powerful many! Absolutely is top revering, endures compared with existence of witch cricket Emperor. Moreover his body strength is as good as me, the boundary is strange tall.” Escapes meanwhile, the razor clam cloud Protector also even/including passed on a message gives the founder. “教主!夏至的实力比情报记录的要强大的多!绝对是顶尖尊者,堪比巫蛐帝君的存在。而且他身体力量不亚于我,境界更是奇高。”逃跑同时,蛏云护法也连传讯给教主。 Endures compared with the witch cricket Emperor? How possibly, does he practice how many years?” Founder some cannot believe, to this cultivator universe is the understanding, they want to endure witch cricket Emperor that clearly and other levels are more difficult, how possibly merely more than 20,000 years can achieve. “堪比巫蛐帝君?怎么可能,他修行才多少年?”教主有些不敢相信,对这一修行者宇宙越是了解,他们越加清楚想要堪比巫蛐帝君那等层次有多么艰难,怎么可能仅仅两万多年就能达到。 More than 20,000 years, most parts losing concentration level has not become the god! 两万多年,大部分神级都尚未成界神呢! „, I have really started to escape now.” Razor clam cloud Hufa passed on a message the anxious say/way, he attacked contains the strength of strange being shattered, after entering within the body, can annihilate my flesh wantonly, consumed the speed of strength of life to be quick, my present vitality loss surpasses 30%, waited for the crazy secret technique in the past, the strength plummeted, feared that will die on Xia Zhi.” “真的,我现在已经开始逃命了。”蛏云护法传讯急切道,“他攻击中蕴含奇异的破灭之力,进入体内后能大肆湮灭我的血肉,消耗生命之力的速度很快,我现在生命力损耗超过30%,等狂化秘术过去,实力骤降,怕是会死在夏至手上。” You support as far as possible, the calamity candle they are coming toward your.” Founder even/including say/way, you also escape toward that side, they converges with the calamity candle.” “你尽量撑住,祸烛他们正朝你们这来。”教主连道,“你也往那边逃命,与祸烛他们汇合。” Good.” Razor clam cloud Protector runs away in the direction that the founder directs, there is the direction that their squad surplus four people catch up with, is he now the only hope. “好。”蛏云护法往教主指引的方向逃窜,那里是他们小队剩余四人赶来的方向,也是他如今唯一的希望。 Luckily his speed is not fast.” Razor clam cloud Hufa thinks before , when tag along after Xia Zhi the speed of observing, in the heart is slightly stable. “幸亏他速度不快。”蛏云护法想到之前自己尾随夏至时观测的速度,心中稍稍安定。 Bang! 轰! Incomparably fluctuates after violently oneself transmits, purple gold color Flowing Light catches up together at the terrifying speed, among two people the distance reduces in the face of this quick speed certainly unceasingly. 无比猛烈的波动自身后传来,一道紫金色流光以恐怖的速度赶来,两人之间的距离在这绝快的速度面前不断缩小。 This makes the razor clam cloud protect the law two eyeballs to stare perfectly round, contacts with the founder crazily: Founder, founder. Before that Xia Zhi, hidden the strength, his speed erupts full power also quickly compared with me, I cannot escape, founder! Help, making the calamity candle big brother they save me quickly.” 这让蛏云护法两颗眼珠瞪得溜圆,疯狂联系教主:“教主,教主。那夏至之前隐藏实力,他速度比我全力爆发还快,我逃不掉,教主!救命,让祸烛大哥他们快来救我。” Receives praying for rescue of razor clam cloud Protector, making the founder order to give other squad four Protector that catches up with without hesitation: Calamity candle, your four overtake to rescue the razor clam to say immediately full power! Our each strength is very precious, must preserve.” 收到蛏云护法的求救,让教主毫不犹豫地下令给正在赶来的小队其他四名护法:“祸烛,你们四个立即全力赶过去救下蛏云!