SIMW :: Volume #31 洪荒界

#2087: The secret of Yu wisdom wave night

At night, one line wears the dark gray long gown raincape, on the face is also wearing the forms of various types of different animal modeling masks such as the arrow to face forward to leap generally, like the lightning, imitates quickly, if night spirit. 黑夜之中,一行身穿着灰黑长袍斗蓬,脸上还戴着各种不同动物造型面具的身影如箭一般朝前飞跃,快如闪电,仿若夜间的幽灵。 But what these people do not know, before they are rapid rushes, has form together to imitate , if not exist general, has followed in their behind, to follow slowly they, they have nothing to detect. 而这些人不知道的是,在他们飞速前奔的时候,却有一道身影仿若不存在一般,一直跟在他们的身后,慢慢的跟着他们,他们却根本没任何察觉。 But this person, naturally was Ye Xuan. 而这个人,自然是叶玄了。 Since soon closes the shop detected that is in the shadow Yu wisdom wave night has the change, Ye Xuan then divides one clone to stay behind, then main body personally with. 自从在快要关店的时候察觉到身在暗部当中的宇智波夜有异动之后,叶玄便分了一个分身留下,而后本尊亲自跟了出来。 However, so far for this reason, Ye Xuan has not known where these people must go, has what quest, can only slowly following behind. 不过,到目前为此,叶玄还不知道这些人要去往哪里,有什么任务,只能慢慢的跟着后面。 Although takes cultivating of Ye Xuan as, if disperses own Spiritual Sense, can monitor every action and every movement of entire wooden Ye Village with ease, because in order to be discrete, he has not done that he always felt this world has too many are unreasonable, resembles the hidden what plot, therefore he does not dare is so unscrupulous, generally under situation is only in the wooden leaf shop an ordinary woodcarving shop boss. 虽然以叶玄的修为,若是散开自己的神念,可以轻松监视整个木叶村的一举一动,但是因为谨慎起见,他并没有这么做,他总感觉这个世界有着太多的不合理,似隐藏着什么阴谋,所以他可不敢这么肆无忌惮,一般情况下都只是木叶店中一个普通的木雕店老板。 Even if the surveillance makes him feel that most has the Yu wisdom wave night of suspicion, he still kept wisp of Spiritual Sense on him, most can only guarantee oneself can control Yu wisdom wave night the trend, but without other actions. 就算是监视让他感觉最有嫌疑的宇智波夜,他也只是留了一缕神念在他身上而已,最多只能保证自己可以掌控宇智波夜的动态,而没有其它行动。 These follows Yu wisdom wave night to come out time, Ye Xuan wants to look, is what reason, Yu wisdom wave night within half year, the Spirit energy in body promotes such rapidness unexpectedly. 这一次跟随着宇智波夜出来,叶玄只是想要看一看,到底是什么原因,宇智波夜在这半年之内,身体中的精神能量竟然提升得如此之快。 Not anxiously not slow follows this shadow squad comprised of five people, has run for nearly one night, almost ran more than 300 li (0.5 km), later this group of found a cave to start to rest in nearby mountain. 不急不缓的跟着这个由五人组成的暗部小队,一直跑了近一夜,差不多跑出了近三百多里,随后这一行人才在附近一座山中找到一个山洞开始休息起来。 This direction, probably the country or in rain grass, or is the country of rapids?” Follows in this group of behind, looked at one to hide in cave rest Yu wisdom wave night and the others, Ye Xuan selected the eyebrow slightly. “这个方向,好像是去雨之国或者草之中,又或者是泷之国?”跟在这一行人身后,看了一眼已经躲进山洞休息的宇智波夜等人,叶玄微微的挑了挑眉。 The member unusual autonomy of these shadows, above, unexpectedly no one spoke, no one said the news about quest. 这些暗部的成员非常自律,一路之上,竟然没有人说话,也没有人说关于任务的消息。 However, this is also normal, after all is the hot shadow respective assassination army, without such quality, the Ninja quality of that wooden leaf were too bad. 不过,这也正常,毕竟是火影所属的暗杀部队,若是没有这样的素质,那木叶的忍者素质就太差了。 Has not gone to disturb these people, Ye Xuan to put out a hand to draw on cloud, then the figure hidden enters in the clouds. 