SOM :: Volume #9 Chivalry of a Failed Knight

#1273: How did you say?

What you... you made...!?” “你...你做了什么...!?” Kirihara Shizuya cannot help but withdrew several steps, spreads out with Rozen, while sends out intonation some interrogations of change. 桐原静矢不由自主的退后了几步,一边与罗真拉开距离,一边发出声调有些改变的质问。 That flustered appearance, compared with just the performance of that ridicule, simply is two extremes. 那个慌张的模样,和刚刚那嘲弄的表现比起来,简直就是两个极端。 oya? So to be how flustered? Kirihara-san?” Rozen resembles accidental/surprised, also amusedly said: could it be that you're unexpectedly timid, the true coward is also you are right?” 哦呀?怎么这么慌张呢?桐原同学?”罗真既似意外,又似有趣般的道:“难道其实你意外的胆小,真正的胆小鬼也是你才对吗?” Rozen's these words, had turned into resembles Kirihara Shizuya completely just like that is full of the taunt. 罗真的这番话语,已经完全变成了像桐原静矢刚刚那般,充满着嘲讽。 But does not have the means. 但没办法。 Said that others climb high, is climbing high actually truly is actually Kirihara Shizuya. 说别人攀高枝,实则真正在攀高枝的却是桐原静矢 Said that others are the cowards, actually the true coward seemingly is also Kirihara Shizuya. 说别人是胆小鬼,实则真正的胆小鬼貌似也是桐原静矢 Although this person was last year seat of honor, simultaneously one of the Hagun Academy's representative contestant, attended 《Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival》 not to say last year, will also have last year contended position of 《Seven Stars Sword King》 third-grade Senpai of other academy to one-sided defeated, what perhaps accidental/surprised was minor character also perhaps. 这个人虽然是去年的首席,同时还是去年破军学园的代表选手之一,曾经出席过《七星剑武祭》不说,还将去年有角逐《七星剑王》之位的别的学园的三年级学长一面倒的击败了,但或许意外的是个小人物也说不定。 After all... 毕竟... Even if has evaluation in the official record in academy, said that you only to having odds of success opponent make a move , without odds of success the opponent to the type that will not meet head- on any event, in other words, you will only select the opponent who must win to fight, the fellow like you, is not minor character, who is minor character?” “就算是在学园的官方记录里都有评价,说你是只对有胜算的对手出手,对没有胜算的对手则无论如何都不会迎战的类型,也就是说,你只会挑必胜的对手来战斗,像你这样的家伙,不是小人物,谁又是小人物呢?” Rozen like ascertaining the essence of Kirihara Shizuya this person was the same, the tone surface is no longer polite, but displays its Director, satire of no trace of politeness. 罗真就如同窥破了桐原静矢这个人的本质一样,语气不再表面客气,而是发挥其所长,毫不客气的讽刺了起来。 Not is only Rozen. 不仅是罗真而已。 Said, in the official record of academy indeed has the information in this aspect.” “说起来,学园的官方记录里的确有这方面的情报。” This is nothing? Only can bully the small and weak fellow also to become representative contestant? Before Hagun Academy, in what are you doing?” “这算什么?只能欺负弱小的家伙也能成为代表选手吗?破军学园以前到底在干什么啊?” Stella and Shizuku looked that despises to the Kirihara Shizuya look more and more. 史黛菈和珠雫看向桐原静矢的眼神越来越鄙夷。 You... you left are too rampant!” “你...你们别太嚣张了!” Kirihara Shizuya received the stimulation probably same clamored. 桐原静矢像是受到了刺激一样的叫嚣了起来。 Do not think that your Blazer Level take a higher position to look down upon the person compared with me casually! However is first grade freshman! How many times even hasn't the actual combat curriculum participated in? Really thinks that you can defeat senior student Knight!?” “别以为你们的伐刀者等级比我高就能随便瞧不起人!不过是一年级的新生而已!连实战课程都没有参加过多少次吧?真以为你们能够战胜高年级的学生骑士吗!?” Kirihara Shizuya these words, pouring are also a fact. 桐原静矢的这些话,倒也不失为一个事实。 Even Blazer Level is quite high, that still can only representative Innate Skill, be able is quite good, in has not experienced the actual combat, under condition that technique/technology of full study fight, and grows, Student Knight of lower grade is very difficult to defeat senior student Knight. 