PWE :: Volume #10

#995: Selecting food

High noon, in the Hundred Flowers building goes out of several old men, white hair outstandingly beautiful female, in foreheads air/Qi with deep veneration, the look is serious and impressive and dignified manner, a ash-gray long unlined close-fitting gown. 正午时分,百花楼里走出几位老者,其中还有一位白发绝色女子,眉宇间肃然之气,神色严肃而又威仪,一袭灰色长衫。 Visits, the Hundred Flowers building is honored, the old man is Yu Lichun, is the head of this ten youth martial arts meetings, side they did not need me to introduce, Li Ji two Great Elder, the Li Yuan dragon elder and Ji Lutian elder, this time we also had a distinguished guest, the element of alienating oneself sword sect good elder.” “诸位光临,百花楼倍感荣幸,老夫是虞丽春,也是本次十家青年武道会的负责人,旁边两人不用我介绍了吧,李姬两家的大长老,李渊龙长老和姬麓天长老,这次我们还有一个贵宾,来自绝剑宗的素焉行长老。” Li Yuan dragon, Ji Lutian signal by nodding to below, usually the line much has not done to pay attention, this time came is certainly the convention of sword, 30 years one time comes to see to have the natural talent outstanding person, the introduction sword practices certainly. 李渊龙,姬麓天都点头示意对着下面,素焉行没有多做理会,本来这次来是绝剑的惯例,30年一次来看看有没有天资卓绝之人,引入绝剑修行。 Liu Sun Cao and the others look at element the line. 刘孙曹等人看着素焉行。 Good arrogant woman, I likes..” Liu Bei holds in the mouth the smoke to play cards. “好孤傲的女人,我喜欢。。”刘备叼着烟打牌。 Um, her chest is good, is accomplished Daoist priest that type, but has hung a little slightly..” Sun Quan caught the eye to size up. “嗯,她的胸型不错,是练师那种,但略微垂了那么一点。。”孙权抬眼打量了一下。 I bet 100,000 am White Tiger.” Cao Cao takes the cigarette ash that the cigar has shaken. “我赌100000是个白虎。”曹操拿下雪茄抖了抖抖不完的烟灰。 Vulgar.” Forest transparent white three people. “粗鄙。”林亮白了三人一眼。 Dines in advance, in the afternoon we start the first round martial arts contest again, takes your time.” Yu Lichun said that Ba Ruzheng and element line, several family Great Elder dine together. “先行用餐后下午我们再开始第一轮的比武,诸位慢用。”虞丽春说罢入正席和素焉行,几位家族大长老一起用餐。 Ye Cang clamped chopsticks bamboo shoots to chew fresh crisp had, but has not arrived at the dish crisp and tender that I planted, yeah, did not have delicious that I made, yeah...” 叶苍夹了一筷子芦笋嚼了嚼“鲜脆都有了,但没有到我种的菜脆嫩,哎,还没我做的好吃,哎。。。” Wu Na looks that his two sigh speechless [say / way] one after another behind that grew vegetables are everybody plant, you have planted one piece, moreover was one piece not the fragrant-flowered garlic that used to handle..” 吴娜看着他接连的两声叹息无语道“那后面种菜是大家都种了的,你就种了一片,而且还是一片不用打理的韭菜。。” Goes back us to make dumplings.” Ye Cang said with a smile, the people nodded the head joyfully. “回去我们包饺子吧。”叶苍笑道,众人欣然颔首。 Ate family's meal, these things, the tastelessness of food, but, made this flavor with this grade of food but actually, to 7 star high praises..” Liu Bei sheng one bowl of Buddha jumps over the wall shook the head saying that the going seeded player of multi- Linhai east district branch most buys, ten-star grading of customer is his pursue, but this time he turns into the allocation. “吃惯了家里的饭菜,这些东西,食之无味,不过倒也还可以,用这等食材就作出来这个味道,给个7星好评。。”刘备盛了一碗佛跳墙摇头道,最为买的多临海东区分部的外卖种子选手,客户的十星级评分是他的追求,不过这次他变成打分的了。 Technique is still permissible, but I have not eaten the intention of chef, this is the irrelevant craftsmanship and technique, but is a feeling, can feel when blending flavors, Old Wang, Old Li, Sister Mary, prepares food, that look can make you feel that these food in their hands are really being honored, but as of diner, is the respect of being filled with..” Lin Liang has not eaten the feather fan that is only drags to sigh „, if I have not misread, this dish stems from thousand treasure pavilions, has not thought that now the craftsmanship , the soul actually lost actually, what a pity, what a pity..” “手法尚可,但我没有吃到厨师的用心,这是无关手艺和手法的,而是一种感觉,在调味的时候就能感觉到,老王,老李,玛丽大姐,做菜时,那眼神都能让你感觉到这些食材在他们手里真的是一种荣幸,而作为食客的自己,更是满心的敬意。。”