SOM :: Volume #10 Sky Wizards Academy

#1665: „Who is...?”

That... that... what is going on...?” “那...那个...到底怎么了...?” Saw that Rozen suddenly took a deep breath, complexion becomes calms down the appearance, has been looking Rozen's Leafa becomes somewhat concerned. 眼看着罗真突然深吸了一口气,面色变得冷静下来的模样,一直都在看着罗真的莉法变得有些担忧而起。 Does not know that had anything's Leafa only to see Rozen stopped the footsteps suddenly, shortly afterwards the expression is then looking at World Tree's peak by the past has never seen, after a while, is to turn into now this, making Leafa unable is not worried in any event. 不知道发生了什么的莉法只能看到罗真突然停下脚步,紧接着便以过去从未见过的表情望着世界树的顶端,一阵子以后又是变成现在这样,令莉法无论如何都无法不担心。 The intuition told Leafa, after arriving here, Rozen must have an action to perform finally. 直觉告诉莉法,来到这里以后,罗真终于要有所动作了。 For own goal. 为了自己的目的。 But this goal is anything, to now, Leafa has not known. 而这个目的是什么,到得现在,莉法都还不知道。 However, the matter, Leafa knows. 不过,有一件事情,莉法是知道的。 That is, Rozen is earnest. 那就是,罗真已经认真起来了。 Leafa.” 莉法。” When Leafa affirms, Rozen then very towering called her name. 莉法这么肯定的时候,罗真便非常突兀的叫了她的名字。 I... I in!” “我...我在!” Leafa had a scare immediately, making her subconsciously tighten the body, the well-mannered response makes noise. 莉法顿时被吓了一跳,令得她下意识的绷紧身体,规规矩矩的回应出声。 Rozen does not seem to detect that Leafa's anomaly is the same, aims at World Tree's direction. 罗真好像没有察觉到莉法的异常一样,指向世界树的方向 if want to reach this World Tree's peak, can only before you said?” 想抵达世界树的顶端的话,只能像你之前说的那样吗?” hearing this, Leafa is first startled, immediately nodded. 闻言,莉法先是一怔,随即点了点头 „To arrive in World Tree's peak, that can only through the giant egg-shaped temple of World Tree root, enter the World Tree interior, climbs up World Tree's peak from there.” “想抵达世界树的顶端,那就只能通过世界树根部的巨蛋型神殿,进入世界树的内部,从那里爬上世界树的顶端。” Leafa is replying truthfully. 莉法如实回答着。 Cannot fly directly, or crawls along the World Tree outer wall?” “不能直接飞上去,或者沿着世界树的外壁爬上去?” Rozen is confirming. 罗真确认着。 Yes.” Leafa very earnest nodded, said: „The region that the World Tree surroundings were forbidden to invade in the system, impossible climbs up, even if by flying, when has not arrived at the upper layer, wing because of staying in the air limit, but the quit flying, the cloud layer above point place has to suppose barrier in addition, altitude of limit flight, therefore, arrives in the only way of World Tree peak is to pass the great egg of root, in addition, does not have the second method.” “是的。”莉法很是认真的点了点头,道:“世界树的周围都是在系统上被禁止入侵的区域,不可能攀爬,就算是靠飞的,在还没到达上层时,翅膀就会因为滞空限制而停止飞行,加上云层上面一点的地方有设下障壁,限制飞行的高度,所以,抵达世界树顶端的唯一方法就是通过根部的巨蛋,除此之外,没有第二种方法。” In other words, only if has enough manager jurisdiction, can conduct to system settings redefines, otherwise, as player, can only honest enters in World Tree from the root, thus climbs up World Tree's peak. 换言之,除非是拥有足够的管理者权限,可以对系统设定进行重新定义,否则,以一名玩家的身份,只能老老实实的从根部进入世界树里,从而爬上世界树的顶端 But... 可是... Inside has Guardian Knight, so long as there is a player to enter, will immediately appear, and prevents the player from passing.” Leafa said with a sigh: Does obeisance them to bestow, until now will link a race unable through World Tree trial, arrives in World Tree's peak, gives to capture World Tree, then sees Fairy King Oberon, reincarnation is Alf.” “里面有守护骑士,只要有玩家进入,立刻就会出现,并阻止玩家通过。”