SWR :: Volume #5

#475: Our Special Clearing Department does not receive gifts

Really was too sudden. 实在是太突然了。 Who even if has recognized this person is, Lu Xin somewhat is also helpless for a while. 哪怕已经认出了这个人是谁,陆辛也一时有些手足无措。 oneself and she should be the acquaintance...... 自己和她应该算是熟人吧…… oneself to her arrival, should display warm and happy? 自己对她的到来,应该表现一下热情与开心的吧? Then, actually this/should hug, is? 那么,究竟该拥抱,还是? Han Bing looks at Lu Xin with a smile, as if appeared regarding oneself in front of Lu Xin suddenly this matter was also very self-satisfied, is blinking looks at surprised Lu Xin, after having planted to make some small self-satisfied matter, waits to look that Lu Xin will set the appearance that anything responded. 韩冰笑吟吟的看着陆辛,似乎对于自己忽然出现在了陆辛面前这件事也很得意,眨着眼睛看着惊讶的陆辛,有种做出了某种小得意的事情后,就等着看陆辛会作出什么反应的样子。 ...... …… Hello......” “你好你好……” The expression on Lu Xin face stayed a meeting, turned into the pleasant surprise, then extended two hands of oneself warmly. 陆辛脸上的表情呆了一会,才变成了惊喜,然后热情的伸出了自己的两只手。 Made a posture of handshake. 作出了一个握手的姿势。 Well?” “咦?” Han Bing was also startled, then a hand covers the mouth to smile, another hand extended. 韩冰也怔了一下,然后一只手掩着嘴笑,另一只手伸了出来。 Two people in this everywhere cigarette butt, in the worn-out corridor that the smoke fills, three hand tight grasping in one...... 两人就在这个满地烟蒂,烟味弥漫的破旧楼道里,三只手紧紧的握在了一起…… Lu Xin for fear that oneself performance insufficient happy, after gripping, under returned swung swinging. 陆辛生怕自己表现的不够开心,握住之后,还上下摇了摇。 Mister Lone Soldier, I have not really thought that you see my surface first matter to shake hand, but also with two hands......” 单兵先生,我真没想到你见我面的第一件事就是握手,还用两只手……” Han Bing smiles illuminated this gloomy corridor. 韩冰笑的把这阴暗的楼道都照亮了。 „......” “哦哦……” Lu Xin also somewhat embarrassed let loose her hand, said with a smile: I have not really thought you can come.” 陆辛也有些不好意思的放开了她的手,笑道:“我是真没想到你会过来。” Was saying showed the strange expression: Recently was not very busy?” 说着露出了奇怪的表情:“最近不是挺忙的吗?” Couple days ago was very busy, soon harmed me to turn around.” “前几天是挺忙的,都害得我快要掉头了。” Han Bing stroked a oneself thick long straight black hair, Versailles full saying with a smile: But, the situation was quite fortunately stable recently.” 韩冰捋了一下自己浓密长直的黑发,凡尔赛十足的笑道:“但还好,最近局势比较稳定。” Marine Country that side business, although is busy, but under the arrangement of Professor Bai, had not presented the big accident, that side Happy Small Town, from the beginning everyone is critical situation, but the result reduction unexpected smooth, the personnel are actually withdrawing.” 海上国那边的事务虽然繁忙,但在白教授的安排下,一直没有出现大的变故,开心小镇那边,一开始大家都如临大敌,但结果处理起来却出人意料的顺利,人员正在撤回。” As the matter stands, our pressures are certainly also reducing slowly......” “这样一来,我们的压力当然也在缓慢减轻啦……” Naturally, except for a work row of not that close reason, there is a possibility to be related with you.” “当然了,除了工作排的没有那么紧密的缘故,也有可能和你有关。” She is saying with a smile: I and your telephone conversation, the leaders can hear, probably is because I grumble during the dialog with you am too obvious, therefore leader to consider my mood, is working overtime continuously half a month later, finally has a vacation to me......” 