SN :: Volume #8

#737: Hopes 2

According to the informed sources of Intelligence Department, Green Lake Star as if also involves the Dark Armor organization.” Another side four seasons marshal opens the mouth slowly. “根据情报部的消息来源,绿湖星似乎还牵涉到暗铠组织。”另一边的四季元帅缓缓开口。 According to the Intelligence Department news, Dark Armor was under the unprecedented terror attack in Green Lake Star. After loses many mech and Revised Battle Helmet one after another, they dispatch fleet Eagle of the Stars officially, attempts pressure Green Lake Star. “按照情报部的消息,暗铠绿湖星遭遇到了前所未有的恐怖袭击。在接连损失不少机甲调整战盔后,他们才正式派遣舰队群星之鹰,试图威压绿湖星 Although the Eagle of the Stars goal is unclear, but all sorts of signs showed, they aim certainly at something that Green Lake Star is having ..... 虽然群星之鹰的目的不明,但种种迹象表明,他们一定是瞄准着绿湖星存在的某种东西.....” My here main family, has many business to communicate there, obtains some straight tips actually. Naturally these news also need the Intelligence Department confirmation.” “我这边的本家,在那里有着不少生意来往,倒是得到一些内幕消息。当然这些消息还需要情报部证实。” The kingdom congressman in surrounding raises hand to speak. 外围的一位王国议员举手发言道。 Oh? Congressman Babaer please say.” The speaker line of sight shifts to this human body on. “噢?巴巴尔德议员请说。”议长视线转移到这人身上。 Not only he, the attention of others, slowly centralized on him. 不只是他,其余所有人的注意力,都慢慢集中在他身上。 As far as I know.” This congressman slowly and said with deep veneration. „ On Green Lake Star, is breeding one beyond description huge evil. “据我所知。”这位议员缓慢而肃然道。“在绿湖星上,正孕育着一股难以形容的庞大邪恶。 It easy then ruled the entire Green Lake Star people wisdom public opinion. The kingdom government on star, has fallen to the enemy, becomes the firm supporter of this strength. ” 它轻而易举便统治了整个绿湖星的民智民意。就连星球上的王国政府,也早已沦陷,成为这股力量的坚定拥护者。” Dark Armor, although is also the terrorist organization, but does not beat on Green Lake Star, instead suffered many losses, therefore they dispatch the fleet to counter-attack, finally the result of war, everyone knew.” 暗铠虽然也是恐怖组织,但在绿湖星上不敌,反而遭遇了不少损失,所以他们派遣舰队反击,结果战争的结局,大家都知道了。” Yes .... Eagle of the Stars vanished thoroughly. Completely vanishes from the entire universe.” “是的....群星之鹰彻底消失了。从整个宇宙里完完全全消失。” „Was your news exaggerating? Although Eagle of the Stars is powerful, but facing the alliance also merely is only the small influence. Even if Green Lake Star can contend, cannot represent anything.” “您的消息是否过于夸张了?群星之鹰虽然强大,但面对联盟也仅仅只是小型势力。就算绿湖星能够抗衡,也并不能代表什么。” A congressman refuted. 一名议员反驳。 But if in just one minute, thoroughly Eagle of the Stars whole army has been annihilated?” Before that congressman continued to say. “但如果是在短短一分钟内,彻底将群星之鹰全军覆灭呢?”之前那位议员继续道。 Within one minute!!? Is impossible!” “一分钟之内!!?不可能!” Even most advanced powerful battleship main artillery, simultaneously several tens of thousands salvos, in impossible one minute destruction Eagle of the Stars!” “就算是最先进的强大战舰主炮,同时数万道齐射,也不可能一分钟内覆灭群星之鹰!” This information after checking? The blind exaggerating data comes by this to strengthen own persuasive power, this behavior is unrecommendable.” “这份情报是否经过核实?盲目的夸大数据来以此增强自己的说服力,这种行为并不可取。” What forms of defensive action, can wrecking extinguish entire Eagle of the Stars? Do they escape cannot achieve?” “什么样的攻击方式,能够一击毁灭整个群星之鹰?难道他们连逃跑都做不到么?” Many congressmen questioned the authenticity of information. 诸多议员纷纷质疑情报的真实性。 Gentlemen!” “诸君!” The beforehand that congressman suddenly is high the sound said. 之前的那位议员忽然高声道。 