SIMW :: Volume #30

#1871: Gracious gift

Rich world spiritual energy starts to drill into the body following five hearts of Ye Xuan, is revolving following the body meridians rapidly. 浓郁的天地灵气开始顺着叶玄的五心钻入身体之中,顺着身体经脉飞速的运转着。 Because before , has organized the body with the strength of Yuan god, the body of present reincarnation will return from the day after tomorrow innate, the spiritual energy enters within the body, then rapidly integrated in his body. 因为之前已经用元神之力疏理了身体,将现在的转世之身从后天返回了先天,灵气一进入体内,便飞速的融入了他的身体之中。 bo! ~~ 啵!~~ Suddenly, within the body as if had the together tightened strobe is shoved open generally, the endless world spiritual energy emerged in his dantian, changed into one wisp of real Yuan. 陡然,体内似乎有一道被紧锁的闸门被推开了一般,无尽的天地灵气涌入了他的丹田之内,化为一缕真元。 On the say/way of cultivation so-called building base, actually lets the body adaptation spiritual energy, changes the physical quality, but Ye Xuan then returned to the body before to the innate condition, already made the body become the conjunction spiritual energy best carrier, therefore slightly a revolution, then very easily transformed really the Yuan the spiritual energy. 修炼之道上所谓的筑基,其实是让身体适应灵气,改变身体素质,而叶玄早在之前便已经将身体返回至先天状态,早已让身体成了契合灵气最好的载体,所以只是稍微一个运转,便很轻易的将灵气转化成了真元。 Before Cultivation Technique that Ye Xuan cultivates now is, in «On Clear secret Passing through» that «Mr. Vampire» middle obtains, this «On Clear secret after» it is said is spiritual cultivation Cultivation Technique that on the clear sage hands down from generation to generation, can point to fairyland. 叶玄现在所修炼的功法是之前在《灵幻先生》当中得到的《上清秘经》,这《上清秘经》据说乃是上清圣人传下来的修道功法,可以直指地仙境界。 «On Clear Peru's after» in cultivation boundary is divided to refine the purification air/Qi, Qi Refining Divine Transformation, refining up god Void Return, refining up the empty Dao Fusion four boundaries, when cultivates to achieve to refine in the empty Dao Fusion boundary, then can the flying upwards paradise become an immortal. 《上清秘经》之中的修炼境界分为炼精化气,炼气化神,炼神返虚,炼虚合道四个境界,等到修为达到炼虚合道境界之中,便可以飞升仙界成仙。 However, now he in great antiquity, here present may not have what paradise, or here is the paradise that afterward the people said. 不过,现在他可是在洪荒界,这里现在可没有什么仙界,或者说,这里就是后来人们所说的仙界。 So-called refining up the purification air/Qi, this essence does not refer to the essence of human body, but is the world essence, the world spiritual energy, by the Cultivation Technique revolution world spiritual energy, the awe into submission submissive, can withdraw one wisp so-called air/Qi, calls really the Yuan. 所谓炼精化气,这个精并非指人体之精,而是天地精华,天地灵气,以功法运转天地灵气,将之慑服,才能提取出一缕所谓的“气”,也称之为真元。 After the first wisp of real Yuan came out concise, Ye Xuan has not stopped, but continues revolution Cultivation Technique, his present body the achievement innate body, was very high with world spiritual energy agreeing with, after he revolves Cultivation Technique, the endless spiritual energy then wraps his body, turned into the mist to cover him. 当第一缕真元被凝练出来之后,叶玄并没有停下来,而是继续运转功法,他现在的身体已经成就先天之躯,与天地灵气契合度十分高,当他运转功法之后,无尽的灵气便包裹住他的身躯,化成雾气将他笼罩了起来。 The cultivation does not know the years! 修炼不知岁月! When Ye Xuan opens the double pupil again, in the pupil has gold/metal together to flash to pass. 叶玄再睁开双眸的时候,眸中有一道金芒一闪而逝。 ! ~~~ long puts out foul air, then sees this foul air is similar to an advantage arrow condenses the forming in the air generally, flies 56 meters then to dissipate. “呼!