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#1809 Part 2: Does accounts well

A Chapter 1813 sword sprinkles the blood 第1813章一剑洒血 Opportunity came!” “机会来了!” Long Xuanling and Xiao Yiyu complexion great happiness, not slightly hesitant, erupted the quickest speed, was ordinary just like two handle peerless immortal swords, simultaneously has fired into Qin Nan. 龙玄令肖一羽脸色大喜,没有丝毫犹豫,爆发出来了最快的速度,宛如两柄绝世仙剑一般,同时冲向了秦南 I said that must keep his life!” “我说了,要留他一命!” Lu Qingyin saw this two person hugs must kill the heart, above the bright and clean fair forehead, that partly visible immortal character, releases boundless immortal glow immediately, this surrounding area several hundred li (0.5km), gives to cover. 陆轻音一眼就看出了这两人都抱着必杀之心,光洁白皙的额头之上,那一个若隐若现的仙字,立刻释放出来了无边仙芒,将这方圆数百里,都给笼罩其中。 To her, clarifies Qin Nan secret is most important. 对她而言,弄清楚秦南身上的秘密是最为重要的。 If Qin Nan involved their Immortal Spirit Clan taboo, she can not be lenient, removed Qin Nan again directly. 要是秦南真的牵扯到了他们仙灵一族的禁忌,那她会毫不手软,再将秦南直接除掉。 Qin Nan, dies!” 秦南,去死吧!” Xiao Yiyu cried loud and long, a fearful demon intent, from in within the body complete explosion, changed to a great form, has ripped open present immortal glow instantaneously. 肖一羽长啸一声,一股可怕魔意,从体内完全爆发,化作了一尊伟岸身影,瞬间撕开了眼前的仙芒 In his hands, used a handle blood red remnant sword, the straight thrust Qin Nan chest. 在他的手中,也多出了一柄血红残剑,直刺秦南胸口。 The Lu Qingyin elegant face slightly changes, she simply has not expected, Xiao Yiyu within the body, but also is hiding the so fearful strength. 陆轻音俏脸微微一变,她根本没有料到,肖一羽的体内,还隐藏着如此可怕的力量。 In her hand magic seal, fast transformation, innumerable immortal light, changed to immortal light big hands, grasps again and again toward Xiao Yiyu. 她手中法印,快速变换,无数的仙光,化作了一尊尊仙光大手,朝着肖一羽连连握下。 However, comes a immortal light big hand, was torn into shreds one by that great Specter, is unable to block Xiao Yiyu thoroughly, but made Xiao Yiyu slow a racket, the majority of strengths were constrained. 然而,来一尊仙光大手,便被那伟岸魔影撕碎一尊,根本无法彻底拦下肖一羽,只是让肖一羽慢了一拍,大部分力量都被拖住。 However, under so the situation, this does not help matters at present. 但是,在眼前这般形势之下,这样根本无济于事。 Present Qin Nan, situated in soon will rise is Heavenly Immortal most at crucial moment, most will not have similarly battle strength the time, even if Xiao Yiyu the sword, only will then endure to compare the Earth Immortal 7-layer might, will cut to kill Qin Nan sufficiently. 现在的秦南,位于即将升为天仙的最关键时候,同样也是最没有战力的时候,哪怕肖一羽的这一剑,只有堪比地仙七重的威力,也足以斩杀秦南 Went well!” “得手了!” Xiao Yiyu complexion changes incomparably excitedly. 肖一羽脸色变得无比兴奋。 After cutting kills Qin Nan, that drop terrifying demon blood, definitely from Qin Nan within the body will be separated, when the time comes he can that drop of demon blood subduing! 斩杀秦南之后,那滴恐怖魔血,必然会从秦南体内脱离出来,到时候他就可以将那滴魔血给收服! Qin Nan - 秦南——” Eight Luminaries Demon King, passed away, Dark Death, pupil shrinks acicular, is under such situation, they are unable to prevent. 八曜魔王、圆寂、冥亡,瞳仁都缩成了针状,可是在这样的情况之下,他们根本无法阻止。 You gave up any idea of that injures Qin Nan!” “你休想伤害秦南!” In this is at a crucial moment, the form flushed together, that scoffs, that handle blood red remnant sword, straight insertion in this form. 就在这千钧一发之际,一道身影冲了过来,嗤的一声,那柄血红的残剑,直接插入了这道身影之中。 This form, is audience most common Blood Eyes Earth Immortal! 这道身影,正是全场最不起眼的血眼地仙 He and Xiu Shenliang, because cultivation level is insufficient, therefore has infiltrated immortal strength in the rear area to Heaven Mending Cauldron, he saw the situation not to be wonderful at that time, approached Qin Nan, in the heart has made a decision. 