林亮没有下筷子只是摇曳的羽扇感叹“如果我没有看错的话,这菜出自千珍阁,没想到如今手艺倒是在,灵魂却丢了,可惜啊,可惜。。” You install anything X, eating that hurries.” The Jia Xu ill-humored [say / way], then ate one to shake the head indeed the food not to have the soul, seemed like rich, the regulations were empty.” “你装什么X,赶紧的吃。”贾诩没好气道,然后吃了一口摇了摇头“的确食之无魂,看似丰富,实则空洞。” Huang Zhongna wooden basin of filling a bowl with rice each has then caught up to order food, started to wolf down with the spoon directly „! Delicious!” 黄忠拿过盛饭的木盆然后每盘赶点菜下去,直接用饭勺就开始狼吞虎咽了“还可以!好吃!” „..........” Liu Bei and the others look that Huang Zhong is speechless for a very long time. “。。。。。。。。。。”刘备等人看着黄忠久久无言。 This liquor is actually good..” Cao Cao smelled. “这酒倒是不错。。”曹操闻了闻。 Void flower ferments, one of the Yu Family special products.” Lin Liang said with a smile. “虚空花酿,虞家的特产之一。”林亮笑道。 Has the tastiness that I ferment?” Liu Bei put out himself to use various Wan Jiupao back side of the mountain Rare fungus categories or the flowers, the vegetation, the liquor of food. “有我酿的好喝?”刘备拿出了自己用万酒泡各种后山稀有菌类或是花朵,草木,食材的酒。 You cheat.. Definitely might as well change the liquor.” Lin Liang said with a smile, in liquor that the sovereign uncle soaked, one liquor called the rainbow light liquor, added on the fruit that Happy Firmament dozens shape lusters varied to concoct with ten thousand liquor, the liquor flavor will change along with the time, this double-hour was a flavor, the next double-hour was another type out of the ordinary or the clearly opposite flavor, as deep as a well, provided much food for thought. “你这是作弊。。肯定不如变化之酒。”林亮笑道,皇叔泡的酒中,有一种酒叫虹光酒,用万酒加上苍天乐的数十种形状色泽各异的果实炮制,酒的味道会随着时间而变化,这个时辰是一个味道,下一个时辰又是另一种与众不同或是截然相反的风味,让人难以捉摸,回味无穷。 Liu Bei put out the rainbow light liquor shrivelled, Ye Cang mouth this gadget has drunk, drank is the different taste trash beer..” 刘备拿出了虹光酒,叶苍瘪了瘪嘴“这玩意儿喝过去,喝过来都是不同口味的垃圾啤酒。。” That only is restricted in you...” ThornyRose white his eyes Liu Biao ge, gives me to pour one cup.” “那只仅限于你而已。。。”刺玫白了他一眼“刘表哥,给我倒一杯。” Lin Liang drinks next, brow raised? This liquor spent of the time of flavor change to be for a long time shorter, now the seconds of entrance 3. in the oral cavity changes flavor, oneself tasted for a long time tasted about ten types out of the ordinary ferments certainly, Wan Jiu, was really mysterious thing. 林亮喝下一口,眉头一挑,哦?这酒泡久了味道变化的时间就越短,现在入口在口腔里3秒一个变味,自己品尝间久尝到了近十种与众不同的绝酿,万酒,真是的神奇的东西。 Usually line of attention but actually forest bright here, brow raised, is he, big sword sovereign Lin Lan foster father.. When the forest senior, is young goes to Lin Family sect time also has received his direction, arrives at Lin Liang behind senior.. May still remember the line.” 素焉行注意倒了林亮这边,眉头一挑,是他,大剑皇・林岚的养父。。林前辈,年少时去林家宗门的时候还受过他的指点,来到林亮身后“前辈。。可还记得焉行。” Naturally, the line, has not thought you cultivate to promote such rapidness, really azure front( element azure front) no lack of successors to carry on.” Lin Liang said with a smile in a low voice do not think that we came to see the little friend participation of junction of forgetting year, does not want to be known by others..” “当然,焉行,没想到你修为增进的如此之快,果然青锋(素青锋)后继有人。”