我们的每一份力量都很珍贵,必须要保住。” Teaches in the founder eye of den to have the anger in the female ancestor, wants to look at the old opponent startled anger, the Xia Zhi unexpectedly strength is never so expected that powerful. 远在母祖教老巢的教主眼中有着怒意,原本想看老对手惊怒,没想到夏至竟然实力如此强大。 Practices for more than 20,000 years to have such strength, Xia Zhi cannot remain absolutely.” The founders are constraining the anger, after Protector in blood demon dwelling place of Buddhist immortals ordered, then to the den a palace hall looks. “修行才两万多年就有如此实力,夏至绝对不能留。”教主压抑着怒火,在向血魔洞天中的护法下令后,转而向老巢内一处殿厅看去。 Sincere Protector.” The founders discussed in a soft voice, his sound reverberates in that place secret palace hall. “虔护法。”教主轻声念道,他的声音在那处隐秘殿厅中回荡起来。 In that palace hall empty, only then an oil lamp floats in in the air, the ground sits cross-legged the wild animal that sits an apes and monkeys appearance. 那殿厅中空空荡荡,只有一油灯浮在空中,地上盘膝坐着一头猿猴模样的野兽。 He has the golden hair, the facial features are tranquil, as if human same faces the oil lamp to sit cross-legged. 他有着金色毛发,面容平静,仿佛人类一样面向油灯盘坐着。 When hears the sound that the founder broadcasts, he opened the eye. 当听到教主传来的声音,他睁开了眼睛。 This is a golden eye, what in the eye pupil is flooding is devout and affection, as if wants the gods of universal restoration. 这是一双金色眼睛,眼眸中充斥着的是虔诚和慈爱,仿佛要普度众生的神明。 Founder.” The golden hair apes and monkeys responded in a soft voice. “教主。”金毛猿猴轻声回应。 Sincere Protector, has the incident to need you to act.” Teaches the main road. “虔护法,有一事需要你出手。”教主道。 Founder please say.” Bleached hair apes and monkeys temperate say/way. “教主请说。”金毛猿猴温和道。 In the blood demon dwelling places of Buddhist immortals of six sheaves, the cultivator universe has named Xia Zhi, is the blood blade god emperor passes on the disciple, his strength is extremely strong, razor clam cloud Hufa runs into him to be almost impossible to escape, now the calamity candle Protector they to hurry to the rescue.” Teaches the main road, “六道天轮的血魔洞天中,修行者宇宙有一个叫夏至的,是血刃神帝的亲传弟子,他实力极强,蛏云护法遇到他几乎无法逃命,现在祸烛护法他们正在赶去营救。”教主道, He practices for more than 20,000 years, the strength has reached the top revering level, and body strength is extremely strong, defending also is quite fierce so the enemy unable to give him the time to grow again, I worried that the calamity candle Protector they unable Xia Zhi to strike to kill, therefore troubles you to act.” “他修行才两万多年,实力已经达到顶尖尊者层次,且身体力量极强,防御也极为厉害如此敌人不能再给他时间成长,我担心祸烛护法他们无法将夏至击杀,所以麻烦你出手。” Xia Zhi? azure Junior Brother?” The golden hair apes and monkeys nods, „my, the founder you make the calamity candle they probably constrain Xia Zhi.” 夏至?青君的师弟?”金毛猿猴点头,“我这就出发,教主你让祸烛他们一定要拖住夏至。” Good.” The founders should say, in the outside world we, once acts, his teacher blood blade god emperor also has other control to come to rescue, he appears in the next three dwelling place of Buddhist immortals such opportunities, we must hold.” “好。”教主应道,“在外界我们一旦出手,他师尊血刃神帝还有其他主宰都会前来营救,他出现在下三洞天这样的机会,我们必须抓住。” If Ok, best surround him, prohibiting the main body god heart belt/bring to come back. Such evildoer/monstrous talent, fall from the sky truly, will not affect our future plans.” “如果可以,最好将他困住,封禁本尊神心带回来。这样的妖孽,只有真正陨落,才不会影响到我们今后的计划。” Understood.” The golden hair apes and monkeys sets out immediately, leaves this palace hall. “明白。”金毛猿猴随即起身,离开这处殿厅。 