SBPE :: Volume #13 纵横四岛

#6792: Expensive new cultivate room

Then, Xu Xiaoyan looks to the new student: As for your several, I will say the intermediate class some situations. Yang Dian you should know, if not want to listen, can go back first.” 然后,徐笑研才看向新生:“至于你们几个,我会说一下中级班这边的一些情况。杨滇你应该都知道,若是不想听,也可以先回去。” Yang Dian has swept one remaining several people, should this class leader first come out explain at this time, but in his heart really resists and Lin Yi in the same place, therefore simple proposed leaves. 杨滇扫了一眼剩下的几人,原本这时候应该他这个班长抢先出来讲解,可他心中实在抗拒和林逸在一起,于是干脆的提出离开。 Teacher Xu, the situation about intermediate class, Leader Yang Dian had introduced with me, therefore I do not listen.” “徐导师,关于中级班的情况,杨滇班长已经和我介绍过,所以我也不听了。” Xue Peng sees Yang Dian to leave, proposed the request. 薛鹏杨滇离开,也跟着提出请求。 Ok, you go back.” “可以,你回去吧。” Xu Xiaoyan waves, has not cared. 徐笑妍挥挥手,并没有在意。 Looks at remaining several is his personal enemy, stays behind does not have the meaning, simply also dodges the person! 苏豪一看剩下的几个都是他的仇人,留下也没意思啊,干脆也闪人吧! Has not thought of finally unexpectedly remaining your four, what kind of? Needed me to say to you?” “没想到最后竟然就剩下你们四个了,怎么样?需要我给你们说一下么?” Xu Xiaoyan smiles to look at Lin Yi several people, thought that this is also good. 徐笑妍笑看着林逸几人,觉得这样也挺好。 Naturally needs, we just came the intermediate class, what/who ? not to know that Teacher Xu you are willing to give the private lesson to us, should better!” “当然需要啊,我们刚来中级班,什么都不知道,徐导师你愿意给我们开小灶,最好不过!” Lin Yi does not look on as an outsider: „The place that for example several of us live in approaches at the foot of the hill, because of newborn reason?” 林逸也不见外:“比如我们几个居住的地方都靠近山脚下,是因为新生的缘故么?” Ha Ha, this you may misunderstand, that several cave mansions are here quite good positions, as you through reward of inspection, but has one year of right of use, when the time comes must give the student who is promoted newly.” “哈哈,这你可就误会了,那几处洞府都是这里比较好的位置,是作为你们通过考核的奖励,不过只有一年的使用权,到时候就要让给新晋级的学员了。” Xu Xiaoyan beckons with the hand, start is Lin Yi and the others illustrated: This mountain peak called Lingfeng, was completely different from the eyas peak, the housing position more approached at the foot of the hill to be better.” 徐笑妍摆摆手,开始为林逸等人解说:“这座山峰叫地灵峰,和雏鹰峰完全不同,居住的位置越靠近山脚下越好。” Is what/who ?? At the foot of the hill can Spiritual Qi also be richer than the summit on?” “为什么?难道山脚下的灵气还能比山顶上更浓郁?” Shangguan Lan'er is somewhat curious, other mountain peaks are not such, will be what/who ? here appears special? 上官岚儿有些好奇,其他山峰都不是这样的呀,为什么这里就会显得特殊? Mist you have guessed right, is what/who ? this mountain peak must call Lingfeng? Very simple, because under has spirit [lineage/vein]!” “岚儿你猜对了,为什么这座山峰要叫地灵峰?很简单,因为地底下有一条灵脉!” Xu Xiaoyan stretches out the finger to refer to toward the under foot, then said: More is approaches the spirit [lineage/vein] the place, Spiritual Qi is abundant, therefore the cave mansion in Lingfeng is following ratio above precious as gold.” 徐笑妍伸出手指往脚下指指,接着说道:“越是靠近灵脉的地方,灵气就越是充沛,所以地灵峰的洞府是下面的比上面的金贵。” „Can that under be occupied by many people? Also did not need to struggle not to need to snatch.” “那岂不是下面可以住很多人?也不用争不用抢了。” Murong Jinyan calculates that intermediate class links them also 40 to come individual, although today does not have all saw, but Lingfeng is so big, will live at the foot of the hill completely will not take too many places. 