SBPE :: Volume #13 纵横四岛

#6978: Ding claim

Many thanks yellow Big Bro, if needed, junior will be absolutely impolite with yellow Big Bro!” “多谢黄大哥,有需要的话,小弟绝对不会和黄大哥客气!” Lin Yi cups one hand in the other across the chest to express thanks, immediately has changed a topic: Was right, just has a matter to need the yellow Big Bro help, is extremely Le Gu these people......” 林逸拱手致谢,随即换了个话题道:“对了,刚好有件事需要黄大哥帮忙,就是极乐谷的那些人……” „, This matter Old Little Brother Lin did not say that Older Brother I have also sent for nosing, after all we have reached an agreement in the Yellow Step sea area, before I close up, has arranged appropriately, but currently did not have the what/who ? news.” “哦,此事林老弟不说,哥哥我也已经派人去查探了,毕竟我们在黄阶海域就已经说好了,我闭关之前就已经安排妥当,只是目前还没有什么消息。” Huang Yuntian somewhat regrettable shaking the head: „The extremely happy valley incident secret evil behind-the-scenes manipulator is surreptitious, is very difficult to hold the tail, the present is a progress does not have, at this matter, Older Brother I do not do right by you really!” 黄云天有些遗憾的摇摇头:“极乐谷事件的幕后黑手行踪诡秘,很难抓住尾巴,如今是一点进展也没有,在这件事情上,哥哥我真的是对不住你!” Where words that yellow Big Bro spoke, can help junior to be deeply grateful with every effort very much, does not have the clue and Big Bro you have the what/who ? relations!” “黄大哥说的哪里话,能尽力帮忙小弟已经很感激不尽,没有线索和大哥你有什么关系!” Lin Yi has comforted two, this matter looks like or wants the whereabouts in Ding one! 林逸安慰了两句,此事看来还是要着落在丁一身上! Also does not know that this mysterious merchant, the what/who ? time can look for itself. 也不知道这个神秘的商人,到底什么时候会来找自己。 Besides extremely happy valley incident, Zhang Liju the news, Lin Yi needs to get the answer from Ding there, perhaps remoulds the mortal body the method, Ding can one also find? 除了极乐谷事件,还有章力钜的消息,林逸都需要从丁一那里得到答案,或许重塑肉身的方法,丁一也可以找到? Lin Yi is just thinking Ding one, this fellow appears the personal appearance on the sudden ghosts and demons, three people on the scene is startled slightly. 林逸正想着丁一,这家伙就突然鬼魅般现出身形,在场三人都不由的微微一惊。 Xuefei is actually rather good, after all her Strength is limited, enters the stage the feeling to Ding mysterious not deeply in any case the person of high skill who she is stronger, could not discover that was very normal. 雪菲倒是还好,毕竟她的实力有限,对丁一的神秘出场感受不深反正都是比她强的高人,发现不了很正常。 But Huang Yuntian and Lin Yi were different, solemn broken day expert, Lin Yi this develops in addition greatly completely, the battle efficiency endures compared with the crack sea greatly complete expert, unexpectedly had not discovered how Ding one comes, this somewhat was terrorist! 但黄云天和林逸就不同了,堂堂破天高手,加上林逸这个辟地大圆满,战斗力堪比裂海大圆满的牛人,居然也都没发现丁一是怎么进来的,这就有些恐怖了! Yellow Step sea area time, Lin Yi is only Kaishan Qi, could not discover that a Ding whereabouts, has not thought after promoting Strength forcefully, still does not have any change, this Ding is one what/who ? background? 黄阶海域的时候,林逸只是开山期,发现不了丁一的行踪也就罢了,没想到强行提升实力之后,依然没有任何变化,这个丁一到底是什么来头? President Huang, the Young Lin hero, we met! Western island little princess rather Young Lady, in taking the liberty, was disrespectful!” “黄会长,林少侠,我们又见面了!还有西岛小公主小姐,在下来的冒昧,失礼了!” Ding on piles up with the forced smile of friendly disposition leads to wealth at the same time, made to bow with hands clasped to three people roundly: Is goes to below this time with the agreement of Young Lin hero, does not know whether presently does facilitate to speak?” 