林亮低声笑道“不要多想,我们只是来看看忘年之交的小友参赛,不想受到别人知晓。。” „The line, knew, invited the senior as one likes.” Usually the line understands that Lin Liang does not want to be paid attention are too many, for 200 years, he little appears, does not want to be disturbed, has not said anything, looked at Liu Sun Cao and the others, remembers silently, is Ye Cang, Zhang Zhengxiong, Lin Le these juniors, nodded returned to own seat silently. “焉行,知道了,请前辈自便。”素焉行明白林亮是不想被人关注太多,200年来,他很少出现,不想被人打扰,没有多说什么,看了刘孙曹等人一眼,默默记住,然后是叶苍,张正雄,林乐这些小辈,点了点头默默回到了自己的席位上。 **?” Liu Bei collects to be excessive. “**?”刘备凑过头来。 „..........” The forest bright feather fan held his face sovereign uncle, bright was not this person.” “。。。。。。。。。。”林亮羽扇托开了他的脸“皇叔,亮不是这种人。” Impudent and shameless?” Sun Quan teased. “厚颜无耻?”孙权打趣道。 Zhong seeks, Kong Ming's wife what, you are not do not know.. Yeah, meeting junction friend, normal.” Cao Cao receives the cigar. “仲谋,孔明的老婆啥样,你又不是不知道。。哎,会‘交’友,正常。”曹操收起雪茄。 Said again I may live...” Lin Lianghua has not said that Liu Sun Cao simultaneously stands to say with a smile what lives!?” “再说我可生。。。”林亮话还未说完,刘孙曹齐齐站起来笑道“生什么!?” Lin Liang looked at one momentarily to make up blade own Jia Xu numerous sighing nothing..” 林亮又看了一眼随时要补刀自己的贾诩重重的叹了口气“没什么。。” Oh, always do not bully the bright brother..” XV peacemakers said that what are more is cares fortifies yang specially pill. “哎呀,不要老是欺负亮老哥嘛。。”XV和事佬道,更多的是在意特别壮阳的丹。 The people continue to start to drink to eat meal. 众人继续开始喝酒吃饭。 After is liquor sating the appetite foot, the breath the moment, ten youth martial arts also officially will pull slightly open to eliminate the curtain, the ballot system that the martial arts contest adopts, Ye Cang have pulled out one casually, above writes yellow 17, Huang Zu in respective world yellow and black, Zhang Zhengxiong pulled out said day 19, Lin Le pulled out unreliably 13. 算是酒饱饭足后,稍息了片刻,十家青年武道会也正式拉开了淘汰掉帷幕,比武采取的抽签制,叶苍随便抽了一根,上面写着黄・17,所属天地玄黄中的黄组,张正雄抽道了天・19,林乐抽到玄・13。 The Ye Cang first match is the Zhong Family son of first wife, Zhong Yunxiao, moves toward yellow group arenas in four arena slowly, at this time yellow loyal put out Houyi to bend to hit Bao Ge from the back solar model community. 叶苍的第一个对手是钟家的嫡子,钟云潇,缓缓走向四个擂台中的黄组擂台,此时黄忠从背后的太阳纹身中拿出后羿弓打了个饱嗝。 ” Do you want to do? „ Jia Xu asked. ”你要干嘛?“贾诩问道。 I have a look to help little elder brother, the vice- groups shoot his match, relax, I can hidden go to the sweepback. „ Huang Zhong said with a smile. ”我看看要不要帮小哥,副团们射他的对手,放心,我会隐去箭形的。“黄忠笑道。 But you can guarantee that does not shoot dead the person.. „ Jia Xu continues to ask. ”但你能保证不射死人吗。。“贾诩继续问道。 Volume... „ Huang Zhong one wants also to be, the long time that oneself pursue is quick steals ruthlessly, on the archery can achieve does not kill, but wants must go into hiding the sweepback as well as to guarantee that the strength shoots the non- deceased person, or was discovered... This is impossible. ”额。。。“黄忠一想也是,自己追求的久是快准狠偷,箭术上自己可以做到不杀,但要既要隐匿箭形又要保证力道射不死人,还要不被人发现。。。这就不可能了。 Do not intervene, a little bearing of senior. „ Forest bright words made Huang Zhongshou have Houyi to bend, the choice waved the flag and shouted. ”不要去干预,有点年长者的气度嘛。“林亮的话让黄忠收起了后羿弓,选择摇旗呐喊。 Lin Liang looks at Huang Zhong who behind waves the flag and shouts, the feather fan holds the volume, the senior general appearance returns 18 years old, felt that Intelligence also went back to be the same with the disposition. 林亮看着身后摇旗呐喊的黄忠,羽扇扶额,老将军样子回到18岁,感觉智力和心性也回去了一样。
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