SOM :: Volume #8 Strike the Blood

#1274: Most awful condition

Unexpectedly escaped...” “居然逃跑了...” Really is disgraceful...” “真是丢人现眼...” Saw that Kirihara Shizuya such is bringing own girlfriends stampede unexpectedly, Stella and Shizuku not only feels senseless, and feels took a breath refreshed. 眼看着桐原静矢竟是就这么带着自己的女友们狼狈逃窜,史黛菈和珠雫既感到无趣,又感到出了一口气般的爽快。 This last year freshman representative let person hateful to this situation, does not know why really such person can become 《Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival》 representative contestant, but can also having Ability contends of 《Seven Stars Sword King》 people to give to kick. 这位去年的新生首席就让人讨厌到这个地步,真不知道这样的人为什么能够成为《七星剑武祭》的代表选手,还能将有能力角逐《七星剑王》之位的人都给踢下去。 Naturally, others are not clear, Ikki is clear. 当然,别人不清楚,一辉是再清楚不过了。 Three, you were too impulsive.” Ikki look complex say/way: Although thanked everybody to help over me very much, but Kirihara-san manner regardless of the time being, strength, but genuine, if he planned to look for trouble, perhaps accidental/surprised will be very thorny.” “三位,你们太冲动了。”一辉神色复杂的道:“虽然很感谢大家帮我出头,但桐原同学的为人姑且不论,实力可是货真价实的,如果他真的打算找麻烦,也许意外的会很棘手。” hearing this, Rozen not to mention, Stella and Shizuku is the suspicion of whole face. 闻言,罗真姑且不说,史黛菈和珠雫是满脸的怀疑。 „Is that fellow so really strong?” “那个家伙真的有那么强吗?” I did not think that he strong, compared with Onii-sama, the difference may be far.” “我也不觉得他有多强,比起兄长大人,差得可远了。” Stella and Shizuku then confidently said the idea in oneself heart. 史黛菈和珠雫便坦然的道出自己心中的想法。 Was only a pity... 只可惜... I just also said that if Shizuku or is Stella-san, perhaps can also with a Kirihara-san war, but for me, Kirihara-san is a very thorny match.” “我刚刚也已经说了,如果是珠雫或者是史黛菈同学的话,或许还能够和桐原同学一战,但对我来说,桐原同学是个非常棘手的对手。” Ikki's expression somewhat heavy saying these words. 一辉的表情多少有些沉重的说出这番话来。 The reason is also very simple. 原因也很简单。 Kirihara-san's ability is the stealth, its Noble Art 《Area Invisibility》 not only aura and flavor, including the form are unable by the naked eye capture, to be able own has thorough wiping to disappear, is unable to carry on tracing in any way with the exploration, thus is honored as to person strongest Noble Art.” 桐原同学的能力乃是隐身,其伐刀绝技《猎人之森》不只是气息和味道,连身影都无法以肉眼捕捉,可以将自身的存在彻底的抹消,无法以任何的方式进行追踪跟探索,因而被誉为对人方面最强的伐刀绝技。” Ikki spoke seriously. 一辉郑重的出声 In the past, the fight of Kirihara-san called the big forest by 《Area Invisibility》, shortly afterwards oneself is then complete the stealth in the forest, in safe place, heartless shooting through prey, therefore he will obtain the 《Hunter》 title.” “以往,桐原同学的战斗都是靠《猎人之森》来唤出大一片的森林,紧接着自身便完全隐身在森林之中,待在安全的地方,无情的射穿猎物,所以他才会得到《猎人》的称号。” Using such forms of combat, Kirihara Shizuya in last year entire one year, can achieve to send facing any competition without the wound, has not lost. 利用这样的战斗方式,桐原静矢在去年整整一年里,无论是面对任何的比赛都能做到毫发无伤,未曾输过。 That said that this success is also because the Kirihara Shizuya disagreement/not with has the means to defeat the relations that own match battles. 话是这么说,这个战绩也是因为桐原静矢不和有办法战胜自己的对手交战的关系。 His 《Area Invisibility》, although is very strong, but there is a very simple and safe capturing method, that is disregards the match position, undifferentiated periphery will regard as the wide scope attack of goal.” “他的《猎人之森》虽然很强,但有非常简单且稳妥的攻略方法,那就是无视对手位置,无差别的将周围视作目标的大范围攻击。” Ikki looked to Stella and Shizuku. 一辉看向了史黛菈和珠雫 So long as can attack surrounding entire battle ring, that can explain his 《Area Invisibility》, regardless of the Kirihara-san how stealth, where also hides, finally will be hit by the attack of wide scope, finally was defeated.” “只要能够攻击周围的整个战圈,那就可以破解他的《猎人之森》了,无论桐原同学怎么隐身,又躲在哪里,最终都会被大范围的攻击所击中,最终败下阵来。” hearing this, Stella and Shizuku understood all of a sudden. 