PWE :: Volume #14

#1311: A Ye Cang's day

Early morning of manor. 庄园的清晨。 Ye Cang opens the eye suddenly, last night were all right sleeps.. 叶苍猛然睁开眼睛,昨晚自己没事又去睡觉了。。 Recalled last night dreamland. 回想起了昨晚的梦境。 You cannot escape.. The snow, is your my fate..” “你逃不掉的。。雪,就是你我的宿命。。” A hand held own shoulder, oneself are incapable quite the same as, then.. Dark in the past, oneself were harassed early morning by that magic Goddess after the sickness, muttered I to consider her nature / harassment, unexpectedly said that must in / trousers deliver me she has put on the millenniums.. Vomiting..” 一只手抓住了自己的肩膀,自己浑然无力,然后。。黑暗过去,自己又被那个魔法女神经病骚扰到了清晨,喃喃道“我能不能告她性/骚扰,居然说要把她穿了千年的内/裤送我。。呕。。” Ye Cang do not look at the appearance that ThornyRose sleeps soundly excessively, the corners of the mouth class/flow saliva moistened oneself pajamas shoulder, but also is having the snoring, my he by this sow arching.. Yeah, shuts out moves out of the way the head of ThornyRose, looks the appearance that Wu Na sleeps soundly peacefully, does not bump the mahjong, the musical instrument can forgive. 叶苍别过头看着刺玫熟睡的模样,嘴角流的口水打湿了自己睡衣肩膀,还在打呼噜,我他吗就是被这种母猪给拱了。。哎,嫌弃的挪开刺玫的脑袋,看着吴娜安静熟睡的样子,不碰麻将,乐器的还是可以原谅的。 Ye Cang moves away the hand of Wu Na, the foot of ThornyRose, gets out of bed.. 叶苍拿开吴娜的手,刺玫的脚,起床。。 Is so early what are you doing?..” ThornyRose blurry say/way. “这么早起来干嘛。。”刺玫迷糊道。 Makes the breakfast to you!!” Ye Cang ill-humored say/way. “给你做早餐!!”叶苍没好气道。 I must eat..” The ThornyRose words have not said, Ye Cang interruption say/way I am any you to eat anything, shut up..” “我要吃。。”刺玫话还未说完,叶苍打断道“我做什么你吃什么,闭嘴。。” „.” ThornyRose rested the posture to turn has lain to begin to build on Wu Na. “哦。”刺玫睡姿变成了趴着手搭在了吴娜身上。 Ye Cang stretched oneself in the balcony looks at the Happy Firmament big tree, shows a faint smile, turns around to wash goes downstairs, arrives in the sand beach to look at already donkey that does the extension exercise, as well as Zhao Xiangyu of hard exercise foundation. 叶苍在阳台上伸了个懒腰看着苍天乐大树,微微一笑,转身洗漱下楼,来到沙滩上看着已经在做伸展运动的阿凡驴,以及刻苦练习基础的赵香玉 Xiangyu..” 香玉。。” Master.. What's wrong? Can direct me?” Zhao Xiangyu excited say/way. “师傅。。怎么?要指点我吗?”赵香玉兴奋道。 Yes, but is not I, is your donkey Uncle-Master Duke.” Ye Cang said that said to donkey!!!! hardship!!” “是啊,不过不是我,是你的驴师叔公。”叶苍说罢对阿凡驴说道“阿厄!!阿厄!!厄!!” Donkey arrives in front of Zhao Xiangyu to hint, Zhao Xiangyu doubts front looks at so-called donkey Uncle-Master Duke, is very fierce? Although stands donkey who walks not to see like the human, look hesitant was flown to fall into the sea by a donkey fist bang instantaneously, how Zhao Xiangyu had not even seen clearly oneself move. 阿凡驴来到赵香玉面前示意上吧,赵香玉疑惑的看着面前所谓的驴师叔公,真的很厉害吗?虽然像人一样站立行走的驴自己也没见过,眼神的犹豫瞬间就被毛驴一拳轰飞掉进了大海,赵香玉甚至没有看清楚自己怎么中招的。 „( Light point)!!” Ye Cang continues saying that donkey was responding to „(, I knew, I tried her response, can I suffer her?)!!” “阿厄(轻一点)!!”叶苍继续说道,阿凡驴回应着“阿厄(嗯,我知道了,我只是试试她的反应,我可以折磨她吗?)!!” „( Suffers casually.) ~~~ Ye Cang badly smiles. “阿厄厄(随便折磨。)~~~”叶苍坏笑着。 