RS :: Volume #4 北冥钓鲲

#740: I am the animal!

Chapter 739, I am the animal! 第739章、我是禽兽! The calmness does not have the rain, does not have the star not to have the moon/month. 无风无雨,无星也无月。 Does not have jackdaw night empty, does not have the drunkard to push the door. 无寒鸦夜枵,更无醉鬼推门。 This is ordinary a day, if not Song Tingyun and Cui Family careful young lady at the today's big marriage. 这是再平凡不过的一天,假如不是宋氏停云崔家的小心小姐在今日大婚的话。 But, this will be doomed is not a tranquil day. 可是,这将注定不是一个平静的日子。 Even if in «Divine land Records of the Grand Historian» that in the posterity carries, has left behind one of the dark ink serious wound. 即便是在后人所载的《神州史记》之中,也留下了浓墨重彩的一笔。 He came! 他来了! With the sad drinking sound of old steward, a formidable pressure drops from the clouds suddenly. It looks like beyond the day the meteorite soon will pound together in the old home top, likely is a transparent gas hood suddenly the old dwelling yard covering. 随着老管家的一声沉闷的喝声,一股强大的威压突然间从天而降。就像是一块天外陨石即将砸在老宅屋顶,又像是一个透明气罩突然间将老宅小院给笼罩其中。 All people have the feeling of not gasping for breath. 所有人都有种喘不过气来的感觉。 Draft animal that the backyard raises, in the pool sea-monster felt scared, called the pitiful yell, going all out dug the hoof to fling the tail to hit the turning circle circle. 后院养的牲口,池子里面的游鱼都感觉到了恐慌,一个个的呜鸣惨叫,拼命的撅着蹄子甩着尾巴打转着圈圈。 Bang ------ 砰------ The room door was opened by the gravity. 房间门被重力推开。 Was not shoved open, but was shoved open by the wind. 不是被人推开,而是被风推开。 Long time, has the delicate and pretty man who the white clothing wins snow to appear in the entrance slowly. 良久,才有白衣胜雪的俊美男子缓缓的出现在门口。 This is the toxin of morning glory ----- The faint trace continuously, just likes the rope of lead cattle. Does not need to make an effort, can actually affect thousand Stone Daniu. Is very thorny?” “这是牵牛花之毒-----丝丝缕缕,犹如牵牛之绳。无需用力,却能够牵动千石大牛。是不是很棘手?” Li Muyang ----- Both hands of Song Gudu build above the Song Chenxi wrist|skill, still tenacious and granddaughter within the body obstinate fights poisonously, is not lifting makes noise saying: Long time does not see, the old man waited there for some time.” 李牧羊-----”宋孤独的双手搭在宋晨曦的手腕之上,仍然固执的和孙女体内的顽毒做着斗争,头也不抬的出声说道:“多日不见,老头子恭候多时了。” „The name of old deity really lives up to reputation.” Li Muyang calm looks that in room is going all out the old person who consumes within the body True Qi to treat and cure the granddaughter, front is to then kill its clansman are innumerable, extinguishes its Lu clan life and death archenemy, Li Muyang actually the tiny bit mighty waves, perhaps, long time plan at heart, waiting is this moment arrival? This was the matter of being destined, anger, stimulated, or other these mood somewhat is not worthy of mentioning. It seems like the old deity already guessed correctly that I must come.” “老神仙之名果然名不虚传。”李牧羊一脸平静的看着屋子里正在拼命消耗体内真气去救治孙女的老人,面前这位便是杀其族人无数,灭其陆氏家族的生死大敌,李牧羊的心里却不起一丝一毫的波澜,或许,多日谋划,等待的便是这一刻的到来吧?这是命中注定的事情,愤怒、亢奋、或者其它的那些情绪就有些微不足道了。“看来老神仙早就猜到我要来了。” Killed Song Yu, the dirt clear forest, delivered the number of people, besides your this dragonet, who dares to handle these matters to my Song?” Song Gudu same is calm. In his eye includes the anxiety, but that anxiety actually not because of Li Muyang. What his anxiety is granddaughter's condition, oneself so make an effort, still did not have the means that wisp of tiny nameless toxin to thorough blocking, this lets him really distressed. “杀宋玉,污清林,送人头,除了你这头小龙,还有谁人敢对我宋氏做这些事情?”宋孤独同样的一脸平静。他的眼里含有忧虑,但是那忧虑却不是因为李牧羊而起。他忧虑的是孙女的病情,自己如此用力,却仍然没办法将那一缕细小的无名之毒给彻底的封死,这着实让他心焦不已。 Although said that medical military does not divide family property, but, Wu after is not the medical ethics. The Song Gudu martial arts cultivate for nearly demigod, but the medicine actually slightly knows the superficial knowledge together. To solve granddaughter's condition, truly is not an easy matter. 