SSK :: Volume #75

#7430: Empty spirit mystical place

Calmed down firmly the guess, Ye Qian has not prepared to kill beginning gives vent to indignation orchid. 确定了心中的猜测,叶谦并没有准备杀了初兰泄愤。 The young character, with was right, enough accomplishes, Qiao plans not to have the issue by Yu, is only the luck is not quite good. 再小的人物,用对了,也足够成事,乔以煜谋划没问题,只是运气不太好。 Left the dungeon, Ye Qian said to royal power Fugui: Other person of I did not feel relieved, you are bringing beginning orchid goes to a Nie Residence quietly, gives back to Nie Yunshan this woman!” 出了地牢,叶谦对王权福贵说道:“其他人我不放心,你带着初兰悄悄去一趟聂府,把这个女人还给聂云杉!” royal power and riches expensive hears word has smiled suddenly, by him the understanding Ye Qian, this absolutely is not for no reason lets off beginning the meaning of orchid Henie spruce, therefore he asked directly: What words also has to take to Nie Yunshan?” 王权富贵闻言忽然笑了,以他对叶谦的了解,这绝对不是平白放过初兰和聂云杉的意思,于是他直接问道:“是不是还有什么话要带给聂云杉?” Haha, the royal power you understand me!” Ye Qian smiled one gently, the racket Wang Quanfu's expensive shoulder said: Said to him, I, am very good to speak, but life very precious as gold, he plans my one time, was owes me a life, the time leaves the war of dragon to end till Great Universe, either compensated the Nie whole families to me, either gave me by Yu's life Qiao!” “哈哈,还是王权你了解我!”叶谦轻轻笑了一声,拍拍王权富贵的肩膀道:“给他说,我这个人,很好说话,但命很金贵,他算计我一次,便是欠我一条命,时间截止到大宇出龙之战结束,要么把聂家满门赔给我,要么把乔以煜的命给我!” By Ye Qian present cultivation base and status, moves Qiao a little to be truly difficult by Yu, but finds an excuse, extinguished the Nie whole families not to have any issue , is the issue was only worth. 叶谦如今的修为和地位,动乔以煜确实有点难,但找个理由,灭了聂家满门还真没什么问题,问题只在于值不值得。 Masters still, dog of biting killing, most dog owner face is a little ugly, the Ye Qian interest is not big, in comparison, when he is willing to see the dog backlashes, dog owner's response. 主人还在,把咬人的狗给杀了,最多狗主人脸面有一点难看,叶谦兴趣不大,相比之下,他更愿意看到狗反噬时,狗主人的反应。 His I cannot hit, Qiao by Yu?” royal power and riches expensive curls the lip, you of face tease me especially. “他连我都打不过,乔以煜?”王权富贵撇撇嘴,一脸的你特么逗我。 „When we first time met in the past you how many cultivation base, Glimpse Dao Realm 4-layer or are 5-layer coming?” The Ye Qian bonus has the profound meaning saying: At that time two Glimpse Dao Realm 7-layer big energies, not by the mutual wounds that you did plan? The murder not necessarily needs cultivation base, by having to do mental arithmetic to have no interest, Nie Yunshan opportunity is very big, let alone, cannot do , can we also make up the blade are not? Also convenient many!” “咱们当年第一次见面时你才多少修为,窥道境四重还是五重来着?”叶谦饶有深意地说道:“那时候两位窥道境七重大能,还不是被你算计的两败俱伤?杀人未必需要修为,以有心算无心,聂云杉机会很大,更别说,真干不成,我们还能补刀不是?还省事的多!” If he doesn't comply? Some Qiao are the backing by Yu, he estimated that also has this energy!” royal power and riches expensive shook the head, the idea is good, but he thought that a little takes for granted. “万一他不答应呢?有乔以煜做后盾,他估计也有这个底气!”王权富贵摇了摇头,想法是好的,但他觉得有点太想当然。 Who is Qiao by Yu? Misses one is various Tianwan the Heaven's Chosen Bang Baiqiang Heaven's Chosen! 乔以煜是谁?