他和修神良,因为修为不足,所以一直在后方给补天鼎打入仙力,他当时见局势不妙,就靠近了秦南,心中做出了一个决定。 If there is a matter, he gives self up to keep off! 如若有事,他舍身来挡! This gets down, he was already clear, disparity between he and Qin Nan will be getting bigger and bigger, how even if he is diligently, later is unable to follow the Qin Nan footsteps. 这一路下来,他早已清楚一点,他和秦南之间的差距会越来越大,他即便是再怎么努力,以后也无法跟上秦南的脚步。 He after is not Eight Luminaries Demon King, did not pass away, even he links Xiu Shenliang also to compare. 他毕竟不是八曜魔王,不是圆寂,甚至他连修神良也比不过。 The Xiu Shenliang good and evil is also unparalleled talent, soon will sense Dao Boundary, but his martial arts Four Extreme is unable to sense throughout. 修神良好歹也是一位盖世天才,即将感悟道境,而他连武道四极始终都无法感悟。 However, such he, Qin Nan never has also dropped out, from beginning to end took him to treat as that once Blood Eyes senior. 但是,这样的他,秦南也从未抛下过,至始至终都拿他当做那个曾经的血眼前辈。 He does not have anything can do, cut to kill Long Xuanling he unable to add on anything. 他没有什么能做的了,斩杀龙玄令他也帮不上什么了。 He has only, only then this body, can keep off to strike to Qin Nan! 他唯一有的,只有这副身躯,可以给秦南挡下一击! You - “你——” Xiao Yiyu looks at the Blood Eyes Earth Immortal pale complexion, the startled anger occurred simultaneously. 肖一羽看着血眼地仙苍白的脸色,惊怒交加。 He has not thought that so essential time, such small ants, have blocked him unexpectedly! 他怎么也没有想到,如此关键的时候,这样小小的一个蝼蚁,竟然来挡住了他! Blood Eyes, you cannot block, Qin Nan must die today!” 血眼,你挡不住的,秦南今天必然要死!” Long Xuanling bellowed, Southern World Immortal King in a flash, integrated in his body once more directly, caused a Long Xuanling imposing manner, increased once again. 龙玄令大吼一声,南世仙王再次一晃,直接融入了他的身躯之中,使得龙玄令一身气势,再度攀升。 Whoosh ! 唰! In the Long Xuanling hand took out a handle ancient long sword, erupted the eye-catching dazzling sword aura rainbow, surmounted void, cut Qin Nan. 龙玄令手中取出了一柄古老长剑,爆发出了夺目耀眼的剑气长虹,跨越虚空,直斩秦南 Ha, Long Xuanling, you are waiting! Your end, quick arrived!” “哈哈哈,龙玄令,你等着!你的末日,很快就到了!” Blood Eyes Earth Immortal has a good laugh, in the look, unexpectedly is contemptuous. 血眼地仙仰天大笑,眼神之中,竟是轻蔑。 His body, shivers fiercely, under each inch skin, has projected blood light. 他的身躯,也剧烈颤抖起来,每一寸皮肤之下,都射出了一道道血光 Drought Demon big falling technique! 旱魔大陨术! Past Drought Demon Heavenly God self-created, from the technique of exploding! 昔日旱魔天神自创,一门自爆之术! He must carry from exploding, even if from exploding the might, cannot injure these people, even cannot stop Long Xuanling breath time. 他要进行自爆,即便自爆的威力,根本伤害不到这些人,甚至都阻拦不住龙玄令一息时间。 But, somewhat, can always prevent! 但,多多少少,总能阻挡一点! Stupid! Even if uses this move, Qin Nan also - “愚蠢至极!即便是动用这一招,秦南也——” Long Xuanling looks to ridicule. 龙玄令面露讥讽。 However, he has not noted, the meaning of Qin Nan remaining last Heavenly Immortal, accelerated to cremate unexpectedly, did not exist thoroughly. 然而,他没注意到,秦南身上残余的最后一点天仙之意,竟然加速焚化了,彻底不复存在。 Bang! 轰! Together the prestige of astonishing Heavenly Immortal, just likes an ominous beast of deep sleep, opens both eyes, face upwards to roar, shakes eight sides. 一道惊人的天仙之威,恍若一尊沉睡的凶兽,睁开双眼,仰天咆哮,震荡八方。 Incessantly so, a surrounding area several thousand li (0.5km) temperature, is rising at the astonishing speed suddenly. 不止如此,方圆数千里的温度,以着惊人的速度急剧攀升。 Float Heaven Mending Cauldron in midair, has exuded ka ka ka the sound, has probably some [say / way] ancient shackles, is opening. 