Zhao Xiangyu swam the sand beach, looks that this donkey Uncle-Master Duke as if saw the insurmountable mountain was common, it.. Compared with Lele, Shaking Bear Uncle-Master is fierce.. The skill at martial arts, the repertoire judgment cannot, the possible even/including peep 12 opportunities not to have completely full power, the answer that opening the eye, will get immediately in the future is the innumerable fist shades, hurries the horizontal sword, the donkey hoof across flies in the sea its dozen once more.. 赵香玉游回了沙滩,看着这个驴师叔公仿佛看到了不可逾越的大山一般,它。。比乐乐,狗熊师叔都厉害。。拳术,套路完全判断不能,不出全力可能连一窥12的机会都没有,立马开启未来眼,得到的答案是无数的拳影,赶紧横剑,驴蹄穿过再次将其打飞到海中。。 Xiangyu, your donkey Uncle-Master Duke accompanies your morning exercise, I went to the kitchen.. Ha..” Ye Cang had a yawn then slowly to walk toward the kitchen that side. 香玉,你驴师叔公陪你晨练,我去厨房了。。哈。。”叶苍打了个哈欠便朝着厨房那边缓缓走去。 Although around 5 : 00, but the kitchen is dingdong the sound has opened fire, opens the kitchen front door, should start to prepare a day of food to process. 虽然才五点多,但厨房已经是叮叮当当之声已经开火,推开伙房大门,都应开始准备着一天的食材处理了。 Is fragrant red they?” Ye Cang had not discovered that Li Xiangfei, open/stretch, on Chen Elle asked Li. “香绯他们呢?”叶苍没有发现李香绯,张老,陈上艾莉问李老。 Went to the back side of the mountain that side to choose the new food.” “去后山那边去挑选新食材了。” New food?” “新食材?” open/stretch that fellow does not know where did the wonderful fragrant hills pepper, planted in the back side of the mountain..” Li the words make Ye Cang have doubts, the lindera glauca is he „the wonderful fragrant hills pepper that knows?” “张老那家伙不知道从哪里搞到了奇香山胡椒,种在了后山。。”李老的话让叶苍疑惑,山胡椒他是知道的“奇香山胡椒?” Un, absolute valuable thing in lindera glauca, flavor, although is similar to the lindera glauca, but unusual fragrant flavors, can match many changes, for example the pickled vegetable, the vegetable salad joins a point it, can completely change the flavor the nature.” Li also a little anticipated. “嗯,山胡椒中的绝对珍品,味道虽然和山胡椒类似,但有一种奇特的芳香味道,能够搭配出很多的变化,比如泡菜,拌菜加入一点它,能彻底改变味道的性质。”李老也有点期待。 Quick Li Xiangfei and the others came back, is bringing the food of picking, as well as the wonderful fragrant hills pepper, Ye Cang takes one string to smell, this flavor is quite strong!! Moreover recent manor had newly along with unique fragrant delicate fragrance has added these food..” 很快李香绯等人回来,带着采摘的食材,以及奇香山胡椒,叶苍拿过一串闻了闻,这味道好浓!!而且伴随着一股特有的芬芳清香“最近庄园有新添了那些食材。。” Old man has collected the wonderful fragrant hills pepper with oneself personal connection full power, the crystal jade head, considers the foods with Chinese medicines mixed, through old friend's relations, but also collected nine lineage/vein Chinese angelica, the moon/month white snow, three dynasty crown princes and other raw materials for medicine planted, our food court will add one tomorrow again, it was good at the rivers and lakes vegetable/dish extremely.” open/stretch takes undeserved credit to say with a smile. “老夫用自己的人脉全力搜罗了奇香山胡椒,晶玉头,考虑到药膳,通过老友的关系,还搜罗到了九脉当归,月白雪,三朝太子等药材种,还有明日我们美食城将再添一员,其极其善于江湖菜。”张老邀功笑道。 Ye Cang gratified nod of good, opens reporter great merit one, later the food court has the peerless food or has the first first option, this option above me, has certainly one time.” 叶苍欣慰的点了点头“不错,张老记大功一件,以后美食城有绝世食材或者器具有第一优先选择权,这个选择权在我之上,当然只有一次。” The Ye Cang's words make on Chen Elle eyes stare are similar to the lantern are greatly ordinary, open/stretch is touching beard with a smile „the multi- Xiezhuang Lords, provides leadership for the food court obsolete fights!” 