差一名就是诸天万界天骄榜百强天骄! Let alone, Qiao behind also has by Yu to hot macrocosm overlord level influence profound source day sect, itself may becomes profound source day sect sovereign of little! 更何况,乔以煜身后还有离火大世界本界霸主级势力玄源天宗,其本身更是有可能成为玄源天宗的少宗主! This kind of person, strength or background, are far from Nie Yunshan can hope to attain, depends on one initially orchid and a few words, Ye Qian wants to make Nie Yunshan betray Qiao expensively by Yu, royal power and riches does not think a possibility. 这样一个人,无论是实力还是背景,都绝非聂云杉能够企及的,就凭一个初兰和一句话,叶谦就想让聂云杉背叛乔以煜,王权富贵觉得没有一丝可能。 He will comply!” Ye Qian indifferent brings a self-confidence, in the eye to flash through together the none remaining, expensive said to royal power and riches with a smile, I have not retaliated Nie Yunshan, but also gives Nie Yunshan this woman, if made Qiao know by Yu, how he does think?” “他会答应!”叶谦淡然中带着一丝自信,眼中闪过一道精光,笑着对王权富贵道,“我没有报复聂云杉,还将这个女人送给聂云杉,若是让乔以煜知道了,他会怎么想?” Naturally thought that Nie Yunshan hired oneself inevitably you! royal power and riches looks at Ye Qian expensively dumbfoundedly, then has compared the thumb, praised: You really Yin! So long as initially orchid enters Nie Residence, Nie Yunshan stuck the pants crotch on the mud, did not talk clearly, even if asked Qiao to confess by Yu on own initiative, definitely will be suspected, did not have Qiao by Yu's trust and support, the Great Universe dynasty stands you at this time, Nie whole families life and death truly in your hands.” 当然是觉得聂云杉必然投靠你了!王权富贵目瞪口呆地看着叶谦,然后比了个大拇指,赞美道:“你是真的阴!只要初兰入了聂府,聂云杉就泥巴糊裤裆,根本说不清,就算主动找乔以煜坦白,也必然会被怀疑,没了乔以煜的信任与支持,大宇皇朝此时又站在你这边,聂家满门生死确实都在你手里。” He understands that really Ye Qian mentality, Nie Yunshan hires oneself, where he is Ye Qian Qiao by Yu spy, Nie Yunshan rejects, Ye Qian holds initially the orchid matter Qiao by Yu that camouflages Nie Yunshan to betray, estranges the relations, broke Qiao directly by Yu in the big boost of Great Universe dynasty, how is Ye Qian to gain. 他是真明白叶谦的思路,聂云杉投靠,他就是叶谦安在乔以煜身边的细作,聂云杉拒绝,叶谦就把初兰的的事儿捅到乔以煜那,伪装成聂云杉已经背叛,离间关系,直接断了乔以煜在大宇皇朝的一大助力,怎么都是叶谦赚。 I when you praised!” Ye Qian also the one-eyed person power riches and honor, indifferently said: Goes.” “我就当你这是夸奖了!”叶谦也了一眼王权富贵,淡然说道:“去吧。” Good!” royal power and riches expensive nods with a smile, in his heart has given birth to a curiosity, wants to know really very much that Young Master Nie Yunshan Nie, can be what kind of response? Angry, helpless, desperate what? “好!”王权富贵笑着点头,他心中生出了点好奇,真的很想知道,那位聂云杉聂公子,会是怎么样的反应?愤怒、无奈、绝望还是什么? Ye Qian sees that to smile, has not managed again, royal power and riches expensive handles matters he to feel relieved that his form disappears in the dungeon directly, appears again, in building up dwelling place. 叶谦见状笑了笑,没有再管,王权富贵办事他还是放心的,他的身影直接消失在地牢之中,再次出现,已经是在炼丹房中。 A bit faster takes the soldier!” The Divine Desolate Cauldron cauldron cannot bear spirit finally, sound said in Ye Qian state of mind sea: You are the real ink marks, does a trifling thing as for such plan? This enemy, a blade hacks to death well, ink marks!” “快点把道兵拿出来!”神荒鼎鼎灵终于忍不住,在叶谦神魂海中出声道:“你是真墨迹,一点屁事至于这么算计来算计去?