~~~”长长的吐出一口浊气,便见这一口浊气如同一支利箭一般在空气中凝聚成形,足足飞出去56米这才消散。 God, you awoke!” Ye Xuan just now wakes, side hears one to call out in alarm suddenly, Ye Xuan has turned the head to look, unexpectedly is the witch of snake tribe. “神,您醒了!”叶玄才刚一醒过来,旁边突然传来一声惊呼,叶玄转过头一看,竟然是蛇部落的巫。 It seems like that the witch when he cultivates, as if in side has been waiting. 看来,巫在他修炼的时候,似乎一直在都在旁边守候着。 Witch, have I cultivated for several days?” Ye Xuan spoke thoughtlessly toward witch asks. “巫,我修炼了几天了?”叶玄随口朝着巫问道。 God, since you close one's eyes, Sun has set three times.” witch Kaikou said. “神,自从您闭上眼之后,太阳已经落山三次了。”巫开口道。 Heard the words of witch, Ye Xuan has selected the eyebrow, in other words, this cultivation, his time has practiced three days of unexpectedly. 听到巫的话,叶玄挑了挑眉,也就是说,这一次修炼,他竟然一口次修炼了三天的时间。 Naturally, cultivates three days of time, has the harvest, has only used three days, he directly crossed refine the purification air/Qi, the direct link refine the Divine Transformation boundary. 当然,修炼三天时间,也不是没有收获,只用了三天的时间,他就直接越过了炼精化气,直达炼所化神的境界了。 Reason that his cultivating is so amazingly quick for the progress, because except that he has the experience of cultivation this boundary, the body is the innate body, surpasses this cultivates for the boundary, but also is a little, the spiritual energy of this world specially rich. 之所以他的修为进展如此神速,除了因为他有过修行这个境界的经验,身体已经是先天之体,远超这个修为的境界,还有一点就是,这个世界的灵气特别的浓郁。 Finally this point pass/test Jian , the so-called clever and dexterous woman is difficult to boil the bricks without straw, if not the spiritual energy of this world is so rich, how even if his is healthy, how the boundary is high, is unable to cultivate, even if one wisp of real Yuan. 最后这一点十分的关健,所谓巧妇难煮无米之炊,如果不是这个世界的灵气如此浓郁的话,哪怕他身体再怎么好,境界再怎么高,也无法修炼出哪怕一缕真元。 He has only used about three days on concise refine the purification air/Qi really the Yuan, unifies a gold/metal pill, then broke through the Qi Refining Divine Transformation boundary directly. 他只用了三天左右的时间就凝练了炼精化气的真元,凝聚出一枚金丹,然后直接突破到了炼气化神的境界。 Perhaps yes, he breaks through to the Qi Refining Divine Transformation boundary has only used less than the quarter of an hour the time, because before his body was also surviving, Yuan god after exploding the strength of Yuan god keeps, even if the strength of these Yuan gods after from exploding, after quenching the body of reincarnation, after the guidance cultivation, before remaining possibly continually extremely one did not have, but also all of a sudden made him from building up the purification air/Qi broke the Qi Refining Divine Transformation boundary suddenly, unified a Yuan god to come out on dantian. 是的,或许他突破到炼气化神的境界只用了不到一刻钟的时候,因为他身体之中本来就还残存着之前元神自爆之后留下来的元神之力,哪怕这些元神之力经过自爆,经过淬炼转世之身,经过引导修炼,剩下的可能连之前的万分之一都没有了,但是却也一下子让他从炼精化气突然破了炼气化神的境界,在上丹田之中已经凝聚出了一个元神出来。 Because before , a Yuan god indeed consumed were too many, even if unified a Yuan god, was the Qi Refining Divine Transformation intermediate stage, but also was not enough to break through to building up the god Void Return boundary. 只是,因为之前元神的确消耗太多了,哪怕凝聚了元神,也只是达到炼气化神的中期而已,还不足以突破到炼神返虚的境界。 However, the Ye Xuan state of mind already was aloof all sort of business, regarding cultivating for promotion not discontented, now he only needs to walk step by step, can be slowly formidable. 不过,叶玄的心境早已超脱了诸般事务,对于修为的提升也没有不满,现在他只需要一步步走,就能够慢慢强大起来。 At least took his present cultivating as, enough has used in the snake tribe. 至少以他现在的修为,在蛇部落已经足够用了。 