SSK :: Volume #72

#7153: Forcing

However this Ye Qian will not actually be swindled again, the figure rocks, unceasing toward retreats behind. 不过这一次叶谦却是不会再上当,身形晃动,不断的往身后退去。 The black face man laughs , the direction with Ye Qian, shifts on time. 黑脸男子大笑一声,也跟着叶谦的方向,转移过去 Young fellow, what's wrong? Feared? Do not stop Oh, haha.” “小伙子,怎么?怕了吗?不要停,哈哈。” The black face man laughs while pursues Ye Qian, the speed actually does not have slight weakening, instead has the sign of enhancement. 黑脸男子一边大笑一边追逐叶谦,速度竟然没有丝毫的减弱,反而有加强的迹象。 Ye Qian retrocedes, in the heart while whispered: The air/Qi field of front black face men's, is completely a circular, and flows out from the middle peak, flows to all around, returns to the center again. 叶谦一边后退,心中一边嘀咕:面前黑脸男子的气场,完全就是一个圆形的,并且是从中间顶端流出,流向四周,再回到中心。 The attraction that obviously before he felt, comes like this, beside the air/Qi field, Ye Qian sees especially clearly. 显然之前他感受到的吸引力,就是这样来的,在气场之外,叶谦看得尤其清楚。 However at this time he was actually a little hesitant, because he did not determine that this was a black face man intentionally below snare, waited for him to enter the wrap/sets, then sieged him again in the air/Qi field. 但是这个时候他却是有点犹豫了,因为他也不确定这个到底是不是黑脸男子故意下的一个圈套,就等着他进套,然后再次把他围困在气场里面。 Spelled!” “拼了!” Ye Qian grasps soldier to live the blade, flashes before instantaneously in the top of the head center of air/Qi field, then following the direction that the air current runs out, thorn ruthlessly a blade. 叶谦手握道兵化生刀,瞬间闪现在气场的头顶中心,然后顺着气流冲出的方向,狠狠的刺出一刀。 The knife and vegetation dust sent out a crashing collision, because also goes against the airflow direction to puncture, said that soldier lived blade many to come under the little influence, the knife became slow. 刀身和草木尘土发出了一阵激烈的碰撞,因为也是逆着气流方向刺出,道兵化生刀多少受到了一点点影响,刀身变得慢了一些。 However after puncturing, the Ye Qian complexion changes instantaneously, brandished a sword to turn round immediately, blocks the thorn to approach the tall and slender shadow of own back. 不过在刺出之后,叶谦脸色瞬间大变,立马挥刀回身,挡住了刺向自己后背的一道细长阴影。 „” “刺啦” The tall and slender black knife, lived the blade to delimit a long string grating sound with soldier, but was actually soldier lives the blade to leave not the deep great trace on the black knife. 细长黑色刀身,和道兵化生刀划出了一长串刺耳的声音,不过却是道兵化生刀在黑色刀身上留下了不深不浅的痕迹。 The surrounding vegetation dust stops instantaneously, then toward central collection. 周围的草木尘土瞬间停止,然后往中心汇集。 At this time Ye Qian sees, a pair of palm, appears in the surface, then constantly is changing the movement, the surrounding dust also changes the movement, just thinks that he collects. 此时叶谦看到,一双手掌,出现在地表上,然后不断的变化着动作,周围的尘土也变化动作,正想他汇集而来。 Death “死” Ye Qian wants to flee under the black face male style, but the skinny man was makes him lose the opportunity. 叶谦想要逃离黑脸男的招式之下,但是干瘦男子却是让他失去了机会。 Clang “锵” After being prepared, feels the tall and slender knife of men's, in direction that but unceasing swing flees in Ye Qian, returned to the dust center his compelling time and time again. 有了准备之后,感受男子的细长刀身,只是不断的挥舞在叶谦逃离的方向上,把他一次又一次的逼回了尘土中心。 Skinny male knife skill wise, strength hugeness, but the speed is actually extremely quick, often Ye Qian just had the idea, washes away from a direction, the blade of skinny men's arrived at the Ye Qian front. 干瘦男子刀法并不如何的高明,力量也不如何的巨大,但是速度却是极快,往往叶谦刚有想法,从一个方向冲走,干瘦男子的刀就到了叶谦的面前了。 Had not to have.” The bonus is Ye Qian is patient, was given by the rascal fighting methods of these two people angrily. “有完没完了。”饶是叶谦耐心足够,也被这两个人的无赖打法给恼怒了。 The skinny man is wish makes Ye Qian fall in the encirclement ring of black face man obviously, with the vegetation dust unceasing reduction range, will form the extremely strong hindrance when the time comes, when the time comes Ye Qian definitely will definitely face two people to strike. 