她笑着道:“我和你的通话,领导们都是可以听见的,大概是因为我在跟你通话的时候发牢骚太明显啦,所以领导为了照顾我的情绪,在连续加班半个月后,终于给我放假啦……” „......” “……” This......” “这个……” Han Bing sound Lu Xin has listened innumerable, but listens face to face the first time. 韩冰的声音陆辛已经听过无数次了,但当面听还是第一次。 The smile on looks at her face, felt only the same as chirp the bird, clear keeping saying. 看着她脸上的笑容,感觉跟只叽叽喳喳的小鸟一样,清脆的说个不停。 Not can only hear the content that she said that but can also feel her delight and bird is pleased. 不仅能听到她说的内容,还能够感受到她的欢欣与雀悦。 Lu Xin felt might as well when channel chatted comfortable, suddenly does not know should reply anything. 陆辛感觉还不如在频道里聊天的时候自在,一时间都不知道应该回答什么。 Was startled, said: Aiya, in this case, you did not fear that was worn the small shoes by the leader?” 怔了一下,才道:“哎呀,这样的话,你就不怕被领导穿小鞋?” Han Bing blinks, said: Does not fear.” 韩冰眨了眨眼睛,道:“不怕呀。” Lu Xin surprise: Why?” 陆辛诧异:“为啥?” Han Bing said with a smile: Because of my mother's rank, leads high compared with us.” 韩冰笑道:“因为我妈妈的级别,比我们领导高。” „......” “……” Lu Xin was choked suddenly, this replied that he has not really thought. 陆辛忽然被噎了一下,这个回答他是真没想到。 The eye that Han Bing smiles narrowed the eyes, said: Has a vacation suddenly, I do not know that should go to do.” 韩冰笑的眼睛都眯了起来,道:“冷不丁放了假,我也不知道该去干什么。” „Before happen, Mister Lone Soldier holds me to help you select the house, I have screened some materials actually.” “正好之前单兵先生托我帮你挑房子,我倒是已经筛选了一些资料。” But thinks, house such important matter, looked the material always might as well pass good that directly takes a look, therefore comes.” “但想到,房子这样的大事,看资料总不如直接过去瞧瞧的好,所以就过来啦。” Said, while smiling say/way: „Can Mister Lone Soldier let loose my hand?” 一边说,一边笑盈盈的道:“单兵先生可以放开我的手了吗?” Un?” “嗯?” Lu Xin then detected that the oneself also two hands closely grab him, quickly let loose. 陆辛这才发觉自己还正两只手紧紧抓着他,急忙放开了。 Han Bing smiles revealed the neat pure white tooth, let the body in the corridor: We now set off?” 韩冰笑的露出了整齐洁白的牙,在楼道边让了让身子:“那我们就现在出发吧?” „.” “哦。” Lu Xin complies subconsciously, but somewhat awkward say/way: But I must go to work......” 陆辛下意识答应,但又有些尴尬的道:“可我还得上班呢……” Un?” “嗯?” Han Bing looked at Lu Xin, looked in one that tense busy office. 韩冰看了一眼陆辛,又看了一眼里面那个紧张忙碌的办公室。 The expression is somewhat puzzled, some are indefinite, lowers the sound saying: This is not you are used to conceal the status?” 表情有些不解,又有些不确定,压低声音道:“这不是你用来掩饰身份的吗?” Not......” “不是啊……” Lu Xin said: I really go to work here.” 陆辛道:“我是真的在这里上班的。” Accurate, the work of Special Pollution Clearing Department, is only my concurrent job.” “准确来说,特殊污染清理部的工作,只是我的兼职。” „......” “……” Han Bing deep looked at Lu Xin one, this replied that she has not truly thought. 韩冰深深的看了陆辛一眼,这个回答她也是确实没有想到。 Good, I go in you.” “那好吧,我进去等你。” nodded that she accepts good advice readily, said: Happen to I have a look at the place that Mister Lone Soldier works.” 