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#2636: Happy

Pen interest pavilion, renewed pill sovereign Emperor Wu most quickly! 笔趣阁,最快更新丹皇武帝! Chapter 2636 is happy 第2636章皆大欢喜 You discussed, who works with whom, coexists a galaxy.” “你们自己讨论,谁跟谁合作,共处一个星系。” Regarding your galaxy arrangements, the scale of Lord star decides in 35 million li (0.5 km) diameter, the quantity of attached star decides in 15, the scale in ten million/countless in the diameter about.” “对于你们的星系安排,主星的规模定在三千五百万里的直径,附属星球的数量定在十五颗,规模都在千万里直径左右。” All tribes of stars, I will awaken, random distribution to your galaxies.” “还有星辰界的所有部落,我都会唤醒,随机分配到你们的星系里面。” I will not directly interfere with your development, but must remind you, the development of galaxy and stars is entirely different from a tribe, you must adjust the concept to come ten million/countless.” “我不会直接干涉你们的发展,但一定要提醒你们,星系和星辰的发展跟一个部落截然不同,你们千万要调整过概念来。” Also, the development of each galaxy concerns the destiny of empire. If the empire is not very powerful, the insufficient unity, will inevitably receive the shame in the future endless star sea.” “还有,每一个星系的发展都关乎帝国的命运。帝国如果不够强盛,不够团结,势必会在未来的无尽星海里受到羞辱。” You are the source gods, should understand my meaning.” “你们都是源神,应该明白我的意思。” Jiang Yi really needs to remind to them, after all before these source gods, is to control 1 million li (0.5 km) mountains and rivers, moreover in the mountains and rivers few living creatures, their tribe is only over a thousand people. Now, more than ten stars, each star 1 trillion lives. 姜毅真需要给他们提个醒,毕竟这些源神之前都是掌控百万里山河的,而且山河里面没几个活物,他们自己的部落都只是上千人而已。现在呢,十几颗星球,每颗星球万亿生灵。 After source god who arranges stars, Jiang Yi to the control and forbidden area of universe makes the arrangement. 安排好星辰界的源神后,姜毅又对宇宙的主宰和禁区做安排。 Nine, darkness and Asura, no absurdly, the Lord star of your galaxy, the scale decide in 39 million li (0.5 km), the attached star decides 18.” “九相、黑暗、修罗、无妄,你们星系的主星,规模定在三千九百万里,附属星球都定十八颗。” Other galaxies, the Lord star scale decides in 35 million li (0.5 km), the attached star decides about 15.” “其他各位的星系,主星规模定在三千五百万里,附属星球定在十五颗左右。” What's wrong?” “如何?” The control and forbidden areas universe in are very satisfied. 宇宙里的主宰和禁区们都很满意。 Nine their three eventually are the heroes, the Lord star and attached star surpass other, natural. 九相他们三位终究是功臣,主星和附属星球优于其他的,理所应当。 However does not have the excessive disparity, makes deceive them to satisfy. 但是没有过度的差距,也让乌蒙他们心里满意。 This belonged happily. 这属于皆大欢喜了。 Extremely is only happy is a little slightly depressed, oneself is a hero, although is the later period expresses. 唯独极乐稍微有点郁闷,自己怎么也算功臣吧,虽然是后期表示的。 At this time Jiang Yi antipode happy main road: I hope that is independent Long Kui, does not know whether you can give up what one treasures?” 这时候姜毅对极乐之主道:“我希望把龙馗独立出来,不知道你能否割爱?” Enters your vermilion bird galaxy, is......” “是进你的朱雀星系,还是……” Independent galaxy!” “独立的星系!” If he accepts, I do not have the opinion.” “如果他接受,我没意见。” The extremely happy lord satisfied, no wonder they are not like Asura, pulls out Long Kui, their two definitely are the close allies, must have the cooperation, this is also to an own kindness. 极乐之主满意了,怪不得不跟修罗他们一样呢,把龙馗抽离出去,他们两家肯定是亲密的盟友,相互间少不了合作,这也算是对自己的一个恩惠吧。 Before Jiang Yi, had not planned is independent Long Kui, the galaxy quantity that but the square shape decides were many, he please comes out Long Kui simply. 姜毅之前是没打算把龙馗独立出来的,但方形定的星系数量多了,他干脆把龙馗请出来吧。 A discussion, happy. 一番讨论,皆大欢喜。 The Jiang Yi arrangement disperses them, scatters to various alpha of ursa minor places, making them first be familiar with the star environment, considers the good following plan development. 