没有去打扰这些人,叶玄伸手招来一朵云,而后身形隐入云中。 In this period, these people had two people to have a cave to hit several prey, after roasting ate, to the evening, this continued to start off. 期间,这些人有两个人出了一次山洞打了几只猎物,烤了吃了之后,一直到了晚上,这才又继续上路。 Wooden Ye Village is quite far from the the border of country, rain country and rapids country's of grass, in addition this group have hidden by day and gone into action by night, has walked five days, finally enters in the sloppy border. 木叶村距离草之国、雨之国、泷之国的边境比较远,再加上这一行人一直昼伏夜行,一直走了五天的时间,终于进入了草之国境内。 After to sloppy country, this group of go toward the national capital in country's of grass, to the sloppy country national capital, this group of starts the respective action to collect the information. 到了草之国之后,这一行人又朝着草之国的国都而去,到了草之国国都,这一行人就开始各自行动去搜集情报。 Until this time, Ye Xuan knows that the goals of these people are the five big aristocrats in country's of grass. 直到这个时候,叶玄才知道这些人的目标是草之国的五大贵族。 The country of original book on Chinese medicine is wooden leaf signing has the union agreement, naturally, this so-called union actually most wooden leaf provides the military support, but the country of grass needs most parts of the revolution per minute domestic quest to give the wooden leaf, and every year needs to provide certain expense for the military support of wooden leaf. 原本草之国是与木叶签订有同盟协议,当然,这个所谓的同盟其实最木叶提供军事支援,而草之国则需要将国内的任务大部分转交给木叶,并且每年需要为木叶的军事支援提供一定的费用。 To put it bluntly, is actually the little brother needs to make an offering to the big shot, somewhat is similar on Earth the relations of US and South Korea and dull bay. 说白了,其实就是小弟需要给大佬上供,有些类似地球上美国与韩国、呆湾的关系。 The country of grass places after all between the country of these two great nations country and earth wooden fire, even if signed the union contract with the wooden leaf, but the people in country's of earth do not recognize this union, because the domestic economy dispirited, the rock hidden village of country's of earth has wanted to defeat the wooden leaf, seizes country of that vast wealthy region fire. 只是,草之国毕竟身处在木火之国与土之国这两个大国之间,就算是跟木叶签下了同盟合约,可是土之国的人可不认这个同盟,而且因为国内经济萎靡,土之国的岩隐村一直都想打败木叶,占领火之国那辽阔富裕的地域。 Therefore, clamped in the country of this middle grass on difficulty level, became the mouse in bellower, two were a scapegoat. 所以,夹在这中间的草之国就难度了,成了风箱中的老鼠,两头受气。 These is time the given name of country's of grass soon is not it is said good, the given name has two sons, under normal situation, naturally is the eldest son continues the position of country of given name grass. 这一次据说是草之国的大名快要不行了,大名有两个儿子,正常情况之下,自然是大儿子继续草之国大名之位。 But, the youngest son of country of given name grass is very unwilling, wants to do the matter, looked that can kill his elder brother taking advantage of the country of earth, mounts the position of given name. 可是,草之国大名的小儿子却很不甘心,想要搞搞事,看能不能借土之国杀了他的兄长,登上大名之位。 Therefore, he then united several home well known aristocrats, in addition the Ninja in rock hidden village, then prepares after the given name dies, while did not pay attention to kill that the eldest son of given name, tore up with the union contract of wooden leaf, switched the country of earth. 所以,他便联合了几个国内有名望的贵族,再加上岩隐村的忍者,然后准备在大名死后,趁着不注意杀了那大名的大儿子,撕毁与木叶的同盟合约,转投土之国。 