干瘦男子显然是想要让叶谦落在黑脸男子的包围圈里面,随着草木尘土不断的缩小范围,到时候会形成极强的阻碍,到时候肯定叶谦肯定会面临两个人至强一击。 Two person coordination are quite tacit, each step, makes Ye Qian quite uncomfortable, but also has no alternative. 两个人配合极为默契,每一步,都让叶谦极为难受,但是却又无可奈何。 Snort, what strength, matches any treasure, the thing that should not have appears on your body, that will be your time of death.” The skinny man has not paid attention to yelling of Ye Qian slightly, changed the childhood in the dust circle, instead vigilant. “哼,什么样的实力,搭配什么宝物,不该拥有的东西出现在你的身上,那就是你死期将至。”干瘦男子丝毫没有理会叶谦的叫喊,在尘土圈子变小时候,反而是更加的警惕。 A Ye Qian brain revolution, in the hand pulls out toward the bosom, the meteor muddy day bead that the auction obtains appeared in his hand, simultaneously appeared also had four that the auction obtained and other world to slaughter a soldier. 叶谦脑子一转,手中往怀里一掏,拍卖得到的流星浑天珠出现在了他的手中,同时出现的还有拍卖得到的四等世界杀戮道兵。 Then since wants, I give you.” Said these words time, the meteor muddy day return in Ye Qian hand has four and other world to slaughter the soldier Huacheng together flowing light, is approached not far away by throwing that Ye Qian makes an effort. “既然那么想要,那我就给你们吧。”说这句话时候,叶谦手中的流星浑天珠还有四等世界杀戮道兵华城一道流光,被叶谦用力的扔向了不远处。 Although this place in the clouds city more than hundred li (0.5 km) beyond, but their three people fought have continued some time, some hard insurance people not to pass by, or is waiting for the opportunity to act in secret. 此地虽然地处云中城百多里之外,但是他们三个人战斗已经持续了一段时间,难保不会有人路过,或者在暗中伺机而动。 The black face man two people see the Ye Qian movement, wants to prevent is too late, two people neat stopped the movement in hand, then fast flies in the direction that the thing falls. 黑脸男子两个人看到叶谦的动作,想要阻止已经太迟,两个人齐刷刷的停止了手中的动作,然后飞快的朝着东西掉落的方向飞去。 They did not think these things cheaply finally others. 他们可不想这些东西最后便宜了其他人。 Snort, is really greedy.” “哼,果然贪婪。” The Ye Qian movement is extremely sudden, omen that also has no, in adding on black face man two people after seeing the goal of their trip, the mind lost ponder capability instantaneously, two people gave away a crevice the back instantaneously. 叶谦的动作太过突然,也没有任何的预兆,在加上黑脸男子两个人在看到了他们此行的目标之后,脑海都是瞬间失去了思考的能力,两人瞬间把后背让出了一道空隙。 Ye Qian soldier lives the blade to brandish together Zijin's color blade air/Qi, appeared in the black face man directly behind, cut to fall the side arm of black face man instantaneously. 叶谦道兵化生刀挥舞出一道紫金色的刀气,直接出现在了黑脸男子的身后,瞬间斩落了黑脸男子的一边臂膀。 „” Blade air/Qi trend does not reduce, after the Ye Qian accurate computation, after delimiting black face man, there are directly flies toward the feeling man on. “刺啦”刀气趋势不减,经过叶谦精准的计算,在划过了黑脸男子之后,有径直的朝着感受男子身上飞去。 In the skinny male mind is only left over the thing final image that Ye Qian throws, at this time his in the heart extremely worries, speed unceasing speeding up, wants to rush to front of that two things, fast picks. 干瘦男子脑海里面只剩下叶谦扔出去的东西最后的影像,此时他心中万分着急,速度不断的加快,想要冲到那两个东西面前,快速的捡起来。 However the giant crisis, made him awaken immediately, the blade in hand lifted, but the arm is injured after all, the movement on hand also slow many, the blade air/Qi crossed his chest directly, passed empties to go. 但是身后巨大的危机,顿时让他醒悟了过来,手中的刀抬起,但是手臂毕竟受了伤,手上的动作也慢了不少,刀气直接横贯了他的胸口,透空而去。 „!” “啊!” Under the skinny male severe wound, bellowed toward Ye Qian, simultaneously recovered instantaneously full, unexpectedly is also a capable man, just cave entrance of chest explained, obvious he is returns to consciousness just before dying. 干瘦男子重伤之下,朝着叶谦大吼了一声,同时身体瞬间恢复了饱满,竟然也是一个精壮的男子,只不过胸口的洞口说明,显然的他不过是回光返照而已。 