SWR :: Volume #8

#758: The Old Dean second assistant( three)

In Lu Xin shouted when this name, in the small tavern, the atmosphere becomes constrains suddenly. 陆辛喊出了这个名字时,小酒馆里,气氛忽然变得压抑。 Even if the old security has been ready, but heard this name, the body tightens slightly. 老保安哪怕早就做好了准备,但听到了这称呼,身体还是微微绷紧。 Teacher Sun? You......” “孙老师?你……” Eight, is fierce to raise the head to begin, vision falling stubbornly on the face of old security. 就连八号,也猛得抬头起头来,目光死死的落在了老保安的脸上。 Passed the moment, the old security appearance in his eye, had the indistinct change suddenly, overlaps with another person. 过了片刻,他眼睛里的老保安模样,忽然出现了隐约的变化,与另外一个人重叠。 Suddenly, he remembered the status of this person, the pupil is the fast contraction. 忽然之间,他想起了这个人的身份,瞳孔更是快速收缩。 In fact, in Red Moon Elementary School, this old security took the shotgun to appear, refers when the oneself face, angrily rebuked oneself childhood oneself, he has an exceptionally familiarity. Felt before this person possibly is oneself, has seen. 实际上,之前在红月亮小学,这位老保安拿着霰弹枪出现,指在了自己脸上,怒斥自己小时候的自己时,他就已经有了一种异常的熟悉感。感觉这人可能是自己之前见过的。 Matter that then has, ratio is more astonishing. 只是,接下来发生的事情,一件比一件更惊人。 He was occupied all thoughts by these things, therefore could not have attended to thinking these. 他被这些事情占据了所有的思维,所以才一直没顾得上想这些。 Only then, Lu Xin pointed out his status suddenly.. 直到此时,陆辛忽然点明了他的身份。。 Actually, I have recognized you......” “其实,我早就认出你了……” The Lu Xin looks at old security, is saying calmly. 陆辛看着老保安,平静的说着。 In the passing memory, has actually presented him innumerable, is only each time, he hid in the memory corner. 过往的记忆里,其实无数次的出现过他,只是每一次,他都躲在了记忆的角落里。 Now thinks, I have recognized you.” “现在想想,我早就认出了你。” „When initially I with Teacher Xiaolu returned to the orphanage for the first time, has recognized in you who her there made the security.” “当初我第一次跟小鹿老师回孤儿院时,就已经认出了在她那里做保安的你。” But, I can only force oneself not to know you at that time.” “只不过,那时我只能强迫自己不认识你。” Otherwise, by my then condition, I did not determine whether oneself can control oneself, does not kill you.” “否则的话,以我当时的状态来看,我不确定自己是否能控制住自己,不杀了你。” Excuse me, Teacher Sun Zhongsun, or should I call you for...... assistant Sun?” “不好意思,孙钟孙老师,或者我该称呼你为……孙助理?” „......” “……” In the small restaurant, just like lowered a thunderclap. 小小的饭馆里,犹如降下了一个霹雳。 When diehards where heard this name, was fierce looks up to Lu Xin, but dangles at once the eyelid. 老保安在听到了这个久违的称呼时,猛得抬头看向了陆辛,但旋即又垂下了眼睑。 Is......?” “是……是吗?” Crossed for a long time, he smiled reluctantly, said: I also think, is my ability, plays the role......” 过了好久,他才勉强的笑了一下,道:“我还以为,是我的能力,起到了作用……” Forced smile on looks at his face, Lu Xin tranquil at heart, swung the mighty waves slowly. 看着他脸上的苦笑,陆辛平静的心里,也缓缓荡起了波澜。 ...... …… ...... …… Once orphanage Dean Wang Jingyun, there are two assistants. 曾经的孤儿院院长王景云,有两位助手。 One is Chen Xun, afterward became the Black Desk mysterious organization member, and in Water Buffalo City, conducts made god taboo experiment. This person was found by oneself, takes revenge for younger sister in memory, and retrieved Little Nineteen from his hand. 一位是陈勋,后来成为了黑台桌神秘组织的成员,并且在水牛城,进行了一桩“造神”的禁忌实验。这个人被自己找到,为记忆里的妹妹复了仇,并且从他手中找回了小十九 Another, is called Sun bell. 另外一位,便叫作孙钟。 He in the oneself side, has actually defended in Teacher Xiaolu, makes a loyal old security. 他其实一直在自己的身边,守在了小鹿老师,做一位忠诚的老保安。 