SIMW :: Volume #30

#1873: Interlude

Was being drawn by the moon/month, Ye Xuan follows in her side, is observing the life of snake tribe person. 被月拉着,叶玄跟在她的身旁,观察着蛇部落人的生活。 Actually, the people of snake tribe live are very simple, the majorities are the early rising, the sunset, but the breath, got up to finish eating the food in the morning, the leaders of snake tribe will lead the brave warrior to exit to hunt, will branch then out two parts of people, part entered in the mountain forest to seek for the fruit, another part caught the fish to the river several li (0.5 km) away , remaining snake tribe people, then kept station here polished the stone implement and wooden club and so on tool, the division of labor was very clear. 其实,蛇部落的人生活真的很简单,大部分就是日出而作,日落而息,早上起来吃完饭之后,蛇部落的首领会带着勇士出去狩猎,然后又会分出两部分人,一部分入山林中寻找水果,另一部分则到数里之外的河中抓鱼,剩下的蛇部落人,则留在驻地这里打磨石器、木棍之类的工具,分工十分明确。 Ye Xuan watched the weather, Sun opened raises, was saying not long to the moon/month, „, we can go to the riverside to look together?” 叶玄看了看天色,太阳才开升起没有多久,便对着月道,“姆,我们能一起去河边看一看吗?” Profound, the river somewhat is far from here, may have the danger!” Heard the Ye Xuan words, the moon/month has considered, some say/way of worry. “玄,河离这里有些远,可能会有危险!”听到叶玄的话,月考虑了一下,有些担心的道。 Does not need to be worried, the moon/month, I am a god!” Ye Xuan smiled, then has turned around to follow in his behind witch to say silently, witch, you called three people, looks to the riverside with me!” “不用担心,月,我是神!”叶玄笑了笑,而后转过身对一直默默跟在他身后的巫道,“巫,你叫上三个人,跟我到河边看一看!” Yes, god!” The witches will not reject any request of Ye Xuan, quick then discovers the people of three slightly strong snake tribes from the remaining clansmen, is taking the wooden lance, follows in them behind. “是,神!”巫不会拒绝叶玄的任何要求,很快便从剩下的族人中找出三个稍微强壮的蛇部落之人,拿着木矛,跟在他们身后。 Actually, takes cultivating of Ye Xuan as, has almost been able alone to go out of the snake tribe, after all including in him looks like very emaciated snake tribe can survive here, he naturally does not have the issue. 其实,以叶玄的修为,差不多已经可以独自走出蛇部落了,毕竟连在他看起来十分孱弱的蛇部落都能在这边生存,他自然更没有问题。 Called the people of previous three snake tribes, to not protect oneself, but made the moon/month relieved. 叫上三个蛇部落的人,并不是为了保护自己,而是让月安心而已。 However, under moon/month worry, went out of the snake tribe with Ye Xuan. 不过,月担心之下,也跟着叶玄走出了蛇部落。 The surrounding of snake tribe, has encircled with the simple stone and wood/blockhead by the snake tribe, is a simple defense. 蛇部落的外围,被蛇部落用简单的石头和木头围了起来,算是一种简单的防御。 After crossing the place of residence of snake tribe, outside is a piece of huge plain, the weed is not high, but is very blue, is very green, unsurfaced road that several were stepped on, respectively toward different places. 越过了蛇部落的居住地之后,外面是一片庞大的平原,杂草并不高,但很青,很绿,有几条已经被踩出来的土路,分向不同的地方。 Knew from the memory of witch, here road is mainly divided into three, walks into the mountain to pick the fruit, goes to the prairie hunting, another goes to near the rivers. 从巫的记忆中得知,这里的路主要分成三条,一条是进山采摘水果的,一条是去草原狩猎的,另一条是去河流边上的。 Under they moved toward went to near rivers that the grass on road are really stepped on, stamp, surface brown, looked like is extremely frequent. 他们走向了去河流边上的那一条,路上的草已经被踩实、踩死,露出底下褐色的地面,看起来走得极是频繁。 