I want you dead!” “我要你死!” At this time in the skinny male mind, any treasure has become is unimportant, a black face man shoulder just falls in the ground, oneself were seriously injured this completely irreversible, the destinies of two people as if must be doomed. 此时在干瘦男子脑海里面,什么宝物已经变得不重要了,黑脸男子一个肩膀刚好掉落在地面上,自己又受了这种完全不可逆的重伤,两个人的命运似乎就要注定了。 At this time might as well wrestled at risk of life, drew the pad back is also good Ye Qian. 这个时候还不如拼死一搏,把叶谦拉下去垫背也好。 „” Black face man angrily roars loudly, another palm fast movement, on another shoulder, wants to give the shoulder to stop bleeding unceasingly lightly, but does to the wound too to be really big, the blood cannot stop completely, no meets the time, he had felt that having a dizzy spell, the whole person looked that started to overlap to the Ye Qian form. “啊啊啊啊”黑脸男子大声怒吼,另一只手掌快速的动作,在另一个肩膀上不断轻点,想要给肩膀止血,但是奈何创口实在太大,血完全止不住,没一会时间,他就已经感觉到了头晕目眩,整个人看向叶谦的身影都开始了重叠起来。 On together!” Both people are the desperados, by the present at this time, instead did not have any scruples, after looking at each other one, awfully does not resemble charged into Ye Qian. “一起上!”两个人都是亡命之徒,到了现在这个时候,反而没有了任何的顾忌,对视一眼之后,纷纷不要命似的冲向了叶谦 The black face man only remains an arm, however the strength of whole body poured into on an arm, making this arm strength have the speed far to exceed before and Ye Qian fights the time the condition. 黑脸男子只剩一个手臂,但是全身的力量都灌注在了一根手臂上面,让这个手臂力量还有速度远超之前和叶谦对打时候的状态。 Originally is this, haha, owing I was not clear, now is not late, killing your is also a happy matter.” The black face man at this time, had the sudden enlightenment to the merit law that oneself practice, but actually knows, oneself saw the light suddenly lately, after firing off this, result that no matter the victory and loss, he must die. “原来是这样,哈哈,亏我还一直不明白,现在也不迟,杀了你这一个也算是一件开心事了。”黑脸男子这个时候,对自己修行的功法有了顿悟,但是却是知道,自己顿悟得太迟了,打完这一场之后,不管输赢,他都是必死的结局。 The skinny man, at this time the incarnation is a hardbound man, at this time his tall and slender knife in hand, coordinating the black face man to open the arm of Dahe greatly, unceasing from the cunning angle, reaches Ye Qian. 原本干瘦的男子,此时已经化身为一个精装的男子了,此时他手中的细长刀身,配合着黑脸男子大开大合的手臂,不断的从刁钻的角度,伸向叶谦 Obviously is the blade, but was actually regarded a sword to use by him. 明明是刀,但是却是被他当成了一把剑来使用。 Clang “锵” Blade dividing in ruthlessly Ye Qian hand on the arm of black face man, exuded metal collision sound, later huge instead shakes the strength, making him retrocede several steps. 叶谦手中的刀狠狠的劈在了黑脸男子的手臂上,发出了一声金属碰撞般的响声,随后巨大的反震力,让他后退了几步。 The instance that the Ye Qian center of gravity loses, the knife point of hardbound men's, aims at the Ye Qian pit of the stomach exactly, Ye Qian can only be sideways, but the clothing before body, was actually poked around two Se-dong that by the knife point of hardbound men's directly passes through. 叶谦重心失去的瞬间,精装男子的刀尖,恰好指向叶谦的心窝,叶谦只能侧身,但是身前的衣物,却是被精装男子的刀尖直接戳出了两个前后贯穿的细洞来。 Afterward the knife sweeps away, but Ye Qian say/way soldier lived the blade to obtain the space of panting for breath at this time, keeps off in front of the black knife directly. 随后刀身横扫,不过这个时候叶谦的道兵化生刀已经得到了喘息的空间,直接挡在黑色刀身面前。 Simultaneously Ye Qian wrist/skill upward rowing motion soldier lives the blade, later the wrist/skill revolves 180 degrees, just also swept away in Ye Qian front knife, was lived the blade to press by Ye Qian say/way soldier instantaneously in the dead ahead , is really that good the fist blocked the black face man to hit. 同时叶谦手腕向上提拉道兵化生刀,随后手腕旋转一百八十度,刚刚还横扫在叶谦面前的刀身,瞬间被叶谦的道兵化生刀压在了正前方,也真好挡住了黑脸男子打过来的拳头。 Unavoidablily, the fist of black face man can only toward the recycling. 不得已,黑脸男子的拳头只能往回收。 A Ye Qian move is in power, before bullying the body directly, he by these two people had been made a moment ago was a little almost depressing, at this time definitely wanted to vent, even if these two person going crazy times, Ye Qian still not cares a whoop. 