OSTI :: Volume #7 过去未来

#781: The demon is inferior to the day

Thunder Huojie Yun Caisan, some Wan daughter blade tribulations fall! 雷火劫云才散,又有万千金刀劫落下! Xu Liao sees that departs nine universe artificial flowers with gold-foil secretly, integrates in the tribulation cloud, the innumerable [gold/metal] laser scalpel air/Qi, fall, mix the Devil Qi cut inconsistency of demon old ancestor, this old demon demon body is fortunately huge, this had not been cut by the day tribulation, but can also rouse resists stubbornly bravely. 许了见状,偷偷把九朵太虚金花飞出,融入劫云之中,无数金光刀气,咻咻落下,混魔老祖的魔气被切割的七零八落,亏得这头老魔魔躯庞大,这才不曾被天劫斩死,还能鼓勇顽抗。 The Xu Liao nine universe artificial flowers with gold-foil, in Wan the daughter blade tribulation, coincide with the day tribulation faintly, Xu Liao sinks to which the intention, unexpectedly rough can operate several points of sun inexorable fate. 许了的九朵太虚金花,在万千金刀劫之中,跟天劫隐隐相合,许了把心念沉入其中,居然约略可以操纵几分天道劫数。 The prestige of day tribulation, unthinkable, but the sun after all non- is the type of wisdom, at all not using strength, therefore the might of day tribulation, can descend to really mixing on the demon old ancestor, including 12/1000 does not have. 天劫之威,匪夷所思,但天道毕竟非是智慧之种,根本不会运用力量,所以天劫的威力,真能降落到混魔老祖身上,连12都没有。 If the sun can the might of day tribulation, the total control, the world speak does not have any Demon and Cultivate again, simply does not have the life to contend with the might complete day tribulation. 若是天道能把天劫的威力,全数驾驭,天下讲再无任何妖怪修行者,根本没有生灵可以抗衡威力完全的天劫。 Although Xu Liao can only operate the minimum part of day tribulation might, but if can operate fine, sufficiently display most essential function. 许了虽然只能操纵极小一部分天劫威力,但若是能精细操作,足以发挥最关键的作用。 He adjusts the day tribulation that oneself control, changes into together the fine glow dazzling sword light, hovers from nine days, but cuts, cut to extinguish mixed the demon old ancestor partly became cultivates is. 他调整自己所控的天劫,化为一道精芒耀眼的剑光,从九天之上翱翔而下,只是一斩,就斩灭了混魔老祖的半成修为。 Xu Liao is not the day tribulation, only understands the release might, this together sword that he operates light, extinguished to mix the demon old ancestor partly becomes cultivates is, on, if had subtracted the savings of his several thousand years of self-torture, even if broke through the day demon, must extinguish weakens many power and prestige. 许了可不是天劫,只懂得释放威力,他操纵的这一道剑光,灭去了混魔老祖半成修为,就等若减去了他数千年苦修的积蓄,就算突破天魔,也要灭杀许多威风。 Mixes the demon old ancestor not to know that Xu Liao is harming him in secret, shouts wildly one, finally present the original body came out, is one resembles Dragon Non- dragon, resembles Monster of beast non- beast, lives six foot eight, the body like the mountain, can actually hidden be able presently, has infinite Devil Qi to wind around. 混魔老祖也不知道,许了在暗中害他,狂叫一声,终于现了原身出来,乃是一头似龙非龙,似兽非兽的妖魔,生有六足八尾,身躯如山,却能隐能现,有无穷魔气缭绕。 Xu Liao has controlled Wan daughter blade tribulation, again this savings strength , the complexification to the sword light cut together, extinguished kills mixed demon old ancestor least millenniums the self-tortures, stirred up this old demon to be hot-tempered the anger to be incomparable, but actually could not seek to plot against his person. 许了驾驭了万千金刀劫,再此积蓄力量,又复化为一道剑光斩下,又灭杀了混魔老祖最少千年的苦修,惹得这头老魔躁怒无比,但却又寻不着暗算他的人。 At this time Xu Liao has drawn support from the strategy, has hidden away itself and jade empty, clear empty form, particularly Xu Liao gets rid with the aid of the day tribulation, if mixes the demon old ancestor not to be pestered by the day tribulation, perhaps can also see through them, but actually cannot lose concentration at this time, who could not find to get rid. 此时许了已经借助阵法,隐遁了自己和玉虚,清虚的身影,尤其是许了借助天劫出手,若是混魔老祖没有被天劫纠缠,说不定还能识破他们三人,但此时却分神不得,根本找不到谁人出手。 Mixes the demon old ancestor to be weakened by day tribulation, several days later, Wan the daughter blade tribulation traded, for red water tribulation. 混魔老祖被天劫削弱,数日之后,万千金刀劫换为了红水劫。 All generations red water! 万劫红水! The friendliness can not melt all spirit knowledge! 