慕容瑾嫣算算中级班连他们在内也不过40来个人,今天虽然没全见到,但地灵峰这么大,全部居住在山脚下也不会占用太多地方。 „It is not! In order to closer spirit [lineage/vein], therefore in Lingfeng assigns to your places, only then a small house, but that is only a gateway, the genuine cave mansion enters the mountain massif from the gateway, inside has to open the come out space, the place is quite big, you want to make what/who ? to be good.” “并不是!为了能更接近灵脉,所以地灵峰上分配给你们的地方,只有一小栋房子,而那只是一个门户,真正的洞府是从门户进入山体内部,里面有开辟出来的空间,地方相当大,你们想做什么都行。” The Xu Xiaoyan words make Lin Yi and the others Qi Qi be startled, before they go simply has settled, truly only then a small house, has not thought that merely is a gateway. 徐笑妍的话让林逸等人齐齐一怔,在来之前他们都去简单的安顿过,确实只有一栋小房子,没想到那仅仅是个门户而已。 At that time had not discovered including Lin Yi how the genuine cave mansion should enter. 只是那时候连林逸都没发现,真正的洞府该如何进入。 Does not need doubts, waits for you to discover that enters the method of cave mansion, here does not need to say.” “不用疑惑,等回去你们就会发现进入洞府的方法,我这里也没必要多说。” The Xu Xiaoyan smiling face like the flower, thought that several people of expressions are quite interesting: Perhaps you thought that the cave mansion opens in the mountain peak, can still be occupied by many people, but is actually not such! Earth deities Yi within the body, over over 90% was occupied by a huge cultivate room!” 徐笑妍笑颜如花,觉得几人的表情都好有意思:“或许你们觉得洞府开辟在山峰内,依然可以住很多人,但其实并不是那样!地灵峰山体内,超过九成以上都被一个巨大的修炼室占据了!” cultivate room? Huge?” 修炼室?有多巨大?” Lin Yi has the cultivate room of flying upwards institute, to be honest, not spacious, therefore Xu Xiaoyan said that the cultivate room is giant, he also somewhat thinks otherwise. 林逸不是没去过飞扬学院的修炼室,老实说,并没有多宽敞,所以徐笑妍修炼室巨大,他还有些不以为然。 Said that over the Lingfeng mountain massif over 90%, you did think Lingfeng big?” “都说是超过地灵峰山体九成以上了,你觉得地灵峰有多大?” Xu Xiaoyan somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry, then hints Lin Yi to look to the entire mountain peak. 徐笑妍有些哭笑不得,然后示意林逸看向整座山峰。 That also really has to suffice in a big way......” “那还真是有够大……” Lin Yi is speechless immediately, Lingfeng wanted in a big way several times compared with the eyas peak, the foot was huge, from this conceivable, this cultivate room was giant. 林逸顿时无语,地灵峰比雏鹰峰要大了几倍,山脚更是庞大,由此就可以想象,这个修炼室有多巨大了。 In this cultivate room, carries on the god to know cultivate is the best choice, True Qi and Martial Skill and so on, but no one will waste the time to practice True Qi and Martial Skill.” “在这个修炼室中,进行神识修炼是最好的选择,真气武技之类的也可以,但谁都不会浪费时间去练习真气武技。” Xu Xiaoyan continues to brief the situation in cultivate room, this to Lin Yi several people of development very important: Your several besides mist, smoothly have quarried a mountain, cultivate that therefore the god knows appears especially important, because is promoted the developing time, must depend upon the god knowledge! In other words, the god knows the insufficiently formidable person, forever will not have been promoted the developing time the qualifications.” 徐笑妍继续介绍修炼室的情况,这对林逸几人的发展都很重要:“你们几个除了岚儿之外,都已经顺利开山,所以神识的修炼就显得尤为重要,因为晋级辟地期,必须依靠神识!换言之,神识不够强大的人,将永远没有晋级辟地期的资格。” Lin Yi somewhat is slightly stunned, he really has not thought that the god knows regarding being promoted the developing time has the function of such important, but this aspect he does not need to be worried actually that his god knows, even if no longer grows, enough uses above the developing time. 