姜毅安排把他们散开,撒到帝星各处,让他们先熟悉星球环境,考虑好接下来的规划发展。 Afterward, Jiang Yi Heaven Source, Long Kui and numerous wonderful day, invited alone. 随后,姜毅天源龙馗、众妙天,单独请了出来。 Later, was the galaxy lord, controlled ten several stars, guarded empire. “以后啊,就是星系之主了,掌控十数颗星球,镇守帝国一方。 Hopes you diligently, the coordinate alpha of ursa minor builds a powerful galaxy empire well. ” 希望你们好好努力,配合帝星打造一个强盛的星河帝国。” Jiang Yi discussed that with them was more relaxed. 姜毅跟他们讨论起来轻松多了。 Heaven Source is filled with emotion, finally under wanted to bet the table? 天源感慨万千,终于要下赌桌了? In the first half lost assigns/life did not have, in the second half jumped from the Celestial Emperor level to the control level directly? 上半场输得命都没了,下半场直接从天帝级跃升到主宰级了? Full that this unrestrained gambling really gains. 这场豪赌真是赚的盆满钵满。 The key Lord the relations with Jiang Yi this empire hit, later family position was definitely safe. 关键是跟姜毅这位帝国之主的关系打好了,以后的‘家族地位’肯定是稳稳当当的。 Heaven Source asked: My attached stars, can inside people, come back?” 天源问道:“我那些附属星球,里面的子民,都能回来?” Jiang Yi nods: Naturally will come back, cannot be few.” 姜毅点头:“当然会回来,一个都不能少。” The Heaven Source outline shows the light happy expression: Good unable to be few.” 天源的轮廓露出淡淡笑意:“好一个一个都不能少。” „, The day wing clan of your star, I must carry off.” “不过呢,你们星球的天翼族,我得带走。” Thanks for the compliment. You want that three to live the emperor clan to be good again.” “好说好说。你再要那三生帝族都行。” Three lived the emperor clan even, that was your.” “三生帝族就算了,那是你们的。” „Haven't you had an experience with that girl? Called anything to come, emperor Nija.” “你不是跟那丫头有过一段经历吗?叫什么来着,帝尼娅。” You stop!” “你打住吧!” Marries you?” “嫁给你?” „Were you only the outline, the train of thought are so active?” “你还只是轮廓,思绪就这么活跃了?” I will deliver another day to you.” “我改天给你送过去。” Heaven Source was really excited, a little beyond control feeling. 天源真的是太兴奋了,有点无法控制的感觉。 Heaven Source, can you chat a matter!” 天源,你能不能聊点正事儿!” The numerous wonderful day hurries to break, worries asking Jiang Yi that anticipates: My star? By the Child of Secrecy destruction ?” 众妙天赶紧打断,着急又期待的问姜毅:“我的星球呢?就是被诡秘之子覆灭之前的?” Jiang Yi said: Which space and time you decide, where I recovered your star.” 姜毅道:“你定哪个时空,我就从哪里把你的星球复苏了。” The numerous wonderful day sighs with emotion: Direct interception space and time? You were really are flamboyant big.” 众妙天感慨:“直接截取时空了?你真是牛逼大了。” Jiang Yi said with a smile: Has anything to request, raises although, I can satisfy. However, only then this time, waits for the universe to found, the empire opens, true I must leave you.” 姜毅笑道:“有什么要求,尽管提,我都能满足。但是,只有这一次,等宇宙创建,帝国开启,真正的我就要离开你们了。” Numerous wonderful Heavenly Dao: You, since said like this, I may probably choose a good time interval.” 众妙天道:“你既然这样说了,我可就要选个好时段了。” How is casual you to elect, I give you to arrange. However, keeps the numerous wonderful day tribe in my star to stay behind, inside that Black Dragon is my sister-in-law.” “随便你怎么选,我都给你安排好。不过呢,留在我星球里的众妙天部落要留下,里面那条黑龙已经是我弟妹了。” Small gift, the entire Black Dragon clan picks to give you alone.” “小意思,整条黑龙族都单独摘出来给你。” The numerous wonderful day starts the earnest consideration, the new empire, is the new cultivation system, he must run more than ten stars directly, is more magnificent than the control of cosmic period, in the future some day, even can nine they are treated equally with Asura. 众妙天开始认真的考虑起来,新的帝国啊,还是新的修炼体系,他要直接掌管十几颗星球,比宇宙时期的主宰们都要辉煌,未来某天,甚至能跟修罗和九相他们平起平坐。 He must plan well, chooses the most appropriate period. 他必须要好好规划,选个最合适的时期。 Long Kui joke: You are independent me, happy can the extremely old fogy want?” 