SIMW :: Volume #30

#1876: Heavenly Dao merit

In the horizon blustery, void shake, then together supreme fell in torrents from void to expensive Zhidao to the profound yellow and black ray suddenly, covered toward Ye Xuan. 天际之中陡然风起云涌,虚空震荡,而后一道至尊至贵至道至玄的玄黄光芒从虚空之中倾泄而下,朝着叶玄笼罩而来。 Faces such change, Ye Xuan is being startled first, just when responded, then felt oneself were covered by this yellow and black ray. 面对着这样的变化,叶玄先是一怔,刚反应过来之时,便已感觉自己被这道玄黄光芒所笼罩。 Ye Xuan one startled, a Yuan god who the revolution just unified wants to prevent, but after contacting this yellow and black ray, actually a feeling Yuan god suns compared with it winter also wants comfortable thousand times and ten thousand times, Yuan god the strength of Yuan god explodes to rise unexpectedly all of a sudden. 叶玄一惊,运转刚凝聚出来的元神想要阻挡,可是在接触到这道玄黄光芒之后,却感觉元神比之冬日晒着太阳还要舒服千倍、万倍,元神的元神之力竟然一下子爆涨起来。 What is this?” Was feeling this change, in the Ye Xuan heart shocks, because he felt that under shining of this ray, own Yuan god such as has eaten the hormone growth from the original intermediate boundary all of a sudden. “这是什么?”感觉着这种变化,叶玄心中震惊,因为他感觉在这股光芒的照耀之下,自己的元神从原先的中期境界一下子如吃了激素般成长。 Qi Refining Divine Transformation intermediate stage...... 炼气化神中期…… Qi Refining Divine Transformation later...... 炼气化神后期…… Qi Refining Divine Transformation complete...... 炼气化神圆满…… bo!! ~~~ 啵!!~~~ Suddenly, Ye Xuan imitated the feeling oneself to grow to have a qualitative change with exactly the same Yuan god within the body. 突然之间,叶玄仿似感觉到自己已经成长为与自己一模一样的元神体内发生了一种质变。 This qualitative change, looks like the endless cell is common in the reorganization, strength of shake Yuan god not anti-, then by the repeated temperance, the one impurity of strength of Yuan god repelling, will change into Yang God finally. 这一种质变,就像是无尽的细胞在重组一般,元神之力震荡不阻,然后被反复的锤炼,将元神之力的一种杂质给排斥出去,最后化为阳神。 Qi Refining Divine Transformation boundary originally, a Yuan god is such as Yin god existence, can only save in within the body, all around or replaces the informer to investigate by Spiritual Sense, later can also a Yuan god leave the hole, the travel four directions. 原本的炼气化神境界,所化的元神乃是如阴神般的存在,只能存于体内,或以神念代替耳目探查四周,后期也可以元神出窍,出游四方。 However, the Yuan god of this boundary such as the Yin god was recently common, can only travel in the night . Moreover the distance also cannot be too far, the longest hundred li (0.5 km) are away from. 但是,这个境界的元神最近不过如阴神一般,只能在夜间出游,而且距离亦不能太远,最长不过百里距离。 But to refine the boundary of god Void Return, a Yuan god will transfer Yin to be positive, changes into Yang God. 而到了炼神返虚之境,元神就会转阴化阳,化为阳神。 Refining up in god Void Return this boundary, what empty does not refer to is void, or empty Yuan, but refining up completely in a Yuan god the Yin dregs, after the manner mixes melts sublimates, turns into a void big boundary, namely gathers, is the shape, disperses , then for air/Qi, hidden obviously free, the day and night is unqualified, changes ten thousand sides. 炼神返虚这个境界之中,虚并非指的是虚空,或者虚元,而是炼尽元神之中阴滓,神气混融后升华,化成一虚空大境,即“聚则为形,散则为气”,隐显自如,昼夜无分,变化万方。 So-called group Yin to peel Jindan is mature, jumps small bird cage longevity ten thousand years, to this boundary, could be separated from the imprisonment of mortal body initially, resembles to have beyond the incarnation, even if the physical body destruction can also exist forever. 所谓“群阴剥尽丹成熟,跳小樊笼寿万年”,到了这个境界,就能初步脱离肉身的禁锢,似拥有身外化身,哪怕是肉体毁灭也能长存。 