OSTI :: Volume #7 过去未来

#809: Yellow lucky immortal

Xu Liao and the others were enormous and powerful, in the clouds round trip, the subordinate of many azure young lad and northern animal mentioned in ancient texts king, but also is the Demon Warrior progressions, will not harness the wind, only thought that quite interesting sends. When passed by a mountain, there are one crowd of Demon suddenly great shouts: Under is the residence of Nanyue king, the masters may probably sweep, catches the whole lot in a dragnet the subordinate of Nanyue king!” 许了等人浩浩荡荡,云中来去,许多青童子和北兕大王的手下,还都是妖士级数,不会驾风,只觉得颇有趣致儿。在路过一座高山的时候,有一群妖怪忽然大声呼喊:“下方就是南岳大王的居所,老爷们可要去扫荡一番,把南岳大王的部下一网打尽!” Nanyue hears the tearful eyes flow of tears, he said that anything has not thought that he came out to sell several brothers, some people have sold his family members. 南岳听得泪眼涟涟,他说什么也没有想到,自己出来卖了几个兄弟,就有人卖了他的家口。 Xu Liao did not have this intent, hears so while you are at it, immediately to press to fall the escaping light, lets the azure young lad and snow young lad, north the animal mentioned in ancient texts, the Nanyue two big monsters, got down to receive Demon in mountain together. 许了本来没有此意,听得如此就手,当下就按落遁光,让青童子和雪童子,还有北兕,南岳两头大妖,一起下去把山中的妖怪都收了来。 Nanyue is helpless , can only cry, has used the former days Wei front, under drinks to stop the group monster, brings to see Xu Liao together. 南岳无奈,也只能哭哭啼啼,下去用了旧日威锋,喝住了手下群妖,一起带来见许了 Xu Liao does not have the time, direct each Demon has delivered a blood lotus flower, was involved in big Ahan samsara bloodshed big, accompanies KunLong Tan's Shui Demon same place, if can sense the strategy, receives the strategy, if cannot sense, refining to make the samsara blood demon, in brief...... Has the destination. 许了也没得功夫,直接每头妖怪送了一朵血莲花,然后卷入了大阿含轮回血海大阵,随同坤龙谭的水族妖怪一起,若是能感悟阵法的,就收入阵法,若是不能感悟的,就炼做轮回血魔,总之……都有去处。 When brought [gold/metal] goose Demon, the wild goose seven mountain farm plots, Xu Liao Demon under broke ten thousand, changes into a blood saying that in the midair fluctuates, cannot say savage fearful. 待得带了金头大雁妖怪,雁七的山场,许了手下的妖怪已经破万,化为一座血云,半空里浮动,说不出来的凶残可怕。 The wild goose seven is playing female Demon in the mountain, suddenly hears outside has slightly to shout out, left hurriedly came to the room, actually saw airborne one group of blood saying that innumerable Demon, were startled in the clouds immediately. He is one has quick-wittedly, immediately soars to the heavens to fly, changed the primary form, wants to run away. This many Demon, the wild goose seven self-examines to fight, but, all has chosen simply, own mountain farm plot did not plan to want. 雁七正在山中玩女妖怪,忽然听得外面有小的们在呼喝,急忙出了来房间,却见空中一团血云,云中无数妖怪,顿时吃了一惊。他却是一个有机智的,当下就冲天飞起,变化了原形,想要逃走。这许多妖怪,雁七自问斗之不过,所有就选择了干脆,连自家的山场都不打算要了。 However does his escaping law, how compare to result in Xu Liao? 但是他的遁法,如何比得过许了 Xu Liao transfers conveniently void, surrounds this goose, then a palm pats, the goose Demon that hits, was completely muddled, fell into big Ahan samsara bloodshed big. As for wild goose seven subordinates, before Xu Liao such as general, catches the whole lot in a dragnet, subdued the big monsters of four mountain farm plots continuously, the Xu Liao unit audiences broke through 18,000 outrageously. 许了随手挪移虚空,把这头大雁困住,然后一掌拍下,打的这头大雁妖怪,蒙头转向,落入了大阿含轮回血海大阵之中。至于雁七的部下,许了如前一般,一网打尽,连续收伏了四座山场的大妖,许了的部众悍然突破了18000。 He trained slightly, the wild goose seven has surrendered on the little darling, has been the golden boy child under Xu Liao place, this monster was a [gold/metal] goose, therefore this golden boy child was also but actually worthy of the reputation. 他稍稍调教得了一番,雁七就乖乖降服,做了许了座下的金童子,此妖是金头大雁,故而这个金童子倒也名副其实。 