In the fang great man (Han) founder eyes that the female ancestor teaches has the anticipation. He sincere Protector is confident about that golden hair apes and monkeys. 母祖教的獠牙巨汉教主眼中有着期待。他对那金毛猿猴‘虔护法’信心十足。 In Protector level expert who in their female ancestor teaches the hometown universe, sincere Protector is the top three terrors exists, to distinguish in other Protector, even is honoured as Saint Protector, is being taught the position almost with the founder of control level to be equal. 在他们母祖教家乡宇宙的护法级高手中,虔护法都是排在前三的恐怖存在,为了区别于其他护法,甚至被尊称为圣护法,在教中地位几乎与主宰级的教主相等。 Places in Xia Zhi their universe, is equivalent to azure and Pang Yi position. 放在夏至他们这一宇宙中,就相当于青君、庞依的地位。 Under sincere Protector erupts, is these control of this universe, except for the strongest blood blade god emperor, can resist facing other control for a long time, escapes the life. 虔护法爆发之下,就是这一宇宙的那些主宰,除了最强的血刃神帝,面对其他主宰都能抵抗许久,逃得性命。 So the strength goes to cope with Xia Zhi, there is a calamity candle they to coordinate, is azure meets also can only be repulsed, not to mention Xia Zhi. 如此实力前去对付夏至,又有祸烛他们配合,就是青君遇到也只能败退,更不用说夏至了。 ...... …… Another side of the blood demon dwelling place of Buddhist immortals, is flying rapidly four forms, the calamity candle Protector their four. 血魔洞天另一边,急速飞行着的四道身影,正是祸烛护法他们四个。 In four people altogether has three male and one female, the aura is also each one strange different. 四人中共有三男一女,气息也是各自诡异不同。 Founder just now passed on a message, razor clam Brother cloud were about unable to support.” The leader of team, the fang great man (Han) of dark-red skin calamity candle Protector in eye pupil seems the flame to burn, each arrives at the cultivator universe is not easy, must preserve razor clam Brother cloud.” “教主方才传讯,蛏云兄弟快撑不住了。”队伍的首领,暗红色皮肤的獠牙巨汉‘祸烛护法’眼眸中似有火焰在燃烧,“我们每一个来到修行者宇宙都不容易,必须得保住蛏云兄弟。” That what to do?” Grey robe female Protector urgently said, according to the present speed, at least also wants the half day time to overtake.” “那怎么办?”灰袍女护法急道,“按照现在的速度,至少还要半日功夫才能赶过去。” Only can put together.” A whole body binds the purple robe to reveal the old man of eye to say merely, gu snake brothers speed is fastest, you display crazy, leading us to hurry along together.” “只能拼一下了。”一名全身裹着紫袍仅仅露出眼睛的老者说道,“蛊蛇兄弟速度最快,你施展狂化,带我们一起赶路。” Good.” Another blue eyes thin man is accordingly, the body aura rises suddenly simply later, the innumerable rune/symbol Wenzi body surface appears. “好。”另一名碧眼消瘦男子则是干脆应声,随后身上气息暴涨,无数符文自体表浮现。 Whiz!” “嗖!” Another three people were received by the blue eyes thin man, only after remaining him , the flying speed rose suddenly three times to continue compared with before, changes to together the azure rainbow light, hurried to toward the razor clam cloud Protector place at the extremely terrifying speed. 另外三个人被碧眼消瘦男子收起,仅剩他一人后飞行速度比之前暴涨三倍都不止,化作一道青色虹光,以极为恐怖速度朝蛏云护法处赶去。 ...... The female ancestor teaches a side to catch up whole-heartedly, wants to rescue razor clam cloud Protector. ……母祖教一方在全力以赴赶来,想要救下蛏云护法。 But Xia Zhi is the unremitting attack, making front crazy escape the strength of opponent life lose unceasingly. 夏至则是不断攻击,让前面疯狂逃命的对手生命之力不断损耗。 Went all out?” The world of projection Xia Zhi heart induces the four people of squad speeds to distant place that female ancestor teaching to rise suddenly, one of them 's condition and former razor clam cloud Protector were quite similar, know that went all out. “拼命了?”