叶苍的话让陈上艾莉眼睛瞪大如同灯笼一般,张老笑着抚摸着胡须“多谢庄主,老朽身先士卒为美食城而战!” Monk, brought some once to collect Jane|treasure flowers and plants that was actually hard to cultivate, now bloomed the growth in the back side of the mountain No. 3 mountainside..” Calmly unreliably gathers ten report/give report. “小僧,带来了一些曾经搜集却难以培育的奇珍花草,现在已在后山三号山腰绽放成长。。”静玄合十禀报。 Also gives you a choice opportunity, if naturally you and open/stretch use together, you two need to decide with the cook duel.” The Ye Cang's words make static profound nod slowly do not struggle.” “也给你一次选择机会,当然如果你和张老一起用的话,你们两个需要用厨艺决斗来决定。”叶苍的话让静玄缓缓点头“不争也。” On Chen Elle's unceasing thinking, racks brains, oneself have built the complete family belongings, but as if compares radically useless, was right! manor Lord, I once harvested one precious seed that is hard to breed..” 陈上艾莉不断的想,绞尽脑汁,自己已经将全部家当搭进去了,但似乎比起来根本没什么用,对了!“庄主,我曾收获一枚难以孕育的珍奇种子。。” „, That lane comes to see.” The Ye Cang's words make on Chen Elle start disturbedly, own status more and more does not guarantee, although looked through the lots, but the village main that mysterious room, oneself must look! Becoming trusted subordinate who he most trusts, initially spent the seed that the high price has bought, tried many means not to have the means to germinate, has put aside there. “哦,那弄来看看吧。”叶苍的话让陈上艾莉心里开始忐忑,自己的地位越来越不保了,虽然自己看破了很多东西,但是庄主那神秘的房间,自己必须去看!成为他最信任的亲信,当初自己花了大价钱买的种子,试了很多办法都没办法发芽,一直搁置在那里。 Was good, respective respective management.” The Ye Cang's words make open/stretch at heart very self-satisfied, oneself can be said as above in the right to speak of manor a kitchen, village main, no matter what the food I elect!! “好了,各自种的各自管理。”叶苍的话让张老心里非常得意,自己在庄园的话语权已经可以说是厨房之上,庄主之下,食材任我选!! Li smiles not to speak, oneself collect also on road.. 李老笑而不语,自己搜集的还在路上。。 Master Yunli, that side you..” Ye Cang has thought of the meat dish. “云丽师傅,你那边。。”叶苍想到了荤菜。 manor Lord, I collected three rare birds temporarily, the flower fragrance pigeon, the eagle turtledove, the seven colors of the spectrum feather goose, entered the stock rail in the manor reproduction..” once Yunli the words made Ye Cang eject the option to satisfy once Yunli very once more, appliance that manor Lizhuang main gave each time, the food was unusual, said that not excited that was false, turned the cook, static profound, Old Man open/stretch, oneself did not fear!!! “庄主,我暂时搜罗到了三种珍禽,花香鸽,鹰斑鸠,七色羽鹅,在庄园繁殖进入正轨。。”曾云丽的话让叶苍再次抛出了选择权让曾云丽非常满意,庄园里庄主每次给出的器具,食材都是超凡的,说不心动那是假的,轮厨艺,静玄,张老头,自己不惧!!! At this time Huang Zhonghe punishment day comes. 此时黄忠和刑天进来。 „, Almost loss, is good because of the punishment brother, in the crack that in I chop pulled its maw..” yellow Zhong comes in crassly. “吗的,差点血本无归,好在刑老哥,在我砍出的裂缝里扯出了它的鱼鳔。。”黄忠骂骂咧咧的进来。 Kun is truly fierce, does not have means.” The punishment day holds own head to comb the hair. “鲲确实厉害,没办法。”刑天抱着自己的头梳理着头发。 The people arrive in the sand beach to look at the maws in a circumference of several kilometers. 众人来到沙滩上看着方圆几公里的鱼鳔。 Exposes to the sun to the back side of the mountain 9 th summit, makes the flower rubber.” On Chen Elle knows this thing precious. “晒到后山九号的山顶吧,做成花胶。”陈上艾莉知道此物的宝贵。 First takes advantage to cut a point freshly.” Li hurries to shear, people come up to cut the maw in abundance, the remaining punishment days changed to the giant to throw the back side of the mountain 9 th flat-topped crest to expose to the sun. “先趁新鲜切一点下来吧。”