Perhaps he is also ability holder, he can unable to recall oneself once status. 或许他也是一个能力者,他可以让人记不起自己曾经的身份。 But couldn't oneself really recall his once appearance? 自己真的是记不起他曾经的样子吗? Innumerable is intimate with the unfamiliar exchange with this old security, as well as wants to pull out a none the thing that he most likes each time...... 无数次与这位老保安亲近又生疏的交流,以及每次都想把他最喜爱的东西拔个精光…… Perhaps, this is planted the action of consciousness...... 或许,这本来就是种下意识的举动…… After all, now the good old security, once was also the Old Dean side executioner. 毕竟,如今善良的老保安,曾经也是老院长身边的刽子手。 You......” “你……” Eight knows old security status moment, was fierce opened the eye, even if under the so exhausted condition, he somewhat could not control the oneself mood, but, he will look at this time Lu Xin at once, because felt some not clearly...... 八号知道了老保安身份的一刻,猛得睁开了眼睛,哪怕如此疲惫状态下,他也有些控制不住自己的情绪,只不过,旋即他又将目光投向了此时的陆辛,因为感觉有些不明白…… Since Lu Xin has recognized him, why can also keep him? 既然陆辛早就认出了他,又为什么要一直留着他? Lu Xin has not gotten angry, even when saying old security status, surface also very tranquil. 陆辛没有发火,甚至在说出了老保安身份时,表面也非常的平静。 After a while, he looks at old security slowly, said in a soft voice: I want to know, actually in the past to have what?” 过了一会,他才慢慢的看着老保安,轻声道:“我想知道,当年究竟发生了什么?” paused, referred to under the head of oneself, said: Particularly my body.” 顿了顿,又指了下自己的脑袋,道:“尤其是我的身上。” ......” “呼……” Old security, or Professor Sun bell, long implored the tone. 老保安,或者说孙钟教授,也长长的吁了口气。 On his face, the extremely surprised and frightened expression, has not seemed like, because he has prepared for the reason. 他的脸上,并没有太过惊讶与恐惧的表情,似乎是因为他已经做好了准备的缘故。 Then looked confidently to the eye of Lu Xin: Actually I understood the truth that are not many.” 然后坦然看向了陆辛的眼睛:“其实我了解到的真相也不多。” But I can determine, the change, is related with the plan of Red Moon Research Institute first generation researcher.” “但我可以确定一点,你身上发生的变化,与红月研究院第一代研究员的计划有关。” „......” “……” Lu Xin listened to his words, the brow to wrinkle slightly. 陆辛听着他的话,眉头微微皱了一下。 Eight selected under the brow tip, matter that as if he thinks, are more than Lu Xin. 八号则更是挑了下眉梢,似乎他想到的事情,比陆辛还要多。 Before the matter, you had also thought.” “之前发生的事情,你也都已经想起来了。” Professor Sun bell looks at Lu Xin, said in a soft voice: A lot, from the experiment of that out-of-control start.” 孙钟教授看着陆辛,轻声道:“很多事情,都是从那一场失控的实验开始的。” „After plan loses control, Dean temporarily leaves, heals from a wound, if also wants the means to recall the damage experimental body.” “计划失控之后,院长暂时离开,去养伤,也要想办法挽回损坏的实验体。” I remained, is responsible for concluding, and erases some unnecessary trace.” “我留了下来,负责收尾,并抹去一些不必要的痕迹。” At that time received the severe wound, vertebra broken Xiaolu, was then I rescues.” “当时受到了重伤,脊椎都被打断的小鹿,也是当时的我救下来的。” „......” “……” paused, he opens the mouth slowly, said slightly again in a low voice: I at that time most important mission ; first, to cancel under at that time that chaotic situation, the attention of various aspect influences this radical explosion triggers, another mission, was to find at that time already you who lost control, but was not finally smooth, your then whereabouts, was not difficult to look, but no one can lead you to come back.” 