她从善如流的点了下头,道:“正好我也看看单兵先生工作的地方。” This......” “这个……” Lu Xin is startled slightly, is smiling nodded, leading Han Bing to come, said: Here I do also good.” 陆辛稍微一怔,才笑着点了下头,领着韩冰进来,道:“我在这里干的还不错的。” „Be responsible for the managers of several projects.” “已经是负责好几个项目的主管了。” „......” “……” „” “唰唰唰” When Han Bing follows in Lu Xin behind, enters the office time, lifted a piece of face instantaneously. 韩冰跟在陆辛身后,走进办公室的时候,瞬间抬起了一片的脸。 Is pale in this light, in the tone arid office, the appearance of Han Bing, made the office many probably suddenly a point vitality/angry. 在这间灯光惨白,色调枯燥的办公室里,韩冰的出现,像是忽然让办公室多了一点生气。 The male coworkers subconscious pupil in office enlarges slightly, the female colleagues selected eyebrow slightly. 办公室里的男同事们都下意识的瞳孔微微放大,女同事们则都微微挑了眉毛一下。 Regarding resolves to infiltrate the main city male coworkers, such girl is their long-awaited goals. 对于很多立志要混进主城的男同事们来说,这样的女孩本来就是他们梦寐以求的目标。 Although at this time, they did not know the Han Bing status, but can actually feel her makings the difference. 虽然这时候,他们并不知道韩冰的身份,但却可以感受到她气质的不同。 The appearance of Han Bing is actually very ordinary, but she was born in main city, in the makings as if always and satellite town girl is not quite same. 韩冰的打扮其实挺普通的,但她出生在主城,气质上似乎总与卫星城的女孩不太一样。 You good......” “你们好……” On the Han Bing face has the smile, somewhat shy is beckoning with the hand to the Lu Xin colleagues gently, follows to pass through side Lu Xin. 韩冰脸上带着笑容,有些羞涩的轻轻向陆辛的同事们摆着手,跟在陆辛身边走过。 Lu Xin also slightly some not comfortable is explaining to the colleagues low voice: „My friend......” 陆辛也略有些不自在的向同事们小声解释着:“我一个朋友……” Why he does not know. 他也不知道为什么。 Is only the friend comes to the office with oneself obviously, why attracted so many envying vision looks at all of a sudden? 明明只是朋友跟自己来到办公室,为什么一下子吸引了这么多羡慕的目光看着 What is most essential, when why these vision look to oneself, will oneself feel somewhat happily? 最关键的是,为什么当这些目光看向自己时,自己会觉得有些得意? ...... …… Well?” “咦?” Lu Xin pushes the gate enters the oneself small office the time, Vice President Xiao is sitting in inside, is fiddling with that watch, raised the head to see Lu Xin to come, immediately says with a smile: Elder Brother Little Lu, you look at this watch, I thought that also matches your makings......?” 陆辛推门进入自己的小办公室的时候,肖副总正坐在了里面,捣鼓着那块表,一抬头见陆辛进来,立刻笑着说道:“小陆哥,你看这块表,我觉得还蛮配你的气质……咦?” The vision jumped over Lu Xin all of a sudden, falls , on Han Bing that followed Lu Xin to come. 目光一下子跳过了陆辛,落在了跟着陆辛进来的韩冰身上。 After being startled was startled, thinks she might hear oneself to the name of Lu Xin, the face all of a sudden board. 怔了一怔之后,想到了她有可能听到了自己陆辛的称呼,脸一下子板了起来。 Your which department?” “你哪个部门的?” „......” “……” Lu Xin receives the table in Vice President Xiao conveniently, admits in the drawer, and with a smile introduced: 陆辛随手把肖副总手里的表接了过来,放进抽屉里,并笑着介绍道: She is the friend of mine, Han Bing, main city comes.” “她是我的朋友,韩冰,主城过来的。” „......” “……” „?” “啊?” Vice President Xiao is startled slightly, immediately the complexion big change, quickly stood intense. 