莉法叹息般的道:“拜他们所赐,至今为止才会连一个种族都没能通过世界树试炼,抵达世界树的顶端,将世界树给攻略,进而见到精灵王奥伯龙,转生光之精灵。” Therefore, wants to arrive in World Tree's peak in this way, the difficulty endures the ratio to ascend to heaven. 因此,想以这条途径抵达世界树的顶端,难度堪比登天。 "It's like this." “这样啊。” Rozen nodded without surprise. 罗真毫无意外的点了点头 At once... 旋即... Such being the case, then let's go.” “既然如此,那就出发吧。” Saying, Rozen opens the back wing, was the preparation flies unexpectedly. 说着,罗真张开背后的翅膀,竟是准备飞出去了。 wait... wait a moment!” 等...等一下!” Leafa held on Rozen immediately, a shock of face. 莉法立即拉住了罗真,一脸的震惊。 set off?” 出发?” What is this? 这是什么意思啊? Should unable... 该不会... In Leafa's heart has the idea that cannot believe. 莉法的心中产生出一个不敢相信的想法。 But the fact showed, Leafa is correct. 而事实证明,莉法是正确的。 I must capture World Tree.” “我要去攻略世界树。” Rozen with such a few words, explained action that oneself then can take. 罗真以这样的一句话,说明了自己接下来会采取的行动。 With the idea in the Leafa heart having, is completely exactly the same. 莉法心中产生的想法,完全一模一样。 You... were you insane?” Leafa then astonishedly said: could it be that you had not just listened to be clear words that I spoke?” “你...你疯了吗?”莉法便愕然的道:“难道你刚刚没有听清楚我说的话?” Listened clearly.” Rozen blinks, says with a smile: What issue has?” “听清楚了啊。”罗真眨了眨眼睛,笑道:“有什么问题吗?” Issue may be big!” Leafa immediately incomparably excited say/way: Since you listened to be clear, why that will also produce captures the idea of World Tree?” “问题可大了!”莉法顿时无比激动的道:“既然你听清楚了,那为什么还会产生攻略世界树的想法啊?” That is in ALO operated under entire one year of condition also to have no goal that a race can achieve. 要知道,那可是在ALo运营了整整一年的状况下都还没有任何一个种族能够达成的目标啊。 Even, even later can some people capture, that is an unknown. 甚至,连以后能不能有人攻略下来,那都还是一个未知数。 In these circumstances, Rozen said unexpectedly can capture World Tree? 在这样的情况下,罗真居然说要去攻略世界树 Although Rozen is very strong, but Leafa did not feel completely, Rozen can accomplish such matter. 虽然罗真很强,可莉法完全不觉得,罗真能够办到那样的事情。 Therefore... 因此... Do not go!” Leafa impediment without hesitation said: I know that you are very fierce, but if you want to challenge World Tree now, I will not make you go!” “你别去!”莉法毫不犹豫的阻止道:“我知道你很厉害,但如果你现在就想去挑战世界树的话,我是不会让你去的!” If Rozen is prepares to spend lots of time to call the manpower, and collects the fund, after preparing completely safe, will challenge World Tree again, Leafa will not only not oppose, will want, when the Rozen strongest backing, will fight side-by-side with Rozen. 如果罗真是准备花费大量的时间来召集人手,并收集资金,做好万全的准备以后,再来挑战世界树,莉法不仅不会反对,甚至愿意当罗真最坚强的后盾,和罗真一起并肩作战。 Believes, by Rozen's ability, completely has the means to achieve this point. 相信,以罗真的能力,完全有办法做到这一点。 After all, Rozen commands in SAO is not knowing many leader of player, during capturing, has not made any companion sacrifice, from beginning to end is captures lossless, lossless entry, this is the matter that the insiders know. 毕竟,罗真可是在SAo里统率着不知道多少的玩家的领导者,攻略期间没有让任何一名同伴牺牲,从头到尾都是无损攻略,无损通关,这是知情人都知道的事情。 Then, permitted the death in this, in the world that also can resurrect, by Rozen's ability, captured World Tree with a large unit together, took this Quest, Leafa believes finally, Rozen could accomplish absolutely. 如此一来,在这个允许死亡,又还能复活的世界里,以罗真的能力,带着一支大部队一起攻略世界树,拿下这个最终任务,莉法相信,罗真绝对办得到。 But the issue is, Rozen must capture the World Tree appearance now. 但问题是,罗真现在就要去攻略世界树的样子。 This was complete is foolhardy. 这就完完全全是有勇无谋了。 