李老赶紧上去割,众人纷纷上去切鱼鳔,剩下的刑天化作巨人丢上了后山九号的平顶山顶晒。 Next time will find the way to drag down its fish fin wing, we make the shark fin..” Li knows that the punishment day and yellow Zhong are the great food hunt Hunter. “下次想办法弄下它的鱼鳍翅膀来,我们做鱼翅。。”李老知道刑天和黄忠都是一等一的食材狩猎人 I try to find the solution.” yellow Zhong knit the brows. “我来想办法吧。”黄忠皱了皱眉。 Brother yellow, formulation gave you.” The punishment day combs own righteousness hair. “黄兄弟,制定方面交给你了。”刑天将自己的义头发型梳理好。 Un.” Huang Zhonghe punishment day being cheerful and lively left the kitchen. “嗯。”黄忠和刑天有说有笑的出了厨房。 Ye Cang looked at the food of kitchen, breakfast has made the soup, as for noon, strange taste!! Has added the wonderful fragrant hills pepper, own red oil leaves a flavor to come out surely, in the mind finds out today to defeat the dish of people, coldly smiles, manor Zhuke of food court was not saying played. 叶苍看了看厨房的食材,早餐自己做汤,至于中午,怪味!!加入了奇香山胡椒,自己的红油必定别出一番味道出来,脑海里想出了今天打败众人的菜品,冷冷一笑,美食城的庄主可不是说着玩的。 Ye Cang's imposing manner made the people also feel, guessed that he made anything, on Chen Elle secretly said, manor Lord the good trick, prepared food to not bother about trifles, but he made the cold dish as well as the red and white case good, the noodles that he made even if were Old Li that boy do not compare, Li looks at Ye Cang, not only perhaps the cold dish was so simple. 叶苍的气势让众人也感觉到了,纷纷猜测他到底做什么,陈上艾莉暗道,庄主善奇招,做菜不拘小节,但他最善做凉菜以及红白案,他做出的面条即便是老李那小子都比不上,李老看着叶苍,恐怕不只是凉菜这么简单。 After breakfast, looks at Ye Cang by most fish Mi meat/flesh, the Gold wheat flour, the maw fist is last to rub the pasta ramen, in borrows uncle's nine kinds of immortals silver needle procedure, pours into the silver needle bean sprouts as setting the base the different hashes in the plate, the wild chicken leg sliced meat, the crack hoof mutton leg fresh meat clear water piece, the weird creature ox head sliced meat, by ring-like gathers round an silver needle row of plate, will bother the forest tastiest nine mushrooms to live to fry the water leakage, takes out the juice, puts in constantly the porch top grade specially-made soy sauce, Ye secret system red oil, hangs the horse radish end red, the wonderful fragrant hills pepper end, drenched above, scattered the Big Dipper scallion, the coriander end, finally joined. Petch fat brought forth burns hot oil to drench above, a flavor of evil of named taste disseminated. 早餐过后,看着叶苍以最鱼糜肉,黄金麦粉,鱼鳔拳打末揉成面团拉面,借用内叔的九仙银针做法,将不同肉糜灌入银针豆芽里作为垫底在盘里,狂暴鸡腿肉片,裂蹄羊腿鲜肉焯水片,四不像牛头肉片,以环形围着银针排盘,将蘑菇林最为鲜美的九种蘑菇生煎出水,将汁液取出,放入一味轩特级特制酱油,叶氏秘制红油,红吊辣根末,奇香山胡椒末,淋在了上面,撒上七星葱,香菜末,最后加入。佩奇脂肪练出烧热的油淋在了上面,一股名为味之罪恶的味道弥散开来。 Every day has together the perfect cooked food.. Bright.. Subdues already.” forest bright/light picks chopsticks to sigh, that intriguing final normalizing makes him incomparably acclaim for the tasty peerless flavor, spicy actually does not change the sense of taste, more exciting taste buds, wrest away, plundering!! Enable in your tongue only to have it to exist, today the overlord, this dish, belongs to him!! “每天都有一道完美的菜肴。。亮。。折服已。”林亮夹起一筷子感叹着,那错综复杂最后归一为鲜美绝伦的味道让他无比赞叹,辣却不改味觉,更多的刺激味蕾,霸占,掠夺!!让你舌中只能有它存在,今日霸主,这道菜,非他莫属!!
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