SBPE :: Volume #13 纵横四岛

#6918: All people are the sacrificial offerings

Elder overpraised, but heard that had the place of blood spirit demon flower seed, will be growing the massive Heaven and Earth efficacious medicines, many extremely precious spirit grass, was this place......” 长老过奖,只是听说有血灵魔花种的地方,会生长着大量的天地灵药,其中不乏极其珍贵的灵草,可是此地……” The northern deep old person returns to normal the state of mind that fluctuated, doubts to ask: „The old man spoke frankly that this mountain peak, does not have the what/who ? pleasant efficacious medicine spirit grass......” 北冥老人平复了一下波动的心绪,疑问道:“恕老夫直言,这座山峰,并没有什么入眼的灵药灵草……” Nearby Lin Yi suddenly, the blood spirit demon flower seed also had such function immediately, is the efficacious medicine in mystical place only blood spirit demon flower seed the thing of additional? 一旁的林逸顿时恍然,原来血灵魔花种还有这样的功能,如此说来,秘境中的灵药只是血灵魔花种的附带之物? Is it possible that is day mark grass, one of them? 莫非天痕草,就是其中之一? The day mark grass is the precious thing, unexpectedly is only the accessories of blood spirit demon flower seed, thus it can be seen, the great strength of this blood spirit demon flower seed! 天痕草是何等珍贵之物,居然只是血灵魔花种的附属品,由此可见,这血灵魔花种的强大! Northern deep owner is really learned, but you only know its one unknown its two, around the blood spirit demon flower seed admittedly has the massive precious efficacious medicine spirit grass, but actually cannot approach to take directly!” “北冥堂主果然博学,只是你只知其一未知其二,血灵魔花种周围固然有大量珍贵的灵药灵草,但却不能直接靠近去取!” White clothing Elder happily laughs, the important matter will decide, therefore he is somewhat unconventional: Blood spirit demon flower seed is extremely dangerous, like this runs, only will become its nourishment, will therefore need existence of this altar!” 白衣长老得意大笑,大事将定,所以他有些忘形:“血灵魔花种极其危险,就这样跑过去,只会成为它的养料,所以才需要这个祭坛的存在!” „Was the meaning of Elder, says the blood spirit demon flower seed not here? Does the altar build for close blood spirit demon flower seed?” 长老的意思,是说血灵魔花种并不在这里?祭坛只是为了接近血灵魔花种而搭建的?” Chang Laiting has understood what is heard with great difficulty, hurries to seize the opportunity to jump come out to brush to have the feeling! 常来廷好不容易听明白了,赶紧抓住机会跳出来刷一下存在感! From now on he must in hidden kill gate to mix, once for a while mixes face ripe very important: Then and other altars completed, do we want to embark to look for the blood spirit demon flower seed?” 今后他要在隐杀门混,时不时混个脸熟很重要:“那么等祭坛完成,我们就要出发去找血灵魔花种了?” Ha Ha! Looks for the blood spirit demon flower seed? Where is so troublesome! Blood spirit demon flower seed will be automatic!” “哈哈!去找血灵魔花种?哪有那么麻烦!血灵魔花种会自动过来!” White clothing Elder has a good laugh: You think that blood spirit demon flower seed is what/who ?? Plant that will not move? Wrong! It is the plant right, but it has the preliminary spirit wisdom, automatic branching!” 白衣长老仰天大笑:“你以为血灵魔花种是什么?不会动的植物么?错!它是植物没错,但它却有低级的灵智,同时也会自动转移!” Lin Yi slightly one startled, does the blood spirit demon flower seed have the intelligence unexpectedly? That said that has been able to call the life body? 林逸微微一惊,血灵魔花种居然还有神智?那岂不是说已经可以称之为生命体了? Perhaps, in the mystical place is unable to think knowledge to survey the life body, is the one self-protection measure of blood spirit demon flower seed! 或许,秘境中无法用神识探测生命体,就是血灵魔花种的一种自我保护措施! This mystical place is too big, we hidden killed the gate unable to find the site of blood spirit demon flower seed, but the time did not allow us to search for slowly, because we hidden killed the mystique of gate, cannot long time shield the rule suppression of mystical place!” “这个秘境太大,我们隐杀门无法找到血灵魔花种的所在地,而时间也不允许我们慢慢搜寻,因为我们隐杀门的秘法,并不能长时间屏蔽秘境的规则压制!” The white clothing Elder mood is just as if thick, unexpectedly hidden killed some secrets of gate also to say come out: Once exceeds the time limit, the mystical place discovered that has these many people to come in together, or is the blood spirit demon flower seed realized that will have that many people, the seed will leave to spread to each corner of mystical place.” 