In fact, so, the people of snake tribe almost every day must walk two road to rivers, in the morning, is catches the fish in the afternoon. 事实上,也正是如此,蛇部落的人差不多每天都要走两趟通往河流的路,早上一趟,下午一趟,都是去抓鱼的。 Fish, can be one of the snake tribe person principal food, when the snake tribe brave warriors have not hunted the prey, can guarantee that cannot have an empty stomach. 鱼,也可以算是蛇部落人的主要食物之一,在蛇部落勇士没有狩猎到猎物的时候,能保证不会饿肚子。 Several li (0.5 km) distance is not short, if only Ye Xuan one person, even if he cultivates for now also lowly , but if also only takes several minutes really full power, but if with the person of snake tribe, although the skills of these people are also vigorous, but several li (0.5 km) road also needs to make them step onto a meeting. 几里的路程并不短,如果只是叶玄一人,哪怕他现在修为还低,可若真的全力也只需要几分钟的时间,但若是跟着蛇部落的人,虽然这些人的身手也算矫健,但几里的路还需要让他们走上一会。 When arrives at the halfway, not far away presented two wolves suddenly. 只是,在走到半途的时候,陡然不远处出现了两头狼。 The bodies of these two wolves are not small, has the calf to be big fully, about one meter two high, the length about two meters, are all wearing the grey hair, two long fangs extend in the mouth tooth, looks like two daggers, looks like very fierce. 这两头狼的身躯还不小,足有牛犊子般大,近一米二高,长两米左右,全身披着灰色的毛发,两根长长的獠牙伸在嘴牙,就像是两把匕首,看起来十分狰狞。 Wolf! Wolf! Run! Run! ~~~ two wolves that presents to the distant place, the people of snake tribe all frighten the whole body to tremble. “狼!狼!跑!跑!~~~”到远处出现的两头狼,蛇部落的人不由全吓得全身发颤。 Three with tribe brave warrior, although saw that two great wolves also frighten the complexion blanch, but takes the lance in hand to stand in the Ye Xuan three people of front as before. 三个跟过来的部落勇士,虽然见到两头巨狼也吓得脸色发白,可是依旧拿着手中的长矛站在叶玄三人的面前。 Feels is grasping own delicate hands also to tremble, Ye Xuan has patted the hand of moon/month, then has let loose her hand, then wants to walk toward front. 感受着握着自己的纤手也在发颤,叶玄拍了拍月的手,而后便放开了她的手,便欲朝着前面走去。 Profound, does not want!” Saw Ye Xuan to let loose own hand, the moon/month had a scare, held on his hand hastily, wish makes him do not exit. “玄,不要!”见到叶玄放开了自己的手,月吓了一跳,连忙拉住他的手,想要让他不要出去。 All right!” Ye Xuan shows a faint smile, on the face does not have the least bit to fear intent, let the moon/month worry the look also relax. “没事的,姆!”叶玄微微一笑,脸上没有半点惧意,让月担心的神色也舒缓了一下。 God, wolf, savage, wants many brave warriors to cope!” The witches also leave the sound said. “神,狼,凶残,要很多勇士才能对付!”巫也出声道。 Ye Xuan has not spoken, is only to witch nod of reminder smile, then arrives at the sides of three snake tribe brave warriors they protect, puts out a hand directly two lances in hand, then makes an effort to throw. 叶玄没有说话,只是对巫的提醒微笑的点了点头,而后走到将他们护起来的三个蛇部落勇士的身旁,伸手直接将其中两把长矛拿在手中,而后用力一掷。 Whiz! Whiz! ~~~ 嗖!嗖!~~~ Two wooden lances look like two guided missiles are the same, exudes the swift and fierce sound air-splitting, then in two great wolves had not responded under situation that has passed through from their bodies directly, even also brought the remaining prestige to depart several meter/rice, bang a loud sound, was then bringing body numerous inserting of two great wolves on the ground. 两把木制的长矛就像是两枚制导导弹一样,发出凌厉之极的破空之声,然后在两头巨狼还没反应过来的情况之下,直接从它们的身体中贯穿了出去,甚至还带着余威飞出了数米,嘭的一声巨响,然后带着两头巨狼的身体重重的插在地上。 „!! ~~~ before two great wolves send out at the point of death two short pitiful yells, the sound gradually is then low, until vanishing. “嗷!嗷!~~~”两头巨狼发出临死之前的两声短暂的惨叫,然后声音渐渐低下,直至消失。 The moon/month and witch, as well as the brave warriors of three snake tribes, are seeing let their frightened great wolves, at least terrifying monster that needs dozens tribe brave warriors to cope with, unexpectedly like this had been killed by Ye Xuan, immediately has opened the mouth. 身后的月、巫,以及三个蛇部落的勇士,在看到本来让他们恐惧的巨狼,至少需要数十名部落勇士才能对付的恐怖怪兽,居然就这样被叶玄杀了,顿时张大了嘴巴。 God! Gods!!! ~~~ afterward, the witches and months as well as three tribe brave warriors kneel to shout loudly immediately. “神!神!!!~~~”随后,巫和月以及三个部落勇士顿时跪下来高呼起来。 In their opinion, was the god has used supernatural power, striking easily has killed wolf terrifying monster, had the asylum of god, later their tribe will be more formidable. 在他们看来,是神使用了神力,轻易的击杀了狼这种恐怖怪兽,有了神的庇护,以后他们部落将会更加强大。 Was good, gets up!” Ye Xuan was walks to hold moon/month first in the past, then waving made witch several people get up, then also told, witch, you made the person go back the tribe, called some people to come the great wolf to lift.” “好了,起来吧!”叶玄先是走过去将月扶了起来,然后才挥手让巫几人起来,而后才又吩咐道,“巫,你让人回去部落,多叫些人过来将巨狼抬回去。” Yes, god!! ~ the bow that” witch awes bowing, then made the brave warriors of two tribes go back to ask some people to come the great wolf to lift. “是,神!!~”巫敬畏的躬了躬身,而后让两个部落的勇士回去多叫一些人过来将巨狼抬回去。 The witches also feel were very happy, besides seeing the god displays the invincible might, but also were many two great wolves, this is can let on their much day of grain ration food. 巫也感觉很高兴,除了看见神施展神威之外,还多了两匹巨狼,这可是能让他们多上一天口粮的食物。 This small interlude, naturally was nothing to speak to Ye Xuan, making the witch also keep people of snake tribe looks at two great wolves after side, Ye Xuan is also then having the witch and moon/month together starts off. 这种小插曲,对叶玄来说自然不值一提,让巫又留了一个蛇部落的人在旁边看着两头巨狼之后,叶玄便又带着巫和月又一起上路了。 The witches were very senile, but passes through it time Ye Xuan to the Yuan to quenching, now his body already not under these maturity in snake tribe, therefore several li (0.5 km) person fallen dead by the roadside also with ease walked. 巫本来已经十分衰老了,不过经过之次叶玄以真元淬炼,现在他的身体已经不下于蛇部落中的那些壮年,所以几里的路倒也是轻松的走了下来。 Quick, three people then arrived at the riverside. 很快,三人便来到了河边。 This river, Ye Xuan was just arriving at this world before, seeks for the body of reincarnation time has seen, is passing through this piece of plain, is the life source of this piece of plain. 这一条河,之前叶玄在刚降临这个世界,寻找转世之身的时候看到过,贯穿着这片平原,算是这片平原的生命源泉。 Now here is the middle and lower reaches of river, the width of river about 45 meters, the wave light is only clear, can see that the riverside has the men and women of ten several snake tribes to take in the hand with the wooden lance of wood/blockhead system, or the harpoon is more suitable, is often standing in the riverside in the harpoon with hand inserts toward the river water in...... 现在这里已经算是河的中下游的,河的宽度仅在45米左右,波光粼粼,可以看到河边有十数个蛇部落的男女正拿着手中用木头制的木矛,或者说鱼叉更适合一些,正站在河边不时的用手中的鱼叉朝着河水中插下去…… -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Asked the baby shoe of monthly ticket to throw one to support, thanks!!! 求有月票的童鞋投一张支持一下,谢谢!!!
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