肖副总微微一怔,顿时脸色大变,急忙紧张的站了起来。 First shut behind the glass door, this lowered the head with Han Bing that bends the back shakes hand, said repeatedly: Embarrassed Miss Han......” 先顺手关上了玻璃门,这才低头哈腰的与韩冰握手,连声道:“不好意思韩小姐……” I called Xiao Yuan, was Little Lu...... elder brother's friend.” “我叫肖远,是小陆……哥的朋友。” Hello.” “你好你好。” Han Bing grasped gently with him, then turned the head to cast a vision of inquiry to Lu Xin. 韩冰轻轻与他握了一下,然后转头向陆辛投来了一个询问的目光。 Lu Xin also has to explain with a smile: He is the vice-president in our company, possibly recently must become the true manager immediately.” 陆辛也只好笑着解释:“他是我们公司的副总,可能最近马上就要成为真正的老总了。” This, this......” “这个,这个……” Vice President Xiao somewhat was but actually embarrassed, is saying with a smile: Mainly is looked when my family old gentleman draws back officially......” 肖副总倒有些不好意思了,笑着道:“主要是看我家老爷子啥时候正式退……” Said the hello, Lu Xin had sat before the oneself computer table. 打过了招呼,陆辛就在自己的电脑桌前坐了下来。 Han Bing sat on computer table nearby plastic small stool, three person very friendly smiling. 韩冰坐在了电脑桌旁边的塑料小凳子上,三个人都很和气的笑着。 Is smiling, is smiling...... 笑着,笑着…… The atmosphere gradually somewhat was then awkward...... 然后气氛逐渐有些尴尬了…… ...... …… Lu Xin calmly turned the head, looks to Vice President Xiao, said: „Do you have the feeling, in this office was a little crowded?” 陆辛静静转头,看向了肖副总,道:“你有没有感觉,这个办公室里有点挤了?” Has? Haha......” “有吗?哈哈……” Vice President Xiao a little could not smile suddenly, sized up among small work silently. 肖副总忽然有点笑不出来了,默默的打量了一眼小办公间。 Originally this office, separates from the original Director Liu big office, the space is not truly big, now chocks up the gift that oneself moved a moment ago, Lu Xin and Han Bing sits in one, on a oneself person, stood near the gate...... 本来这个办公室,就是从原来刘主任的大办公室里隔出来的,空间确实不大,如今又摆满了自己刚才搬进来的礼物,陆辛韩冰坐在了一起,就自己一个人,站在了门边…… He looked at Lu Xin one silently, obtained the affirmation from the Lu Xin vision. 他默默的看了陆辛一眼,从陆辛的目光里得到了肯定。 Then he smiled suddenly, said: Miss Han you and Elder Brother Little Lu is first chatting, I have a meeting, forgetting......” 然后他忽然笑了起来,道:“韩小姐你和小陆哥先聊着,我还有个会,都给忘了……” Han Bing nods with a smile: Good good, you are first busy.” 韩冰笑着点头:“好的好的,你先忙。” I first walk......” “那我先走啦……” Vice President Xiao over the face wears a smile opened the gate, walked, the next second the probe head comes in suddenly: Right.” 肖副总满面堆笑的拉开了门,走了出去,下一秒忽然又探头进来:“对了。” He looked seriously to Lu Xin, lowered the sound saying: Elder Brother Little Lu, you know what our company has to invite the subsidy is?” 他一本正经的看向了陆辛,压低声音道:“小陆哥,你知道咱们公司有宴请补贴的是吧?” Miss Han came from main city, each main city person is our potential customer.” “韩小姐是从主城过来的,每一位主城的人都是我们的潜在客户。” Subsidy is very high......” “补贴可是很高的哦……” „......” “……” Lu Xin deep looked at his one eyes. 陆辛深深的看了他一眼。 This leader was suggesting oneself does make the private entertainment with money to come of his family/home? 这位领导是在暗示自己用他家的钱来做私人招待吗? Also delivers the table to oneself, encourages the oneself recreational activities using public funds. 