叶谦一招得势,直接欺身上前,刚才他已经被这两个人弄得差点有点压抑了,这个时候肯定想要发泄一番,即使是这两个人发狂时候,叶谦也丝毫不在意。 The fight experience of Ye Qian absolutely be richer, two people front two people obviously is in the eruption now the peak, now Ye Qian is in power, the most important thing is expands his attack advantage, if withdraws, that following, will welcome two person violent storm general attack. 叶谦的战斗经验绝对要比面前的两个人丰富许多,现在两个人明显处于爆发的巅峰,现在叶谦得势,最重要的是扩大他的进攻优势,如果一旦退后,那接下来,就会迎来两个人狂风暴雨一般的打击。 Makes you also taste the aggrieved taste.” “让你们也尝尝憋屈的滋味。” Ye Qian say/way soldier lives the blade, probably had the coherency, is pasting the knife of capable men's unceasingly, with his tall and slender knife, unceasing is delimiting the semicircle, one left one can suddenly suddenly right. 叶谦的道兵化生刀,像是产生了粘性,不断地贴着精壮男子的刀身,带着他的细长的刀身,不断的划着半圆,一会忽左一会忽右。 And the black knife has delimited place, is the black face man fists must by it place. 并且黑色刀身划过的地方,都是黑脸男子拳头的必经之处。 Simultaneously figure also unceasing rocking of Ye Qian, is unceasing close to the capable man, Ye Qian has looked, so long as is sticking to the hardbound man, the advantage of like his speed will unable to volatilize, that as the matter stands, when their strength uses up, the person who when the time comes triumphs only possibly was he. 同时叶谦的身形也不断的晃动,就是不断的靠近精壮男子,叶谦已经看出来了,只要紧贴着精装男子,这样他的速度的优势就不会挥发得出来,那这样一来,等到他们两个力竭,到时候得胜的人只可能是他了。 Three people in the short several breath time, have crossed several hundred moves. 三个人在短短几个呼吸时间,就已经过了数百招。 Finally getting angry man bellows wildly with rage, is not having scruples whether projected on the knife of capable men's, if he in did not knock out the fist, one will have the opportunity of fist not to have. 最后黑脸男子狂怒大吼一声,也不在顾忌是否打到精壮男子的刀身了,他要是在不出拳,一会连出拳的机会也不会有了。 Bang “嘭” „” “咔嚓” Ye Qian another palm when the black face man movement, has pasted on soldier to live the blade, then when the fist of black face man hits, picked up and unload the strength to withdraw fought the circle. 叶谦另一个手掌在黑脸男子动作的时候,就已经贴上了道兵化生刀,然后在黑脸男子的拳头打过来的时候,直接卸力退出了战圈。 The knife of capable men's in lives the collision of blade after that many and soldier, originally is vulnerable, at this time by a getting angry man fist, made into the fragment directly. 精壮男子的刀身在经过那么多次和道兵化生刀的碰撞之后,本来已经脆弱不堪,此时被黑脸男子一拳,直接打成了碎片。 The capable man looked at one to become a knife of place broken, grasped the hilt in hand, did not have the weapon, he threat to Ye Qian nearly is zero. 精壮男子看了一眼碎成一地的刀身,还有握在手里的刀柄,没有了武器,他对叶谦的威胁已经近乎为零。 However he is still unwilling, but also wants to charge into Ye Qian, just lifted the time in the footsteps, whole person straight dropping down forward, the body one turned into the skinny appearance suddenly. 但是他犹自不甘心,还想要冲向叶谦的,不过在脚步刚刚抬起来时候,整个人突然直直的向前倒下,身躯一下又变成了干瘦的样子。 However the present appearance is more like a dry corpse. 不过现在的样子更像是一具干尸。 Elder Brother!” “哥!” The black face man sees front dry corpse, shouted, wants to grasp that dry corpse forward, but the sudden silver light flashes, is Ye Qian suddenly appears in his behind, toward his neck horizontal a blade. 黑脸男子看到面前的干尸,大喊了一声,想要向前抱住那句干尸,但是身后突然银光一闪,却是叶谦突然出现在他的身后,朝着他的脖子横了一刀。 The black face man wants to turn the head, but the head just moved, actually rumble rolled down his shoulder. 黑脸男子想要转过头,但是脑袋刚刚动了一下,却“咕噜噜”的滚下了他的肩膀。 But now his on the neck, and no spouts the sign of blood, because of the blood in the fight time, had drained off a moment ago. 只不过现在他的脖子上面,并没有任何喷出鲜血的迹象,因为血早就在刚才战斗时候,流干了。 “噗” The Ye Qian body received many shakes, after putting out a blood, good many. 叶谦身体受到了不少的震荡,不过在吐出了一口鲜血之后,好了不少。
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