虽然说医武不分家,但是,武家终归不是医道。宋孤独的武道修为近乎半仙,但是医之一道却只是略知皮毛。想要解决孙女的病情,确实不是一桩容易的事情。 Knows that nothing can hide the truth from your this Eye of Starry Sky.” “就知道没有什么事情能够瞒得过你这位星空之眼。” No, you have deceived me. I have not thought that Chu Ning is willing to make the puppet for you unexpectedly, comes to use the toxin in the name of visitation to my granddaughter Chenxi ------ She thinks seriously that depends on you one strength to destroy my Song? After she isn't worried about this matter to settle , the retaliation of Song? At that time, feared that was her Princess even/including Fei could not make, waited for that her had the dead end ----- Doesn't she fear death?” “不,你还是将我骗过了。我怎么也没有想过,楚宁竟然甘愿为你做傀儡,假借探访名义前来对我孙女晨曦用毒------难道她当真以为,就凭你一已之力就可以毁灭我宋氏?难道她就一点儿也不担心此事了结之后宋氏的报复吗?那个时候,怕是她连废公主也做不成了,等待她的只有死路一条-----她不怕死吗?” Fears death. Who don't the common people fear death?” Li Muyang said with a smile: Your Song can kill his father, can kill his brothers, can kill their Chu over a hundred several thousand people ------ How also to pay attention to a previous dynasty princess's poor life? Also because fears death, day and night was worried one will die, oneself will march into the father elder brother's footsteps ----- Therefore she does not hesitate to stake everything on a single throw of the dice ----- Lost, dead end. If there is won, then did not need to withstand suffering of this fearing death. Dying is the flash, fears death is actually year by year.” “怕死。世人谁不怕死?”李牧羊笑着说道:“你们宋氏能够杀了他的父亲,能够杀了他的兄弟,能够杀了他们楚氏成百数千人------又岂会将一个前朝公主的小命放在眼里?也正是因为怕死,日日夜夜都在担心自己会死,自己会步入父亲兄长的后尘-----所以她才不惜孤注一掷-----输了,死路一条。若是赢了,便再也不用承受这种怕死的折磨了。死是一瞬间,怕死却是一年又一年。” Stands to reason. Actually old man matter thinking too simply.” Song Gudu an appearance of understanding clearly, Li Muyang comes to explain that to him why probably Princess Chu Ning must intoxicate to Song Chenxi, but he was also very easy to accept this reason to be common. „A person, if the time dreaded the death, might as well death will settle everything simply.” “言之有理。倒是老头子把事情给想得太简单了。”宋孤独一幅了然的模样,好像李牧羊过来就是为了向他解释楚宁公主为何要向宋晨曦下毒,而他又很容易接受了这个理由一般。“一个人若是时刻畏惧死亡,索性不如一死了之。” Is this truth.” Li Muyang echoes was saying. “就是这个道理。”李牧羊附和着说道。 Old man has an issue unable to think through, isn't Chenxi your friend? Why can you also this violent treachery to her? She everywhere turns toward you to maintain you, can you also take her life?” “老头子有一个问题想不通,晨曦不是你的朋友吗?为何你还要向她下此毒手?她处处向着你维护你,你还要取她性命?” Li Muyang corner of the eye micro cold, cold sound said: Because I am the animal.” 李牧羊眼角微凛,冷声说道:“因为我是禽兽。” ------- “-------” „Haven't you insulted Dragon race eat the animal of person heart and liver? Unreadable what do I make such matter to have?” “你们不是一直辱骂龙族是吃人心肝的禽兽吗?我做出这样的事情有什么难以理解的?” This actually ----- Also could convince.” Song Gudu obviously by Li Muyang the answer choking, honestly is so straightforward and utterly shameless, but also really has the styles of their Human race certain shameless degenerates. “这倒是-----也说得通。”宋孤独明显被李牧羊的这个答案给噎到了,如此坦诚直白又死不要脸,还真是有他们人族某些无耻败类的风范。 Therefore, I have opportunity to take your life.” The Li Muyang ruthless sound said: I know that your great strength, I know your cultivation for boundary striving even more, even if I have Dragon Soul to take possession, regardless of my diligent effort, wants to surmount your hundred years to repair in a short time is, is not an easy matter ----- Let alone, I must shear on your neck in the shortest time the number of people. Therefore, has to offer this bad plan.” “所以,我才有机会来取你性命。”