夏至心之世界投影感应到远处那母祖教的四人小队速度暴涨,其中一人的状态与之前的蛏云护法极为相似,知道是拼命了。 He also wants to kill the opponent whole-heartedly, making the fellow who the female ancestor teaches worry. 他也‘全力以赴’想要杀死对手,让母祖教的家伙更为着急。 !!! 蓬!!! Also is an exquisite blade, raids when following the slit of space, evaded the sending silk and stone who Gun razor clam cloud Hufa stops, cut ruthlessly on his sides of the small of the back, the terrifying strength makes his body split succeeds in giving up two sections. 又是精妙的一刀,循着时空间的缝隙袭来,避过蛏云护法阻拦的发丝和石棍,狠狠斩在他腰眼上,恐怖的力量让他身体都分裂断成两截。 Crazy mystique function in the past, massive loss the strength of life makes the body defense of razor clam cloud Protector drop substantially, injury was also heavier. 狂化秘法作用过去后,大量损耗的生命之力让蛏云护法的身体防御大幅下降,身上的伤势也是更重了。 Calamity candle big brother, hurry up!” In razor clam cloud Hufa heart anxious, to save the strength of life can suffer several, he has controlled the body not to repair the injury that these do not affect to fly. “祸烛大哥,快点啊!”蛏云护法心中焦急,为了节省生命之力能多挨几下,他已经控制身体不去修复那些不影响飞行的伤势。 But the body succeeds in giving up two sections, lets his speed sharp decline, does not repair is can only be attacked by Xia Zhi at will, in the razor clam cloud Hufa heart sends painstakingly, making two sections of bodies close up rapidly the restoration. 可身体断成两截,让他速度锐减,不修复更是只能被夏至随意攻击,蛏云护法心中发苦,让两截身体迅速合拢恢复。 „The strength of this loss about 3% life?” Razor clam cloud Hufa tries hard to escape, goes all out to pull open with the Xia Zhi distance, but these damn golden sand dust domains are limiting to obstruct him always. “这次损失近百分之三的生命之力?”蛏云护法努力逃命,拼命拉开与夏至的距离,可那些该死的金色沙尘领域无时无刻都在限制阻扰他。 In which innumerable say/way such as dragon snake-like the gold sand is the power and influence terrifying, although under unremitting attack weak, may make on him the injury aggravate as before, the strength of life annihilates unceasingly. 其中的无数道如龙蛇般的金沙更是威势恐怖,不断攻击下虽然微弱,可依旧让他身上伤势加重,生命之力不断湮灭。 Is dying?” In the razor clam cloud Hufa heart the grief and indignation wants certainly, I have not performed the merit, once died possibly did not come back forever. I cannot die, cannot die absolutely!” “要死了吗?”蛏云护法心中悲愤欲绝,“我还没立下功劳,一旦死了可能永远都回不来了。我不能死,绝对不能死啊!” Under crazy of innermost feelings shouts, razor clam cloud Protector is the speed rises again several points, no longer resists to Xia Zhi of stern attack, but goes all out to run away. 内心的疯狂嘶吼之下,蛏云护法更是速度再涨几分,对后方攻击的夏至不再抵挡,只是拼命逃窜。 A blade another blade, the loss of strength of life made razor clam cloud Protector quick despair. 一刀又一刀,生命之力的损耗让蛏云护法都快绝望了。 Razor clam Brother cloud.” The vigorous sound conveys together, under the distant place four forms are the dark red fang great man (Han) of head lead, flushed crazily. “蛏云兄弟。”一道雄浑声音传来,远处四道身影在为首的一名暗红獠牙巨汉带领下,疯狂冲了过来。 Calamity candle big brother.” Razor clam cloud Hufa is wild with joy, in the pupil the color of surging endless hope, was saved instantaneously!” “祸烛大哥。”蛏云护法狂喜,眸中瞬间涌起无尽希望之色,“得救了!” Regarding calamity candle Protector of oneself team leader, he has the strong confidence. That is the apex in Protector exists, is next to powerful existence of their universe Saint Protector, fights the powerhouse who with the witch cricket Emperor can easily leave safely. 