这种敌人,一刀砍死多好,墨迹个屁!” I to am think that a blade does hack to death, has the opportunity?” Ye Qian cannot bear from rolling the eyes, dexterous that said that Qiao is higher than in various Tianwan the Heaven's Chosen list rank him by Yu, is family background profound source day sect type of sword cultivates overlord level sect gate, if he really dares to have a low opinion of the enemy, perhaps capsizes on direct in the sewers. “我到是想一刀砍死,有机会么?”叶谦忍不住自翻白眼,说的轻巧,乔以煜在诸天万界天骄榜排名比他还高,又是出身玄源天宗这种剑修霸主级宗门,他真要是敢轻敌,说不定就直接阴沟里翻船。 Like previous time asks boundary revering clear/pain in the present the banquet, if not the luck is good, clear/pain settles on royal power and riches to be expensive in the present, perhaps he also was really given to murder with a borrowed knife by Yu with clear/pain Jinxi this clear/pain the present reverse scale by Qiao, plans lethal. 像上次问道境尊者楚今朝宴会,若非运气好,楚今朝看中了王权富贵,说不定他还真被乔以煜用楚今曦这个楚今朝的逆鳞给借刀杀人,算计致死。 Really person family belongings fool, he really silly, was here the palace wall of Great Universe dynasty, Great Universe Yan will allow Qiao dead by Yu directly here? Do not crack a joke, dies really here, was equal to that gives two big day of sects the blade, waits for others to shear the meat. 真把人家当傻子,他才是真的傻,这里是大宇皇朝的皇城,大宇颜家会允许乔以煜直接死在这里?别开玩笑了,真死这里,等于把刀递给两大天宗,等着人家割肉吧。 Can kill Qiao only by Yu's place, only then the empty spirit mystical place, this is also Ye Qian wants in Qiao by the reason that side Yu places the board game piece, went to the empty spirit mystical place, where he must know Qiao by Yu good who strikes the first blow has the advantage. 唯一能杀死乔以煜的地方,只有虚灵秘境,这也是叶谦想在乔以煜身边安插棋子的原因,去了虚灵秘境,他总得知道乔以煜在什么地方才好先下手为强。 When otherwise Qiao gathers dozens over a hundred Heaven's Chosen that in the empty spirit mystical place by Yu two big day of sects have gathered, even if Ye Qian is self-confident, did not think oneself have the big opportunity, so long as after all has 1-2 such as great wild goose Tushan main like that to place before the Heaven's Chosen, Ye Qian inevitably is unable to achieve wishes to take Qiao by Yu life, instead will possibly have ** bothersome. 不然等到乔以煜在虚灵秘境里集合了两大天宗招揽来的数十上百位天骄,叶谦哪怕再自信,也不觉得自己有多大机会,毕竟只要有一两个如鸿涂山主那般排名靠前的天骄,叶谦都必然无法如愿以偿取乔以煜性命,反而可能会有**烦。 Is thinking, Ye Qian puts out a best quality goods soldier who exchanged a moment ago from storage ring spring the Warburg mirror, then puts in Divine Desolate Cauldron, then sees spring the Warburg mirror to integrate in Divine Desolate Cauldron at the naked eye obvious speed, but three breath, did not have the trace. 这么想着,叶谦储物戒指中拿出刚才兑换的极品道兵春华宝镜,然后放入神荒鼎中,便见春华宝镜以肉眼可见的速度融入神荒鼎中,不过三个呼吸,就没了踪影。 „!” The Divine Desolate Cauldron cauldron spirit reluctant tone said one. “还可以!”神荒鼎鼎灵一副勉勉强强的语气说了一句。 Ye Qian is disinclined to respond the Divine Desolate Cauldron cauldron spirit, takes back Divine Desolate Cauldron directly, this is the value 45 million meritorious service best quality goods soldiers, a sound does not have, had been swallowed by Divine Desolate Cauldron, trades one also to be able? 叶谦懒得搭理神荒鼎鼎灵,直接收回神荒鼎,这可是价值45000000功勋点的极品道兵,连个响都没有,就被神荒鼎吞噬了,就换来一句‘还可以’? This was he was also wealthy, before must separate, 500,000 meritorious points must look continually face/color Fugui borrowed, he is from the start impossible such to waste. 这也是他富裕了,要隔之前连500000功勋点都要找颜福贵借的时候,他压根不可能这么浪费。 ...... …… Palace wall, Nie mansion not in palace wall, but outside palace wall. 皇城,聂家府邸没有在皇城之中,而是在皇城之外。 With in real dragon Grand Canyon, in palace wall cannot begin, the regulation is severe, almost treats impartially to the follower and mortal, but outside the palace wall, has the infinite freedom, to has the Glimpse Dao Realm nine heavy oversee families majority, naturally is willing to set up the family outside the city. 同在真龙大峡谷,皇城之中不能动手,律法严苛,对修炼者和凡人几乎一视同仁,但皇城之外,却有无限自由,对大部分有窥道境九重坐镇的家族而言,当然更愿意将家族立在城外。 Nie as one of the Great Universe dynasty top families, in the family/home more than ten Glimpse Dao Realm nine intensity of gravity oversee, has wrested away three great trees outside the city directly, and supplements with the strategy, impregnable that the family ancestors build. 聂家作为大宇皇朝顶级家族之一,家中十余位窥道境九重强者坐镇,在城外直接霸占了三颗巨树,并辅以阵法,将家族祖地打造的固若金汤。 Nie Yunshan from previous time after profound source day sect clear/pain the present banquet a Ye Qian subordinate is defeated, has stayed at home, but has not closed up the cultivation, all day drowned sorrow by the liquor, has drunk being drunk, has been drunk resting, has rested awaking, awoke has drunk again, even even/including Bainian a time Great Universe auctioned the grand meeting to be disinclined. 聂云杉自上次在玄源天宗楚今朝的宴会上被叶谦一个手下打败后,就一直闭门不出,但也没有闭关修炼,整天以酒消愁,喝了醉,醉了睡,睡了醒,醒了再喝,甚至连百年一次的大宇拍卖盛会都懒得去。 Afterward the steward story in the auction will say that listened completely to Nie Yunshan, from clown same celebration Tianning, arrived at Ye Qian and Qiao fights at first again by Yu and Uncle Zhou jun three Heaven's Chosen, as well as finally beyond expectation startled huge transition, even Uncle Zhou jun spat blood to faint, completely said that but Nie Yunshan indifferently smiles, did not have the least bit interest. 后来管家将拍卖会上的见闻全部说给聂云杉听,从最初小丑一样的贺天宁,再到叶谦、乔以煜和周伯俊三大天骄争锋,以及最后出人意外的惊天大转折,甚至周伯俊吐血晕倒,都全部说了出来,但聂云杉只是无所谓地笑笑,没有半点兴趣。 Liquor did not have, comes with 100 altars/jars from the liquor storehouse again!” Now Nie Yunshan is only interested is the liquor. “酒没了,再从酒库拿100坛过来!”聂云杉现在唯一感兴趣的就是酒。 Young master, you cannot drink again, the villain said that the words of sentence overstepping, are insufficient, Young Master even/including Qiao and Young Master Zhou collaborated at the auction to lose to Grandmaster leaf, you defeated one not to lose face!” The steward is Nie Yunshan trusted aide, really must not exposed to this appearance, urged. “少爷,您不能再喝了,小人说句逾越的话,不至于,连乔公子和周公子联手都在拍卖会上败给了叶大师,您败了一场不丢人!”管家是聂云杉的心腹,实在见不得他这幅模样,劝道。 Hehe, you do not understand, you did not understand......” Nie Yunshan to smile grieved, shake the head have thrown the liquor that a altar/jar has not drunk up conveniently directly, in wine pot blasting open worked as in the sound, Nie Yunshan absent-minded was looking at the sky, there did not have the clear and boundless sky and bright big date, green that only then blocked the sky. “呵呵,你不懂,你不懂……”聂云杉惨然一笑,摇着头随手将一坛还没喝完的酒直接扔了,在一声酒坛炸裂的哐当声中,聂云杉失神地望着天空,那里没有晴空万里和灿烂大日,只有遮天蔽日的绿色。 Continues he not to understand, I do not understand!” Cold snort/hum spreads to the yard, a brocade clothes jade robe, the appearance and Nie Yunshan have eight points of similar, actually line vigorous and mighty strides walks compared with Nie Yunshan maturely too many middle-aged male Zilong, to manages family fortune: You get down first!” “不止他不懂,我也不懂!”