Unprecedented evil, is arriving.” “一股前所未有的邪恶,正在降临。” We must enhance the complete vigilance, deals this disaster.” “我们必须提高全部的警惕,来应对这场灾难。” Disaster?” Alliance speaker brow slightly pressed. “灾难?”联盟议长眉头微蹙。 Yes, disaster.” “是的,灾难。” The congressman nods. 议员点头。 I have a premonition, if not solve the Green Lake Star independent event as soon as possible, we in the future, will face to go far beyond the Dark Armor powerful enemy ..... “我有种预感,如果不尽快解决绿湖星独立事件,我们未来,将会面对远远超过暗铠的强大敌人.....” ............. ............. ............. ............. In remote another galaxy. 遥远的另一处星系中。 A gigantic star surface, circles the storm center of rotation. 一颗硕大星球表面,盘旋转动的风暴中心。 Belongs to the Dark Armor core palace. 属于暗铠的核心殿堂里。 Tyrannical mental consciousness bodies, are exchanging all sorts of information and views rapidly. 一道道强横精神意识体,正飞速的交换着种种信息和意见。 No one loud opens the mouth spoke, all consciousness bodies are talking in whispers. 没有谁大声开口说话,所有意识体都在窃窃私语。 Such condition, has continued to reappear to especially powerful consciousness body together slowly, arrives center the palace. 这样的状态,一直持续到一道尤为强大的意识体缓缓浮现,降临在殿堂正中。 Like sea spiritual force, wraps this strongest consciousness body to arrive huge together. And brought the boundless energetic pressure for it. 庞大如海洋般的精神力,包裹着这道最强的意识体一同降临。并为其带来了磅礴的精神威压。 Mingsha, didn't the aurora have the message?” The true body of this consciousness body, is in the Dark Armor four Great Emperor armors, strongest Yuan emperor armor. 鸣沙,极光还没音讯么?”这道意识体的真身,便是暗铠四大帝铠中,最强的盏元帝铠。 The Yuan emperor armor as forms one of the Dark Armor founders at first, not only in Dark Armor the qualifications oldest emperor armor, is the strength is most mystical, most powerful emperor armor. 盏元帝铠作为最初组建暗铠的创始者之一,不只是暗铠中资格最老的帝铠,同时也是实力最神秘,最强大的帝铠。 Four Great Emperor armors faintly led by him. 四大帝铠都隐隐以他为首。 Has not related. However that side the base depot signal also has, where the aurora should be hides restores the injury.” Mingsha replied. “没有联系。不过基站那边的信号还有,极光应该是躲在什么地方恢复伤势。”鸣沙回答道。 Before Emperor Mingsha armor, has sent the subordinate, to Green Lake Star. The manpower who what a pity send disappear without a word. 鸣沙帝铠之前也派遣过下属,前往绿湖星。可惜派遣的人手都音讯全无。 But later then erupts suddenly, Aurora Emperor Armor at the important matter that Green Lake Star suffers setbacks. 而之后便突然爆发出,极光帝铠绿湖星受挫的大事。 Because does not have Bright Armor to keep in balance, therefore present Dark Armor occupies entire alliance's most dark surface influences. 因为没有明铠制衡,所以如今的暗铠已经占据了整个联盟大部分的暗面势力。 This Eagle of the Stars event, if successful, can control the card Dis graceful kingdom actually, then reduces the negative impact. 这次群星之鹰事件,如果成功的话,倒是可以控制住卡迪斯曼王国,然后减少负面影响。 But pitifully they were defeated. 但可惜他们失败了。 Not only failure, moreover all extinguished. 不光失败,而且还全灭了。 „, Treats Green Lake Star, what attitude should we have?” Last emperor armor asked. “那么,对待绿湖星,我们该采取什么态度?”最后一位帝铠问道。 This is a female, its consciousness energetic body temperature is supple and boundless, a feeling of gentle wheat field. Is the bell emperor armors in four Great Emperor armors. Also is in the entire alliance only one of the two two female top Battle Helmet User. 这是一位女性,其意识精神体温柔而磅礴,给人一种柔和麦田的感觉。是四大帝铠中的银铃帝铠。也是整个联盟中唯二的两位女性顶级战盔士之一。 Aurora cannot give up, since Green Lake Star is the problem that he encounters, then, this matter before he processes the result, we are not suitable meddle.” Yuan tranquil reply. “极光不会就这么放弃,既然绿湖星是他遇到的麻烦,那么,这事在他处理出结果之前,我们不宜插手。”盏元平静回答。 