李牧羊狠声说道:“我知道你的强大,我知道你的修为境界越发的精进,就算我有龙魂附体,无论我多么的勤奋努力,想要在短时间内超越你百年修为,也不是一件容易的事情-----更何况,我还要在最短的时间里割走你颈上人头。所以,就只好出此下策了。” Is reasonable. With killing compared with me, the Chenxi life was not worth regarding as important. Is not? If I, I so will also do. I said these, pours for do not castigate you. Also, what standpoint did I have and qualifications castigate you to kill my female of Song? Lu can clansman that our Song kills be few?” “有道理。与杀我相比,晨曦的命也就不那么值得看重了。是也不是?若是我,我也会这般做的。我说那些,倒也不是为了要苛责你。再说,我有什么立场和资格苛责你杀了我宋氏的女子呢?我们宋氏杀死的陆氏族人可还少?” I know your intention, you want randomly my disposition ----- What a pity, before I am not, that Li Muyang. You have any dirty trick greatly to cause ------ Because you , if not use, I must use.” “我知道你的意图,你想乱我心性-----可惜,我已经不是以前那个李牧羊了。你们有什么卑鄙手段大可以使出来------因为你们要是不用的话,我就要用了。” Mean is the pass of sneaker. You really grow into ------ Made the person have to the heart live to fear the evil dragon of intent. Early knows today, regrets past mistakes.” “卑鄙是卑鄙者的通行证。你果然成长成为------一头让人不得不心生惧意的恶龙了。早知今日,悔不当初啊。” You will also regret one had done wrong thing? Will you also regret under this violent treachery to Lu? If this passes on, feared that will make the divine land person scoff?” “你也会后悔自己曾经做过的错事?你也会后悔对陆氏下此毒手?这要是传出去的话,怕是会让神州人耻笑的吧?” What I regret, that time cannot keep you ------ If previous infiltrates your body nine nether world nails completely, where will have the following repeated difficulties? The good fortune makes the person.” “我后悔的是,那一次没能将你留下来------若是上一回将九根幽冥钉全部都打入你的身体,哪里还会有后面的风风雨雨?造化弄人。” Really refuses stubbornly to repent, the feelings were rotten to the core.” Looks at silver-haired Song Gudu, saying of Li Muyang face ridicule: Is first time meets such thorny aspect? If drops, the granddaughter who oneself most love will die. If not drop, oneself will die ------ Before you gave to push others to being in a dilemma region. Has not thought that some day will also fall into the hell?” “真是死不悔改,心肠坏透了。”看着满头银发的宋孤独,李牧羊一脸讥讽的说道:“是不是第一次遇到这样棘手的局面?倘若放手的话,自己最疼爱的孙女会死。倘若不放手的话,自己又会死------以前你都是将别人给推至两难境地。没想到有朝一日自己也会身陷地狱吧?” Yes. Stopping Water Sword Hall facing the street assassination, if you have exposed the Dragon race status, then you and your family member will die. If you have not exposed the Dragon race status, perhaps dies at the scene the person is you ----- What has not thought that you really have Heart of Weak Water this divine land magical instrument guard, causes Mu Yubai that probed the child's play, has become the Tiandu laughingstock, instead has encouraged the prestige of boy. This is also my faulty stroke in handwriting. To come to be really laughable.” “是啊。止水剑馆当街刺杀,倘若你暴露了龙族身份,那么你和你的家人都会死。若是你没有暴露龙族身份,恐怕当场死得人便是你-----只是没想到的是,你竟然有弱水之心这种神州神器护身,导致木浴白的那场试探成了儿戏,成了天都笑柄,反而助长了小子的威名。这也是我的败笔。想来实在可笑。” That is I assigns should not certainly. Ascends the sky leaves behind a remnant life to me, to let me comes to take revenge to you.” Li Muyang expression fierce saying: My grandfather's death, my Lu clansman over a hundred thousand deaths, are loyal to my Lu the death of loyal minister brave officer ----- The shame and grievance that my Lu encounters, the nether world nail of father and my within the body, each article, a village, then has your number of people to repay today ----- “那是我命不该绝。上天给我留下一条残命,就是为了让我来向你复仇。”李牧羊表情狰狞的说道:“我爷爷的死,我陆氏族人成百千口的死、忠于我陆氏的忠臣勇将的死-----我陆氏所遭遇的耻辱和委屈,还有父亲和我体内的幽冥钉,一件件,一桩村,今日便有你的人头来偿还吧-----” Choking ------ 呛------ Li Muyang stopped doing Peach Blossom Sword. 李牧羊抽出手中的桃花剑 The flower fragrance is strong, the sword air/Qi. 花香浓烈,剑气袭人。 