闻言,史黛菈和珠雫一下子明白了。 so that's how it is.” 原来如此。” Therefore Onii-sama said that if we, that can defeat that degenerate?” “所以兄长大人才说,如果是我们的话,那就可以打败那个败类吗?” Stella and Shizuku has understood Ikki's view. 史黛菈和珠雫均都理解了一辉的说法 In other words, Stella and Shizuku Ability just restrains 《Area Invisibility》 Ability. 换句话说,史黛菈和珠雫能力刚好克制《猎人之森》能力 Stella can change to the sea of fire the surrounding area completely, whatever the Kirihara Shizuya stealth is how useless. 史黛菈可以将周围的一带完全化作火海,任由桐原静矢怎么隐身都没用。 Shizuku can also change to the icefield the surrounding area thoroughly, Kirihara Shizuya can only be frozen similarly becomes the ice sculpture. 珠雫亦是可以将周围的一带彻底化作冰原,桐原静矢同样只能被冻成冰雕。 So long as can attack entire battle ring, no matter Kirihara Shizuya does have the stealth, he must defeat without doubt. 只要可以攻击到整个战圈,不管桐原静矢有没有隐身,他都必败无疑。 This is the 《Area Invisibility》 weakness, is called to person strongest Noble Art at the same time, if the match has wide scope attack Ability, that this unique skill did not have the opportunity. 这就是《猎人之森》的弱点,被称为对人方面最强的伐刀绝技的同时,对手若拥有大范围攻击的能力,那这一绝技就无用武之地了。 Therefore, on last year 《Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival》, was to have Ability contends article tune third grade Senpai of position of 《Seven Stars Sword King》 by evaluation is because did not have the style of wide scope attack, thus was devastated to be defeated by Kirihara-san unilaterally, but Kirihara-san actually also immediately gave up the competition in the second war, because the match of second war had wide scope attack Ability, was the most awful match regarding Kirihara-san, facing the fight that must defeat, Kirihara-san will not accept absolutely, this was he by the reason of fight evaluation was to only hit to win.” “所以,去年的《七星剑武祭》上,被评价为有能力角逐《七星剑王》之位的文曲三年级学长就是因为没有大范围攻击的招式,因而被桐原同学单方面蹂躏打败,可桐原同学却也在第二战时立刻放弃了比赛,因为第二战的对手拥有大范围攻击的能力,对于桐原同学来说属于最糟糕的对手,面对必败的战斗,桐原同学绝对不会接受,这就是他被评价为只打必胜的战斗的原因所在。” Ikki extremely earnest making noise. 一辉极为认真的出声。 If the match is Shizuku or Stella-san, Kirihara-san will forfeit absolutely, but the match is I, he is the most awful match.” “假如对手是珠雫或者史黛菈同学的话,桐原同学绝对会弃权,但对手是我,他就是最糟糕的对手。” Who lets Ikki's ability is the most inferior physical ability multiplies, is Magic Power quite also inferior, only has Sword Technique? 谁让一辉的能力是最低劣的体能倍增,魔力亦极为低劣,只有一身剑术呢? With the Ikki sword, even if wonderful, that cannot achieve similar Stella and Shizuku such wide scope attack. 一辉的剑,就算再神妙,那也做不到类似史黛菈和珠雫那样的大范围攻击。 Is having physical body that remarkable Sword Skill as well as is repeatedly tempered, the Ikki forms of combat actually throughout can only in the short distance. 拥有着卓越的剑技以及千锤百炼的肉体,一辉的战斗方式却始终都只能在近距离。 Reviews Kirihara Shizuya... 反观桐原静矢... His Device 《Oborotsuki》 is a bow, is the long-distance weapon, so long as he uses 《Area Invisibility》 Noble Art, again thorough stealth, in the safe place, carries on shooting to me, I troubled.” “他的固有灵装《胧月》是弓,属于远距离武器,只要他使用《猎人之森》伐刀绝技,再彻底隐身,待在安全的地方,对我进行射击,那我就麻烦了。” If Stella and Shizuku just restrains Kirihara Shizuya, that Kirihara Shizuya just restrains Ikki, enabling Ikki only to be at a loss. 如果说,史黛菈和珠雫刚好克制桐原静矢的话,那桐原静矢就刚好克制一辉,让一辉只能束手无策。 Not only could not find the match, and is unable to pull closer the distance, can only unilateral withstands does not know that shooting that which direction came from and which angle, regarding Ikki, such condition, really despairs. 