The jade empty and clear empty congratulated one, Xu Liao he he smiled, led three young lads, from rotating valuable likely Country Team was. 玉虚和清虚恭贺了一声,许了呵呵一笑,带了三个童子,又自回转了宝象国队伍的所在。 This team is avoiding in the mountain, Xu Liao and jade empty, clear empty depart, they did not know that three Daoist priests must make anything, is only gingerly, does not dare to crop up, after all had met big Demon a moment ago, for fear that again meets several heads. 这支队伍正在山中躲避,许了和玉虚,清虚离去,他们也不晓得三位道长要做什么,只是战战兢兢,不敢冒头,毕竟刚才遇到了大妖怪,生怕再遇上几头。 After a day and night, suddenly the sky has the blood cloud to flap, but looks at this momentum, non- was ordinary Demon, General Yang Jun with hardship called one, said to three young crown princes: Daoist priests have not come back, meets this and other big monsters, does not know living whether the red sands can cover up.” 待得一日夜之后,忽然天空有血云漫卷,只是瞧这声势,就非是普通妖怪,杨钧大将苦苦叫了一声,对三位小太子说道:“道长们还未回来,又遇到这等大妖,也不知道红砂能否遮掩的住。” In three young crown princes, smallest one, the eye is sharp, called out: There is not Demon, was three Daoist priests comes back. They have also subdued innumerable Demon, the handymen in buddhist temple are really quite fierce.” General Yang Jun is not willing to believe that this young crown prince gives him to direct, said: Is the head isn't riding the Dawn Mills brand? That Dawn Mills brand was three Daoist priests has subdued big monster that when the place rode, other think that also to Demon that they subdued.” 三位小太子中,最小的一个,眼睛最是尖利,叫道:“那里不是妖怪,是三位道长回来了。他们还收伏了无数妖怪,道人们真是好厉害。”杨钧大将并不肯信,这位小太子给他指点,说道:“为首的不是骑着青牛?那头青牛可是三位道长收伏了当座骑的大妖,其余想必也是给他们收伏的妖怪。” General Yang Jun looks out into the distance, has not waited and seen to understand that saw three handymen in buddhist temple fall from the midair floatingly. 杨钧大将极目远眺,还未观望明白,就见到三个道人从半空飘飘落下。 Xu Liao treads the lotus flower fully, the jade empty rides the Dawn Mills brand, clear empty rides the alone corner/horn white rhinocero, three same places have drunk one, called out: I and others had subdued along the road Demon, this went to be unimpeded.” 许了足踏莲花,玉虚骑乘青牛,清虚骑乘独角白犀牛,三位一起喝了一声,叫道:“我等已经收伏了沿路妖怪,此去可以一路无阻了。” General Yang Jun finally has then stretched the one breath, this team starts off, this time, actually with original different. 杨钧大将这才终于舒展了一口气,这支队伍重新上路,这一次,却跟原来不同。 Xu Liao they are many place to have ridden, in the sky forever one group of blood clouds follow, in this group of blood clouds Demonic Qi is strong, has Demon to come in the blood unceasingly in the clouds, occasionally also the blood flame, flies to bleed just like the Monster samsara blood demon clouds that goes to the front inquiry way. 许了他们多了座骑也就罢了,天空上永远有一团血云跟随,这团血云之中妖气浓烈,不断有妖怪在血云中现身,偶尔还有一身血焰,宛如妖魔的轮回血魔飞出血云,去前方打探路径。 This weaponry, was extremely really flagitious. 这个阵仗,着实太过凶残了些。 On along the road, do not say monster the big monster of progression, even if the monster leads the progression, does not dare to act rashly, put them to pass. 沿路上,不要说妖将级数的大妖,就算妖帅级数,也不敢轻举妄动,放了他们过去。 Xu Liao and this team, not only, the eye looked on the 1st is not the valuable likely palace, General Yang Jun then relaxed, thanks Crossed Xu Liao, the jade empty, clear empty three handymen in buddhist temple, said: Has owed three Daoist priests, protects, otherwise I and others cannot arrive at the valuable likely palace absolutely. Do three young crown princes in the valuable palace scholarship, three Daoist priests want to go back with us likely?” 许了和这支队伍,非止一日,眼望不远就是宝象宫,杨钧大将这才松了一口气,谢过了许了,玉虚,清虚三位道人,说道:“亏了三位道长,一路佑护,若不然我等绝对到不了宝象宫。三位小太子会在宝象宫学艺,三位道长可是要跟我们回去?” Xu Liao beckoned with the hand, said: We will also stay behind in the valuable likely palace.” 