The Yuan god changed, has resembled the flash, resembled one to number the years, when Ye Xuan opened the double pupil again, then had two bunches of golden god glow like substantive suddenly/violently to launch. 元神变化,似过了一瞬间,又似过了一个纪年,当叶玄再睁开双眸之时,便有两束金色的神芒如实质般暴射而出。 God! Gods!! ~~~ one side in waiting for snake tribe people, after seeing the change of Ye Xuan, immediately kneels to bend down once more on the ground, shouts loud prostrates oneself. “神!神!!~~~”一旁一直在等待着的蛇部落众人,在见到叶玄的这种变化之后,顿时再次跪伏在地上,高声呼喊膜拜。 Returned to normal in within the body really Yuan that yellow and black ray surges, Ye Xuan long puts out foul air, on the face flashes through wipes the pleasantly surprised color. 平复了一下因为之前那道玄黄光芒而激荡的体内真元,叶玄长长的吐出一口浊气,脸上闪过一抹惊喜之色。 Oneself wanted to help the people of snake tribe be able more relaxed acquired more food, this wove that place cage net, who knew under bumping into, obtained the Heavenly Dao approval unexpectedly, lowered that many Heavenly Dao merits all of a sudden. 自己本只是想要帮助蛇部落的人能更轻松的获得更多食物,这才编织出了那个地笼网,谁知在误打误撞之下,竟然获得天道认可,一下子降下了那么多的天道功德。 The Heavenly Dao merit is great antiquity world Heavenly Dao the say/way of source, is containing the source principle of great antiquity Heavenly Dao, if there are enough many Heavenly Dao merits, even can vertical to become Saint, the pressure great antiquity. 天道功德乃是洪荒世界天道的本源之道,蕴含着洪荒天道的本源法则,若是有足够多的天道功德,甚至可以立地成圣,威压洪荒。 For example the second sage of present great antiquity world-- the Nüwa sage, this sage is the Heavenly Dao sage great wild goose even disciple, afterward comprehended the say/way of good fortune, made the person clan be born with the say/way of good fortune, obtains the Heavenly Dao approval, lowered the boundless Heavenly Dao merit. 比如现在洪荒世界的第二圣人--女娲圣人,这位圣人原是天道圣人鸿均的弟子,后来领悟了造化之道,以造化之道而令人族诞生,获得天道认可,降下无边天道功德。 Because of so, the Nüwa sage then closes right up against the Heavenly Dao merit, vertical to become Saint, becomes says the ancestor/grandfather Hong under great antiquity second sage. 正是因为如此,女娲圣人这才靠着其中的天道功德,立地成圣,成为道祖鸿均之下洪荒界第二圣人。 But Ye Xuan guessed, reason that oneself can establish a fishing net to obtain the Heavenly Dao merit, should be related with the person clan. 叶玄猜测,自己之所以能够只是编制了一个渔网就能获得天道功德,应该是与人族有关。 The person clan, should be the next world protagonist who the Heavenly Dao sets, can complement the Heavenly Dao, because of this, Nüwa has created a person of clan, obtains the immeasurable Heavenly Dao merit, vertical to become Saint, but he establishes a fishing net, although the matter seems like very small, but actually is also helpful to the development multiplication of person clan, Heavenly Dao desired, this lowered the merit. 人族,应该是天道定下的下一个天地主角,能够补全天道,正因为如此,女娲创造了人族,获得无量天道功德,立地成圣,而他编制一个渔网,虽然事情看似很小,但却也有助于人族的发展繁衍,也正是天道所希望看到的,这才降下了功德。 So-called Heavenly Dao to Duke, active, then enjoys, has punished, his fishing net active in Renzu, this made the Heavenly Dao lower the merit. 所谓天道至公,有功则赏,有过则罚,他的渔网有功于人族,这才让天道降下了功德。 Was feeling knows in the sea that to condense one group such as the fen yin mist about wash bowl size the air/Qi of yellow and black, in the Ye Xuan heart also feels generally the Heavenly Dao regarding the deep affection of person clan. 感觉着识海之中那凝聚成一团如氲氤雾气般约有脸盆大小的玄黄之气,叶玄心中也不由感概天道对于人族的厚爱。 Has established a fishing net, moreover he only has also shared benefit 70% Heavenly Dao merits, but is this 70% Heavenly Dao merits, he also only used four achievements from the beforehand Qi Refining Divine Transformation intermediate stage to cultivate to promote to present building up god Void Return later, only to miss one step to break through to directly building up empty Dao Fusion. 