又给自己送表,又鼓励自己公款吃喝。 ...... This was too a little overdone to corrosion in charge of level cadre? ……这种对主管级干部的腐蚀是不是有点太过火了? ...... …… ......” “唔……” Exchange between Han Bing looks at Lu Xin and Vice President Xiao, looking pensive, had the new understanding of Lu Xin this labor of duty. 韩冰看着陆辛肖副总之间的交流,若有所思,对陆辛这份本职工作有了新的认识。 What are these things?” “这些东西是什么?” After seeing Lu Xin sat got down, unexpectedly really the start processes the work, Han Bing on oneself calmly is waiting, in the office these were just moved the bags of coming by Vice President Xiao, naturally brought to her attention, somewhat curious inquired to Lu Xin. 陆辛坐了下来之后,居然真的开始处理起了工作,韩冰自己静静的等着,办公室里这些刚刚被肖副总搬了进来的大包小包,自然引起了她的注意,有些好奇的向陆辛询问。 This......” “这个……” Lu Xin responded immediately, lowers the sound saying: Gives a present.” 陆辛顿时反应了过来,压低声音道:“送礼的。” Was couple of days ago that matter, they had not been eliminated remember, therefore knows that was I helps them process.” “就是前两天那事,他们都没有被清除记忆,所以知道是我帮他们处理的。” This does not come out from the isolation place, sent so many things.” “这不从隔离的地方一出来,就送来了这么多东西。” „......” “……” Said this saying time has been staring at the expression change of Han Bing. 说这话的时候一直在盯着韩冰的表情变化。 Gives a present?” “送礼?” The Han Bing expression first is somewhat surprised, sized up surrounding, said: I work for a long time confiscate to deliver the betrothal gifts......” 韩冰的表情先是有些惊讶,打量了周围一圈,道:“我工作这么久都没收过礼呢……” I also thought that they are very excessive.” “我也觉得他们很过分。” Lu Xin tranquil saying: Therefore I have not planned to receive, you looked that these boxes I have not opened.” 陆辛平静的说道:“所以我没打算收,你看这些盒子我都没打开。” I am the plan made him all take away later.” “我本来是计划待会就让他全部拿走的。” „......” “……” This......” “这个……” Han Bing slightly hesitated, said: Our Special Clearing Department truly some stipulated that said cannot receive mental pollution the gift, that is because received the person of pollution is also has certainly risky, their gifts may have other threats.” 韩冰微微犹豫了一下,道:“咱们特清部确实有规定说不许收受精神污染者的礼物,那是因为受到了污染的人本身也是具有一定危险性的,他们的礼物可能会有其他的威胁。” Lu Xin was startled, silently nod. 陆辛怔了一下,默默点头。 But must divide the special details......” “但也要分具体情况的嘛……” Han Bing pondered, said with a smile: 韩冰细想了一下,笑道: If determined that these polluted person have cured, no bystander knows the words, is not cannot open an exceptional case.” “如果确定这些被污染者已经治好,又没有外人知道得话,也不是不可以开个特例。” After all, was cured polluted person, most important is comforting of mental level.” “毕竟,被治好了的被污染者,最重要的就是精神层面的安抚。” Accepts their gifts, is lets their relieved actions......” “收下他们的礼物,也是让他们安心的举动嘛……” At the worst first pretends to accept, after they thoroughly recovered the mental level health, went back.” “大不了先假装收下,等他们彻底恢复了精神层面的健康之后再还回去好了。” „......” “……” „......” “啊……” Lu Xin was a little really startled, has profound respect to this girl at present...... 陆辛是真的有点怔住了,对眼前这个女孩肃然起敬……
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