龙馗笑语:“你把我独立出来,极乐老家伙能愿意?” Jiang Yi teased: He looks forward to you to walk. His galaxy, he takes responsibility, in you remain are easy to compete.” 姜毅打趣:“他巴不得你走呢。他的星系,他做主,你留在里面容易喧宾夺主。” That but actually is also.” “那倒也是。” Long Kui gives free reign to the imagination, the lord of galaxy, the control power of more than ten stars. 龙馗畅想起来,星系之主啊,十几颗星球的管控权。 How should arrange? 该如何安排呢? Three kill nine ominously to divide, but also is insufficient. 三杀九凶都分出去,还不够呢。 Heaven Source, positions of between your galaxy situated in protection galaxies and other galaxies. 天源,你们星系位于守护星系和其他星系之间的位置。 Front is neighboring pill sovereign and galaxy safely, behind is approaching nine, darkness and Milky Way that three galaxies. 前面紧邻着丹皇和安然的星系,后面临近着九相、黑暗、天河那三个星系。 The position is very special, can continue the protection galaxy, can contact other these complex galaxies. 位置很特殊,即能承接守护星系,也能接触其他那些复杂的星系。 I give you a suggestion , to continue your old profession, focuses on developing the chamber of commerce, maintains the relations with other galaxies. ” 我给你们一个建议,延续你的老本行,重点发展商会,搞好跟其他星系的关系。” Without the issue, I thinks.” “没问题,我就是那么想的。” Heaven Source is not good at doing what expansion of armaments to prepare and so on, even if returns to human race, is the calm character. 天源不擅长搞什么扩军备战之类的,哪怕回归到人族,也是沉稳的性格。 Milky Way these galaxies are 15-16 attached stars, decides 18 to you, they are like Asura. “天河那些星系都是15-16颗附属星球,给你定十八颗,跟修罗他们一样。 The diameter of attached star, will decide in ten million/countless above. 附属星球的直径,都会定在千万里以上。 The entire galaxy was huge from the scale, does not have the difference from the protection galaxy, therefore...... plans well! Okay development! ” 整个星系从规模上非常庞大了,跟守护星系没有差别,所以……好好规划!好好发展!” Jiang Yi is seemingly optional, actually profound meaning raised the sentence: Builds to become famous the galaxy caravan of empire, is in cahoots relations among various galaxies with the caravan.” 姜毅看似随意,实则深意的提了句:“打造出名动帝国的星河商队,用商队串通各星系间的联系。” The Heaven Source god knows moves, as if comprehended the meaning of Jiang Yi. 天源神识一动,似乎领会到了姜毅的意思。 Jiang Yi also said to Long Kui: „ Your star, and Heaven Source star approximately in online, but the position must be slightly remote, mixed in black ignorant/veiled these galaxies. 姜毅又对龙馗道:“你的星球,跟天源的星球大致在一条线上,但位置要稍微偏僻,混在了乌蒙那些星系之间。 My intention is also very clear, hopes before can draw support from you , the relations in forbidden area, is an intermediate, maintains their relations with the alpha of ursa minor for me. ” 我的意图也很明确,希望能借助你之前在禁区里的关系,做一个中间人,替我维持好他们跟帝星的关系。” I understand, gave me.” “我明白,交给我了。” Long Kui is astute, easily then comprehended the Jiang Yi two profound meanings. 龙馗何等精明,轻易便领会到了姜毅的两层深意。 First with a Heaven Source line key point, the meaning is future both sides must form some coordination, forms some relation. 第一层就是跟天源一条线这个重点,意思是将来双方要形成某种配合,组建某种联系。 Second, is to make certainly him safeguard Milky Way these fellows, do not cause trouble!! 第二层呢,当然就是让他看管好天河那些家伙,别闹事!! The numerous wonderful day asked: „Do we, what have to instruct specially?” 众妙天问道:“我们呢,有什么特殊指示?” Jiang Yi said: „ The position of your galaxy mixes in stars these groups of galaxies. There earlier period will be very possibly turbulent, you look for me. 姜毅道:“你们星系的位置是混在星辰界那些星系群里。那里前期可能会很动荡,你们替我看着点。 In the galaxy trains several space and speed class ethnic groups with emphasis, develops several militant ethnic groups again, to prepare emergency requirement. ” 星系里重点培养几个空间和速度类的族群,再发展几个好战的族群,以备不时之需。”
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