即使伐刀者等级比较高,那也只能代表天赋、才能比较好,在还没有经历过实战,充分的学习战斗的技术,并成长起来的状况下,低年级的学生骑士是很难战胜高年级的学生骑士的。 When precisely because of this, last year Kirihara Shizuya by the status of first grade defeated the Bunkyoku Academy third grade 《Seven Stars Sword King》 candidate, countless people exclaimed in surprise. 正是因为这样,去年桐原静矢以一年级的身份战胜文曲学园三年级的《七星剑王》候补者时,无数人都为之惊叹。 Now, Kirihara Shizuya has risen second grade, the strength definitely became compared with last year stronger, but just entered a school, even the actual combat curriculum has not participated in new student/life, even Blazer level higher, that was not Kirihara Shizuya's match. 现在,桐原静矢已经升上二年级了,实力比去年肯定变得更强,只不过是刚刚入学,连实战课程都没有参加过的新生,就算伐刀者等级再高,那也不是桐原静矢的对手 only, such Kirihara Shizuya does not know... 只是,这样的桐原静矢并不知道... I can think that this is you are challenging me? Senpai?” “我可以认为这是你在向我挑战吗?学长?” We indeed are new student/life, has needs the advised place, if Senpai is willing to teach us well, that was good.” “我们的确是新生,有许多需要被指教的地方,如果学长肯好好教教我们,那就再好不过了。” Saying, Stella and Shizuku is enduring patiently probably is for a long time same, body one after another starts to emerge Magic Power, awakened their ability. 这么说着,史黛菈和珠雫像是忍耐已久一样,身上纷纷开始涌现魔力,唤醒了她们的能力 Stella is whole body combustion slowly the flame, presented Great Dragon phantom including the back. 史黛菈是全身缓缓的燃烧起火焰,连背后都出现了一头巨龙虚影 Shizuku is the whole body sends out the cold air, lets the moisture content in air first is the rime, shortly afterwards ices up, changes to the ice particles, sprinkles in the place. 珠雫则是全身散发出寒气,让空气中的水分先是结霜,紧接着结冰,化作冰粒,洒落在地。 The steam and cold air then form two tidal current, rushed to Kirihara Shizuya's direction. 热气与寒气便形成两股潮流,涌向了桐原静矢的方向 "Hii...!" “咿...!” Realized that the ice and fire twofold day the taste, Kirihara Shizuya sent out the pitiful yell of inadequate sound immediately. 体会到冰火两重天的滋味,桐原静矢顿时发出了不成声的惨叫。 new student/life that indeed, Stella and Shizuku just entered a school, has not participated in the actual combat curriculum, has not accepted the guidance of battle style. 的确,史黛菈和珠雫都是刚刚入学的新生,还没参加过实战课程,更没有怎么接受战斗方式的教导。 But, this is not representing before the admittance, two people has not experienced the actual combat, without studying way of fight. 可是,这不代表着在入学以前,两人没有经历过实战,没有学习过战斗的方式。 Different with general new student/life, Stella is Vermillion Empire's Second Imperial Princess, Shizuku is Kurogane Family's daughter, the two people status and background unusual, from childhood has conducted all kinds of training and simulated combat as extremely promising Blazer. 和一般的新生不同,史黛菈法米利昂皇国的第二皇女,珠雫黑铁家的女儿,两人的身份、背景均都不一般,从小就作为一名潜力无限的伐刀者进行过各种各样的培训和模拟战斗 Especially Stella, to control own flame, diligently the self-torture three years when Vermillion Empire, and defeated domestic all Blazer, then because could not find the powerful enemy, chose going abroad resolutely. 尤其是史黛菈,为了控制自己的火焰,在法米利昂皇国时努力苦修三年,并打败了国内所有的伐刀者,然后才会因为找不到强敌,毅然决然的选择了出国。 Therefore, although Stella and Shizuku is new student/life, the strength actually almost can stand in Hagun Academy's peak. 因此,史黛菈和珠雫虽是新生,实力却几乎可以站在破军学园的顶端 With Stella, even if it has not awakened Dragon Power, in Hagun Academy, can become the person of his opponent to only have three. 史黛菈来说,就算其还没觉醒龙之力,在破军学园里,能够成为其对手的人都不过只有三个。 One is Rozen. 一个是罗真 One is Ikki. 一个是一辉 there is still one recognizes Hagun Academy strongest Student President at present, last year 《Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival》 semifinals contestant, even Shinguuji Kurono said that Stella that has not grown at all is not the opponent of opposite party. 