许了摆了摆手,说道:“我们也会在宝象宫留下。” He had not explained to General Yang Jun in detail, but followed the team, Enter valuable likely palace. 他并没有跟杨钧大将详细解释,只是跟随了队伍,进入了宝象宫。 The valuable likely palace is also Fang Dapai, but in sending the palm teaches also the fifty progression, the magical skill is also profound, the turnover multi-colored sunlight, the five senses wind around in one group of rosy cloud fog, saw General Yang Jun and three young crown princes, the copy clerk who the valuable country sends likely, the clear and resonant voice said: Since is the young crown prince in valuable likely country's, does obeisance into my two apprentice hangers-on, follows his scholarship.” 宝象宫也算是一方大派,但派中掌教也不过大衍级数,道行也算深远,吞吐霞光,五官都缭绕在一团霞雾之中,见到了杨钧大将和三位小太子,还有宝象国送来的文书,朗声说道:“既然是宝象国的小太子,就拜入我二徒弟门下,跟随他学艺吧。” Valuable likely palace two disciples, immediately more numerous, called out: Disciple obeys the aim.” 宝象宫二弟子,立刻就越众而出,叫道:“弟子遵旨。” Xu Liao catches the eye to look, Secretly ponders saying: In valuable palace, teaches besides this palm likely, as if also one group of inspirations, the lively, round happiness, as if must break through the fifty, in addition, is many part of great bear gentlemen, this grade of strength, no wonder protects not to get the team of valuable likely country's, can only , whatever they come voluntarily.” 许了抬眼去望,暗暗忖道:“宝象宫中,除了这位掌教之外,似乎还有一团灵机,活泼泼,圆融融,似乎就要突破大衍,除此之外,就是许多天罡士,这等实力,怪不得保护不得宝象国的队伍,只能任由他们自行前来。” The valuable palace palm first name was called the yellow lucky immortal likely! 宝象宫掌教名叫黄吉大仙! Because the big apprentice cultivate to profoundly, had a look to practice the part of great bear gentleman peak, was closing up, must break through the fifty boundary. Therefore Xu Liao will observe this group of inspirations, in addition, many disciples are also cultivating of part of great bear gentleman are. 大徒弟因为修为深湛,也看看修炼到了天罡士巅峰,正在闭关,要突破大衍境界。故而许了才会观察到这团灵机,除此之外,许多弟子也不过是天罡士的修为。 The yellow lucky immortal does not know that Xu Liao and jade empty, clear empty origin, only treats as accompanies ordinary, waved, wanted the fighting method this team, making them turn back voluntarily. 黄吉大仙也不知道许了和玉虚,清虚的来历,只当作普通随从,挥了挥手,就想要打法了这支队伍,让他们自行折返。 Xu Liao sees that more numerous, called out: Immortal on, this poor Daoist has the matter spoken language.” 许了见状,越众而出,叫道:“大仙在上,贫道有事言语。” The yellow lucky immortal sees Xu Liao makings imposing, young handsome, somewhat is quite delighted, asked: What matter has?” 黄吉大仙见许了气质轩昂,年少英俊,颇有几分欢喜,就问道:“有什么事情?” Xu Liao he he smiles, said: Our brothers three people, are the powder cultivate, hears the valuable palace to have the ingenious method to be innumerable in the valuable country likely likely, therefore comes to acknowledge as teacher, the hope immortal can a body info clerk.” 许了呵呵一笑,说道:“我们兄弟三人,乃是散修,在宝象国闻得宝象宫有妙法无数,故而前来拜师,希望大仙能一体收纳。” Yellow lucky immortal Slightly hesitates, said: What Spells can you meet?” 黄吉大仙微微沉吟,说道:“你可会什么法术?” Xu Liao already recycled the blood wheel, otherwise the yellow lucky immortal at this moment, did not ask that you may meet any Spells, but asked that Exalted Immortal also needed any posture. 许了早就把血轮回收起,不然黄吉大仙此刻,就不是问你可会什么法术,而是问上仙还需要什么姿势了。 Xu Liao is impolite, said: I understood that Spells of exorcize demons front, restrains Monster specially.” Xu Liao wields conveniently, immediately thousand blue lotuses depart, circle a circle, the yellow lucky immortal applauds again and again, said: Spells is also so good, enters my hanger-on, is 169 young apprentices.” 许了也不客气,说道:“我懂得一门降魔锋的法术,专门克制妖魔。”许了随手一挥,顿时有千朵青莲飞出,绕身一匝,黄吉大仙连连叫好,说道:“如此法术也算不俗,就入我门下,做169个小徒弟吧。”
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