Is only this Green Lake Star, always gives me one type is not very good feeling.” Mingsha low and deep say/way. “只是这个绿湖星,总给我一种不是很好的感觉。”鸣沙低沉道。 Yuan emperor armor silent under. 盏元帝铠沉默了下。 If the aurora is unable to process, I will begin personally. What the present stage is most important attains Green Lake Star one on final two puzzles, that said the 3rd Level jurisdiction.” “如果极光无法处理,我会亲自动手。现阶段最重要的是拿到绿湖星上的最后两块拼图之一,那道三级权限。” The other two are silent. 其余两人都是沉默下来。 Unlimited turntable .... The 1st Level jurisdiction in legend, obtains its person to obtain one time the opportunity of entering the origin sea radical transformation. 无限转盘....传说中的一级权限,得到它的人将可以得到一次进入始源海彻底蜕变的机会。 If can activate the 1st Level jurisdiction the unlimited turntable, then they in the future, can accomplish the genuine strongest emperor armor! 如果能够激活一级权限的无限转盘,那么他们未来,将可以造就真正的最强帝铠! Therefore, how regardless of the Green Lake Star situation solves Eagle of the Stars rapidly, Dark Armor will not give up capturing the 3rd Level jurisdiction. 所以,无论绿湖星的情况到底是如何迅速解决群星之鹰,暗铠都不会放弃夺取三级权限。 After all the unlimited turntables in their hand, only remain the final two gaps to be perfect. 毕竟他们手里的无限转盘,就只剩最后两道缺口就能完美。 ............. ............. ............. ............. Green Lake Star. 绿湖星 Lin Sheng that comes out from the origin sea, the whole body is lingering again the innumerable soul luminous spots. 再次从始源海出来的林盛,浑身萦绕着无数灵魂光点。 Massive soul luminous spots were contained by Protection Divinity rapidly, then integrates his within the body. 大量的灵魂光点迅速被守护神性包容,然后融入他体内。 In high level dark hall in Yinshi Building. 银狮大厦的高层暗厅内。 Lin Sheng puts out the one breath gently. 林盛轻轻吐出一口气。 Massive black Hope Force were lit by the god fire, changes into the fuel, further calcine his body and soul. 大量的黑愿力被神火点燃,化为燃料,进一步煅烧着他的身体和灵魂。 Every enters the origin sea one time, can obtain many information and soul consciousness. The 3rd Level jurisdiction was strong is too many compared with the 5th Level jurisdiction.” “每一次进入始源海,都能得到不少的信息和灵魂意识。三级权限比起五级权限强出太多了。” Obtains the second month after 3rd Level jurisdiction, under his divine nature then in the abundant god fire quenchings, is getting stronger and stronger, is getting more and more vigorous. 得到三级权限后的第二个月,他的神性便在充沛至极的神火淬炼下,越来越强,越来越浑厚。 Magnanimous Hope Force can breed the divine nature. 海量的愿力本就可以孕育神性。 Under premise that in having the divine nature guides, so long as there are enough many Hope Force, likewise, can transform more divine nature. 而在有神性引导的前提下,只要有足够多的愿力,同理,也能转化出更多神性。 Lin Sheng is so. 林盛就是如此。 He can feel that oneself is stiffening every time. 他能够感觉到自己每时每刻都在变强。 Thinks has arrived at the divine nature of limit, at this time unceasingly is becoming purer, the total quantity is bigger. 原本以为已经到极限的神性,此时正不断的变得更精纯,总量更大。 The promotion of Protection Divinity, the most direct performance, then can accommodate more protection objects. 守护神性的提升,最直接的表现,便是能够容纳更多的守护对象。 Until now, the soul of Lin Sheng protection, has achieved astonishingly about 2 billion. 迄今为止,林盛守护的灵魂,已经达到了惊人的二十亿左右。 This is the individual of Black Tide monster, the data that transforms the ordinary soul consciousness Units, after the computation, obtains. 这是将黑潮怪物的个体,转换成普通灵魂意识单位,计算后得出的数据。 Lin Sheng fosters one to be good to be familiar with now gradually. 林盛如今渐渐养成了一个好习惯。 That all the lives of facing, takes foundation Units with a soul of standard human, converts. 那就是将所有面对的生灵,都用一个标准人类的灵魂作为基础单位,进行换算。
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