只是编制了一个渔网,而且他也只分润了七成的天道功德,可就是这七成的天道功德,他也只用了四成就从之前的炼气化神中期修为提升到现在的炼神返虚后期,只差一步就能直接突破至炼虚合道了。 Ye Xuan believes that if the final 30% Heavenly Dao merit absorptions will build up, can definitely be achieved to refine the empty Dao Fusion intermediate stage by oneself, even later period, even if the distance becomes an immortal also only has the one pace. 叶玄相信,若是自己将最后的三成天道功德吸收炼化,完全可以让自己达到炼虚合道的中期,甚至于后期,哪怕是距离成仙也只有一步之遥。 However, Ye Xuan actually forcefully now at the beginning of the remaining 30% Heavenly Dao merits to the truncation, because of by his boundary, by his experience, cultivates, using the Heavenly Dao merit promotes to cultivate to too waste. 但是,叶玄却硬生生的将剩下的三成天道功德给截了下来,因为以他的境界,以他的见识,现在修炼初期,利用天道功德来提升修为实在是太浪费了。 The proverb said well, good steel to use on the blade, now by his boundary and experience, can accomplish a task with ease regarding the matter of cultivation, but the Heavenly Dao merit, best to cultivate to achieve the bottleneck, or has the need time uses again. 老话说得好,好钢要用在刀刃上,现在以他的境界和经验,对于修炼之事还是能够游刃有余,而天道功德,最好等自己修为达到瓶颈,或者有需要的时候再使用。 Since the creation the invention that helps the person clan multiplying, can obtain the Heavenly Dao approval, lowers the Heavenly Dao merit, then should calculate well!” At this moment, the Ye Xuan pupil glittering the god glow, seems calculating anything. “既然创造有利于人族繁衍的发明,能够得到天道认可,降下天道功德,那么自己应该好好计算一下了!”这一刻,叶玄眸光闪烁着神芒,似乎在计算着什么。 However, he then recovers quickly, waving made the people of all snake tribes stand from the ground, then arrived at the riverside, before taking up itself that place cage net observed. 不过,他很快便回过神来,挥手让所有蛇部落的人从地上站了起来,而后走到河边,拿起自己之前的那个地笼网察看了起来。 This place cage net now is not simple, because lowered the Heavenly Dao merit before, oneself have resulted in 70%, but remaining 30%, then integrated in this place cage net, is only the place cage net of ordinary subtilis and wood/blockhead establishment, after integrating the Heavenly Dao merit, has become a magic weapon. 这个地笼网现在可不简单,因为之前降下天道功德,自己得了七成,而剩下的三成,则融入了这个地笼网之中,原本只是普通枯草与木头编制的地笼网,在融入了天道功德之后,就已经成了一件法宝。 Hesitated, Ye Xuan had not built up this to turn into the magic weapon immediately the place cage network, but was the right hand wields, the cage net will restrain in the sleeves. 沉吟了一下,叶玄并没有马上炼化这一件变成法宝的地笼网,而是右手一挥,将地笼网收摄进衣袖中。 In sleeve universe, before this is Ye Xuan acts according to oneself, in the Buddhism big law in Earth Spirit Mountain in Shrouding the Heavens world obtaining in palm India creates, has profited from legend ancestor of town/subdues Yuan child magical powers in place immortal, creates a different space in the sleeve, may restrain the myriad things. 袖里乾坤,这是叶玄根据自己之前在遮天世界中的地球灵山中得到的佛门大法“掌中佛国”所创,也借鉴了传说中的地仙之祖镇元子的神通,在袖中创出一个异空间,可收摄万物。 Saw that cage net was taken away by the god, the people of snake tribe do not have what strange actually, after all in their hearts, this is the god created, was the god. 见到地笼网被神收走,蛇部落的人倒是没有什么奇怪,毕竟在他们心中,这本来就是神创造出来的,本来就属于神。 After having taken away the cage net, Ye Xuan was then greeting one to the people of snake tribe, then enormous and powerful walked toward snake tribe the place of living...... 收走了地笼网之后,叶玄便对着蛇部落的人招呼了一声,而后便又浩浩荡荡的朝着蛇部落的聚居之地走了回去…… ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- Asked the monthly ticket to support!!! 求月票支持!!!
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