微微顿了顿,他才再次慢慢的开口,低声道:“我当时最重要的任务,一是抹去在当时那种混乱的形势之下,这一场剧烈的爆炸引发的各方面势力的关注,另一个任务,就是要找到当时已经失控的你,但结果并不顺利,你当时的行踪,并不难找,但无人能带你回来。” I arranged several military equipment, lost the news suddenly.” “我前后安排了几支武装,都忽然失去了消息。” Found their times again, they died with a stance of extreme distortion, on the face has the stiff fear.” “再找到他们的时候,他们都以一种极度扭曲的姿态死去,脸上带着僵硬的恐惧。” I real, is very difficult to describe, at that time oneself mood......” “我真的,真的很难形容,当时自己的心情……” „......” “……” „......” “……” The old security is saying slowly, the sound also shivers slightly, looks at Lu Xin and Eight, said in a low voice: Now, I do not want to say anything, made reparations for initial oneself, to not obtain your sympathies, I told the matter that you had at that time.” 老保安慢慢的说着,声音也微微颤抖,看着陆辛八号,低声道:“现在,我不是想说些什么,为当初的自己赎罪,也不是为了取得你们的同情,我只是告诉你们当时发生的事。” I have been following Professor Wang, I think that he saves this world's only hope.” “我一直在追随王教授,我认为他是拯救这个世界唯一的希望。” Therefore, even if he made the decision, when must bring we are separated from the control of Research Institute, I also dutifully follow him.” “所以,哪怕他做下了决定,要带着我们脱离研究院的掌控时,我也义无反顾的追随他。” He, but, after I follows he to come out, saw his these experiments, sees him to achieve goal, was getting more and more crazy, saw these pitiful children, lay on the bed of laboratory, appearance of surface upwards top board low voice sob......” “他,但是,在我跟着他出来之后,见到了他的那些实验,见到他为了达成目标,越来越疯狂,见到了那些可怜的孩子,躺在了实验室的床上,面朝天花板小声哭泣的样子……” His sound as if also trembled slightly: I start to feel that the faith is vacillating.” 他的声音似乎也微微颤了一下:“我开始感觉信念在动摇。” Jokes aside, this was not because I was good.” “说真的,这并不是因为我有多么善良。” I, when follows Professor Wang to come out, has prepared for accepted all psychology.” “我在跟随王教授出来的时候,就已经做好了接受一切的心理准备。” But, when really sees, actually felt the innermost feelings by the powerful impact.” “但是,在真的看到时,却还是感觉到了内心受强烈的冲击。” I then discovered, the psychological construction that oneself made before, a point with does not have.” “我这才发现,自己之前做的心理建设,一点用也没有。” I feel the fear every day, probably the suffering in the wok with cooking oil same is afraid.” “我每天都感觉害怕,像是在油锅里煎熬一样害怕。” But I still could not make the decision, cannot change, until that matter.” “但我仍然做不出决定,也做不出改变,直到那件事的发生。” These frigid pictures, and construction ruins of distortion, opened my innermost feelings probably suddenly......” “那些惨烈的画面,以及扭曲的建筑废墟,像是忽然打开了我的内心……” I acknowledged to oneself finally, the matter that I handle has how cruelly......” “我终于向自己承认,我做的事情有多么残忍……” „......” “……” „......” “……” On the face of old security, appeared extremely painfully with the struggling expression, as if returned to facing the innermost feelings time. 老保安的脸上,出现了极度痛苦与挣扎的表情,仿佛又回到了面对内心的时候。 However, he in diligently this mood hidden. 但是,他在努力的将这种情绪隐藏。 He does not seem to want to let Lu Xin and Eight, thinks that this is oneself to reduce the sin, but false confession that makes intentionally. 他似乎不想让陆辛八号,认为这是自己为了减轻罪孽,而故意作出来的虚假忏悔。 But Lu Xin and Eight, similarly also static sitting by small table. 陆辛八号,同样也只是在小桌旁边静静的坐着。 They can understand the words of old security, but has experienced the initial person, was actually insufficient to feel to change countenance for such words. The comfort words also say, can only such static sitting in the opposite, listening to the old security to say these things. 他们能够听懂老保安的话,但身为经历过当初的人,却还不至于为这样的话而感觉动容。安慰的话同样也说不出口,只能这么静静的坐在了对面,听着老保安将这些事情讲了出来。 