丁一面上堆满和气生财的假笑,对三人做了个罗圈揖:“在下这次是来赴和林少侠的约定,不知道现在是否方便说话?” Do the Lin Yi corners of the mouth pulled out, facilitate have come , wasn't the find someone notification that you spoke one's mind suddenly good? 林逸嘴角一抽,方不方便你都自说自话的进来了,找人通报一下不行么? No wonder Ding one can always inquire these extremely secret news, in his method, where is really can not? Can't the what/who ? machine secret agent hear? 难怪丁一总能打探到那些极其隐秘的消息,以他的这种手段,真是哪里去不得?什么机密探听不到? Just right that President Ding comes, I am thinking a moment ago still your what/who ? time gives me the news, you appeared, can it be that do you also understand to read the plan?” “丁会长来的正好,我刚才还在想着你什么时候给我消息,你就出现了,莫不是你还懂读心术?” Lin Yi depresses the heart to Ding scruples, said with a smile indifferently: We let us not talk circuitously, directly enters the subject!” 林逸压下心头对丁一的顾忌,淡然笑道:“我们也别绕圈子了,直接进入正题吧!” „The Young Lin hero is that refreshed! We start to discuss!” 林少侠还是那么爽快!那我们就开始谈吧!” Ding Yizhi meets saying: First is pill Medical God Saint Zhang Liju news! Below knows that the Young Lin hero is the disciple of pill Medical God Saint, has been looking for his Elderly whereabouts, this news value void pill!” 丁一直接说道:“首先是丹神医圣章力钜的消息!在下知道林少侠是丹神医圣的弟子,一直在寻找他老人家的下落,这个消息值一颗虚空丹!” Three people of Qi Qi is shocked, rather Xuefei because of the Lin Yi status pill Medical God Saint Zhang Liju disciple! 三人齐齐震惊,宁雪菲是因为林逸的身份丹神医圣章力钜的弟子! This matter she is First time heard, originally own one's beloved background such big! 这件事她还是第一次听说,原来自己的心上人来头如此之大! Really is own matchless Hero! 果然是自己的盖世英雄呢! But Huang Yuntian is shocked in the Lin Yi status similarly, but during changing mind then felt relaxed! 而黄云天同样震惊于林逸的身份,但转念间便释然了! Also the Lin Yi hermetic art so is no wonder wise, originally is the master leaves the famous family. 也难怪林逸的炼丹术如此高明,原来是师出名门。 What important is Ding opens the mouth to want void pill! 重要的是丁一开口就要虚空丹! Lin Yi and Huang Yuntian looks at each other one slightly, saw in the doubts and dignity to grid! 林逸和黄云天微微对视一眼,都看出了对方眼中的疑惑和凝重! Must know that Lin Yi can refine the void pill's news perhaps is not the what/who ? secret, but in the Lin Yi hand has void pill, that almost unmanned knows. 要知道,林逸能炼制虚空丹的消息或许不是什么秘密,但林逸手中有虚空丹,那真的几乎无人知晓。 Huang Yuntian also merely is guessed that Lin Yi also has void pill, after all four materials, what finally Lin Yi gives is a top grade quality void pill. 黄云天也仅仅是猜测林逸还有虚空丹而已,毕竟四份材料,最后林逸给出的是一颗特等品质的虚空丹。 Then, the practicing acquiring a skill work of before perfect refinement, void pill who does not arrive at the top grade quality, at least should have one! 那么,在完美炼制之前的练手之作,不到特等品质的虚空丹,至少应该有一颗吧! But Lin Yi gives up void pill who puts out the top grade quality, but non- first-grade Pill Medicine, besides the friendship, in the hand also has same quality void pill mostly. 林逸舍得拿出特等品质的虚空丹,而非次一等的丹药,除了情分之外,多半手中还有相同品质的虚空丹。 Therefore Huang Yuntian infers, Lin Yi at least refine three with four materials! 所以黄云天推断,林逸用四份材料至少炼成了三颗! However, kills him unable to think that what actually Lin Yi obtains is six! 然而,打死他都想不到,其实林逸得到的是六颗! President Ding can affirm that I do have void pill? Looks person who I refine void pill really to have, but that is supplies for oneself the material to come, but you actually directly open the mouth to demand that thought I will carry the end product along?” “丁会长怎么能肯定我有虚空丹?找我炼制虚空丹的人确实有,但那都是自备材料而来,可你却直接开口索要,是觉得我会随身携带成品吗?” In the Lin Yi heart some are not quite comfortable, felt one probably have not put on clothing to look general up uncomfortable! 