善能化没一切灵识! The ancient people legend, has bustling place ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), can be infected the mind of person of spiritual cultivation. This bustling place ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), actually non- are the dust, but is all generations red water dust and fog, but the might small had a lot of times. Cannot compare the genuine all generations red water by far. 故老传说,有红尘万丈,能濡染修道之人的心灵。这红尘万丈,却非是尘土,而是万劫红水所化的尘雾,只是威力小了有千百倍。远远比不上真正的万劫红水。 Under this red gutter, Xu Liao is not willing to contaminate, has taken back the universe artificial flower with gold-foil, whatever mixes the demon old ancestor to contend with all generations red water independently. 这股红水落下,就连许了也不愿意沾染,收回了太虚金花,任由混魔老祖独立抗衡万劫红水。 This old demon saves, was inferior that past Lushan mister, all generations red water is only several times sways, his 78 spirit knowledge, if person of Demon or the spiritual cultivation, extinguished reading of breakthrough at this time, can live is not easy. But what mixes the demon old ancestor to walk is the Demonic Path, originally on spirit knowledge confusion, even if little goes 78, is more chaotic, not to big that person of Demon and spiritual cultivation injures. 这头老魔积蓄,远不如当年的庐山先生,万劫红水只是几次摆荡,就把化去了他78分的灵识,若是妖怪或者修道之人,此时已经灭了突破之念,能够活下来已经是不容易。但混魔老祖走的是魔道,本来就灵识混乱,就算少去78分,也不过更加混乱罢了,并没有对妖怪和修道之人伤害来的大。 All generations red water in the past, was the six sexual attractions day demon! 万劫红水过去,就是六欲天魔! The innumerable day of evil spirits, dance gracefully, the check absorbs the will of the people. 无数天魔,曼妙起舞,勾摄人心。 Mixes the demon old ancestor also by strenuous efforts to support, must appear compared with the beforehand inexorable fate cannot withstand. 混魔老祖亦是苦苦支撑,比之前的劫数都要显得不堪。 Day demon already sun, sun already day demon! 天魔既天道,天道既天魔! The demon book does not have two! 道魔本无二! The day demon is only the sun the life that to destroy to steal oneself strength, creates the strength that lives, non- is the life, therefore day demon heartless asexual, does not have the heart of likes and dislikes, does not have all sort of desires, only then the pure strength, infects the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, in view of the unsurpassed charms of life numerous and diverse mind. 天魔只是天道为了毁去窃取自己力量的生灵,创生出来的力量,非是生灵,故而天魔无情无性,亦没有好恶之心,也没有诸般欲念,只有纯粹的力量,感染七情六欲,针对生灵繁杂心灵的无上魔力。 By the generation of Devil Qi invasion, such as the day demon will be been common, losing entirely spirit knowledge, changes into the foreign matter, although also has the number of demon person, but actually non- is the intelligent life, the thought of life is born, reciprocates, has to have the foot, active has the head. However the day demon does not have the thing of reading, although the demon person has the thought that but is actually with no reason at all, unpredictable, even if demon person oneself could not control, simply did not have the wisdom, was deceitful, only then indulged willfully, even own life and death did not care continually, because only then reading of having mystical powers, will worry about the life and death, since birth the heart of extinguishing, not reading of spirit, naturally all did not save, even did not need the reason, only needed to indulge. 魔气侵染之辈,就会如天魔一般,丧尽灵识,化为异物,虽然也有魔人之号,但却非是智慧生灵,生灵的念头诞生,有来有去,有根有脚,有源有头。但是天魔却是无念之物,魔人虽然有念头,但却是无缘无故,变化莫测,就算魔人自身也掌控不了,根本没有智慧,只有狡诈,只有恣意放纵,甚至连自身生死都不在意,因为只有有灵之念,才会惦念生死,有生灭之心,无灵之念,自然一切不存,甚至不需要理由,只需要放纵。 If mixes the demon old ancestor to be extinguished by the six sexual attractions day demon tribulation, oneself will become part of day tribulation, the fan will extinguish the spirit knowledge, although originally chaotic, but actually can also the Revolved spirit knowledge, not save, pours day demon that will also calculate, but actually non- will be takes orders from the conscience the day demon, but by day demon of sun control. 若是混魔老祖被六欲天魔劫所灭,自己就会成为天劫的一部分,迷灭灵识,原本虽然混乱,但却还能运转的灵识,就再也不存,倒也算的天魔,只是却非是听命本心的天魔,而是被天道控制的天魔。 