还有一个则是目前公认破军学园最强的学生会长,去年的《七星剑武祭》四强选手,连新宫寺黑乃都说了,还未成长起来的史黛菈根本不是对方的对手。 Except for the above three people, in the student in entire Hagun Academy, can defeat the Stella person not to exist. 除了以上三人,整个破军学园里的学生里,能够战胜史黛菈的人是不存在的。 But now, has awakened Dragon Power, Stella is faint has to plant into present age all Student Knight the trend of strongest person, trivial last year freshman representative, earned the 《Seven Stars Sword-Art Festival》 representative contestant qualifications Kirihara Shizuya, basically impossible was her opponent. 而现在,已经觉醒了龙之力,史黛菈更是隐隐的有种成为当代所有学生骑士中最强之人的趋势,区区去年的新生首席,拿到《七星剑武祭》代表选手资格的桐原静矢,根本不可能是她的对手。 As for Shizuku, is even worse than Stella, where will also not miss to goes. 至于珠雫,就算比史黛菈差些,亦是不会差到哪里去。 Only if Stella uses within the body Dragon Power, otherwise, Stella and Shizuku who won and who lost, that also perhaps. 除非史黛菈使用体内龙之力,否则,史黛菈和珠雫谁胜谁负,那也还说不定呢。 Then, if Rozen in addition... 如此一来,再加上罗真的话... Right, be not thinking the whereabouts council complained, said is us first begins is quite good to you.” “对了,你可别想着去向理事会告状,说是我们这边先向你动手比较好。” Rozen is curling the lip to Kirihara Shizuya, spoke like this. 罗真对着桐原静矢撇了撇嘴,如此出声 „Different with Kurogane, now stands before you two person is Vermillion Empire's Second Imperial Princess, one is Kurogane Family's true little princess, even if you consider the council, your back Kurogane Family will not support to you.” “和黑铁不同,现在站在你面前的两个人一个是法米利昂皇国的第二皇女,一个是黑铁家真正的小公主,就算你告到理事会,你背后的黑铁家也不会给你撑腰的。” Is Kurogane Family always insufficient even Shizuku this outstanding new generation to frame, making the family be shamed? 黑铁家总不至于连珠雫这个优秀的新生代都想陷害,让家族蒙羞吧? But Stella not to mention, even if a Vermillion Empire only small country, but how to say again is also a country . Moreover the alliance country in 《League》, Kurogane Family, even if there is influence again, that still has the influence in this country, but also cannot interfere with the foreign country to go, let alone frames a country princess, a fraction of a minute will be condemned by 《League》. 史黛菈就更不用说了,即使法米利昂皇国只是一个小国,但再怎么说亦是一个国家,而且还是《联盟》中的联盟国,黑铁家即使再有势力,那也就是在这个国家里有势力而已,还干涉不到外国去,更别说是陷害一国公主,分分钟都会被《联盟》问罪。 Naturally... 当然... You can also choose to my make a move, Senpai.” “你也可以选择向我出手,学长。” Rozen shows the bright smiling face. 罗真露出灿烂的笑容。 I anticipated similarly very much your advice, only I do not like others being too noisy, I first let you and your side that group of superficial women am same, closes the mouth, how did you say?” “我同样很期待你的指教,只是我不喜欢别人太吵,要不,我先让你和你身边那群肤浅的女人一样,把嘴巴闭上,你说怎么样啊?” The Rozen genial smiling face and advice, making the face of Kirihara Shizuya at the scene pale. 罗真和善的笑容以及劝告,让桐原静矢的脸当场变得苍白了起来。 You... you remember to me!” “你...你们给我记住!” Kirihara Shizuya abandons this like the minor character lines, and also turns toward the forced smile Ikki, dropped out the aggressive statement. 桐原静矢扔下这番有如小人物般的台词,并且还向着苦笑的一辉,抛下了狠话。 Do not think that some of your people have helped you support, later your understood, your despair, just must start now, prayed while the present well, or asked me, perhaps I also to your show mercy!” “别以为你一直都有人帮你撑腰,之后你就知道了,你的绝望,现在才刚要开始,趁现在好好祈祷,或者来求我,或许我还会对你手下留情!” Left such words, Kirihara Shizuya runs away at the scene, making one group of girlfriends also follow together whole face pale running away. 留下这样的话,桐原静矢当场跑掉,让身边的一群女友也跟着一起满脸苍白的逃了。 A farce, announced like this finished. 一场闹剧,就这样宣布了结束。 only, regarding Ikki, this was not the farce. 只是,对于一辉来说,这就不是闹剧了。 Perhaps, now is to him, start of true test. 或许,现在才是对其而言,真正考验的开始。
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