林逸心中有些不太舒服,感觉自己就好像没穿衣服看光了一般难受! Words that insisted on speaking, that transparent feeling was similar to the non- root that the Yuan god body presents now once for a while feels similarly. 硬要说的话,那种透明感就如同元神体如今时不时出现的无根感觉差不多。 He He, Young Lin hero, below initial price, naturally well-founded, I receive in exchange for void pill with the news, fair fair! A void pill, thinks that the Young Lin hero can weigh which is the lighter and which is the heavier to come.” “呵呵,林少侠,在下的开价,自然都是有根据的,我是用消息来换取虚空丹,公平公正!一颗虚空丹而已,想必林少侠能衡量出孰轻孰重来。” A Ding whole face is the smile of friendly disposition leads to wealth, at a moderate pace saying: The callow rookie has become an old pro, we so were ripe, please believe below cannot absolutely the pit Young Lin hero!” 丁一满脸都是和气生财的微笑,不紧不慢的说道:“一回生二回熟,我们都这么熟了,请相信在下绝对不会坑林少侠!” Curling the lip that Lin Yi micro cannot be looked up, this saying listens not to believe! 林逸微不可查的撇撇嘴,这话听着就让人不信! But nearby Huang Yuntian was is almost air/Qi the nose crookedly, did what/who ? call a void pill? 而一旁的黄云天更是差点把鼻子都气歪了,什么叫一颗虚空丹而已? For this void pill, how many efforts he has made? How many favours builds? With great difficulty obtained one. 为了这一颗虚空丹,他花费了多少心力?搭进去多少人情?才好不容易得到了一颗。 This damn Ding one, but on the lower lip touches, wants a void pill?! Simply absurd! 这个该死的丁一,只是上下嘴皮一碰,就想要一颗虚空丹?!简直岂有此理! What a pity this matter Huang Yuntian could not interrupt, is related to Lin Yi Master, he cannot speak carelessly. 可惜此事黄云天插不上嘴,事关林逸师父,他不能胡乱说话。 I am very curious, you determined that in my hand has void pill? If no, you did cancel on preparation trade?” “我很好奇,你到底怎么确定,我手中有虚空丹?万一没有的话,你是不是就准备取消交易了?” Lin Yi is pinching the chin, looking pensive looks at Ding one: Or President Ding besides void pill, but also is prepared with plan?” 林逸捏着下巴,若有所思的看着丁一:“或者说,丁会长除了虚空丹之外,还有备用的方案?” Judging from the present situation, can remove the person who Ding one is hidden kills the gate, as if no what/who ? hostility to oneself, should not be the enemy. 从目前的情况来看,可以排除丁一是隐杀门的人,似乎对自己没有什么敌意,应该不是敌人。 The conduct attitude that this type strange not measures, making Lin Yi very uncomfortable! 只是这种诡异莫测的行事作风,令林逸很不舒服! „The Young Lin hero chatted, the news of pill Medical God Saint, be only this price, does not have the alternative scheme, if the Young Lin hero thinks to be unworthy, we change a news to trade!” 林少侠说笑了,丹神医圣的消息,就只有这一个价,没有备用方案,若是林少侠觉得不值,那我们就换下一个消息交易!” Ding shrugs, exhibits you to think that is unworthy to be able not to buy, I will not lose money the stance of markdown sale in any case, making the person want to grab him to punch very much maliciously! 丁一耸耸肩,摆出一副你觉得不值可以不买,反正我不会亏本甩卖的架势,让人很想抓着他狠狠揍一顿! In a Ding strange movement, wants to hold him not to be as if easy! 只是以丁一诡异的身法,想要抓住他似乎也没那么容易! Value! Naturally value! A void pill, finalized!” “值!当然值!一颗虚空丹而已,成交!” Lin Yi clenches teeth to take out a jade bottle, inside is that first quality void pill. 林逸咬牙取出一个玉瓶,里面是那颗上等品质的虚空丹。 His presently is good to regret that should this to Liu Zhangong, is keeping that medium quality to Ding one, at least such can also harvest Liu Zhangong many gratitude and respect. 现在好后悔,应该把这颗给刘站宫,留着那颗中等品质的给丁一,至少那样还能收获刘站宫更多的感激和尊敬。 The quickest renewal correct novel read, please visit 最快更新无错小说阅读,请访问 Please collect the home station to read the latest novel! 请收藏本站阅读最新小说!
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