一声冷哼传入小院,一个锦衣玉袍,长相与聂云杉有八分相似,却比聂云杉成熟太多的中年男子龙行虎步走来,对管家道:“你先下去!” Yes, head of household!” The stewards receive an order respectfully, but this Nie head of household Nie Fengcheng, is Nie Yunshan biological father, his words, in Nie are the imperial decree. “是,家主!”管家恭敬地领命,这位可是聂家家主聂凤城,也是聂云杉的亲爹,他的话,在聂家就是圣旨。 Thing of lacking prospects!” Nie Fengcheng is cold the face, the locked eyebrow, sits down on the pavilion stool of Nie Yunshan not far away, asks: Has defeated one time, loses face is also what kind, so long as has not died, later wins and that's the end! Dispirited these many days, even if drowns sorrow taking advantage of the liquor, this worried that should also disperse, again how long but can also deliberately create trouble? Were you big?” “没出息的东西!”聂凤城冷着脸,锁着眉,在聂云杉不远处的凉亭凳子上坐下,问道:“不过是败了一次,丢脸又怎么样,只要没死,以后赢回来就是了!颓废了这么多天,哪怕借酒消愁,这愁也该散了,还要再胡闹多久?你多大了?” Hehe, after not having, after not having,......” Nie Yunshan both eyes absent-minded, the mouth was talking over. “呵呵,没有以后了,没有以后了啊……”聂云杉双眼失神,嘴里念叨着。 „After defeating one time not to have, is really laughable! Before the palace wall left war of preelection dragon, you were also fifth, at that time didn't see your so appearance? In the final analysis, you thought that defeats under one in the manpower......” “败一次就没有以后,真是可笑!之前皇城出龙之战预选,你也不过是第五,当时怎么不见你这般模样?说到底,你不过是觉得败在一个下人手里……” „It is not!” Nie Yunshan grabs oneself front piece suddenly, shouted in a low voice, has broken Nie Fengcheng reproving. “不是!”聂云杉忽地抓着自己衣襟,低声嘶吼,打断了聂凤城的训斥。 What?” Nie Fengcheng is teaching, actually suddenly is contradicted vigorously by Nie Yunshan this, makes very at a loss, his son, may not have so to contradict before directly face to face he. “什么?”聂凤城正训得起劲,却冷不丁地被聂云杉这一声顶撞,弄得很茫然,他的儿子,以前可从没有这般直接当面顶撞他。 I said that after not,......” Nie Yunshan had a ridicule, the mirthless smile saying: „After continuing I do not have, after our Nie does not have!” “我说,没有以后了……”聂云杉带着一丝嘲弄,惨笑着说道:“不止我没有以后,我们聂家也没有以后了!” What meaning? What have you made at the back of me?” Nie Fengcheng heard that word heart one tight, the body is a little stiff, son who he trains, some splendid or flaw where, he knows certainly, this words, will not be the real disaster odd change will even implicate the family, Nie Yunshan will be impossible to say. “什么意思?你背着我做了什么?”聂凤城闻言心头一紧,身体有点僵硬起来,他自己培养的儿子,有多出色或者缺陷在哪里,他当然知道,这种话,不是真的大难零头甚至会牵连家族,聂云杉不可能说出口。 Son is unfilial!” Nie Yunshan Plop, kneels before Nie Fengcheng body, is having a weeping voice, said pitifully: Side beginning Ye Qian that Ji female the orchid is a son arrangement, is Young Master Qiao told that makes the son do, that is initially blue, was given Ye Qian!” “儿子不孝!”聂云杉噗通一声,跪在聂凤城身前,带着一丝哭腔,悲惨道:“叶谦身边的那个姬女初兰是儿子一手安排,是乔公子吩咐让儿子做的,那个初兰,被送给了叶谦!” Nie Fengcheng hears word eyes are about to stare, the complexion instantaneously becomes pale, trembles the lip to point at Nie Yunshan, quite a while could not speak...... 聂凤城闻言眼睛都快瞪了出来,脸色瞬间变得铁青,哆嗦着嘴唇指着聂云杉,半天说不出话来……
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