Has stood from the ground, in body spread one suddenly „” the sound, then knelt the witch before his body discovered, the body of god has as if grown up. 从地上站了起来,身体之中突然传出了一阵“噼里啪啦”的声音,而后原本跪在他身前的巫发现,神的身体似乎长大了一些。 However, this discovery witch not surprised, this is a god, omnipotent, what the body grows up a point also to have well strange? 不过,这个发现巫并没有惊讶,这可是神,无所不能,身体长大一点又有什么好奇怪的呢? Do not say that grew a body, was the god suddenly turns into the Sir, turned into various types of things, was not a strange matter. 不要说只是长了一点身体,就是神突然变成大人,变成各种东西,也不是一件奇怪的事情。 Ye Xuan also discovered that own body has as if grown up, originally only then less than 90 centimeters body, was all of a sudden long about one meter. 叶玄也发现自己的身体似乎长大了一些,原本只有不足90公分的身体,一下子长到了近一米了。 Looks the own smooth whole body, that in the small earthworm that the crotch sways, Ye Xuan somewhat is speechless. 只是,看着自己光溜溜的全身,还有那在胯下晃荡的小蚯蚓,叶玄不禁有些无语。 The thought moves, the several animal skin of cavern corner flew suddenly, then Ye Xuan refining up using the technique of refiner with the Yuan really slightly, refined one clothes to put on the body several animal skin them again. 意念一动,洞穴一角的几块兽皮突然飞了过来,然后叶玄用真元以炼器的手法稍微一炼,将几块兽皮炼制成了一套衣服再将它们穿到了身上。 Looks at this set of leather clothing chaps, Ye Xuan also shook the head, although had built up with the refiner technique, but the leather clothing has the air-tight characteristics, puts on not to have the beforehand clothes to be good as before. 看着身上这套皮衣皮裤,叶玄也不由摇了摇头,虽然已经用炼器手法炼过了,可是皮衣还是有着不透气的特性,穿起来依旧没有之前的衣服好。 However, matter that this does not have means that after all primitive society, can the clothes put on was very good, had not seen that the people of snake tribe do gather round the leaf to make the skirt? 不过,这也是没有办法的事,毕竟身上原始社会,能够衣服穿已经很好了,没有见到蛇部落的人都还是围着树叶做着裙子吗? Nearby witch saw that the god actually causes has looked like is extremely attractive god clothes with several animal skin, shocking opening mouth. 一旁的巫见到神竟然用几块兽皮就弄出了一些看起来极是漂亮的“神衣”,不由震惊的张大了嘴巴。 Gets up, outside the witch, I must have a look at our tribes!” Saw witch shocking looks at his clothes, Ye Xuan has smiled saying with a smile. “起来吧,巫,我要出去外面看看我们的部落!”见到巫震惊的看着他身上的衣服,叶玄不禁笑了笑道。 Yes, god!” The witches recover, wish stands, but as if knelt for a long time, the body also missed, just now stands, suddenly head corona, then almost fell down. “是,神!”巫回过神来,想要站起来,不过似乎跪得久了,身体也差,才刚站起来,突然脑袋一晕,便又差点一头栽倒下去。 Sees so, Ye Xuan one step, supports the witch who must faint forward, then revolves really the Yuan in within the body slightly one revolution of witch. 见到如此,叶玄向前一步,扶住要晕倒的巫,然后运转真元在巫的体内稍稍一转。 The Yuan enters the body , the witch then felt that had a warm current to reach his within the body from the hand of god, this warm current moved about in his within the body, making him feel comfortably. 真元入体,巫便感觉有一股暖流从神的手中传进了他的体内,这股暖流在他的体内动来动去,让他感觉十分的舒服。 Until after the warm current vanishes, the witch felt suddenly own body as if became young, became has Strength, returned to the young maturity likely time. 直到暖流消失之后,巫突然感觉自己的身体似乎变得年轻了,变得有力量,像是回到了年轻壮年的时候。 thanks God gracious gift!” The witches know that this is the gracious gift of god, kneels to bend down hastily on the ground. “谢神的恩赐!”巫知道这是神的恩赐,连忙又跪伏在地上。 Gets up, this is I to your reverent gracious gift!” Ye Xuan polite, indifferent nod, then had not walked toward cave entrance...... “起来吧,这是我对你虔诚的恩赐!”叶玄并没有客气,淡然的点了点头,而后朝着洞口走了出去……
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