If mixes the demon old ancestor to contend...... 若是混魔老祖能抗衡过去…… Xu Liao Secretly pondered over that actually sees to mix demon old ancestor whole body Devil Qi, suddenly counter clashes the highest heaven, has converged in the six sexual attractions day demon inexorable fate, own huge demon body, withers rapidly, finally changes into one group of rock firm things, did not have the intelligence again. 许了暗暗思忖,却见混魔老祖全身魔气,忽然逆冲九霄,汇入了六欲天魔劫数之中,就连自身庞大的魔躯,也迅速枯萎,最后化为一团山石般坚固的东西,再也没有了灵性。 Xu Liao has not thought that mixes the demon old ancestor to be well below Lushan mister unexpectedly, under the six sexual attractions day demon inexorable fate, vanishes in puff of smoke, the remaining demon bodies, the spirit god was actually only received by the day tribulation. 许了也没有想到,混魔老祖居然远远不如庐山先生,在六欲天魔劫数之下,灰飞烟灭,只剩下魔躯,灵神却被天劫收去了。 Six sexual attractions day demon inexorable fate received mixed the demon old ancestor's fine soul, the might increases, evolves the innumerable day of evil spirits, fluttered, this time antique great antiquity, the sun has not integrated humanity, therefore for serveral days the demon, seemed like not the world incomparable items beautiful woman, was actually various types of flowering branches, the multi-colored sunlight, day demon people that the beautiful birds, composed. 六欲天魔劫数收了混魔老祖的精魄,威力更增,演化无数天魔,翩翩飞舞,这时候的太古洪荒,天道还未融入人道,故而这些天魔,看起来并不是人间绝品美人儿,却是各种花枝,霞光,美丽的鸟兽,组成的天魔群众。 This and other day demon inexorable fates, are greatly threatening to great antiquity Monster, but actually still disliked the might deviation to the generation of spiritual cultivation. 这等天魔劫数,对洪荒妖魔大有威胁,但对修道之辈却尚嫌威力偏差。 Especially Xu Liao saw that one pile does not know the evil spirit that any gadget composes, everywhere dances in the air, only wants to spit the trough, will not be confused. 尤其是许了见到一堆也不知什么玩意组成的妖物,漫天飞舞,只想吐槽,并不会被迷惑。 Sun sees the will of the people, inexorable fate of evolution, fierce incomparable. 天道见人心,演化的劫数,将会厉害无比。 Therefore the achievement day demon real immortal, in six sexual attractions day demon inexorable fate pass/test, will be only getting more and more difficult! 故而成就天魔真仙,在六欲天魔劫数这一关,只会越来越难! Xu Liao looks at six sexual attractions day demon inexorable fate, Secretly is counting on the fingers, really not many times, the six sexual attractions day demon inexorable fate diverges gradually, mixes the demon old ancestor to fall from the sky had been a foregone conclusion, in the world does not have any supernatural power certainly, can cover up the day tribulation. 许了望着六欲天魔劫数,暗暗掐算,果然不多时候,六欲天魔劫数渐渐散去,混魔老祖陨落已经成了定局,世上绝无任何法力,能够遮掩天劫。 Xu Liao Secretly sighed, although he knew the might of day tribulation, but actually after all was the inertia thought of Human Race, always thought that fierce Monster, some breakthrough day tribulation how many extension meetings, actually have not thought inevitably, the day tribulation was fierce? The mixing demon old ancestor who he has worried about, has only supported more than ten on , was extinguished by the day tribulation kills, has no need for him so being worried. 许了暗暗叹息一声,他虽然知道天劫的威力,但却毕竟是人类的惯性思维,总觉得厉害的妖魔,突破天劫必然有几分机会,却没有想到,天劫何等厉害?他一直都担忧的混魔老祖,只支持了十余日,就被天劫灭杀,根本用不着他如此担心。 Even Xu Liao does not get rid from beginning to end, mixes the demon old ancestor unable to escape the inexorable fate. 甚至许了从头到尾都不出手,混魔老祖也逃不过劫数。 Xu Liao sighed, stared to mix the demon old ancestor's losing exuviae, this old demon rock, if can bring the sacrifice to refine, decided the calming down soldier inevitably, he searched the hand to grasp, the blood samsara changed into the blood light big hand, downward fished, immediately has grasped this rock. 许了叹息一声,盯上了混魔老祖的遗蜕,这头老魔所化的山石,若能拿来祭炼,必然是决定神兵,他探手一抓,血轮回化为血光大手,往下一捞,顿时把这块山石抓了起来。 Xu Liao just about to sheds in losing of this old demon income, has Bright Light together to fly, blood samsara blood light big hand Beng Duan, some people snatch to rob unexpectedly. 许了刚要把这头老魔的遗蜕收入阵中,就有一道精光飞来,把血轮回所化的血光大手崩断,居然有人抢来抢劫。
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