Even Salamander wants to capture World Tree to spend so many time to collect the fund, Sylph and Cait Sith even also formed an alliance for this reason, finally does not dare saying that has the means successfully to capture World Tree, even you are strong, how can also?” “连火精灵想攻略世界树都得花费那么多的时间来收集资金,风精灵猫妖甚至还为此结盟了,结果都不敢说有办法成功攻略世界树,就算你再强,又能怎么样呢?” Leafa thinks. 莉法就是这么想的。 Otherwise, we first capture some time here, when Sylph and Cait Sith decide to capture World Tree time, then goes with everyone.” “不然,我们就在这里先攻略一段时间,等到风精灵猫妖决定攻略世界树的时候,再和大家一起去吧。” Leafa was also the compromise compromise compromises again. 莉法也算是妥协妥协再妥协了。 But without a doubt, Leafa is correct. 而毋庸置疑,莉法是正确的。 Anyone, hears the Rozen all alone preparation to challenge World Tree trial, arrives in World Tree's peak, that can be this response. 无论是谁,听到罗真孤身一人准备去挑战世界树试炼,抵达世界树的顶端,那都会是这个反应。 only... 只是... I and others not by that time.” Rozen shakes the head, said: Now I must pass.” “我等不到那个时候了。”罗真摇了摇头,道:“现在我就必须过去。” These words, Rozen said calmly, told others very much, his decision, unquestionable. 这句话,罗真说得很平静,却也告诉了别人,他的这个决定,不容置疑。 Leafa immediately becomes silent. 莉法立即哑然了。 Rozen has not worried, static looks at Leafa. 罗真也没有着急,静静的看着莉法 The surrounding liveliness is still continuing, had not been affected slightly, lets Rozen and Leafa just like isolated outside the world. 周围的热闹就还在继续,丝毫都没有受到影响,让罗真莉法宛如被隔绝在世界之外。 Long time later... 良久以后... Why do you that want to capture World Tree?” “为什么你那么想攻略世界树呢?” Leafa inquired toward Rozen in a low voice. 莉法向着罗真低声询问。 Regarding this... 对此... „Should you guess?” Rozen is looking straight ahead Leafa, is saying with a smile: Leafa, no, should ask you Suguha to compare?” “你应该已经有所猜测了吧?”罗真直视着莉法,笑着道:“莉法,不,应该叫你直叶比较好吗?” hearing Rozen's words, Leafa cannot help but inspires. 听到罗真的话,莉法不由得吸了一口气。 after a while, Leafa spoke with a forced smile. 一会以后,莉法苦笑出声 Really, has Elder Brother discovered my status?” “果然,哥哥已经发现了我的身份了吗?” Obviously, Leafa has a little guessed correctly. 显然,莉法已经有点猜到了。 Without the means that before, in Rozen and Recon said oneself and Leafa already together more than ten years, eats meal, sleeps continually and takes a bath together the time, Leafa then should understand, her status had been seen through. 没办法,之前,在罗真雷根说自己和莉法已经在一起十几年,连吃饭、睡觉、洗澡都在一起的时候,莉法便应该明白,她的身份早已被识破。 As for Rozen... 至于罗真... You demonstrate that clearly, how can I not know?” Rozen said with a smile: If nothing else, said just arrived in Alne time, didn't you call me 『Elder Brother』 directly?” “你表现得那么明显,我怎么会不知道啊?”罗真失笑着道:“别的不说,就说刚刚抵达阿鲁恩的时候,你不就直接叫我「哥哥」了吗?” Excited, Leafa has then exposed. 激动之下,莉法便早就暴露了。 Naturally, Rozen is when is earlier discovers Leafa's identity. 当然,罗真是在更早的时候发现莉法的身份 Early? 多早呢? Has not entered when to Rozen in early ALO founds Character, from Suguha's words and actions, Rozen had guessed. 早到罗真还没进入ALo里创建角色时,从直叶的言行举止中,罗真就已有所猜测。 if it weren't so, how can Rozen with Leafa that originally ripe? 不是这样的话,罗真又怎么会和莉法那么自来熟? precisely because he knows Leafa's true identity. 正是因为他知道莉法的真正身份而已。 That...” “那...” Leafa lifts the view, looks to Rozen, mustered the courage to ask. 莉法抬起眼帘,看向罗真,鼓起勇气般的询问 Elder Brother arrives at the goal in this world, now can tell me?” 哥哥来到这个世界里的目的,现在可以告诉我了吗?” also... 还有... Who is Asuna......?” 亚丝娜...是谁...?” Leafa asked this question finally. 莉法终于问出了这个问题。 Therefore, Rozen was silent. 于是,罗真沉默了。
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