SOM :: Volume #15 Strike the Blood (2)

#2420: in a bad condition?

Since first day meet time, Rozen had actually discovered, Merlin as well as Gilgamesh is like oneself, situated in Magic Power fierce consumption Status/condition. 打从第一天相遇的时候,罗真其实就已经发现,梅林和自己以及吉尔伽美什一样,都处于魔力剧烈消耗的状态 No , compared to itself and Gilgamesh, Merlin's consumption is bigger. 不,比起自己和吉尔伽美什,梅林的消耗更大。 Because, oneself after obtaining 《The Cleansing》 Magic had been in Status/condition that restores to adjust, Gilgamesh has also exercised the 《Heroic Spirit Summoning》 miracle to restore Magic Power, only then Merlin, why does not know, unexpectedly also every day fierce consumption Magic Power. 因为,自己在获得了〈圣歼〉魔法以后已经处于恢复调整的状态,吉尔伽美什也已经行使完了〈英灵召唤〉的奇迹正在恢复魔力,只有梅林,不知为何,居然还每天都在剧烈的消耗魔力 Although scope of this consumption and not on as well as Gilgamesh, but consumes daily like this, that was a little strange. 这消耗的幅度虽然及不上自己以及吉尔伽美什,可天天都这样消耗,那就有点奇怪了。 Although does not know that is how a matter, because of this reason, Merlin's Magic Power has been consuming, even cannot say that is debt Status/condition, Magic Power that may have is few , indicating with Servant's ability parameter, is only left over among C ~ D probably, power compares the heyday, definitely dropped. 虽然不知道是怎么一回事,但因为这个原因,梅林的魔力一直都在消耗中,即使称不上是亏空的状态,可持有的魔力却很少,用从者的能力参数来表示,大概就仅剩下C~D之间,力量相比较全盛时期,肯定下降了很多。 Appearance that but Merlin has actually pretended not to care about, obviously is familiar with own condition. 梅林却一直装作不在意的模样,显然是对自己的状况了如指掌。 Rozen is actually curious. 罗真倒是好奇。 Is what reason causes you to consume massive Magic Power like?” “到底是什么原因导致你一直像这样消耗着大量的魔力啊?” Rozen asked such a. 罗真问了这么一声。 what do you think?” Merlin shrugs, attended to about he saying with a smile: Magic Power will consume massively, what reason is that may cause?” 你觉得呢?”梅林耸了耸肩,顾左右而言他般的笑道:“魔力会大量消耗,那到底是什么原因才有可能导致呢?” That also with saying?” Rozen said without hesitation: Is encounters the curse or Magic Poison either, making Magic Power pass passively, either has been using power?” “那还用说吗?”罗真不假思索的道:“要么就是遭遇到诅咒或者魔毒,让魔力一直被动流逝,要么就是一直都在使用力量吧?” Correct.” Merlin snapped the finger, actually didn't explain much, only said: Because I used most Magic Power in other use, therefore was sorry very much, really do not anticipate I can act as the strength, I most in the rear area made some support, even Magic Power has not consumed, I'm still not the type to be on the frontline, eh?” “正解。”梅林打了一个响指,却没有多加解释,只是这么道:“因为我把大部分的魔力都用在别的用途上了,所以很抱歉,真的别期待我能充当战力,我最多就是在后方做些支援,即便魔力没有消耗,我也不是能够上最前线的类型哦?” I want also to be.” Rozen had not denied, sighed, said: only , I, you and also King Gilgamesh are in a bad condition, really does not know that was given practical joke by whom.” “我想也是。”罗真没有否认,却是叹息了一声,道:“只是,没想到,我、你还有吉尔伽美什王都不在状态,真不知道是不是被谁给恶作剧了。” Who didn't say? 谁说不是呢? Originally, Rozen also thinks, this time the tour of Singularity, own issue should most need to take the lead to process. 本来,罗真还以为,这一次特异点之行,自己的问题应该是最需要率先处理的。 Who once thinks, besides oneself, exhausted Magic Power as this time Gilgamesh of key because of 《Heroic Spirit Summoning》, Merlin this pivotal Great Magus because similarly the inexplicable reason has been consuming Magic Power, two people is like oneself, basic on in a bad condition. 