白衣长老似乎谈兴正浓,居然把隐杀门的一些机密也说了出来:“一旦超过时限,秘境发现有这么多人一起进来,或者说是血灵魔花种察觉到有那么多人,种子就会离开散布到秘境的每一个角落之中。” Lin Yi cannot bear an absolutely terrified feeling, no wonder Huang Yuntian at that time said that the mystical place should better is Kaishan Qi or the following Strength person enters. 林逸忍不住有种毛骨悚然的感觉,难怪黄云天当时说秘境最好就是一个开山期或以下的实力的人进入。 Once population were many, the hazard classification of mystical place will assume the geometrical multiple to increase, said perhaps was the blood spirit demon flower seed! 一旦人数多了,秘境的危险等级将会呈几何倍数增加,说的恐怕就是血灵魔花种了! Perhaps Huang Yuntian himself does not know the detail, but this Legend likely therefore. 或许黄云天本身并不知道细节,但这个传说很可能因此而来。 In the Lin Yi heart had many guesses, for example this mystical place, perhaps is because the blood spirit demon flower seed exists, the presently blood spirit demon flower seed is at the deep sleep condition. 林逸心中已经有了很多的猜测,比如这个秘境,说不定就是因为血灵魔花种而存在,现在血灵魔花种正处于沉睡状态。 If only then minority 12 come in personally, but also is insufficient to awaken the blood spirit demon flower seed, population were many, surely will awaken it. 如果只有少数12个人进来,还不至于唤醒血灵魔花种,人数多了,就必定会惊醒它。 Hidden kills the gate not to know the mystique where must come, can practice trickery unexpectedly, temporarily has shielded the feeling of blood spirit demon flower seed, therefore mystical place, although has come in several hundred about thousand people, has not awakened the blood spirit demon flower seed. 隐杀门不知道从哪里得来的秘法,居然能瞒天过海,暂时屏蔽了血灵魔花种的感觉,所以秘境虽然进来了数百近千人,也没有惊醒血灵魔花种。 But altar that here builds, key that not only brings in the blood spirit demon flower seed, controls the key of blood spirit demon flower seed! 而这里搭建的祭坛,不但是将血灵魔花种引来的关键,同时也是控制血灵魔花种的关键! In the wink of an eye transferred the innumerable thoughts, Lin Yi has not dared to act rashly! 瞬息之间转过了无数念头,林逸又不敢轻举妄动了! If destroyed the altar, destroyed hidden to kill the arrangement of gate, can the mystical place recover be normal immediately? The blood spirit demon flower seed that then the violent walks regains consciousness suddenly, all kills the people in all mystical places instantaneously? 若是破坏了祭坛,毁去了隐杀门的布置,秘境会不会立刻恢复正常?然后暴走的血灵魔花种突然苏醒,瞬间就把所有秘境中的人全干掉? Elder, this altar can bring in the blood spirit demon flower seed unexpectedly, was really too great! The subordinates look at this altar, although is very broad, does not have the what/who ? unusual place.” 长老,这个祭坛居然能把血灵魔花种引来,真是太了不起了!属下看这祭坛虽然挺恢弘的,却也没有什么奇特的地方。” Chang Laiting will come matter very much, trace thinks highly: Elder powerful, unexpectedly even/including Xueling demon flower seed type of mysterious magical things can surrender!” 常来廷很会来事儿,不着痕迹的恭维起来:“还是长老厉害,居然连血灵魔花种这种神奇的灵物都能降服!” Light has the altar not to be certainly good, but must have the sacrificial offering!” “光有祭坛当然不行,还必须要有祭品!” The white clothing wears a mask in the Elder eye to flash through a savage bloodthirsty the ray, captive who the callous look has swept these bustle about: Blood spirit demon flower seed, only then the massive blood and spirit strength, as well as the fresh Yuan god, can attract it, was controlled by us!” 白衣蒙面长老眼中闪过一丝凶残嗜血的光芒,冷酷的眼神扫过那些正在忙碌的俘虏:“血灵魔花种,只有大量的血液和灵力,以及新鲜的元神,才能把它吸引过来,被我们所控制!” Lin Yi such as the falling ice hole, whole body sends immediately coldly, no wonder before , his doing several things at the same time will be brought, added that is remaining usefully, originally to treat as sacrificial offering! 林逸顿时如坠冰窟,浑身一阵发寒,难怪之前他的分身会被带来,还说留着有用,原来是为了当做祭品! Hidden kills the gate is really the good method, these many people, said that kills kills, moreover before killing, the person but who must force kill began to build the final death personally the altar! 