The old security also sank slightly the moment, as if in adjustment mood, then saying slowly: 老保安也微微沉顿了片刻,仿佛在调整情绪,然后慢慢的说道: At that time, I almost already unmanned available, out-of-control Tyrant confused departure, how has looked could not find, but my oneself, has been at the collapse the condition, therefore, then I, had almost lost all powers......” “当时,我几乎已经无人可用,失控的‘暴君’已经迷茫的离开,怎么找也找不到,而我自己,又已经处于崩溃的状态,所以,当时的我,几乎已经失去了所有的动力……” But I have not thought, matter had passed for three days, when I planned anything gives up, I one then......” “但我没想到,事情已经过去了三天,就在我打算什么都放弃的时候,我一回头……” „...... Saw Tyrant in my front.” “……就看到了‘暴君’在我的面前。” „......” “……” When spoke of here, he was fierce looks up to Lu Xin, the sound somewhat seemed to be unusual: That is just resulted in all tragedies Tyrant, was activated the mental level strength, can all distortions, and thoroughly cancels Tyrant.” 说到了这里时,他猛得抬头看向了陆辛,声音似乎都有些异样:“那是刚刚造成了一切惨剧的‘暴君’,是被激活了精神层面的力量,可以将一切扭曲,并且彻底抹去的‘暴君’。” Present I, am unable to describe to you, in then I frightened.” “现在的我,无法向你们形容,当时的我内心里有多恐惧。” But......” “但是……” But then I, did not have first to run away unexpectedly.” “但是当时的我,居然没有第一时间逃走。” Under that condition, I only then such a thought: We released monster......” “那种状态下,我心里只有这么一个念头:我们释放出了怪物……” We gave this world to bring the biggest threat......” “我们给这个世界带来了最大的威胁……” I do not know that Tyrant why comes back, but I actually had one never idea.” “我不知道‘暴君’为什么回来,但我心里却生出了一个从来没有过的想法。” I hide a plasma ball of big might in the bosom, prepares also to take away him together......” “我将一枚大威力的电浆弹藏在怀里,准备将他也一起带走……” „......” “……” When heard here, on face of Eight, could not bear give birth wiped the strange expression, looked to Lu Xin. 听到了这里时,八号的脸上,也忍不住生出了一抹奇怪的表情,看向了陆辛 Lu Xin was only silent sitting there, had not responded to all that the old security told. If then diehards where told when mentioned him, not with the second person, but replaced with Tyrant, Lu Xin seems to be also listening to the story of another person. 陆辛只是沉默的坐在了那里,对老保安讲述的一切并没有反应。便如老保安在讲述中提到他时,没有用第二人称,只是用‘暴君’来代替,陆辛似乎也只是在听另外一个人的故事。 He did not care to the result. 他对结果都不怎么关心。 But......” “但是……” The sound of old security made a sound again, his paused, in light intonation, as if many strange: 老保安的声音再度响了起来,他顿了一顿,平淡的语调里,似乎多了一点离奇: When I had this whole life biggest courage, when arrived at his front......” “当我鼓起了这辈子最大的勇气,走到了他的面前时……” I saw in his eye, without that terrifying tyranny, instead has a child startled......” “我看到了他的眼睛里,没有那种恐怖的暴虐,反而有种小孩子的惊慌……” In his eye is flowing the tears, raised the head to ask me......” “他的眼睛里流着泪水,抬头问我……” Teacher, where our families/home?” “老师,我们的家哪去了?” „......” “……” „......” “……” In the small tavern, the atmosphere again becomes silent, moreover there is a smouldering despair and a sadness. 小酒馆里,气氛再度变得沉默,而且有种挥之不去的绝望与悲伤。 By building that in Qinggang main city, has not completed, Nanny Squad distant looks at sat in the building along Doll, wants to urge her to go back to rest, but Doll has not heard their persuasions, was only sitting silently in the building edge, as if fell in the remote recollection. 青港主城里,未建成的楼旁,保姆小队远远的看着坐在了楼沿上的娃娃,想劝她回去休息,但娃娃没有听到她们的劝说,只是默默的坐在楼沿,似乎陷在了久远的回忆里。 The corners of the mouth , had the happy smile of little girl to live slowly. 嘴角,慢慢的,有小女孩似的幸福微笑生了出来。
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