林逸微微有些错愕,他还真是没有想到神识对于晋级辟地期有如此重要的作用,不过这方面他倒是无须担心,他的神识即便不再增长,也足够用到辟地期以上。 Teacher, that this cultivate room, can we arbitrarily enter? When must with the beforehand newborn class is the same, needs the school grades to meet the standard, then exchanges with the task integral?” “导师,那这个修炼室,我们都可以随意进入么?还是要和之前新生班时一样,需要学分达到标准,然后用任务积分兑换?” Asking of Murong Jinyan very concern, although is promoted the developing time also early, but this is a long accumulation process, must arrange early. 慕容瑾嫣很关心的问道,虽然晋级辟地期还早,但这是一个漫长的积累过程,必须及早筹备起来。 Same, the system of institute will not change, your school grades do not have the issue, achieves the admittance threshold sufficiently, including Lin Yi.” “一样,学院的体系不会变动,不过你们的学分都没问题,足以达到准入门槛,包括林逸在内。” Xu Xiaoyan looks with a smile to Lin Yi, although he leaves the institute to be very long, even not on well the curriculum of newborn class, so long as adopted the inspection basic school grades not to have the issue: Only what you need to be worried is the task integral is insufficient, the integral exchange of Lingfeng cultivate room is very expensive.” 徐笑妍笑着看向林逸,他虽然离开学院很久,甚至都没怎么好好上新生班的课程,但只要通过了考核基本学分就没问题了:“你们唯一需要担心的是任务积分不够用,地灵峰修炼室的积分兑换可是很贵的哦。” Several people somewhat are then silent, truly, the task integral is a good thing, newborn class time needs the massive task integrals to exchange various cultivate time as well as resources goods, basically nobody will have surplus. 这下几人都有些沉默,确实,任务积分是个好东西,新生班的时候就需要大量任务积分来兑换修炼时间以及各种资源物品,基本上没人会有剩余。 But usually is not casual can receive satisfied task, therefore the growth integral is not quick. 而平时又不是随便就能接到满意的任务,所以增长积分可没那么快。 Lin Yi participates in the Heaven and Earth spirit fire to move, is task, but he has not put out the partner life hot crystal, therefore does not calculate to complete task, only then little task integral meaning meaning. 林逸参加天地灵火行动,也算是一次任务,但他没有拿出伴生灵火晶,所以不算完成任务,只有一点点任务积分意思意思。 Ha Ha, is actually relative to the function of cultivate room, the task integral is very cheap, a day 20 integrals, you try hard, does not calculate that is difficult to gain.” “哈哈,其实相对于修炼室的作用而言,任务积分还是很便宜的,一天20个积分而已,你们努力点,也不算难赚。” Xu Xiaoyan comforts several people with a smile, but sounds more like the attack. 徐笑妍笑着安慰几人,不过听起来更像是打击。 Two ten task integrals look like not many, but merely is day of time, this knows cultivate too to be really short regarding the god. 二十任务积分看起来不多,但仅仅是一天时间而已,这对于神识修炼而言实在太短。 The cultivate room light in eyas peak looked that the unit price seems to be more expensive than place Lingfeng, but the newborn class just contacted the god to know cultivate at that time, the single cultivate time cannot be too long, in order to avoid affects the Yuan god. 在雏鹰峰上的修炼室光看单价似乎比地灵峰还要贵,但那时候新生班是刚接触神识修炼,单次修炼时间不能太长,以免影响元神。 Therefore that is also equal to the protection new student in disguised form, was different to Lingfeng, everybody's god knew entered the fast period of expansion, a day two days of were cultivate sufficient? 所以那也等于是在变相的保护新生,到了地灵峰就不同了,大家的神识都进入了快速发展期,一天两天的修炼怎么够用? Teacher, we make task also to spend a lot of time, the integral that obtains is not necessarily able to use for several days, will this delay cultivate?” “导师,我们做任务也会花费很多时间,得到的积分未必能用几天,这样岂不是会耽误修炼?” The quickest renewal correct novel read, please visit 最快更新无错小说阅读,请访问 Please collect the home station to read the latest novel! 请收藏本站阅读最新小说!
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