既找不到对手,又无法拉近距离,只能单方面的承受不知道会从哪个方向、哪个角度而来的射击,对于一辉来说,这样的状况,实在过于绝望。 Let alone, Ikki only card in a hand 《Ittou Shura》 can only use once a day, one time one minute, time limit is quite stern, the match who once is unable to solve to this type rapidly, is unable to use really easily. 更别说,一辉唯一的底牌《一刀修罗》一天只能使用一次,一次只有一分钟,时间限制相当严峻,一旦对上这种无法迅速解决的对手,真的无法轻易使用。 Kirihara Shizuya regarding Ikki, is such troublesome match. 桐原静矢对于一辉而言,就是这么麻烦的对手。 so that's how it is.” 原来如此。” Rozen then just like understanding anything was the same, mutters makes noise. 罗真这才宛如明白了什么一样,喃喃出声。 Therefore, that degenerate just will say?” “所以,那个败类刚刚才会那么说吗?” Rozen's words, making the people be startled. 罗真的话语,让众人为之一怔。 How could it be that haven't you heard that fellow to say?” Rozen shot a look at people one eyes, sigh reminder: Just that fellow had said " your despair, just must start now, prayed while the present well, or asked me, perhaps I also " such words to your show mercy.” 难道你们没有听到那个家伙怎么说吗?”罗真瞥了众人一眼,叹息般的提醒道:“刚刚那个家伙可是说过了「你的绝望,现在才刚要开始,趁现在好好祈祷,或者来求我,或许我还会对你手下留情」这样的话。” Why can Kirihara Shizuya speak such words? 为什么桐原静矢要说这样的话? Very simple. 很简单。 He confirmed that oneself will fight with you, Kurogane.” “他已经确认了,自己会跟你交手啊,黑铁。” Rozen has patted Ikki's shoulder, while Ikki complexion changing suddenly, so was saying. 罗真拍了拍一辉的肩膀,在一辉面色陡变的同时,如此说着。 Do not forget, to select 《Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival》 representative contestant, the academy must conduct battle selection recently.” “别忘了,为了选出《七星剑武祭》的代表选手,学园最近就要举办选拔战了。” However Kurogane Family is not willing to see you to attend the competition of 《Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival》, but this time Superintendent no longer collaborated with them, wants to make her cancel your competition qualifications unilaterally, that impossible, such being the case, they have naturally been able to elect the match who you are unable to defeat absolutely to rout you on battle selection ruthlessly, keeping you from becoming representative contestant.” “而黑铁家根本不愿意看到你出席《七星剑武祭》的比赛,但这次的理事长已经不再和他们同流合污,想让她单方面取消你的参赛资格,那已经不可能,既然如此,他们自然会选个你绝对无法战胜的对手在选拔战上狠狠的击溃你,让你无法成为代表选手。” What is most troublesome, decided battle selection to fighting list is not Superintendent, but is the battle selection committee of academy, can in you determine not by the person of Kurogane Family bribe?” “最麻烦的是,决定选拔战对战名单的不是理事长,而是学园的选拔战委员会,你能确定里面没有被黑铁家贿赂的人吗?” hearing Rozen's words, Stella and Shizuku but actually inspired. 听到罗真的话,史黛菈和珠雫均都倒吸了一口气。 As for Ikki, took out own student handbook immediately. 至于一辉,已经是立即取出自己的学生手册。 In above, there is a short note. 在上面,有一则短信。 ............ ............ Addressors: Hagun Academy administrative office 发信人:破军学园管理处 Addressees: Kurogane Ikki 收信人:黑铁一辉 Title: About 《Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival》 representative battle selection 标题:关于《七星剑舞祭》的代表选拔战 Content: Kurogane Ikki-san, your battle selection first round match, has decided as second grade three classes of Kirihara Shizuya Student, other further information, please confirm to the following link place. 内容:黑铁一辉同学,你的选拔战第一回合对手,已定为二年级三班的桐原静矢同学,其它详细情况,请至下列链接处确认。 ............ ............ ———— ———— Sees this short note, Ikki thorough was silent. 看到这则短信,一辉彻底的沉默了。 Cannot...” “不会吧...” How can...” “怎么会...” Including Stella and Shizuku for it becomes silent. 史黛菈和珠雫为之哑然 Rozen has turned the head, looks to other direction. 罗真则是转过头,看向别的方向。 entire group fell into one after another silent, making the atmosphere incomparably depressing. 一行人相继的陷入了沉默,让气氛变得无比压抑。
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