悬浮在半空中的补天鼎,发出了咔咔咔的响声,好像是有着某道古老枷锁,正在打开。 This is - “这是——” Lu Qingyin, Long Xuanling, Xiao Yiyu and the others the expressions coagulate completely. 陆轻音龙玄令肖一羽等人的表情全部凝固。 Whoosh ! 唰! The Qin Nan personal appearance, vanished in instantaneously same place, Long Xuanling only felt that in the hand the long sword trembled, punctures a mountain likely, is unable to go forward again slightly. 秦南的身形,瞬间消失在了原地,龙玄令就只感觉手中长剑一颤,像是刺到了一座大山,再也无法前进丝毫。 Because, Qin Nan arrived at his front, the sword in his hand, punctured the body of Qin Nan. 因为,秦南已经来到了他的面前,他手中的剑,也刺到了秦南的身上。 „The Blood Eyes senior, stops!” 血眼前辈,停下!” Qin Nan gives a loud shout, the palm clapped in the Blood Eyes Earth Immortal forehead, boundless vast Melting Dao Immortal Flame immortal strength, is turbulent immediately, strength that the Blood Eyes Earth Immortal within the body violent walked, suppressed stiffly. 秦南大喝一声,手掌拍在了血眼地仙的额头,磅礴浩瀚的化道仙焰仙力,立刻汹涌而出,将血眼地仙体内暴走的力量,硬生生镇压。 Qin Nan, you become...” 秦南,你成…” In the Blood Eyes eye just revealed has wiped the pleasantly surprised color, but his both eyes tremble, lost the consciousness, thorough faint in the past. 血眼眼中刚露出了抹惊喜之色,但紧接着他双眼就一颤,失去了意识,彻底昏厥过去。 At this moment, all explosive sounds, slaughter the sound, disappeared completely, fell into a silence. 此时此刻,所有的爆炸声,厮杀声,全部不见了,陷入了一片寂静。 The movements in all person hands, stopped. 所有人手中的动作,都已经停下了。 Long Xuanling, Xiao Yiyu wait / etc. Cultivator, on the face have been full of all kinds of facial expressions, has shocking, has the fear, has with amazement. 龙玄令肖一羽等等修士们,脸上充满了各种各样的神情,有震惊,有恐惧,有骇然。 Qin Nan has not visited them, but puts out a hand to hold the body of Blood Eyes Earth Immortal, has placed side Eight Luminaries Demon King of not far place. 秦南没有看他们,只是伸手抓住血眼地仙的身体,放在了不远之处的八曜魔王身边。 Qin Nan - 秦南——” Eight Luminaries Demon King, passed away, Xiu Shenliang and ice Lanlan, immediately opens the mouth. 八曜魔王、圆寂、修神良、凌岚岚,立刻开口。 In their looks, there is an excitement, has the excitement, what are more is... 他们的眼神之中,有兴奋,有激动,更多的是… Angry! 愤怒! Anything also let alone, the remaining all came by me.” “什么也别说了,剩下的一切由我来。” Qin Nan said calmly that at once sinks the mind. 秦南平静说道,旋即沉下心神。 He realized a moment ago right, has not disrupted forcefully the clothes of Heavenly Immortal, causes his immortal strength of present within the body, is at an unusual cotton wool chaotic condition. 他刚才意识到不对,强行碎裂了天仙之衣,导致他现在体内的仙力,处于一个非常絮乱的状态。 Draw! „ ”平!“ Qin Nan drinks one lowly, immortal strength is quickly steady. 秦南低喝一声,仙力很快便平稳下来。 In an instant, broad immortal light, shoots up to the sky, his imposing manner, has broken through some barrier likely, increases successively. 刹那之间,恢宏仙光,冲天而起,他一身气势,也像是冲破了某个屏障,节节攀升。 Heavenly Immortal 2-layer! 天仙二重 Heavenly Immortal 3-layer! 天仙三重 Heavenly Immortal 4-layer! 天仙四重 When Heavenly Immortal 5-layer, this imposing manner stops suddenly, in a Qin Nan both eyes pupil, two rich white flame jump out, violent burning down, just likes the pupil of hot king. 直到天仙五重之时,这股气势才戛然而止,秦南一双眼眸之中,两道浓郁的白色火焰窜出,猛烈焚烧,犹如火王之瞳。 Qin Nan looks at present Long Xuanling, Xiao Yiyu wait / etc. person, Lu Qingyin wait / etc. person, he has not gone to the tube this time to promote Heavenly Immortal, exactly had what kind of change. 秦南看着眼前的龙玄令肖一羽等等人,陆轻音等等人,他都没有去管此次晋升天仙,到底发生了怎样的变化。 Because, his present anger, could not suppress! 因为,他现在的怒火,已经遏止不住! Now... Comes to do accounts with you well!” “现在…来跟你们好好算算帐!”
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