谁曾想,除了自己以外,作为这个时代的关键的吉尔伽美什也因〈英灵召唤〉而耗尽了魔力,梅林这个举足轻重的大魔术师同样由于莫名的原因一直在消耗魔力,两人都和自己一样,根本就不在状态 This coincidence, was too rather big. 这巧合,未免太大了。 To be honest, I have a scare.” Merlin helpless said: a Magician, two Magi with the qualifications of Grand, causes Magic Power to be in debt finally for various reasons, during is restoring, is unable to display complete power, this influence may be big.” “说实话,我自己也吓了一跳。”梅林无奈道:“一个魔法使,两个拥有冠位资格的魔术师,结果都因各种原因导致魔力亏空,全部都在恢复当中,无法发挥出全部的力量,这影响可不小。” At this point, Merlin indeed has a misjudging feeling. 说到这里,梅林的确有种失算的感觉。 That side Gilgamesh also on forget it/that's all, then acts unreasonably with entire Seven Servants that 《Heroic Spirit Summoning》 calls, even half man and half god virtuous king, undying will discard half life directly, this is the understandable matter. 吉尔伽美什那边也就罢了,那么乱来的用〈英灵召唤〉唤来的整整七骑的从者,就算是半人半神贤王,不死都会直接丢掉半条命,这是可以理解的事情。 Merlin have Magic Power that must most is used to display a reason of ability, similarly does not have the matter of means. 梅林自己也有必须把大部分的魔力都用来施展一个能力的理由,同样是没办法的事情。 two Magi with the qualifications of Grand for this time, for human, made fully the preparation with own power beforehand, in a bad condition, this indisputable. 两个拥有冠位资格的魔术师都为了这个时代,为了人类,事先就用自己的力量做足了准备,不在状态,这无可厚非。 Therefore, no matter Merlin or Gilgamesh are actually anticipating Rozen's arrival, hopes that this humanity's last Master can break the deadlock, leads the situation. 为此,不管是梅林还是吉尔伽美什其实都在期待罗真的到来,希望这个人类最后的御主能够打破僵局,重新引领局势。 Who knows, Rozen also in a bad condition, really lets Merlin and Gilgamesh unexpectedly has a destiny to make fun of the feeling of person. 谁知道,罗真居然也不在状态,真的让梅林吉尔伽美什都有种命运在捉弄人的感觉。 fortunately, Gilgamesh can also , in the rear area directs and assumes personal command, Merlin was also belongs not to be victorious can also the type of relaxed escaping, Rozen bring two Servants, one of them being the incarnation of a white giant that frightened even the gods, the sign that in three people of hands also had, can cope with the current aspect as before, making human be insufficient to crash completely. 幸好,吉尔伽美什还能在后方指挥和坐镇,梅林亦是属于打不过也还可以轻轻松松的逃掉的类型,罗真则带来了两骑从者,其中一骑还是令诸神都恐惧不已的白色巨人的化身,三人手中还持有的牌,依旧能够应付目前的局面,让人类不至于完全崩盘。 Meanwhile, even if Rozen in a bad condition, his arrival, promoted the recent development, this point not to disappoint the anticipation of Merlin and Gilgamesh similarly. 同时,即使罗真不在状态,他的到来,同样推动了新的发展,这一点也没有辜负梅林吉尔伽美什的期待。 Only hopes, I and other people paid so many, finally can trade the proper achievement.” “只希望,我等三人付出了这么多,最后能够换来应有的成果吧。” Merlin is gazing at the front fight, with a smile sighed, while said. 梅林注视着前方的战斗,笑着一边叹气,一边这么说。 Yes.” “是啊。” Rozen deeply nodded. 罗真深以为然的点了点头 Fu... 芙... Fou stands on Rozen's shoulder, looks at such two people, tilted the head. 芙芙站在罗真的肩膀上,看着这样的两人,歪起了脑袋 Snort.” “哼。” Ishtar has sat on Maanna is actually looking into, is listening to the dialogue of Rozen and Merlin, lightly snorted, should not be excessive, does not know that is thinking anything. 伊什塔尔其实一直都坐在马安娜上眺望着下方,听着罗真梅林的对话,轻哼了一声,别过头,也不知道在想什么。 In a while, front Demon Beast was crusaded against finally. 没过多久,前方的魔兽总算都被讨伐完毕。 „The Demon Beast group of goal has defeated, Master.” “目标的魔兽群已击破,御主。” Mash brings the shield slightly ran, makes the report at the same time, charming face also is slightly red. 玛修带着盾的小跑了回来,做出报告的同时,俏脸还有些微红。 „......” “......” Anna is staring Merlin, wants the appearance that he hacks to death at the scene, let the Merlin hollow laugh, hid behind Rozen hastily. 安娜则瞪着梅林,一副很想把他当场砍死的模样,让梅林干笑了一声,连忙躲到罗真的背后 thanks for your trouble.” 辛苦你们了。” Rozen looks at this, curls the lip, salutes Mash and Anna. 罗真看着这一幕,撇了撇嘴,对着玛修安娜进行慰问。 Front has no Demon Beast, remaining is separated from the community not careful to move around alone fellow.” “前面已经没有什么魔兽了,剩下的都是脱离群体不小心落单的家伙。” Ishtar also flew, for the time being told the people this matter. 伊什塔尔也飞了下来,姑且告诉了众人这件事。 Rozen has naturally also observed all of these through 《Eyes of Perception》. 罗真自然也已经通过〈慧眼〉观察到了这一切 Therefore... 于是... That goes round them carefully, avoids fighting as far as possible.” “那就小心绕开它们,尽量避免战斗吧。” Rozen gave such instruction without hesitation. 罗真毫不犹豫的做了这样的指示。 Doesn't overthrow them?” “不打倒它们吗?” Anna lifted under one slightly, looks at Rozen, the doubts is asking. 安娜稍微抬了一下头,看着罗真,疑惑的问着。 Does not need, can avoid fighting avoids fighting as far as possible.” Rozen shakes the head, said: This is not the issue of consumption, but for peeping at embankment Kingu.” “没必要,能避免战斗就尽量避免战斗。”罗真摇了摇头,道:“这不是消耗的问题,而是为了堤防金固的窥视。” Before, Rozen just arrived at to this Singularity time, Kingu found him in a while, proved the strength of Kingu's detection ability, perhaps was not only restricted in the Cedar Forest range. 之前,罗真刚降临到这个特异点的时候,金固是没过多久就找到了他,证明金固的感应能力之强,或许不仅仅限于杉木林的范围。 Although definitely has the effective scope, opposite party impossible surveillance trim Mesopotamia's land, but the surveillance net of opposite party is very certainly broad. 虽然肯定还是有作用范围的,对方不可能监视整片美索不达米亚的大地,但对方的监视网一定很广。 Now we to the Cedar Forest also not short distance, should not have to be discovered, the sound that but if fights are too much, opposite party's feedback by the land, might detect very much all of a sudden.” “现在我们离杉木林还有不短的距离,应该没有被发现,但如果战斗的动静过多,对方透过大地的反馈,很有可能会一下子察觉到。” Rozen so considers. 罗真就是如此考量的。 Therefore, we must avoid fighting as far as possible, everyone also remembers that leads me to give your symbol, that can shield the surrounding certain extent the sound, when we arrived in Cedar Forest then to be able the action program.” “所以,我们要尽量避免战斗,大家也记得带着我给你们的符,那能屏蔽自己周围一定程度的动静,等到我们抵达杉木林便可以实施计划了。” Saying, Rozen looks to Merlin. 说着,罗真看向梅林 You remember that once for a while is staring at Cedar Forest's direction with 《Clairvoyance》, once discovered that Kingu comes out from inside, immediately told me.” “你记得时不时用〈千里眼〉盯着杉木林的方向,一旦发现金固从里面出来,立即告诉我。” Rozen's speech, trades the movement that Merlin let go. 罗真的发言,换来了梅林摊手的动作。 Good, only 『Look』 Cedar Forest that side words are good, if Goddess in direct 『Look』 temple, that absolutely will were discovered by the opposite party, was cursed, that fate, I do not want to obtain.” “好吧,只是「看」杉木林那边的话还好,如果直接「看」神殿里的女神,那一定会被对方发现,然后被诅咒,那种下场,我可不想得到。” Merlin's view, lets people rolled the eyes. 梅林的说法,让众人都翻了一个白眼 That continues to hurry along.” “那就继续赶路吧。” Rozen orders, the hand wields, several horses appeared at the scene. 罗真一声令下,手一挥,数匹马就出现在了现场。 People then one by one rides to start , to continue to go toward Cedar Forest's direction. 众人便一一骑上了马,继续往杉木林的方向而去。 Day, gradually started to become dark. 天,渐渐的开始变深
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