Song Gudu has gained ground finally, his line of sight pale such as on the small face of snow shifts from Song Chenxi, with side old steward look looking at each other, sound assured saying: This dragonet careless killing to my old dwelling, had feared that was that side the Tingyun wedding early had the accident ------ 宋孤独终于抬头了,他的视线从宋晨曦苍白如雪的小脸上转移,和旁边的老管家眼神对视,声音笃定的说道:“这头小龙大大咧咧的杀到了我的老宅,怕是停云的婚礼那边早已经生了变故------” Has Zhong to seek, also some innumerable masters plunder ----- Had Cui Shang city Wei Jun, had the Tingyun Qilin armed forces, even if were the army threatens the border, how them. You put to feel relieved freely.” “有仲谋在,又有无数高手掠阵-----有崔尚的城卫军,有停云的麒麟军,就算是大军压境,也奈何不了他们。你尽管放宽心。” Feared that their side heart sorrow old dwelling safety, divides forces many, 11 was defeated.” “就怕他们那边心忧老宅安危,分兵多处,被人11击破。” Cannot. At one month of beginning, we will then puncture greatly several hundred li (0.5km) of period of five days to the Tiandu city to disperse before the wedding. If there is any wind to blow the lawn, already had the news to pass on. Without the major stockholder influence invasion, how possible wound to result in the city health/guard armed forces Qilin armed forces strengthening of the armed forces fierce dead like this?” “不会的。在大婚前一个月始,我们便将刺候向天都城外数百里散了出去。若是有什么风吹草地,早就有消息传了出来。没有大股势力入侵,又怎么可能伤得了城卫军麒麟军这样的强军悍卒?” „The matter of today, feared that must trouble you.” “今日之事,怕是要麻烦你了。” Was the old companion, added that what these words did make?” The old steward said with a smile. “都是老伙计了,还说这些话做什么?”老管家笑着说道。 Hopes that your hand has not lived.” “希望你的手还没有生。” Kills people this matter ------ Has one time, can remember for a lifetime.” “杀人这种事情------有过一次,就能够让人记住一辈子。” The old steward said these words time, the expression on face starts to stretch, on the face that deeply wrinkle then gradually vanishes. Quick, his was old face that the grey defeat as if fully suffered to whet to turn into the black hair young face unexpectedly, had the 28 youth same hair colors and skins. 老管家说这句话的时候,脸上的表情开始舒展,脸上那深遂的皱纹逐渐消失。很快的,他那原本苍老灰败仿佛饱受磨砺的面孔竟然变成了黑发童颜,拥有了28少年一样的发色和皮肤。 Bang ----- 轰----- Old person's body inspires fiercely, dust exposes in abundance. 老人的身体猛地一振,身上的灰尘纷纷抖落。 The grey robe turned into the silver garment, the black hair from the sky scattered with the wind. 灰袍变成了银衫,黑发随风在空中飘散。 His curving back has straightened up, looks like also probably greatly be bigger than Li Muyang. 他弯曲的脊背挺直了起来,看起来要比李牧羊还要更加的伟岸高大起来。 Li Muyang stares the big eye to look that this has served the old steward side Song Gudu, on chapter of come Song old dwelling visiting time, this old man help opens the door to lead the way. Probably some people had introduced at that time also his name, was called any Bolai, but, Li Muyang already that name forgetting beyond mind. 李牧羊瞪大眼睛看着这个一直侍候在宋孤独身边的老管家,上一回自己来宋氏老宅拜访的时候,还是这个老头子帮忙开门引路。好像当时还有人介绍过他的名字,叫什么伯来着,可是,李牧羊早就将那个名字给忘记在脑海之外了。 Who can remember a such unimportant person? 谁能够记住这样的一个小人物? What no one has thought that is he unexpectedly a hideaway extremely deep peerless master? 谁也没有想到的是,他竟然是一个隐藏极深的绝世高手? Looked like I must report to Young Master Muyang again ----- Old steward looks at Li Muyang with a laugh, makes noise saying: Obsolete west gate uses judgment ------ Feared that was the present young fellow nobody has still remembered this name?. The name eventually is only a mark. Has not thought that old, but also some people force to draw a sword with the person obsolete. Really violates the conscience.” “看起来我要重新向牧羊公子介绍一下自己了-----”老管家笑呵呵的看着李牧羊,出声说道:“老朽西门酌情------怕是现在的少年人已经没有人还记得这个名字了吧?也罢,也罢。名字终究只是一个符号。只是没有想到,老了老了,还有人逼迫老朽与人拔剑。实在是违背本心啊。” Sword Confucianism person?” The Li Muyang sinking sound said. “剑圣门人?”李牧羊沉声说道。 The quickest renewal correct novel read, please visit 最快更新无错小说阅读,请访问 Please collect the home station to read the latest novel! 请收藏本站阅读最新小说!
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