对于自己队伍首领的祸烛护法,他有着强烈信心。那已经是护法中的顶尖存在,仅次于他们宇宙圣护法的强大存在,和巫蛐帝君交手都能轻易安然离开的强者。 Is away from own partner to be getting more and more near shortly, Protector that Xia Zhi that has pursued is dreads the front to threaten four that catches up with newly, has not pursued, this lets razor clam cloud Hufa has been clutching a heart loosen. 眼看距离自己的伙伴越来越近,身后一直追赶的夏至似是畏惧前方气势汹汹的四位新赶来的护法,并未追上来,这让蛏云护法一直揪着的心一松。 Buzz! 嗡! The world of projection heart has present arrival, the invisible illusion world covers here. 心之世界投影具现降临,无形的幻境世界更是将此处笼罩。 Desperate under sees the hope finally. Critical under must save the companion......” Xia Zhi of distant place to show a faint smile shortly, I must wait is at this moment!” “绝望之下终于看到希望。危急之下眼看就要救下同伴……”远处的夏至微微一笑,“我要等的就是这一刻!” Information that no matter the teacher blood blade god emperor gives, is in the witch cricket emperor's description, the female ancestor teaches the powerhouses is the body is extremely tyrannical, strength terrifying. 不管是师尊血刃神帝给的情报,还是巫蛐帝君的描述中,母祖教强者都是身体极强横,力量恐怖。 But their weakness are also very obvious, is the boundary is very low! 可他们的弱点也很明显,就是境界很低! The powerful body bred the powerful soul, was the boundary is low, caused them state of mind cultivating was not generally high for the level. 强大的身体孕育出了强大的灵魂,可是境界低,也使得他们‘心境’的修为层次普遍不算高。 Although the strength powerhouse, after experiencing slaughters innumerably, has the state of mind to be extremely strong, Protector that but normally, the female ancestor teaches to cultivating the mind is far less than the cultivator of their rule mysterious system. 虽说实力强者,经历无数厮杀后也有心境极强的,可正常情况下,母祖教的护法对修心是远不如他们规则奥妙体系的修行者的。 This makes Protector that their female ancestor teaches when facing the imaginary technique attack is easier to suffer a loss. 这就使得他们母祖教的护法在面对幻术攻击时更容易吃亏。 Has preparation Xia Zhi early, deliberately makes so the aspect, is the time of waiting final draw in a net. 早有准备的夏至,刻意制造出如此局面,就是等待最后收网的这一时刻。 The say/way of heart, the invisible mental effort besides " Heart Sword » extraordinary attack that the sword main passes on, playing with the will of the people builds the imaginary technique world is also an apex. 心界之道,无形的心力除了剑主所传的《心剑》超绝的攻击之外,玩弄人心营造幻术世界也是顶尖。 In addition swallows the main body of the world is the Psycher Master method, in the wink of an eye, the invisible strength starts the souls of five Protector affects the female ancestor to teach. 再加上吞噬世界的本尊一直都是精神念师的手段,瞬息之间,无形的力量开始影响母祖教的五位护法的灵魂。 Was saved.” In the razor clam cloud Protector surface the delay, the eye pupil is somewhat blurred, body before the inertia , is actually falls into the invisible illusion. “得救了。”蛏云护法面上呆滞,眼眸更是有些迷离,身体按照惯性前冲着,却已是陷入无形的幻境之中。 ! Xia Zhi flickers the emigration now front razor clam cloud Protector, easily holds him, later received own in the world with ease, was imprisoned by the strength of sand god layer upon layer. 唰!夏至瞬移出现在蛏云护法面前,轻易就将他抓住,随后轻松收入自己的内世界中,被沙神之力层层禁锢。 But the calamity candle that just caught up with Protector four people , the blue eyes thin man soul falls into the mental effort illusion to perish completely, in the surface is hanging the smile, was also received the world to imprison by Xia Zhi with ease. 而刚赶来的祸烛护法四人,也有一碧眼消瘦男子灵魂完全陷入心力幻境中沉沦,面上挂着微笑,被夏至同样轻松地收到内世界禁锢。 „The state of mind of this Protector cultivate/repair to really lowly.” The Xia Zhi heart likes, strength of complete opponent life one perishes unexpectedly completely, simply was a coup.” “这个护法的心境修为真低。”夏至心底欢喜,“生命之力完好的对手竟然一下就完全沉沦,简直是意外之喜了。” Five people of squads, two were captured alive instantaneously, another three people at a loss forward vigorous, obviously was also being affected by the illusion. 五人小队,瞬间就有两人被生擒活捉,另外三人则茫然地向前疾冲着,显然都还在受幻境影响。 Un? It is not right.” In three people purple robe of that is binding the old man state of mind be repaired to strongly, at this time does not realize right, merely the flash, his soul and will crushed the illusion! “嗯?不对。”三人中那名被紫袍裹着的老者心境修为最强,此时意识到不对,仅仅一刹那,他的灵魂和意志就粉碎了幻境! This is the imaginary technique!” The purple robe old man noticed that here only remains three Protector in great surprise, passes on the sound said continually, calamity candle, wakes up quickly, this is the imaginary technique, should not be cheated!” “这是幻术!”紫袍老者看到此处只剩自己三名护法不由大惊,连传音道,“祸烛,快醒来,这是幻术,不要被蒙骗!” In the Protector team strongest that dark red fang great man (Han), the soul will is also extremely strong, under purple robe old man reminder, powerful soul angry roaring sound, even the outside world seems to be reverberating void: Gives me to break!” 护法队伍中最强的那名暗红獠牙巨汉,灵魂意志也是极强,在紫袍老者提醒下,强大的灵魂怒吼声,甚至连外界虚空都似乎在回荡:“给我破!” The invisible mental effort drives back by the tyrannical energy and soul will of his body surface, at present restores the pure brightness. 无形的心力被他体表的强横能量和灵魂意志逼退,眼前恢复清明。 „It is not good!” Just the sober calamity candle protected the law to see, stupidly the grey robe female companion who proceeded sharply to fly, was held behind collar by sudden Xia Zhi, immediately vanished does not see. “不好!”刚清醒的祸烛护法一眼看到,傻乎乎地往前急飞的灰袍女子同伴,被突然出现的夏至一把抓住身后衣领,随即消失不见。 Razor clam cloud and gu snake were caught to capture alive by Xia Zhi, now even/including Huinv are seized.” The purple robe old man anxious biography sound said, this Xia Zhi hid is too deep.” “蛏云、蛊蛇都被夏至抓起来活捉了,现在连灰女都被捉了。”紫袍老者急切传音道,“这夏至隐藏太深了。” Calamity candle Protector is also the exceedingly indignant. 祸烛护法也是无比愤怒。 Their squad untold hardships catch up, to not fighting has lost most. This Xia Zhi so strength, can the dwelling place of Buddhist immortals world under six sheave rule limits flicker to move, such strong imaginary technique method, but before , had not actually displayed, but is losing razor clam cloud the strength of life slowly, clearly is early deliberate. 他们小队千辛万苦赶来,尚未对战已经损失大半。这夏至如此实力,能够在六道天轮规则限制下的洞天世界瞬移,还有这样强的幻术手段,可之前却一直没有施展,只是慢慢损耗着蛏云的生命之力,分明是早有预谋。 Xia Zhi, hands over three Protector, I forgive you not dead.” The build tall and strong calamity candle Protector sound bang, the anger in eye pupil kills intent to burn down sufficiently void completely. 夏至,将三位护法交出,我饶你不死。”体型魁梧的祸烛护法声音轰隆,眼眸中的怒火杀意足以将虚空焚烧殆尽。 He thinks, if that three grasped Protector once falls from the sky, this will be they will arrive at the cultivator universe the endless years, loss most miserable one time. 他想到要是那三位被抓的护法一旦陨落,这将是他们来到修行者宇宙的无尽岁月,损失最惨的一次。 Forgives me not dead?” Xia Zhi sneers, „are you deceiving three -year-old child? Or you sentence the divorced mother ancestor to teach, joins we, I may also forgive you not dead.” “饶我不死?”夏至冷笑一声,“你是在糊弄三岁孩童吗?