隐杀门真是好手段,这么多人,说杀就杀,而且杀之前,还要逼迫被杀的人亲自动手搭建最后死亡的祭坛! Elder good method! Can subdue the blood spirit demon flower seed, were the trivial several hundred people considered as what/who ??!” 长老好手段!能收服血灵魔花种,区区数百人又算得了什么?!” The northern deep old person smiles dark, has not paid attention to several hundred people of life slightly: „After the blood spirit demon flower seed was directed by the altar, can its surrounding these Heaven and Earth spirit grass how?” 北冥老人阴阴一笑,丝毫没把几百人的生命放在眼里:“不过血灵魔花种被祭坛引过来之后,它周围那些天地灵草会如何?” Perhaps in the northern deep old person eyes, the important nature of spirit grass must go far beyond is treated as the sacrificial offering several hundred human lives, this refine the pill of immortality master, has crashed into the evil way! 恐怕在北冥老人眼中,灵草的重要性要远远超过被当做祭品的几百条人命,这种炼丹师,已经坠入了邪道! Blood spirit demon flower seed moves, the surrounding Heaven and Earth spirit grass naturally will be ruined, turns into the nutrient of blood spirit demon flower seed, but this is the trivial matter sentiment!” “血灵魔花种一动,周围的天地灵草自然都会被毁掉,变成血灵魔花种的养分,不过这都是小事情!” White clothing Elder actually does not care, has patted the northern deep old person's shoulder gently: Northern deep owner you could rest assured that you want the refine the pill of immortality, later will definitely not be short of the spirit grass, so long as there is a blood spirit demon flower seed, you also feared that doesn't have the spirit grass to you refine the pill of immortality?” 白衣长老却不在意,轻轻拍了拍北冥老人的肩膀:“北冥堂主你放心,你想要炼丹,以后肯定不会少了灵草,只要有血灵魔花种,你还怕没有灵草给你炼丹么?” What Elder said is! Later we hidden kill pill Hall, will become the refine the pill of immortality that in the Sky Step island will be second to none will be at surely!” 长老说的是!以后我们隐杀门丹堂,必定会成为天阶岛上首屈一指的炼丹所在!” The northern deep old person twists the sparse beard to have a good laugh, suddenly thought one join hidden kills the gate is really the incomparably wise decision. 北冥老人捻着稀疏的胡子仰天大笑,忽然就觉得自己加入隐杀门真是无比英明的决定。 Not only exempted became the tragic destiny of sacrificial offering, later the refine the pill of immortality does not need to be worried not to have the material! 不但免去了成为祭品的悲惨命运,以后炼丹也再不需要担心没有材料了! Really is to see the blood spirit demon flower seed impatiently! Elder, after the altar completes, immediately starts the blood sacrifice?” “真是迫不及待想要看到血灵魔花种啊!长老,祭坛完成后,是不是马上就开始血祭?” In northern deep old person old eyes is glittering the greedy ray, looks at these busy captives, looks like was looking completely the innumerable Heaven and Earth spirit grass are common. 北冥老人老眼中闪烁着贪婪的光芒,看那些忙碌的俘虏,完全就像是在看无数天地灵草一般。 So long as completes the altar, immediately starts the blood sacrifice, you could rest assured that in less than the too much time, quick must start!” “只要完成祭坛,立刻开始血祭,你放心,用不了太多时间,很快就要开始了!” White clothing Elder extremely is excited, is in sight successfully, unavoidably has laxly: Fortunately all smooth, if altar were destroyed, all of us will die!” 白衣长老十分激动,成功在望,难免有所松懈:“还好一切顺利,若是祭坛被破坏,我们所有人都会死!” Said has no interest, the listener intends, Lin Yi could not bear the forced smile, the white clothing Elder words is equal to confirming his guess! 说者无心,听者有意,林逸忍不住苦笑,白衣长老的话等于验证了他的猜测! That is presently begins or does not begin? 现在是动手还是不动手么? Began, all people in mystical place could die! 动手了,秘境中的所有人可能都要死! Does not begin, at present here person must die! 不动手,眼下这里的人就要死! A good metropolis book, «Man synopsis from Hell»: The starry sky demon emperor, the rebirth returns! The enemies, must kneel! The beautiful women, must lie down! 一本不错的都市书,《来自地狱的男人》简介:星空魔帝,重生归来!敌人,要跪着!美女,要躺着! The quickest renewal correct novel read, please visit 最快更新无错小说阅读,请访问 Please collect the home station to read the latest novel! 请收藏本站阅读最新小说!
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