This matter the wooden leaf spy of deep plowing in the border of grass has been inquired, the wooden leaf naturally cannot allow own little brother to revolt, must otherwise, country of attacking army has reached the city which day of earth not know that therefore this wooden leaf then sent Yu wisdom wave night and other Ninja of team of shadows to handle this matter. 这件事被一直在草之国境内深耕的木叶间谍打探到,木叶自然容不得自己的小弟叛变,要不然的话,哪天土之国兵临城下都不知道了,所以这一次木叶便派了宇智波夜等一队暗部的忍者来处理这件事情。 After two days of evidences, five people finally start to take action, planned that first processed four aristocrats, to act rapidly, this group of people were divided into four teams, others are one process an aristocrat, because Yu wisdom wave night is young, then follows the shadow that another has on endures the strength specially to act together. 经过两天的调查取证,五个人终于开始行动,打算先去处理了四个贵族,为了行动迅速,这群人便分成了四个队伍,其它人都是一个处理一个贵族,而因为宇智波夜年纪小,便跟随着另一个有着特别上忍力的暗部一起行动。 By the Ye Xuan strength, divides several clone is very naturally relaxed again, but he does not have, but only follows in Yu wisdom wave night team behind, visits them to submerge a mansion of aristocrat, then starts to slaughter. 叶玄的实力,再分几个分身自然十分轻松,不过他却没有,而是只跟在宇智波夜这一队的身后,看着他们潜入了一个贵族的府邸,然后开始杀戮。 Ye Xuan has been paying attention to Yu wisdom wave night, follows in Yu wisdom wave night behind, after seeing he entered the mansion of that aristocrat, so long as runs into the person to begin, moreover after killing, will also touch toward the corpse on. 叶玄一直注意着宇智波夜,跟在宇智波夜的身后,见到他进了那贵族的府邸之后,只要遇到人就动手,而且杀完了之后,还会往尸体上摸一下。 Un?!” Sees here, the Ye Xuan frown selects, in the pupil gold/metal flashes through together, looks to Yu wisdom wave night, discovered his Spirit energy unexpectedly growth. “嗯?!”见到这里,叶玄不由双眉一挑,眸中一道金芒闪过,看向宇智波夜,发现他的精神能量竟然增涨了一丝。 What's the matter, kills people later Spirit Force to meet the growth? Related with the homicide person, or is the touching corpse movement after his customs employee?” Although in the heart had a suspicion, but Ye Xuan has no movement, but continues to look that Yu wisdom wave night murder touches the corpse , to continue to look at his Spirit Force little growth. “怎么回事,杀人之后精神力会增涨?难道是与他杀人有关,又或者是他关人之后的摸尸动作?”虽然心中有了一丝猜疑,可是叶玄却没有任何动作,而是继续看着宇智波夜杀人摸尸,继续看着他的精神力一点点的增涨。 Is a little strange, it seems like it is he touches the corpse the time used what technique growth own Spirit Force!” Melts Ye Xuan in void, the pupil glittering, looks at front Yu wisdom wave night, then finally after he kills people once again touches the corpse, opens the god eyes, sees him, as his touching corpse, as if wisp of soul fluctuated to attract from his hand. “有点古怪啊,看来是他摸尸的时候用了什么手法增涨了自己的精神力!”融于虚空中的叶玄,眸光闪烁着,看着面前的宇智波夜,而后终于在他又一次杀人摸尸之后,打开神眼,看到他随着他的摸尸,似乎有一缕灵魂波动从他的手中吸了进去。 So that's how it is!” Sees here, Ye Xuan is suddenly enlighted finally, knows Yu wisdom wave night why every time time that comes out to carry out quest, Spirit Force met growth one section. “原来如此!”见到这里,叶玄终于恍然大悟,知道了宇智波夜为什么每一次出来执行任务的时候,精神力会增涨一截了。 The reason is, he used some mystique, can absorb the person of residual Spirit energy of body dying. 原因是,他用了某种秘法,可以吸收身死之人身上残留的精神能量。 But the issue came, when this mystique, is Yu wisdom wave night passes through brings, where also or from obtains? 可问题来了,这个秘法,是宇智波夜穿越之时带来的,又或者是从什么地方得到的呢? 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