要不你判出母祖教,加入我们一方,我也可饶你不死。” Oneself come six sheaves to be destruction a group of female ancestors to teach to protect the law, if can investigate many secret information to be better. 自己来六道天轮就是要覆灭一批母祖教护法的,要是能探查更多的隐秘信息则更好不过。 Does the prey that succeeds in obtaining also go back again? Cracks a joke! 到手的猎物再还回去?开玩笑呢! Here teaches to protect the law to confront with the front other two female ancestors, Xia Zhi penetrated causally-related simultaneously the teacher blood blade god emperor. 这里与面前剩余的两名母祖教护法对峙着,夏至同时透过因果联系了师尊血刃神帝。 Teacher, I captured alive three female ancestors to teach to protect the law, they had fallen into my heart illusion, how should I handle them?” Xia Zhi inquired. “师尊,我活捉了三个母祖教护法,他们已经陷入了我的心界幻境中,我该如何处置他们?”夏至询问道。 They and female ancestors teach the fight innumerable years, because the female ancestor teaches always to ambush to go into hiding in the hidden place, but is unable to drive out to exterminate completely, now has to capture alive, after wants the maximum of value, strikes to kill, but how to use to be able the maximum of value, Xia Zhi has not grasped, is the ascertaining teacher, the waste of province for good. 他们和母祖教战斗无数年,可都因为母祖教始终潜伏隐匿在暗处而无法完全驱除剿灭,如今有活捉的,自是要价值最大化后再击杀,不过到底如何利用才能价值最大化,夏至也没有把握,还是问清楚师尊,省的浪费为好。 Captures alive the female ancestor to teach to protect the law? Three?” Gawked the moment in the blood blade god god emperor, Protector when the female ancestor teaches was so easy to grasp!” “活捉母祖教护法?还是三个?”在血刃神廷的神帝陛下都愣了片刻,“什么时候母祖教的护法这么容易抓了!” Their these control, got rid of two female ancestors to teach to protect the law under the long years, how many days did Xia Zhi enter to six sheave? Captured alive three Protector, were that five people of squads close to the destruction? 他们这些主宰,在漫长岁月下也不过是干掉了两个母祖教护法,夏至才进到六道天轮几天?就活捉了三个护法,那岂不是一支五人小队都接近覆灭了? Evildoer/Monstrous talent are the evildoer/monstrous talent!” The blood blade god emperor smiled, female ancestor teaches that fellows, this time must bleed. Ha haha......” “妖孽就是妖孽!”血刃神帝不由笑了,“母祖教那帮家伙,这次要出血了吧。哈哈哈……” Smiles to turn over to smile, the blood blade god emperor understands that at this time the time is precious, including entrusting saying: Xia Zhi, you hurry to inquire, the female ancestor will teach that side certainly to find them to be captured alive Protector immediately the main body! Tries to make them regain consciousness forcefully.” 笑归笑,血刃神帝明白此时时间宝贵,连嘱托道:“夏至,你赶紧进行询问,母祖教那边一定会立即找到他们被活捉护法的本尊!设法强行让他们苏醒的。” The soul falls into the illusion to perish, the main body clone memory will fall into the illusion interlinked simultaneously. The words that wants to rescue, clone main body any will awaken, then another body will also be also sober. 灵魂陷入幻境沉沦,本尊分身记忆相通都会同时都陷入幻境。想要解救的话,将分身本尊任一个唤醒,则另一身体也会随之清醒。 Is unimportant. I have operated the imaginary technique to make they three main body commit suicide.” Xia Zhi returns with a smile said that they world in me is the only body.” “不要紧。我已经操纵幻术让他们三个的本尊自杀了。”夏至笑着回道,“他们在我内世界的已是唯一的身体了。” „Does operation make their another universe the main body commit suicide?” Is calm such as the blood blade god emperor hears this word, cannot bear acclaim. “操纵让他们另一宇宙的本尊自杀?”就是沉稳如血刃神帝听闻此言,也忍不住赞叹。 This god operation was really the show! 这神操作真是秀了!
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